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Pastor Keion Henderson is the lead pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Houston, Texas Lighthouse is an organization that serves the body of Christ through our 5 pillars. We always ANTICIPATE a move of God in every experience, so we constantly set a great ATMOSPHERE, and we ACCEPT everyone through love. We believe the best way to impact people is by being AUTHENTIC to who we are and by taking ACTION to move everyone towards greater.

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Pastor Keion (00:00:03):
Lemme introduce you to my father. I believe that we owe God a praise. I got two portions of scripture. I got to get through ’em because I’m so anxious to start preaching. I don’t even want to read the text. One Kings chapter three, verse four and five, production team, y’all just bring it up fast. I can’t even find it in my Bible. I’m too nervous. The Bible says in one Kings chapter three, verse four and five it says, and the king went to Gibeon to sacrifice. There everybody say sacrifice. Sacrifice for that was the great high place, and this is what he did. He brought 1000 burnt offerings. Did Solomon, who’s the king, who’s the son of David, he brought those offerings to the altar of the Lord and in Gibbon, the Lord appeared to him in a dream that night. So there was a direct correlation between when he sacrificed and when he got blessed.

God didn’t wait until the next day, the day he made the sacrifice. God blessed him that night. I’m telling you that before the night is over, God is going to bless some people in this place and online above your imagination. Are you with me so far? Okay, you got to get that now. Let’s go. Let’s go to the book of two Chronicles, chapter six, excuse me, chapter one, verse six, slow down Keon two Chronicles chapter one, verse six. Now we’re talking about Solomon. So for all of y’all who think that your life has to be perfect, this is the boy that was born when David had sex with another man’s wife. He’s an illegitimate child. Blessed you hear me, is Bathsheba’s boy. This is the guy who wasn’t planned and he becomes the king of the entire establishment. And Solomon went up to the brazen altar of the Lord, which was at the tabernacle.

How many of y’all remember us preaching about the tabernacle? I’m going to show you some stuff about the tabernacle today and the congregation, and I just wanted to show you in another place how many offerings did he bring? So in order for God to repeat this twice, this must be important. Okay? Now I want to do something because when it comes to money and sacrifice and religion and church, it’s like doing praise and worship When Kafi is singing, my response is, and we’re worshiping and Chad is up here singing and Marlon and KP and everybody’s up here worshiping. I can see the wave going and there are certain parts of the service where there’s always energy, but then when it comes offering time, see how y’all going to be fake? Lemme tell you, tell what happens at the Lighthouse Church when you get fake. My sermons get long, okay? Okay, so tell your neighborhood, if you want this sermon to be about the right amount of time, you better act like you. Happy you will get your whole nap in here today, I promise you that.

But when it comes to giving, how many of y’all witness it? All of the energy leaves and we get real quiet, and what’s the thing that you keep praying to God about the most finances? Haven’t you figured out that in order to get a breakthrough in that area, you’re going to have to have a breakout? So I’m going to speak to this today because we normally get quiet when it’s time to sacrifice. Today’s subject is the mute challenge. Talking about the mute challenge. You may be seated in the presence of the Lord. Alright? One of the most amazing events in the whole Bible, in my opinion, everybody has their own, is when the Lord told Solomon, ask for whatever you want.

Here’s what’s amazing. All of our campus pastors, we come together over the weekend and we talk about our scriptures and Pastor Rama texted me and said, pastor, this is crazy because you and I have the same scripture and the name of his subject is, this is a blank check. Same scripture, two totally different perspectives. God says to him, he says, Solomon, ask for whatever you want. This man says I can have anything, God. God says anything you want. He says, okay, you really mean anything. God says, I mean anything you want. Guess what? He asks for wisdom and knowledge. Now, let’s just stop up and through here for a second. God comes to you in your house and says, Jacqueline, you can ask for anything you want. What you asking for? God? Anything? Okay, I want some Louis batons. I want some Louis Vuitton. I want a Hermes back. Brothers what you want, Lord, I want an Escalade dog. I want a house and a rock. Wilder.

Dudes always got to have a dog. Don’t even know nothing about dogs, just want one. You see, because I don’t know if there’s anybody in this room, and I’m not saying there isn’t. I just don’t know if there’s anybody in this room. If God said, ask for what you want, you would say, Lord, I just want a little more wisdom and a little bit of knowledge. I know some of y’all will be like, God, can you take care of Tasha? Because if she getting on my nerve, you start naming people things in places, but the man asks for wisdom and knowledge. Now, here is the amazing thing about it. At the time that God asked him, he was 20 years old. See, this is the thing that blows people’s mind because we think of monarchy and kings as older people because of our context. In the times of scripture, there were pharaohs that were 14 years old.

At 19, 20 years old, the Lord asked him what he wanted and he had enough wisdom at 19 and 20 years old to say he wanted wisdom and knowledge. That lets me know that wisdom isn’t a function of age. It’s a function of decision because you can be a 65 year old fool and you can be a 20 year old wise person. You are not wise because of how long you lived. You are wise based on how you lived those years. I say it this way, people always tell you, I’ve got 20 years of experience. Well, there’s a difference between having 20 years of experience and one year of experience. 20 times at 20 years old when all of his homies was wearing Jordans at 20 years old when all of his friends were driving Ferraris, Solomon said, give me wisdom and give me knowledge.

Old fool used to be young fools. And I think that we live in a society that everybody’s trying to be so smart that I got you right. Have you ever seen somebody make a post online? And then the next 20 comments is some smart person that debunks the thought that they didn’t even have enough creativity to come up with. Everybody’s so smart these days, but the world is going to hell in a hand basket because we got a whole lot of geniuses. But no wisdom because wisdom is not knowledge. Wisdom is the correct usage of knowledge. Do you know you can have two degrees and not be wise.

Some of you all are sitting next to people. They’re triple degreed. They were summa cum laude and some of y’all, y’all graduate waited as soon as I could loudy. How many of y’all don’t look at your name and say, I am not a super intellectual. Just let ’em know right now. I mean, I didn’t. I got Cs and skipped all the way home with a smile on my face. I thought I deserved an F. Come on, holler at your boy. Anybody in here that just made it over by the grace of the Lord when I graduated, I was looking to all them people with the hoods on. I graduated with a tassel and a robe. That’s all I had. I just no extra garments or nothing.

Wisdom. This is the year of wealth, wisdom, wealth and wisdom. The Bible says that the king went to sacrifice swear at a place called gibbon. And when we read the text, the bible says that Gibeon was called the high place. So I went back and studied and I said, why did Gibbon, why was Gibeon called the high place? Well, the reason why Gibbon was called the high place listen, is because this is the location of the tabernacle. This is the place where the tent resided with all of the vessels and the furniture that represented the presence of God. Remember the Ark of the Covenant? The Ark of the Covenant was the piece of furniture that was inlaid and outlayed with gold, with shit wood in the middle and inside of it it had this contents, the manner that didn’t spoil Aaron’s rod and the two tablets of the law that was given to Moses.

