The Secret To Victory: How To Fight & Win

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Pastor Keion Henderson is the lead pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Houston, Texas. Lighthouse is an organization that serves the body of Christ through our 5 pillars. We always ANTICIPATE a move of God in every experience, so we constantly set a great ATMOSPHERE, and we ACCEPT everyone through love. We believe the best way to impact people is by being AUTHENTIC to who we are and by taking ACTION to move everyone towards greater.

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Pastor Keion (00:22):
Hey everybody. Welcome to another episode of Take Action. I am Pastor Henderson and we are excited to have you here today. As we always like to do, we start off with our miracle report and this thing, it’s been crazy. So remember we said that God told us that from October to the last day of December, 2023, that we would have about $50 million in Miracle Reports. Well, God did not let us down because as of today we are at $50,384,769 in debt cancellation, and it’s still rolling in and we’re now at $600,000 in refunds that have been reported sold since last Sunday. Well, this past Sunday we’re right at about $110,000 that God is still eradicating. You want to make sure that you are a part of this journey. They’re going to put a QR code up on the screen where you can actually submit your testimony so that way we can just publicly praise God with you for all God is doing.

All God will do and all God has done in keeping his word, lemme tell you, God’s word cannot return to him void. He told us $100 million in debt cancellation, and I’m believing God, that we will absolutely get there. And so we’ve got about $50 million worth of debt that God is just going to erase for people as we’re on our journey, and I want you to be one of those. So make sure that you submit your testimony. Make sure that you attend, take action every Tuesday at seven o’clock. Make sure you tell everybody, let this be this first month of the year. Be one of those months that you don’t miss engaging in the word of God. I promise you God has something for you. Well, we’re in the month of winning. We’re in the month of winning, and there is some truth to the secret that all we do is win.

There is truth to that. That’s not just a song that Jeezy wrote. That’s not just a song that DJ Khaled talks about. That’s not a serious XM euphemism. It’s actually a biblical principle that really works. And I want you to think about this and I’m going to show you in the scripture it’s a familiar passage of scripture, but it is one that every time you go to it, I promise you, you can get something new. Ephesians chapter six, verse 10, what is this talking about? You guessed it. It is the full armor of God. The Bible talks about in Ephesians six in 10, it says, finally, my brethren be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might. And the Bible says this in verse number 11. He says, put on the whole armor of God that ye may be able to do what?

Stand against the wows, the tests, the schemes of the devil. For what you guessed it, we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against the spirit of wickedness. And where are these spirits in high places? Okay, so you’ve heard that scripture before, so I don’t have to read that to you. And if you’ve never heard it before and this is your first time, then I’m going to give you some information on that as you start. One of the things I know for sure, and correct me if I’m wrong and you can do it in the chat, but anybody who’s ever been in a fight knows that the key to winning a fight is not how many punches you can land, but how many can you not take? Okay, so the number one key to winning a fight is protecting yourself.

I know that we will think landing a punch. Yeah, that’ll win the fight. But when you fight somebody who doesn’t know how to fight, then punching is the way to win. When you’re fighting somebody who knows how to fight, then protecting yourself is the way to win. I’m not an avid watcher, but I watch the highlights for UFC and things like that. A guy can be winning the fight the entire time. He could even cause his opponent to fall to the mat and somewhere out nowhere, what I shouldn’t say, a lucky, a skilled kick or an unadvised punch will land and then the person who was winning the whole fight, he’s down. Because the key to winning a fight when you’re fighting someone who knows how to fight is protecting yourself. And so the enemy knows how to fight. I think we can all agree with that. The devil knows how to fight. And let me tell you something, this Christian life is not WWE. E, this is not, or I didn’t grow up in WWE EI grew up in WWE F times with Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan and Jake the Snake and Robinson, Rick rude, and I don’t know none of these new guys back when I came through they had Coco beware and it was all of these people, but I thought that stuff was real growing.

