When Hurt Heals


Have you experienced excruciating pain and you couldn't wrap your mind around why God would allow you to suffer in this way and for so long? In this message Pastor Keion is teaching us how to go from Broken to being Whole by changing the way we view our suffering and providing us with tools to end the cycles of suffering in our lives.

Struggle and hurt are the prerequisite courses that you need to pass to obtain your wholeness. Every pain you've ever experienced or will experience is a strategic assignment from God. Your pain will teach you what God wants for your life and it will not leave until you've learned the lesson. You will not be able to outrun pain because it is relentless so the best way to beat it is to embrace it.

Most people think of suffering as a punishment for something that they've done but it is actually the opposite. God allows us to suffer to help us in areas where we're struggling. The moment we find out the purpose of the pain is the very moment that the pain will stop.

2022 will be the best year of life when you decide to fall out of love with your pain and find the purpose in it. Remember that becoming well doesn't feel good but it is good for you. More importantly, don't allow any amount of pain to separate you from God's love. Lastly, understand that God isn't punishing you with this pain but He is preparing you to live a purposeful life in the abundance that He has promised you.


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