Christian Baptism Houston, TX

Why Should You Get Baptized? 

1. Jesus was Baptized. - In Matthew 3:16 Jesus was Baptized before he started his ministry on earth. If the Son of God pursued baptism, so should we. later, Jesus told us in Matthew 28:19-20 He wants us to spread His message of love. He told us to continue baptizing and being baptized.

2. You and chosen to follow Jesus and he want people to know. Making the design to become a follower of Christ is the best decision you'll ever make. When you make a life-changing decision like this, you want to tell everyone about the new hope you've found in Jesus.

3. Baptism is a powerful symbol of what Jesus did for us. When we're baptized, we're reminded of what Jesus did for us. When we go down into the water, we're reminded of Jesus' death on the cross and His payment for our sins. But when we come out of the water, we're reminded that three days later, Jesus rose from the dead. 2 Corinthians 5:17 tells us that if we're in Christ, we're new creations.

Walk With God

The Baptism Ministry is committed to serving those who have made a decision to be baptized, which is the first act of faith and obedience for every believer.

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