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Bestselling author and treasured spiritual leader Keion D. Henderson is Founder, CEO, and Senior Pastor of The Lighthouse Church and Ministries, one of America’s fastest-growing churches headquartered in Houston, Texas. Receiving the calling to preach the word of God at the age of five from his own pastor, Henderson founded Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church in 2003 with five members when he was only 21 years old. Despite simultaneously being fully engaged as a full-time college student on an athletic scholarship, his verbal power, inspired action, and commanding presence allowed him to grow his church to 600 parishioners over the span of five years on his path to becoming one of modern culture’s most magnetic and influential spiritual leaders.

In 2009, he founded The Lighthouse Church, to awaken the soul and serve his ever-expanding community of emerging and multigenerational congregants, all drawn to his revelatory word and transparent truths. The Lighthouse Church has grown to now encompassing five rapidly expanding campuses in Houston, Texas in the North, South, West, Central locations, including a rapidly-growing Online Ministry—LH2.0 His ministries and initiatives are fueling the explosive growth and far-reaching impact of The Lighthouse Church, whose congregation continues to blossom with more than 15,000 dedicated members and over 900,000 unique weekly viewers worldwide across all social media platforms, in addition to a strong global community of congregants from all over the world tuning in to experience Pastor Keion’s transformative teachings and beautifully expressive interpretations of complex biblical principles.

With over 26 years in active ministry, Pastor Henderson is known to educate, nurture, and equip his congregants with life-changing lessons to navigate their faith with sound values and biblical principles via his accelerator for entrepreneurship, L3. As the church continues to be one of the largest learning institutions in the world, Pastor Henderson, whose inimitable style and distinctive ministry reassures hearts and lessens the gulf between faith and culture, has evolved as an inspiring force and steward of the word of God.

Through the weight of his words, impeccable judgement and sophisticated understanding of the forces shaping the world, Pastor Henderson delivers the word of god with rapid fire precision amongst a new generation of believers as he continues to keep faith relevant in today’s culture. As a widely sought-after voice, serving as the keynote speaker for preeminent conferences, seminars, and workshops—including the Well Experience (originally known as the Singles Conference, founded in 2015), an annual 2-day empowerment conference which draws singles from around the world, and L3 Conference, an annual 2-day conference inaugurated in 2019 with a focus on Leadership, Learning, and Lifestyle—throughout the United States and other countries, including Canada, Jamacia, and Nigeria.. For many years, Pastor Henderson has been a featured speaker for the T.D. Jakes Ministries International Leadership Summit. In April 2021, he joined Bishop T. D. Jakes to answer the question “Which Way is Up?”

Pastor Henderson is a passionate humanitarian yielding a steadfast commitment who cares deeply about the plight of the people and gives back to the global communities he serves. His piercing and consistent servant leadership has led to the local, national, and international implementation of various global partnerships and community-based initiatives since 2009, including: Impact through quarterly Anti-Hunger Campaigns in partnership with Humble Area Assistance Ministry & Food Bank, distributing thousands of pounds of food to underserved communities; Grab & Go Meals in partnership with Be a Champion Outreach, distributing meals for children and families in need; Annual Easter Community Outreach serving families and children throughout the community with games, activities, gifting, family entertainment, alongside community leaders. In 2020, in response to the mounting impact of the COVID-19 crisis Pastor Henderson and The Lighthouse Church partnered with Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee to provide support and crucial testing for communities.

Recognized by The John Maxwell Institute as one of the Top 250 Leaders in the nation, honored as the first Unsung Hero Honoree for Community Service by the Dr. L.C. Carter Foundation in Houston, TX, and nominated for a CNN Heroes Award for helming disaster-aid initiatives (specifically for his Hurricane Harvey Relief Initiative) both locally and internationally, Pastor Keion is widely respected as one of the most charismatic,inspirational, and influential spiritual leaders of our generation. He is revered in communities around the world as an energetic orator, transformative teacher, intersectional entrepreneur, and upwardly mobile business mogul. He was nominated for a Stellar Award for Traditional CD of the Year, ‘The River’ and his first book,

In 2022, with the speed and agility required of modern faith Pastor Henderson will open The Dream Center Houston, a state-of-the-art 40,0000 sq. ft. community facility adjacent to The Lighthouse Church that will be a multigenerational incubator for educational, cultural, and artistic excellence.

Pastor Keion D. Henderson is originally from Gary, Indiana, and is a devoted father to his beautiful daughter, Katelyn, and husband to his forever wife, Shaunie.

Pastor Henderson’s defining values and heart-swelling teachings are cemented into the hearts and minds of believers worldwide as he steers The Lighthouse Church into the rarified air of becoming one of the world’s leading faith-based pillars.


Keion Henderson

Worship Experience: 10:00 AM ( Every 1st, 3rd, 5th Sunday)

6650 Rankin Rd
Humble, TX

(281) 741-3693

[email protected]

Churches Open in Houston, TX

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many have wondered, “Are churches open in Houston, TX?” We’re proud to say we are open in person and online, and we welcome you with a hand of fellowship to attend worship services with us. Whether you’re looking for black churches in Houston, or the fastest growing church in Houston, Lighthouse Houston is the place for you. Pastor Keion Henderson and his team are dedicated to sharing the Good Word of God with as many of their brothers and sisters as possible. Our doors are open to fellowship with you in person and online and we’re regularly voted one of the best churches in Houston, TX. Area wide, people come to one of our many campuses in order to receive that nourishment from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They choose Lighthouse Houston, because we make the Gospel accessible, easy to understand, and actionable.

    Best Churches in Houston, TX

    While we are often voted one of the best churches in Houston, TX, we focus more on the individuals who walk through our doors than any man-made accolades. Knowing we’re the fastest growing church in Houston, TX makes us refocus our efforts on the work that got us here: caring for our brothers and sisters just like you. You are welcome. No matter your financial situation, your background, how you were raised, the color of your skin, the way you view yourself, or any other doubt, concern, or wall the adversary puts in your way. You are welcome at Lighthouse Houston and there is a community waiting desperately to meet you and welcome you with open arms.

    Black Churches in Houston

    We often get asked if we’re a “black church''. The truth is God does not distinguish man the way our imperfect society does. We welcome all into the Body of Christ regardless of your race, creed, or nationality. If you’re seeking a community of Christians focused on being better every single day, then we’re the right fit for you. Visit us in person or online today.