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Pastor Keion Henderson is the lead pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Houston, Texas Lighthouse is an organization that serves the body of Christ through our 5 pillars. We always ANTICIPATE a move of God in every experience, so we constantly set a great ATMOSPHERE, and we ACCEPT everyone through love. We believe the best way to impact people is by being AUTHENTIC to who we are and by taking ACTION to move everyone towards greater.

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Pastor Keion (00:00):
Stage with me right quick. Pastor Darius Daniels.

Pastor Darius (00:02):
Long story short man, March 2nd and March 3rd, 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia. At our facility there, pastor Keon and I are coming together for our first, what I believe to be of many Preachers Academy 2023. It is going to be an incredible event. Hey, who is this for? This is for current preachers, this is for aspiring preachers. This is for anyone who is serious about being more than called, being more than anointed, but also being skilled in the delivery of God’s word.

Pastor Keion (00:41):
And so it’s going to be a combined effort. It’s a one day event, and so we need you to go to Preacher’s Academy if you are interested in that.

Hey everybody, welcome to another episode of Take Action. You guys have been with us for quite a while now. I would even have to ask our production people and our individuals like how many episodes are we in Rick? You know how many, I mean we got to be in the forties or fifties right now, right? Yeah, we up there. So you guys have been rolling with us. Nearly a solid year would take action and it is my hope, it is just my hope and prayer that you are 1% better at life than you were when you started. In fact, if you feel like take action has helped you to get at least 1% better, I just want you to put a one in the chat. Just flood the chat with wands so that way we know that we are actually doing something that is of service to you and your household.

And yeah, it’s a lot of ones coming up. It’s ones coming everywhere. So thank you so much. This is why we do it and we kind of have a relationship here. It’s philanthropic but it’s also theological. So I give you the word and you do what Galatians says you share with the one that is communicating with you. And then we go out and we do things like pay for funerals and we most recently gave four churches $25,000 a piece and pay attention to our Instagram at Pastor Keon because our production people are going to put together a video so you can see the work. Because lemme tell you something, we don’t do it to brag. We want you to know that we are doing the work of the kingdom and that’s the only reason why we show you. It’s not that we might boast, but that you might be godly proud of the ministry that you are connected with and that we are actually in action doing what we said.

We’ve got a scholarship program that’s going to be coming up. We’ve just got so many things that you are helping us do as you share with us from all over the world. And I want to say on behalf of my and our church, thank you so much for viewing this as good ground. They’re putting given instructions up on the screen right now. You can share through any moment in this conversation and I promise you it will be put to good use. Now if you live in Houston, I want you to make your way to one of our campuses, okay? Our North campus, 66 50, they’re putting the address up right now, 66 50 Rankin Road. I’m working ’em to death right now. They’re going to put the address up for North. Now, I do not know the addresses to the other locations, but I’m going to say the locations and they’re going to put the address up so that you will know exactly where to go.

We’ve got our West campus and you see the address there. We’re there every second and fourth Sunday and then we’ve got our south campus and they’re going to put the instructions up there in the moment and we are there second and fourth Saturdays start all of our services at 10 o’clock and you never know which one I’m going to be at. So whenever one of those locations open, you need to hurry up and get there and very soon our southeast campus is coming underway. I believe that date, guys, is it March 12th? March 12th at 10 o’clock we’re going to have our first service there and it promises to be amazing. Listen, God gave us a portion of Houston along with other great pastors in this city to make sure that the devil doesn’t make this a stronghold. And we’re going to do everything we can. We’re not perfect.

We’re going to do everything we can to make sure that your experience with us in the city is amazing. Now, if you are not in the city and you just watch us online, make sure that you subscribe to our YouTube channel, Keon Henderson tv. So that way and turn your alerts on so you’ll know when we go live. You’ll know when we’ve got great, great footage and words of affirmation and encouragement for you. Now, if you have been following us in the month of February and Happy Black History Month, by the way, we’ve been talking about peace and my campus pastor and I sometime ago sat down and we have our entire preaching calendar scheduled out for the next 12 months, and this is, I believe the fourth month. And we’re talking about peace. And if you’ve been watching us online, I think you may have a different idea of what peace is.

