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Bishop Roberts (00:00:03):
Lemme introduce you to my father. I believe that we owe God a praise. We’re going to the book of Luke. I’ve enjoyed everything that has been done up until now. Don’t quit on me now. Luke chapter number one. Thank you, Luke. Chapter number one is my assignment today, verse number five, Luke chapter number one, verse number five. I would implore you to read the entire chapter. It’s very long when you get home. There’s a few verses I want to read. Don’t get nervous. There is a method to the madness. Verse five through verse 20, and then verse 45. I know, I know, but the devil gets nervous when you read the Bible speak in the book of Ezra, the Bible says they would stand and read all day. Don’t let the amount of scriptures make you think that I’m going to preach long. I am a slow cooker, but by the time we leave here, I believe you’ll be fed.

Verse number five, we’re going to read verse five through 20, and then verse 45. There was in the days of Herod, the king of Judah, a certain priest named Zacharias of the course of Abba, and his wife was of the daughters of Aaron, and her name was Elizabeth. Somebody say Elizabeth, and they were both righteous before God, walking in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord blameless, they were righteous and blameless. Verse number seven says, look, they had no child because that Elizabeth was barren, righteous, blameless and barren. I said, righteous, blameless and broke. Righteous, blameless and sick, righteous, blameless and divorced. And they both were now well stricken in years. And it came to pass that while he executed the priest’s office before God in the order of his course, according to the custom of the priest office, his lot was to burn incense when he went into the temple of the Lord and the whole multitude of the people were praying without at the time of incense.

So Zacharia is in the temple praying. The congregation is outside of the temple praying. That’s a whole nother message by itself. And there appeared unto him an angel of the Lord standing on the right side of the altar of incense. And when Zacharias saw him, he was troubled and fear fell upon him. He’s in there praying for something and then when the answer comes, he’s afraid he’s praying for something. And when God’s ready to give it to him, he’s scared. But the angel of the Lord said unto him, fear not Zacharias. For thy prayer is heard. I wish I had a church in here this and thy wife, Elizabeth shall bear the A son and thou shall called his name John and thou shall have joy and gladness and many shall rejoice at his birth for he shall be great in the sight of the Lord and shall drink neither wine nor strong drink and he shall be filled with the Holy Ghost.

I want you to understand the Holy Ghost had not even yet come, but this boy was so special. He was going to be born full of the Holy Ghost, even from his mother’s womb. Many of the children of Israel shall he turn to the Lord their God and he shall go before him in the spirit and the power of Elias to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the disobedient to wisdom of the just to make ready a people prepared for the Lord. And Zachariah said unto the angel, whereby shall I know this for I am an old man and my wife well stricken in years. Remember he’s praying inside the temple, the people are praying outside the temple and now God is answering his prayers and he’s scared and don’t know how to shut up and get out of his own way.

And the angel answering said unto him, I am Gabriel that stand in the presence of God and I am sent to speak unto thee and to show these glad tidings and behold thou shall be dumb and not able to speak until the day that these things listen to this shall be performed. I feel like preaching because thou believe is not my words, which shall be fulfilled in their season, said, I’m shutting your mouth because I’m not going to let you stop what God’s about to perform. Verse 45 is our last verse. Elizabeth says to Mary, I’m blessed is she that believed for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord. I want to talk for just a few minutes that we have together from this thought. There shall be a performance I need you to tell somebody next to you. Tell them, neighbor, there’s going to be a performance of the thing God promised you. You may be seated in the presence of the Lord.

The question that arises is why was there need for miracles? Why do we need miracles? Why does God have to do the hard thing? Why let things get so bad that it takes a miracle to turn it around? I was preaching the other week and I said, Lord, why do you have to let me get so deep into something just to miraculously turn it around for me? Why not just make it easy? Why not just make it to where I can handle it so you don’t have to? Why do we need miracles? And I want you to know that God historically always used his miracles to get the attention of his people and to show you who he really is. His people have always known and marked God because he is a God of miracles and it sets him apart from all other gods with little Gs.

But I want you to understand what the Bible says because I need to spend this time making sure that we qualify and put miracles in their proper perspective because the Bible says as we talk about miracles, signs and wonders, listen to what the Bible says in Mark chapter 16, verse number 17. He says, and these signs shall follow them. That belief, it says to me a couple of things. Number one, miracles belong in the church. Miracle belonged, miracles belong wherever believers are. If you are a believer, there should be miracles happening somewhere around you. Now don’t be afraid now because I’ve made that statement. Let me see the hands. All of the believers good, there should be miracles happening somewhere in your vicinity. There should be signs in my name, they will cast out demons. All of these things that Mark says. But the issue Pastor Hammond is not whether there are miracles, the issue is the positioning of the miracles. The Bible says that when you are a believer, miracles are not in front of you. They follow you. Amen?