And this represented the presence of God and it sat in the holies of holies. The holies of holies in the tabernacle was the back portion of the temple tabernacle where nobody was able to go except for the high priest. He couldn’t go unless it was the day of atonement to sacrifice an animal for the sins of Israel because before Jesus, there was an animal that had to be killed for every sin in the nation. So Jesus comes and now is the lamb of God slain before the foundation of the world. So there no longer has to be a perpetual sacrifice. Jesus died once for all sin, both past, present and future.

And by the way, for everybody who has their opinion, we need to be praying for Israel. The reason why we need to be praying for Israel is because God chose the land and you can say whatever you want, but his ways are not our ways and his thoughts are not our thoughts. So if God chose it, I’m praying for it. Are y’all not hearing me? This is not about religion. This is not about belief system. This is the fact that if Jesus chose it, and by the way, Jesus was not a Christian. Jesus was a Jew. Christianity came as a result. It’s named after him, Christians follower of Christ, but he was a Jew. Are you listening to me? And so as we look at this metaphorical dichotomy that is facing us through scripture, as we seek to find ways to overcome the debauchery that has plagued us as a people, even in our culture, even in our race, even in our communities, as we look for ways to advance, yes, we can march and yes, we can have Twitter fingers and yes we can post, but ain’t nothing going to change until we get some wisdom.

We got to be wise. The Bible says that we have to be as wise as a serpent and as harmless as what? As a dove. Why is gibeon called the high place? Because the tabernacle was there and what was in front of the tabernacle, something called the brazen altar. It’s true that Solomon did eventually move all of the contents of the tabernacle to the temple that he built, that God wouldn’t let his father David build. But when he became king, listen to me, y’all hear me? When he became king, all of the temple vessels and all of the furniture, the golden lamp stand, the brazen altar, the table of showbread, all of the candlesticks, everything in the tabernacle was there when Solomon became king. And listen to me, the only thing that wasn’t there when Solomon became king was the ark of the covenant. Why?

Because David had it moved. I need y’all to follow me. So I want you to imagine there’s a tent up here that’s got a lot of furniture in it. It was their church. It’s where the Lord met him. David had the Ark of the Covenant moved and the Bible says that he had it moved to the house of a man whose name was Obed Edam. And as they were putting the ark of the covenant on oxen because David did not seek God’s wisdom on how to move it, he put it on the back of oxen and when they got to naked on the threshing floor, the streets were made of stone and one of the oxen slipped on the stone. The ark of the covenant was tipping off and a man named Oza came to save it from hitting the ground. And the Bible says that God killed him.

Why? Because he didn’t have the wisdom to know what he shouldn’t touch. Alright, I’m going to help somebody bring up how we were supposed to carry the ark of the Covenant. The Ark of the Covenant was supposed to be carried by listen only by Levites who were the temple at attendants. These were the only men who could carry the Ark of the Covenant, but they could not touch it. They had to carry these wooden poses. Now the wood would be a shadow pointing to the wooden cross that Jesus would die on. So the Ark of the Covenant represents the presence of God. They could touch the wood, but they couldn’t touch the presence and they had to be sanctioned in order to carry it. This couldn’t be carried by a moabite. This couldn’t have been carried by a jebusite. This could not have been carried by a canaanite. It could only be carried by somebody from the tribe of Levi or a Levite because when God wants a certain thing to move, he also assigns who can move it.

Listen. So what am I saying? So when Solomon becomes king, we first see that he does not move any of the temple vessels. Why? Listen to me Because when God sends you to move something, you have to first make sure you are authorized for the transition. You cannot move something just because you don’t like where it is. I’m getting ready to help somebody. Well, the Bible says that David moved the Ark of the Covenant to oed Ed’s house and when he got there and he found out that Obed Ed’s house was blessed, what did David do? He came and moved it again back to Jerusalem. But what he should have done is he should have studied where it was and then asked God what he should do about it. There are people in this room who have come into situations in life you do not like where everything is.

You don’t like how it is. So you walk in trying to change things because you have authority but you will die. When you touch something you are not authorized to touch talking about wisdom. You can’t just move things and change things because you want them changed. What Solomon did is he says, Lord, give me wisdom and knowledge and understanding. So if there is a thing in my life that needs to be changed, I need you to speak to me so that I can change what you want changed, when you want it changed and how you want to change. And I can’t change it just because I want to change my financial position. I can’t change it just because my heart is broken. I can’t change it just because I’m frustrated. I can’t change it because I’m tired of being here. There are some of you all who God has told you not to move from Houston, but because you don’t like it, you are looking at places to go every day, but you’re going to find out that everywhere you go, there you are. So when you move to the next city, you’re still going to be broke, busted, and disgusted because God hasn’t released you to go, oh my God, I’m a preacher here. Whether you say amen or not, somebody say, Lord, release me. The word of the Lord is you can’t go just because you want it to go. You can’t change it because you’re tired of it. You have to study the contents of the environment that you’re in and you have to leave them still until God tells you how to move them.

I don’t like my boss be still. There’s a difference between quitting your job because I told you to go and you quitting your job because you’re immature. There’s a difference between starting your own business because I have given you the vision for it and starting your own business because you don’t like to follow anybody. Oh, y’all ain’t going to say man, but I need you to pinch your neighbor. If they got a tattoo on their face, don’t pinch him, but pinch your neighbor and tell him he’s talking to you. No, anybody who tatted on a face will steal on you. I’m just telling I want you to get in trouble right now. Wisdom, wisdom, wisdom. If I set up an offering right now, this basket is set there to receive it, but if I move it because I don’t like where it is aesthetically I get in front of the plan that’s already set.

See, you can’t just go around your life moving stuff because you don’t like where it is. You can’t go around hopping from church to church because you don’t like how you feel from day to day. You just can’t keep hopping around. The Bible says you got to stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. The problem with most people is they can never thrive in environments where they don’t feel comfortable, but sometimes you got to leave the furniture still. What am I saying? Sometimes there got to be people in your life. Judas. You can’t get every Judas out of your life because you’re uncomfortable. You can’t get every peter out of your life because you’re uncomfortable sometimes. Judas has been placed there to keep you humble. Oh God, touch your neighbor and say, God assign me to you.

There are certain things in your life that are assigned to the season you’re in. Everybody you dated and broke up with wasn’t an accident. God lets you date them so you can find out what fool not to marry. Everything in your life is not an accident. Some of this stuff is divine providence and intentional. Sometimes God will let you spend six months with a fool so you don’t spend 60 years with one and if you don’t learn your lesson upfront, you got to pay the price in the back. Here’s what I’m trying to tell you. You have to stop going through things without learning the lesson.