It’s not everybody getting a toxic self together, but peace has to be made and sometimes you have to make peace with things that are not peaceful. Today I want to give you a scripture that you need to put in your life for the rest of your life. I want you to go to Matthew chapter five, verse eight and verse nine. Matthew chapter five, verse eight and verse nine, and the Bible says, blessed are the pure in heart for they meaning you and I. If our hearts are pure shall see God. Now what does pure mean? I mean doesn’t mean that you’ve never made a mistake. Absolutely not. See, when the Bible says pure in the Greek, it actually means purified, which means that it used to be dirty but went through a process, right? It’s like being forged, still being forged and fired, that it has all of these elements that are there possibly to decrease its value, but once it comes through the fire, it’s as strong as any surface or material on earth.

So it means to be purified. So those who have a purified heart, they’ll see God. Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be the children of God. I normally on Tuesdays I don’t give you all a topic. I don’t want this to feel like a sermon. This is just a conversation. But for the sake of searching this message on YouTube and for the sake of being able to remember this, I want to use for a subject today, the missing piece, P-E-A-C-E, the missing piece I will never forget. Now, how many of y’all know where you spent quarantine at during the pandemic? Can’t forget it. I remember the address. I remember the house. I can see it right now. I can see it. And you know what my family and I used to do? We used to put puzzle pieces on the table. I think, and I’m maybe off by two or three, but I think I put together about 40 puzzles during the pandemic, all 1000 pieces and above.

My mother used to do it when we were younger. Do you know that I put those puzzles together and later on in the pandemic, my wife and I met and started dating and she joined me in that journey and we would put puzzles on cardboard me, I put the glue on them, I had ’em, I got a picture on my phone right now, all the puzzles laid out and one day I threw them all the way at the same time because I put all of those pieces together and didn’t have a place for them. I want you to put that right here that I spent months and months, hours and hours putting pieces together only not to have a place to store the piece. Just put that right there because I’m telling you we’re going on a journey. And when I did that, I thought about asking you a question because one of the most frustrating days of the pandemic for me was me putting together a puzzle of the Black Panther.

And guess what? One of the pieces were missing. I blamed the housekeeper. I said she must have came on the table and wiped the piece off. She didn’t do it. I thought one of the kids had gotten it. They didn’t do it. It’s quite plausible. That’s somewhere in the factory. 999 pieces fell in the box and somewhere on the floor in the factory was my missing piece. And all of that effort and energy that I put in to making that Black Panther look amazing. And when I say Black Panther, I mean it was in the shape. And I’m not talking about Wakanda, I’m talking about an actual Black Panther. It was in the shape of a panther, even to the point where you think a panther is black. But upon close inspection you’ll find out it even has spots.

The missing piece made the effort feel futile. And then I thought about asking you this question, have you ever been in anything and felt like something was missing? Just a little piece was missing. Lemme tell you something about humans. We won’t be grateful for the 999 pieces that showed up. We will be frustrated about the one piece that’s missing. Have you ever had a job and you felt like something was missing? Have you ever been in a relationship and you felt like something was missing? And I thought about sharing with you that it is necessary, at least in my estimation, to maintain and restore relationships.

We are not designed by God to complain about the missing pieces. We are designed by God to be the peacemakers. Is the sermon making sense to you already that we are not designed by God to walk around and complaint and in a futile disposition when we lack peace, it is our job as human beings and as children of God. To be peacemakers, I want to know how many of you online right now are peacemakers, are peace seekers? Because those are two different things. Do you spend your time looking for the peace or do you make pieces? Now let me tell you what your boy did when the piece was missing. I went and this is the God’s honest truth. I went and got a piece of cardboard, slid it underneath the puzzle, took a black pen, traced on the cardboard, the space for the missing piece, slid the cardboard back underneath the puzzle, got a black marker, colored it in and I cut it with precision, took my time and I cut the piece and I put it right in the middle of where the missing piece was because you know why I’m a peacemaker.

I could have been frustrated. I could have called the manufacturer, said like some of you all would’ve done. Oh my God, I can’t believe you sent me. I didn’t do any complaining because I’m a peacemaker. I made the piece and I put it in and listen, if I didn’t explain it to anybody, they would not have known that the piece was manufactured. What I am telling you is that when you get a box and it’s missing peace, it’s not your job to call the manufacturer and ask them, where’s the peace that makes you a peace seeker? God didn’t say blessed are the peace seekers. He said, blessed are the peace makers. Are you listening to me? And few things make us more like Jesus than making peace. Few things or you can walk on water, try it if you want to. It won’t make you like Jesus. You can turn stones into bread. There’s a lot of people listening to me right now. You’ve turned nothing into something, a little paycheck into a big pay that doesn’t make you more like Jesus. But if you can find a way to have peace in the middle of a storm that makes you more like Jesus. That’s why I believe it’s in Isaiah.

