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Bishop Joseph Walker III of Mt. Zion Baptist Church (Nashville, Tenn) teaches us that the things you cannot see are the most anointed. We focus so much on the glitz and glamour on the outside but God has gifted us on the inside. (Ref 2 Corinthians 4:7-12) That is the very reason that the Devil attacks us. To take the bait so we cannot enter our destiny. You must understand that you aren’t the only one going through it. You must not react to what you are going through, but you must respond. Lift your head because your trouble is not terminal, it has term limits! Stand still and see the salvation of the lord.

Pastor Keion Henderson is the lead pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Houston, Texas Lighthouse is an organization that serves the body of Christ through our 5 pillars. We always ANTICIPATE a move of God in every experience, so we constantly set a great ATMOSPHERE, and we ACCEPT everyone through love. We believe the best way to impact people is by being AUTHENTIC to who we are and by taking ACTION to move everyone towards greater.

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Bishop Walker III (00:03):
Lemme introduce you to my father. I believe that we owe God a praise lighthouse. Are you in this place today? Come on, give God glory while you are standing. Listen, I want you to help me thank God and honor a man of God who is touching not only this local ministry, but is touching the entire world. Your pastor is a gift to the kingdom worldwide and I am thankful that he was born. I’m thankful that the hand of God rest upon him squarely. Would you help me? Thank God for your leader. Come on Pastor Keion. Come on Henderson. Thank God for him man. I love you and happy birthday to you and to my sister, lady Sha. I love you Dr. Stepson. I love you. Know that we love y’all. We’re just cool. We are cruel like that. We just cool in the gang like that and I just appreciate you. Please be seated. I’m grateful to God and thankful for this wonderful opportunity. Miranda Curtis, that’s just not fair. I mean you talk about an anointing and I’m just give God the glory and the praise. I’m so honored to be here today on this birthday celebration. I stand before you today to tell you that the person that’s ministering to you today, and some of you’ll catches in the spirit, my birthday is July 28th.

Some of you’ll catch that in the spirit. I quickened when he mentioned that at the offering today, and I told Lady Ashanti, I said, it’s on now. It’s on and popping and thank you man. I am grateful to God and of course we greet you in divine love. Listen, Royce is with me today, voice to voice. Help me. Thank God for him mostly. And Aaron and Andrew, these gentlemen travel with us and I appreciate them. Here’s what I want you to do. God has allowed me to write several books and I want to be a blessing to some of you and I want you to take out your phone. I want you to follow me because I want to bless some folks our ministry. I’ve got two books I want to bless some people with. We always bless people randomly. So when you follow me, you get these random blessings.

One of those books my wife and I wrote called Becoming a Couple of Destiny. It’s really about marriage. It’s about relationships met where you are in your life, whether you’re dating, whether it’s complicated, whether you are in a situationship, whatever it is, it’s going to bless you. And I want to send it to 20 of you who follow me at Joseph Walker. Three. Secondly, there’s another book, leadership and Loneliness. The Lord allowed me to write, and I wrote it during the pandemic because I recognize so many people with dealing with isolation of which I’ll talk a little about today. And it’s important to understand how to navigate seasons of loneliness because just because I’m alone doesn’t mean I’m lonely. Somebody will get that and I promise you it’ll bless you. So if you follow me, I promise you I’ll be bragging about y’all today. I’m going to get right into the word of the Lord on today who came to be blessed today, who came to receive what God has for your life.

Father, open up our spirits and our hearts now that we might receive this revelation today. We give you glory and praise for your anointing that destroys every yo I pray, oh God, that this word will speak life in this place and I give you glory for what you’re going to do. In Jesus’ name, amen. Second Corinthians chapter four, the word of the Lord says this around verse seven, two Corinthians chapter four around verse seven through 12. But we have this treasure in earth and vessel. The excellency of the power may be of God and not of us. So we are hard pressed on every side, yet we are not crushed. We are perplexed, but we are not in despair. Persecuted but not forsaken. Struck down but not destroyed, always carrying about in the body, the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life of Jesus also may be manifest in our body for we who live are always delivered to death for Jesus’s sake.

That the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our mortal flesh. So then death is working in us, but life in you. I want you to look at somebody straight in the face and just tell them I’m unfazed. Yeah, you may be seated in the presence of the Lord today. That’s what I want to talk about today. Unfazed I, one of the most interesting questions that people ask in life is why am I here? What was God up to allowing me to be born? My birth is not an accident. Actually, my arrival began before I began, before my mother and my father met before my grandmother shot his shot at my grandfather or vice versa. The reality is, is that God was up to something and it had everything to do about you. Your grandparents met, your parents came. It was all about your arrival.

