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Pastor Keion Henderson is the lead pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Houston, Texas. Lighthouse is an organization that serves the body of Christ through our 5 pillars. We always ANTICIPATE a move of God in every experience, so we constantly set a great ATMOSPHERE, and we ACCEPT everyone through love. We believe the best way to impact people is by being AUTHENTIC to who we are and by taking ACTION to move everyone towards greater.

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Pastor Sieon (00:27):
Good evening, grace and peace and welcome to another amazing episode of Take Action. As always, I am humbled. I am just amazed and excited about the fact that the great man of God, the giant, the one who God is using in this country. I believe in an amazing way to revive this entire nation and even the world. Pastor Keion Henderson, I am just thankful that he continues to share this platform with me, gives me the opportunity to minister to his people, the people that God has entrusted him with. Those of you who tune in every week to hear the word of God and I’m just thankful that you all just keep coming back and taking action with us. We are praying for Pastor Keon. As always. We we’re praying for Lady Shawnee. We’re praying for the work that God has them doing and so we are just excited about what the Lord is doing for them and with them and praying that no weapon formed against them will be able to prosper.

I want you to make sure that you come into agreement with that with us on that God is still doing some amazing things, still working miracles with that miracle report. There have been some amazing testimonies that have come in that miracle report. God is, he’s canceling debt, he’s giving refunds, but he’s saving lives. I heard a story about a girl being healed to cancer. I told a story in our last time together about a girl whose father had been drug addicted and he gave his life to Christ the power of God rest at the Lighthouse Church and God is doing some things that are just blowing our minds. Listen to me before we start this conversation. I need you to start liking and sharing this now. I believe that we are in a time where God uses social media in this platform to get the word out.

I believe he knew that in this day and in this hour that we would need something that could move at the speed of light to be able to share his word. And I know you hear everybody say it, but I’m telling you, you need to bless somebody with what we’re about to talk about today. I’m trying to tell you, listen, hear me when I tell you this conversation is about to get really good and I’m going to try to keep it together as we have this conversation. I want to talk today to some possibly frustrated people who knows, and you’ve heard me talk a lot about this lately, if you’ve seen me on any platform with pastor as we’re talking about worship, because I believe worship is very heavily connected to assignment because it’s about what I’ve been created to do and what I’ve been called to do, which is another teaching in and of itself what I was created to do and what I was called to do.

And so I want to talk to some people who are possibly frustrated in your assignment and I want to talk tonight from this thought, the grace to finish, the grace to finish because some of you are wanting to quit in the middle of what God has put in your hands to do. If already I’m talking to you, if I’m already talking to you, I just want you to go ahead besides sharing, loving it, telling somebody, inviting them to watch, just start clapping your hands. Say I’m talking to you. I want to know that I’m talking to you. I want to know who it is that this is for. I know it has to be for many of you because God put this on my heart the moment I knew that I would be on this platform that some of you desire to quit, but you are in what God calls you to be in.

You are in the thing that he desires for you to be doing and you cannot allow whatever it is that the enemy is trying to bring to oppose you to doubt that you are in the assignment. And many times when you get close to breaking through and when you get close to the point where you’re going to be most effective with the thing you have been assigned to do, not talking about what you want to do, not talking about what you left yourself to do, many were sent, some just went right, not talking about what you just walked and did, what you’ve been assigned, what God has assigned to you and assigned you to. That’s what I want to talk about today, that you’re going to have, God is giving you the grace to finish. I want to start by asking you a question.

Scientists say that when you are conceived, and when I say scientists, I mean doctors, those who study biology when you are conceived or when any child is conceived, but let’s talk about you. When you are conceived in that moment of conception, 40 million seeds are released in 40 million different opportunities to fertilize the egg of your mother. Have you ever wondered why you made it to the egg? Why was it you that made it to that egg to fertilize it? Why were you born? Why? Why were you the one that made it out of 40 million? And so when you’re talking about grace and the grace that God gives, it is largely the definition is undeserved or unmerited, unworked for unearned favor. So if you started out by outrunning 40 or 39 million, whatever that number is, other seed, the first grace that you have on your life is the grace of an overcomer that you already have inside of you.

The ability to overcome that God wanted you here. You’ve got to know that it is his desire that you be here or you wouldn’t be here. That not only has he created you to do something which is to be a worshiper, but he has called you to do something, he has put an assignment in your hands and you know begin to tell. You can always recognize the difference between something that I’m doing and something that I’m assigned to do, that God has a way of working certain things out to make sure this is not just what you’re doing, this is your assignment. And the first encouragement that I want to give you today is that you are already an overcomer. That you’ve overcome so many challenges, you can’t quit now that whatever he has put in your hands to do that you’ve got to finish.

