The Devil Is Already Defeated | Bishop Sieon Roberts

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Bishop Sieon Roberts (Campus Pastor of The Lighthouse Church Of Houston Southeast) declares that the devil’s power is already defeated, urging the congregation to reject the attacks of the enemy and have faith in the power of God. He discusses various biblical references and stories, encouraging believers to see Jesus even in dark times and to trust in Him as the ultimate answer to all their problems. Bishop Roberts inspires the Lighthouse Nation to speak words of victory and declares that every assignment of the enemy will be canceled.

Pastor Keion Henderson is the lead pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Houston, Texas Lighthouse is an organization that serves the body of Christ through our 5 pillars. We always ANTICIPATE a move of God in every experience, so we constantly set a great ATMOSPHERE, and we ACCEPT everyone through love. We believe the best way to impact people is by being AUTHENTIC to who we are and by taking ACTION to move everyone towards greater.

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Bishop Roberts (00:00:03):
Lemme introduce you to my father. I believe that we owe God a praise. There’s no way you could live without the Lord. Come on, let him know it right now. Clapping is good, but if you really mean what you’re saying and you realize there’s absolutely no way that you could ever live without him, I need somebody to open your mouth and just tell ’em thank you. Let him know he’s the air you breathe while you’re standing on your feet. Let ’em know He’s the air you breathe. Tell him you’re desperate for him. We give your name the glory. Do me a favor. Slip your hand in the hand of your neighbor because what’s getting ready to happen over the course of the next few minutes in this place is going to shake the foundation of hell.

And I mean that in a very literal way. I mean that every trial, every obstacle that you met trying to get here today, those of you watching online, every technical difficulty, every distraction was because hell is about to lose its power in your life. Today. While you’re squeezing that hand, I want you to just whisper to your neighbor. You don’t have to say it loud, just make sure they hear you and tell them, neighbor, as I squeeze your hand, let this be a reminder that you are not alone. You’re not alone. Tell them you’re not by yourself. Don’t let that hand go. Tell them neighbor together. By the time we leave this place, every demon, every emp, every demonic force that has launched an attack against you, tell ’em together. You better grab somebody’s hand. Tell ’em together. We going to get this joker up off you tell ’em no weapon that has been formed against either of us will prosper. Now I want you to loose those hands and give God praise like you believe.

I’m telling you, the devil wasn’t counting on you being here today. The devil was not counting on you watching this today, but because you are in this room and because you are watching this, that hell is nervous because the enemy you see today, you shall see no more forever. Some of y’all think it’s just something we say, but I need somebody who believes God to just holler. No more, no more. Get your Bibles in your hand. I have two quick scriptures to read while you’re standing. Get your Bible in your hand. It is our custom that we stand in the book of Ezra. They stood all day while the Bible was read. I’ll be standing a lot longer than you if you will stand as we read the scripture. I got two quick scriptures that I want to read. Who’s praying for me today so I can know who you’re?

Thank you. This worship team is amazing. Y’all something else. I want to say something to Kafi, but I’m asking God should I say it in public or private and by the end of this service I’ll know, but the Lord gave me a word for her. We’re going to Genesis chapter three, verse number 15. Can you feel that? Can you feel it’s like a storm brewing. It’s like a cloud on its way in this room. It smells like victory in this room. Just one verse. You can read it in its entirety when you get home. Genesis chapter three, verse 15. When you get it, say I got it and I will put enmity between thee and the woman between thy seed and her seed it. What is it? Her seed shall bruise thy head and thou shall bruise his heel.

There’s another translation that says the seed of the woman shall crush your head and you’ll bruise his heel. I will put a strong hatred war between thee and the woman. Don’t miss this and between thy seed, Satan and her seed, somebody say there’s a war of seeds going on, it shall bruise thy head and now shall bruises heal. One last verse, John Saint John, really quickly, Saint John chapter number eight, verse 28. I would suggest you read this in its entirety as well. He’s already said that there’s going to be a strong war between the two seeds. Her seed is going to bruise or crush your head then said Jesus unto them. When you have lifted up the son of man, then shall ye know that I am he who seed and that I do nothing of myself. But as my father had taught me, I speak these things so far, the scripture, I want to talk just for a few minutes this morning from this thought, the devil is already defeated.

Some of y’all came to play, but some of y’all serious this morning. I need you to look at somebody in the eyeball on your way to your seat and just tell ’em, neighbor, I don’t care what’s going on in your life. I don’t care what your struggle is. I don’t even care how bad it’s tell ’em you are not waiting on victory. Tell ’em the devil is already defeated. One more person. Come on, tell ’em. Say Neighbor, I don’t care how strong he looks, I don’t care how much hell he’s causing. Tell him you need to know that chaga is already defeated on your way to your seat. God moves in threes. Just find one more. Put your preacher voice on and say, neighbor, oh neighbor. No matter what’s going on, no matter how bad it gets, I need you to know this morning the devil is already defeated. Clap your hands like the devil’s head is between.