God ain’t going to give you a pay increase and you haven’t become responsible on the pay level you’re on. I’m just talking about wisdom. Everybody say wisdom. He went to touch it. Listen, it was good, it was noble, but it wasn’t authorized. I think you missed it. It was made out of pure gold. It just seems like you don’t want it to hit the ground. It’s pure gold. It represents the presence of God. But God said, listen, sometimes it has to hit the ground because you didn’t ask me how to move it in the first place.

God help me in this place today. Sometimes it has to hit the ground. It wouldn’t have had to go this way had you asked me how to transport it in the first place. So sometimes you got to look at your life on the ground because you did not ask me how you should transport it such your name and say, I know he talking to you because you’re quiet. Just tell him I know. Look at him right in the face. I wouldn’t have known he was talking to you, but you ain’t said amen. In the last 15 minutes, I know the ones I’m talking to. This is what they and did everybody say wisdom? How many of you would admit that in your life you have been operating according to knowledge but not always according to you did what you thought was best but his ways, Bobby, it is not my ways. Yes, cat and his thoughts are not my thoughts. So in order for me to transport life, I have to seek him for wisdom.

That means that even if you have a friend that betrays you, you still got to pray to God about how to remove him. You don’t get to block ’em because they broke you up with you or hurt your feelings. Sometimes you got to say, okay, God, show me the purpose. Because sometimes people come in your life not to help you but for you to help them. What if God brought them to you so that you could show them patience? Christian, what if God brought them to you to injure you so you can show them long suffering? Saint, I don’t know who this is for, but before this year is over, I hear the Lord saying you’re going to have to at least forgive three people.

That’s three people and you’re going to have to forgive for God to release you. And just because you side hugging him don’t mean you forgave him. And just because you spoke to him at the job yesterday don’t mean you over it. I’m talking about getting up in here. You can’t do that with knowledge because you know what to do. I’m trying to move you from knowledge to wisdom. I need three people in here and 15 online. Just shout wisdom. Wisdom. Thank God for more than three. Wisdom requires that you study where things are before you move them.

I just said a whole lot. Why is that there? So Luis, who is our sound engineer, he came in the back earlier. He put my microphone on and he said, pastor, if you go to the handheld, if you go to the handheld, it’s going to be about a minute before you have sound. I said, Luis, how it take a minute to get me sound? He doesn’t want to disappoint me. He just Pastor, I’m going to do my best. It won’t even be a minute, pastor, it’ll be less than that. I said, but Luis, I said In the live service, five seconds is an eternity. I said, I got to have it on if I go to it. He said, pastor, I’ll do my best. I said, Luis, I need you to hear me dog. If I grab that microphone, I need it to be on. He said, pastor, I’m going to do my best. I need about 30 seconds because I’m going to have to run from the back of the booth and go on the stage with the mixer. I said, why? You just can’t talk through the talk back to tell the dude that I pay on the stage to turn the doggone microphone on.

He said, pastor, I’m going to do the best I can. He walks out of the office and I looked at him like, so when I get backstage, I stand here and I look at the console and I recognize ain’t nobody there because we’re open in all four locations. I just figured it out, Luis. I know it. He was trying to tell he ain’t want to tell me, dude, you understaffed. Look at him praying. I love you man. Hey, I love you dog. You my homie, 50 grand. I’m with you like four flat tires, bro. I’m like, he didn’t want to tell me that we had an issue. All he wanted to do is tell me that he would solve it. And let me tell you something. Wisdom keeps you from going off on somebody about your problem. Oh God, y’all not listening. You’re not listening, you’re not listening. It’s not his fault, it’s my fault and I could have gone off on him, but all he was trying to do is give me a solution. Wisdom tells you to slow your butt down, get all of the facts before you make a conclusion, which means sometimes wisdom won’t come until you get in the place of the person you’re upset with.

When you step in somebody else’s shoes and see life from their perspective, you won’t be so judgmental. You won’t be so hardhearted. Come on, talk to me. Now I understand why it’s going to take 30 seconds because for him to get from there all the way around here through the two security doors and up some steps, it’s a wonder he didn’t say five minutes, but wisdom necessitates that you don’t always think you know everything and to walk a few steps in somebody else’s shoes and also own that there are some people in your life that can’t serve you because you haven’t put them in position to win.

I’m wondering how many people in your life are you expecting the world from and you haven’t even given them. You want all of them, but you haven’t given them any of you. This is what most of us do. We give people a piece of us and expect them to give us all of them. Wisdom necessitates that you look at all of the furniture before you start moving stuff. Just look at it. My wife always said, would you just look at it? She says this to me. I said, would you just look at, just look at it. Just look at it, stare at it, observe it. You might find that some things can stay where they are.

If you’ll just look at it. If you are upset with somebody based on how they treat you and you just settle down long enough to ask ’em where they came from, you might find out that they’re dealing with trauma and they’re not evil. If you’ll use wisdom and jest, how many of you all in here have gotten rid of what you thought were bad people to get somebody who you thought was a good person only to find out that the person you got was worse than the person? I feel a spirit of hypocrisy in this area over here.

It’s right up in here now y’all. There you go. Wave it up, mama. There you go. Get it together. Everybody shout wisdom. Wisdom. Solomon was 19. He says, Lord, I don’t want a PSS five. I don’t want a Bugatti. I don’t want an estate. I want wisdom because if I got wisdom, I can use the wisdom to get all of the other things. The Bible says in Proverbs nine and 10 that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Wisdom is the correct usage of the knowledge that you have been given. And in order for us to operate on the level that I know that God is calling us to, we’re going to have to become a wiser people because if you become wealthy before you become wise, ask the lottery winners. What happens when your wealth comes before your wisdom? Ask our five star athletes what happens when your wealth, anybody who made a hundred million dollars shouldn’t be calling anybody 10 years later talking about I need a job, but the money came before the mastery.

Y’all not listening to me. See, water always rises to its own level. So if you don’t listen to me, I’m going to say something to you. It may be offensive, but I want you to hear me. If you don’t change your mind, then when God gives you a new opportunity, you are going to digress without cognition because your mind will always take you back to what it thinks good is. And if you don’t get a renewal of your mind, the wealth will come and you will unintentionally spin yourself back to the same level you were at before you were blessed.

Because if you buy five cars, you’re not thinking that all of them need insurance. Wisdom makes you think about all of that. Wisdom says, I’m trying to buy a house so I can’t buy a car first knowledge says I can get it all because if I work for it, I deserve it. But you’re going to find out that the system doesn’t care what you deserve. Y’all didn’t want this sermon today. I can tell can tell y’all didn’t want it, but I’m looking for somebody in this church who wants wisdom because when God takes us where we need to go, I need some wise counselors. I need some wise people I can pull from. If God is going to give us banking institutions and ideas and billions of dollars, we got to have wise power brokers. I need some wise people in the room that recognize that if God gives you a multi-billion dollar opportunity, this isn’t the time for you to sit in your silo. It’s the time for you to go grab five and six other people and show them exactly how you got where you got. Do I have any wise people in the room?

