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Pastor Keion Henderson is the lead pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Houston, Texas. Lighthouse is an organization that serves the body of Christ through our 5 pillars. We always ANTICIPATE a move of God in every experience, so we constantly set a great ATMOSPHERE, and we ACCEPT everyone through love. We believe the best way to impact people is by being AUTHENTIC to who we are and by taking ACTION to move everyone towards greater.

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Autogenerated Transcript

Pastor Keion (00:13):
Hey everybody. Welcome to another episode of Take Action. I am Pastor Keion Henderson and I am privileged to give leadership to the Lighthouse Church. Lemme tell you, this is the month of worship and you need to make sure that you’re locked in and loaded because Sunday was absolutely insane. And I don’t mean insane in the space of there was a lot of hooping and hollering. No, it was a lot of worship. And the Bible says they that worship him, worship him in spirit and in truth. So we’re going to spend the entire month on showing you how to absolutely hack your life through the median of worship. And we’re going to show you this month that worship is not just what you do with your hands, it’s not what you do with your feet. It’s not even what you do with your lips, it’s what you do with your heart.

And we’re going to show you that giving and obedience and being nice to your neighbor. All of these things are acts of worship. Now, before we get going, I want to do two things before I introduce you to some people who are going to help me have this conversation today. Number one, keep sending those miracle reports in. Keep sending those miracle reports in. I’ve even understood that here lately we’ve been getting, instead of reports, we’ve been getting prayer requests. Well listen, all of it is permissible because either we’re praying for a miracle or we’re thanking God for a miracle. And let me tell you one leads to the other right now as it relates to our miracle report. Since October we’re at $53,196,818 and 40 cents, $150,000 since Sunday reported in debt cancellation. You can’t get here if you didn’t hear from God. This is just too much for it to be an accidental fluke.

God absolutely told us that he was going to do this and we are believing him for it. Now if you’re watching us online and you’re like, how do I get connected to that? I keep hearing about this Lighthouse Church. I keep hearing about this Miracle Report, but I don’t know how to get plugged in. And I understand that with all of the systems, whether it be Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, there are all these medias by which you come to the church, but we have another way if you want to be part of what we call the core. We have the crowd, we have those who watch us. We have the community, those on the fringes, but then we have a group of people who are absolutely our core and we are about a 20,000 member church, but there are about 9,000 people in that core. How do I know that we find them in a place called Mighty Networks.

Now, if you don’t have that app on your phone, I want you to take the time right now to download the Mighty Apps Network. In fact, I’m going to holler at Jason right now. Jason is in-House production, Marquita ISS here right now. I’m actually live giving them instructions. They’re going to find a way to put the Mighty Links QR code or link or something up on that screen so that you don’t have to go search for it in the App store. We’re going to make it available for you right now. Now we’re going to manage that so that way we can hear from you and you can know all of the things that we have going on. And I’m going to bring somebody on the stage right now whose face, voice and name you need to be acquainted with because he’s going to be the way, the median and the bridge between you and I so we can get closer.

Is Billy in the room? Anybody? Just, this is totally off the cuff. We’re just doing this right now. There he is. We calling Bills. This is Billy Johnson. What’s going on Billy? I don’t know what camera we’re going to use. Y’all tell me we’re going to use this one over here. Okay, so we’re going to stay right here Billy. So this is Billy and he is right now giving leadership to all of our online engagement. And you’re going to hear more about his title and his job description in the coming days. But we’re doing Mighty Networks, right? I want you to spend some time inviting people into the room, tell them how they can get involved, tell them some of the things that they can look for and let them know they ought to have fomo, the fear of missing out because the things that are going to happen in Mighty Networks are not going to happen anywhere else.

Billy Johnson (04:32):
Listen, if you’re not in Mighty Network right now is the moment everything that you think you know or that you hear about the Lighthouse, it’ll be there waiting for you. Like Pastor Keion said, you ought to have the fear of missing out. I mean there’s the cry out registration is in there behind the scene footage, special messages and connection to all of the 9,000 people from all over the world. It’s going to be there. PK will be there, I’ll be there connecting you to PK. And listen, anything that you can imagine plus more is going to be there. You don’t want to miss it. You want to be connected to 9,000 plus and growing. You want to be a part of that number because guess what? When we start doing all of our special events, all of our special live sessions, our private behind the scenes q and a, you want to be in that room. So the way you get connected to that is through Mighty Network we’re going to have that QR code. And I’m just telling you, when you see it, make sure you run, make sure you scan it, make sure you click the links and make sure you sign yourself up to be a part of that Mighty network.

Pastor Keion (05:32):
Yeah, and I’m excited about that because if Billy keeps twisting my arm, we might have to have special discounts for people in Mighty Network. If they’re in Mighty Network, maybe they get 10% off where people who come through other medias because it could be the world. If you go the extra step to get in that app, then I know you really, really want to be a part and make sure you fill out your entire profile. So we’ll know if you’re a nurse, if you’re a doctor, if you’re an engineer, whatever you are, because we will be able to exercise and leverage your gifts and talents. We’re building a community, lighthouse nation and look for different branding to take place inside of the app because we’re going to make sure that the branding inside of the app matches the branding of the entire organization. This is Billy Johnson.