And when you came into the earth, God had predestined. This. Jeremiah said Before I was formed in my mother’s belly, God knew me. God predestined us. And so when you were born, you came into the earth with a great deal of passion and you didn’t really know what you were going do with your life. You just knew you had a lot of passion. Someone asked you when you were young, what are you going to be? I’m going to be a fire, an astronaut. I’m going to do all these things because you had passion, but it was not focused. And as you’ve gone through life and you began to have experiences, that passion got focused and focused and focused until one day you realize you were close to purpose.

That that’s the moment when you realize why you were born, not just the day you were born, but why you were born. In essence, you begin to realize you were born to solve a problem. And if you don’t realize that you were born to solve a problem, you become a problem. The purpose on your life means that God had already peed on you to solve a problem and God knew the exact time in which you were to enter the earth. And so consequently, God allowed you to be born at the right time at the right place because that was purpose tied in your life. You didn’t really understand what was going on because purpose was chasing you. You didn’t chase it, it found you. You had your own plans. You were going to do your own thing. Like me, I had made you the English, I was going to be a lawyer. I was going to be the black Matlock.

And then God had the audacity to interrupt my plans, plans. And at 20 years old under my fraternity tree at Southern University, God called me to preach and I asked, God, Lord, you want me my don’t my body of work, you want me to do this? See, because purpose finds you, it apprehends you. And that is the moment where you begin to realize its own and popping because I begin to realize that my life matters, my life every second, every moment is tied to purpose and that is the place of origination. Now, the place of origination is never given without specifically delineating to you the destination or destiny. God never calls you without a purpose, without an aim. And so when God gives you a place of origination, then you are clear of what you expect that thing to be. But between the place of origination and destination, you will discover because of what’s on your life, you’ll have a lot of frustration, irritation, hateration, agitation, contemplated resignation.

And sometimes you want to give it back to God and say, God, you can have this back. But that comes a moment. You begin to realize that what’s on your life is so powerful and so valuable that it is bigger than you. And as a consequence, you begin to walk in life much differently. You see, you begin to realize that we have a different posture now that I’m not like everybody else because the moment I begin to realize my why, it is my why that makes me cry. So as a consequence, I go through life now with a different posture. I go through life when other people are whining, I’m giving God glory. Things that used to break me, don’t break me, no more things that used to have me depressed. Don’t have me depressed no more because I know what I’m going after. And so some of you, here’s where you are.

You are so far out here that going back is not an option and you are so close to what God promised you that you can almost taste it, feel it. It’s right in your grip. And today I have come today to this wonderful ministry to talk to somebody in this house, somebody watching me online to tell you that you got to go through life unfazed after all you’ve been through, after all the haters that have come in your life, after all the naysayers that have tried to push your dreams back, you got to square your shoulders, lift your head up and say, listen, been that done, that unfazed, no devil in hell, that’s going to stop me from getting what God has for my life. I dare you to find three people and tell ’em I’m unfazed. You don’t have to like me, you don’t have to invite me to the party.

Ain’t got to be a part of your clique baby. I know what God has for my life and I’m at a place in my life that I’m just, excuse me, I’m just the apostle apostle. The apostle says something that the church at Car Rent, which is an interesting church, the church at Car Rent is a work in progress. It is a maturing church, maturing. It is not as mature as it needs to be, but it is growing and Paul is an apostle who has to bring order and structure to it. And so Paul in a real sense is talking about their identity. Who will you become in the midst of this call upon your life? The church of Corinth. He had to help them understand first of all the importance of obedience. Paul digs in on this in second Corinthians 10 and six by telling them you have to have a readiness to revenge, all revenge, all disobedience. In other words, it’s one thing for you to not like seeing yourself, but it’s another thing for you to see it on somebody else’s life and tolerate it.

See, there comes a moment. You’ve got to get to a point where some things just irritate you. Some things just here’s the deal. Paul says you have to have a spirit of revenge against it. But Paul says not only that, but you must also understand the importance of operation. How you operate is going to be important. Church of Corinth, I’m going somewhere because each part of you matters. You are a church that is growing and so understand something. He really refers to the church. Anthropomorphically the right side cannot see the left side. I had no need of either because he sees the body as an anthropomorphic thing. He views the body and that’s why you have to recognize when he views it that way. Every part of the body has a purpose, has a purpose, everything matters. And so often we see the head and we think the head or the shoulders because the things you can see are the most anointed.

