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Pastor Keion Henderson is the lead pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Houston, Texas Lighthouse is an organization that serves the body of Christ through our 5 pillars. We always ANTICIPATE a move of God in every experience, so we constantly set a great ATMOSPHERE, and we ACCEPT everyone through love. We believe the best way to impact people is by being AUTHENTIC to who we are and by taking ACTION to move everyone towards greater.

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Pastor Keion (00:01):
Oh, I am talking to somebody here today. Oh, now it’s time to go in. This year the only thing I want to fight is something worth fighting for. As long as there is an anointing on your life, this will be the rhythm of your life. Listen, this is the rhythm, comfort, then conspiracy. Everything is working out. Where in the world did that come from? I’m on my way now. I didn’t expect that. Think I found my person. That wasn’t the one about to introduce ’em to mama. I wish I’d have never met ’em. Every person in the scripture that I looked for to give empirical data and evidence, their life was like the stock market up and down. Most of us came to God thinking that by giving God our life, the down was over. Because in your flesh, in your own life, doing your own thing, you had all of that and you thought, okay, I’m going to join church.

I’m going to give my life to God. I’m going to become faithful and that should take care of the down. I hate to be the bearer of bad news. But there’s down on this side too, after you’ve done all this shouting today, hell is still going to be at your house and your boss still going to be ignorant and you’re still going to be underpaid and you’re still going to feel insecurity and you’re still going to battle with anxiety. It is not what happens to us. It is what God is actually trying to do through us. Joseph, his daddy gave him a coat up. His brothers tried to kill him for it down. Lazarus was raised from the dead up only to be killed by people who were jealous of the power of God or attempted to be killed down. Are you listening to me?

David killed Goliath. That’s what made Saul want to kill David because sometimes it is the thing that you were given that brings the enemy in your life that wants to take it. It is the coat. It is the crown, it is the position, it is the gift, it is the anointing. It is the promise of your future that sometimes gets the devil involved on a level in your life that he would’ve otherwise never paid you attention until you actually were blessed. Jesus himself went through this because the Bible says in Luke chapter three that Jesus was baptized by his cousin, John the Baptist. Verse one of chapter four says, and immediately he was tempted by the devil, good days, whom I’m trying to get to the right people bad days. I’ve got comfort countered by conspiracy, and it is what Rabbi I, he says this, it is the dilemma of being chosen.

Joseph didn’t ask for the coat. His daddy gave it to him. The Hebrew boys didn’t ask for the fiery furnace. They were put inside of it. Lemme tell you, every time you look in the scripture, Paul didn’t ask to preach. He was minding his business, walking on the road to Damascus. All of a sudden the light hit his face and he was blinded. I want to talk to people in here who will say, pastor, I don’t know why I’m going through this trouble. I didn’t even pick where the trouble came from when Lazarus died, he didn’t send a letter to Jesus and say, wake me up. He just so happened to be close enough to Jesus that Jesus came and woke him up. And when Jesus woke him up, then the Bible says that there was a conspiracy to kill Lazarus again. Why? Because when you have been chosen by God, you have also been chosen by his enemies.

You didn’t think about that when the Lord put his name on you, his competition wanted to end. You have to understand that whenever you become friends with somebody, you also acquire their enemies. And even though it sounds depressing, that is not the point of the message. The point of the message is, is you were not supposed to be in this room today and somehow you made it that you were not supposed to be watching online and somehow you made it. In Acts chapter 23, it records the trial and the imprisonment of Paul in a place called Jerusalem on his way to Cicero, Capernaum, and the Bible says in Jerusalem, then when he gets to cea, Paul isn’t even read his Miranda rights. They do not tell him that he has the right to an attorney. They get him inside of the courtroom and Paul has to defend himself.

And this is what I like about Paul. Paul says, y’all can say whatever y’all want to say about me, but watch what he says. I have lived my life and I don’t have no guilt. And they don’t know Paul basically saying they don’t know. They think I’m a preacher. They should have checked my resume and find out what I did before I start preaching. For all of y’all who don’t know Paul, Paul was a murderer that became a preacher. That’s why you got to be careful how you treat people who you think are meek. Now, lemme tell you why Paul said, be careful. Paul says, now I can get with you because I’ve been known to get with people. When Paul finished talking, here’s what the Bible said. Now some of y’all wouldn’t have survived this part. The Bible says that Paul got to talking.

