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What are you hiding? We can be powerful, prosperous, and even have a platform, but we all have something we don’t want others to see. No matter how well you cover up your wounds or how much confidence you exude, God can’t bless who you pretend to be. When we dare to be honest about who we are, we experience God’s healing power. So, ask yourself: Who am I? What has kept me bound? Drop the disguise, and watch how quickly you’ll walk into your destiny!

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Autogenerated Transcript

Pastor Keion (00:01):
Oh, I’m talking to somebody here today. Oh, now it’s time to go in. This year, the only thing I want you to fight is something worth fighting for. By definition, a ripple is when you toss something in the middle of a vast nothingness and as a result of the entry of that thing, it causes nothing to flow. It’s like throwing a stone in the middle of a lake. It could be a small stone, but the ripples will be felt for feet. Perhaps if the stone is large enough for miles, just everybody say ripples. Continuous spreading results, actions and events, just small movements. Everybody say ripples, and sometimes especially as young people, you can miss the mark because we’re focused on the destination not recognizing that the power is in the journey. Let me explain where the ripples come from. We get here after a successful ministry.

Elijah, the prophet is on his way to be with God. He’s about to be caught up in a whirlwind and he’s walking with his protege. Elijah, the Bible says as they’re walking and he’s on his way to go back and be with the Father, he gives Elijah some words. Ripples, just like I. Socrates did Demonas, he gave him some advice and he says, he says, listen, Elijah, I want you to stay here at Gilgal, and Elijah says to Elijah, he says, Elijah, as long as the Lord lives, I will not leave you. He says the same thing. Then he gets to Jericho and Elijah says, listen, I need you to stay here. Elijah says, as long as the Lord liveth, I will not leave you. Then they get to the Jordan and he tells him to stay at the Jordan. Elijah said, didn’t you hear what I had said? I told you, dog, I ain’t going nowhere. If you go, I’m going. If you go, I’m going. Somebody shout Ripples. Ripples. He repeats himself at Jericho. He repeats himself at the Jordan and before he departs, he says, is there anything that I can do for you? He looks him square off in the face and said that I might receive a double portion of your spirit. Do I have anybody here with me today? It was

Speaker 2 (02:59):
Ripples that sent Naaman in this direction. We don’t know why they moved to this area. We don’t know how he met the king, but we do know somehow his life forced him little by little and wave by wave to end up into the place where he would receive this job and all of the jurisdictional power of the military might was under

Speaker 3 (03:17):
Naaman’s auspices

Speaker 2 (03:19):
So that he gathered 32 armies together. But now your lady Israel, and let me tell you, you know you powerful. When your enemies recruit to destroy you. You keep telling me I ain’t nothing. If I’m not nothing. Fight me by yourself. The fact that you had to call my next and everybody else to fight me shows me that you thought I was something I did. Do you know your enemies will tell you who you are. You don’t get to destiny by friends. You get to destiny by enemies. Peter had never gotten Jesus any closer to the cross. It was

Speaker 3 (03:50):

Speaker 2 (03:51):
And if you notice when God is talking to both of them, he gives both of them a title. That is surprising because Peter who takes a knife out and cuts a man’s ear off for him and fights for him, he says, Satan, get behind me. Meanwhile, Judas betrays him and he says, friend, whatever you came to do, do it quickly. Give your neighbor a fist bump and say you’ve been thanking the wrong people. You’ve been thanking people you like. You’ve been thanking people who had your back. You’ve been thanking people who’ve been liking your pictures on Instagram. You’ve been liking people who let you borrow money. You need to be thanking the person who tried to get you fired. You need to be thanking the person who doesn’t like you because you must understand that they are ripples. Naaman was

Speaker 3 (04:32):

Speaker 2 (04:33):
Many of you. He was powerful.

Speaker 3 (04:34):
Naaman was prosperous. Naaman had a platform. Naaman

Speaker 2 (04:39):

Speaker 3 (04:39):
Prestigious, but his

Speaker 2 (04:41):
Whole life was

Speaker 3 (04:42):
Upset by a three

Speaker 2 (04:43):
Letter conjunction.

Speaker 3 (04:45):
But Naaman was powerful, but he was a leper.

Speaker 2 (04:49):
Naaman was

Speaker 3 (04:49):
The captain of the guard, but he was a leper. Naaman obviously was wealthy, but he was a leper. He had stars on his uniform, but

Speaker 2 (04:59):
Sores on his skin.

Speaker 3 (05:01):
So what he does is he keeps his uniform

Speaker 2 (05:04):

Speaker 3 (05:05):
So nobody could see his skin.

