The Lighthouse Church: South Campus

Pastor Rhema Ehiemere began pastoring in college and received his ministerial training in Living Word Training Center, after which he was licensed into ministry in 2008. He moved to the United Kingdom in 2010 and held a Master’s degree in Human Resource Development from the University of Salford, Manchester. In 2018, He received a doctorate degree in Business and Strategic Leadership from Regent University, Virginia. He is married to his sweetheart, Stephanie, and they are blessed with three amazing children, Asher ,Annabelle, and  Abigail. Rhema is an ordained minister and currently serves as Campus Pastor for The Lighthouse Church South.
Pastor Rhema Ehiemere

Rhema Ehiemere

Worship Experience: 10:00AM CST (2nd & 4th Sundays)

12204 Sharpview Dr
Houston, Tx 77072

(281) 741-3693

[email protected]

Churches Open in Houston, TX

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many have wondered, “Are churches open in Houston, TX?” We’re proud to say we are open in person and online, and we welcome you with a hand of fellowship to attend worship services with us. Whether you’re looking for black churches in Houston, or the fastest growing church in Houston, Lighthouse Houston is the place for you. Pastor Keion Henderson and his team are dedicated to sharing the Good Word of God with as many of their brothers and sisters as possible. Our doors are open to fellowship with you in person and online and we’re regularly voted one of the best churches in Houston, TX. Area wide, people come to one of our many campuses in order to receive that nourishment from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They choose Lighthouse Houston, because we make the Gospel accessible, easy to understand, and actionable.

    Best Churches in Houston, TX

    While we are often voted one of the best churches in Houston, TX, we focus more on the individuals who walk through our doors than any man-made accolades. Knowing we’re the fastest growing church in Houston, TX makes us refocus our efforts on the work that got us here: caring for our brothers and sisters just like you. You are welcome. No matter your financial situation, your background, how you were raised, the color of your skin, the way you view yourself, or any other doubt, concern, or wall the adversary puts in your way. You are welcome at Lighthouse Houston and there is a community waiting desperately to meet you and welcome you with open arms.

    Black Churches in Houston

    We often get asked if we’re a “black church''. The truth is God does not distinguish man the way our imperfect society does. We welcome all into the Body of Christ regardless of your race, creed, or nationality. If you’re seeking a community of Christians focused on being better every single day, then we’re the right fit for you. Visit us in person or online today.