The Struggle Is Over

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Pastor Keion Henderson is the lead pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Houston, Texas Lighthouse is an organization that serves the body of Christ through our 5 pillars. We always ANTICIPATE a move of God in every experience, so we constantly set a great ATMOSPHERE, and we ACCEPT everyone through love. We believe the best way to impact people is by being AUTHENTIC to who we are and by taking ACTION to move everyone towards greater.

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Pastor Keion (00:00:01):
Deuteronomy one and seven. This is not a familiar passage of scripture, but it is a familiar story. I’m reading from the King James version of the Bible. It says in Deuteronomy chapter one, verse seven, it says, turn you and take your journey and go to the Mount of the Amorites and unto all the places Na there unto in the plain, in the hills and in the vowel and in the south and by the seaside to the land of the Canaanites and unto Lebanon, unto Great River, the river Euphrates. Behold, I have set the land before you and go and possess the land which the Lord swear unto your fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to give unto them and here it is to their seed. This is why today is so important because what God is going to do in this room is not just for you, is for your seed.

How many parents in here have genuine concern for your seed, your children genuine concern? God, he’s got a word for you today because he’s about to cover your seed and he’s genuinely has something for them and it’s not because you are just a great mother, although you are and not just because you’re great father, although you are, but you don’t know that God promised your mother that your children would be okay, okay? Because see, a grandmama praise harder than the mother, right? Your mother or your father or your TT or your grandmother, somebody’s been praying over the whole family, that matriarch and God says, I’m going to do it because I promised Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, are you listening to me so far? Now verse nine says, and I spoke, spoke unto you at that time saying, I am not able to bear you. Oh, this is so good because some of y’all are frustrated because you are trying to bear something that you were not meant to do alone.

Moses said, I’m telling y’all right now, I am not able to do this. And the moment you get enough courage to say you can’t and stop pretending like you can, you’ll find your way into the promised land, and the Bible says in verse 10, the Lord your God has multiplied you and behold you are this day as the stars of heaven for multitudes, the Lord God of your father’s make you a thousand times so many more as you are. How many of you all know God is about to make you a thousand times more than you are and bless you as he promised last verse. This is what Moses said. How can I myself alone bear your encumbrance and bear your burden and your strife? Moses saying, I can’t bless you and listen to you complain.

Either you’re going to be blessed or you’re going to be a complainer, but you’re not going to be both. Every time you complain, you cancel out the blessing for Moses said, I’m taking my hands off of it because I’ve been trying to get y’all to stop complaining for 40 years and I guess it’s just the way you are. You are going to have to decide whether you want to be right or whether you want it. And this is what the Lord told me to tell you. For everybody who’s going to make this shift like Moses did, God told me to tell you, this is the name of the sermon. The struggle is over, the struggle is over. If you believe that God can do it today, I want you to praise them on your way down to your seat and high five, two people and tell ’em the struggle is over. You may be seated in the presence of the Lord. Before I minister on this second row behind my wife and pastor, these are all of my family members from East Chicago and Gary, y’all praise God for them.

Anybody else from Gary in here? Yeah. Okay. It’s about three of us. Yeah, we all left with Michael Nim, but we thank God for y’all and this is my cousin Anton, his wife Lakira. We lived in a place called Lakeside Garden Apartments, you know live in the hood when they start trying to name it after stuff nice like Lake Lakeside and we were in apartment five and he was in apartment seven and I used to walk to his house. I remember I used to wear his shoes until I got above a 10 and then I couldn’t wear his shoes no more, but I used to wear his clothes, his shoes, I used to sleep on his floor just to be around him and to have him here and worship with us today. I love you cousin. I appreciate you man.

Used to take me to the basketball court. We used to play basketball at five in the morning because let me tell y’all why y’all ready for this? No, I called myself a gangster disciple, he was a vice lord, and the area we lived in was gd, so Vice lords couldn’t come. So we had to go play basketball early before the game members woke up. Oh lord Jesus, we had a rough life but we made it. How many of you all like to fly? Lemme see your hands. You like airplanes, okay, how many of you don’t? Wow, okay, well this story may not mean nothing to you, so go to sleep for five minutes and don’t wake up. But there is something, sir, if you fly a lot, if you ever seen a plane near the airport but it doesn’t land and it’s just flying in a circle.

You said it. Suge Knight it’s called, it’s called Don’t he look like Suge Knight standup? I call him Suge, okay? Don’t he look like Suge Knight? Alright, he’s a minister church. I call him Suge, sorry, but it is called a holding pattern. It is. Now watch this. This is a holding pattern. The plane flies for one minute, north makes 180, 90 degree turn and it goes another minute, makes another 90 degree turn, goes one minute, makes another 90 degree turn, goes one minute and that’s a holding pattern. It literally is documented at four minutes, one minute successions in a circle. And the reason why a plane goes into a holding pattern is because listen, the plane is ready for the place but the place, so you’d be excited like we left early. But the problem is that there is somebody there that hasn’t left yet and so you can’t land until they leave.