He is your bridge, he is your liaison. We’re going to go live sometimes in Mighty Network. Absolutely. I mean, you know what? I’m just going to tell you right now, if I walk in church and you think I need to go live and talk to them, just tell me and we’ll just go live. Yes sir. Alright, y’all give it up virtually. Give me your virtual hand claps for Billy Johnson and Mighty Networks and we’re awesomely excited about what God is going to do in that media. Now, today’s conversation, I got my heavy hitters with me. So when I bring my heavy hitters, you got to understand that it’s not going to be normal. It’s going to be crazy today to my right, I got the young thunder from down under, I got Bishop c Roberts next to him. We have Pastor Rama and lemme tell you something, he is the best tongue speaker I’ve ever heard in my life.

Can’t nobody speaking tongues like pastor. And then next to him is Pastor Hammond. And let tell you something, if you came in the old church and you heard about picking him up and putting him down out of the four of us, can’t nobody pick him up and put ’em down like Pastor Hammond, how y’all doing today? Brothers doing good. How? Oh man, I’m doing, I’m doing amazing. So we are in the month of worship. First of all, how did y’all enjoy Sunday? It had to be experienced. Yeah, it can’t be explained. Had to be experienced Pastor,

Pastor Rhema (07:41):
Before we got on, one of the things you were saying is that there is a part of service that was not captured and we were lamenting like, oh my goodness would’ve captured it. And I said, maybe it was not supposed to be shown, it was just supposed to be experienced. And I don’t know where you are, but you have to be in the space. You have to be in the house because this month is going to be a month of worship and we’re going to be doing all of that. And when praises go up, blessings come down. Now what happens when worship goes

Pastor Keion (08:06):
Up? Absolutely. And just to add to that, the Lord has given me a vision somehow, some way we’re going to expand this sanctuary and we’re going to, and right now I’m working with our sound technicians and all of our engineers to make sure that we are opening up our dream center for more overflow because the move of God that is happening on this campus, it just can’t be relegated to the 2,500 people who can get in this building. I see thousands more coming and I believe that God is going to give us the ability to do it. So when you see us on the first Sunday in March, worshiping God through our giving and our first fruit, make sure you are a part of that because that is going to be the jumpstart for us to push forward. Listen, we don’t have the luxury of going through a three year capital campaign raising money for three years and then it taking two or three years to build a building.

When I say go on the first Sunday in March, we got to be ready to go because when we come out of the first Sunday in March 2nd Sunday, we need to be breaking ground or doing something with the engineers. So I’m really, really, really, really asking you to consider partnering with us on our first fruit, which is the first Sunday in March. We’re asking everybody to give the year, which is 2024. Those of you all who can’t do that $224. And listen, my goal last year when we did this was a thousand. I need God to touch the hearts of 5,000 people across the nation that can partner with us in making sure that we can knock down this wall of Jericho with one shout so that we can go forward. Amen. Amen. So Pastor Hammond, you were raised in sort of a gumbo of religion and by that I mean you’ve got a Baptist background, but you also have a Pentecostal background. Can you kind of tell me what the differentiation in worship was in either one of those secs or one that you may have that I don’t know about?

Pastor Hammond (10:14):
Yeah, thanks for that pastor. Go back to my salvation. My mother got saved in the Pentecostal church and the Pentecostal church where we got saved. It was more of a holiness. So the differentiates there, very strict, very restrictive. But the worship experience was more expressive and spirit feeling. She marries my stepfather who came out of that same church, still had that expression of worship. But as my father grew into things of God and as our church grew, we had more of a, back to that point, a Baptist form of structure. But that full expression of worship was still there. As I became into my own manhood in the ministry, I kind of lamented to that same style, understanding that you got to have foundation but you had to have a full expression. And that is one of the things that has grounded me in my worship. Like Paul said, I know how to be a base and abound.

Pastor Keion (11:27):
So foundation and expression, expression. So Pastor Hammond, one of the things that I know about worship is it’s not about me, right? In order for me to be effective in worship, I have to know it’s not about me. So growing up in those expressions, whether it was the Pentecostal background or the Baptist background, have you ever, and I’m just asking you, have you ever seen worship be ineffective because of selfishness?

Pastor Hammond (11:57):
Oh absolutely. I’ve seen it in person in church because of selfishness, but it also ties us back spiritually to Satan being self-absorbed. And anytime you’re self-absorbed, you want praise and the fact that you want praise because you’re self-absorbed, it taints the way you worship. That’s the spirit of pride. That’s why he was cast down from the mountain of God because he was on the seat with God and thought he was better than. And God says there will be no other God except

Pastor Keion (12:31):
For me. It’s one of the 10 commandments. He says, I’m a jealous God. I’ll have no other God before me. Pastor Rama, I’ve been to Africa, I’m going to guess 10 to 15 times a passport. Yeah, I just need to get a visa in the passport over there. Some kind of citizenship.

The worship on that continent, and this is not even a biblical question, maybe this is opinion based, maybe it’s anecdotal, maybe it’s hypothetical. I don’t even know why I’m asking you this question other than the fact that I know your roots come from the motherland and to everybody who’s watching by the way, happy black history month and we honor all of the contributions to the earth for those of us who are of the African-American and the African diaspora, and we thank God for that. Why is the worship? And I’m telling you, this ain’t even in the Bible. I just don’t know. Why is the worship in Africa so infectious and so powerful and so consistent? We can be in church six hours over there, no complaints. I remember one time I went over there and I preached for an hour and a half. The pastor picked me up, put me back in the pulpit and said, do not cheat my people. You are not finished. And he made me preach another hour. What is the hunger about on the continent of Africa for the things of God as it relates to the word and worship

Pastor Rhema (13:59):
Pastor? I think first of all is our experience. Our experiences shape how we approach God here in America. If you don’t have a car, you just go to the dealership, run your credit score. I never knew what credit was like came to the us. Everything I bought was cash, the house was cash. In Africa, when you say you have a house, I mean you know that you have the house. I didn’t know what the word mud gauge is and I’m dating myself how far I’ve been here. I didn’t know what the word mud gauge was until I came to the US because when you say you have something, you really have. The reason I say that is that when you are rich in Africa, you are rich. And when you are broken, poor you are poor. Now let’s talk about why that worship experience is important. Because there is a majority of people that are not like wealthy buoyant. So if I need a car, if I need a job, if I need this, I’m not dependent on the government, I’m on God

Pastor Keion (15:03):
On God.