So wisdom requires that you study where everything is before you start making changes. Change us. Are you with me? One King four says, Solomon’s wisdom surpassed the wisdom of all of the sons of the East and all of the wisdom of the people in Egypt. This was the smartest man that ever lived. And what does he do? In all of his wisdom, he becomes king and one of his first things that he does is he gives an offering. What would they say about the church if the offering baskets was in the parking lot? But let me tell you why we are so confused because in the tabernacle, the brazen altar, which was the place of sacrifice, was in front of the tabernacle. You couldn’t get in the temple without a sacrifice. The reason why you couldn’t get in the temple without a sacrifice is they knew that passing the sacrificial table meant that there was going to be no blessing in the house for you.

But what we do is we sneak past the brazen altar and we hope to get something for free. And what God does when you don’t sacrifice is he will supply some of your needs. But for those of us who walk in overflow, Malachi says, wherein have you robbed me in tithes and in offerings, the braising altar was the place of judgment. Why? Because the blood that was sacrificed on the altar pointed to the blood that Jesus would shed on calvary and the fire pointed to the judgment of God. So before you walked in, there had to be a sacrifice for the sins of the world. Bring up the brazen altar. So the reason why there had to be a sacrificial place is because God was going to the New Testament, brazen altar, which was the cross at Calvary. There was going to be a lamb that was slain before the foundation of the world. So they had to put a sacrifice on this altar before they went into the temple in the tabernacle because there was no blessing waiting on you in the house if you didn’t sacrifice before you went through the doors. Oh God, help me say I can’t preach a religion that you need me to conform to how you think I can’t create a sermon that fits with your paradigm and your opinion. I can only preach the word of God. The offering came before the sermon.

Now we don’t do that because who would do it? So what we do in the New Testament church is we shape everything for your comfort and wonder why there is no power. I really can’t even promise you all that God has for us because we have to shape our system to fit what’s comfortable for you. If we go back to the days of the tabernacle, I see cripple people laying down canes. We see cancer jumping out of bodies in multiplicity. There’s a, remember in the days of the tabernacle, bread was falling out of the sky, water was coming out of the rock, quail was flying at their feet and dying so that they can consume. I’m telling you, the closer we get back to the Bible and the wisdom of the word of God, the more surplus and blessings you’ll see in your life. Even if you don’t believe me, act like you do and say amen. Amen. Thank you. I appreciate it.

Solomon took a thousand offerings to the brazen altar. Do you see how big that is? Can you get a thousand sheep on that at one time? So look at how long the offering took. The offering was longer than the sermon. What is the bird? It had to be consumed. So he had to lay an offering on there, be consumed. Lay another one on there. Be consumed. How long do you think it takes to burn an animal to ashes? 1000 times. It probably took him all day to do this. He took a thousand offerings to the Lord. Now this is about to blow your mind. Can I ask you a question? Solomon, he just got there. He hasn’t been there long. So then my question is, if he hasn’t been there long, where did he get a thousand animals from?

See this is the way you let the Bible speak to you. You got to start asking it questions. Absolutely. Where did you get a thousand from? Ah, the Bible says that his father, David, had sheep in abundance, had cattle in abundance, which means that whenever he made up in his mind that he was going to sacrifice his father gave him the offering. You follow me, you got me ta. So when he had the desire, then God sent the gift. God already had somebody with $20,000 for somebody who had a $20,000 need. So because she sacrificed God put her sacrifice on my heart and now I give her the offering. Are y’all getting this? Alright, let me see if you can get it this way. This is what the Lord told me to tell you For everybody in this room who is going to sacrifice in the next season. God told me to tell you he’s about to send somebody to give you 1000 of something.

You missed it. Lemme talk to Y all over here. God says, I’m going to send somebody that’s going to give you 1000 of something. Now, I don’t know what you sacrifice and I don’t know what kind of faith you have, but I am speaking to you right now that according to your faith, God is about to bless you with 1000 of something. Give your neighbor high five and say 1000 of something, 1000 fives, 1000 tens, 1000 twenties, 1000 hundreds, 1000 thousands, 1000 millions. I’m talking about abundance. What are you going to do when you get into the season of your life where God sends somebody to bless you and you don’t have to work for it? God says, if you give me what you have, I’ll pour out a blessing on you that’ll be so big that you won’t have. Do me a favor, tell your neighbor the one that sleeps. Say, I got so much coming that if you wake up, I could bless you.

I got so much coming that if you act like you at church, you can get a miracle. I got so much coming that if you wasn’t sitting here dead and expecting God to make it live, I could bless you. I’m looking for some real Bible readers in here today. I don’t have a word for anybody who needs me to chew it up before you can eat it. I did not bring my teeth today. I don’t have time to chew it up for you. You’re going to have to chew this, meet yourself and I know it’s working in your spirit, but they that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. They’re going to mount up with wings like eagles and walk and not be weary. I need everybody in here who this word is resonating with to touch your neighbor and say, I feel a shift. I feel a shift. I feel a shift. I feel a shift. God’s about to do something in my life.

This is why I named this sermon the mute challenge because I knew you were going to be quiet. I knew you were going to be quiet and I know that you are accustomed to when you’re listening to energy, and I know a lot of you saints went to church a couple of Sundays ago at N R G. Y’all went to two services that day. Touch on them. Say I went to two services that day. I had a lighthouse outfit but I had a Renaissance fit and it wasn’t the same. I wore black on rank and roll, but I wore silver diary.

Am I in your business? I saw some of my members at the concert online because I was recovering from the Holy Ghost. I didn’t have time to go. So she’s singing energy and she said, yeah, Ms. Barbara, I saw you there too when Beyonce said everybody on Houston won. I want to see if Houston can win the unmute challenge. I want to see somebody open up your mouth and ask God for what you want. I can’t hear nobody open up your mouth. Y’all won that one. God says Solomon. The problem with the church is I keep telling them to ask me for what they want and they don’t say nothing.

He says, if you have sacrificed for me, you can ask me for whatever you want. Close mouths don’t get fed. You have not because you ask not open up your mouth and tell God what you want. We come in church and the part where we should be vocal we’re silent. He says ask and it shall be given. Seek and he shall fire knock and the door shall be open. You have let the devil shuts your mouth and you are mute. In fact, the word ask in the original text in Hebrew is in what they call the qual and parative case, which means command. So God says, I told you to ask and if you don’t ask me, you are sinning.