I believe it’s Isaiah nine and six or Isaiah nine and seven. They can correct me on that. Look that up for me guys. But I think it’s Isaiah nine and six that says that God is the prince of peace. That Jesus is the prince of peace. I believe it’s Isaiah nine, seven, not the prince of drama, not the prince of gossip, but the prince of peace. They just gave me a thumbs up and said, that’s the right scripture. So I try to memorize some of my Bible. Isaiah nine, six. He is the peacemaker. He’s the prince of peace. You have to be listen royalty like at peacemaking.

He’s the prince of peace. He’s the king of kings and the prince of peace. Now obviously the word peacemaker is a compound word, peacemaker, right? No drama here. I haven’t taught you anything. Some of y’all like does pastor think I don’t have an education? I’m just simply going through the lesson. I’m just acknowledging the fact that I know that historically from an English perspective that the word peacemaker is a compound word which means of more than one syllable. So it’s a compound word. Two words peacemaker, three syllables. The word translated peace. Though if you look at it in the Greek, it’s E-I-R-E-N-E. But it is pronounced irony like our English word irony, right? So when you look at the word peace in the Greek, it’s irony or irony, which means listen to me. Do y’all want this? Because I’m telling you it got me. It means the opposite of what was expected. Okay? So when the Bible says the word peace, blessed are the peace. Let’s just stop there. Blessed are those who have the ability listen to experience the opposite of what is happening now. Do you understand what I just said?

That’s what peace really is. Peace. It is a choice to experience the opposite of what’s expected. Peace is the decision. Come here, Jesus, to take a pillow and lay down in the hole of the ship and sleep during a storm while the disciples are going crazy. What most individuals do not understand it is that it is up to you what you will experience in most situations. That’s the truth. I just recently talked to my brother, Ricky Smiley, about his son dying. He said, bro, I’m at peace. He said, I’m sad and I’m broken, but God is so good. I’m at peace.

Not too long ago I did a funeral for a mother who lost her small daughter. She had no peace. I can understand why I wouldn’t have either. Her heart was shattered, so shattered that she had a blank stare with no emotion and the baby’s grandmother was overcome with grief. The baby’s grandfather was overcome with grief. We sat in that room and we were all overcome with grief, but I can’t tell you we had peace. Why am I saying that? Because it is not about what happens to you. It is about your ability to choose to experience the opposite of what’s expected and the fact that somebody else can do it means that it can be done.

Put me in the lion’s den and I’m going to scream and cry. You put Daniel in the lion’s den, he goes to sleep. You put me in a fiery furnace, I’m kicking and screaming. You put the Hebrews in the fiery furnace, they come out not smelling like smoke. You throw me in the pit, I’m claustrophobic. You put Joseph in the pit. He ends up being in the palace when Absalon was trying to kill his father. David, this is what David said. David said, I will not be afraid of 10,000 men. You have 10,000 men chasing me. I’m going to be very afraid. So what’s the difference between me and Joseph? What’s the difference between me and David? What’s the difference between myself and Abraham and Paul? Let’s take the difference between me and you. What’s the difference between you and your brother, you and your sister, you and your spouse? Why can they handle things that you cannot? It’s because they have chosen not to experience what was intended by the experience.

See, when you take on this kind of ideology, you stop blaming everybody for how you feel. He made me mad. No, I let myself get upset. Do you understand the difference in the psychology? Blessed all the peacemakers, not the peace seekers. Sometimes in your life you’re going to have to take the cardboard, slide it under your dilemma, trace out some peace, cut it out and put it in there because you got to be a peacemaker. I hope this is helping you blessed all the peacemakers. Now the word makers is also in the terminology. Poeo in the Greek is spelled P-O-I-E-O. Poeo. It’s an active verb. I’m getting deep here. I know we’re not here for all of that. It’s an active verb. It is the type of verb that we talk about when we are using a method of preaching called exposition and it talks about tenses and verbs and you got Aris tense and the active voice and you got all that stuff, and we’re going to be studying all of those things at our preacher’s academy. That’s going to be in Atlanta March 2nd and third is coming up, but it’s an active verb and peace listen, requires listen, you got to hear me because if you don’t have this, you’ll never have peace. Now a lot of people want peace, but you cannot have peace without resistance.