Pastor Rhema (15:05):
So if someone has a problem, they just take a medication. But what happens when you don’t have money for that? So what is normal for us is a prayer request for them. What is normal for us is a prayer request. So we believe so we know that it’s not if you wash it, it’s what you wash it. So for us it is big. This is all that we know. This is the last bus stop for us. So that’s why worship is a huge component. It’s life for us. That’s why we can have the experience that Pastor Paul will host. And overnight, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 hours, people are still under the rain. People are outside there worshiping because this is it for us,

Pastor Keion (15:48):
For people who don’t know. Talk a little bit about the experience, talk about how many people show up to something called the experience in Lagos.

Pastor Rhema (15:57):
We have thousands of people and when I say thousands I know here in America we think about 5,000. No, I’m talking about over a hundred thousand. I’m talking about 200,000. I’m talking about 300,000, 500,000. We have meetings in Nigeria that can see millions of people literally. And I’m serious about that. And this happens from 6:00 PM sometimes till 6:00 AM people worshiping. I personally attended one of the experiences where there was a rainfall and people nobody left. No. Where are you going to? Seriously? Where are you going to the bus drivers, everybody, everybody’s there. So where are you really going to? So there is this hunger and that’s why pastor, you can tell the difference when you preach in Africa because they are pulling on you. They’re desperate for there’s something. It has to be God. And that’s why we understand that it’s not about do I worship? No, everybody worships something is what do you worship? Are you worshiping the fact? Are you worshiping your convenience? Are you worshiping your luxury? Are you worshiping your connections and your assistance or are you worshiping God?

Pastor Keion (17:03):
You said something to me. I guess I never thought about it. We have credit applications, you have worship. I was in Africa once and one of the villagers was on fire. Honest to God, the fire was so hot from the village being on fire that we could feel it in the car with the windows down. And I am not talking about several feet, I am talking about hundreds of feet away. We felt the fire and I started asking dumb questions like where’s the fire department?

Pastor Rhema (17:43):
Sorry, I’m the only one laughing because you guys

Pastor Keion (17:44):
Understand it came out of my mouth like the idiot I am at that moment. Where’s the fire department and why is it burning so long? It was burning when we left. It was burning when we came back and I thought it was an objective failure of system. And they said, what fire department? What are you talking about? We have a truck but it’s probably somewhere else. There’s no water. And they said, and if the truck did get

Pastor Rhema (18:16):
Here, they need you to have the water.

Pastor Keion (18:19):
They would have no water. And so the only answer was to let it burn down and build it

Pastor Rhema (18:26):
Again. I’m going to say this and I know I don’t know when this is going to be Ed, but just last week there was a conference that was supposed to be held, the heavy heaters in Nigeria. Most of the pastors there was a conference and the day before the conference, this church was born down. Literally they called the fire department and nothing, no shade because I’m Nigerian. They came one hour later when everything this is verifiable right now and we couldn’t do anything. We just sat there. Can you imagine? We have a phone nine one one. You can call the fire department five minutes you’re here. If you’re late 10 minutes, you’re upset. This pastor had to watch his life’s work burn down to the ground, to the ground. So now they had to scramble the conference study the next day and a lot of pastors were moved and right now they were given and all of that. But it just speaks about the fact that this is God is our fire insurance. God is our 9 1 1. God is our police department. God is literally everything. So when you see that hunger that is saying, I don’t know where the next minute is going to come from, I don’t know what is going to happen. God is my insurance. God is my 401k. All of that’s what we’re saying. That’s the desperation.

Pastor Keion (19:37):
Can y’all feel that right now? You see what I mean? And it is like firing me up right now. And here’s the thing, even though we do have insurance, even though we do have 4 0 1 Ks, God never intended for those things to subsidize him. We still only have God because if the government fails, we still have God. If the insurance decides that even though you paid the premium, they’re not going to give you the, you still only have God, Bishop Cian you. I know you were born Baptist. I know this because I was there when it happened. I have seen you with me in our Baptist suits I’m talking about, and for those of y’all don’t know what that means. I’m talking about when they got nine buttons I remember seeing. But now you flow in the prophetic with a Pentecostal flare. You are not the worshiper that I, how in the world did a Baptist boy learn to flow in the spirit? And I’m not saying Baptist, let me correct this. I’m not saying that people in Baptist denominations don’t flow in the spirit, but the expression of how you flow isn’t how we were taught at New Hope or the Tree of Life growing up. What happened in your worship experience where you thought to express yourself the way you do versus the way you were taught?