But you don’t realize sometimes it’s the things you cannot see, like the little toe. You never see the little toe, but if you ever hid it, the whole body going to feel that faith. And there are some people that never have a V I P seat, they never get a badge, never get a special part. But if they ever end up injured, the whole body can feel it. The body is anthropomorphic, the body is anthropomorphic. And that’s important because sometimes I used to get upset because people used to come to me and say, how do I close the back door? People come into our church and they leave and they come and they leave and I tell them, listen, the body is anthropomorphic. The Bible refers to this body as anthropomorphic and therefore you look at your body physiologically, your body needs a healthy back door. Some things you have to release or they create toxins. Some of you are holding on the stuff you need to be.

Paul says, not only this, but I want you to understand order. Paul says, I don’t want you to be ragley. It’s okay to have the Holy Spirit. It’s okay to operate in the zeal that you have. But Paul says, I want to bring order to this because if people come in and they don’t understand what you’re doing, they’re going to think you’re mad. It’s not going to edify the people. So Paul says, let everything be done decently in an order. You cannot call yourself a believer and walk around here raggedy and tow up from the floor up. That’s why I give God glory for a ministry like Lighthouse. This is a ministry of excellence and order.

But then Paul says, wait a minute, understand your occupation. Paul says, I want you to understand something. You’re not the only one that makes a contribution the lives of other people, that the anointing does not rest exclusively on you. You don’t have a corner on what God is doing. You do one thing, somebody else comes along and does another. Each one of us play a pivotal role in the lives of other people. He says, in other words, one waters, one plants another waters, but it is God who gives the increase. And so Paul says, now I want you to understand something about where you’re going because what you need to recognize, we have this treasure in earth vessel, but Paul says, lemme introduce you to you. Lemme tell you what God did. Lemme tell you you have been the recipient of divine treasure. Lay your hand on yourself. Say that’s treasure in me. Here’s a revelation that you must understand. We focus so much on the glitz and the glamor that’s on the outside that we miss the glory that’s on the inside. See, when you understand what God has deposited in you, you understand why you experienced the attacks you experienced because you are carrying glory inside of you. You have treasure inside of you. Watch this. In other words, what God did watch this, God deposited gifts in you knowing your human condition.

We have this treasure in urban vessel. We have this treasure in trash. God, when he called, you knew your flaws. He knew your proclivities, he knew your hangups. He knew all of that. So people don’t have to remind you of what you used to be because God factored that in. When he called you, God placed what he placed in you, knowing everything about you because nobody else can walk in your anointing because God does not anoint copies. He anoints originals. So God knew everything about you and so watch this. Sometimes you feel like, well God, I can’t do this because God, I’m not qualified at God. Can’t you find somebody to do this? God? I mean, can’t you like me? Can’t you find somebody else in God says, no, I knew everything about you. I factored it in. This is what I do when I give you an assignment.

I anoint you for the assignment. I take everything about you. I was a kid when I was in school. I had all this energy and the teacher didn’t know what to do with me. My parents were, my mother was an educator, so my father and mother, they wanted to test me. Y’all for special ed. That’s why you got to thank God for parents that go and advocate for their children because they’ll be categorized by people who don’t know what’s on your life or parents give them the test. They gave me the test only to realize I was gifted and bored.

I had all this energy because God packaged all this energy because God knew he had an assignment for me that was going to require me to run around all these different locations and preach around the world, do what I’m doing because he already planted that in me. See God places in you and wired you for your assignment. Then he anoints what he wires you for. That’s why if you don’t like kids, you are not anointed for the nursery. People look at you and wonder, I don’t see how you do all of what you do. It’s because I’m anointed for what I do. Tell somebody I’m anointed for this.