I command you to ask me for blessings. I command you to ask me for favor and if you don’t ask me, you are disobedient. God, I feel the glory of the Lord in heaven. You sitting there talking about I don’t deserve it and I don’t know if it’s my seeds and I don’t know if it’s my and God is blessing everybody. He ain’t blessing me and I’m tired of seeing other people getting married. You know why they getting it? Because they asking for it. If you want a husband, ask for it. If you want a wife, ask for it. If you want money, ask for it. If you need your body heal to ask for it.

I ain’t got time. I can’t hear nobody. I can’t hear nobody. How many of y’all need God to do something for you? Ask for it. How many of y’all need a body healing? Ask for it. How many of y’all got a situation in your house that needs the attention of the Lord? Ask for it. How many of y’all got money issues? You need God to do something? Ask for it. Touch three people to say I’m asking today. I’m asking today, I’m asking today. I’m asking today. I’m asking today. I’m asking today. I’m asking today. I’m asking today. Lord, give me 1000 of that. Give me 2 million of that. Give me the house I’ve been dreaming about. Give me the car I’ve got a vision about. I’m asking today.

Watch this and I know I’m unqualified, but I’m asking anyway. I know I don’t have the degree, but I’m asking anyway. So when you see God tell Solomon, ask for it. It’s in the qual imperative. It’s a command. God says, when I tell you to ask me something and you don’t ask me, you are being disobedient you around. I don’t know if I want to bother God with this. Lemme ask you a question. What size must the check be to bounce If God writes it, your problem is, is you think too small. You asking for a hundred million Keon when you should have asked for, but let me tell you why we ask for small things. We ask for small things because we think just in case God doesn’t do it. We put our goals within reach in case we have to do it ourselves. You got to put God on blast. You got to put God in a situation where it can’t nobody do it but him. I need 35 people in this house and 5,000 online to start asking for it.

Touch three people and say, everybody unmute, you have not because you ask not. And here’s the truth, you got what you asked for. You were just disappointed because you expected God to do more. You better open up your mouth. You better open up your mouth. You better stop walking here. Tell me, yeah, this is just right comfortable for me. You better go in there and blow the roof off this joint. This a dude. I’m just comfortable. This is all I need. You know you want more. You just scared to ask for it. You the child of a king and you walking around here acting like a pauper.

Not only am I blessed, I’m highly favored said, not only am I blessed, but I’m highly favored. Say it again. I don’t care about no rhythm. Not only am I blessed, I’m highly favored. Not only am I blessed, am I highly favored? I’m the lender, not the bar I’m above, never beneath. I’m the lender, not the bar I’m above, never beneath. I’m the lender, not the borrow. I’m above never beneath act. Ask, ask and you shall find, seek ask and it shall be given unto you. Seek and you shall find. Knock the door shall be ask and it shall be given. Seek and you shall find. Knock in the door, ask. Seek knock a ss K. You still got to ask Matthew seven. Seven, ask and his shall be given unto you.

Everybody unmute, balcony. I need you to blow the roof off this place. Everybody in the balcony opened up your mouth and shout, watch this. When I found this out, listen, I be asking for when I got this revelation, Tyrone. I’ve been asking for stuff every day. But see, the reason why we don’t like asking God for stuff is because we take humanistic thoughts into a divine conversation. Just because you get on people nerve don’t mean you’re going to get on God’s nerve. And the reason why people are frustrated when you ask them for things is because they’re so selfish. The only need they’re concerned about is their own. And so when you act and here ain’t nothing worse than you asking somebody for something they can do for you and they act like it’s a problem, it’s because they don’t have the wisdom to understand that they were blessed to be a blessing. Somebody needs to ask God, take all of the people out of my life who don’t understand that there is reciprocity that’s supposed to take place. I’m supposed to bless you and you supposed to bless me.

God says, I command you to ask me. In fact, when you don’t ask me, I am considering you to be disobedient and insubordinate. It’s a qual imperative. It’s a command ask. It’s not like saying ask. It’s like ask, don’t ask, don’t ask and see what I do to you. Don’t ask and see what happened. You see the difference? Everybody say ask. Ask. How many of y’all have been under asking? Now watch this. Although the end is ask the beginning of sacrifice. Don’t be surprised if you don’t get an answer. If you didn’t sacrifice. Come here because see, some of y’all like to cheat the system. I prayed didn’t nothing happen. Yeah, because you didn’t give nothing.

Everybody unmute. I got Bible to prove to you that if you are willing to sacrifice that I found when this is revelation because sacrificing is scary. You have to also consider what happens if you give what you were dependent on or if you release what you’ve been waiting on. Come on, are we human or we got so how many of y’all, if it’s time to take an offer and you start thinking, see, here’s where most of us are. We have a scarcity mentality. We’re afraid of scarcity. So when you ask for more, people are like, oh my God, I don’t know what will happen if I release that. I got plans for that. Okay, well ask Abraham what happened when he waited 90 years on a son and the Lord came to him and I’m about to show you something because some of y’all, I’m about to prophesy. Some of y’all been having a lot of dreams lately. I’m about to tell you what that’s all about. God said to him, he says, I want you to sacrifice your son, your only son, the one that you’ve been waiting almost a hundred years on. And when he went to the mountain to sacrifice his son, the moment he was about to sacrifice him, the Bible says the voice came from heaven and said, Abraham, stay your hand. Why? Because whatever you are willing to give God, he’ll then turn around and let you keep it.

Okay? Let me prove it to you Senegal family. I want you to sell your house and I want you to take a $20,000 hit. That’s their Isaac, I want you to sacrifice it. Don’t tell me you can’t do it. Sacrifice it because anybody in here that has a house, if you don’t have enough equity in the house, you got to know that whatever that money is got to come out of your pocket. So if you never sold real estate, you got to understand equity is the key word. If you don’t have equity, you’re in debt. So you got to figure out where you’re coming up with that $20,000. Don’t worry about it. Will you sacrifice it? Yes, Keon, pay the $5,000 bill. Keon, give the wife 5,000. Keon. Give the husband 5,000. Keon. Give the daughter 5,000. Four times five equals 20. You get to keep Isaac because you were willing to sacrifice.

Does this making sense? Wisdom. Wisdom. We’re calling the year of wealth and wisdom, but I’m preaching on wisdom this month because I’m not starting with no wealth. That’s why would I get up here and preach about what to do with money if you are not first transformed Pastor, we got people in here. I’m looking at Kirk in the cell. They opening up a furniture. We got people in here opening up businesses and opening up companies and expanding their footprint and business. It’s happening all around you. You got to ask yourself why ain’t it happening? I’m looking at so many of y’all that I know. Personal testimonies on your row where God is blowing people’s mind. Hallelujah. You got to look inside and say, what am I doing where my name ain’t on that list? I can tell you the first thing, no sacrifice. I can tell you the second thing you’re not asking.