Alright? That’s the sermon. God bless you. You can come by letter Christian experience about baptism, but the primary purpose, if you don’t get anything else, and I just want to teach you today, I just want to teach you if you don’t get anything else, a holding pattern in aviation, it is when the plane is ready for the place but the place isn’t ready for the plane. And a lot of you all are trying to land in life, but what you don’t know is that sometimes you ready for a thing that isn’t yet ready for you. God, I’m tired of being single good. I want a spouse. Good, you ready for it? But the reason why it hasn’t happened yet is I’m still taking the person I have for you through their cycle, getting them ready for the thing you are ready for. How many of y’all know what I’m talking about so far?

Now watch this. If you’ve ever seen a real holding pattern, you’ll notice that they really, and our church, the north one is right by Bush. And so when we look out of our offices all every 30 seconds we see a plane landing, I mean all day long. And so if you don’t live near an airport or you don’t fly a lot, this doesn’t register. I noticed this by sitting in our conference room just looking out every 30 seconds. Here’s a plane, Qatar, here’s a plane, United, here’s a plane American just every 30 seconds. And recently as I was out there looking, I saw a holding pattern and I saw about four different planes on four different levels flying in a circle and I had to find out what was going on and I found out that whenever more than one plane is landing at the same time when there’s more than one plane that’s ready for the place, but the place is not ready for the plane, they do what they call a vertical stack and they put the planes one beneath the other in 1000 feet verticals and they’re all flying in a circle at 1000 feet intervals looking for a place to land.

This is generally described, everybody say the holding stack. I promise you this is going somewhere. Now here is where it gets phenomenal.

As a rule, the plane are added to the top. So if I just left Atlanta and I just get to Houston, if there are planes that are there before me, air traffic control puts me on top of them. You got to get this. I just need y’all to hear me because, and the reason why this is important, because the way we look at things, we think the thing on top is in the best position, but what you must understand about the holding pattern, it is not the plane on top that gets called out of the cycle first.

The first plane invited out of the cycle is the one at the bottom. Now this is good news for anybody in this room and online who’s at the bottom because if you are on top right now, it means that you might be in holding longer than the person next to you. But if you feel like you are at the end of your rope, if you feel like you’re at rock bottom, if you feel like you ain’t got nothing left, God told me to tell you that the first person he’s getting ready to call out of this cycle and the first person watching online and in the room, who God is going to end the struggle for is the person at the bottom. Touch your neighbor.

Touch your neighbor. Say, I’ve been complaining about my position and didn’t know that this setback was a set for my comeback. I wish I had somebody. No, I need all of the people at the bottom right now. The least paid on your job, the person in your family that nobody has any affinity for the black sheep. I’m talking to every person on the bottom. Here is the word of the Lord. The struggle is about to stop for you first. Now let me just stop and let y’all figure it out. See, this is how I know you got a few more weeks and months of struggle because that ain’t how you shout when it’s almost over. Watch this. John Maxwell said that people will only change when remaining the same hurts too bad and God is getting you. He is leaving you where you are until you get sick and tired enough of being in that Holden pattern.

And then when you get sick of it, God says you at the bottom, you done trying to work it out yourself. You are done trying to manipulate the situation. You’re done trying to get your way. I’m about to break the cycle. I need about 500 people to spend the next five seconds praising God because God’s about to get you out of the cycle. First, give your neighbor high five and tell ’em it’s my season, it’s my time. I promise you the next time you see me, I will not be this broke. I will not be this despondent. I will not be this discouraged. I will not be this frustrated because God is about to break the cycle. If you here with me somebody shout, hallelujah, hallelujah.

Cause there’s about 5, 10, 15 of you all on every row and you can look down your room and be like, oh, they clothes are better than mine. They dressed better than me. They drove up here in a better car than me. I want to be like them. No you don’t because God’s about to snatch you out of that cycle and the next time they see you, not only are you going to have the card that they have, you going to sell ’em their next one better. Hear me what I’m telling you, tell your neighbor and say, don’t get fooled by my current situation. God is about to break the cycle in my life. He’s about to break the holding pattern. Here it is. God says, here it is. This ain’t even in my notes. God says, I’m going to break your circle and then require you to change it.

I’m going to break your circle and then require you to change your circle because the circle you’re in, it’s actually the holding pattern. Are you listening to me? One minute, one minute, one minute, one minute. Let me put it in your language. One year, one year, one year, one year, one month. I’m frustrated. January, February, March, April, but it’s my season June, July. It is my season October, November, and before you know it, the whole year looks the same because you didn’t have the courage to step out of the cycle. Somebody say the struggle is over. Where do I get this from? Remember the children of Israel were walking in circles for 40 years. No, no. I don’t know if you know, but God is not moved just because you tired.

I’m sick of this. God says, well, when you sick of it, you’ll step out of it. Obviously you not sick of that relationship, you’ll keep going back. That’s why you got to be careful when people call you talking about I can’t stand him and I won’t. Now you got to be careful before you get in because you be fighting with somebody they’re going back to it’s just a cycle. It’s a cycle and it ain’t your fault because some of us were raised in cycles, some of us were taught cycles. Come on. It is what I like to call trauma traps.

It’s the thing that you saw watch this that you said you would never be, oh God, help me in this place. You looked at your mom, you looked at your dad. I ain’t never going to be like that, but I hate to tell you you are in the same cycle. Just because you’re not doing the same thing doesn’t mean you’re not accumulating the same results. You call it a generational curse. I call it a cycle and just like curses can be broken, so in cycles, Israel was in a holding pattern for 40 years. Now what did God do to make sure that it didn’t last longer than the allotted time? You remember what he did? He said, you know what, if I don’t do something, they’re going to turn Canaan into Egypt. What does the Bible say? He killed every Egypt, excuse me, every Israelite that was beneath the age of 21.