Because if I believe God, I don’t need a miracle to prove who God is. Stay with me. A sign is for someone who is lost. I’m not lost, and if I need a miracle in my life, I believe God to work it. But that is not the determining factor on whether or not I trust him because Elijah was a man who worked miracles, but the Bible says, hear me, he died of a sickness so that if God does not give me my miracle, does it mean I stop believing him? It’s interesting because he says the signs, they follow you because your eyes are not in the back of your head. I am not focused or enamored by the miracle. I know God can work miracles because the first miracle was saving me. Y’all going to have church with me in here as nasty as I was, as dirty as I was, as low as I was as evil, as mean as I was.

I’m looking for my church. That’s all I got. A few of y’all right here, a few of y’all back there. The first miracle he worked was taking my black soul, dipping it in red blood and somehow bringing it out white or snow. So I know that he is a miracle worker, but I don’t have to focus on that. If I’m a believer, the miracle should follow me. So when he works, the miracle in my life is not just for me, it’s because somebody lost that is watching me is going to see what God has done in my life and say, who is this God?

When the disciples were with Jesus, he was teaching them every step of the way. So when the storm got to raging and they were afraid and they winning God Jesus and saying, master careth thou not that we perish, Jesus gets up and begins to go to the winds and the waves and like a master obeying a dog, obeying his master. When he said peace be still, their question was, what manner of man is this? Because when you are still trying to find your way, it is miracle signs and wonders that help you find your way. So we’ve got to understand as God prepares to work a miracle for you this morning, how should our focus be regarding these miracles? Because God warns believers that we should desire miracles, but that we should not desire miracles just for what it can do for us because that is a dangerous zone of sensationalism and it can lead believers into personality driven ministry. I’m working my way somewhere. Just stay with me because when somebody lays hands on you and God heals your body, we have a proclivity to elevate the man instead of the God that worked through the man.

John chapter six, he rebukes them because of the miracle of the two fish and five loaves of bread. He was upset because he gave them bread and they were excited not because of who he was but because of what he did. They were excited because he made the bread stretch for them and not because he was the bread of life. God has a problem with those of us who sensationalize miracles because he does not give you miracles so that you can be enamored with miracles. Miracles are so that those that don’t know who he can find out that I’ve never known a man like this and once you are a believer, you should expect miracles but not be focused on them because God, I trust you. Whatever you decide to do because my life is in your hands, I’m talking to somebody. Isn’t it amazing how we get to be believers and forget what he has done for us thus far? Why are you so focused on God doing hocus pocus when he has brought you this far and hasn’t made a mistake yet? Who am I talking to in here? You thought you were going to lose your mind five years ago and you still sitting up in the lighthouse in your right mind was able to put your own clothes on, drive your own car and make it to church with your health and strength. God says, you don’t need a miracle. I’m God, I’m Rafi. You know that I am with you.

Revelation chapter 13, verse number 11 unfolds this even further and gives us the warning as to why we have to put miracles in their right perspective. If I’m a believer, I expect them because they’re supposed to be around me, but my focus is on him. Chapter number 13 of the book of Revelations, verse 11 says, after talking about two beasts, a dragon and the spirit of the antichrist, it says, I saw a third beast and the Bible says that this third beast had horns like a lamb. We’re in school. Can we stay in school for just a few more minutes? I promise you we’re on our way to church. Look at your neighbor and say, neighbor, don’t get bored with school. It had horns like a lamb and it had a tongue like a serpent, so it came giving the appearance of a lamb, but its mouth was double tongue.

This beast, it lets us know was a man or a human man because it came out of the earth and the Bible says that it fooled believers by working miracles. You can’t fool me with the adoration of the miracles because I know who works the miracles and God is saying, you have to be careful because there is a spirit out here that will trick God’s people by working miracles. But when I am not focused on who’s working the miracle because I know the God of the miracle, you can’t fool me. The Bible says if it were possible the very elect would be fooled. Can you look at, I know it’s tight. Can you look at somebody in their eyeballs and tell ’em, neighbor, you can’t fool me with a miracle because I know the God that works the miracle. So when God gives me my miracle, I’m going to praise him.

I don’t care who spoke it. I don’t care who laid hands, I don’t care who wrote the check. I’ll be polite and say thank you, but it is God that gets my worship. It is God that gets my glory. It is God. Can I talk to somebody in here that believes that God still works miracles, but because I know he works miracles, that is why Buddha can’t get my glory. That is why Muhammad does not deserve my praise. That is why Harry Krishna cannot get my devoted life. That is why I give everything I have to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the same God that parted Red Sea, the same God that turned what should have killed Daniel and made it a pillow for him is the same God that’s going to make my enemies my foot. Tell somebody before you leave here, God’s going to work a miracle because he knows he can trust you with his worship.