Okay pastor, but I don’t have a lot. Y’all doing all right? I am. I can tell you this pastor. Okay, let’s just do this. How many people say, God, if I had the money I would sacrifice it but I don’t have it. Raise your hand. Let’s be honest. If you don’t have the money to do it, okay, there’s a scripture for you. Romans 12, one, present yourself. I can do this all day. Present your body as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto him, which is your reasonable service. God says, if you don’t have something to give me, there is something I want you.

Give me you. I’ll give you something to give me. That’s what Paul said to the church at Roman. Chapter 12 verse one, present yourself as a, all right God, I ain’t got no money but I got me. I’ll come and clean this church if I have to. I’ll serve you. I’ll get on the prayer team. I’ll do whatever you need me to do. I present myself as a living, listen, as a living sacrifice. God says, I only need you to live. I did the dying. I don’t need you to die for it already did. I need you to live for it.

And that living sacrifice is holy and acceptable unto God. He says, and that is the least you could do for me. How many of y’all been having dreams lately? I knew it. I knew it. I knew it. I knew it. Ooh, I’m about to talk to dreamers. If God has been talking to you in dreams that mean you, right? I mean, matter of fact, I need everybody who’ve been dreaming over the last two months to just stand on your feet and you not even a dreamer, you just been seeing visions daydreaming, just spacing out and you saw something, you saw yourself in a position that you don’t even know how you’re going to get there.

I knew this was happening because the Lord showed me, he says, son, I am working through your children through visions and dreams. Whenever God is speaking to you through a dream, it means you are right who needs proof? Joseph had a dream that his brothers were sheaves of weak bowing to him and we look up in Genesis chapter 50 and they are bowing to him asking him for food. Why? Because your dreams are actually your thoughts asking you for permission to live. That literally means God says, I gave it to you. And the reason why you keep dreaming about it is because it is soliciting your cooperation so that you can get out of the way so that what you keep seeing, you can touch, feel, and taste.

You remember Joseph in the New Testament when God was using Mary as transportation for the Holy Spirit to get Jesus into the earth. Where did Joseph find out that his wife was pregnant with Jesus? In a dream? In a dream. See, God is whispering to you. Listen, in the only space where you’re not arrogant, he’s speaking to you in the only place where you can’t talk back. He’s speaking to you in the only place where you can’t make up a reason why it don’t make sense. God says, I would speak to you when you woke, but you talk too much when your eyes are open, so I got to wait until you go to sleep so I can do all the talking.

He spoke to Nebuchadnezzar in a dream and told him there was going to be a famine which was going to be followed by seven years of struggle. God says, I want to talk to you when you woke, but then you’re going to be reasoning with me telling me why it don’t make sense. So I got to wait till you shut up before I speak up. How many of y’all receive the word of the Lord? How many of y’all remember Pilate’s wife? I’m almost done. Remember Pilate’s wife? The Bible says that God spoke to Pilate’s wife to tell her to tell Pilate that Jesus was not guilty.

You had better pay attention to that dream. You don’t get to just ignore it and say, ah, there was just a dream. It wasn’t just a dream. Sometimes it’s the Lord trying to get your attention. It was in a dream. He said, Solomon, ask me for whatever you want, whatever you want, and if you don’t ask me, I’m going to consider you to be disobedient. Solomon said, okay, Lord, anything I want? I asked for wisdom and knowledge and God says, Solomon, I will make you so wise that there will not ever be another person like you on the earth. Solomon was the wisest and richest man to ever live. That’s including Elon Musk, that’s including Bill Gates, that’s including Warren Buffet. Nobody has ever had the wealth of Solomon. The scripture says

That he would never make another man to be as wise and as wealthy as him, which means the money we think we got in 2023 isn’t what he had in antiquity. Do you hear me? That’s how Richie was. He says, Lord, I want to be. God says, okay, I’ll make you wise. Can I give you the definition of wisdom? He was saying, God, give me good judgment and insight on your decisions. I need you to hear me. This is the key. Wisdom isn’t figuring out a way to make your way work. Wisdom is getting out of the way and asking God to give you insight on how to do it his way, even if his way is uncomfortable for you.

Lord, give me understanding. What does understanding mean? It means God give me mental skill to decipher between your voice and minds because I’m telling you, some of y’all struggling to find out who’s talking you or God. Sometimes it’s you talking, it ain’t God. Are you listening to me? He said, God, I want to be wise tell you this story and this should help you to understand what wisdom is and I’m going to pray for you. How many of y’all have ever heard of the Greek philosopher who’s responsible for Western philosophy by the name of Socrates?

Socrates tells a story about a young man who came to him and said, professor of Socrates, I want wisdom. The story says that Socrates takes the man down to the ocean and holds him underwater and after 30 seconds he lifts the young man up and the young man says, SOCY says the young man. Now what do you want? He said, I want wisdom. Put him back under the water this time for 45 seconds. What do you want? I said, I want wisdom. Kept doing this until the young man was under the water for 60 seconds, 65 seconds, 70 seconds, his body begins to go. Limp brings him up. Now, what do you want young man? He’s wheezing air. I just want air, and he said, when you want wisdom the way you want air, then you will have it.

You can’t want wisdom just so you can get a car. This kind of wisdom has to be on the same level of desire as a man who is drowning, who just wants one ounce of air, and if the truth be told, and if you stop faking what your reality is, you are actually drowning. Oh yes, you’ve learned how to function. You got your church smile, help us today. Help us today. You got your corporate attitude, but you cry in the car between A and B and you go in your closet and you cry and you put visine in your eyes to get the red out so you can come out of the room like nothing ever happened and you spaced out at red lights and got mad because somebody blew at you.

Some of you, you’re drowning so much. You’ve even passed up your own home and not recognized that you passed by your house, missed your exit. It’s tough out here. Don’t let nobody tell you it’s easy, but when you want God, like you want air, when you’ll fight for wisdom like you would your next drink of water as the dear pet for streams of water, you have to want God more than you want a business plan. You have to want God more than you are tired of being lonely. You got to want the Father more than you want your husband sacrifice.

Nobody has ever done anything great without having to overlook their own needs to get there. You can’t build a good business and travel every weekend and be successful. You can’t be in a concert every other weekend on a cruise ship every other month out of town, every other quarter and still have a business that’s thriving. When you return, you got to decide whether you’re going to be a child or an adult. When I was a child, I thought as a child I understood as a child, I speak as a child, but when I became a man, Paul says, I put away childish things. Haven’t you understood yet that when you get to a certain level your recreation has to change?

Lemme tell you the way my grandmama said it, the places I used to go, that’s what she meant. I don’t go no more. The people I used to run with, I don’t run with them anymore because they’re antithetical to the destiny that God has given me, and I can’t be asking God for wisdom surrounded by fools. You need to have people in your life that if you get five minutes with ’em, they uplift you. They pour into you. They say something that makes you say aha. You get an idea from stop running around with fools.