Bishop Roberts (21:04):
Well, so before I get too deep, I was born so Baptist that the guys, the older guys around us used to always say when we got together, I was Baptist born, I was Baptist bred, and when I die, I’ll be Baptist dead. That’s how Baptist they were, right? Good God. And so it was starch staunch Baptist church. And I am not trying to be too deep when I say this, but the Lord has had to teach me the way that I’ve began to flow. The way that I do now is one word and you kind of led us into it on Sunday and it’s assignment because of my assignment in the earth and my assignment each step of the way is why God allowed me to experience. So when I was at age 19, I met a man named Pastor Terry Garin, the late pastor Terry Garman, he’s passed away now, but he became my mentor at Greater News Zion Apostolic Church.

And he taught me about this thing that I had called the Holy Ghost that I didn’t know what it was, how I’m supposed to be in relationship with it and all of that. And I realized at that time it was because nine months later figure that nine months later, the time that it takes to birth something, I would go back to New hope and God would start this process of me eventually being their pastor and shifting them assignment 18 years later, he would pick me up and bring me to the lighthouse church because everything in my life relative to real worship is about assignment. You started this conversation on Sunday. Real worship starts with are you willing to carry out your assignment? Because when he made Adam and Eve the best way that they could show God, what he meant to them is after verse number seven says that he

Pastor Keion (23:07):
Breathe into them

Bishop Roberts (23:08):
The breath of life, the next verse says, and he placed them in the garden that he made for them. So if we go based upon hierarchy, the first most important thing was breath. The second most important thing had to be assignment because after they became living souls, the next thing you did was say, here’s your assignment.

Pastor Keion (23:31):
So let’s dig into that because I wanted to start this conversation off in the beginning. So God breathes into man and this is open to everybody. He breathes into man the breath of light, but man was right. Okay, this is the garden. He made them from the dust of the ground, spit breathes into them the breath of life and the Bible says, and then man became a living soul. And then the next verse says, and he put them in the garden. That always baffled my mind because how can you place me and I’m already there.

So the word put is translated in the Hebrew deposit, it means to deposit. And when I deposit something, it means that I’m expecting to withdraw it, not at the same rate of deposit but a yield. So worship means that God says, I gave you something right? I deposited into you whether it’s breath, whether it’s life, I deposit it in you and I must get something back from that deposit. So here’s my thought is worship God’s withdrawal. He says they that worship him must worship him in spirit and truth and he created us to worship. So is worship God’s withdrawal from the breath deposit.

Bishop Roberts (25:03):
It is if you are functioning your assignment. So when he deposited me in new hope, it took 18 years for God to accrue interest, incur interest on my life. So he’s growing me. Remember the first message you preached when I opened Southeast was training day. It was God depositing me where he wanted me to be, growing me into what he wanted me to be seeing. As many times I want to quit, if I would stay in my assignment whole time, I’m gaining interest for him to withdraw and send me to Houston for the next assignment. So the lifting of the hands, the opening of the mouth means nothing if you’re not functioning your assignment. So

Pastor Keion (25:46):
Wait a minute, hold on. This is okay. So if this room is full of people and everybody’s watching online, you’re saying that unless I’m operating in my assignment, I’m just making a lot of noise, I’m just, what am I doing? Yes,

Bishop Roberts (26:03):
Because if your obedience to the assignment is not in place, then you’re no different than a 2-year-old baby whose parent keeps telling them to stop or do something and all they’re doing is crying and want to be picked up. They’re trying to manipulate the situation. Okay, I’ll pick you up, I’ll soothe you, but go do what I told you to do. So a lot of us are in church with our hands lifted and we’re crying, but go back and do what he told you to

Pastor Keion (26:27):
Do first us. You’re making me think, I’m going to say there’s two group of people in the church on Sunday whiners and worshipers, and we all sound the same, but we’ve got to be in assignment.

Pastor Rhema (26:38):
Pastor. This is just to because someone is there and said, Bishop, give us a scripture. Let me help you give the scripture. This is why. And I had that conversation with Bishop the first time the word worship was mentioned was Genesis 22. Adam, you preached on Sunday. There was no mention of song. Adam didn’t sing a song. Abraham was not a singer, but Abraham said, I and the lad will go yonder and worship and we’re going to come back. So first of all, when we begin to talk about worship, we need to understand that you don’t have to be a singer. You don’t have to be gifted unquote with singing abilities. In fact, this is why I think a lot of us confuse worship because Lucifer, he was a worshiper. He had all these musical abilities and he messed up once and God kicked him. Now switch over to us. We don’t have all the musical abilities and we mess up multiple times. Yet God wants to hear us. Oh ooh, for us it doesn’t make sense. How can I be a worshiper? Back to what he said, I don’t have to be a singer, I don’t have to have all of those talents as long as God tells me go to the mountain that I will show you. Abraham calls that worship. Now Hebrews tells us by faith he went not knowing what he was doing. That was work, that was faith. He called

Pastor Keion (28:01):
Worship. Not only that, but remember he

Pastor Rhema (28:04):
Was asked

Pastor Keion (28:06):
To go to take the sacrifice, but God knew the entire time that he wasn’t going to have to do it. So again, as we started off in the beginning, I believe that one of the most fidelity acts of worship like the most is obedience. It’s what he said, carrying out my assignment. So people say, well, I don’t worship well that doesn’t mean I don’t shout, but when we say worship, that doesn’t mean that I don’t speak in tongues. What we’re talking about is worship as a lifestyle, not as an act, right? So Abraham is a worshiper, pastor Hammond, because God says, go Abraham, go where? Just keep going. I’ll tell you when you get there, okay, when we get there, what are we going to have to do? We’re going to have to go up and sacrifice. Isaac, watch this. Men the latter going up y’all don’t go with us more obedience worship because sometimes worship is knowing where to leave people

Bishop Roberts (29:03):
And thank y’all for helping me preach my sermon on Sunday because I preach in Genesis 22. I’ll be taking all of these points

Pastor Keion (29:09):
You in Genesis 22, Sunday, okay, I might be in Genesis 22 too and make it a little bit easier.