Luke, who is the writer of this text, he is to me in my opinion and like Paul, this is me talking, he is the most interesting of the gospel writers because Dr. Luke is the only writer of the 40 writers in the Bible that is Gentile. All of the other writers are Hebrew and it speaks to us because when Luke is writing this, he is writing from a different perspective. He has not been clouded with Hebrew thinking. You understand, and you study the Hebrews, they had a sense of entitlement because they were Hebrew and because all throughout the Bible God swore by his people and he brought them through so many things and it got so bad until the apostle Paul in Romans chapter 11 had to remind the Gentiles that God has not forgotten about his people because Hebrews had a sense of entitlement.

But Gentiles are writing from a different perspective. Luke, because he is not Hebrew, is writing from that group of us who the Bible says we’re grafted in. I need to talk to some people who understand the language that I’m speaking. In other words, I wasn’t with the first group that got put into God’s family, I had to be grafted. In other words, I really didn’t fit in, but he made me fit somehow. Alright? Let me find another way to say it. Everything that God did for me as a gentile, I really didn’t deserve it, but somehow he made a way where there was no way and when you realize you didn’t deserve what God did, but he did it anyway. There’s another level of gratitude. Look around the room and all of the Hebrews, there’s a few of us Gentiles that every time we get a chance we realize that if it had not been for the grace of God, I said if it had not been for God making me fit because I was a square peg trying to fit in a round hole and he just shaved my edges and by the blood of Jesus made me fit in a family I wasn’t born in.

So Luke is writing from a perspective that is different, understand that Luke did not get a chance to follow Jesus like the other disciples. Luke was not an eyewitness of Jesus and it’s interesting to me because when you look at him being a gentile and you look at all of the other writers who were Hebrew understand that the interesting thing about this Christianity or this discipleship is the fact that it is one of the only religions watch it to jump nationalities because it started out as just a Hebrew way, but then when the Jews went astray and it was opened up to us gentiles, it jumped from one race of people to all races of people. I’m talking to some, I’m just trying to help you understand what you’re reading before we get there. And so Luke here is writing from an interesting perspective because what was on the Hebrews has now jumped on him.

Why is he writing this? It’s amazing to me because it is believed that Luke wrote this gospel, Valium number one, the book of Luke and Valium, number two, the book of Acts because he is trying to free the apostle Paul. The apostle Paul is locked up. Can I preach for just a little while? He is locked up in a prison and he is going to stand trial in Rome and Luke’s gospel Valium one, he writes about Jesus, Valium two. He writes about Paul and he is trying to convince some unbelieving Romans that there is a miracle working man who Paul has been preaching to y’all about. He’s trying to convince them that don’t kill Paul without first knowing this Jesus who Paul is writing to you about. He was trying to get them to understand that Jesus was in fact the miracle worker that Paul says he is. And so he wastes no time with genealogy. He jumps right into the miracles. Matthew and Mark want to tell you where Jesus came from, but Luke says, I just want you to know what he can do. Look at somebody and tell him he’s a miracle worker. He’s a miracle worker because Luke was not an eyewitness. He has to gather eyewitness accounts. Paul is about to stand trial and Luke has to go around interviewing people trying to find out what do you know about this?

I don’t know how he did it. I don’t even know sometimes when he did it. All I know is at some point it turned around for me. Look at somebody and tell ’em, neighbor God needs some eyewitnesses and the problem is you won’t open your mouth and tell nobody that he’s a miracle worker. When was the last time you testified? The reason why your neighbor is still going through is because the Bible says and they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony, you are going to be irritated with me because when you get around me, I’m not going to stop telling you about the goodness of the Lord. Can I hear the voices of some people that have had an encounter with the miracle worker himself? Open your mouth and shout. He’s a miracle worker.

Luke has been with the Apostle Paul on every water journey that he has taken every water voyage every time the apostle Paul jumped on a ship. Luke was with him everywhere he went. So when Paul was arrested the first time, Luke now has time about four years to be exact, to go around interviewing people to hear what it is that they have to say about this miracle worker whose name was Jesus. He spends the last two years with Paul in Rome while he is locked up interviewing Paul so that he could write the book of Acts because he is now trying to submit this document so that Paul could be free. We know who Luke is and we understand why he’s writing this, but the question is that blows my mind. Elder Reggie is who was he writing this book to Lord have mercy because we would submit that he’s writing to all of us and from the big picture he was, but when you read this in theory, he is really writing to one man.

He opens up the book of Acts and he talks about, oh, excellence, most excellent Theophilus stay close with me. Somebody say Theophilus, I have to help you understand that there is a theory here. One theory is that Theophilus was not really a man, that Theophilus is speaking to just a group of people and an attribute of God and I don’t come to you to make you believe either way, but I would submit to you that that theory in my estimation is incorrect because of the verbiage that the Apostle Paul uses. Are y’all bored in school? We on our way to church. If you’re still with me in school, let me see your hands. We are on our way somewhere. Tell somebody we are on our way somewhere. The reason why Pastor Ramer, that theory does not go well with what I know is because of his verbiage, he uses the verbiage most excellent.

