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Pastor Keion Henderson is the lead pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Houston, Texas Lighthouse is an organization that serves the body of Christ through our 5 pillars. We always ANTICIPATE a move of God in every experience, so we constantly set a great ATMOSPHERE, and we ACCEPT everyone through love. We believe the best way to impact people is by being AUTHENTIC to who we are and by taking ACTION to move everyone towards greater.

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Pastor Keion (00:22):
Hey everybody. Welcome to another episode of Take Action. My name is Pastor Keion Henderson. I give leadership to the Lighthouse Church here in the Greater Houston area. Shout out to all of our campuses. Shout out to Lighthouse North, lighthouse Southeast, lighthouse South and Lighthouse West and to Lighthouse Nation. That’s all of you, all across America and the globe who are part of this amazing movement that God has given us all stewardship over to bring people into the fold of Christ and not lose yourself in the process. Now, when I say not lose yourself, I mean your personality. You can lose who you are because the die is gain, but to bring God the full personality of who you are so that he might be able to use you to draw in other people into the household of faith. As always, I like to start off with our Miracle report and my team and I are going to get together in just a moment.

We’re going to go over and show you what your contribution to this ministry has meant. People have been given their $28 via their tithes and offering and some have been giving it through take action and as we promised you, we would revitalize our kids’ discovery zone and I can’t wait for you to see the progress that we’re making. They’re almost finished in the deconstruction and now we’re going to start in the construction phase and your contributions are going to good use. So they’re going to put instructions up on the screen right now to show you exactly how you can be a part of helping us to change the lives of some young person by providing facilities for them. This is take action. We are have Bible half philanthropy. We’re giving you the word and you are sowing into good ground since Sunday, and I’m going to check my calendar since Sunday, which by the time of this recording would be December the 10th.

Our total miracle report in just two days is $493,873 and 76 cents in debt that God has eliminated for people who are walking by faith and not by sight. I think that’s incredible. It’s like every two days God is erasing a half a million dollars in debt in this church and total listen to this, total is $48,663,830 and 74 cents in total debt elimination. God has literally just taken somebody, student loan debt, medical bills, credit card bills and erased them. We’ve even had $404,981 and 51 cents in cash and checks in refunds in that same span of time to people who say, you know what? I’ve been planting my $28, I’ve been planting my seed and this is what’s happening. I can’t believe that $28 at a time, God has given us nearly $49 million in debt cancellation. I’m so proud of you. I’m so happy for you because I know that God is going to continue to show you how to walk in all good things.

So just continue to, as they put those instructions on the screen, whenever you see that QR code, make sure you’re giving us your miracle report because we will not be silent. We will not let the rocks cry out for us. If God does something for us, we’re going to tell it on the mountain over the hill and everywhere. Well, to that end, to those of y’all who hear us talking about these miracles, but you haven’t yet found yourself a part of this miracle conversation for the next two Tuesdays, I’m going to be teaching you about the 10 actions to take towards a miracle. This is take action and I’m going to show you the 10 things that you need to do to take action towards setting yourself up for a miracle. If you know anybody who can benefit from this conversation, if you know anybody who can benefit from this message, I want you at this moment to share this link with them.

I want you to let somebody know, Hey, this pastor that I just stumbled up on and heard about from somebody is about to talk about the 10 actions to take towards a miracle, and I want you to be a part of it. Share this, tag this. Make sure you call somebody, text them, say, Hey, there’s something about to happen and I want you to be a part of it. Are you ready? Alright, let’s get right into it. I’m going to give you the 10 action steps toward a miracle. Here’s number one. Number one, and this is a big one. This is why I have it at number one, purify your heart. Purify your heart. In other words, you have to practice forgiveness, right? You can’t hold a grudge and hold God’s goodness at the same time you have to purify your heart. Let me give you a scripture, Matthew chapter six, verse 14.

This is our first scripture for the day, and this is what the Bible says. It says, for if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. You cannot, I repeat. You cannot receive a miracle with bitterness inside of your heart. So I wanted to start there because if I start with the money, if I start with the houses, I start with the land, you’ll look over what’s most important and then you’ll be looking up trying to figure out why is it not happening for me? God says, listen, I want you to forgive. I want you to decide to forgive. And then here is the big one. Are you ready? I need you to fight to stay in forgiveness because forgiveness isn’t a one-time thing that you can stumble up on, do and then make God or manipulate God into changing your life.

