Lighthouse University

Being new anywhere can be intimidating, anxiety inducing, and stressful. At The Lighthouse Church we understand that completely. Many of our other ministries offer to serve new members of our congregation by greeting them, welcoming them, ushering them to their seats, and ensuring they feel warm and welcome at every step of the process.

Over the years, we've found that often our new members desire some more one-on-one and direct help transitioning into The Lighthouse Church body. That's where LHU (Lighthouse University) comes in.

LHU serves new members in helping them transition into our congregation by teaching and supporting them with prayer, encouragement, and support as we strive toward becoming the Body of Christ.

If you feel called to serve our newest members, we encourage you to click the button on this page and volunteer for Lighthouse University.

Walk With God

Committed to the task of providing information to new members that will assist them in transitioning smoothly into TLHC body. LHU will endeavor to continually support new members through prayer, encourage unity within our church body, and remain steadfast in our integrity towards the Body of Christ.

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