Watch it. So you must understand something. Listen, listen. God knew some things about you when he called you, right? He knew your flaws and alls, but he also knew that you could. He knew this. I think it’s important because God knew you could handle it. Everything that you’ve gone through prepared you for this. Somebody say, I can handle this. You don’t give yourself enough credit. Everything that God is calling you to do, trust me, he’s already prepared you for it. Everything you’ve gone through has prepared you for this moment. So stop sitting back, walking around with imposter syndrome thinking you cannot do this. Yes you can. You are more than capable of doing what God called you. And not only that, but you know what else God knew? God knew you wouldn’t embarrass him. God knew that whenever he raised you up, God knew you wouldn’t embarrass the kingdom. He knew he could trust you with this treasure and God also knew that you would acknowledge him. He knew that wherever he took you, you would always give him glory. You wouldn’t be up there talking about, I’m lucky, I’m fortunate. No, you’d be able to talk about if it had not been for the Lord who was on my side, baby, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Listen, listen. So that’s why you have to never forget. It’s not about you, it’s about him. Paul says that the power is on God. It’s not about you. See, this is why I come against that spirit of arrogance and egotism, people that sit around and think that everything moves around them. If you think everything moves around you die. I promise you give us about 40 days and we are going to move on from you and somebody else going to take your place. God can get this work done without you. That’s why you got to come to a place where you declare, Lord, I thank you for the privilege to be able to do what I do. And it said to him, we live and him, we move and him we have our dear, listen me.

So Paul says, now that you understand who you are, you understand the call upon your life. You understand that God factored all this in and God knew who you were when he called you and God has placed this a great anointing, great assignment on your life, knowing your handicaps, knowing your handcuffs. Paul says, now I need you to understand how to handle the stuff in the middle because knowing what you’re carrying now, he says, now we are troubled on every side. You got these things to deal with. So this is important because watch how people respond to the stuff in the middle and it’ll give you an indication of the depth of their spiritual relationship.

See, you cannot react. You must respond. When you react, you have taken the bait of Satan and you are in your feelings. What’s got some of you messed up Now, that’s what’s retarding the progress of your blessing because you always reacted. You always got these triggers. As soon as somebody does something, you got to give ’em a piece of your mind and don’t sit here like you ain’t never reacted because all you got to do is leave out of here and somebody pull over in front of you and there you go, rolling down the window about to react. But when you are spiritual, you don’t

Speaker 2 (20:37):

Bishop Walker III (20:39):
You step back and you respond. You step back and you begin to realize, wait a minute, what’s coming at me is not flesh and blood. What’s coming at me is a spirit that’s trying to derail what God is doing in my life. So what I’m not going to do, I am not going to let the enemy pull me down to his level and get me caught up in my feelings and my emotion. I’m going to step back and say, God, what would you have me? Now, I really wish I could help you understand that what you’re going to is going to require what Paul says, a series of challenges and trials. I wish I could give you 20% off of your trials. I really wish I could, but there were no exemptions. Job says man, born of a woman is a few days and full of trouble in this life.

Jesus says You will have tribulation to be of good cheer. I’ve already overcome the world. So there were no exemptions on what you have to go through, but you must understand this. You aren’t the only one going through it. Paul says, we are trouble. See, sometimes you’ll sit back and let the devil convince you that nobody going through what you’re going through but you ain’t nobody dealing with this will be. I don’t know why, but devil picking on me. I don’t know why I got to go through what I’m going through. Let me tell you some child to God, I really want you not the only one going through it. There are people sitting around you right now that are going through stuff that will blow your mind. Somebody has been through some stuff over the last 12 months that would literally blow your mind. Here’s the reality. Just because I carry it well don’t mean it ain’t heavy.

Who am I talking to today? There have been times when I got in my car and felt like breaking down times when I prayed for other people and nobody prayed for me times when I went home and said, God, I can’t take this another day, but I showed up and gave God glory in spite of it. So don’t think you’re the only one going through it, baby people are dealing with some heavy stuff in here a minute. You’re not the only one that’s, but Paul says we are troubled on every side. The rain falls on the just and the unjust. You don’t have to do anything for trouble to come. You can be minding your own business and stuff just happen.

But what I understand, no matter what the situation is, whatever comes in my life, it has term limits. I need somebody to get this today in the spirit that Joe trouble is not terminal. It’s got term limits and God told me to tell somebody, you are going to outlive what’s trying to outlive you. That’s why you just got to hold on and trust God. Reach over and tell somebody don’t you give right through here weeping may and do it for a night. But joy is coming in the listen. Listen to me. So how do you respond to it? Paul says, here it is. Paul says, here’s your response. We are troubled on every side, yet we are perplexed. But okay, I’m pastor’s big brother, right? I grew up in an era where on Saturday mornings we had a theme called Schoolhouse rock. I got some witnesses. See pastor, now I want you to get this. I want you to hear me.