God says, and the reason why I did that is because the younger you are the more impressionable you are. But I got to kill all the grown people because the older you get the most set in your ways, you get are y’all not listening to me today? And so when you get set, watch this. When something is set, the only way you can alter is shape, is to break it. That’s what some of you all are going through right now. God says, I would mold you, but you too set. So now I got to break you.

I would shape you. It didn’t have to be that painful, but you done got so stuck and set in your ways and after 40 years of being in the same circle, you’ve gotten to the place where you start thinking that this is a lifestyle and a survival mechanism and a way of living and you don’t recognize that you are living beneath the privilege that I have for you. I never meant for you to be in the wilderness. I wanted you to be in Canaan in two weeks time. It took 40 years because you couldn’t get out of the cycle. Are y’all going to listen to me? Are you going to tune me out and wait until another sermon that you can shout about? I’m not going to shout you today. I want to give you peace. I want to show you how to break the cycle of being depressed when ain’t nobody bothering you.

I want you to break the cycle of feeling low when you have so much to be grateful for. I want to break the cycle where you start having the ability to give God glory even when it feels gloomy. I will bless the Lord at all times. His praise shall continuously be in my mouth. Anybody want to have an abundant life that is not dependent on things going right, but I’m going to have a good day just because I woke up this morning. That’s what the old folk meant. I woke up this morning, what my mind stayed on Jesus. Anybody in the room? Listen, just tell your neighbor everything doesn’t go well for me, but I know how to bless ’em at all times. Now come on now because everybody in here got something to be thankful for Israel 40 years, which means that somebody in the holding pattern has the same struggle as their child because in 40 years that’s enough time to get married and have a child. So now the whole family’s in a circle.

Come on y’all, y’all talk to me, y’all listen to me online because if you don’t break this, anything that lasts 40 years in your life will be passed down to your children and their children. And this is what Israel is doing generationally going around a circle. One of my favorite scriptures is Deuteronomy chapter two verse three. The Bible says we have compass about this mountain long enough. It’s time to go north. You have to make a declaration. I am tired of this cycle. It is as simple as that. I am sick and tired of being sick. Come on y’all. I can’t move on until you, I’m tired of crying about something that happened 12 years ago. I’m tired of struggling in this area. I’m tired of seeing people who don’t even have the prayer life I have who seem to be going further in life than me.

I’m tired of being left behind. That was my promotion. It was my opportunity to start the company. It was my season, but because I didn’t get out of the pattern, I stayed stuck in the cycle and I’m tired of it. And I’m speaking to people today who say I have gone around the mountain of whatever has been bothering me long enough this year in the year of manifested promises, I am going north. Where are all of the people who are deciding that this is the season, the year and the time where you, your children, your children’s children, your grandchildren, your nieces, your nephew, your company, your mindset, your energy, it’s all going up. Slap three people to say I’m going up and if you have somebody on your road that ain’t talked to you yet, tell ’em get out of my section because you the problem.

I’m sitting up here looking as you because you sitting here looking sad. I’m trying to get you encouraged and that’s one of the things you got to understand that you got to get around from discouraged people When you trying to be encouraged. You got to make sure that every once in a while you find somebody who has the same vibe you got. So do a pew check and say your vibe is off. Your vibe is off. And I ain’t saying I ain’t going to see you tomorrow, but I don’t need to see you right now. I’m too vulnerable to be around sick. I’m too vulnerable to be around mean. I’m too vulnerable to be around jealous. I’m too vulnerable.

And this is what I’m saying. Sometimes you got to understand you are too vulnerable to be around that kind of spirit and you got to stop blaming the spirit. Y’all hear me? They going to be who they are. You got to admit that if you are not so vulnerable in that area, you can handle it. I’m vulnerable. If I’m around somebody who doesn’t treat people fair, I’m too vulnerable. I can’t handle it. You see, I know that about me. I need everybody to be treated fair now that’s who I am and it’s rooted in how I was raised. You see, so I’m not comfortable around people who are not fair to other people you see. So since I know that that’s a holding pattern for me, see it’s a pattern for me and I know it and I notice it. Most of us do not know we are in a pattern. We call it life, but I want you to document it. I bet you that if you document this year and document next year, here’s what I promise you, you will find out that you get depressed around the same time of year.

You’ll notice every October for some reason it ain’t got nothing to do with your zodiac sign. Ain’t got nothing to do with that. I’m an Aquarius. Ain’t got nothing to do with that. Is the moon, the moon been shining a long time? I know some of y’all believe in astrology. I believe in eschatology. I believe in numerology. The study of the Holy Spirit. I believe that all of those things are happening but it don’t got nothing to do with what month you was born, but it does have to do with what season you’re in. And some of you all were born in the winter, but it don’t help that you stay psychologically in it that you could be born in the winter and have a spring like mindset. You can hack the cold, you can change it, but some of you just comfortable, it’s easier to stay. You know how hard it is to get out of psych. Anybody ever been to an amusement park and you get in one of those rides with a thing, try to walk out of it.