You can’t have a desk with no legs. You can’t have a computer with no screen. You can’t have a camera with no lens. You can’t have a light without a bulb or a flame. You cannot have peace without resistance. You have to have something in your life that creates the friction where peace will abide. Now I want anybody online and I want you to let me in your house, your car, your job, wherever you are. Be honest with me, how many of you in the least in the last 12 months have said, God, I just want peace, raise, raise your virtual hand. I just want peace.

And when you ask God for peace, you thought you had peace or you would have peace. When all of the unpeaceful people left your life, what you really was saying is God either make everybody in my life act according to my disposition so that I can be at peace with them or take them out of my life because I don’t have any peace because they’re in my life or I don’t have any peace. That’s the job I have to work or I don’t have any peace because that’s the person I’m married to or I don’t have any peace because I got all of these children. No, because there’s somebody with the same amount of children, the same amount work, the same amount of hours, same amount of spouses. I’ll leave that up to you for interpretation. The same amount of everything you got and they walk right through that front door, smile on their face at peace because they’ve decided to be peace makers and not peace seekers. Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth, that it is very possible for you to experience the opposite of what the experience is offering.

It’s like a person who has indigestion. They know they’re going to eat something that’s going to cause ’em heartburn. So what do they do? They take something beforehand so that they can have a better experience. Now beforehand, see, one of the ways to have peace is to be a forgiver and not be forgiving. Let’s talk about it because people who are forgiving can be forgiving no matter what the circumstance is or can decide not to be forgiving no matter what the circumstance is. But when I am a forgiver, then I don’t have any other option but to be forgiving no matter what the circumstance is. So that’s like taking the medicine before the meal to make sure that I have a great experience with this meal. Even though this meal means me harm, I have taken the necessary actions to make sure that this pizza doesn’t keep me up all night. You understand?

See, that’s how you make peace with things that are uncomfortable. You do something beforehand to offset the natural reaction. So if I’m a peacemaker, I go into every situation recognizing that the only option I have is to be peaceful. There was no other option giving you a peace of my mind. If I’m going to remain peaceful, how many of y’all know you have to decide upfront? I ain’t going to let them make me cuss. You have to decide upfront, okay? When I talk to this person who normally pushes my buttons, I’m going to keep my voice calm. Anybody ever talk to yourself? I’m going to keep my tone down. I’m going to sit on my hands. I’m going to say, okay, don’t let them make you act out of character. Look at how you see. But this is how you make peace that you make up your mind that you’re going to be content. You finish the sentence no matter what state you’re in.

Jesus said, blessed are the peacemakers. Peace does not come. It must be created. Can I say it again? Peace does not come. It must be created. Listen to me. All of y’all single folk who want to get married ain’t no peace in marriage. You got to make it. Or if I can just find a peaceful spouse, you going to do something to make so you have to bring your peace to the table. There’s no peaceful job that’s concerned about excellence. There is no peaceful neighborhood. I don’t care how much money you pay to live where you live, something can happen because peace has to be created. It does not just arrive. I want everybody to type. I’m a peacemaker.

I’m a peacemaker. Now did not tell you that peace requires friction. How many of y’all remember that? How did Jesus make peace on earth? I want you to really think about it. When Jesus got here, there was all kinds of people like Harriet, the great evil kings, Pharisees, Sadducees, religious upheaval, Judaism leading into Christianity. So you got the boiling point of religious dogma that was hitting an inflection point. Ideology, theology was in competition with Judaism. How did Jesus make peace on earth? Colossians one and 20 tells us Jesus made peace with us by shedding his blood on the cross.

My God, today, Jesus didn’t make peace with us by inviting the whole world to the last supper and proving to everybody that he loved us enough to give us a meal. Jesus did not create peace on earth by the swoop of a hand and made some kind of peaceful spirit come over everybody’s house so that everybody would be peaceful. Jesus didn’t put peace in the water so that when everybody drunk the water, everybody became peaceful. He didn’t put peace in the bread. He put peace in the blood and sometimes peace as a result of cuts and bruises that sometimes peace doesn’t come until the blood starts to run. Maybe it’s not blood. Maybe for you it’s tears, but in order to have peace, you have to have friction. Now, there are two types of peace. I want you to understand that there are two types and I can tell you right now that we will not finish this message today. You need to make me a promise that you’re going to come back next Tuesday. You need to make me a promise because if you think that you, I haven’t even started talking yet.