We learned things, Congressman, we learned things today. I’m just a bill on capital. We learned about Vito and all that on Saturday morning, but my favorite one was conjunction junction. What? Conjunction junction. What’s your function? Y’all educate pastor today you see what we learned is that where there was a conjunction, wherever the conjunction was, it disqualified. Whatever happened on this side, it couldn’t get to that side. The conjunction was the bridge that disqualified stuff on this side so it couldn’t get to that side. Paul is really saying, you may have trouble, but conjunction junction, it can’t get to this side. Who am I talking to in this place today that gives God glory for your conjunction? They said I wasn’t going to make it, but look at me now. You laid me off, but I’m an entrepreneur now. You thought I’d be dead by now, but you let me get to lighthouse this morning. Weeping may endure for a night. Joy comes and wait a minute, wait minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. Paul says in between, listen, in between in between. Watch this. Now I want to lean in on something. I know who I am. I have a point of origination that’s destination. I’ve got stuff in between. I’ve got to respond, not react.

I am carrying something that does not disqualify me. God knows who I am when he called me. So you don’t have to bring up my past. You have to tell people how out I was when I was 28. God knew all that, but God still uses me now. He says Now we bear about this life of Jesus that it may be manifest in our body. And then it hit me, pastor, that if we are going to walk into what God has for our lives, we can’t lead like him if we don’t live like him. So what’s my example Christ that may be manifested in my mortal flesh. I walk this out looking like him. What do you mean if I study his life, everything I go through, he’s already been there, done that. You got haters. He’s got him. You’ve been betrayed. He’s had that too. You’ve been denied. He’s had that too. You’ve been unappreciated. He’s had that too. The question is how did Jesus deal with it?

Well, I want you to write these things down. Number one, your assignment must be greater than your adversity. Jesus dealt with it because he came into the will of his father. And so when you understand how massive your assignment is, you don’t spend a lot of time focused on the stuff that’s trying to throw you off course. It’s only when you begin to realize how major the door is that God has for you. How awesome the window that God’s going to open for you is that you stop tripping over the lift stuff that’s coming in your life. I’m driving in my car one day and my daughter is saying, daddy, there’s a fly in the car. Get it? She’s having a fit. Fly, fly, fly. And I looked at her and I said to her, baby, I’m trying to get you to school and if I spend time swatting this fly, I am going to wreck this car. Hurt me and hurt you and you will not make your destination. Neither will I. And the record will be what happened to Bishop Walker and his daughter. They wreck swatting flies. Some of you are spending too much time swatting fly. Stay off of social media in the comment section. Swatting flies.

Watch this. Jesus secondly has the disciplined prayer life. How did Jesus do what he did? How did Jesus handle what he handled? It’s because of his prayer life. We don’t talk much about it often, but when you really study the life of Jesus, Jesus would go apart by himself and pray that he would come back to the disciples as was his custom. Jesus had a prayer life, a disciplined prayer life people of God is deeper than recreational religion. It’s deeper than the stuff that we grew up thinking that prayer was. That’s why some of you were so intimidated by praying. People asked you to pray. Well, I can’t pray because you have references that come out of your upbringing in your ecclesiastical settings where you saw Deacon Brown get on one knee and pray with those prayer preliminaries this evening. My heavenly Father, this is your humble child with the bow down here and the humble heart taking that last night line down with not my last and my mattress is not my cooling board.

And when I stack up hymn books and bibles and study, see those are prayer preliminaries. But see, when you understand the power of prayer, if you on the interstate and somebody about to run you off the road, you ain’t got time for this evening. My heavenly Father, this is your humble child. All you got time for is Jesus. Somebody can be a witness between the gas pedal and the brake. He’ll step in right on time. Look at somebody, tell ’em it’s not the lit of your prayer, it’s the strength of your Jesus is on the main line. Stop talking so much and just tell him what you want.

Wait a minute. Here’s number three. Here’s a big one. Here’s number three. How did Jesus deal with this? Don’t allow disappointment from people to derail your destiny. Jesus, never let the disappointment from people close to him or in the crowd derail his ultimate destiny. And if there’s anything that could ever hurt a child of God is friendly fire. It’s the people you never expected, people you brought in your house, people you loan money to people you took care of. Those are the folks that sometimes can hurt the most. But you got to realize I’m not going to give somebody that much power where you make me an ex choir member, make me an ex usher. Make me stop coming to church because you crazy. Here’s the deal. I’m not going to miss my blessing because you don’t have it all together. Here’s the deal. I’m going to be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord because my labor is not in vain. Reach over. Tell somebody I ain’t going nowhere until I what God has in my life. Tell somebody they don’t have to like me, they don’t have to speak to me, but I’m here.

