The Payment For Pain | Pastor Sieon Roberts

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Preparation for Elevation Your pain and suffering may feel like punishment, but it’s setting you up for elevation. The process of elevation is uncomfortable because it’s God’s way of molding and shaping you for your blessing. God doesn’t make mistakes, so trust that it’s going to work out for your good.

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Speaker 1 (00:10:04):
I’m here to give God some praise, acceptance, authentic, this atmosphere, anticipation. Welcome to the light. Let introduce you to my father. Light. His name is Jesus the Christ. Introduce that we owe God. Are watching online, those who are watching throughout the world. Stand up on your feet and let’s lift up the name of Jesus. For we shall bless the Lord at all times and his praise shall continually be in our mouth. If you’ve decided that you want to stand and clamp and lie prostrate or get on your knees to worship the truth and living God, go ahead and do so, but He’s the faithful one. He is the all abundant. He is the all one one’s, our intercessor, spirit of the living God, we exalt you today. We welcome you in our midst. We thank you for being in the atmosphere. We thank you that you are abiding in us because we’re the atmosphere, your mouth and lift up the name of Jesus. But he alone is worthy. He’s worthy, he’s worthy. He’s worthy of all

Speaker 2 (00:11:56):
Wet lighthouse. Come on, open up your mouth and give God some praise. Why y’all get quiet? You need to be open up in your mouth and giving him the best praise that he have. Your hair, you’re alive. Well, nobody had to help you get dressed. You didn’t get no crazy phone calls this morning. I’ll bless the Lord at all times and his praise shall continually be in my mouth. Oh, magnify the Lord that is with me. Come on. Come on. Why? Because he’s great Jehovah. He’s alpha end Omega. He’s the beginning and the end. Now would I need you to do is clap your hands like this? Clap like this clap. Clap like, come on y’all. We going to make real big. Everybody clap.

Listen. You are God and you’re in control. You see that high, you Lord, the greater I and you’re in control. He’s seated higher. Come on, say it again. Right? You put your hands together, seated. We call. Call. Everybody will change. Let’s everybody good and we won’t stop. And we won’t stop and we won’t stop. Won’t stop. We everybody won and that’s real and we won’t stop. Come on over your mouth. What will your response be to that? What will your response be when he opened doors that you’ve never, what will your response be when he heals your body completely? What your response, what will it be? What will it be? What will it be?

My response will always be, whatever your will is, God, I’ll follow you. Whatever you have for my life, I’ll follow you. My answer is yes. That’s my response. Look at your neighbor and say, what is your response? Come on, worship, worship, worship. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Come on. I don’t hear you. Do it again. Do it again. Ty. Come on. Lift your head in the room. What is your response? I don’t hear you. What is your response? What is your response? Hey, here we go. You have rescued my, you have rescued my, yeah, and I never, you know it. Y’all sound real, real, real good. Say yes over and over again. You and I’ll never. I ain’t going back. Hey, next part says this. Listen. Listen. My responses, hallelujah. Singing all say, yeah. Hallelujah. Hey, my response hall. Hey, hallelujah. It’s the highest praise y’all come in your head say, rescued my life, you have rescued my life, rescued.

Speaker 3 (00:21:02):
I never, I ain’t going back. Rescue rescued my life. You have rescued my over and over. Right? Here is where you respond. Y’all say my

Speaker 2 (00:22:55):
Rescue hall, rescue my life. You ever rescue my and I’m never. I’m never, never, never, never, never, never. I ain’t going back to the places I used to. I ain’t never going back. I ain’t never going back. I ain’t never going back saying over and over and over when I was being disobedient over and over, when I didn’t follow his will for my life, he still break the music down. You have rescue. You have rescue. Say you have rescue my. You have a rescue. Rescue. You have have a rescue. My rescue and I Song says, go back. I won’t go back to the way it used to be before all presence came. Listen to the words of the song. Listen. See, I won’t go back. Say I can’t go back to the you to be for your presence. Come on, come on. Say I won’t. Won’t

Speaker 4 (00:26:46):
Used to be for your presence came Tyrone. I got to hear them. Everybody. I won’t go back The way used to be before your presence came, and it is amazing that we sing that song because when Jesus paid the price for us, he did it once and for all. Have you ever bought something and they said there is a no return policy. You can’t bring it back. There’s no returns, no exchanges. When he died for us on the cross, he did it once and for all. He ain’t going to give you back. He ain’t going to return you back to where you came from. In fact, he’s going to make sure that he stays with you even through the midst of your mess, even through the midst of your problem. If you make your bed in hell there, he will be with you. Also.

He is not too big that he can’t find you in that low place and he’s a big guy. He is never too small to come and meet you and fix whatever it is, whatever problem that you have. What will your response be when he shows up? What will your response be when he rests on your situation? What is your response? However you respond to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords will determine the kind of reward and answer that you receive from him. Even when the situation looks like it is difficult, even when the situation looks like it’s not going to work out. Who will you put your trust in? Who can you rely on knowing that he can do exceedingly and abundantly above all that you could ask or think? Put it in the master’s hands because when you do that, you will gain freedom, you’ll gain liberty.

Wherever the spirit of the Lord is there, there will be liberty. So Father, as we come to you, we reverence your holy name knowing God that you can do immeasurably more than anything that we could think. Father, we rely on your power, father, we rely on your word. Father, we submit everything that we have to you, trusting God that you are going to fix it. Father, come in this place. Let your spirit move in this place. Let it have free reign in this place to fix and correct every problem within ourselves. Father, you know what we have need of. We may not be able to properly articulate it, but Father, no matter how we say it, you already know how to answer it because your answer is yes and amen. So Father, we just trust in you. Father, fix all things, correct every relationship that we have. Correct our finances, correct our hearts. Fix our minds. May our minds be steeled by your word. May your hearts be brought to peace by your word. May we continue to rely on who you are, no matter what may be happening around us. Peace be still. Peace be still. Peace be still. Peace be still. Peace be still. Peace be still in Jesus mighty name.

Have your way, father, have your way, have your, for everybody who’s been crying about a situation, father, send your holy angels to attend to those situations. May it be corrected right now, even while you’re in this place. May God fix it for you right now in Jesus mighty name and everybody said, amen. Amen. Amen. You may be seated in the presence of the Lord. Amen. You guys look good this morning. Amen. Amen. It’s so good to see all of you here on today. Listen, I have a few announcements for you today, but can we just first acknowledge everyone who is in the building, all of our first time guests, can you raise your hands or can you stand for us so we can acknowledge you?

Amen. Welcome, welcome, welcome to the Lighthouse Church. We’re so glad that you came here and that you decided to choose to worship with us on this morning, and everyone who is watching online, lighthouse Nation, can you make some noise in the chat? Can you throw some fire emojis in there? Do what you got to do, but we are glad that you are here with us on this morning. Amen. Listen, the Lighthouse Church is a church organization that functions and honors our principles, which is the five A’s we are a church organization that serves the body of Christ through our five As. And can you say this with me? The first one is anticipation. Anticipation. All of you anticipated a move of God in this place. All of you came expecting God to do something for you, and I promise you it’s already done because of the anticipation that you showed up with.

It’s already done. Amen. The second one is the atmosphere. As soon as you entered into this place, the atmosphere was already set before you even got here. So you’re able to experience God, experience him for yourself, and know that he is concerned with you. Amen. Amen. Amen. The third one is acceptance. Come on, say acceptance, acceptance, acceptance. No matter what you’re wearing, no matter who you are, no matter where you come from, we accept you here at the Lighthouse Church. So you’re free to worship however you feel the spirit moving. Amen. The fourth one is authenticity. We are an authentic people and an authentic church, and we come showing exactly we are transparent in who we are and we’re being our real self. That way you can be your real self as well, so that God can come and show you that no matter who you are, no matter how you are, he’s for you.

He’s with you and you can be just who you are and be able to worship and experience God for yourself. And the last one is action. We take action here at the Lighthouse Church. We’re not a church of words, but we’re a church of words and actions, not just what we say, but what we do confirms that we’ve heard from God and that we move according to God’s spirit. Amen. Amen. Come on and say this with me. This is the year of manifested promises. Amen. And this is the month of progress. May everything that you do begin to progress because this is the month of progress. Amen. Amen. Psalms 37 and 23 says, the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord and he delighted in his way. Amen. Amen. Another announcement we have, Herse is proud to announce the launch of their teen mentorship program, Herse two. Come on and clap your hands for that.

The Herse two mentorship program aims to help girls currently enrolled in high school ninth through 12th grade, develop life skills to prepare them to thrive in adulthood. Amen. As a mentee, you’ll be matched with a mentor chosen specifically for you, attend, develop her sessions, and at the end of the program, be celebrated for all your accomplishments. If you’re interested in being a mentee, because we have plenty of mentors, if you’re interested in being a mentee, text her say two to 8, 4, 7, 6. That’s her say, two to 8, 4, 5, 7, 6. Listen, impartation is important. So as a mentee, you’ll receive impartation from the mentors so that you can unlock and walk into the next dimension for your life. Amen. Some dimensions you can only access through impartation. Amen. So come become a mentee and receive that impartation from the mentors. Amen. Amen. Amen. Are you a 2023 high school or college graduating senior? Come on, make some noise. If you are Amen. Scan the QR code on the screen or in the foyer to be recognized in an upcoming service for your great accomplishments. Amen. Come on, clap your hands for the graduating seniors.