Theophilus most excellent was the verbiage that was given to a high ranking official in a court system. Come close, just stay with me. It was usually given either to a defense attorney or a judge. So when he writes most excellent Theophilus, the theory that I believe is that he is either talking to the judge or he is talking to the lawyer that is going to defend the apostle Paul in Paul’s trial, but here is what blows my mind as he uses this legal verbiage talking to the most excellent Theophilus. Somebody say Theophilus, the word theophilus means friend of God, somebody shout friend of God. What a mighty God We serve that if he’s going to give me somebody that’s going to advocate on my behalf that he would give me somebody that is his friend. I wish I had somebody in here because the truth of the matter is that when God gets ready to do something in your life, he knows how to handpick people that will do what he needs them to do for you.

I’m talking to somebody in here, you so worried about how it’s going to turn out. You don’t realize that God got some people you ain’t even met yet. God got some folks that’s looking for you while you are looking for them. He got some people that are stalking your Facebook page, stalking your Instagram page, just looking to see if you going to hang in there. Are you going to throw in the towel so that they can come in and do what you need ’em to do? Turn to your neighbor and say, neighbor, are you my theophilus? Come on, ask him. Say Neighbor, did God send you to my life to be a blessing to me? If not, don’t worry about it. All I know is God got somebody that when I get down to my last and when I think I can’t take it no more, he got a Theophilus somewhere ready to bring me through.

Do me a favor for the first time during my message, grab your neighbor’s hand and tell ’em, neighbor, I need you to know something. If you don’t know nothing else that God has a theophilus for you, come on hold that neighbor’s hand and tell ’em. I know you’ve been fighting for a long time and you feel like you’ve been fighting by yourself, but God sent Bishop to announce a season. There’s a new season coming. Thank you pastor. Tell him this season you ain’t got to do it by yourself. God’s sending you somebody that you can trust with your miracle. Stop talking about haters. That’s so old that season is over. God says, your haters are so far from you. Stop giving them life by talking about it. This is a new word that we getting ready to make. Go viral. The word is Theophilus. I got a friend of God. God’s friends are looking for me. God’s got a staff looking for me. Somebody that’s got a theophilus, open your mouth and give God.

I said, give him glory and when you study it, you find out that the apostle Paul was successful in getting, or Luke was successful in freeing the apostle Paul because his letters were so convincing, he convinced them that this Jesus that Paul is writing about was indeed a miracle worker and that this apostle that you are holding onto is preaching about something and somebody that is greater than himself watch this. He was successful in freeing Paul that time because Paul would later be jailed and he would be beheaded. Why’d you telling me this Bishop? I’m telling you this because I need you to understand that it was meant for Paul to be free the first time because the devil cannot silence you until God is done with you. Y’all missed it. God later let Paul be executed. But I’m trying to tell you, you are worried about a devil that couldn’t kill you if he wanted to because when it was Paul’s

Speaker 2 (00:34:24):

Bishop Roberts (00:34:26):
God freed him. When Paul’s voice was done, he let ’em go. Who am I talking to? You remember Paul knew when his time was done, he said, I have fallen a good fight. I have finished my course. I have kept the faith and until God puts it in your spirit that you are done. You got to keep on fighting because the devil’s been trying to silence you for years. Don’t you think if he could, he would. But the reason you still kicking, the reason you are still scratching, the reason you keep putting on your clothes and drive the ranking road and cutting on Keon Henderson TV to hear what the word of the Lord has to say is because God is not done with you yet. He has not done what he promised you and until your word comes to pass, the devil can’t keep you locked up.

Slap somebody high five and tell ’em, neighbor, this is emancipation Sunday. Y’all ain’t saying it. Tell ’em. Say neighbor, I don’t know what they do on the 4th of July. Tell ’em I rock with what they do on Juneteenth, but tell ’em this is my independence day. I’m coming up out of here. I got to get out of here. My oph is fighting on my behalf and I got more work to do. I need y’all in that balcony to shake yourself. Tell somebody there, this is Independence Day, whatever the devil’s been locking you in, you coming up out of there today. Can I hear the shout of those of you that believe that God is able to, somebody say he’s able to do it. So Luke here now give me just a few more minutes. We’re on our way to church. Somebody say we getting ready to go to church.

The bell is getting ready to ring and we’re headed to chapel. Luke here now as he is interviewing because he was not an eye witnesser of Jesus, but he needed eyewitness accounts to somebody and say, I’ve seen him work. I’ve seen him. He needed eyewitnesses in order that he might prove who our Lord and Savior was, that he is a miracle worker. One of the people that Luke decided to interview was a young teenage girl whose name was Mary. She was from Jerusalem. Mary, the one who would as a virgin give birth to our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Here’s why I love Luke so much because Luke is the only writer, the only gospel writer that got the account from Mary’s point of view. When you read the other gospels, you can tell that they got a male point of view, but Mary talks from her point of view because nobody can tell my miracle story like me, I’m trying to help somebody.