You have to, first of all, have the heart to want to forgive. After you develop the heart to want to forgive, then you have to decide, all right, now I have the heart to forgive. Now let me actually do the forgiving and then you’re going to get frustrated because every once in a while something’s going to tell you, you know what? I’m angry again. I don’t want to forgive. I don’t feel like it. But then this is the next thing you have to do. You have to fight to stay in forgiveness. You have to fight to stay in forgiveness. So the first thing you’re going to do to set yourself up for a miracle is you’re going to purify your heart. That’s number one. Are you ready for number two? Here’s number two. After you purify your heart, the second thing I want you to do is to speak life.

Alright? Now, here is a important often unread texts. It only has six words in it, but it is very powerful. It’s mark 11 and 23. Mark 11 and 23. Here’s what the Bible says. It says he will have whatever he says we, that’s an amazing statement. He, she will have whatever he or she says. If you want to live in everyday victory, you’ve got to learn to speak in the language that victory understands. Victory does not understand complacency. Victory does not understand negativity. Victory does not understand skepticism. The only thing that victory understands its confidence. So you have to speak in a language of faith. The Bible is clear and I believe, let me look in my scriptures. I believe it’s, I think my team put it in their team. It’s going to be Proverbs 18 and 21. Make sure that you put that in the chat for everybody who’s listening to this on the road and they won’t be able to write notes.

The Bible is clear about this in Proverbs 18 and 21. Here’s what the Bible says, and I’m going to read it this way because everybody knows it this way. Death and life is in the power of the tongue. Let me read it this way. The tongue has the power of life and death in it, and those who love it will eat of its fruit. Everybody quotes death and life is in the power of the tongue, but we leave off the belaw of the verse where it says, and those who love it will eat its fruit. This is why that’s important. The Bible didn’t say, those who love it will eat its vegetable. The Bible didn’t say, those who love it will eat its meat. The Bible says, those who love it will eat its fruit. Why? Because a fruit by definition is not based on how it tastes a fruit, by definition, it is the flesh that has a seed in it.

So there are a lot of things that we call vegetables that are actually fruit. It’s a known mistake that people call a tomato a vegetable. It’s not a vegetable, it’s a fruit. Why? Because a tomato has seeds in it. So the Bible says those who love it will eat its fruit. Why? Because those who love victory will speak productive. Why? Because a seed produces. So when you love victory, the language of victory is a fruitful language. It is one of productivity. It is one of positivity. So those of us who want to have power and who want to release that power through our language will only speak fruitful language. Everybody type in the chat or either shout where you are. I want you to say this. Speak positive, speak positive. I want you to promise me, I want you to promise yourself, I want you to make a pact with you that I will speak positive, I will speak positively.

I will speak it in negative moments. I will speak it with a broken heart. I will speak it frustrated. I will speak it when my outgo is more than my income because I understand that I’ve got to have a positive spin in a negative cycle. Speak life. Everybody just say it. Speak life. Speak life. I am the head and not the tail. I am above only and never beneath. I am the lender and not the borrower. I am not frustrated. I am not lacking. I am not the least. I am not. I am not. You speak those things that are not as though they were speak life. I would even change what I just said instead of saying I am not lacking. I would say I live in overflow because the word not isn’t there, which makes a negative. I wouldn’t even say I’m not. I would just say what I am. I am more than enough. I am a conqueror. I am. And see, the Bible doesn’t get into the psychological aspect of this, but the subconscious doesn’t understand negativity. So if I say I am not hungry, all my brain hurt was I am hungry. So I want you to even eliminate negative language and just say, I am full.

I am more than enough. I am gainfully employed. I am I fruitful. I am rich. I am healthy, I am prosperous, I am happy. I am full of joy. So don’t even say what you’re not. Just say what you are. Speak life. Number three, learn to appreciate impossible. Learn to appreciate impossible. Learn not to be afraid of impossible. Learn not to be skeptical of impossible. Have you ever been the kind of person or ever knew somebody that they’re always expecting negative things to happen? So even when good things happen, they don’t have a positive attitude because they’re waiting on everything to fall apart. So what I want you to do is I want you to learn not to expect impossible, but to appreciate impossible. Because when you learn to appreciate impossible, then impossible starts to happen for you because it’s going to go in the direction of where it is appreciated. Does that make sense to you? Appreciate impossible. Alright. Here is a huge scripture. Here is a huge scripture. Mark nine and 23.