They smack Paul in the mouth. Look at you. Look at you. Y’all ready to fight. Who? Paul? Who? The one in the Bible. Not your cousin. Not that one. Paul said, be careful how you handle me because if you strike me, my God, you read it, my God is going to strike you. That’s why it is better for you to be the friend of a Christian than the enemy of somebody that God loves. Do I have any friends of God in this room today that can go ahead and relax and know that the Lord will fight your battles? God will protect that which concerns you. You’d be surprised how many people who think they can handle what you can handle. You lived in it. They’ll die outside of it. They got Paul in the trial kangaroo court, no due process about to put Paul away for good.

Guess what? His crime was loving Jesus. He didn’t commit a crime. His crime was that he wouldn’t turn his back on God. You’d be surprised how many people hate loyalty. There are people right now who are upset with you because you didn’t turn your back on somebody they couldn’t remain loyal to because your mama ain’t raised you like that. Paul says, I’m not turning my back on God because y’all did. You don’t know what he’s done for me. I’ve been shipwrecked. They tried to stone me to death and it didn’t work. He was there for me when nobody else was there for me. Paul says, so if you strike me, I feel sorry for you. And it finally came out that just like Jesus, they could find no fault in him. Later on that night, they brought Paul inside of the castle and they brought him in.

The Bible says, now watch this. What did I tell y’all? Comfort, conspiracy. Now the conspiracy has happened. They take Paul inside of the castle back that night, and then the Bible says that the Lord comes and visits with him, comfort, conspiracy. Now what’s happening again? Comfort. Now the Lord is visiting with him and the Lord is telling Paul, it’s going to be all right, son, I got this. I got you. I can handle this. Don’t you worry about it. Everything is going to be okay. And let me tell you something, whenever your life is doing this, it’s a signal that something great is about to happen.

Raise your hand if I’m talking to you online and in the place now for all of y’all. If your life is doing this and everything is just good, and it’s just going from glory to glory, from blessing to blessing, matriculating from process to prosperity. God bless you. Okay. Paul is famous. Caleb, everybody knows Paul. His trial got more people at it than Johnny Depp. And what’s that girl? Amber. Amber hurt. He got all of the people. Everybody’s at the court case. It’s watching what’s going to happen, what they going to do? What’s the verdict? Cause y’all know, we knows he ain’t. We wouldn’t know. But if we go through trial, we don’t want it out. We don’t want nobody to see it, but we want to watch everybody else mess. But Paul got a nephew that don’t nobody know. And because nobody knows him, he gets to walk in the court without being frisked. They don’t pat him down. They don’t ask

Speaker 2 (08:55):
Him a question. And had they known it was Paul’s nephew, they probably would’ve killed him on site because in some seasons of your life, it’s best not to be. And Paul’s nephew walks right in the room with five followers on Instagram. He’s got 12 on Twitter, he’s got 16 on Facebook. And when he walks around the room, the Bible says that he gets to go directly to Paul and has a conversation with Paul, and Paul catches him up on everything that’s been happening. Come here a Holy Ghost. This dude does something that you’ll never ever see in the Bible again. He goes right to the man in charge the centurion and says, bro, I need to have a meeting with you. And the Bible says that the centurion grabbed him by the hand and took him away and had a private meeting with him. Oh my God.

Because what you don’t understand is that the stage you’re in life right now, that you keep talking about nothing is working for me. You don’t understand that you own the precipice of a breakthrough, but if they knew who you were first, they would break you down. So since he wasn’t nobody, they wasn’t trying to use him because y’all know how humans are or he ain’t nobody, they don’t know that. Even though they don’t know you, God sent you in the room because you are actually more powerful now than the person who’s known, the unknown person that will never be in the story again. And at this moment is about to be the key to somebody’s destiny. You always trying to find out what your destiny is. You better find out whose destiny you need to unlock because sometimes your gift in life is to be the gift. No, no, no. Hear me? Because everybody thinks, oh, what’s my purpose in life? Well then when I find my purpose, I’m going to blow notes. Sometimes your purpose is to unlock somebody else. There is Jesus, but then there is John the Baptist. And sometimes God will send you to unlock somebody’s destiny. And history will always remember you because your destiny was to help somebody else find theirs.