This is why you can’t keep your mouth closed. You got to tell people what you’ve been through. Your husband can’t tell it like you can. Your boo can’t tell it like your best friend can’t tell your story. I know we’re all mind blown at what God did for you, but you got to tell somebody because can’t nobody tell it like you can what the Lord has done for you. And so when you listen to Mary talk, she talks like a woman. She wants them to know about the swaddling clothes that Jesus had on. She wants them to understand how mind-blown she was when the angel came to her and Luke was so wise in getting her point of view. I love Dr. Luke because he’s so detailed in his writings and he’s so purposeful in his writings and he’s getting her point of view because as a doctor he wants to know how in the world did this happen?

I love God. God has such a mind, such a sense of purpose and sense of humor that you would make a doctor, not a doctor of medicine or law, I mean not a doctor of law, but a doctor of medicine, a doctor of science. You would make him go sit down and interview this woman who’s going to say, I had a baby without knowing a man. Because doctors by nature are skeptical of omniscience. Come close, please don’t get bored. We’re on our way to church doctors because they work in the field of science by nature, they are skeptical of the omniscience of God. Omniscience to say God is bigger than science. Doctors find that hard to believe. Watch it because they make their living off of scientific situations. Oh Lord. So God says, I’m going to take this scientist who we call Doctor. I’m going to have her interview this woman who is an experiencer of me being bigger than science.

Oh Lord, I wish I had somebody. I’m getting nervous because y’all getting quiet because when you have experience the omniscience of God, the omniscience of God, then this identifies with your spirit. God says, I want to blow the minds of people who not only know the parameters of the science but make their living off of the science. Let me find, there got to be at least one person in this room who have ever gotten a doctor’s report. I’m talking about something I ain’t talking about. The doctor said you got a headache. I’m talking about the doctor says there is nothing we can do. Let me find one person. And you went back to that same doctor and the doctor said, we don’t know what happened but the spot is gone. I’m talking to somebody, I’m nervous. If it ain’t nobody in this room, you got the right one baby.

I have seen him work. I know a God that is a healer of cancer. I know a God that can regulate blood pressure. I know a God that can erase diabetes. I know a God, I know a God. I know a God. I know a God. I know a God that can take your child that they’re trying to give riddling to and he can lay hands on your child and your child can be kind. Look at somebody and tell ’em God is bigger than science. He’s bigger than science. I ain’t going to talk to you today again about hero colitis. You know who he is. Here’s all I’m going to say that when you ask God why God, why are you going to do something? When you ask God how are you going to do something? You got to be satisfied with his logos. You got to be satisfied with his word.

Yep. God, why are you doing this? How are you doing this? God said, when I give you the word, you better praise me for it because it will not always make sense to you. And part of your problem is you want everything to make sense, but it’s only going to make sense if you’ve got the mind of God because God will use the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. Look at somebody and tell them God is about to blow your mind. I got to run through the field. I said, God is about to blow your mind. Whenever God is about to answer you, there will always be a fact and then there will always be truth.

Oh, look at somebody and say, there will always be fact and there will always be truth. Oh, we live in a generation that lives on facts. In fact, the young people have now created that as an answer. When you say something they believe, they say facts, but the problem is sometimes the truth don’t line up with the facts. Y’all ain’t saying nothing. The facts can be what they are. The facts say that my bank account says I don’t have enough money for the house that I’ve been seeing in my spirit, but the truth of the matter is, beloved, above all things, I wish that you would prosper and be in good health. The fact is that the doctor says that I have cancer, Tony, and the fact is that so many in my family have died to that same disease. But the truth is he was wounded from my transgressions.

Oh, I’m finna run around this church. I might just run in the balcony. Y’all acting so funny. I need you to look at somebody and tell ’em, neighbor, let the facts be what they are. But I believe belief in a savior that said, I am the way, the truth and the life. No man come if unto the father but by me and the truth shall make you free. Look at somebody and tell ’em, neighbor, I’m not going to let doubt mess with my miracle. Somebody open up your mouth and shout, I got to get through this. Give me 15 more minutes, take your seats because I’m trying to work my way through here. So Luke starts off, he starts off El do Reggie, this legal document, he starts off this exoneration document for Paul with some mind blowing miracles. He starts right out the gate talking about these miracles that Jesus or God was going to work and why not?

Why not start off strong? Why would I dummy myself down? Why dummy down what I’m expecting from God or what I’m believing for? For people? Start telling people what you’re expecting God to do. Don’t let nobody dummy down your speech. And so Luke decides after talking to Mary to open his letter with Mary’s cousin, a woman by the name of Elizabeth who the Bible says was barren. Somebody say barren. He says that the Bible says she was barren. Somebody say barren, it means she was sterile. Somebody say sterile. It means that the Bible says the word, the Greek word means to cause her to stand firm, to make her stand firm. It means to place her somewhere or to put her somewhere. Watch this, to fix something, to establish something, to make something strong or to make it firm. Listen the last word or to make it unmovable.