I just want you to be like, oh, I’m out of here. Try to walk out. You don’t know how hard it is to get out of a cycle and if some of y’all too rich to understand this because everybody got these front loaders, but when I grew up you put the clothes in the washing machine on the top. Come on now I know y’all got your little front loaders with your little pods and all that kind of stuff and you do all that kind of stuff. But when I grew up it was a washing machine and dryer. You just put it right, you open the top, you let the water run and let the sud see you put the wasn’t no safety feature where the water cut off it was open. You just open it, turn it on, you pulling off the water, come running out and you put your stuff in there so the bubbles will be ready. Come on. Y’all know it ain’t clean unless it got bubbles. Now come on, ain’t got no bubbles that ain’t going to get clean.

And you let them close and they wash and then they rinse and they go on the spin cycle. What do those tiles look like when you lift that top and they bend through the spin cycle? They all stuck to the side. Y’all don’t know nothing about this because you got this little front loaders. I’m talking about those of us who grew up in the hood, you said that everything’s just stuck to you can’t tell it is fluffy. You can’t tell that it got any shape. Why? Because the spin will take the life out of you.

The spin will have you stuck to stuff that’ll have you in a shape that you wasn’t meant to be in. The spin will have you saying stuff that ain’t even native to your language. The spin will change who you are and my goal today is to get you out of the cycle. The spin is wearing us out. It makes you sick go around in a circle too many times the older you get the fewer circles. When you were young you could just wait. You get old, you be like, hold on now. Whoa, wait, don’t take me too fast.

Used to ride rides when you were younger. You ain’t going nowhere near rollercoaster. You have gone from riding the rollercoasters to holding everybody’s stuff while they on it. I’ll be here. Y’all go ahead. I don’t. Don’t give in the peer pressure. Y’all going to take your time, raise your hand if you’re sure. I’m just saying, and this is why you got to get this right now because the older you get, the less you can take, the more vulnerable you will be and the more prone you will be to an explosion. If you don’t recognize that this cycle is killing you, is this making sense?

So what am I saying about the cycle? It’s just like I’m just tired of going through the same thing over and over and maybe it’s not. I’m tired of going through the same thing. I’m sick of me reacting to the same thing because that’s maturity in immaturity. You want things to change immaturity. You recognize the only thing that will change is you. So Israel wanted things to change. God give us water out of the rock. Give us manna from heaven. They wanted all that but when they got to Canaan, I got some Bible readers in here when they got to Canaan, God says, I will no longer, how many of y’all I will no longer give you manna? I yes ma’am. I will no longer bring water out of I’m not turning bitter’s water. Sweet. If you want water, you’re going to have to go get it. If you want bread, you’re going to have to grow it. If you want cattle, you’re going to have to herd it because when you get to a certain season in life, the season is up to you.

Can I go deeper anybody in the holding pattern? I want to know if I’m talking to the right people I’m talking about and I’m not talking about what they doing to you. I’m talking about the stuff we can break because I want my peace. Even if you don’t want it for me, Israel, listen, listen to this Israel stuckey was God’s chosen people and they still struggled. I don’t want you to think that struggle is just a thing that people who are sinners go through. And I don’t want you to think struggle is always God’s way of punishing you for not being where you need to be. Israel was chosen to struggle even before they made a mistake.

Alright, let’s use job. You know this example, the devil says, I want to do something in the earth that will show everybody, and I’m paraphrasing that you ain’t really as strong as you are and I’m stronger than they think I am. And this is what God says about a man named Job. Have you considered my servant job? Job was mine his own business? No. No. The Bible says he was an upright man. He was perfect in all of his ways. Job was a wise man minding his own business. And God said, have you considered my servant job? Because sometimes God volunteers you for the struggle to see how you will react to the struggle. And while Job was going through the struggle, job was saying stuff like, I don’t understand what you’re doing to me, but though you slay me, yet will I trust in you? When you get to a though you slay me mentality, yet will I trust in you? Not only will God in your struggle, but he’ll give you double for your trouble. I’m talking to somebody in here. Your next praise is worth double.

Some of y’all like buy one, get one free. I said, your next praise is worth double. I’m going to give you 15 seconds. Pastor Raymond, this is what God told me. He said, tell the people and I have it written down. He says, tell the people that your next circle is about to become a straight line. God said, I’m about to change your circle to a straight line and the shortest distance between any two points, it’s a straight line. Get ready to get there quicker than anybody in your family has ever gotten there. You hear me? I promise you the Lord told me to say it. Everybody in this room and everybody watching me online by the words of my mouth under the unction of the Holy Spirit, God says, I’m about to get you there quicker than anybody in your family has ever gotten there before. If you believe it, say amen.

God says I’m about to break the pattern. I’m about to break the circle for you just saying I’m talking to nobody else. I’m talking to you because most of your life you had to just be grateful for everybody else and have to be happy for everybody else. But I’m talking to you this time. I’m not telling you to be happy for your neighbor and no I’m talking to you. It’s your time. It’s time for you to be happy. It’s time for you to have peace. It’s time for you to have joy. Listen, it’s time for you to like yourself.