Have you been interested in volunteering? Do you want to make a difference? We are excited to invite you to our citywide All campus volunteer rally at Pearland Town Center on June 10th. Come on, make some noise for that. Amen. Come get connected and spread the light. The location will be in the Pearland Town Center at 1 1 2 0 0 Broadway Street in Pearland, Texas. 7 7 5 8 4. Text lh. Volunteer to 8 4 5 7 6. Or you can visit our website, LH to get connected. Amen. Amen. Another announcement I have for you, follow Jesus here, there and everywhere. Our kids’ discovery zone kids’ ministry will be hosting vacation Bible school. I know some parents y’all like, Ooh, Lord Jesus, come take these kids.

I know he need to take mine too. On Wednesday, June 28th through Friday, June 30th, it will begin at 6:30 PM each night and it is open to children in pre-K, which is three years old and potty train. Emphasize potty train to sixth grade. Okay. At the lighthouse main campus. Amen. Scan the QR code for more information and to register your child or children or visit our website, LH Amen. And then we have the greatest leader on the planet. Okay, that was good for me, but I said we have the greatest leader on the planet. That’s better. That’s better. We are celebrating our shepherd, our leader, pastor Keon Henderson, for his very own birthday on Sunday, July. We want you to join us in celebrating our very own pastor Keon Henderson on another year of life. Scan the QR code or visit kons birthday to purchase your tickets. Amen. Now direct your attention to the screens. We have a quick video we want to show you are

Speaker 5 (00:39:19):
Bible set You out here evangelizing, passing our flyers downtown Houston going May 31st. If y’all not three y’all give, we going to hear everybody because you know the Lifehouse church never does nothing typical.

Speaker 4 (00:39:47):
I have me crunk up here, boy, roll out. I don’t know y’all taking me back. I ain’t trying to go back. Y’all taking me back. But listen, that ain’t typical. That’s not your typical Bible study. So listen, make sure you guys come and show up. It is happening this coming Wednesday. Okay? May 31st come and support be at this untypical, which is not really a word untypical, not your typical Bible study, but there will be food trucks. There will be many different events and things to do that will while we’re there, it will begin at 5:00 PM and Bible study will start at 7:00 PM Merch will also be available. Come join us for food, fun and fellowship this Wednesday. You do not want to miss. Amen. Amen. Listen, the next voice that you will hear will be that of our very own assistant pastor Pastor Torrance Moore.

Speaker 6 (00:40:55):
Come on, give the Lord some praise. Oh, you can do better than that. Come on and give the Lord some praise in the house this morning. Yeah, we got people popping up all around the building. There’s some people who can say the Lord’s been good to me. Yeah, couldn’t nobody do it but him. I looked all around and tried to find somebody with the capability that the Lord had but couldn’t find nobody because can’t nobody do what the Lord can do. Hallelujah. Somebody can say He healed my body, gave me a new direction. Come on, gave me vision in my sight. Remove all my burden, took away my hindrances and gave stand if he did that for you, come on, say, Lord, thank you.

That’s that’s real good. That’s real good. That’s real good. We not going to get started because in a minute I’ll be running and if I get to running, we won’t even get to the communion. This communion time, the word of the Lord is enough food for me. You understand? But when I think there it is of the goodness of Jesus and all that means done for me, hallelujah. I got to just say, Lord, I thank you for everything. Look at your neighbor and say everything that he’s done for me. Oh Lord, hallelujah. Hallelujah, hallelujah. Yeah, yeah. Hallelujah. Come on, don’t y’all start. Leave it alone. Tyrone, don’t you start right now. We got to move on in the service. Hallelujah. God, hallelujah.

He’s an everything type of God, ain’t he? Hallelujah. All my situation type of God, take care of all of my business, type of God. Hallelujah. Sit down. Sit down. If you need your communion, just raise your hand. We want to serve you right now, this communion time. We want to serve you. Just keep your hands lifted. I lead servants to come around to you. We want to meet that need because this is communion time. Communion time, communion time. There it is. There it is. Hands are lifted up. Hands are lifted up. We want to serve you with that. We want to serve you. Yeah. Everybody know a little bit of that song right there when you hear that, that’ll take you back to the time when you first met the Lord. Oh, if you know that, just sing along with watch it.

Take it pastor the T, take it. Take it. Listen. The Bible says that Paul came with instructions on how we should take the Lord’s supper and he said that when you come together that there should be no division amongst you, that when we come together there should be no facts. There should be no separation. That when we come in together that we are remembering the body. Look at your neighbor and say that the Lord’s about to remember you. Yeah. Everything that you thought was broken, everything that you thought was forgotten to look at him again and said, the Lord’s about to remember you, and he took the bread and he said, listen, that on the night that Jesus was betrayed, he said he took the bread and he said that this is my body that was broken for you. Eat ye all of it.

He said that now that you’ve eaten the body, he said that he took the cup. We hold it over our head here because it symbolizes that here at the Lighthouse Church, we believe that the blood of Jesus washes us from head to toe. That it don’t matter that whatever I came from, whatever I’d done, whatever I had allowed myself to get into self-inflicted wounds, the blood still works. Just look at your neighbor and say, I plead the blood of Jesus on your life. Look at your other neighbor and say the blood, it still works. It still works still, it still works. It still works. Hallelujah. He said that this is the new covenant in me. As many times as you do this, do this in remembrance of me. If the Lord is going to remember you, it’s time for us to remember him. That everything that the Lord has done for him, he’s worthy of all the praise. Come on, drink the all of it. Feed the blood. It still work feet. Now what’s your response? Y’all play too much. Try to get Tyrone now what’s your response? It’s the blood. It’s the black promise you every time I start thinking on the goodness of Jesus and all that getting through to me, my soul to shout, hallelujah. I stopped thinking about the blood saved.

Speaker 2 (00:50:38):
It was the blood. It was the blood. I should be gay it in my grave, but it was the blood. I should diabetes but it was the I should aids but it was if you’re going to do it, do it. If you’re going to church, church, if you’re going to let him have his way and let him have his way, if not we going to move on but we going to play with it. I said, look at your neighbor say now still works. I said, what am always say, why y’all playing with me? I ain’t got to sing another song. I could praise it for about an hour or two because all I got to do is go down memory lane and think about where I should have been, but I’m look at your neighbor and say it still works. What’s wrong with y’all at still saved? He saved my soul. He made me. He healed my body. He taught that to behave. He unlocked the

Pastor Sieon (00:55:00):
I. If you know the blood still works, I want you to just take a moment, open your mouth and thank him for the blood. Come on, I need some help in my monitors. You’re not for anything else. I just want you to open your mouth and thank him for the blood. That’s it. Take a few moments, open your mouth and just thank him for the power of the blood While you’re thanking him for the blood, I just want you to say this, I may not know what tomorrow looks like. I don’t know what my next test is, but right now I’m thanking him for the blood on my life. That’s it. Come on there. To my heart, was the blood applied? All I know is that it was the blood that saved.

I need you to follow these instructions because God is in this room. I need you to grab your neighbor’s hand. According to the book of Matthew, there’s power in the touch. I know we do a lot of religious things in church, but I need you to understand that as you grab your neighbor’s hand today, you’re representing God in their life. The first thing I want you to speak to your neighbor on the either side is I want you to tell them as I grab your hand, I need you to know that you’re not alone. My touch represents God’s touch, God’s and every time I touch you today, I want you to know God is touching you. Here’s the next thing I want you to tell your neighbor. I want you to tell your neighbor. Say Neighbor, I need you to understand something about these hands. Tell ’em these hands are not regular hands.

Tell ’em these hands that are holding yours. Come on, tell ’em. Say these hands that are holding yours are miracle hands. Tell ’em these are surviving hands. Tell ’em these hands have been through a lot but they made it through everything that the devil could throw at them and because my hand is in your hand today, we’re coming through together. Every time I touch you, another miracle is going to be released in your life. Now only those of you who believe it, loose those hands and give God praise. I said praise him like you believe He’s a miracle working God.

Let the redeemed of the Lord say so something that’s happening in this room, I want to obey God. We’re getting ready to move, but I want every person when I count to three, something’s getting ready to happen in your life and there’s one word the Lord told me to tell you to shout. When I count to three, I want you to holler shift, s h i f t. You hear me and something in your life is getting ready to shift. 1, 2, 3, holler. She, it’s getting ready to move. When you leave here today, don’t expect things to be the same. I said when you leave here today, expect some things to be out of alive because it’s shifted for you today by the power of the Holy Ghost.

I feel the Lord in this room. Those of you watching us online, I need you to believe God for a shift something miraculous is happening in this room. Get your Bible in your hand. We honor our leader in his absence today. Pastor Keon Henderson. Let’s give God praise for the visionary of this great body. You can do better than that. I know we’re praising God, but it’s tough for me you to tell me you praise God and don’t honor leadership. I said it’s tough for me you to tell me that you praise God but won’t honor leadership, so I’m going to give you another chance. Let’s honor pastor and first lady in their absence to all of you wonderful people who make this thing called ministry. Go. We thank God for each and every one of you in here on today. Thank God for my oldest son being with me in the house on today.