It’s mind blowing, right? Because you thinking Barron just means to be sterile, but it also means to be firm. It means to be strong. It means to establish, I’ll say it again. You think Barron just means to be sterile, but it means to be firm. It means to be strong. It means to make unmovable. God, why would you put me in a barren season? Why am I watching other people produce fruit in this season when I know I have done the things that you have told me to do? Watch it. And even if I haven’t been perfect, I have watched other people who ain’t thinking about you get stuff I’ve been praying for. Why? Because God says I’m trying to establish you. I’m making you strong. I’m making you firm. I’m making you unmovable because right now you move too easily. Oh my God, you are too emotional.

The word emotion suggests a feeling that makes you move. You heard the phrase you in your feelings. The devil works in the realm of your emotions. He’s trying to get you to move based upon how you feel. So God says, I send you through barren seasons because when you come out of barren seasons, you’ve been through through too much. You’ve been through so much that you are unmovable devil, I’m laughing at you because you got to come way better than that because after that last season I just went through, I’m definitely not moved by what you’re throwing at me. Now tell somebody I’m embracing my barren season because God is about to work a miracle. She is barren, but God decides to give her a miracle. But here’s what you must do before you get your miracle. Are you ready? We’re on our way home. Tell somebody we’re coming out of school and we’re on our way into church. Y’all ain’t do it. I said tell somebody we’re on our way out of school and we’re headed into church. Y’all ready for church? Let’s go. Here’s what you have to do. The first thing you have to do if you’re going to get the miracle, you have to prepare for the performance.

If I believe God is going to do it, I must prepare for it. The amazing thing about it is when Elizabeth got pregnant, the Bible says she was having a baby whose name was going to be John. John’s assignment was going to be to prepare the way for Jesus the whole chapter. Luke starts this whole ladder off with a bang and the pinnacle of the chapter is going to be the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. But before he blesses Mary with Jesus, he gave Elizabeth a John and John’s job was to prepare the way for Jesus. I love how progressive God is because before God gives you what he really going to give you, he starts giving you these little blessings just to show you talking to somebody. You ever notice that right when you getting ready to give up, God will throw you just a little bit of, I’m really ready to have church.

Did you ever notice right when you are about to type the resignation letter, God will let you have a great day at work. Just to show you, I have not forgotten about you. Watch it. I’m preparing you for something. Tell somebody I can’t get stuck where I am because God has something greater for me. I got to make sure that even though I’m glad about what he has done, I’ve got to always be in expectation for what it is that he’s going to do. Because God is not stopping at what he did yesterday. I’m trusting God for greater. Look at somebody and tell God, tell them I’m preparing for the real performance for the real. Tell somebody else. I’m preparing for the real performance. Watch this because God always prepares you for your next season. In your present season.

God and I don’t have time. God does not do anything last minute. It seems like God blesses you just suddenly. But the truth of the matter is, David, you’ve been preparing to be king your whole life and so when he turns it, it seems like it’s Sutton. But God said, remember when I had you work that job and you didn’t want to work it? Remember when I had you pray for her and you knew she was talking about you? Remember when I took all of that from you? Remember all of that, all of that was getting you ready for this? Lord. Remember when you prayed and begged me to pull you out of that thing and I told you no, not yet to. It was because I was getting you ready for something greater and the issue is that it takes faith to prepare because where I am doesn’t look like what I’m expecting.

So if I start getting ready for what I’m expecting right now, I’m scared I’m going to look like a fool. But the answer the Bible says, while Zacharias was praying and the people were on the outside praying, God sent the answer to him mid prayer and the Bible says when Zacharias saw the messenger of the answer, he got scared because some of us are asking God for stuff that we’re really afraid of. You want to be great but you’re scared to death. You want to start the business but you’re too scared. You want to love again, but you’re too scared. I come against a spirit of fear that cannot overtake faith. Look at somebody and tell ’em I believe God too much to be scared. I come on. I’ve been praying, I’ve been fasting, I’ve been begging, I’ve been sowing. I declare that when my blessing meets me, I’m not going to be afraid of it.

Who am I talking to? I said, I’m not going to be afraid of it. I’m not going to be afraid of it because God is getting me ready for something. Great. Can you slap your neighbor high five and tell ’em, neighbor, I understand your fear, but don’t be afraid because what God is about to give you is going to be mind blowing. Oh yes, the Bible says that she was about to have John, but even though John was just to prepare the way, don’t think that he was not great. He was so great that the Bible says he was going to be born with the Holy Ghost even before the Holy Ghost was given. Can I get somebody in this room to say what God is about to bless me with say it. What God is about to bless me with is not only, but it’s coming before it’s time. Yes. And my praise is going to expedite my miracle. Somebody open up your mouth and give God, yes, I got to get out of here, but I need to encourage you that even though hear me, you have been delayed. You need to know you have not been denied.