It is time for you to be happy with the way God made you. Who am I talking to? It is time for you to look in the mirror and say, well, he made me this way so this is the way he wants me to be and everything that I’m going to get is going to come in this frame and anybody who doesn’t like it break the pattern. I just wish you knew that you were enough. I just wish you knew that because when you know you are enough, you are not disappointed. When people don’t recognize it, all of the insecurities that you have by somebody else telling you are not enough because you didn’t think you were enough before they didn’t tell you you were enough. Because if you knew you were enough you wouldn’t need them to tell you you were enough. I just wish you knew that you were enough and it is the hardest job for a leader to teach people. I could teach you skillset, but I cannot teach you to love yourself and that’s a pattern you’re going to have to break. You are enough. I don’t care if you made $5 today or 5,000, you are enough. I didn’t say you made enough. I said you are enough and stop attaching what you are to what you have.

I was enough broke talk to me somebody. I was enough when I was working at Taco Bell. I was enough when I was working at Centennial Wireless. I was enough when I was in Lakeside Garden Apartments off of Guthrie. I was enough then try to be faithful over a few things and then God will make you ruler over Jesus much. Are you listening to me? Everybody say the cycle’s going to end, cycles going to end. Am I helping anybody? Pastor Raymond, I know you know this. When Moses and God started talking and you start seeing words like he told the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob. What God is actually doing right now is telling you this is really not hyperbole. This is about a contract.

I signed one with Abraham but I didn’t give Abraham what I promised. Watch what he says. You’ll see this a thousand times in the Bible. The God of Abraham, Isaac, Isaac, Jacob and Jacob. How many of y’all have seen that a lot? You know why? Because remember when Abraham, who was the father of the faith, who is he is? Watch this. He’s the father of Isaac, but he’s the grandfather of Jacob and Jacob is the one if you remember who had the 12 sons who became the 12 tribes of Israel. Is this too fast or do I need to slow down? Y’all got it. Alright. So that’s why if you look in the tabernacle, listen to me. When the Bible says there’s a table of showbread and there are 12 pieces of bread on the table, the 12 pieces of bread on the table represented the 12 sons of Jacob, which are the 12 tribes of Israel.

This is important because God told Abraham, I’m going to bless you as many as the stars in the sky. And then Moses says, y’all are blessed as the stars. Oh this is contractual talk. Moses is actually repeating what God said to them because God is not a man that he shall lie, nor is he the son of man that he should repent. So if he said it, it has to happen. And now they are walking into the season where they are about to see what God said. Alright, I got to say it again, but you got to learn to be just excited when God said it and not just wait until you see it because if God said it, you can bet your bottom dollar you going to see it. That’s why the songwriter says you got to praise him in at.

And the reason why Israel didn’t get it faster is they complained in advance and so God says, oh, I’ll just hold it back until you have the right posture. Oh, you got to be in the cycle and look like you just came off the shelf. No, if you came into my house right now and I gave you towels to dry off with after shower and I gave you a wet one that just came out of the cycle or a fluffy one that has just had friz and Downey and all that, which one you going to pick but it’s the same thing. There is no difference in the towel other than its posture and presentation.

And what many of you want God to work with is the raggedy out of shape, wet persona and attitude And God says, no, I know what you’ve been through but you got to look like touch with them. Say, I don’t look like what I’ve been through. No, no, no, no. I don’t look like you see this face. You see this body, you see these tears. No, I don’t look like what if I look like what I’ve been through, I would be broke down. If I look like what I’ve been through, I would’ve limped in here You are looking at somebody that fought off every devil that tried to end my life touch three people and say I don’t look like what I’ve been through. And the greatest thing about not looking like what I’ve been through is I ain’t what I shall be yet. When God gets done with you, you shall come forth as pure gold. I need everybody in him to spend about 14 seconds thanking God that the enemy did not kill you when he tried to and God is about to break the cycle in your life. Open up your mouth and give him glory.

I got to finish, I got to finish. Let me tell you what you’re going to have to do. Lemme tell you what you’re going to have to do. You are going to have to learn to trust the forecast. The other day on Valentine’s Day, my wife and I, we went skiing and the forecast did not say it was going to snow and we woke up and it was snowing and she says That ain’t what the weather said. And sometimes you don’t trust the weather because it’ll say one thing. How many of y’all say it ain’t going to rain a day? Houston will lie on you and to you. I don’t know about y’all online. Maybe you can trust the weather in New York and you can’t even trust the weather in California now because they flooding asking for all that water ain’t got nowhere to put it now water just running down the street in California. It’s amazing. It’s amazing. Now watch this, but God says I’m about to give a forecast in your life and if I tell you it’s not going to rain and you bring an umbrella, I ain’t blessing you because we always come prepared just in case some of y’all got an umbrella in your side compartment of your car right now. If you got it in your trunk, I don’t understand how you going to get it before you get wet.

Some of y’all got a hoodie in the back of the car now just in case it get cold somewhere. How many cold blooded people in here? You just cold everywhere? Some of y’all cold right now and it’s hot, but God says if I give you a forecast and I tell you that it’s going to rain and you ain’t ever seen no rain, all I need you to do is build the ark. And the reason why most of us will never have a noaha like blessing is because we will refuse to build the ark God told us to because we don’t see what we needed for what I need a boat for. There is no water. What do I need a boat for? There’s no ring. God says, I’m not asking you to react to evidence. I’m asking you to respond to the forecast and if I you that you’re going to be blessed and highly favored baby, you better get ready because it’s going to happen to you.