Pastor Rhema (29:16):

Pastor Hammond (29:16):
Ahead. I was going to say back to that phrase you said, let us go. It’s a thing that I like to say. Worship is almost synonymous in prayer in that is not a thing you do, but a place you go and worship is one

Pastor Keion (29:31):
Of the, whoa, come on, wait a minute man, see y’all think I’m just going to let y’all say stuff like that and keep going. Can you say it again? The people are

Pastor Hammond (29:38):
There like prayer. Worship is not just a thing you do, but a place you go watch

Pastor Keion (29:43):
This. Can you dig into that?

Pastor Hammond (29:45):
Watch this. Once you get there to the place of worship, it then takes you somewhere else if you’re obedient. So worship is not a destination. If you truly worship, they that worship in spirit and truth. It becomes transportation and that’s why authentic worship, once you get to a certain place, you don’t know how you feel. You don’t know where you’re going unless you feel that whole spirit. It literally comes from a destination to transportation.

Pastor Keion (30:13):
And you have all these people online right now talking about, I got to clean my circle out. I got to get this bad energy around me, worship distances that which should be and that which shouldn’t remember, he says, me in the lad are going up yonder. He says, y’all stay with the donkey. Why? Because when I’m going up to worship people who can’t go or who can’t access that can’t go with me, worship separates me. That’s why I love when you said worship is not a thing we do. Worship is a place we go, place we go. And we’re not talking about a physical place, we’re talking about a spiritual destination and they that worship him, worship him in spirit, not in flesh, in spirit and in truth.

Pastor Rhema (30:59):
Pastor, can I add something just because that is a very, I don’t think we can talk about worshiping in New Testament without talking about, I believe it’s John four. I think it’s important to note that when it comes to praise, everybody can praise, let everything that has bread, praise the Lord. We talk about praise and I think the requirement, Hammond, you may have said this on Sunday, the requirement for praise is breath. As long as you have breath, you can praise. But the requirement for worship is revelation. Data, worship. You can worship God just because you have breath. You worship in truth. Look at Jesus. Oh my goodness. Jesus was with Uma at the well and I didn’t even plan to say this and they were having the conversation about worship. They were at a well, and Jesus called the whale a mountain by virtue of a conversation with worship.

What she called the well was a mountain Jesus saying they will worship in this mountain. That’s correct and it’s important for us because when we think about worship, there’s so many things coming to my mind about worship, even down to the king Nebu Zer telling the four Hebrew children to bow down. Bishop, my question will be why? First of all, there’s no place where he did bow down. So that’s a problem because you’re telling me to do what you would not do. That’s a different conversation. Secondly, why was it an image? So an image is a replica of something that is not moving, that doesn’t have life. So now you are telling me to bow down to an image something that looks like it, that is not really it. And that’s what the enemy always wants to do when he wants us to bow down, when wants us to worship other things, he wants us to worship what is an image? What looks like, but it’s not.

Bishop Roberts (32:47):
So you’re absolutely right when you talk about the enemy. So let’s go there just so we help the people online understand how the enemy works. So when Adam and Eve were put in the garden in their assignment and he says, the Bible says the Lord God formed them from the dust of the ground and then his words to them is in this garden full of these trees, right? I want you to dress and keep it. You brought out so eloquently on Sunday that that word kind of lends us to the thought of ministering, to keeping the guard and working it right? Keeping it and working it. And it deals with ministering to right? And we think sometimes shovels and all that kind of stuff and yard work, but really there’s a spiritual connotation of them ministering to it. But a lot of people, the enemy wants to frustrate them in their assignment because again, John P. Key said years ago, the highest form of worship is yes, right?

Just tell God yes, your obedience frustrating them in their assignment by getting them to feel like they can’t. It is overwhelming. But number one, if he forms you from the dust of the ground and your job is to minister to these trees, which of course the Bible lets us know are likened to men, whole nother conversation. But your job is to minister to these trees in this assignment. Well, if you are formed from the dust of the ground, the trees come from the ground. It means you already have in you what you need to fulfill the assignment, right? So what’s the goal of the enemy? The goal of the enemy is because in this assignment, when you’re doing what God tells you to do, that’s true worship. You have everything around you you need. You got four rivers, you got fruit on every tree, only one tree you can’t touch.

The goal is not the tactic When he went to eve, the goal goal of Satan is let me draw them out of this place where they’re being obedient in their assignment and get them out of this place of provision because in a place of true worship is a place of obedience to your assignment is a place of provision. So let me draw them out of this place and I think that in this month of worship, we got to understand what the enemy’s goal is. He don’t mind you lifting your hands. You said it Sunday, he don’t mind you snot and crying in church. He don’t mind if you leave with your wig crooked. He don’t mind if you leave with your makeup. He don’t mind if the black that the barber put in your heads running, he don’t mind none of that. When you leave here, are you still willing to tell God yes or no?

Because you’re going to go through a season of frustration in your assignment. You’re going to be emotionally crushed When I pick you up from Gary and put you in Houston and you feel lonely and you’re trying to figure out your financials, are you trying to figure out, are you still going to tell me yes? Are you going to continue to press? Because whether it feels like it or not, that’s the place of provision and I think your goal is to take us back to the basics as you’ve told us. Make sure we got our foundation. I think that if we understand the foundation of worship is doing what it is that God created man to do following the man you all in order for us to do what we were created to do and we’re still willing to be obedient to that. Everything we need is there. All the provision is there. All that God has called for us to have is there and the enemy won’t be successful.

