Care Team

Care ministries provides hope, comfort, and care through evangelistic witness to those who are hurt, in transition, or lost in the Houston, TX area.

To provide assistance, encouragement, and prayer for families within the ministry who are experiencing health challenges, bereavement and other difficulties. To provide support for members who are unable to attend services as a result of physical ailment.

Visits may take place at a home, nursing home, rehabilitation facility, or hospital.

If your heart calls to serve those in need our Care team is a perfect fit for you. We invite you to take your talents and apply them where they can truly help those in need. Click the button on this page to learn how to support your brothers and sisters in need.

Walk With God

The Care Team visits church members who are sick and in the hospital to provide comfort and encouragement in their time of need. If you know one of our church family members is in the hospital, please call or email [email protected]. The Hospital Visitation Ministry team will be notified and a visit will be scheduled by a team member.

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