Touch three people to say it’s time to build your ark. God says, I’m tired of people who need proof. I need people who trust the forecast cast. The next group of people who are going to be extraordinarily blessed in the kingdom are the people who will believe God with no proof. Alright, so if I come up to you and say, God told me to tell you you’re going to be a millionaire. No, I don’t know how, but if God said it, no, he said it, well then God doggone it. Lemme call everybody. Did you know I’m about to be rich? Did you know I’m about to be a millionaire?

Lemme tell you what most of us do and I’m guilty, you don’t speak it by faith because you are afraid that if it don’t come true you won’t look like a fool. That ain’t faith. That’s facts. And it didn’t come true because you didn’t speak it as though it was even when it wasn’t. When I get to southwest on the 12th, it’s going to be full. Now watch this. Now life has to make sure that it happens because I said so and right now I’m putting it in the atmosphere. And guess what? People are hearing it online. People are hearing everywhere and God is now fixing mines and when I get there, it’s going to be full because I said it’s going to be If you don’t believe me, go to one Kings chapter 17. The Bible says that Elijah said there will be no rain for three years.

Everybody says, God says, go back and read your Bible. I promise you there will be never, ever, ever a time in scripture where you will find that. God said there will be no rain for three years. Elijah said it and God says, okay Elijah, you said it. I’ll hold it back. God was the one that said when it was going to rain again. But the rain stopped for three years because Elijah said it because he believed. And if you want the pain to stop, all you got to do is say, I bind this devil in the name of Jesus. I’m tired of going through this. It’s over. And then you go off and get out of the cycle and live like it’s over. For what we do, it’s over. It ain’t over yet. It ain’t over yet. No, it’s over and I’m about to walk in the straight line and you’re going to either have to get left behind or roll with me because I’m done with this.

Preach. Shout at me if I’m helping you. Watch this. God expected them. Now where are they? Latoya. They are in the wilderness right now and God literally asked them to believe prosperity in a dry place. Lonnie, you better hear me. Everybody in here who is believing God for big things in your life, you better listen to me because the forecast never comes in the place of comfort. You’ll most likely have to believe in the hardest season of your life. I wish I could change that. You will be asked to have faith when you feel the weakest.

I can see Tia rolling down your eyes because this is hard. This is hard. This is hard. This is hard. You’ll be asked to be faithful when you have the most friction in your life. You’ll be asked to tithe when they’re cutting your hours back and I’m talking about first fruit and here you are trying to figure out how you’re going to eat. How many of y’all got children? You’ll be asked. You’ll be asked. You’ll be asked. Hold on Sh quiet. You’ll be asked to have the biggest display of faith at the most difficult hour of your life. Now I’m not asking her to be quiet because I have a problem with what she’s doing. I just need you to hear me because some of y’all ain’t mature enough to listen to me while she’s talking. If you were in tune with me, I will let her go.

But some of you all, you’re still in the flesh. So you’ll go over there wishing that she’d be quiet. But when the Bible says when the children of Zion shall trave and you don’t understand that, that is the sound that brings about deliverance, but because the whole church ain’t that year, I got to hold her back because you behind. Now if we go really do it. Can I release all of y’all to shout at the walls of Jericho and shout to the wall now let her go now. Let her go. Let her go now. Now daughter, you can scream. Now daughter, you can scream. And when science and with Zion and with Zion, how many women in here ever had a baby?

Now I know what you want us to believe. You took it like a champ. Let’s take the epidural away. What kind of sound would you have been making when that nine pound eight ounce baby was pressing up against your pelvic region? What kind of sound do you make when you are about to give birth to something big? I want all of the people with big babies in them to make the birthing sound because something big is about to come out of you. Somebody say something big, some big, some big, some big, some big some big some big something big, some big some big. You’ve been pregnant so long you passed the fourth, the fifth, the sixth trimester. God says, I am getting ready to birth. So big, big out of you.

One of my favorite movies in the world is life. How many of y’all got the anointing you like life? How many of y’all remember when? How many of y’all remember when Ray Gibson and Claude Banks was in the feeding area and gold mouth said You going to eat? I love this church. You going to eat your comb bread? And Ray Gibson said, oh no. If you’re going to think you’re going to get my comb bread, you need to slap yourself, get the taste out of your mouth because you ain’t going to get my corn bread. I can’t say it like I want to say it because they ain’t said how I’m saying it, but you understand. And so he said, now if you going give your potion of corn bread, they said, Hey man, forget you. We’re going to eat our cornbread. He said, I can get this man my cornbread. I’m a grown man. Before you know it, they outside fighting Ray Gibson and gold mouth fighting over comb bread. And I mean he beat the life out of him and he kept beating him until an OG at the prison named Willie Long stood there with his Tupac pick in his mouth and said, that’s enough. The man has taken enough of a beating, go mouth, pick him up, going to carry him on inside.

God told me to tell you he’s about to stop the beating and is about to stop the fight. And the thing that has been beating up on you, God told me to tell you he’s about to break it up. I don’t know who that’s for, but you must understand that God is using the fight to prove something and the thing he wants to prove is that he could handle it if you would let him. If he felt like it, he could just go right up to the storm and say peace. There is nothing in your life that is beating you up that God could not stop when he got ready. But he’s tried to find out are you ready to let him handle it for you?