And I want to share with you today, I’m so excited, I’m so excited. I told production, Hey, don’t be surprised. Don’t get mad if we go over our conversation just a little bit today because I’m really excited about this conversation. I want to prove to you today that not only do you have an assignment, not only do I want to encourage you to finish that assignment, but I want to show you that there is a grace that God is giving you so that you might finish so that you don’t have to quit. It’s not just me telling you don’t quit. It’s showing you that God has given you an undeserved favor to finish what you’re in, right? So let’s talk about assignments.

Genesis chapter number two, verse seven and eight, Genesis chapter number two, verse seven. And let’s go there real quick. Genesis chapter two verse seven and eight, and then we’re going to go to verse 15 as well. Alright, we ready? Let’s talk about assignments. And the Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground. Where did God form man from the dust of the ground And Pastor Keon talks about how God likes to play in the dirt, right? He formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul. Now if I had time we would talk about that became, it’s so loaded Genesis one through three, you actually could preach on Genesis one through three if you preach it correctly for a whole year and still not squeeze all of the juice out of it, but man became a living soul, right?

And so he formed man and he breathed into man and then man became so we could give the argument or present the argument that the most important thing we have is our breath, right? We didn’t become until we have the breath. But then the next verse says, if we’re talking hierarchy, the next verse is going to talk about the next most important thing. Verse eight. And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden and there he put the man whom he had formed. Remember pastor taught us that the word put means to deposit. So after he gives man the breath, he then puts man into this garden. So there has to be something important because the moment man had breath, the next thing God wanted to do was put him somewhere. Let’s skip down to verse 15. Where is this place that God is putting man? Verse 15. And God, what y’all do to me, go back to Genesis chapter number two verse 15, Genesis chapter two, verse 15.

There we go. And the Lord God took the man and put him into the garden of Eaton to dress it and to keep it right. So after he gives man his breath, he puts him in this garden and in verse 15 he spells out, this is what I want you to do. So the next most important thing after breath was assignment. This is the thing that I’m calling for you to do. When you get up every morning or every night, whenever it is you’re waking up and you take that you breath is the next thing on your mind. What God called you to do is are you really that into your assignment? Do you really take understand that a lot of what we do in this life is folly. When God is saying, I’m really more interested in you carrying out your assignment. Now if you go back up to verse number eight, understand when he makes man, he puts him in the garden.

Actually in verse number seven, he says that he forms man from what the dust of the ground and he puts man in the garden and in this garden he puts trees in there that the Bible says in verse number 15, his job is to dress and keep the garden. Well that word dress means to minister to. In fact, the Hebrew connotation is like in the Levitical order, which means that you’ve been called as a priest to minister to trees in a garden. So you’re telling me that God put Adam in this garden and he tells him there’s going to be trees and vegetation and all this around him, and my job is to dress, which means to minister and keep these trees. So there must be a mystery behind it. And when we study trees, we understand that when the prophet opened his eyes, when the prophet touched the man’s eyes said, what do you see? He says, I see men as trees. Psalms number one says, blessed is the man that walk of not in the council of the ungodly nor stands in the way of the sin and nor sits in the seat of the scornful. But his delight is in the law of the Lord and in his law does he meditate both day and night and he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water. So when we see trees and when we’re talking assignment, your assignment is going to include men.

You do not get an assignment that does not bless, elevate and empower men in some way. God has given you an assignment that is going to cause you to minister in some way. It doesn’t mean you a preacher, but sometimes the hardest thing to do is to minister to men because sometimes the people that need you the most hurt you the worst. And so somebody who I’m talking to is wanting to quit and you’re saying it’s not growing. I’m in this assignment, I’m in this garden because in gardens, things grow in gardens, there’s life in gardens, there’s fruit. I’m not seeing the life, I’m not seeing the fruit. Bishop, I hear you talking but I’m quitting because if it’s not growing it means I’m failing. But here’s the prophetic word that’s about to change the trajectory of what it is that God is about to do in your life and that is it’s about to grow.

Here’s why. Because he formed you from the dust of the ground. The trees that are in the garden, guess where they came from? They came from the ground. It literally means that who you are and what has been put in your hands to minister to was made from the same thing. You literally have in you what it takes to carry out this assignment that God has put inside of you, the thing that it takes to be successful. Now here’s what you have to understand. Now we’re about to go deeper. Now I wish I could really see your comments. Some of the prophets when they’re teaching, they say, I’m not going no further until I see more likes or more shares. I’m not going to go that far, but I will say, I need you to like this and I need you to share this because we’re about to get deep.