Pastor Keion (36:03):
So when Jesus gets to the mountain or the whale, that was a great observation to meet the Samaritan woman, the Samaritan woman says, what are you doing here with me? Jews are not supposed to be commingling with Samaritans. Jesus said, if you knew who I was, you wouldn’t even be talking about this. Let me show you what worship does. He says to her, you’ve come to this well with nothing to draw with, but somehow she leaves not being thirsty. So just think about this. She doesn’t bring anything to get water with, but she leaves never being thirsty again. So worship shorts circuits the process that even if we come unprepared, we still leave full.

She comes with nothing, leaves never being thirsty again because true worship allows the unprepared to show up and leave with more than they came with. That’s what we talked about Jehosaphat. It took them three days after worship to gather everything that their worship got them. And I don’t know Pastor Hammond, I can tell your foot swinging so I know the Lord working. And after you say what you got to say, I want you to look in that camera and tell them that after they finish worshiping, they’re going to come out with more than they went in with

Pastor Hammond (37:39):
Pastor Hammond. When you started talking about mountain and then you started talking about the enemy, the first thing with the enemy was he was a guardian angel. But now he was once guarding worship, but now he’s trying to steal what he was once guarding. Back to the mountain part, I’m reminded in Exodus 24 that Moses, before he was going up to Mount Sinai at the foot of the altar, there’s three levels of worship. The foot of the altar was a place of sacrifice, a place of atonement, a place of fellowship. The second level, he took 70 elders with him, elders with leadership. That’s why you got to have the right people leading you in worship. They got there and the Bible says, Moses and the elders saw God standing on sapphire like the heavens blue sky. And when they got there, the Bible says they ate and drank with God.

Pastor Keion (38:39):
Look at his foot, y’all look at it.

Pastor Hammond (38:40):
Worship will get you food and drink that is not of this world. Then separation. Moses says, you guys stay here. I’m going up to the third level of worship. God takes him up to the top of the mountain for communion with God. And then God says, for 40 days and nights I’m going to swirl a cloud to the point that he was disappeared in worship and they couldn’t see him. And then when he came back, he came back with revelation of what the law was

Pastor Keion (39:12):
Man, awesome. So he comes back with the revelation of what the law is. Now God says, I did not come

To abolish the law but to fulfill it. How did he fulfill it by operating in his purpose and what was his purpose? Worship back to his Father. Okay, so again, I think the most prudent idea that we’ve come out of this conversation is that while everybody’s trying to worship him in spirit and truth with a sound, you have to start off with obedience to the assignment that he placed in you. And I think that we all agree that one of the highest forms of worship is operating in your assignment. Is it possible to worship God outside of your assignment?

Bishop Roberts (40:03):
Not effectively, no. Not no. So the people who get breakthrough in when we see, okay, let’s just go natural for a minute when you see people, because I don’t want to make it seem like the people who are crying and lifting their hands are not with God. The people who you see truly receiving breakthroughs are the people who are at that moment telling him yes. So I don’t believe that it is possible to worship in the sense that we were created to worship outside of your assignment. Because you can see when Jesus got across the sea, I believe it was of the gatherings and he meets the man that’s demon possessed, the demons are doing a form of worship. They say, oh, thou son of David, they know how to say the words of worship, right? So we see that demons know some demons worship better than us.

We sit in church and won’t lift our hands, but I’m talking about the work they can’t do. The worship we were created to do when the three W’s in heaven, when that third w, the worshiper Lucifer was kicked out, he said, let us make man in our image and after our likeness. And the thought was this man couldn’t stay in his assignment because he got too big for his own britches. I’m going to create a people who will fulfill that and stay in their assignment. So you’re most effective in worship when you are in your assignment. You don’t move God when you’re not in your assignment.

Pastor Keion (41:29):
Let’s take it back to the woman at the well. And pastor you brought this up, pastor Raymond, so you can help us get to the finish line on it. She’s worshiped one man, unfulfilled. Worshiped another one, unfulfilled, worshiped another. God says you’ve got five churches and the church you go to, you’re not a member of, I’m just bringing it into now. But if you drink of this water, you will never thirst again. Is it possible that the woman at the well shows us that we try to fulfill our thirst by worshiping other things and real worship is the correct response to God? That’s it. Isn’t it so simple?

Pastor Rhema (42:19):
That was the best thing I heard on Sunday. I’ve never heard that definition of worship, that worship is the right response. So if you call me and I answer my answer yes is worship, that’s worship. That is me doing what I’m created to do. And pastor, when you were talking about this and you were talking about this, I’ve always asked the question, but she just answered the question. I’ve always wondered, why did God not punish Aaron? Aaron was a Levite walking in his assignment. Aaron and Miriam mama against Moses, Miriam leprosy.

Pastor Keion (43:07):
He didn’t. Oh my gosh.

Pastor Rhema (43:08):
Aaron Scot free. Hold on a second. God, what is happening here? Why? Oh, because he’s a Levi. He’s in his office. He’s in his, yes, he’s in his assignment. Okay, I get it. Okay, then they come down from the mountain. Aaron is the one that leads the charge. Get all your gold and God still doesn’t do anything to Aaron. All through scripture. I see Aaron going, Scott, I’m like, what is happening? And Bishop, you just helped us with pastor and Pastor Hammond said, let us know. He just said yes to being a Levite.