All things are possible to him that believe everybody type. I’m a believer. See, look at how I’m changing and reprogramming and rewiring your thinking. Notice I didn’t say I am not negative. I just said I’m a believer if you want to live an everyday victory, you’ve got to learn to expect the impossible and you have to receive it when it shows up to you. And impossible can’t be met with skepticism because if impossible comes and you’re like, I don’t want you until I believe you or I don’t want to talk about it until I actually have it, then impossible says, let me go find somebody else who believes me.

Okay? And so the only reason why you’re living beneath your means is because the only thing you’re positive about is what’s possible. You have no faith in that which seems impossible. So impossible does not impose its will on you and you just keep getting what’s possible. Yes, it’s possible for you to get paid every two weeks, but it is right now currently impossible for you to buy the house of your dream cash. But if you believe it, because all things are possible to him that beliefs. Did you know the spirit of expectancy is the key to receiving miracles, that the key to expectancy is the key to receiving miracles. If you only see in the natural realm and you only have an affinity for that which is possible, then the only thing that will happen for you is that which is possible for you, which is what has been happening every day. But that’s not faith.

God works miracles for those who believe. Are you listening? Are you taking notes? Are you shifting doubt to belief? Are you getting at this very moment out of your negative suit and putting on the garment of praise? Jesus, help me. We could look at one miracle after another, after another, after another and see this truth in action. I am not blowing smoke. I am not telling you some pipe dream. I’m giving you cold hard facts. Let’s give ’em to him. Mark three, excuse me, mark five and 34, mark five and 34. When the woman with the issue of blood received her healing, it’s because she said, what if I could just touch the him of his garbage? She believed all the other doctors failed her, but when she got around Jesus, she’s like, if I could just, I believe if I could just touch him.

And what did Jesus say, daughter, your faith has made you holy. Luke 17 and 19, the leper was healed and made whole. Why? Jesus said, your faith has healed thee. Mark 10 and 52 blind bar mass receives his sight. The reason Jesus says you are faith that’s made you whole. Do you need me to do this all day long or are you just going to just believe that I’m telling the truth even though your psychology is telling you? Ah, it’s for everybody but for me, it is for everybody who believes. I have told people this ever since I started in business. I am not as smart as most of the people that I am around. But here is one thing that I can tell you that I do more than most of my friends, most of my compadres, most of my confidants, and most of my enemies.

You know what I do better than most people? I believe that is my superpower. I just, I believe God, I have You can’t make me doubt him. I know too much about him. I’m satisfied with Jesus. I am a believer. I believe when I’m sick. I believe when I’m well, I believe when I have, I believed when I didn’t. I believe when I can see it. I believe when I’m walking in the dark because I know that God can be trusted. I’m the one that needs to be proven. I believe. I believe I believe in every case. I believe, right? The affectionate fervent prayers of the righteous of availeth much. And in every case, the faith of the people in the scripture is credited to their belief and the corresponding release of a miracle. That’s your part. God does the working. You do the believing. The problem with most of us is we’re doing the working and not doing the believing.

When you believe you can expect impossible, and when you expect impossible, you appreciate impossible. Somebody shout, I believe belief opens doors that no man can shut. Belief opens the door for God’s power. It belief allows the supernatural to flow. If you need a miracle today, if you need a miracle today, you can get closer just by doing the first three things I’ve said. Purifying your heart, speaking life, and learn to appreciate the impossible. Okay, I’ve got five more minutes with you. I got to give you two more things and then we’ll finish off in our part two next week on the 10 actions you need to take towards a miracle. Are you ready for number four?

Man, my father was a smooth dude. This dude told me one time, he said, ain’t nothing wrong with being a copycat. Just to make sure you’re what? Copying the right cat. And this is number four. You have to become a copycat. Oh my God. In the world of originals, this is going to be hard in the world of originals in the world where people tell you be an individual, and yes, you should be in the world where people tell you, find your authentic self. And yes, you should. In the world where people tell you don’t be like anybody else. And that is true.