Do you get what I’m saying? So you’re going to have a fight, stand on your feet, you’re going to have a fight. You’re going to have a fight and watch what the Bible says. They leave. You can play, they leave the area. I’m going to minister the rest of this to you because you got to get this. God says, I’m going to send you to a place called Canaan. But the problem is, is when you get there, you probably won’t know you’re there because there’s somebody else already there. That’s what this holding pattern was about because you couldn’t land in Canaan because the Amorites and the Jebusites and the Hittites, they were there, but now God is about to pull them away from the gate and he’s about to put them out so Canin could land. The struggle was about to be over and he puts them out so that the people who he had it for could come in. Listen to me. And if you read Deuteronomy chapter seven, the Bible says that the nations that were there were stronger than them.

The reason he gave them seven enemies stronger than them, it’s because he knew that there would be one way and one way only they could win. They would’ve to trust him. Your enemy might not be richer than you, may not be stronger than you, but they’re more stubborn than you. Lemme tell you one thing about an enemy, a real one. They don’t quit. God has to silence them. Are you listening to me? And God sends them in the direction of danger on purpose. What kind of God sends you to go fight an army and you don’t have knives and swords. They just came out of slavery. They can’t fight and defend against a nation that already has an army, but that’s just like God ain’t it? And God sends them in an area and they walk in and God says this to them, I want you to hear me. He said, Israel, I have set before you land.

I have given you land. And listen, Israel lighthouse nation world, are you listening? It was yours even when it was theirs. Did you hear what I said? It was always Israel’s. If a pastor wanted to rent one of our campuses, which they have and have events which they have, they can stay in there as long as they want, but when the event is over, it’s still ours. Don’t confuse people who occupy a space as an occupant. God is getting you ready and eventually there is a place in the world right now where you see needs some help and you don’t understand that God is preparing you to be the person that will arrive at that place and be the help you’ve been waiting on.

You about to be the principal of that school. You’re about to be promoted into that job and you’re sitting up here talking about somebody need to change something somebody is going to. You are ma’am. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 rolls back right in the middle with a blue. I think that’s blue. I can’t see it in front of you. Yes ma’am. Are you a school teacher? You are. Come here. I don’t know why. I think you’re supposed to be the principal at the school you work at, what school do you work at? Do you have any desire to be the principal or have you ever had any desire to be in an administrative role? Yeah.

What grade do you teach? Third. Third grade? I don’t know. You do I? Okay. Ain’t no earpiece in here. Y’all right? There is a test that you have to take. Have you taken it? Do you know the results? What were the results? You passed it. Okay. Now I don’t know why he had me to call you out. I just want you to know the struggle is over. I want you to know that the job is yours and here’s what I want you to believe. I know you feel like they are against you, but they’re actually afraid of you.

Nobody wants to lose what they thought was theirs, but it was yours even when it was hers. I want you to lift your hands. I anoint you this day to break your cycle. When you walk into work tomorrow, you walk in as the future principal of the school and not many days since. Are you the first person in your family to graduate from college? A masters with a masters? God is about to use you to change a whole lot of things and in a season where people are running away from the classroom, God says, I’m going to bless you because you’re running to the classroom and I’m going to use your school to be an example for the city and I’m going to use your gift. God, in the name of Jesus, make the circle a straight line.

Allow her to walk right into her destiny and all of God’s people come on and begin to praise God in this place today. Come on, everybody singing the struggle is over struggle for you. So it’s always hard. It is always hard to achieve destiny. It is not easy and you have to struggle to get it. You just have to. And the reason why God puts struggle in the recipe is because if there is no struggle, there is no progress. And if there is no struggle, then we would all wake up one day and say, you know what? We’re going to be the principle. We’re going to be the CEO. So God uses struggle to separate the people from those who will work for it and those who just want it.

This is an example. I always use everybody in this room, raise your hand if you want a million dollars. Raise your hand if you want a million dollars. You want a million here? Here’s a problem. I said that 15 seconds ago and none of y’all got it. You know why? Because wanting something never gets it to you. You can want it all you want to. Now somebody, how many of y’all are willing to do the work? That’s what separates the people who get it from those who don’t. Those who are willing to walk around in that circle and decide, I am breaking the cycle for my family over my life. And listen, your health is at stake because cycles are not good for your health.

You know how many people going to the doctor talking about I have heart palpitations? Know what you have is anxiety. And anxiety doesn’t show on a cat scan. What you have is insecurity and it doesn’t show on an X-ray. What you have is insecurity and it is not like a broken bone. They can’t find the crack the fault line. There is no black spot that comes up on a CT scan when you’re insecure, but it’ll make your hair fall out. It’ll make you have anxiety attacks and you’ll be short of breath. Some of y’all have been experiencing that later where your breath is just literally left your body and you’re gasping for air and you don’t know why you are worrying. It’s a cycle. You’ve been in this place long enough, you’ve heard enough sermons, you’ve listened to enough podcasts, you’ve listened to enough audibles. It is time now that you finally, and I mean finally because once you break a cycle, it can’t get you anymore.

If you break it, it won’t get your daughter. If you break it, it won’t get your son. How many of y’all are ready to break the cycle? I want to pray for you. I believe in my heart that this year is going to shock you. I’m like, I am Literally, I feel like I’m in the vein. I feel like God told me that this is a year manifested promises and all that stuff that weeping it endured for a night, but joy is coming. Somebody shout. It’s my morning. It’s my morning. If you believe it, come on and give God praise if you believe it. It’s my morning. It’s my morning, it’s my morning. It’s my morning.