Listen to me. Listen to me. And the fourth thing that Jesus teaches us, I’m almost embarrassed to say it. I’m almost embarrassed to say it. It’s so simple on the cross of cavalry when he comes to his place of destiny, hang in there. Jesus is trying to tell somebody, I know what’s rough right now, but I just need you to look at somebody. Tell ’em, hang in there. I know they don’t like you on the job, but when you go to work next week, just hold your arms out and say what you doing? Say, can I release? I feel this in the spirit. Can I release a prophetic word over you? The intensity of your attack is giving you a foretaste of the extent of your blessing.

If you want to know where God has taken you, look at what God is allowing you to go through. I need you to tell somebody God’s about to blow my mind then all the hell I’ve been dealing with baby, I’m not going to wait until I get there. I’m about to shout right now. Somebody ought to just take about 15 seconds, open up your mouth and give God glory for it all. Paul says, pastor, pastor Keon, I came to lighthouse today to help somebody understand what on phase looked like. Listen, there’s an assignment on your life. There’s a destiny. You got to carry this. You can’t react. You must respond. You must walk this out as Christ lifted. But he says something interesting. I’m a Bible teacher. You have to excuse me. I’m just, Paul says something, piercing death lives within us or I died that you might live.

Do you know the reach of your testimony? You thought what you were going through was exclusively about you? Paul says, I died that you might live. The apostle is sharing with the church. Oh God, listen in real sense. Paul says, I want you to understand something that as you go through this, you must understand that every experience you go through is on public display. I wrote in my book Leadership and Loneliness. Where can the goldfish go in the fish bowl and not be seen? People are watching you. They’re watching your profession. What you going to say? What you going to say about it? What do you have to say about it that they’re watching your perspective? How do you see it? They’re watching your posture. That’s why you got to keep your head up.

I don’t care what’s weighing on your life, I don’t care what you’re dealing with. You got to learn to keep your head up. See? See, I learned something. My wife is a neonatologist and I learned something. I learned it with our children, but she helped me understand it even more that when you take an infant, so bless you, an infant doesn’t have neck control. That’s why when you take an infant, it gives it somebody. The first thing a parent does is give you the, because infants don’t have head control. Babies don’t naturally, spiritually or otherwise have the ability to keep their head up. And that’s why there comes a moment, Shawnee, you know it all too well when the mother must do something that she knows is necessary, painful for the child, but necessary called tummy time and she puts the baby on his or her tummy and the child hates it, but the child has to learn in tummy time how to lift their head. And without being in that uncomfortable situation, the child would never get strength in its head. God has put some of you in an uncomfortable situation and you saying, Lord wide, now what’s going on? Because God says, the only way I’m going to get strength in your head is you got to lay here until you learn how to lift your head up with all of your enemies around you. So therefore, I’ll lift up my head to the heels with come at my help, my help. Tell somebody, lift your head up.

Listen to me. Paul says, though, I got to close. But Paul says, dealt works in us that life in you. I speak this not just to lighthouse, I speak it to the nations of the world. We often demonize our leaders when they go through things because we take the bait of the enemy and we believe that our leaders should never have to experience trials or go through the things we go through because after all, they’re perfect, right? No, actually, when God called us, he knew everything about us. But we don’t have the luxury of going through what we go through in private.

That’s why I don’t want a leader. See, when I fly, I have a little thing I do. I always go and look for the pilot. I want to know how many stripes he got. Because see if I get on the plane with a pilot with no stripes here, we’d be going through something and Aaron, he’d be like, now ladies and gentlemen, this is my first flight. Y’all just pray. We’ll get through it. The devil is a liar. When I see those four stripes, you know what those four stripes tell me? This pilot has been through this before. That’s why you want to thank God for the stripes your leader got. Just because you may not see ’em don’t mean he don’t have no strengths. Because when you go through, you know got a leader that’s been through a lot of the stuff you’ve been through, but I didn’t understand pastor, why God allowed me to die that they might live.

I went through it publicly, went through a storm publicly. When my wife had died, I literally went to the doctor and she was having a biopsy for something and the doctor came in the room and said, your wife has neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer. Looked at me and said, she’s got about three years to five years to live at 37 years old. I’m not going to lie. I honestly, me and God talk all the time. So I honestly went to God and said, hold up, God, listen now, okay, there’s some people down the street that ain’t been to church in years. You can pass this on down there because God we with you, we your people.