It’s about to get heavy. Alright, y’all with me. This is the assignment you’ve got inside of you what it takes, remove the demonic whispers, all of the demonic dissertations that the enemy has been giving you that tell you you don’t have it, that tell you you’re not successful, that tell you you can’t get it done and hear me when I tell you you have what it takes inside of you to complete this assignment. There are graces that go along with assignments. Now hear me assignments. Lord, I feel your Holy Spirit even now I’m trying to hold it together. Assignments have hierarchies. Here’s what you need to understand. Every assignment is not created equal and you’ve got to be okay with wherever God has assigned you. What we are seeing in the land today is people who are trying to assign themselves and they have not been called to the level of assignment that they see and desire and when they step into these realms of as assignments that they have brought to themselves or they have manipulated their way into, they’re not ready for the level of warfare that goes with the assignment. Assignments have hierarchies. I said assignments have hierarchies. Let’s go to Ephesians chapter number four, verse number seven. I’m looking at my phone. I want to make sure I’m giving you the right scriptures. This is going to bless somebody. Ephesians chapter four, this is take action, right? We can be informal with each other. We’re just here having a conversation that I’m hoping is going to be a blessing to you. Ephesians chapter number four, verse number seven, y’all ready?

It says, but to unto every one of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ. Now hear me. What that’s telling us is you get the grace according to the measure of the gift. Now I need you to understand Christ gives us gifts according to what he wants us to do and the assignment that he has given us and you get the grace based upon the gift. I need y’all to hear me. The Greek word for gift, just stay with me please is gratuity. So when God gives you a gift that you might be a blessing to the body of Christ, it means that he is giving you gratuity. Watch it. The Greek work means tip, it means money in a treasury for purpose of the temple and the poor.

What? So let’s put the grace on the shelf for a minute. You’re telling me that you’ve given me this gift for my assignment and you’re telling me when you gave me this gift, it was really a tip. You were being gratuitous to me. You were giving me gratuity, you were giving me a tip, and when you gave me this gift because the Greek connotation says that it’s God tipping me, you also said that it means money in treasury for the purposes of the temple and the poor. What he’s literally saying is, I didn’t give you this gift just for the world. I gave you this gift for use in the temple that whatever I want to do through you in the world, what bodies are you affecting and what sanctuary are you using it in? Where are you serving? There’s a lot of superstars out here that don’t want to find a local church to even serve in.

You’re saying you’re gifted, but are you using it for the purposes God has given you to use it? For what temples are you affecting? What people? What trees? No you not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost. What temples are you helping to affect with your gift? It suggests to me if God is tipping me when he gives me this gift, it suggests to me that he is thankful and appreciative and is showing his gratitude to me. Bible says when he looked out on what he created, he saw that it was good, so he created me and gave me a gift. His gift is him saying thank you, thank you for what? For my service. Now I don’t know about you and there’s a few people in the room. Y’all correct me if I’m wrong. When I walk in a restaurant, I tip based upon service and I’m a little anal with that. If you give great service, you’ll get a great tip.

If I believe your service has been subpar, that tip will reflect that and I walk in wanting to give you a tip. I don’t tip based upon smile, I tip based upon service. So what God has given you this gift for what he’s given you, the gift that Ephesians chapter four verse seven says in the Greek that it means he’s tipping you. He’s tipping you for your service because he expects that when I give you this gift, you’re going to serve that you’re not going to quit your assignment, you’re going to stay in your assignment and serve the way that I have called you. The thing about God is he for knew I know it’s getting heavy. Just stay with me, please stay with me. He for knew so he not waiting on you to serve then say, oh, okay, they are a great servant. Let me give them this gift. No, he knows ahead of time what kind of servant you’re going to be. So he gives you the gift according to your service. Say it with me, type it. I got the gift according to my service, but here it is. I get the grace according to the gift.

So because pastor has such a great gifting on his life and it’s called to serve so many people, his grace, Lord I want to speak in tongues, his grace is greater than somebody else who also has a gift who also is called to serve but does not need the measure of grace because they’re not doing the same kind of work. They don’t have the same level of service. Are you with me in here? I need you to understand that based upon your service and based upon your gift, you’re going to receive a measure of grace and those of you who know you have a gift that God has tipped you, the measure of grace is going to be equal with the gift. I know this is helping somebody. I need you to share this. I need you to share it. I need you to light that comment section up because the grace that is on your life is the grace to do what he’s putting your hands to do. It is the grace to serve according to the gift that he’s put inside of you. You don’t need the measure of grace that somebody who has a larger gift has.