Here’s what’s going to let me know if I’m in church or if I’m just in a social gathering. This is going to let me know if I’m in church now we’re really in class, but I just want to know if I have a church this morning, we go to class before we go to church, but this going to let me know who’s in the room. I need you to understand this one statement. Christ is still the answer in a world where they don’t want you to use the name Jesus in a world where they’d rather you talk about the man upstairs.

But Jesus, the Christ was very clear when he says, no man can come unto the Father but by me where they have tried to remove Christ from everything that we do. My question is because I’m inquisitive that if there’s no power in him, why are you trying to remove him? And we have looked at people and a diabolical plan of people to remove him. We’ve looked at government systems and how diabolical they are, but the truth of the matter is it’s much more sinister than people. The plan to remove Christ is demonic. It is satanic. It is hellacious. I need you to understand the church of the living God is under strong satanic and demonic attack. In the words of the late great bishop Willie James Campbell, 75% of his messages he opened up with saying the church is under demon attack, and I didn’t understand it then why he would open up most of his messages saying that until I realized that the Church of the Living God has desensitized itself to the demon attack of the enemy.

That the enemy is attacking the integrity of the church. He is causing the church to compromise our stance for Christ. Most of us, if you look at the world’s systems, they have made sure we can’t talk publicly about him in the schools. If you look at the book, the seven Mountains of Influence in all of those mountains in some way they have tried to remove Christ from them and even us as believers on our social media page. If we were to comb through your page, how much do you have in your social media pages about Christ as opposed to other stuff that you probably shouldn’t be posted in the first place and saying you are a believer and you go to the lighthouse. We big for that. We’ll post some inappropriate stuff, didn’t want to tell somebody what church we go to and who our pastor is, but I need you to understand that Christ is and always has been the answer for every attack that has been launched against us. Can I see the hands of those of you who can feel demonic presence somewhere in your life? The devil don’t like you. You know the devil hates you and every now and then you can feel and sense something demonic around you. Where are you? I just want to know who I’m preaching to.

Those of you online who know that the enemy is after you and when you study the scripture, you will find all throughout the scriptures this theme of the earth needing an answer to this satanic influence. When you study it, you’re going to see all throughout the Bible that we needed an answer to this because Satan was doing everything he could to come against the people of God and the earth needed an answer. And when you study it, you will find out number one, that Christ was always there even before his body came to the earth, he was there. Number two, you will find out from an eternal perspective that not only was God there before he came through the womb of Mary, but number two, you’re going to find out that the devil was already defeated because the Bible declares that Christ was the lamb that was slain before. Do I have any Bible readers before somebody say before the foundation of the world? So the issue is not whether or not Satan knows he’s defeated because I don’t care if he knows if he’s defeated or not because you don’t have to be scared to get whooped.

I don’t care if he knows whether or not he’s defeated or not. The issue is do we know he’s defeated? Do the believers know that you are fighting a defeated fo? Do you know when you wake up every morning and you feel the devil oppressing you? Do you know that you are fighting a fixed fight? Because my concern, pastor Hammond, is that we as believers act like we don’t know that the battle is already won. My real concern is that we live like we don’t know that the devil is already defeated and I would argue it’s because some of us who are believers cannot see in the dark.

Just stay with me. I think the problem is, is because whenever it gets dark in our life, we don’t have night vision goggles that when times get rough for whatever reason, we can no longer see the Jesus we say that we believe in. Look at somebody and ask ’em, can you see in the dark? Can you see? Every time it gets rough in your life, you act like it’s over Every time the going gets tough or oh, y’all getting quiet already. It’s real early for y’all to check out on me. You act as if God did not send his son to die for you. But I would suggest to you on this morning that you must be able to see in the dark somebody talk over yourself and say, I got to be able to see in the dark. I don’t have time, but everything that is foundational to our faith suggests that God wants us to see faith. Now, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen in this realm, but faith is about sight. Revelation, illumination is about the ability to see. Prophecy is about the ability to see the yoke being destroyed because of the anointing is about the ability to see. I don’t have time to get into all of it, but what I’m trying to tell you is that no matter where you are in God, God never wants you blind.

I need you to understand Christ has always been in the earth realm well before he came in a body and we have neglected to see Christ in dark times and I want to submit to you today that God’s agenda here today is to get you to see him even when the devil tries to turn the lights off in your life. It’s an issue that we as believers cannot see the light shining in darkness upon this rock. Jesus said, I will build my church. In other words, I’m going to build my church on this rock. Do you remember what he said to Peter? He’s giving his disciples a pop quiz. He says, who do men say that the son of man am. Y’all remember that right? Some say Elias, some say Jeremiahs, some say one of the prophets. Who do you say that I am? Because you’ve been walking with me. You slept beside me, you’ve ate at the table with me. Everybody gets quiet kind of like y’all are in the room because just because you are with somebody don’t mean they know who you really are. I wish I had time. I really don’t. But everybody in your circle don’t know you now. Yep. Everybody ain’t there to get to know you. Some people are just spectators to see if you’re going to make it or not, but that’s another message.