Pastor Keion (43:53):
His assignment. Oh

Pastor Rhema (43:54):
My goodness.

Pastor Keion (43:55):
Listen, yesterday we had, yesterday we had a meeting. The Lord gave me something yesterday that I never saw in scripture. The Levites are the descendants of Jacob and Rachel.

Pastor Rhema (44:10):
Don’t do that.

Pastor Keion (44:12):
Okay, now let’s think about this because Rachel has a sister named Leah. I don’t have time to go into the biblical historicity of it, but there was some jealousy that took place because Jacob had children with both women. Okay? So there’s jealousy there. Now, Jacob also has a disadvantageous relationship with his brother Esau. There’s some jealousy there. So you got a father who’s had a jealousy type relationship with his brother. You’ve got a mother who has a jealousy type relationship with her sister. And Laben, who’s her dad really shows us jealousy by not wanting to let Rachel go so that Jacob could pursue her. He made the man wait 14 years in order to release her. Now maybe he’s jealous of Jacob, who knows? But all I know is that the Levites were nursing at the breast of jealousy.

Bishop Roberts (45:14):
Jesus Christ. Can I address your people online

Pastor Keion (45:18):
Please, sir? Yes, sir.

Bishop Roberts (45:19):
Listen, we’ve been talking about assignment. We’ve been talking about it being the foundation of worship. He just brought up Aaron, can I tell you that my whole ministry, I’ve wondered how can David be an adulterous murdering king and still be talked about, which is the very definition of blessed to be spoken well of by God as a man after his own heart.

Pastor Keion (45:48):
Because he said things like this created me a clean heart worship and renewing me a right spirit because the opposite of pride is worship.

Bishop Roberts (46:00):
And can I add to the soup while we in there? Because despite being rejected, despite making mistakes, despite being ostracized by Saul, who all he wanted to do was mentor him, he felt that’s where he was going. You said it. He never left the throne. He stayed in his assignment. I messed up, but I’m still the king. I did it God, but I’m still who you called me to be. And as imperfect and people don’t even know you do as imperfect as I am. The only reason God continues to bless me is because when he picked me up from Gary, Indiana and brought me to Houston, all I’ve been saying to him since then is, yes, I’m here. God, whatever you want me to do, I’m going to do. And I think that that yes is so powerful. I want to free people who feel like you got to be sinless to worship. I want to free people who feel like your hands ain’t clean enough to worship, that your hands are clean than a person who hasn’t committed a sin in 30 days in their own eyes. As long as you tell God yes. Yeah.

Pastor Hammond (47:04):
Bishop, I want to expound on that. Minister Cle, we were talking about this. He brought me to Romans 12 and one Brothern, I beseech you that you present your body as a living sacrifice. The Greek word for that aria means for hire the ministry of service to God. And I think about that your sacrifice, a sacrifice and altar is not a clean place, it’s a dirty place, but it’s a transfer to be clean. And if we allow ourselves that for hire, God will employ us to worship him, to make us clean.

Pastor Rhema (47:40):
Is it? So we’ve moved from a song and a sound to the person because Jesus did not die for a praise. He died for a person. Jesus did not die for a song, he died for a sinner. So the Bible says in John four, for the father, six worshipers, yes, I know how important worship is, but could it be possible that God is seeking worshipers, not just worship? Yes sir. So God, if I teach every day, I’m a teacher. I’m coming. I’m coming to where you landed. If I sing every day, I’m a singer position. Staples.

If I jump every day, I’m a jumper. If I worship every day, I am a worshiper. So here we are thinking God is more concerned about the sound and the song and God is more concerned about us being worshipers. God seeks because right now God is getting worship in heaven. That’s correct. Right now as we speak. So what is it about man that you are mindful of him? Pastor, you put that eloquently on Sunday. So God is not just concerned. That’s why you can be dirty and filthy and still come before God because he’s not just concerned about the sound you make. He’s concerned about who you are, the vessel, the altar. God is not just concerned about worship. You are a worshiper because a teacher is going to teach whether it’s snowy, whether it’s windy, whether it is rainy. So you are a worshiper regardless of what you did, regardless of what you’re going to do, you are a quote professional worshiper because you’re doing it in season and out of season. And God is seeking consistent worshipers, not based on what you did, not based on what happened. That’s why we can talk about David and we can talk about Aaron because God is not looking at what they did. He’s looking at who they are. Are you still in your position as a

Pastor Keion (49:33):
Worshiper? Listen to this man. You just made me get a revelation because if we can teach people the difference between and worship, we would get our people mouths away. Because I just thought about Paul and Silas in the Roman jail and when they started praising, the bars broke. And then when the woman says, we don’t worship together and she begins to worship God and now she’s in Christ. So I thought praise gets us out, but worship brings us in. And so what we have to do is get people to understand when it’s appropriate to do one praise may get me out of the circumstance, but worship is the only thing that can get me into his presence. And I believe that that’s why Aaron had that special protection, because he was responsible for the presence. He was responsible. Remember, he was only one who could go beyond the veil.

And even then on the day of Atonement, and because he was responsible for the presence, even though he himself was as filthy as the people who couldn’t come in, he was allowed to go where nobody else could go because he was in his assignment. And that’s what worship is. Worship says that when I am where I’m supposed to be, I get to go where nobody else gets to go. And that’s why we have to enter into his gates with thanksgiving and enter his courts with praise because Thanksgiving gets us on the premises, but only praise gets us to promises. And when we worship God, we get in His presence and in his presence is fullness of joy and that is where we’re trying to get you. We’re not trying to get you in church, we’re trying to get you in. God. Listen, you can worship him from wherever you are.