He is a minstrel in his own right and if I give him the mic this morning, I’ll be out of a job. We thank God for what he’s doing in his life and how God is blessing him. I got a few scriptures to read on this morning. By now you know me. I’m not a microwave preacher. I slow cook, so y’all just stay with me on today we got three different scriptures we want to read, but there is a method to the madness. Somebody say there’s a method to the madness. It’s Pentecost Sunday. Somebody say, happy birthday. Happy birthday, birthday to the Church of the Living God, the Church of the Living God. Genesis chapter number two, Genesis chapter number two.

You can give me that. Just let me. You’re going to take it right back. Did you open it? Genesis chapter number two beginning with verse number 18. When you get it, say I got it. Genesis chapter two verse 18 says, in the Lord, God said, it is not good that man should be alone on I will make him a help meet for him and out of the ground. God formed every beast of the field and every F foul of the air and brought them to Adam to see what he would call them whatsoever. Adam called every living creature. That was the name thereof. Now, I don’t know if you all see a problem with this, but I saw a problem with this. To me it was a problem to God. It was his divine will because in verse 18 you said it was good. It was not good. That man should be alone and then you made him a promise and said you were going to make a help meet for him, but then you didn’t immediately tend to that need.

You then put work in front of him before you met his need, so you identified that it wasn’t good for him to be alone, but you left him alone while he worked and Adam gave names to all the cattle. He just did what God put in front of him and to the foul of the air and to every beast of the field. But for Adam there was not found a help meet for him and the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam and he slept and took one of his ribs and closed it up, closed up the flesh instead thereof and the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, he made a woman and brought her unto the man, put him to sleep. Y’all got time for me this morning, put him to sleep and start making this woman out of him, put him to sleep and start making this woman out of him. I’m not doing marriage counseling this morning, but if I was, I would tell every woman that while God was making you, he put the man to sleep.

You want him to tend to your knees, but he sleeps so God can make you. And then when he made the woman, he woke Adam up and presented the woman to him, brought him to her and said, Adam said verse 23, and Adam said, this is now bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh. She shall be called woman, which is in other words womb man. She’s the man with a womb because she has been taken out of man. Let’s skip over one chapter, Genesis chapter number three. Y’all don’t mind reading the Bible do you? Genesis chapter number three, verse number 14, we know the story very familiar. They got distracted. They have consequences to their actions. Verse 14, and the Lord God said unto the serpent, because thou has done this, thou are cursed above all cattle and above every beast of the field upon thy belly shall thou go and the dust shall thou eat all the days of thy life, I will put enmity between thee and the woman, between thy seed and her seed.

It shall bruise thy head, thou shall bruise his heal unto the woman. He said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception in sorrow shall thou bring forth children. Y’all see it. Notice what he’s saying. You got to read the Bible slow. He’s saying, I’m going to give you children, I’m going to give you fruit. I’m going to bless you, but it’s going to happen in sorrow and thy desire shall be to thy husband. Last verse here and unto Adam, he said, because thou has harkened unto the voice of thy wife and has eaten of the tree, which I commanded thee saying thou shall not eat of th cursed is the ground for thys sake in sorrow. Same word shalt thou eat of it. You’re going to eat all the days of your life. Last verse, thorns and thistles shalt thou bring forth to Dee and thou shall eat the herb of the field. I’m going to bless you, but it’s not going to be without pain.

Last scripture and we’re getting right into the preaching moment, acts chapter two, I’m going to bring it all together. Don’t worry, I’m not going to leave you out here by yourself. I’m not going to leave you out here by yourself and when the day of Pentecost was fully come, when the day was fully come, y’all read the Bible slow like me. It didn’t just say when it came, it said when it was fully come. It suggests to me that it had been coming, it had been making appearances, but this was the day that it fully came. They were all with one accord in one place that suddenly they came a sound from heaven as a rushing mighty wind and it filled all the house where they were sitting and there appeared unto them cloven tongues of fire and it set upon each of them and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost and began to speak with other tongues as the spirit gave them utterance.

Spirit of the living God, we thank you for the power of your word. We ask right now, God, that your word would be spirit and life. Turn the light on today so that we may see your truth and receive deliverance and receive salvation and receive direction for the next season of our life. In the mighty name of Jesus. We pray and we say it is so on your way to your seat, I want you to tell somebody next to you. Tell them neighbor, God’s going to give you payment for your pain. Find somebody else on your way to your seat. Tell ’em neighbor God always pays his bills. Tell him you will receive payment for your pain if you believe it, clap your hands like the devil’s head is between them.

I need y’all to pray for me this morning. Are y’all praying for me here? Here’s what I’ve been tasked with this morning. I’ve been tasked with trying to preach from the macro, which is the big picture, the picture of the church to the micro, which is the picture of you who is the New Testament church. So I’m going to try to bounce back and forth between the big picture of the Universal Corporate church and zero wr to you who the Bible says, now you are the temple of the living God. I know that we always talk about the day of Pentecost and we deal with the birth of the church, the New Testament church, the church that came through the acts of the apostles and was the foundation of where we stand right now. But if you’ve paid any attention to any of my teachings and my preachings, you know that I believe everything has a foundation that can be found in the book of Genesis.

That in the book of Genesis you will see every seed that is needed to understand what has grown to be the principles of God right now. So I would submit to you ladies and gentlemen that as we celebrate the birth of the New Testament church, that we must talk about the birth of the first church because there was a church that was an Old Testament prototype for the Old Testament is built in types and shadows of the New Testament. Theologians say it like this, the Old Testament conceals, come on theologians what the New Testament reveals. And so it’s responsible for us to not just deal with the revelation of the New Testament, we must deal with the concealment of the Old Testament. And so very early in my message, I really want to kind of deal with point number one because there are only three things that I want to talk about today to help you follow me.

Y’all with me? Yes. I really just want to talk about the presentation of the church and then I want to talk about the persecution of the church and then I want to talk about the power that’s been given to the church. And so really early I want you to understand that God presented his church to the first Adam the same way he’s going to do and has done the second church to us. When you look at this first church, we’re looking at a woman by the name of Eve who the Bible talks very clearly about because every woman specifically Eve because of the law of first mentioned in some way, shape or form is a representation of the church. Oh I should say every bride, we are the bride of Christ and since Jesus is the second Adam, we must look at the first Adam to understand how it is that the first church was birthed. Why did God take eve out of Adam? Why did he put Adam to sleep and take Eve out of Adam? The Bible says we were made in his image before he even took woman out of Adam. The Bible says he created man in his image and then he says he blessed them male and female created him.

Then he says he created them and bless them. So he first starts talking about Adam and calls them him and then it says male and female created he them one body but calls it them. It suggests to us that when he made Adam, he put both Adam and Eve in the same body. The Bible says that he made Adam in his resemblance because everything that we are is inside of God. If you ever want to see what God looks like, if you ever want to imagine a physical appearance of God, put a male and a female together and that is who God. So the Bible says when he made Adam, he put eve inside of Adam, put him to sleep and the Bible says he blessed them.

She has not been created outside of him yet, but she’s inside of him and he blessed them when he blessed him. So he created them both in the same body. Then the Bible says he put Adam to sleep and took Eve out of Adam. When he took Eve out of Adam, he did it because he took both of them out of himself. Y’all stay with me. We in school for just a little while. It excites me because I understand that everything I am was taken out of God and everything I need was taken out of me and so Eve here. Now, if Jesus is the second Adam and the church is his bride, then Eve must be the bride and the church of the first Adam. Are you with me here? Look at what God does. The Bible says that once Adam wakes up, the Bible says he brought Eve to her to him. The word here is the word presented. Somebody said, presented. Presented. He presented Eve as his bride and the word presented in the Hebrew state with me it means it came to pass. He presents Adam with his bride and lets Adam know this thing that I put inside of you has come to pass.

Here’s what the suggestion is. Are y’all here with me? The suggestion is that it was already set in the heavenlies before it happened in the earth realm. So before I made you and before I put you to sleep and took Eve out of you, this was a moment that I had already purposed that it was going to manifest before I even created you. The presentation of Eve was a manifested moment that God had already predestined. Look at somebody and tell ’em, neighbor, there is a came to pass moment in your life. I come to tell you that you are in this room and watching us online because God is about to bring you into a season of presentation. It means that something that God has been holding in the heavenly place is about to come to pass. Can you look at somebody and tell ’em, neighbor, I prophesied the manifestation of your moment is getting ready to happen.

Don’t really know how to thank God. Yep, yep. Jehosaphat said, believe the prophet and you will prosper. So I’m going to give you the prophecy again and give you a chance to thank God I said prophesy to somebody and tell them that the manifestation of your moment is about to come. There is and it came to pass moment about to happen in your life that you are in the season of your presentation that God has been getting you ready for what he’s about to manifest in your life. The first Adam and the first Eve had a manifested moment. He created Eve and he brought Eve. He presented the church, he presented Eve to Adam as her husband, and the Bible says this was a manifested moment for them that they muddied up and mishandled. I wish I had time if I really had time. That’s another message I would tell you.