Tell somebody keep believing. Keep believing. What blows my mind and I’m getting ready to close is the fact that Zacharias and Elizabeth were old and they had no kids. God, why do you do this? Why if you were going to give me kids, why would you wait till I’m too old to chase them jokers around? Why? If you’re going to do it, why do you always do stuff like this? Why you wait until me and Elizabeth ain’t doing nothing in the bed but going to sleep to decide to finally give me kids? Why? The Bible says they were both righteous but had no fruit, had no kids. They’re still waiting on the manifestation. They were holy, they were righteous. And check this out. Listen, the Bible says that Elizabeth’s name, even though she were barren, her name means an oath or promise of God.

Zacharia’s name means remembered of God. So even though God has not done it in the time that you think he should, God says, I need you to understand. I keep my promises. I need you to understand that I have not forgotten about you. The problem God is I don’t know why you are delaying me. Somebody open your mouth and shout. Why are you delaying me? I’m glad you asked because there are two reasons God will delay you. Are you ready? The first reason is because you are not ready. I know that’s not a shouting reason because nobody likes to think that they’re not ready. Tell ’em God will delay you if you are not ready. But here’s the second reason, and I learned this going to shows. I noticed Pastor Rama that whenever a show is going to happen that they’ll tell you if the show starts at seven, they’ll say The doors open up at six.

Why? Why do this? Because if the show starts at seven, I don’t want people to be coming through the door at seven and miss the show. Hear me. If the show starts at seven, I need to open the doors at six because I need an audience to see what I’m about to do. Hear me? The second reason God delays your blessing is because God wants an audience. He wants everybody who said he couldn’t do it to watch him do it. Y’all don’t want to have no church. Can you tell somebody, tell ’em. Neighbor, you are crying over being delayed, but tell ’em God is delaying you because he wants an audience. Y’all ain’t saying it. Tell somebody next to you. Tell them, neighbor, stop crying over delays. Tell ’em God delayed you because he’s waiting on the auditorium to fill up. He waiting on everybody who has doubted what God can do in your life.

He said he’s waiting on them to keep on watching you and as they watch, he’s preparing a table before you in the presence of your enemies and you are mad about the fact that God has not done what you have prayed for him to do. But God told me to tell you you’ve been in rehearsal. Tell somebody next to you, tell ’em, neighbor, you’ve been in rehearsal because every performance it needs a rehearsal. Y’all ain’t saying nothing to me in here. Touch somebody on the shoulder and tell them, neighbor, be encouraged because God told me to tell you that you’ve just been in rehearsal that everything you thought was going to happen that has not happened yet was just God getting you ready. Tell somebody he’s getting me ready because in about 60 seconds it’s getting ready to be lights, camera, action. God told me to tell you that this is getting ready to be your curtain.

Call that the curtains are getting ready to open and he’s getting ready to perform every word that was spoken in your life. Do me a favor in here and help me preach to somebody. Tell your neighbor today, tell them neighbor God is getting ready to perform every word that he spoke over your life. For God is not a man that he should lie, nor the son of man that he should repent. If he spoke it, he’s got to bring it to pass. If he said it, it’s got to come to pass. Do me a favor and he tap somebody on the shoulder and tell them, hold on. I said, tell them, hold on just a little while longer weeping me, I said, weeping me, weeping me, endure for a night. But early in the morning I said, weeping me. Tell somebody it may. It means that it might and you are crying over something that might not even last the whole night.

Tell your neighbor, tell ’em this thing might be over before the night is all over. Tell ’em. Ain’t no need to worry what the night is going to bring. It’ll be all over in the morning. Open your mouth and tell somebody. By the time I start my car, there’s getting ready to be a performance of everything. God said, can I help somebody in here? Help me preach. Since y’all standing up, do me a favor and tell your neighbor. Matter of fact, turn around and tell somebody behind you. Tell them neighbor mouths can mess up miracles. Tell ’em your mouth can stop your miracle. Tell ’em, watch your mouth. Tell ’em, watch your mouth. Elizabeth had a promise and zacharia was remembered by God, but death and life are in the power of your tongue. If you don’t watch your mouth, you’re going to miss your miracle and God, God go take through the angel.

Boy, you’re talking too much. If I told you I’m going to give you a baby, then learn how to lift your hands and tell me thank you. You’ve been praying a long time, crying a long time, and now you’re talking yourself out of your miracle. But God, what’s going to give the baby to Elizabeth and he wouldn’t let Zacharias stop Elizabeth’s miracle because God is a keeper of promises. Touch yourself and say, gone. Don’t play about me. He won’t let nobody mess up my miracle. Now, tell your neighbor if you don’t believe what God said to me, I don’t mean to be rude. I don’t mean to be mean, but shut up because if God spoke it, it’s got to happen. If you can’t believe, shut up because is getting ready to do it. God, it’s getting ready to work it. It’s getting ready to happen. Somebody shout, my miracle is in my mouth. Y’all ain’t saying it. I said, somebody shout my miracle.