I literally thought it was real. I thought the undertaker was real. I thought all of that stuff was real. I didn’t realize that it was fake until I became older. And I think that some people think that the battleground of life is like wwe. I just want to tell you this spiritual warfare, this is not a script. This is not a play thing. We’re not playing church. This is not a playground. It’s a battleground. Like there are literal forces, demons, witches, warlocks, heuss and curse that are being launched at you daily. And if you’re not girded up and prayed up in your most holy faith, then you’ll be susceptible according to the text, to the wiles, the schemes of the devil. I believe that’s why Paul uses military terminology to demonstrate the battle that we are engaged in with the enemy. Okay? Paul says, if you listen to me and I have the information that can protect you from an invasion. So I want you to think right now, I want you to just, if you are in a safe position, not if you’re driving, but if you’re in a safe position, I want you to grab your head, okay? Because the devil is after this thing. And if you don’t guard it from an invasion, you will find yourself fighting an external battle internally.

If a man’s going to be changed, it has to be by what? The renewing of his mind. Okay? So what does the devil want? The devil wants your mind. Why? Because if he can get your mind, he can control the rest of you. So if he can get your mind, he can control the way you think. If he can get your mind, he can control what you see. If he can control your mind, he controls what you hear. If he controls your mind, he controls how you react or act or don’t act. So I want you to protect this mind. So that’s why the Bible says let this mind that is worth that is in you. Be also in Christ Jesus. So if Paul were sitting in this seat as opposed to me, Paul would say, I have the credentials to speak this way because we’re talking by faith, not by sight.

He says, Paul would say, listen, I’ve been through shipwrecks and I survived one time I floated to the shore on broken pieces of the ship and I didn’t make it because of the broken pieces of the ship. I didn’t make it because I had survived a stoning before. You know what I was floating to the shore on? Not the broken pieces of the ship. I was literally floating in my armor. It was my armor. I had put on the full armor of God. And here’s the thing about the full armor of God. It becomes what you need for the battle you’re in. So if it needs to be a life vest, it’s a life vest. If it needs to be a sword, it’s a sword. If it needs to be a shield, it’s a shield. Whatever you need, God can provide. So Paul says that you must recognize that you are facing an enemy.

And if I were to dig deeper into it, I want to say to you, I’ve discovered that you’re actually fighting a majority of the time, the same three devils, a majority of the time you’re fighting the same three demons. A majority of the time you’re fighting the same three enemies. How many of you want to know what those enemies are? Because if you know what you’re fighting, you know what to bring. Okay? So you’re literally fighting the same three enemies a majority of the time. Here it is, and it’s in Ephesians chapter two, verse one through three. I’m going to squeeze it down and give it to you in just a few words. Here are the three enemies that you’re fighting the most. You’re fighting the world, you’re fighting the flesh and you’re fighting the devil. That’s it.

You’re fighting the world, you’re fighting the devil, you’re fighting the flesh. No, I’m in an argument with my brother. No. Either the devil is using them or you or somebody’s operating in the flesh. It’s never, see, when the serpent came to Eve, Eve’s problem wasn’t the serpent because there were a million other snakes in the garden that she wasn’t fighting with. But the snakes she was having the conversation with was the snake that was being used by the devil. So then your enemy, then when you boil it down, is still the flesh. The world are Satan. You can’t get around it. It’s not your mother, it’s not your employer. It’s either you’ve allowed the enemy to use you or the enemy is using somebody against you. And most times we fall susceptible to the wows, the schemes of the devil because how many of you know that sometimes when the devil uses somebody, you cannot resist allowing him to use you to respond, and so you end up fighting somebody on the same level they’re fighting you on.

Paul says that you must recognize you’re facing in most instances the same three enemies, okay? Now the world refers to the system because everybody says the world, the world, the world, the world. Basically. When you hear a minister, or basically when you hear me say the world, I’m referring to any system that is against God, okay? I’m not talking about your city, your state. I’m not talking about the globe. I’m not talking about black or white. I’m not talking about synagogue or sanctuary. I’m talking about any system that has been created to adversely and intentionally be against God.

So the flesh is that part of us that struggles to adhere to God’s system. I hope, I know, I feel it in my spirit right now. I’m going to talk to my team because anytime you talk to the people of God about what they have to do to improve their lives, they are uninterested whenever you tell them, slap their neighbor, turn around in a circle or this is the year jubilee, they log on. I want to see if I can get about 425 mature people who will stay on the entire cast. I’m waiting on you to make your decision.