Don’t mishandle your moment. Don’t you waited too long for this moment. You cried. You do not mishandle the moment that God is about to cause to manifest in your life and I see the hands of those of you that just been waiting for a manifestation of your, you’ve been waiting for your season for God to finally present what’s been in your spirit and there’s nothing more frustrating than feeling it on the inside but not seeing it on the outside. I beat John Brown if I let you mess it up. Once I see what I’ve been feeling, come on. I don’t care who you are, you don’t carry enough power, you don’t carry enough anointing for me to let you mess up my manifestation moment. I cried. I prayed. I had a lot of lonely nights, a lot of wet pillows, a lot of nights curled around the toilet, crying and weeping.

Y’all going to talk back to me? A lot of lonely days, a lot of hangups, a lot of blocking people, all of that just for God to finally bring me to my moment, to let somebody who don’t have the anointing that I carry to mess it up. Tell somebody, not this moment, not this moment. No, no, no. You will not mess up this moment. There’s a season, a presentation coming for you. There’s a moment of manifestation coming for you and I almost preached, I almost titled this, don’t miss your moment because God is about cause this moment to slap you in the face. I’m telling you the thing you’ve been waiting for is about to manifest itself. It’s about to bubble forth. That’s what prophecy is. It’s the bubbling forth of the will of God. It’s about to come forth and there are about 75 of y’all in this room and about a thousand of you all online that can feel in your spirit the bubbling forth of a moment, the presentation, you can’t even put your finger on it, but you can feel that God is about to pull the cover off of something great.

That’s why you’ve been holding it together. That’s why even though you wanted to cry, you’ve been seizing yourself, grabbing yourself by the collar and telling yourself, get yourself together. You’ve been telling yourself hold it, hold it, hold it. We can’t fall apart right now. We know God’s getting ready to do something. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know when it’s coming, but God set the prophet here this morning to tell you you’re about to come into your season of presentation. Somebody opened up your mouth and shout, this is my season of present. Can I help you? I just want to encourage you this morning I didn’t come for myself. I came to help you. Can I help you? Let me see the hands of those of you that want my help though. Yes. God says to Adam once he identifies that he’s about to manifest his moment, watch it.

Here’s a principle. I need you to understand this principle. He says to Adam, he says to us and lets us peek in on the conversation. He says, it is not good for man to be alone. He identifies that he sees Adam’s plight. He sees the loneliness of Adam. He sees the emptiness of Adam, he sees the void of Adam. He sees him, but he does not act right away. He says it is not good for man to be alone, watch it and then gives Adam an assignment and puts him to work before he meets his need. He identifies that he has a need and then makes him work on something else. Alright, this side, because y’all talking back to me, I’m going to let them wake up. I said He identifies that I see you. I know you long. I know what you need. I know what you want. I’ve been hearing you bend the heavens with your request and I gave you an assignment. It does not mean that I don’t hear you. Who am I talking to? Because the presentation of Eve or the presentation of it came to pass the thing, the manifestation of his moment was for an appointed time, not for Adam’s time.

I know, I know, I know. We got to grow up. I need you to understand God does not move on your time. Yes, he does not move on your time. He does not move when you cry, he does not move. When you throw a fit, he does not move because you start doubting him. You reminding God about your bills does not move him. He already know about your bills and he’s waiting to see will you work while you wait? Yep. Because some of y’all Ms. Church because you got an attitude you can’t be effective because you got an attitude. God said you ain’t ready. You not ready for your manifestation. I know you are ready for your manifestation, Adam, because while I saw that it was not good for you to be alone, I also noticed that everything I put in front of you, you finished your assignment and the Bible says when Adam got done he still had nobody to help him. Can I talk to some people that are upset because you feel like wow, you are helping everybody else.

Somebody said Preach. I plan to do just that. I just need you to help me while you are helping everybody else. I’m looking around and I can’t find nobody to help me. God sent me here to tell you it’s not a reason for you to quit. It’s not a reason for you to throw in the towel. In fact, if Israel still had to sing while they were in Babylonian bondage, God said, you still got to work. The Bible says Israel hung their harps on willow’s trees because they were soaking because of bondage and said, how can we sing in a strange land? It’s the same child. It’s the same number of Psalm that says that you are going to reap for your tears and he’s going to give you joy. Can you look at your neighbor for the first time during this message and tell them, neighbor, you got to learn to work while you wait on God. Are they that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength? You got an assignment and if you don’t finish your assignment, stop looking for the manifestation.

We want big blessings. We want mature blessings with immature actions because maturity says no matter what I’m going through, I got work to do because I will not miss the manifestation of this moment. This I will not miss my presentation season and the Bible says that chapter three came because of the presentation of chapter two because as soon as the enemy saw how God was manifesting the moment in the life of Adam, he came straight for the thing that God manifested. Lord, help me preach this. I believe by the time we leave, not only will we be delivered, but we’re going to be more mature. Yes, because once God manifest the thing we in church like to shout over it and move on, but when God manifested, we got to learn to cover it because the Bible says the moment he manifested Eve Genesis chapter three verse number one, the devil don’t want a conversation with Adam. He wants a conversation with Adam’s presentation. Oh yes, the devil is after what God is trying to manifest in your life and the Bible says they fell in chapter number three because God was doing great things in chapter number two, can I tell you why the enemy is after you?

He’s after you because of what God is about to bring to pass in your life. The second Adam has a bride just like the first Adam. Her name is not Eve. She is the church. She’s the manifestation of a moment for God. She’s the body of Christ according to the law first mentioned the first Adam when his bride, what presented to him, watch what he declares. She is now bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh. Help me preach this in the Hebrew that phrase English or to preach the good news of the one you came from.

All you married couples are about to get some free marriage counseling with you. What he says is, Eve, your job is to only make public the good about Adam. Yep. I’m going to help you because father’s day is coming. Nobody needs to hear what you don’t like. Your job is to preach the good news of Adam and the job of the second bride. Raise your hand. Second bride the church of the living God. That’s everybody is to preach the good news of the second Adam who name is Jesus Christ. Look at somebody and tell them, neighbor, our job is to publish. I know we are living in a strange society that has gotten us away from preaching the good news of Jesus Christ. In fact, there are strange spirits that don’t even want us to say the name of Jesus Christ, but I decree and declare as a preacher and a prophet of God that nothing holds the power that the name Jesus has and it is my job to preach until the souls are saved.

God says that we should preach and tell the four corners of the world have heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. Look at somebody and tell ’em, neighbor the preaching of the gospel. It’s the divine deliverance of the nation and you got to open your mouth and tell somebody that Jesus, when was the last time you testified about the goodness of Jesus? Let us look at your social media page. We hear all your twerking and turn up songs. When was the last time you posted about the goodness of Jesus? I ain’t talking about you playing a church song. I’m talking about you telling somebody about the one who saved you. Telling somebody that the Lord is my light and my salvation telling somebody that if it had not been for the goodness of God, telling somebody that he’s still saving lives, telling somebody that there is a name that is above every name, telling somebody that the blood of Jesus reaches the highest mountain and flows through the lowest valley. Grab your neighbor by the hand and tell ’em, neighbor, I am constrained by this great gospel to open my

Speaker 8 (01:32:01):
Mouth and preach

Pastor Sieon (01:32:04):
To be instant in season, to be instant outer sit down. I’m just teaching you. We still in school. I just get excited about a teacher. Look at your neighbor and say, neighbor, we still in school tell ’em we’re on our way to church though we are on our way. When the bell rings, we’ll be leaving class and headed to church. We are in the presentation season. God says that we are bone of his bone as the first Eve was the first Adam, so the church of the Living God, I’m sorry I’m boring. You just let me get through class. So is the second Eve the bride of Christ’s bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh. We are to publish the good news of Jesus Christ and I want you to keep your seat when I tell you this. This is stuff to shout about, but we’re still in class and we’re supposed to act dignified.

I’m glad I didn’t give you this a minute ago. Just make sure you act right. If you want me to give you this, here’s the thing that most Saints should get excited about. When you really saved, you get excited about the fact that there’s going to be another presentation that when Jesus comes back for his church, I know we don’t preach that no more. Yep, yep, yep. I know the word rapture is not in the Bible, but the concept is in the Bible. Don’t let nobody tell you or take your joy away because the truth of the matter is when you’re really saved, you get sick of this earth when you really saved Roman says that the whole creation is groaning, crying, Abba Father, it talks about the adoption. We are ready to come. God, we ready for you to come get us When your worldly, you don’t care about him coming back.

I know, I know, I know. Just forgive me. We’ll get off this kind of preaching maybe second Sunday in June, but when you are worldly, you don’t care about the return of Jesus Christ, but when you love him, you tired of going through this mess. You sick of these demons down here, you sick of the prince of the air and how foolish these folks are acting when you really love God, you’re trying to get soul saved, but you ready to go look at somebody and tell ’em, I can’t wait till he comes back. He coming back to get me. There’s going to be a presentation. It’s going to come to pass. This is where the world finds their hope.