Spirit of the living God fall fresh upon us. We’ve been in this place long enough, the mountain side, it has been rough, but we believe the words of the Psalm is that the struggle is over for us. God, as we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, please help us to fear no evil for thou with us. Th rod and our staff, they comfort us. And God thank you that you’re preparing a table for us in the presence of our enemies, and thank you that our cup is overflowing and our head is anointed with oil and the waters are made smooth and the pastures are made green and goodness and mercy will be with us all the days of our life. In Jesus’ name we pray. If you believe it, come on and make some noise and shout. Hallelujah. Amen. In this place, hug two people and tell ’em the struggle is over.

The heartache is over. The heartache is over. The heartache is over the strong. How many of y’all feel the burden lifted off of you? I was in Phoenix, Arizona last week at a conference with a hundred pastors, one of the pastors, Bishop Walter Scott Thomas of the New Psalmist Church. He said, preachers, and I’m talking to you. He said, did you know that you were not built to carry burdens? He said, you know the problem with being taught by everybody, be strong, be strong, be strong. The problem with being strong is that you don’t know you’re overwhelmed until it’s too late.

By the time you find out you’re overwhelmed, you’re cussing everybody out. By the time you find out you’re overwhelmed, you’re committing thoughts at least about suicide. By the time you find out that you are overwhelmed, you’ve already filed for divorce. By the time you find out that you’re overwhelmed, you’ve already given up on the circumstance. This is why you got to let the Lord handle the burdens while you take care of the cycles. And I decree and declare in this room by the name and in the power of the Holy Spirit, that those of you all who have enough trust, belief and faith in God, that you’re at the bottom of the holding stack and the next tail number to be called to hit the ground for lending is going to be yours.

I’m not prophesying to your neighbor, I’m not talking to your section. I am talking directly to you If you believe it, shout yes, amen. It’s giving time. Come on and praise the Lord. It’s giving time. If you need an envelope in the house online, they’re getting ready to put the instructions up on how we’re going to give. Some of you all have already started giving your first fruit and God bless you. Some of y’all said to me, say, pastor, I don’t trust myself. I got to give it now. So if you can’t trust yourself, touch your neighbor and say you can trust God. Amen. And I don’t know about you, but as long as I’m the pastor of this church and those of you all who are in this place, whenever we give it goes toward, we say is going to go towards it goes right directly to we say, and I’m excited.

They’re painting the walls in the dream center right now. They’re painting the walls, the sprinkler system is in. They’re putting insulation in the walls and electrical work. So we’re going to be in there real soon. I can’t wait to give you all a tour of it and show you what the enemy tried to prevent and we got it done anyway. Can you say amen? Amen. And I’m believing God that two things are going to happen in the next three years. Number one, the mortgage on our north campus will be paid in full. Amen. Y’all believe that? Could you imagine how much all the work we do for the community, could you imagine how much we could do if we didn’t have a mortgage? Yeah. It would be insane what we could do, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do because we owe it to this community to save it from the pit of hell and to be what God has called us to be.

I’m excited about it. Everybody got your gifts down to your feet. We’re getting ready to give those of you online. I want you to participate with us in this giving so that we can continue to be God’s hands, feets and arm in the earth and do what he’s called us to do. I pray right now, God, that you would bless these gifts. I pray that you would bless the givers. I pray that we would increase 1000 times as a result of what we’re going to release in this house today. Let nobody who releases this according to obedience have one moment of lack in their life. Allow us to live in overflow. In Jesus’ name we pray. Everybody say amen. Amen. Pass your gifts to the center aisles as the men of God come and collect it. Those of y’all who gave online say I gave online. Amen. I want to leave you today with a prayer because I want to make sure that you understand you’re going to be tempted to be robbed of this word because some of us only believe that good things can happen to other people, but I’m telling you, it can happen to you.

I’m literally, I hold yourself. Just embrace yourself while I pray, because I’m talking to you, okay? Ma’am, sir, I’m talking to you. You are about to have life and have it more abundantly. Just be selfish for a moment because you know what? If you don’t get free, you can’t pray other people free. If you don’t get free, you can’t help anybody else. So I’m just going to ask God to free you up, not to be selfish, but to be helpful. That you can sit down on the couch with somebody else and help them with their depression, that you can sit down and tell somebody else what God did for you and how he brought you out, and how he brought you a mighty long way. Are you holding yourself? Do you like you enough to hold you, hold you? Tell yourself you feel good?

God, right now, I pray over the person I hold just in case nobody else has prayed for me. I pray for myself just in case somebody else forgets to encourage me. I encourage myself do something miraculous for this person that I hold, not for selfishness, but so that I can be a tool for the kingdom so that I can bless those who need to be blessed and pray for those who need a word, so that I can be a kinder parent, a better spouse, a better boss. Make us over again. God, let no weapon formed against us prosper and give us joy, unspeakable joy. In Jesus’ name we pray. Everybody say amen. If you love the Lord, say amen. Again. Hug somebody on your way out to tell ’em I love you. Ain’t nothing you can do about it. God bless you.