Speaker 2 (05:06):
All the danger of letting your uniform be your skin. We pretend to be what we are, not to get people to accept who we are, but the problem is when I show you who I am not and you accept what I am not, then you become frustrated When you find out who I really am, my advice to you is to show who you are often and early. I’m not here to judge you because you are not

Speaker 3 (05:33):
The first one to do

Speaker 2 (05:34):
It. This whole

Speaker 3 (05:35):

Speaker 2 (05:35):
Drama started off with a

Speaker 3 (05:37):

Speaker 2 (05:37):
Come here, Adam. Where are

Speaker 3 (05:39):

Speaker 2 (05:39):
Hiding behind a fig leaf? When Moses was born, his mother thought it would not be robbery to

Speaker 3 (05:45):
Hide him

Speaker 2 (05:46):
In the reeds in the Nile River. David, when he was running from his enemies, he hid in the cave of Duam. When Elijah, he would hide in the Cape, David hid in the car. Listen, Gideon was hiding in a wine press. It’s time to

Speaker 4 (06:00):
Drop the disguise. Theise.

Speaker 2 (06:03):
God can’t bless who you pretend to be. Stop watering down yourself because people can’t handle you at a hundred proof. Be who you are, be it. Now somebody shout. I’m tired of hiding. We’re all hiding. That’s why when Naiman came into the scene, the Bible lets us know that as a leper, he had to do something. Whenever he came around people, he said, unclean,

Speaker 4 (06:24):
Unclean. He had to

Speaker 2 (06:25):
Announce what he had before he entered into the room. Isn’t it about time that we just started letting people know who we are early so that people are not consumed by what they find out later on? Everybody just shout, I’m crazy. I’m crazy. Confused. Confused. Might as well go ahead and say what you are because when you hide what you are, you cannot be accepted for who you can be. This is the time for you to drop your disguise. I’m getting rid of this closet, Christianity. I’m going to be who I am supposed to be and I’m going to do the best I can at it because this is the season for me to be myself.

Speaker 4 (07:01):
If we could just get him to the prophet, I know he could be healed. Naman tells the king what the girl says. Now this text outside of context, you will miss the power because what is really taking place is a conversation in the house because now the girl tells the captain, the captain tells the king

Speaker 2 (07:20):

Speaker 4 (07:21):

Speaker 2 (07:21):
We got a problem

Speaker 4 (07:22):
Because of another ripple that started a long time ago. Remember, Syria has invaded Israel and now Syria needs the prophet from Israel to heal the situation that he has. Are you listening to me? So what has really taken place is the reason why the king is ab ornate and upset. He’s like, how are we going to go ask these people

Speaker 2 (07:43):
Who we just robbed to do something for us, gotner to come ask me for something after how you did me? The king is mad like you know how we do when somebody do something to us and something bad happen to ’em? Say that’s what you do. That’s what you get from messing with a child of God. God don’t like ugly, you don’t mess with his own.

Speaker 4 (08:05):
Come ask us for something.

Speaker 2 (08:06):
Go ask your mama.

Speaker 4 (08:08):
But in order to do it, he

Speaker 2 (08:09):
Writes a letter

Speaker 4 (08:10):
And sins. Listen to this 750 pounds of silver and 150 pounds of gold, which is equivalent in today’s money as $225,000 worth of silver and $1.3 million worth of gold. And by the way, 10 Doce and Gabbana tuxedos.

Speaker 2 (08:29):
He’s got to send all of that because he treated somebody bad. He

Speaker 4 (08:33):
Did not know he was going to need.

Speaker 2 (08:35):
Do me a favor and tell your neighbor it’s going to cost you too much to mess with me. It’s too expensive not to like me. It’s too expensive to hate on me. It’s going to cost you millions lying on me. You better shut your mouth, keep your mouth off of me, my family, my property, my husband, my wife, because it’s going to cost you your future messing with me. Don’t lose your future because you bring it up my past. Look at how much disloyalty costs. Whenever trust is high, the cost is low, and whenever the cost is low, it’s because the trust is high. It is always more expensive to repair a relationship than it is to maintain one. The problem with our generation is we don’t value relationships. We value views. We value toss. We value likes, but we don’t value people. We walk over whoever we need to walk on to get to the top.

We walk over whoever we need to walk over to get to the top. But baby, what you didn’t recognize as I was a bridge, you was going to have to come back across. He’s reading the letter and now I see ripples because when he reached the letter, Elijah says, man, settle down. Send ’em to me. So he’ll know that a prophet lives in Israel. When Naman gets to his house, Elijah tells him, go dip in the Jordan seven times. Now, I know I had just told you when Elijah and Elijah was walking, they were at a place called Gilgo, and Elijah tells Elijah, stay here. Elijah says, as long as the Lord liveth, I had said that right? Then they go to the Jordan and to Jericho, these two places that he repeats himself, and now when Naaman gets to his house, he sends him back to the last place he was with his prophet and he combines the Jordan and Jericho because he tells him to dip in it seven times.

Now, if I know my Bible at the walls of Jericho seven times, and on the seventh day, on the seventh time, they shouted and the walls fell down. Now how do I know this was the message for you? When I got in the back room, my production manager came up to me and said, pk, did you know that the first time you preached at the Potter’s house was April 22nd, 2015, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21. Yesterday, mark, the seventh year. Since I stood here for the first time, I told me to tell you, if you shout today, it’s going to fall down. If you.