Church finds their hope in the fact that Jesus is on his way back. Somebody say Jesus is on his way back. While I’m in my presentation season, God is manifesting moments in my life. I need to find out how did I get? How does the church, how do I get from the transition from presentation? How do I get from the manifestation of my moment? How do I get from it came to pass to the power of Pentecost. How do I get from manifestation to power? Some of us are satisfied with God just doing what he said he would do, but you don’t understand. You got to have the power to walk in that thing because the moment God gives it to you, the devil is coming after you.

Y’all going to have church with me for real. That’s why you got to be careful what you ask for. Don’t you ever covet what God has given me? Don’t you ever be jealous of what God has given your neighbor. You don’t know what it takes to be them. Oh, no, no, no. You don’t know the dark places I have to fight myself out of because of the anointing that I carry. You don’t know what kind of demons that I have to wrestle with because of the anointing that you carry. You don’t know everything that I had to go through just to get to the manifestation. So you better stop asking for what I have. Lord. There’s a preacher that I love. He said he was preaching revival somewhere and he said some young preachers that admired him came up to him and said, brother, pastor, we love you so much. We want to be just like you. We want to preach just like you. We want to carry your anointing. He said, oh, you do, don’t you? He said, let’s pray. And he grabbed their hands and he said, Lord, let these ministers go through divorce us.

He said, Lord, let these ministers contemplate suicide. He said, Lord, let these ministers when they pastor have their church turn their back on them and the board try to put ’em out even though all they’ve been doing is preaching and minister Lord. They say they want what I have. Give them every suffering, every trial that I had because you got to be careful when you are asking for somebody else’s anointing. Just get what you have because it’s going to take power to walk in just what you have. Here it is. So in between the season of presentation and power, do I have a few more minutes in class? There has to be a bridge that gets us there. It’s the same bridge that got the church there. When God manifests your moment when he presents you, you don’t go straight to power in order for you to walk into what’s promised. You don’t go straight there. Just ask Joseph straight.

Joseph had a manifestation moment because of the favor of God that was on his life and he started to dream and it’s frustrating when you see the manifestation or you see what God is going to do, but he won’t take you there right away if you’re bored. Just pray for me. Bible says he has to go in a pit. He has to go to Potiphar’s house and get lied on. He then has to go to prison before he can then go to the power of the manifestation in the palace. Or you can just ask David, because David receives an anointing after having been left out of the inaugural celebration while his brothers and his father are celebrating. He is anointed and then after he is anointed, he is chased and pursued by somebody sitting in a seat. That’s really he is.

Ms. Jackie. I wish they would loose me and let me go This morning. He is trying to be murdered by a man who has had the kingdom ripped from his hands and he is now having to vacate a seat that God said is really his because after you get anointed and after you receive the manifestation, there is a process that you must go through in order to get you to where you’re going and the power thereof and the process is called persecution. So here’s my second point that we’ve got to deal with the persecution of the church. Look at somebody and say, there’s persecution coming in your life. I said, there’s persecution coming in your life. Here’s this. Here’s the main thing you need to know about persecution. It is suffering, but it is a distinct kind of suffering because persecution is always connected to what you believe.

Whenever you are being persecuted, it’s because the devil wants you to stop believing God for whatever you are believing God for. When God has something in your life, the devil is going to do his best to make you feel like either it’s not going to happen or you ain’t going to be able to keep it. Who am I talking to? The devil has been distinctly coming after your belief. Look at somebody and tell ’em, neighbor, I know I’m being persecuted. Tell him I know I’m being persecuted. Tell him I know I’m being persecuted, but I will not stop believing God.

Persecution is the incubator that gets you from presentation to power. You cannot become what God wants you to become if you’re not in the incubator of persecution. You know what an incubator is? Incubator is that machine that helps a baby to grow and protects them so that life can be restored or life can grow in them while they’re protected from their deficiencies. And if you had not gone through the hell that you have gone through, you would still be deficient in your maturity. But God let you go through your season of slaughter so that you can have the maturity to walk in the power you’re about to walk into. I don’t know who I’m talking to, but the thing that I like Pastor Torrance about these messages is I really don’t need your amens for these type of messages. I have lived these, I have lived this.

If it had not been for all of the times that I was lied on, it had not been for all of the times watch this, that I was exposed. Yes, because some of them were lies, but some of them were the truth. I know Tyrone, they don’t like it, but if it hadn’t been for all of those things for God, letting my heart be broken, for me having to endure people walking out on me. If it had not been for of that, I would still be weak and feeble, but God let me suffer so that I could be what he needs me to be in the next season. See, the reason you can’t break me, the reason why I’m not feeble and the reason why I’m not weak is because I’ve been through too much and didn’t break while I was going through it. Since I didn’t break while I was going through it, there is no way that the devil can break me now. I’m just trying to entertain and see and interview some of you in the room. See who I’m talking to that the reason why you can take a lick right now and keep ticking is because you grew up boxing your whole life. Come on Miss Sealy. Where you at? All my Miss Sealys all my life. Y’all don’t want to have no church All my life, all my life. All my life. Yes, God. And I just found out at age 42 why I had to be born into what I was born into.

Oh yes. My therapist helped me realize that when I was born I felt doubly rejected and then every man in my life that had an opportunity to father me dropped me. I grew up with the devil laughing at me. I was angry before I got a chance to know what anger really was, and the

Speaker 9 (01:45:04):

Pastor Sieon (01:45:05):
Was excited because he felt like this one here. We definitely got him, but what he did not understand was this, that while I was going through hell from the time that I was born, he forgot that all things worked together for the good of them that loved God and all the called according to his purpose. He forgot that the only thing I had to do to get God to cover me was just fall in love with Jesus. The moment I fell in love with Jesus, Jesus said, I’m going to make it work for your good. Do I have anybody in here that’s had to fight your whole life and because you had to fight your whole life, you ain’t scared of no devil? Look at your neighbor in the eyeball and tell them, neighbor, I ain’t scared of no devil. Tell them, neighbor, I seen some scarier stuff then What the devil’s trying to throw at me now you got to come better than it. I have survived

Speaker 9 (01:46:24):

Pastor Sieon (01:46:26):
I have survived diabetes. I’ve

Speaker 9 (01:46:29):

Pastor Sieon (01:46:30):
Death. I’ve defied every spirit of murder. I’ve been through abuse, I’ve been through rejection. I’ve looked hell in the face.

Speaker 9 (01:46:43):

Pastor Sieon (01:46:44):
Have come and I’m still alives have come and I’m still alive. Principalities have come and I’m still alive. Strongholds have come and I’m still alive. Witches and warlocks have tried to cast spells, but I’m still alive and every time it don’t work, we send the assignment right back to the pit of hell. Now Satan himself has come because none of it worked, but somebody looked the devil in the eye and tell him, I ain’t scared of you, devil.

Speaker 10 (01:47:35):
Greater is he.

Pastor Sieon (01:47:43):
I feel some movement in here. Grab your neighbor’s hand. Grab your neighbor’s hand. Tell ’em, neighbor, I told you when I touch you something miraculous. What’s going to happen in your life? Tell ’em, neighbor, this is the first touch. Tell ’em

Speaker 10 (01:48:06):
Greater is he

Pastor Sieon (01:48:08):
That is in me than he that’s in the world. Now loose those hands and give him glory. Make sure I’m in e flat no matter what I do. Give me just a few more minutes. Give me just a few more minutes. Sit down if you can. Suffering of Christ is very important. The suffering of the church is very important because contrary to popular belief, Christ did not just come to die. Christ did not just come to die and be raised. He came to suffer. Somebody say he came to suffer. He did not come just to die, but he came to suffer. Somebody say he came to suffer. I don’t want you to shout through this moment because this moment is very key to what you’re going to do in the next season. Matthew chapter 26, Matthew chapter 26, verse number two explains why I must understand that Jesus came to suffer that you cannot skip from presentation to power. You must go through persecution. You have to suffer. Here’s what Matthew 26 and verse two says. The Bible says the son of man is betrayed to be crucified. Hear me? He is betrayed to be crucified. In other words, he has to be betrayed in order to be crucified because crucifixion, hear this, please. This is going to be a social media moment. Tweet it, post it, whatever it is. Here’s what most people don’t know that crucifixion is an elevation.

I’m trying to help somebody hear me. Even the thieves that were hanging next to Jesus had to be somebody for them to be crucified and for them to be hanging next to the king of the Jews, even though they may not have been somebody in the church realm, they were very important criminals in order for them to be crucified. Hear me when I tell you. Crucifixion is in elevation. It’s in the scripture. Watch it because the word betrayal, the word betrayed in the original Greek language means to be delivered up. Hear me. Have you ever been betrayed? Betrayal is a certain kind of suffering because it is not just you being talked about, lied on or done wrong by just anybody. It’s only betrayal if you care about the one that is hurting you. Yes. So in order for God to take you up, he has to let you be hurt by those that you care about.