If your relationships master in gossip and not growth. Y’all always talking about people but never got an idea and lemme tell you something. The people you talking about, at least they are doing something worth you talking about whether it is good or bad. Now you do something to make somebody talk about you. I need a church. I need a nation online. God has given me the keys to another level, but I need some people with wisdom. Are you with me? I can see the future. I know where God is going. I know what he’s doing. I’m tapped in to what he’s doing. I’ve never felt so much anointing in my life, but I’ve got to have some wisdom around who will unmute themselves and shout, I’m with you. I got you. I want to go in that direction. I know God is calling me that way, and let me tell you, I didn’t ask for it. I didn’t one day just say, Lord, make me a pastor in Houston, Texas with I’ve never asked him for it. All I wanted to do, I swear to you, since my life began in ministry at 14 years old, I’ve always told God I don’t have enough ability. But I will give you all of my availability.

And when I say I’m available, I am. There’s some people in this church that could tell you that I was here yesterday when they were setting up honey buns and juice for the volunteers walking in the yard with an irrigation company, trying to put some irrigation in the ground so that we can get some seed in the dirt and have this campus to look like a campus and get rid of the stones. I’m in the trenches because when God gives you something, there can’t be no job too small for you. Wisdom not where I want to be, but I’m a long way from where I used to be, that’s for sure.

And I’m not who I want to be, but I ain’t who I used to be. I’m using wisdom. I’ve learned what furniture not to touch, what shouldn’t be moved, how to eliminate relationships that may have longevity, but have no trust and be willing to take whatever they say about you on their way out the door. Are you loyal to failure and have you reduced your vision to the level of people you cannot cut ties with? I don’t know about you, but I’m about to ask and then I’m going to ask some more. And guess what I’m going to do after I finish asking? Ask again. And Lord, if there be anybody in here that don’t want to ask, I ask what they ask. They don’t want their stuff. You can drop it off at my house. I’ll figure out what to do with it. Jesus, if you’re in this place today, and this message was for you, if you’re online and you’re watching us, and this message was for you, stand to your feet. Thank you. In Jesus, all

Desire is in the year 2004, I was pastoring a church called New Horizon 26 0 1 Alma Avenue in Fort Wayne, Indiana. And that was 125 seats in the whole building that’s including the basement, the offices, the sanctuary Church was so small that we put a wood plank on top of the Baptist Street because we knew we could get four people to sit on it. Despise not the days or small beginnings. Louis, at that time I was a sound engineer. If I think about it, I know why it takes 30 seconds to get from the booth to the front.

I’ve done every job in the church. No, literally not just the, I’ve done every job in this church. How many of y’all remember I used to sing with a choir every Sunday. I didn’t have a secretary. I was my own secretary until Penny came. I didn’t have a finance team. There was a lady named Tia Newsom and Tia had a full-time job in the oil industry, but she worked in this church like a full-time staffed employee. So I remember when we couldn’t afford our chameleon and Ruth and Pop Watson would buy the chameleon because that was their offering to the church because the church couldn’t buy wine and crackers des buys not the days a small begins. I remember there would be times where Christmas would come around and we didn’t have nothing. So Vicki Richardson would bring her Christmas tree from her house and set it in the church from that day to 1 million people watching our services every week.

I mean, does that sound crazy to you to think that there are people in the world who don’t make moves without asking me what I think from sitting on a baptistry to give an advice to people who run the world. Only God can do that. Amen. Only God can do that. And here’s the deal. It does nothing to make me think highly of myself because as soon as I leave you, I’m going home. I’m taking the suit off. I’m going to put on some church socks, basketball shorts, and a wife beater and I’m going to watch tv.

I’m not going to be on my couch anointed with gold. Chalice is having people serve me. I’m going to be asking my wife, we watching Hulu of Netflix. That’s what the rest of the day is going to be. And me picking apart this sermon being mad at myself because I didn’t say this and I didn’t say this and I didn’t do that. And I could have done that. And now I’m thinking of some stuff in there that I want to go back and say, but you ready to go home? And so I’ll see you next week because we open every Sunday.

I mean, I’m blessed. I got my daughter with me here today. I got my wife here with me. All of our children are healthy. I got my mama and my sisters in here and I got my right mind and I got my health, I got my strength. I mean, what more can you ask for? You just got to learn to be grateful. I’m trying to get some grateful people in here today and I’m going to do something that I know just doesn’t work conventionally well. But I’m telling you from that baptistry to here, something changed my life. It didn’t just happen because I wanted it to happen.

I was in Dallas, Texas. I was at the Hilton. Please, please give me a moment if your feet hurt, take your heels off. I just need you. I was in Dallas, Texas at the Hilton anal. You know where that is? It’s right off 30. So I was over there and I was at this convention where they were talking about network marketing. Everybody had got in and all that kind of stuff. And I was in that network marketing you, you know what I’m talking about? Yes. So I was in there trying to figure out how to get rich fast.

How’d that work out? It didn’t work out well. I made $14,000 in the first 30 days. I made 18,000 in the next 30 days and then realized that the church was suffering because of my absence. So I had to figure out was I going to make $20,000 a month selling coffee or was I going to get my assignment? And I packed up and left it. I packed up and left it, left it walked away from it to come back here and let them pay me 50. I love you girl. Let them make me $50. This church didn’t have it doing all we could. But our church was growing so fast that it was either rent buildings and rent schools. They’ll tell. We done rented every school in Houston.

We rented summer, summer Creek, Kingwood, humble middle school, the hotels, the hot box, the radio station. I done rented every building in Houston except for your house. Those were the days. So I was saying I was in Dallas and I met Bishop Jakes prior in Orlando and it was his birthday. So they let me come to the birthday celebration. I’ll go to birthday. Y’all know how all the big preachers is in there? All the such a much. They got all they buttons buttoned too. All of ’em just, and they in there all big time. And here I come in there with my little feeble Gideon personality. I am the weakest in my tribe.

Amen. And they started with one preacher. He said, I’m about to give an offering to the bishop and I’m starting off with $50. I said, how many of y’all remember this finger? You ain’t been in church a long time? 50, 25. I’m down here at the end got to me, they looked at me, brother Henderson, Henderson, what can we count on you for? Dug in my pocket. I took out $111. That’s it. And I gave it to Bishop. I said, Bishop, this ain’t, I’m giving you this until I get home and I’m going to make up a difference this hit.

I said to him, I said, this is all I have give I unto thee. And I looked him in the face and I said, but here’s what I need you to do. I said, would you allow me to be a liability until I can become an asset? And he said, with tears in his eyes, this gift means more to me than the gifts that they gave me because they gave it to me out of their comfort. You gave it to me out of your sacrifice. Please indulge me. I’m trying to get you somewhere. And recently I preached for him on the Wednesday and I said to him in front of his church, my wife was there. I said, Bishop Jakes, you are not my biological father. So you did not bring me into the world, but you did introduce me to it.