Now what is grace? We talked about this in our time together that I had with you before. Grace is unmerited favor. What is favor? The Hebrew word for favor means beauty and kindness. It means that he makes me look better than what I really am. It means he hides my frailties so that you can’t see it. That is what grace is. Grace means that I am not perfect, neither are you, but he’s going to give me more grace because I’ve got a bigger gift. I’ve got a larger area that I must serve in and even when I am frustrated I don’t quit because I know that I’ve been called to this. Am I helping anybody in here? I need you to understand that based on the gift and the assignment, grace is given that you are given a level of unmerited favor that God is covering you, he’s giving you his beauty and his kindness even when sometimes you are ugly based upon your service. And guess what ladies and gentlemen, if you don’t want to serve you don’t need the grace.

If you want to quit, guess what? The grace goes with the gift. Gifts and callings come without repentance, but if you’re not going to serve, you don’t need the grace to serve. If you are going to serve, God will keep his grace. Sometimes in your service you have been lacking and lagging behind, but you’re still gifted. You still got the gift. He’s not going to take the gift, right? But if you’re not doing the service, you’re wondering why the grace of God is leaving your life. Sometimes service has saved my life just being a servant. Our time together is coming to a close, but I got to share this with you. I want you to go to our last verse scripture together. We’re going to read a few verses. Actually let’s go to Second Samuel chapter six and I know production is going to be on it. We got a lot of verses we got to read verse number three. I need somebody to type. I need you to text somebody that’s not watching this as well and just tell them God is giving you the grace to finish your assignment. He’s giving you the grace to finish your assignment. I just want to read this all the way through because I got to read about 11 verses and then I want to give you two points and we’re done.

He’s giving you the grace to finish and they set the arc. This is a very familiar passage of scripture. David is again, I think I stated this in our time together before David’s assignment was to bring the arc of God back to Israel. He’s literally on his way to do that and as I told you before, sometimes being obedient gets messy and things happen that you don’t want to happen. It doesn’t mean you’re able to quit. Verse three, and they set the ark of God upon a new cart and brought it out of the house of Abada that was in Gabi and Za and a niho, the sons of Aada dra the new cart verse four, and they brought it out of the house of Abada. Y’all don’t mind if we read the Bible for a little bit tonight, which was that Gabi accompanying the ark of God and Ahu went before the ark and David and all the house of Israel played before the Lord and all manner of instruments made of fur wood even on the harps, even on the sult trees, even on the timbers and on the als and on the symbols and when they came to KO’s threshing floor, y’all reading with me Za put forth his hand to touch the ark of God and took hold of it for the oxen, shook it.

I’m going to preach this. I got to preach this somewhere because my spirit is stirred and the anger of the Lord was kindled against USA and God s smoked him, therefore his era and there he died by the Ark of God. Now imagine David’s response. The Bible is saying David was displeased but this man has died on your watch. This man has died because of something that you feel like is because of your assignment. Now there’s a revelation as to why he died, but David says this has happened on my watch because the Lord had made a breach upon Za and he called the name of that place Perez Za to this day, and David was afraid of the Lord that day and said, how shall the ark of the Lord come to me? David would not remove the ark of the Lord unto him into the city of David, but David carried it aside into the house of obeyed to Tite.

Remember David’s assignment was bring it back to the city of David to Jerusalem and David is saying, because I don’t like how this has happened, I’m going to detour and I’m going to quit my assignment. I’m going to put it in the house of Obed Edam instead of bringing it to where I’m supposed to bring it, I quit. I’m finished. I’m done. Before you judge David, how many of you are like David, you don’t like the way things are going and you said, Lord, I quit. I’m done. I’m finished. Verse 11, and the ark of the Lord continued in the house of Obed Edam to get tight three months. Watch this and the Lord blessed Obed Edam and all of his household and it was told King David saying The Lord had blessed the house of Obed. Edam, can I help you? Sometimes you need a reminder of what you’re carrying.

You don’t know how much what you carry blesses people because you’re so frustrated, because you’re so caught up in what’s not going right because you’re so focused on what’s not going right that sometimes you need a reminder of what the assignment you actually have. Look at me as we look at each other through this camera, through this phone, through this computer, whatever it is you’re watching me on, look at me in my face as I tell you that you are carrying something great. Your assignment means something to a lot of people that God has called you to do something amazing and you can’t quit because you don’t like the way it’s going.