But let me give you a life hack. When you don’t have the power to believe, come closer. I’m telling you, I’m telling you this is a good one. How many of you all will raise your virtual hand and say, there are times where I just can’t get there, rev, I can’t get to that faith spot you talking about. I am trying. I’m fastened. I’m shouting. I’m watching you online and I’m going to keep watching you online. I’m telling all my friends to watch you online, but I’m struggling to get there. The Bible says in Hebrews six and 12, it says, do not become a sloth or become sluggish, but imitate those who through faith and patience, inherit the promises of God. Inherit the promises of God. How? By imitating. So sometimes you can inherit by imitating those who have become a copycat. See, did you know that when you are struggling to believe, all you have to do is imitate those who do.

See y’all missing this. You’re missing this. Okay. God says, I want you to be like Job. I want all hell to be breaking loose. I want the tornado to be tearing down your house. I want you to lose your cattle. I want you to lose your friends. I want your spouse to tell you to curse God and die. And then I want you to turn around and imitate Job and say, though he slay me, yet will I trust in him? You can work up on a miracle by imitating those who’ve already inherited. I just need to move on from that one because that one was so huge because people will see people in church talking about, oh, they shouting and they faking it. Don’t take all of that. But see, what you understand is that they’re worshiping God for what he has done for them.

And while you sitting up here trying to get your bill paid, what you need to do is take your shoes off in the sanctuary and start imitating the person next to you dance how they dance. Shout how they shout. Jump how they jump because you have to imitate those who have inherited until you inherit and people imitate you. Thank you, holy Spirit. Number five, study the word of God, two Timothy two and 15. Study to show thyself approved unto God, not so that you appear to be smart. Not so you can argue the word with somebody, but study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needed not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. See, a lot of people skip this step. A lot of people skip this step. It’s like buying something from the store and trying to put it together without reading the instructions only to find out that you put the leg of the chair on backwards because you skipped a step. And what happens now you have to take it apart, which means that now you are in the wilderness 40 years because you didn’t read the instructions.

You can’t skip this step. Okay? I just recently, and I’m not a handyman at all, but I recently put a new ring doorbell on. I bought a new one and put it on at the house and it’s a wired doorbell. Now, I don’t do handy stuff. I wasn’t thinking about this, but I read the instructions. The first thing it says in the instructions is Cut the power off. I wouldn’t listen. Somebody may say, pastor, that’s 1 0 1 that that’s common sense. It wasn’t so common to me because I’m not typically fixing things like that. I study for a living. I don’t fix stuff for a living. I would have taken the doorbell out. I saw the wires. I do know that you’re supposed to keep them separate that they’re not supposed to touch. But it said cut the power off. I went to the breaker box.

There’s no label on my breaker box that says doorbell. So I have to know what circuit serves the plug R or the wire. So I have my wife at the doorbell, I’m screaming at it, baby, is it off? She said, Nope, baby, is it off? She says, Nope. So guess what I did? I shut the entire box down. You got to hear what I’m saying. I shut the entire box down. I studied it, couldn’t find out the answer, so I shut it all down. Why did I do that? So that I might be able to do the task that was in front of me? What am I saying to you? That there are some things in the word of God that you won’t be able to see. So you need to make sure that you are in earshot of somebody who understands and who can.

So sometimes studying is looking in the word of God, not understanding what it says, and then shouting at somebody who understands and can see. Is that right? Do I have it? Do I understand it? You’ve got to find a word mentor who can tell you whether or not you are in the right soil. Listen, you have to understand that most people fail at this is because they try to repeat the process of a miracle without enough time in the soil. Faith comes by hearing. This is Romans 10 17. And by hearing the word of God, you’ve got to study the word of God. And sometimes that means making sure that you are in eyeshot or earshot of somebody who can see the danger, somebody who can help you to rightly divide the word of truth. So here are your five action steps for this lesson.

Number one, purify your heart. Number two, speak life. Number three, learn to appreciate the impossible. Number four, become a copycat. Make sure you imitate those who have inherited. And number five, you guessed it. Study the word of God. I promised you that we will stay within our 25 minute window. So what I want you to do is I want you to rewatch this. They’re putting the given instructions up on the screen right now. We’re going to show you here in the next week or so, our miracle Report, how you’ve been giving you your $28 at a time, and we are completely renovating our kids’ discovery zone, providing a palatial and comfortable place for our youth to learn here at our north campus here in the city of Houston, Texas. Thank you so much for being part of take action. I’m going to be talking to you next week about the second five actions you must take to work towards a miracle. I’ll see you next Tuesday.

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