I want to talk to that part of you that struggles to listen to God, that part of you that when God speaks, you start speaking to, and we all know who the enemy is, so I don’t even have to explain who he is to you. So it’s either the world, it’s either the flesh or it’s the devil. And the Bible says that the devil is what? The accuser of the brethren, alright? He’s an adversary. He’s at emity with God and man, revelations chapter 12, verse seven through 11, read it and I want you listen. Don’t be afraid of the book of Revelation and I have to go back and correct myself because it’s something that we’ve been taught. We say the book of Revelations, there is no S, it is a revelation. There is no revelations. There is but one revelation. So if you read the book of the revelation, it will tell you everything you need to know about the enemy. But for some reason the Christian has become afraid of the strategy book. And I believe that the enemy wants us afraid of it because as long as he keeps us afraid of it, then we cannot fight him. This is why the old adage says, if you want to hide something from somebody, you put it in the book.

Just put it in the book. People won’t open the book. Nobody’s ever, I won’t say nobody. Very few few ever break the house and open the books looking for stuff. If you want to hide something from somebody, you just put it in a book. It’s what they did to a generation of people in this country. The Bible says he’s a tempter. So anytime you feel tempted, that’s not God. God sends test the devil tempts. What is a test? A test is when you give somebody a set of instructions for the hope of survival. A temptation is when you give somebody a situation for the hope of failure.

He’s a murderer, he’s the father of lies. Do I have to go on and on to tell you who the enemy is? Paul says, if you want to know how I got this information is because I am a ranking member of what I like to call the CIA. It’s the Christian Intelligence Agency and he got it by putting on the full armor of God. And he says, the manual states in the fine print that one of the rules to victory, one of the keys and the secrets to victory is to never get caught off guard.

So the solution to success is understanding the enemy’s strategy. That’s why I’m spending so much time telling you who the enemy is, the world, the flesh or who? Satan. So you can’t get caught off guard. You’ve got to block, you got to make sure that you always anticipate a right hook, an upper cut. You got to anticipate a roundhouse because you can’t, can’t watch TV to learn how to fight. Just swinging ain’t going to help you. You’re going to be too tired to win. You have to start off every fight analyzing your opponent and figuring out how to guard and protect yourself. Okay? So you’ve got an army. You’ve got an army that you’re getting ready to have to fight. I was watching a prominent minister not too long ago, tell us about his attacks in relation to his victories. How many of y’all have experienced some huge victories?

Like those of you all who are in this 50 million? That’s a big victory. That person who got a $271,000 refund, that’s a major victory. What do you think the devil is doing or what do you think he’s planning for somebody winning on the level you’re winning? I mean, you finally have the spouse you’ve been praying for, your kids are bringing home the grades that you wanted. You finally have the peace in your heart. You finally feel like you’re worthy. You finally feel like God is going to use you. You’re finally feeling the anointing on your life. What do you think the devil is doing? This is great job, John. You think the devil is like awesome job. Robert. I’m so proud of the devil is like, oh, you think you can escape me? You think that I can tell you to jump off a cliff or turn stones in the bread and you can resist me with the word of God?

So what does he do? I want you to hear me. He sends his army. And who and what is the army of the devil? I’m teaching you something. Don’t you go to sleep. I’m getting ready to tell you. This is who he’s sending. He’s sending principalities, he’s sending powers, he’s sending rulers. He’s sending spiritual wickedness in high places. So you must understand that our battle is not against flesh and blood, it is against spiritual powers. I’m getting ready to make a big statement. You are wasting your time fighting people. You are wasting your time. You are wasting your time going on the internet, spending your hard earned precious moments of peace responding to somebody on a post. Do you know why the enemy has been able to use social media the way he has? He’s the prince of the heir. You do know that. You do know that God has given him temporary domain over this.

Have you seen anything? Although with all of its positive influence, have you seen anything more detrimental to the earth than the airwaves, television, radio, internet? Have you seen anything more detrimental to our survival? Why do you think so? Because the enemy is the prince of it all. He’s even trying to fight through my message to you right now because although I am here in proxy as a minister using these airwaves, internet waves to communicate to you, the enemy is doing something in your mind, in your heart, your spirit, in your house, in your atmosphere, so that you won’t even receive the word that I am saying to you today. The fight is never with the people. The fight is with the one who controls the people who have not yet put on the armor of God.