Come close. Here’s why. Judas had to be the one that really betrayed Jesus. If I had time, I’d unlock the door and take you to the room that has to talk about how Jesus felt about Judas. Because if Jesus didn’t love Judas, Judas couldn’t be the one to betray him. Yes, I’m talking to you. It means to be delivered up. Jesus would not have even been crucified or resurrection until or resurrected until he first was betrayed. He was betrayed so that he could be crucified because crucifixion is an elevation. Paul said that I may know him in the fellowship of his suffering and in the power of his resurrection. When the centurion soldier saw Jesus hanging on the cross stay with me, all having been fulfilled, he could have left him alone, but he took his spirit and the Bible said he pierced him. Stay with me.

He could have pierced him, pastor Torrance in the leg, but he did not pierce him in the leg. I feel the power of the Holy Ghost. He could pierce him in the arm, but he did not pierce him in the arm. The Bible says he had to carry out a prophetic action, and the scripture says he pierced him in his side. Oh, come on, Bible readers. He pierced him in the same place that God took eve from. Oh come. He pierced him in the place that the bride was taken from. It was a prophetic statement that church of the living God, you’ll not escape suffering yourself that while Jesus is hanging on the cross, the piercing in his rib was a statement that you are going to have to go through it as well. But the reason why I stay encouraged while I’m going through my suffering is because I know that the vehicle to resurrection is my crucifixion and the vehicle to my crucifixion is my betrayal.

And when God delivers us from persecution, some of us Tyrone want to be delivered out, but I don’t get no value out of my season with God just delivering me out of it. When I come through all of the hell that I have to go through and I ain’t talking to everybody, but those of you who know you’re anointed like me and you know that you got to just go through some stuff. If I got to go through all of that, I need my season to mean something. Don’t just bring me out of it because when you bring me out of it, I’m at the same level that I was when I went in. God, if I got to go through hell when you bring me out or when you deliver me, deliver me up, do me a favor and tell somebody next to you.

Tell ’em neighbor, it’s going to be worth it when you come out. Y’all ain’t saying nothing. Tell your neighbor, say neighbor. It’s going to be worth it when you come out because when you come out this time, you’re not coming out the same. Tell your neighbor, say neighbor, I prophesy that when you come out this time, you are coming out high. You are coming out on another level. You are coming out with better prayers. You are coming out with a different level of annoyance. That’s why the devil is scared of you. Point your finger at your neighbor and tell your neighbor, say neighbor. The best part of the horror movie is when the one that’s doing the killing has to turn around and run because the rabbit gets the gun.

Tell your neighbor, I was being chased last season, but tell them maybe I’ve been delivered up now the rabbit got the gun. I’m coming after you because I got a fresh anointing. I got fresh power and I made through my season a persecution. I can give God the glory because I’ve been delivered up. And the thing I love about Jesus is that because I am the church of God, because I’m the body of Christ, I experience the same thing he does. They messed around and did the wrong thing. When they put nails in his hands, they should have left the cross on the ground. But they forgot what he said. He said, and I, if I be lifted up, I will draw on mean men unto me. When Jesus went up, I went up. Do me a favor this morning.

Tell your neighbor, say Neighbor, you are on your way up. You’ve been through the storm, you’ve been through the rain, but you’re on your way up. You are on your way up. Swear your shoulders hanging there. Grab hold to the horns of the altar because it’s up from here. Slap your neighbor half high and tell the neighbor it’s up from here. It’s up. It’s up. It’s up. The manifestation of your moment is not enough. After all you’ve been through, you got to have the power to carry what he’s about to give you. And after everything you had to suffer, you know it’s about to be great. So the Bible says after the resurrection, Luke chapter 24, verse number 49, he tells the apostles, go to Jerusalem and wait until you be endued with power.

The word in dude, watch this. It means to be clothed with power because when seasons change, your clothes change. You want to be locked up, walk around Houston in June with a leather coat on because when the season changes, your clothes have to change. And when God takes you out of the season of persecution, he unwraps the clothes of the last seat. Who am I talking to? Can you grab your neighbor’s hand for the second time and just tell your neighbor, say neighbor. Neighbor. God is about to change your clothes. Tell ’em he’s unwrapping the shame of last. Yes. He’s unwrapping the depression of last. He’s unwrap. Y’all ain’t saying nothing. The soul tie of last season, he’s unwrapping what held you. Bondage. He’s unwrapping what the devil tried to do. In your mind, somebody shout for your family. Somebody shout for your bloodline. Somebody say, God, change my clothes.

Change my clothes, shall change my clothes. Call me with power. Call me with anointing. Call me with it, put it on. Wrap me in your power. Wrap me in the Holy Ghost. Wrap me after that. The Holy Ghost has come up on me. I’m shaking it off. I’m shaking it off. I’m shaking it off. I’m shaking it off. Rejection. You got to go bitterness. You got to go generational curses. You got to go bipolar. You got to go. I’m sitting here to your therapist, but when you sit on the couch, you going to be delivered. Change your clothes, change your clothes. I rebuke shame. I rebuke it in the name of Jesus. I rebuke embarrassment. Y’all trying to be cute, but you’re going to leave here wearing the last season’s clothes. Take it all.

I got to go. But when the day of pentacle was fully come, somebody say it’s going to fully come when the manifestation of my moment fully come. What gets me excited is the fact that it means that in certain dispensations of time it was coming. I could feel God with me, but he would not open it fully to me. But it suggests that there was a day that God had appointed in time for it to manifest. You can’t get to the power of Pentecost without the manifestation of persecution in your life, but I prophesy to you that this is a moment in the next 30 seconds. That is a fully come moment. Do I have 75 people in here that believe that there’s a fully come moment in your life that you could feel God with you, but you believe that this is about to be your moment. When I count to free, I want you to open your mouth and God is about to open the heavens for every one of you watching online. And God says, if you’ve got the faith from your living room, the faith from your car, the faith in this ballroom that the heavens are about to open up and a season of power is coming into your life. 1, 2, 3. Open your mouth in here.

I said, open your mouth. I said, open your mouth. I said, open your mouth. I said, open your mouth. I said, open your mouth. This is your day. This is your moment. It’s fully here now. It’s fully here now. It’s fully here now. It’s fully here. Now wrap your arm. Wrap your arm around your neighbor and tell your neighbor when the day of CLE was fully come, they were in one place with one accord. Look down your road and tell your neighbor. Say, neighbor, you are not by yourself. Tell a neighbor, I’ve been through the storm, I’ve been through the rain. I’ve suffered. I’ve cried. I’ve done all I can, but we are together and we’re coming out together. Squeeze ’em closer and help me preach it. Tell them neighbor weeping me, endure for a night. But when we come out, we’re coming out together.

It’s the manifestation you’ve been praying for. It’s the season we’ve been believing for. Tell them neighbor, oh, oh, oh, oh. Something is getting ready to happen. When I say let ’em go, I want you to pour their hand and bring them out out of their last season. Let ’em go. Pull on them and say, come out. Come out. Come out. Come out. Come out. Come out. Come out. Come out. Be clothed with power. Be endowed with power. Be healed. Be delivered. Be set free in your mind, in your body, in your spirit, in your family. The healing of God is in this room. Is in this room. Every that I cried for. It’s about to pay off. It’s about to pay off. It’s about to pay off. It’s about to pay off. What if I told you that your payday, it’s on the other side of your praise. If you act like they did in the upper room, it’s on the other side of your praise. Open your mouth. Open your mouth and give him glory. Give him glory. I suffered, but it’s about to.

I said it’s about to pay off. I said it’s about to pay off. I said it’s about to pay off. Walking it, dancing it, shouting it because it’s on the way. I feel the power of the Holy Ghost moving down every row. Look down your and just shall power me. He told Maniah, I feel the movie shall power. P do to Ms. Power do toes power, exus power. Behold, I’ve given unto you power to tread upon serts and nothing shall by any means harm you. The reason I got confidence in my next season, it becomes God made me a promise that I’m covered. If I got power, somebody shout. You ain’t got to pay me with people. You ain’t got to pay me in money. Pay me in power. If I got power, I’ll get the money. If I got power, I’ll lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. I need the intercessors because y’all playing with me. Give me power. Give me power. Give me power. If I got power, I’m covered. I’m covered. I’m covered. I’m covered. He that dwells in the secret place of the most I got shall under the shadow of the Almighty and I will, I will say the Lord, my refuge and my strength. Somebody shout, I got power.

Shout. I got power. I said, shout, I got power. I’m getting ready to move. But lay hands for the last time on somebody next to you and ask him. Neighbor, do you remember what I told you at the beginning of the service? I told you, I told you, I told you, I told you. I told you every time that I touch you, God was going to move in your life. Tell them. Tell them. Tell them. Tell them, neighbor, I’m touching you to remind you of one thing. And when I remind you of this one thing, I need you to praise God like you’re getting ready to get paid. Tell them, neighbor, can I remind you of one thing? Tell them the one thing is can’t nobody do me like Jesus. Can’t nobody hold me like Jesus. Can’t nobody rock me like Jesus. Can’t nobody heal me like Jesus. Can’t nobody deliver like Jesus. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Nobody.