But I had to go through it and I watched my wife, I watched her at 35, 36 deteriorate. I was laying hands on people watching them get healed. Thousands of people in crusades get delivered and I was going home watching my wife die in front of me, giving her morphine in the middle of the night, getting up, preaching on one hour of sleep with my cell phone on vibrate, knowing that if it rung I’d had to run home to check on her. And there it was on Sunday, January 17, 20 and 20 0, 0 5. When I went, I was headed to go preach and I would always go by the hospital before I went to preach when she was in and the nurse held my hand and say, stay today.

And there I was with my ecclesiastical stuff on the bishop. And there I was in the hospital and at 11 o’clock on the dock, my wife went home, be with the Lord. I ran to the window as a young preacher and I said, Lord, why? Why? And there it was. That’s when the devil got me what he wanted me. He got me in isolation. See, because when the enemy gets you in isolation, that’s what he started this interrogation and he started to interrogate me and he says, what you going to preach now, preacher, you’ve been telling people that God’s a healer. You’ve been talking about he jehova what you going to say now? But I had to pull myself together and remind the devil that I was unfazed and I wasn’t going to respond in my emotion. I had to to respond on the word of God.

And I looked back at Satan and said, devil, it may hurt right now, but the Lord gave and the Lord has taken away. I still bless the name of the Lord. So I died that they might live Three years later I was a widow. People were praying for me, your pastor, people all around the world. I’d built a new home in Nashville, had moved into my new home and I was out of the country. My plane landed in Miami. Three years later my phone rang and it was my new neighbor who said to me, Joseph, your house is on fire. I said, pardon me, your house is on fire. We had a big storm. There was a lightning storm and lightning hit out of all the house in Nashville. Lightning hit my house and there I was on Saturday trying to find socks to preach. I literally was homeless one day staying in Embassy Suites. And I had to go to my office that Sunday morning before the early service. And I was in my office crying and people were trying to figure out is he going to be okay today? And the devil came back again and the devil said, what you going to preach today, brother, pastor?

That wasn’t even me. That was an act of God. What you going to tell God’s people now? But I told devil I should have sent you to hell three years ago, but let me send you once and for all though he slay me, yet will I trusted him? Who am I talking to today? When you look back over your life and what you had to go through, you realize that what just for you, but it was for somebody else. That’s why you ought to give God glory. It did not break you. So lighthouse, I was on one of those planes and I was on my way, pastor Keon from Nashville to Los Angeles to a revival meeting and we hit the Santa Ana winds and that’s when your plane turns into a chapel service. When that turbulence gets so bad people, everybody know Jesus then.

But something happened to me. I got to lead this with you, pastor something. I was sitting next to a pilot who was going to work in LA and the pilot and the cockpit said, I’m going to have the flight attendants to be seated. We’re going through the Santa Ana winds, but in about 20 to 22 minutes, I’ll let them get back up and resume their service. Ladies and gentlemen, keep your fastened seatbelt signed. I’m going to keep that on. I’m going to keep your seatbelts fastener. And I looked at the pilot next to me, I said, sir, is he a prophet? He said, what do you mean? I said, sir, we going through this for the first time. How he knowing the cockpit, this going to last for 22 minutes. He said, oh sir, we as pils a train. We have to report meteorological conditions along the route so that planes behind us will know what to expect.

I said, you telling me planes have already been through this and they sent back word that this ain’t going last forever. I just need you to grab somebody by the hand, reach over and touch them and tell ’em you have no idea what I’ve been through. I need you to snatch him and tell ’em. But if God brought me through it, I came to tell you he’s going to bring you through it. Somebody ought not wait until you get the victory. I need somebody open up your mouth. Shout. Nah, I come to prophesy. You’re going to get through it. I come to declare that every force that came against your purpose, everything that came against your destiny will be right now. Hold your head up, walk your destiny out and go get what God has for your life. I need somebody to take your finger like you got an attitude. Let’s send the devil a message. Say, devil, you tried to kill me. You tried to destroy me. You tried to take me out, but you shoulda killed me when you had me. But you let get here and here.

Let everything that had prayer, open up your mouth and give God glory. Where are my survivors today? Where are the people today who’s not ashamed of what God brought you? Listen to me. So my name, my name, listen to me. My name is Joseph. It means God will add and what the devil meant for evil. I was born on July, the seventh month, the 28th day in this house where your man of God just told you what 28 means. There is an anointing on my life to pull you through it. And I’m talking to people that’s been carrying it and nobody know you’ve been carrying it. You’ve been putting on your game face, but almost about to break. But I declare today the devil will not get the victory. I want you to lay down your title, lay down your position. I need you to get to this altar because that’s an anointing on my life to push you through this, to make sure you get to your destination today. You will not be defeated. Depression will not win. You will not concede.