I’m going to give you about 10 minutes, but I got to break it up. This is just an introduction. How many of y’all remember the show Martin and some of the best episodes have A two B continued? Literally. I want to ask my production team, y’all, when we get done with this, I just want y’all to put to be continued on the screen with the three dots like they used to because I haven’t even started. This is so important. Pastor Hammond, I don’t even know if there is another subject on our preaching calendar more important than this. It might be, you know about heart. I don’t know. Well, if there is anything else other than salvation that people are seeking more than peace, this is so important that even the people behind the camera are in class. Because you got to get this. If you don’t get this high blood pressure, if you don’t get this, you think diabetes is bad, connect it to no peace.

You think that your back hurts. Now it’s a slip disc, but wait till you add stress to it. Lemme tell you, the most painful injury I’ve ever had playing basketball was a stress fracture. When I tore my ACL, the pain was excruciating, but because the tear had already happened, it wasn’t long before the pain subsided, but that stress fracture, every step, every step, every time that foot in the third metatarsal with flex pain, pain, pain, I had to get a boot to keep it flat. Why? Because in order for my foot to be at peace, it had to be set.

Lemme tell you, there are some things in your life right now out of order. I come to set order to your life. I come to set order by the power of the Holy Spirit. I create order in your life. I create order in your house. I demand it by the power of God that the peace of God will supersede all the unrest that you may be experiencing. But you got to be a peacemaker. You got to be a peacemaker. And here’s the two areas, and Aaron, somewhere around here, just cut me off because I have to do this twice.

Here’s the two areas where you’re going to have to work on. Please don’t quit yet. Don’t cut off yet. Stay with me. God told me to tell you this. These are the two areas of peace. You’re going to have to make peace with God, but you’re going to also have to make peace with people. If Pastor Torrance are here, I get up and run because most of you all, you’re going to get what? God. God, I’m sorry, but you going to lead them people up for guessing. You going to ask God for forgiveness? God, I want peace. I want peace. I want peace. God, God, God, God, God, God. But God says, how can you love a God whom you’ve never seen? And here is the literal translation and can’t be at peace with people. You see every day this next reiteration of your life, you’re going to have to learn to be at peace with God and at peace with people. Alright, lemme give you a scripture. One Corinthians chapter 14 verse 33, 1 Corinthians chapter 14, verse 33.

This is for all of us who always say, God told me to do it. Well, there’s one way to find out if God did. For God is not the author of confusion, but of what? Peace as in all churches of the saints. Now was an author. An author is the originator of a plan or idea, an author, not just somebody who writes a book, but an author is the originator of a plan or idea. So God is not the author of what? Confusion? Well, what is confusion? Confusion is uncertainty about what is happening intends to happen or is required to happen. So confusion is uncertainty about what is happening, intended or required.

I want to see if I can explain that better. Sometimes confusion happens in life not because of what was communicated, but sometimes we get confused because we go beyond what was communicated and we try to interpret what was intended. And if we don’t interpret what is intended, then sometimes we have miscommunication because we are expecting a requirement that the other person doesn’t even know is required. Thus, you have uncertainty. So God is not the author of confusion. I’m about to help you. You will never have peace in anything where you do not know what is happening, what is intended or what is required, and nobody will ever have peace with you until you are clear about what you intend and what you require. Let me tell you why most marriages are struggling because you have two people in a house that don’t know what’s intended or what’s required to make the other person happy. And when you don’t know what’s intended are required, the only thing you can do is act upon that which makes you happy and content. But what if I don’t require it like you do? Here’s that most famous sentence, I would never do that to you. Well, yeah, you would never do that to me, but there are things that you have done to me that I would never do to you because I don’t require what you require and you don’t require what I require.

Thusly, you are not mimicking the ways of God as it relates to not being the author of confusion until you know or let people know what is intended and what is required to be in your space. If you haven’t done that to people, you’ve done ’em a disservice. That means you’re going to have to man and woman up and say hard stuff. If you come to my house and cook for me, I need to tell you upfront I’m allergic to seafood. I can’t wait until you’ve made the whole meal and say, oh, I don’t eat that. I’m at fault because I should have told you what my requirements are. Any five star accoutrement or opportunity that you ever get to go to anything that’s excellent. They’re going to ask you, what are your dietary restrictions before you arrive?