My miracle is in my mouth. If God said it, it’s got to happen. Cheers. Matthew 16 told the disciples, if you had faith as a grain of a mustard seed, and I know that the mustard seed is talked about as a small seed that grows bigger, but in third world countries they use mustard seeds to brush their teeth and clean their mouth. Tell your neighbor, your mouth is connected to your faith. Tell ’em, clean your mouth out. I know it don’t look like it, but keep on speaking. I’m the head and not the tail. I’m above and not beneath.

I am the and not the borrower. I’m healed. I’m rich. I’m above, not beneath. I am the righteousness of God. Open your mouth. Open your mouth. Open your mouth in here and give God a shout. I said, give him a shout. Don’t give him a scream. Give him a shout. Shout on purpose because I’m getting ready to get everything God promised me. Y’all shouting for regular stuff. I said, open your mouth. Open your mouth open. Those of you watching online, open your mouth and give God a shout. I said, give God a shout. I’m getting ready to move, but grab, I said, Graham, I said, Graham, grab your neighbor’s hand and say name. We’re getting ready to go, but the last thing I need you to know is that God will give you partners to persuade you that the miracle is going to happen. Come on, tell your neighbor.

Tell him I’m your partner and I won’t let you go until you believe. The Bible says that Mary got a message from Gabriel. Gabriel said, you’re going to have a baby. Mary said, I don’t know a man. I’ve never been with a man. How is this going to happen? She was led by the Holy Ghost to walk to a lady that just got a miracle six months ago and now says, when Mary came in contact with Elizabeth that the baby in Elizabeth’s belly began to leap and Elizabeth realized she carrying something. She carrying something, and while Mary is trying to wrap her mind around how this zinging, this fetus got in my belly, he gives her a partner who just got a miracle and she turns and tells Mary and bless is she that believes for their shall be performance. Open your mouth and tell your neighbor, keep on believing. Keep on trusting. Keep on shouting.

He’s getting ready to work it. He’s getting ready to do it. Open your mouth and shout. Open your mouth and shout. He’s getting ready to do it. Yeah, you without the grant, without the loan, without the help, he’s getting ready to do it. You say it, there shall be a performance. There shall be a performance. There shall be a performance. There shall be there shall. I’m getting ready to leave, but I’m just a baptist boy. I’m just a baptist boy. I apologize in advance for how I grew up, but this would be the time in the service where the pastor would say, anybody know God? Will anybody know God? Will anybody know God? Will anybody know He will. Anybody know He will if you know He will open your mouth and shout. I lift your hands all over this room and blessed is she or he that believes for there shall be a performance. I have to prepare myself for it.

I have to be okay with every delay. I have to watch my mouth while I’m waiting on God to do it, but I prophesy that God is sending you a Theophilus in this season and Elizabeth in this season to partner with you so that you believe and don’t doubt, Elizabeth was six months into her miracle and God used her to tell Elizabeth, I know he will do it. Keep on believing somebody in your life, somebody maybe who you haven’t even met yet has experienced the miracle working power of God. I prophesy miracles in this place. I’m not talking about regular stuff. I’m talking about people who have exhausted every other measure will see God. Step in.

It’s in your mouth. Open your mouth just in the next few minutes, I’m well over my time. Begin to speak miracles, miracles, miracles, miracles. I heard the Lord say this morning, miracles. This earth is about to see a revival of miracles. Come on, open your mouth right now and just begin to speak miracles. Those of you online we’re almost done. Just speak miracles, miracles, miracles. Some of you need a miracle, but your mouth is not open right now. Some of you have stopped believing God. Where did you stop believing God? When Jesus got to Lazarus grave, the first question he asked his sisters was, show me where you laid him. Where’s the tomb? Because wherever the tomb is, that’s where you gave up on him.

Show me where you stop believing in miracles. Where did you stop believing God could do it. There’s somebody in this room right now who has to go to the doctor this week and I’m telling you, by the time you get there on Wednesday, the tumor will be gone. I don’t know who you are, but you might want to shout if that’s you said by the time you get there, the tumor will be gone. By the time you get to the bank, the denial will be an approval. Do you hear me? Somebody’s in a tight spot. Your car just stopped working. You can’t afford not to get back and forth to work and you don’t have the credit for a new car. Maybe you got too much on your credit. God said, I’m getting ready to work a miracle for you. You will not lose your job if I have have somebody give you a car. Y’all saw it at cry out, didn’t you? God said, I’m a miracle worker. I do uncommon things. I want you to speak it over your life. Uncommon things are happening to my family. Uncommon things are happening in this church. I speak uncommon things for my family, for everybody under the sound of my voice. Hear me.

Father, we thank you for miracles,

Speaker 3 (01:17:36):
For signs and for wonders. In

Bishop Roberts (01:17:39):
The mighty name of Jesus.