See, the devil tries to use me too, but because I have on my armor, I can say this, get thee behind me. Satan. Okay, so Satan uses his army. He also uses his abilities. And I’m going to tell you something. I know a lot of people tell you the devil ain’t nothing and all that kind of stuff and you got the victory. But lemme tell you something, the worst thing you could ever do is underestimate your opponent. Now he doesn’t have all power, but he got some. I’m just telling you that. And he is not compared to a lion and a dragon for nothing.

Jesus says he’s a thief who comes to steal, kill and destroy. That’s John 10 and 10. So you cannot afford to be ignorant about your opponent’s abilities. Just ask Job what he can do to a man’s body. Ask job what he can do to a man’s friends. Ask Job if he has no power, what he can do to a man’s wife, you know what his wife said? Curs shall God and die if he has no power, as some will teach. Now, he doesn’t have all power and the power he does have has been allotted to him by God. To build your faith, to trust in the one who can says, okay, you can touch his health, you can touch his home, you can touch his wife, you can touch his wealth. But on the man himself, you cannot lay a hand. So Paul says, in spite of his army and in spite of his abilities, you can still have the victory.

How if you put on the what? Full armor of God. So in order to win the battle, you have to have on the right equipment. Let me say this. If you don’t have the right equipment, you cannot deal with your enemy. You have to have the right equipment. That’s why Paul who wrote this, who ironically has been in prison, is writing this. Just think about this. Paul is currently, I want you to imagine this chained to a guard, not fighting back, not tugging on his chains, telling you, yeah, you can win this fight if you put on the whole armor of God. Well Paul, if it works so well, why are you in prison?

Well, Paul says, that’s easy. If you have on the armor of God, you can learn to be content in whatever state you’re in. That’s how you know have somebody who has on the arm of God. Lemme tell you something, this is about to help some of y’all. Have you ever been around somebody that they are always thrown out of whack no matter what the circumstance is, they get discouraged easily, they ready to quit, can’t push through, always fell into abound. You know why? It’s not because they’re not saved. They don’t have armor. They got tongues, but they don’t have armor.

They got a slick mouth, but they have no armor. And when you bring intuition and a smart mouth and a jab to a spiritual fight, you get your butt kicked. Oh, I’m helping somebody. I feel so good right now. When you bring a bad attitude and a cussing spirit and a I don’t give a care attitude and I’ll smack you and knock you out to a spiritual battle, you get whooped because you can’t up orcutt a devil. You can’t roundhouse the devil. So here you are threatening to fight somebody. You can’t shoot a devil devils don’t care if you stop talking to them.

Demons don’t care if you block ’em on Instagram. Demons don’t care if you get up and you talk crazy and try to, you can’t stop a demon with flesh. You have to stop your demons with the full armor. You got to stop ’em with equipment and I’m getting ready to give you those pieces. Number one, you don’t have to fight anybody about lies when you, number one, gird yourself with truth. Verse 14, the A part of verse says, the girdle is a piece worn underneath the clothes that holds everything together. Any woman will tell you that. And in order to ensure the victory, the truth must hold its position in your life. Truth is considered crucial by Paul because a dishonest Christian cannot be victorious over the father of lies,

Man. God is just looking for people with integrity. I’m not saying that you’re going to be perfect, but integrity, don’t get mad at me. But that means if you didn’t get to work to 10, don’t say you were there at nine. If you don’t like somebody, don’t just be up in their face pretending like you do. If you stab somebody in the back, don’t act like you’re their friend and then get in front of the church and fall on the altar and asking God to deal with your enemies. Because if you ask God to deal with your enemies and you’re doing all of those things, what you’re asking God to do is to deal with you because the enemy is the father of lies. And if you are involved in that activity, then you are involved in enemy activity asking for a heavily resolution.

Preach Keon. I know you’re going to come on Tuesday for all of that, but the word of God is the word of God. In fact, I’m going to stop right there and we’re going to end this particular segment on the secret to Victory. I want to find out how many of you all have the courage to come back next week because this one we’re talking about the secret to victory. This month is the month of winning. And ladies and gentlemen, I want you to be Navy Seals. This is basic training. We’re going to laugh and be grateful at the end of this journey, but we have to be in shape in order to win. This is part one to the secrets to victory. I want you to come back next week because I’m going to give you the rest of the secrets. They’re getting ready to put the giving instructions up on the screen right now, and you’re going to come back next week to get part two of the Secrets to Victory.

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