I searched all over, couldn’t find nobody. The Lord still couldn’t find nobody. Nobody. Nobody. Nobody greater than you. Yes. Nobody lift your hands and when the music stops, your voices don’t. Because I prophesy that after everything you’ve been through, Tony, I heard the Lord say because of your suffering, the prayer ministry of the lighthouse church was just delivered up because Mephibosheth, you’ve been dropped by people that should have helped carry you through this process and you consider yourself as cripple. I’m not entertaining you. You need to be praying. You could be next, but the Lord says, come. But the Lord said, just like Mephibosheth, God made a covenant with your people. I see your mother praying prayers over you, and the Lord said, because of his hand on your life, can I lay hands on you? Because of his hand on your life, you’re about to receive a seat at the king’s table, and it is no secret that I laid out on you for the first time this week because the Lord wanted me to see the face of the one that is next in this region as a intercessor, intercessory, general, God said, today I elevate you and you shall train other megachurches for today.

The lighthouse is not just known for its awesome preaching and worship today. The Lord says, the lighthouse shall be known as a place of prayer. I need somebody to press in this morning. I need the intercessors to open your mouth, the prayer warriors. You don’t have to be on a team, but you know if God has given you the gift of inter session, open your mouth and healing shall take place. And when you go back to the doctor, oh, God said every assignment is canceled. That’s right. Put your hand in her belly for me. Yep. Shout, interrupt, hold the plan of the enemy. Interrupt it. Interrupted, interrupted, interrupted, interrupted. I even see negligence from the doctors before, but God says I’m going to get it right with you, and it was all for a reason. I wish I had some praises to give God praise for her. It’s all for a purpose.

I need some people to open your mouth. God’s doing something with her. Do you have children? Our daughter? Is she here? She’s not here. The Lord said, I’m getting ready to do something in your daughter. Hallelujah. I’m getting ready to do something tremendous in her and I see education. I don’t know why I see education, but God says that I’m getting ready to give her favor in that area and your prayers are about to start happening one after another. Everybody’s hands are lifted. I said, everybody’s hands are lifted. Your payment for your pain is going to be a new level of power as you train. God says impart power. You got the logistics, but God said, I’m going to have you to impart power, impart power. Somebody give the Lord praise in here.

My son is a prophet and I posted this morning for those of you that follow me on Facebook, I posted some of y’all like Facebook. What is that? I know I’m old school. I still post on Facebook. I posted this morning that the way you know God loves you is that he gives you Sears around you. He always gives you prophetic people around you to help carry the weight of your assignment. So I know God has given him to me as a prophet. So I called him this morning and I said, what do you see, son? I just wanted to know if he was going to see what I saw and what he said he saw is the same thing that I saw that God is releasing and it started with Tony, people from the spirit of infirmity this morning, if you’ve been sick, I need you to get to this altar because God’s about to pay you for your pain in power. Look at all these people. If you’ve been sick, just come. Well, hey, just stand off to the side. I’ll tell you when I need you. If you’ve been sick, if you’ve been sick, if you’ve been sick, lift your hands. The spirit of infirmity.

Here’s what the Lord said. The Lord said, not only would I heal you from any cancer, but I’ll heal those in your family. Those of you watching online, I need you to get the testimony to the lighthouse church. God is healing from cancer right now. Your mother, your brother, your uncle, your son, your father, they’re going to be healed when you come. Lift your hands, lift your hands. Just wave at me. If you or somebody you know is dealing with cancer, look at this. The devil is a lie. The devil is a liar. Here, there’s about to be an outbreak of healing connected to the lighthouse church. Healing. Healing. Somebody say healing, healing, healing. Jehovah Rafi is here. Come on, lift your hands.

Jehovah Rafi is here. Come on. Praise team. Just take us somewhere. I said Jehovah Rafa, lift your hands all over this building. Before you wait on the next thing to happen, just talk to him. The healer is here. The healer is here. I need somebody you trust to take your baby. I need your hands lifted Will it’s her. Okay, you hold. That’s fine. If it’s for her, you can hold it. Okay. We believe God. We believe God. Come on, lift your hands. Lift your hands. The healer is here. I need you to open your mouth and begin to decree and declare on behalf of whoever it is. If it’s you, open your mouth. God let you be here to hear.

He’s about to pay you in power. Turning favor. I need you to receive that this morning. It’s turning around for me. Speak that out of your mouth. It’s turning for me. It’s turning. It’s turning. It’s Come on. He’s working his way up to something. That’s it. Come on. Come on. Lord will. Perfect. I want you to begin the decree out of your mouth. Me. Come on. It’s turning. It’s turning for me. It’s turning. If you believe it’s turning, I need you to open your mouth and start thanking him for healing. Now He’s turning around. Believe that it’s turning in your favor right now.

It is turning in my favor. It’s turning around around. Come on, do it again. Every person in here that’s believing God for healing, I need you to open your mouth now and just start telling him Thank you for healing. Thank you. Thank you. Come on. That’s it. That’s it. Come on, come on. Come on to another place. Come on by faith, by faith, by faith, by faith sooner. Come on, come. Come on, come on. I need you to say it sooner of you watching us online. I need you to speak it sooner or now. Listen, how many of you are believing God for somebody else? Wave your hand. It’s not you. You’re believing for somebody else too. Maybe it’s you and somebody. I need you to wave your hand and we’re getting ready to go up together. You hear me? Because when you leave here, you got to have the power. Hear me To either go lay hands on them or you got to FaceTime them as a point of contact and declare their healing. If you going to do it, wave your hand at me. You got to leave here with power. The room, when we go up, the whole room is going up. God is releasing power this’s not the time to be cute. It’s not the time to worry about your makeup, what you got on because it’s getting ready to turn. How many believe it’s going to turn? Come on, open your mouth soon.

You can’t leave here the same way I feel the power. I feel the power I, here’s what I heard God say, stop waiting on me to turn and make it turn. Open your mouth now and go after it. Go after it. Go after it. Go after it. Go after it. Go after it In it. We have a sister or a brother. You got siblings. You do have siblings. Lift your hand. What do you have? Both. Are they here or are you here by yourself? Good. You by yourself? Yes. Good, because whatever’s been going on with your siblings, God said, I sent you here to stop it.

It stops with you. You hear me? You got the power. God said, I chose you just like I chose David. His brothers were favored over him in the eyes of men, but in the eyes of God. David was the one and he was out smelling like sheep. Stinking wasn’t even invited to the party. God told me to deal with the root of rejection in you and the root of bitterness because sometimes you feel like you’re not good enough, but the devil is a liar. He told me to tell you, you’re going to be the one on both sides to bring everybody together. God said, because of the love you have in your heart, there shall be love in your family. You hear me and God said, I’ll raise you up so that people can see what I’ve done in your life. There’s an unconventional anointing on your life and you don’t have to follow the mold and the pattern of everybody else. Just show the love of God. You hear me? Just show the love of God and when I lay my hands on you, you’ll never be the same. Lift your hands high and just tell the Lord, I’m ready to receive. I’m ready. I’m ready. I’m ready. I’m ready. My hands are lifted up. Come on.

My heart is ready to receive blessing from you. Come on Father. In the name of Jesus, oh God, as I lay my hand, you lay your hand today, you’ll never be the same and every need is supplied in the name of Jesus. You don’t have to beg, borrow and steal because God said today I supp supply all of your needs according to my riches in glory. Put your hand in her belly. God is throwing up every gift, every gift, every gift, every gift, every gift. Woman of God, open your mouth and just tell God thank you. As you open your mouth, there’s a deliverance. Come on, just tell him thank you. That’s it. Tell him thank you. Tell y’all going to have to work with her because she not done. She not done. She not done. That’s it. You got to open your mouth. The devil don’t want you. That’s it. He don’t want you to open your mouth. You got to open your mouth though. Tell him thank you. That’s why he gave you that tongue. Tell him thank you Jesus. Yep. As you tell him, thank you. Every spirit of a, every spirit of rejection be broken, broken, broken, broken, broken, broken, broken by the power.

On your way back to your seat. I just want you to decree and declare I’m healed. Let’s declare I’m healed. Declare I’m healed. Declare I’m healed. Everybody’s standing. Everybody’s standing. Yes. Do we have any oil? No. We had to get some oil. We do should have known the intercessors got the oil. How many believe God is a healer? How old is he? He’s eight. Thank you. Come, come. We just want oil. It’s blessed by pastor, pastor Keon by who? Okay. You got some? Okay. Alright. Listen. As you believe God is a miracle worker, come. I want my son to pray with me. What’s your name? Son? Joe Joel? Yes, because in the last day, Joel is the one that said, I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh. Your sons and daughters shall prophesy. Your young men shall see dream dreams. Your old men shall see visions and in Acts chapter one, the Bible says this is that that the prophet Joel speak of, we speak to the prophetic anointing on your life and we speak to your affliction. I want to lay hands on your legs. Is that okay? Yes. Because we believe that the power of God can make you walk again. God made your legs can make you walk. We speak that you’ll not need this wheelchair your entire life.

We are speaking that by your 10th birthday, your legs would be strengthened. The doctors are working on something. They’re working on something that’s going to help you. I see some kind of cell therapy or I see some kind of blood, something they’re going to do. It’s going to strengthen your leg. Science is going to try to take credit, but it’s going be God because how many of you know God works in science? He’s bigger than science, so science falls to hip subjection. Father, we pray for the legs of your prophet Joel chat, Armando Shine. Hey, speak to every nerve, every tissue, every function in the mighty name of Jesus and we say be healed. Somebody say be healed. If you believe he’s a healer, I need you to give God praise. I said, I believe When is his birthday? When is his birthday? So he just turned eight.