If it were not for God using him, there are many people in this world who would not know who I am. So what you’re looking at act started at my bra in the altar when I gave my $111. And now anytime I’m in this presence, I give offerings bigger than that and my blessings keep growing. I want to put you in a position to be able to ask for whatever you want. I preach the word of God. You don’t have to believe me and anybody in this church knows this is not a common practice for me because we give and we leave. But I believe that there’s another level of anointing. I believe that there’s a deeper level of anointing. And I believe that you have to be specific. The seed that you’re going to sow $111 unlocked my life and God has been blessing me ever since. I’m not asking you to do that. I’ve already asked you what to do. I’ve actually do $28 or 128 and I’ve asked you to partner with me for the rest of the month because we’re getting ready to do things on this campus. I refuse to go to a bank for it.

Amen. Somebody. How many of you know we need more parking? We need a larger sanctuary. We need more administrators. We need more staff members. We need everything because you can’t grow if you don’t grow everything. I need you to help me to boost this ministry because our outgo is way more than our income at this stage of growth. But I know that God is going to sustain us and I know that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him. So I need everybody to get that 28 or that 1 28. I need you to get it in your possession right now. And if you have a purse, if you have a wallet, anything in your seat, I need you to grab it because we’re going to leave from the altar. Get your belongings. And when you get that gift, I need you to come to the altar. If you’re next to somebody whose spirit is not in agreement with this, ignore them and don’t miss your blessing.

I want you to get your gift and bring it to the altar. 28 0 1 28 online. I’m talking to you. The anointing that is flowing in this room is getting ready to flow online. We’re in the year of wealth and wisdom. God is about to send somebody to give you 1000 of something. You have to believe the word of the Lord. They’re coming from everywhere. Y’all bless God. They’re coming from the balcony. Come on and praise God for ’em. Unmute yourself. I said Somebody, praise God for them. You up for success. Somebody say, set me up for success. Set me up for success. You got to trust me. You got to trust me more than you’re trusting yourself right now. Now let me ask you a question. If I’m wrong, and you’re right, then why don’t you have the results, right? So you got to be willing to trust me and the word of God, I’m trying to get you into wisdom because your knowledge got you up here. But it’s also trying to take over your emotions right now, trying to get you into wisdom. The Bible says in second Corinthians nine, verse six and seven, it says, the point is this, whoever so sparingly will reap sparingly. And whoever souls bountifully will reap bountifully for each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctant under compulsion. Here’s my favorite part, because God loves a cheerful giver. Look at your neighbor’s face right now and ask me, do it look cheerful.

I don’t see no cheer. So if you don’t give cheerfully, you can’t expect this to do what I’m telling you it can do. I need you to change the position of your heart. And over the next 20 seconds, those of you online who are taking part in this, I need you to take control of your own emotions. And I need you to command your soul, to bless the Lord. I want to hear you in this place. Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on. Don’t do it. Let them do it. Come on. Come on. Let God arise. We’re not going to let the music do it for you. I’m not going to let the praise team do it for you. There is more of you than it is us. Open up your mouth and give God some praise.

Alright, that was Valium two. I need you to turn it up like you’re trying to make the folks on 59 here that a shift has taken place in this room. Open up your mouth. Give them blow. Alright? I’m going to be honest. I didn’t expect that y’all went from three to seven. I was expecting a three to four type of thing. You went to seven. I need a 10. I need your whoa. I need you to let every devil know that tonight you are about to get a blessing from this sacrifice. We come. I got to old school. They got to turn around before they count their money.

What is about to happen is some of y’all about to get testimonies tonight. There is going to be a connection between what you got and when you sacrificed Somebody shout tonight. Matter of fact, high five, your neighbor. Tell ’em tonight, tonight. Tonight. Tonight. The miracle is coming tonight. The blessing is coming tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight. Tonight. Tonight. Tonight. Tonight. Tonight. Tonight. Alright. I’m going to pray over you. I’m going to let you go. Matter of fact. And if you want to join church because I’m going to come see you too. Look over there. Y’all see that? Join this way. Just go that way. And me and my wife are going to come holler at you when you join and we are going to welcome you into the place. But for the rest of y’all, the devil about to be mad.

Y’all hear me online. The devil is about to be mad because God is about to break the curse. And as you release these gifts, I prophesy in the name of Jesus as you partner with me for the rest of this month. God is going to partner with you for the rest of your life. 40 years. No, no. You are sowing into the next 40 years of miracles in your life. Touch your name. Say and say, I’m rich dog. Just tell bawling you standing next to a G. Tell him dog. I’m like, I got it like that. That’s just what I do. Y’all ready? Spirit of the living God, that’s every person drops their seed or taps their phone. On this stage. We cancel every curse.

No weapon formed against us shall be able to prosper. And every lying tongue that rises up against us shall be condemned in the name of Jesus. If you believe it, unmute yourself online. Unmute yourself. Bless the Lord. Release your He shall on God. Won’t on. Don’t on God. He won’t. Don’t on. Won’t you. He’s able. Come on and give somebody. Give God the praise. If you still this building, if you’re online, we’re still giving God the glory. Church is over, but the praise is still going up. Let God arise in his enemies. Be scattered. There’s a move of God happening in this place and God still has the angel troubling go off. The room is emptying out of people, but it is spilling up with the Holy Spirit.

Don’t give on God on don’t give up on God, on you. Don’t give up on God. I promise he won’t. God, don’t give up on God. Yes. Hang on a little while longer. He’ll be there. Yes. He’ll don’t give up on God. Won’t give up on you. One last time. Don’t give up on God. Try ’em for himself. I know He won’t give up on you. You just got to trust him. He’s able. Yes. God. God. He’s able. He’s able. He’s able. Yes. Thank you. Spirit of the living God, thank you for your presence. Thank you for loving us. Thank you for keeping us. Thank you for abiding in the secret place for you shall hide us in the tabernacle. If your secret place shall you hide us, you will set us up on a rock.

The Lord is our shepherd. We shall not want. Make us to walk in the green pastures. You’ll lead us beside the still waters. You will restore our soul. Lead us in the pass of righteousness for its name. Say ye, though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we shall fear no evil for thou with us. Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort us. You prepare a table before us in the presence of our enemies. You anoint our heads with oil. Our cups run over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow us all of the days of our life. The Lord is our light and our salvation. Whom shall we fear? The Lord is the strength of our life. Whom shall we be afraid? When evil men come up against me to eat up my flesh, they stumble and fail. Though a host shall encamp around me in this, shall I be confident this will I seek his face. Thank you for your word, for your word as a lamb to our feet and the light to our path. I was young, but now I’m old and I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken, nor have I seen this bed bragging for bread. If you said it, you shall do it. And according to our faith, I speak to the remnant that has been left behind, that the blessing is on the way.