Why are they doing that so that you can be peaceful when you arrive? Does this make sense to you? If you’re to dairy, they need to know that before you come, the worst thing in the world is to be in a place where you come to eat and can’t eat nothing that’s being offered. Can I give you another scripture? And I promise you I’m done because you need to come back next week. Okay? Do I got time? One more scripture guys, or is that good? Is that cool? Alright, two Corinthians chapter five verse 18. Alright, open your Bible or open your app. Here’s what the Bible says in two Corinthians five and 18. And all things are of God who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ and have given to us the ministry of reconciliation.

Because after you tell people what’s intended and what’s required, if you’re ever going to have peace with all men, then your rebuke has to somewhere be connected to reconciliation. Otherwise you’re not a peacemaker. Oh, I hope you hear me. Literally, I’m a living, breathing example of there are men in this room who I’ve had to say this is what’s intended, this is what’s required. And there may have been disagreement about how to come to that end. But the reason why we’re in fellowship right now is because every rebuke has to be connected to a reconciliation.

And if you don’t know that upfront and you’re not a peacemaker, according to the Greek, reconciliation does not apply to having a good relationship. But to do away with what we know as the word enmity. Enmity means elongated hostility. You remember when the Bible says that God was going to put enmity between us and the enemy elongated dysfunction, elongated displeasure, which means in order to have reconciliation, you must have hostility. And the way to overcome animosity is take away the cause for the fight. That means, oh, this is going to be good and I’m going to stop right here. How many of you all watching me right now? You are into it with somebody because either they owe you money or you owe them money.

I’ll wait. If I’m talking to you, just put a dollar sign in the chat. You have had an argument with somebody because either you owe them money or they owe you money. And you know what’s amazing? When people owe you money, you want it right away, but when you owe people money, you say stuff like, I’m going to pay you what they tripping for. So you see how it changes, but that’s another sermon. So the way when the Bible talks about taking away the animosity, that means that if you and I have a disagreement about money and I am seeking to give you a role to reconciliation, that means to pay you the money that I owe you or if I’m owed the money, decide that you don’t have to pay it back, which makes me a peacemaker.

Pastor, you don’t understand. They owe me money. Now, do you want money or do you want peace? The truth is if money bought you peace, you would’ve had it before you let the money go. I’m going to stop right there. I need you to come back next week. Listen, we’re going to give, we’re going to give, we’re going to give the instructions up on the screen. You got to come back. Listen, you got seven days to chew on this and we’re coming right back one week from the day and we’re going to finish finding out how we can find the missing piece, right? Gify is going up.

You can give through our app, you can go to our website, LH Houston Church. Some of You’all are going to bring your gifts in person when you come. Thank you for all over the world. You help us to make it possible to bring you this message. You should see all of the equipment in this room just for our conversation. Things have to be maintained and taken care of so that way we can continue to bring you quality. I’m even told by my team that we’re even improving the quality of the quality that we’re bringing you, that we’re doing all we can to make sure that we service you well. So as you give, keep that in mind. Keep in mind that we are building a dream center here in Houston for Houston’s youth, and we’re going to teach. I want to tell you great news. This coming fall, we will be opening our new school called the Ignite School here at the Lighthouse Church on campus, and we will have on campus K five all the way to fifth graders. So it’s an amazing thing that you are partnering with to help us to continue to do it. So make sure you give. I want you to come back next week because we’re going to keep talking about the missing piece.

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Pastor Keion (44:54):
Can I be a part of what you’re doing? And I know everybody doesn’t want to be a part of the local church, but what if I told you I had a way for you to partner with me so that we can affect change throughout the world? Hence, take action now. A 5 0 1 C3 nonprofit organization committed to advancing individual agency and social progress by protecting, strengthening and uplifting the underserved and disenfranchised throughout the world. We’re doing humanitarian things, teaching entrepreneurism, teaching home ownership and institutional inequities, cultural deficits. We have our ear to the ground and we need your help to make a difference, whether it is making a sizable donation to the estate of a young woman who lost her battle with cancer via the internet, and we were able to make a difference there. Or whether it is in a underserved community in the Caribbean islands where the children were playing amidst rocks and glass and we came in and broke ground recently on a park so that athletes and cheerleaders and young people in that community can have a safe place to stir up the gift inside of them. Whether it is paying the utility bills in cold climates for seniors, or just helping basketball players get the proper uniforms of football players. It’s just us making a difference through financial literacy and technological empowerment and mentoring services. This is what we do, and all I’m asking you to do is become a partner with me right now, and I want you to go visit Take action Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today.