Okay, so before March of his 10th birthday, we are believing God. He’s going to walk, look at somebody and say His legs are going to be strengthened. I said His legs are going to be strengthened. Hear me. I want us to get ready to give and here’s why I’m going. I’m going to extend the invitation. For those of you that want to come in just a minute, but I need to do this first because there’s a supernatural window. I need you to hear me. Everybody standing, I’ve been hearing pastor talk about how God is wiping dead away, specifically college loans and all of that. Hear me? I prophesied to a lady 10 years ago. I got the receipts in my phone. It’s on Facebook. She posted, she tagged me in it yesterday. I told her that the Lord was going to wipe away $140,000 worth of her school loans. 10 years later it had not happened and the debt went up by $50,000. It was now $190,000. She posted yesterday that she looked on her account and she posted the receipt that all of a sudden 10 years later, they wiped out the debt that she had been waiting 10 years for God to see. I know why y’all clapping like y’all don’t care because it’s not you but somebody who leaves God to do something super because watch what God did. He didn’t do it back when it was 140,000.

Watch it and when he wiped out the debt, man of God, he didn’t just wipe out the 140,000 that I prophesied, he wiped out that and the 50,000 that they try to add to it because he’s a God of his words. Who sold this a hundred dollars into me? Come here. I need somebody who needs God to wipe out some debt to open your mouth and give God a shout. Can I lay my hands on you? God said you’ll never want. He said build and keep building. Build houses, build commercial buildings. If you build it, they will come and y’all pick this up.

I said, somebody give God praise for her. Now she had sowed to me, but I want you to get ready to sow into the kingdom Kingdom believing that God has the ability to wipe that. Do you believe God? Can I want y’all to get ready because God told me and he told Pastor Pastor’s been speaking this into Southeast Campus. What the people that’s been on our life group calls, he’s been speaking that we’re going to break records but the lighthouse nation is watching and I want y’all to know that the lighthouse is about to break records. How many of you believe that this is your season to sow and something miraculous is about to happen? We’re about to give and I want you to get in your heart and mind by faith, what is it that you want God to do for you?

I want you to get it by faith, your tithing is easy to figure out. There’s really no mathematical decision other than just doing the math is 10% of everything God has given you, but I want you to sow something above your tithe this morning that shows God you believe him. We don’t have time to be comfortable. We got records to break. Can you tell somebody next to you? This is a record breaking year. Now y’all know I’m just getting acclimated with this, so y’all got to tell me how to do this. What we doing? Passing it. We’re going to pass it to my right there, left. Good, good. When you get what you’re going to give in your hands, stand to your feet and lift it with me.

Stand to your feet. You have children. Stand to your feet. Extend to your feet. Extend to your feet. Every need be supplied. Every need be supplied. I got a word for you, just give me a second. Lift it in your hand. We bless your tithe, but the seed that you’re going to sow, that you’re believing God for, and I’m not going to tell you what it is because some of you, it can be a thousand. Some of you can be 10,000. Some of you it’s going to be a hundred. Some of you it’s going to be 500. Whatever it is that you’re believing God for what level are you expecting God? She’s sold and God is about to give her. You’re going to know her name in real estate and I don’t know if she does necessarily real estate, but because she’s about to build, you’re going to know who she is and I’m telling you, I’m asking for God to give our people land.

I don’t just want buildings. I want land. You’re not really rich unless you got land. Come on somebody. This is what I’m asking God to give our people and I’m praying that as you sow into the kingdom of God, it’s a lot of land to be had in Texas that God would give you land, lift it up to God. Your tithe is blessed because of your obedience. The Bible says the reason why the tithe is so powerful is because it’s not as about your sacrifice. The prophet Samuel said, obedience is better than sacrifice to tithe this so powerful. You’re just obeying God, but that seed that you’re sowing outside of your tithe this morning, I want you to lift it to God and I just want you to say, this is not a debt that I owe. Come on. I need you to say it with power.

This is not a debt that I owe. This is a seed I sow and as I sow this seed, sow this seed, I expect the harvest that will come from it. Now, God, I believe and help my unbelief that you’re going to cause this seed to sprout in Jesus’ name. Somebody give the Lord praise for what you’re expecting him to do. If you’re giving digitally this morning, go ahead and give it. If you’re giving any kind of envelope that needs to be passed, I want you to pass it to my right, your left. Pass it now, pass it now, and the men of God are ready to serve you. They’re ready to serve you. Watch it as you pass it, watch it as you pass it, watch it as you pass it. Watch it, watch it, watch it because everybody in church is not saved. We love everybody. Hey, we accept you as you are though. Look at somebody say we accept you. We accept you. Watch it as you pass it. Listen, there are some of you in this place today. You’ve been looking for a place to worship and you say, the lighthouse is the perfect place for me and because I live where I live, I want to be a part of this campus. I’m going to count to three. Hear me. You’ve had all message to make that decision.

You’ve had the whole message to make that decision. When I count to three, I just want you to come and they’re ready to receive you. I want you to see these people with the signs, these wonderful servants. When I count to three, you’re going to come. What? Better time. Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today when I count to three, the wonderful family of the lighthouse is going to clap you and we’re going to celebrate you and you’re going to come. Y’all ready? 1, 2, 3. Those of you that want to come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come.

Even the musicians are coming. Come on, come on. Keep clapping. Keep clapping. If you keep clapping, they’ll keep coming. We got Indiana in the house. I said, if you keep clapping, they’ll keep coming. Come on, give God praise. You’re coming. They’re coming. Come on for praise for let’s thank God for it. Come on. Come on, Indiana. It’s my son from Indiana. He was my AGI back in Indiana. Come on. Praise. I want you to follow the people with the signs. They’re going to take you out. Come on, I’ll follow Sugar Ray right here. Come right the large gentleman with the smile on his face, the gentle giant right here. You’re going to follow him. Come on. Let’s clap for him as they go for the decision that they made today, and if you’re still trying to make that decision, you can just get up and slide out.

You didn’t have to come to the front. You can just follow them out. Come on, keep clapping, keep clapping for them. We thank God for them. We thank God for them. Listen, we’re praying as always for our leader and our visionary, him and his wonderful wife. I believe they’re in their anniversary of sometime in this season, so let’s celebrate God for them celebrating one another. Come on, come on, come on. Y’all clapping like haters right now. Y’all clapping like haters. Let’s celebrate. We want them to be able to rest whatever. We can see that he’s not with us. We ought to actually be glad about that. It means he’s somewhere resting. He don’t take off just to take off. Come on. We know he the hardest worker man. Most of us know, so we want him to rest. We want him to rejuvenate and we know when he comes back he’s going to have a word for us and we want Lady Shawnee to rest and get some rest. Here’s what I know. I know that the first Sunday in July we’re celebrating him. I said we’re celebrating him. We’re celebrating his birthday and I believe we still got some seats left. You need to go as quickly as possible because it’s filling up with people from across the country, but we want Lighthouse to be there and here’s the thing because I’m not going to give you an escape at all because my time is short and I know that I’m going to be here in Texas soon.

I have to spend my time that I can with Indiana, so I won’t be here, but guess what I’m going to do? My $150 will be here. So if for whatever reason, oh, y’all got quiet, if for whatever reason you can’t make it, the Old Saints used to say, if you can’t go, you sin go. So we want you to get ready to sow because I don’t know a more worthy man than Pastor Keon that we would honor him that day. I want you to just keep a couple of things in mind. Number one per land is hosting the volunteer rally in just about two weeks and we want to make sure we’re in place Southeast campus. Wave your hand at me, let me see who you are. Let’s make sure we’re in place. We want want to come and get these volunteers excited about what God is doing and then the not your typical Bible study is happening this Wednesday.

Now let me tell you something, it’s not like here. You can’t show up when you want to show up and still get a seat. You hear me? If I was you, I’d be out there with those food trucks out there so you can get a park and you can get a seat that starts at five and Bible study starts at seven and I can almost guarantee you the place will be packed. So we’re going to come on that day and receive a word. Let’s stand. We’re on our way home. As you stand, can you just whisper real quickly to God, thank you for paying me for all of my pain, all my thank you for the manifestation of my moment. I’m believing that I’m going to hear great things from each and every one of you because God is manifesting a moment in your life as you touch your neighbor for the last time.

Father, we thank you for this word on today as we walk in the manifestation of this word. We pray, father God, that we will walk in the power of Pentecost. We thank you God that Pentecost was a release that represents all of the pain that the church has had to endure. Now, God, we’re walking in another season of power because of the anointing and the release of Pentecost. God, don’t let us mismanage the moment you’re about to give us in the mighty name of Jesus. We thank you for what you’re about to do. Now. May the grace of God, the sweet communion of the Holy Spirit, may it rest rule and abide with us both now and forever. Let every heart say amen. Hug somebody and tell ’em I love you and there’s nothing you can do about that.