Get to this altar, get to this altar while you are watching me online, while you are a builder altar right in your home. God sent me to tell you He’s your strength. I said he’s your strength. Sometimes people don’t even know what you carry because you carry it so well. Come on, get to this. And what am I worshipers? You are are my strength. Strength like no other. Come on, I’m waiting on you. That’s it. That’s it. Strength. Like he reaches. Reaches. Lift your hands at this altar. Lift your hands. Come declare you’re you see his.

It is in the, I want to hear the people come on when I’m broken. Jesus Lord, getting better to pray for you. But the spirit of the Lord told me to tell you when you’re at the altar, it’s the most transparent place you can be. You’re carrying stuff and then you’re putting on your game face because you’ve got to be strong for everybody else. But what I learned is that his strength is made perfect in my weakness. It’s when somebody’s working out and says, spot me. And God says, I got it today. You don’t have to be nobody’s hero. Nobody’s hero. Just lift your hands and just say, Lord, I’m weak before you. But today, in the name of Jesus, I come today to speak life. I come the declare today that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. I come today to speak today that every attack of the enemy that is attempted to try to derail your purpose has come to Naugh.

I speak now in the name of Jesus that the assignment on your life shall not be counseled. I come against every interrogating spirit in the name of Jesus. I come today to declare that your purpose is worth the fight. I declare a day that what God is doing in you is greater than what the enemy is trying to do to you. So Satan, take your head off of God’s people. We declare victory today in the name of Jesus. What did not kill us only made us stronger. So God, I thank you for a fresh wave of the anointing, our speaking of a lighthouse, a fresh wave, a fresh wave of anointing in this place today, reignite our passion. Give us the pep back in our step. Give us the strength to raise up our heads when we’ve been beat down. And today we declare that it shall get better. From this place in the name above every name, we declare Jesus in Jesus name. It is already tough. It’s already tough. I need the victorious people.

That spirit of suicide left this house today, that spirit of depression today. Remember, you don’t go through for you. Everybody wants the next level, but please hear me more highs, more eyes. Can God trust you with trouble? Here’s what I want you to do. And Amaya assignment is complete. How many today? Thank God for the leadership of this man of God who has led but also bled in front of you. I mean, come on. I mean, really, really? Come on, can we, can we give God glory? Can we give God glory for a leader who didn’t just leave but he bled and led? Here’s what I want you to do. They didn’t ask me to do this. They told me to preach and I could sit down, but I love him so much and it’s his birthday. And today what I want you to do, if you’re at the altar, if you’re not at the altar, here’s what I want you to do. It’s 42. Huh man. Seem like yesterday I was 42.

Listen to me today. Here’s what I want you to do in Light House, and I know you’re going to do it. I know how much you love this man of God. I want as many of you today, listen, if you saw pastor out at the restaurant, he was eating over there, Willy Jesus or something, or he’s by himself over there, you’d be like, pastor, lemme get. Lemme get that for you. I guarantee you it’ll probably more than four, $2. I know it’ll be more than four. Here’s what I want you to do. I want as many of you that will get a seed right now of $42. If you don’t have it, don’t worry about it. Don’t hate on nobody else has it. Just get what you can. I promise you it is not equal giving, it’s equal sacrifice. I just want you to be a blessing.

Because when you have a leader, lemme tell you something. A lot of leaders don’t lead transparently before they’re people. But your pastor is one of those that can be trusted. That’s why God keeps elevating him, because he leads transparently. Here’s what I want you to do, whether you’re doing it by text, there you go. There it is. I love it. Text bday to that number. If you’re watching online text Bday 8 3 2 9 2 4 0 4 4 3. I want everybody who’s got a phone to do that. I want you to do it. I want him to tell me, Bishop, you just embarrassed me. Of course, that’s what I came to do. I came to make him so uncomfortable. He’s such a giver and this makes him uncomfortable. Givers don’t like receiving that much, but we got to spoil him sometime. Y’all do it today. Amen. So I want you to do that. And as you’re doing it, as you go back to your seat, I want you just to reach over. There’s one word I want to leave in this house. Can I leave it? It’s one word if we going to say it. I want you to find one person. I want you to scream it to them. And it’s the word live. And on the count three, on the counter three, I want you to holler it. I want you to scream it until hell gets the memo. 1, 2, 3.