When I say wherever you are, I’m not talking about your city or your state. I’m talking about whatever state you’re in. Don’t you let nobody make you think that you got to hush your worship because you had a bad weekend? Don’t you let anybody think that God won’t accept your worship because you didn’t keep all of his commandments. They that worship him, worship him in spirit and in truth, even when they’re not living a truth, he desires your worship. As Pastor Raymond said, they’re angels right now with wings to the veil, their face to the veil, their back to the veil, their feet all day long calling his name and who he wants his worship from, fallen depraved man. And let me tell you, God loves to play in the dirt. He started there, he started there, and he’s coming back again for it. That where he is there ye may be. Also, we’re going to teach you on worship all month long because if you can’t figure out that there’s a difference between making noise and having power, and we’re going to make sure that when you open up your mouth and you lift those holy hands that you move heaven and not just move a room so that God will be concerned about you and your children and your childrens children. Bishop, I’ll give you the final word.

Bishop Roberts (52:58):
There are angels here right now because you provoke angels when you start talking about true worship. There are angels where you are right now. Some of you are in your rooms with your hands lifted and you’re worshiping. There’s a high volume of angelic activity right now. I believe that our worship is about to catapult us to the next place. Pastor Ramma brought it up. He’s interested in you, not just what you bring. The Bible says that we always say God wants our worship. It’s not that that’s untrue, but the scripture actually says the Father Seeketh such to worship him. He’s not just looking for the worship, he’s looking for the such. He’s seeking a person that will worship him. And I believe that even though we come in dirty and he accept us the way we are, our yes leads us to the sanctification of being clean by him. I want each and every one of you to understand that this month is going to be the most powerful month of this year of wealth and wisdom so far because this worship is going to be the springboard that is going to cause miracles, signs, and wonders to take place in your life.

Pastor Keion (54:12):
Listen, we have had such a phenomenal time in this room. Hopefully you’ve had a phenomenal time online. I want you to go back and watch this in its entirety because there’s no way you got it all. There is no way you heard everything that was said in real time. I want you to go back and rewind it. There’s some things said in the beginning that you need to take advantage of how you get into the core, how you become a part of what we’re doing. There’s so much in this. So if you came in halfway through or maybe three fourths of the way through, I want you to go back and watch it in its entirety because we have so many things, so many things going on and so many things that God wants to do for you. It’s given time and we’re going to give in spirit.

I’m going to show you this month if you stick with me, that even giving is worship. I promise you it is. I promise you it is that even giving is worship. Every time we sow, we’re actually worshiping God. So I want you to get yourselves ready to sow into the kingdom right now. They’re putting instructions up on the screen right now for you and we’re going to be praying for you. As a matter of fact, while you’re getting your gifts ready and while you’re getting your app ready, I’m going to have Pastor Hammond to pray for you because once we release this seed, we’re going to release it uniformly and unanimously and on one accord. So open up your apps, get your credit card information ready. You can do that with your eyes open. Keep driving. Don’t take your eyes off of the road. Pastor Ham is going to pray for you and we’re going to come back and give together.

Pastor Hammond (55:49):
God, we thank you today for these gifts and the seeds of love today. Those who are tithers, God, those who are giving these offerings, we pray that God, you will pour out your spirit on all flesh. And God, you would transform these seeds, God, into harvest. And just like Moses, God, when he was with you on the mountain, the Bible says when he came down that he commanded the people to give an offering. And from that offering, God gave him revelation of the new pattern of the tabernacle. Yes sir. So we thank you, God in this next season that not only these offerings shall be planted in good ground, but God, you’re going to give us new patterns for our next season. God, we thank you. We give you glory in Jesus name. Amen.

Pastor Keion (56:26):
Amen. I think that that scripture should be your scripture of reference for the next month, that God is going to give you a pattern that is so amazing. It is so good. I hope you didn’t miss it. God is going to give you a pattern on how to build your personal tabernacle, whatever it is that he wants you to build in your life. Thank you so much for being with us here at Take Action. We’ll see you next week. Hey everybody. My name is Pastor Keon Henderson. I am the founder of an organization called Take Action. Now. People are always direct messaging me and texting me and saying, pastor, what are you doing? How can I be a part of what you’re doing? And I know everybody doesn’t want to be a part of the local church, but what if I told you I had a way for you to partner with me so that we can affect change throughout the world?

Hence, take action now. A 5 0 1 C3 nonprofit organization committed to advancing individual agency and social progress by protecting, strengthening and uplifting the underserved and disenfranchised throughout the world. We’re doing humanitarian things, teaching entrepreneurism, teaching home ownership and institutional inequities, cultural deficits. We have our ear to the ground and we need your help to make a difference, whether it is making a sizable donation to the estate of a young woman who lost her battle with cancer via the internet and we were able to make a difference there. Or whether it is in a underserved community in the Caribbean islands where the children were playing amidst rocks and glass, and we came in and broke ground recently on the park so that athletes and cheerleaders and young people in that community can have a safe place to stir gift inside of them. Whether it is paying the utility bills in cold climates for seniors, or just helping basketball players get the proper uniforms of football players. It’s just us making a difference through financial literacy and technological empowerment and mentoring services. This is what we do, and all I’m asking you to do is become a partner with me right now, and I want you to go visit Take action now.org. Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today.