He needed a reminder that I was carrying something great and it was told to him that Obad Ed’s house was blessed and all that pertaining to him because of the arc of God. Have you ever, and I know the pastors, the preachers that are listening that are in the room watching online. Sometimes you get so caught up in ministry. It’s those testimonies that you need to remind you, man, maybe I am doing something great or if you’re serving in a ministry, somebody’s got to remind you, man, your smile at the door is really a blessing to me. Or if you’re just a single mother raising kids, it is that reminder to say, man, you’re assignment and raising these kids. You’re doing a great job. Don’t quit. Those kids need you raising somebody else’s kids. Those kids need you. Go back and pick up your assignment.

David went and brought it up, brought up the arc of God from the house of Obed Edam, verse 13, verse 13, and it was so that when they bear the ark of the Lord had gone six paces that he sacrificed oxen and fattening last verse, verse 14, and David danced before the Lord with all this mic and David was girded up with a linen E five. There are two things that I just want to leave you with tonight as I have expressed to you that there is a grace for you to finish. Number one, you’re never going to win unless you learn to be weak. Are you hearing me? Your weakness does not mean that you’re not called. Some of you want to quit because you feel weak. What are you saying? Bishop? David was mad because Za touched the arc and died. It’s never a good thing when you feel like I’m in this assignment and somebody actually died while I’m doing what it is that God called me to do.

The problem is Zas name means strength, so in essence what the text is telling us also trying to teach us is that when Za stretched forth his hand to touch what God said that the Levites were only supposed to touch. I didn’t have time to really dig into that tonight, but that is a Levitical law that God said the Levites are to handle the arc of God. When he stretched forth to touch it, his name suggests that he was trying to do it in his own strength, but you’ll never be able to handle your assignment in your own strength. That if you don’t understand that God says, my strength is made perfect. Where in your weakness? In weakness, that is literally where I do my best work. When you are weak, you’re never going to succeed. If you try to do this in your own strength, that the strength and the power of God is what is about to carry you to finish your assignment.

Here’s the last thing that we’re going to share together tonight. God is literally delivering you from every detour. David put the ark down. He delivered the arc to Obed Edam because he took a detour based upon his disappointment in the fact that it wasn’t going the way he wanted it to go. But hear me, those of you who are detoured off of your assignment, come back. It’s not over. This is literally what I hear and feel the Lord telling me to tell you, come back. It’s not done. It’s not over. I’ve got so many plans for you. I’ve got so much for you to do and you’re not just going to finish, but there’s a grace that’s going along with it that I’m going to make you look good while you’re doing it. Even though you are weak and frail, the devil will try to derail your destiny, but the Bible says that David literally, he came to himself basically and said, wait a minute.

I’m carrying something too powerful. I’m too powerful for this. I’m too annoying for this. I want to encourage you tonight, and the devil is mad, but he has no power. He can’t release any backlash to me for delivering the word, and I’m covering each and every one of you watching this and everybody you send it to tell you now that no weapon formed against you is going to prosper. That as you say yes to God in this month of worship, one of the biggest ways that worship, one of the highest levels of worship is the word. Yes, Lord, I will I finish my assignment. I will do what you’re calling me to do. I’ll be the worshiper you want me to be. I’ll finish the work that you’ve given me to finish. That is my prayer for each of you on tonight. Listen, I need you to share this with your sons.

Share this with your daughters. Share this with your nieces, your nephews, your aunts, your uncles, your mother, your father. Share this with your significant other. Share this with somebody who you know is just too anointed to quit. Share this with somebody right now. I want you to get your hearts and minds ready to give. This word has blessed you. I know, but it’s not just about this word. Number one, you’re seeing the testimonies of these miracle reports that God is doing. This is good ground to soul and listen to me. People are being healed from cancer. People are being delivered from drugs. It’s not just about the debt that’s being canceled. You sow into this ground because this is ground where God resides. If I’m going to sow anywhere, I want to sow where God is, and so I want you to get your hearts and minds ready to sow also, because this is the place where we take action.

You’ve heard the testimonies and you’re going to see in the upcoming weeks and months that pastor is going to bring this word alive is the best way that I can put it. Some amazing things are happening in your life because you’re connected to this. I want you to sow. I want you to give now. The ways to give should be coming on your screen. Thank you again for tuning in. I believe that this word here is going to change the path and the trajectory that you were on and put you in a place where you’re going to feel God’s amazing grace. We love you. Thank you for watching, and as always, take action with us.

Pastor Keion (37:44):
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