Only one out of 12. That’s a good statistic for you. Only one out of the 12 really saw Jesus for who he was. He says, flesh and blood did not reveal this to you, but my father, which is in heaven, I say thou our Peter and upon this rock, what rock the revelation of who Jesus is, will I build my church? The rock is not just saying the name Jesus the rock beloved is has Jesus been revealed to you? In other words, can you see Jesus even in dark times? Are you glorifying your problem or are you able to glorify Jesus even when things don’t seem to be going your way? When the devil has launched all out attack against you, are you still able to say hallelujah anyhow, or are you the one that freaks out? It seems not to be working out. I need you to open your mouth and say, I need to learn how to see in the dark.

My job here today is going to be to help open your eyes so that you can know that no matter how rough it gets in your life, that no matter how dark the times get in your life, that no matter how heavy the attack is in your life, that God is promising you that I am only a revelation away from you. When the wicked, even my enemies and my foe came upon me to eat up my flesh, they stumble and fell. Tell somebody the fight is fixed, that the devil is trying to blind my eyes so that I cannot see God, but he’s with me. I know he is with me. There’s no way I would’ve made it this far if he wasn’t with me. I could have lost my mind a long time ago. I should have been on the fifth floor of the hospital a long time ago. I should have been in a straight jacket on medication a long time ago, so I know he is with me because the only way I made it is that somebody had to be calming me, counseling me and wrapping their arms around me. Look at somebody and tell ’em he was there. He was there all the time, way too early.

Genesis chapter number one introduces us to the fact that he was there. He introduces Christ to the realm of the earth. In Genesis chapter number one, in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form. Can we stay in school a little bit longer and void? Hear me, darkness, somebody shout, darkness, darkness. Darkness was upon the face of the deep and darkness was there, but the spirit of God was moving upon the face of the wall. I need to do something to your psyche because for whatever reason we have mis learned that whenever God is present that the devil is not present.

But my Bible does not teach me that. My Bible says that the devil can present himself wherever God is. Do you remember when the Bible says in job that there was a meeting that God was having with the sons of God and the devil showed himself the spirit of God was moving and darkness was present, but his answer to the darkness was, and God said, let say be light. Oh, I wish I had somebody. We know that this could not be the sun and the moon because further down in verse number 14, the Bible says he created a greater light and a lesser light. This was not him introducing us to the sun and the moon. This was an introduction to his son, not the s u n, the s o n. Look at somebody and tell him he was there all the time. Wherever there is darkness, God says, let there be light.

John brings up something interesting in verse number one of his writings. He talks about the same beginning. Tell somebody, there’s only one beginning, Moses writes, in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. John picks up the pen. First three words of his writing is in the beginning, but can I ask you a question before we get into what John wrote? What was Jesus’ name before he came to earth? The angel comes to Mary and says, you’re going to have a child. You shouldn’t call his name Jesus. Don’t let these antagonistic people who carry the spirit of antichrist talk to you about how his name couldn’t have been Jesus because there was no Y in the Hebrew or the Aramaic or the Greek letter. There was no letter J there. There was only a Y. Don’t let them cloud your mind with that because the truth of the matter is that we speak English over here and to them his name was Yeshua, but to us his name translates Jesus.

But before he came to earth, what was his name? I stood here a year ago to the date. Well, pastor Keon, after I preached the three Ws in heaven and he prophesied that I would be here and here I am a year later and I talked to you about a man named Hero Colitis. This man is the one who John talks about if you study it, he gives hero colitis findings in John chapter one. In the beginning, his name was not Jesus. In the beginning was the word Lord have mercy. The express thought of God had come in flesh, but before his name was Jesus, his name was the word hero. Colitis who created science about 5 68 BC lived in a place called Ephesus, which by the way, some 600 some odd years later, John lived in. As he’s writing this, he says now as he begins to study and ask all questions about everything, he was inquisitive like a two year old, you know everything.

They want to know why go turn the light on. Why Mommy go sit down. Why mommy? And we make people feel bad about asking God why, but God does not mind you asking him why hero is begin to ask questions. Why? And he found out that at the end of every question that he was asking every study he did, he found out that the answer was Christ. Here’s what he says. He found out that the answer was the logos because he did not speak English. He did not call him the word. He called him the logos. Somebody say the logos. In other words, as you study it, your finding is going to be the logos, the logic. Somebody say the logic, the word logos really means the answer or the reason why. And so every time we study something, the problem is that we can’t find Jesus in it because we are not studying enough.

We are not interrogating. We’re not digging deep enough to find Jesus in our problems. We would rather cuss somebody out than to go to God and let him help us figure it out. Yep, yep. We’d rather have a nervous breakdown and give up than to continue to dig and find out that at the end of every study you can do, you are going to find the logos. I’m not talking about a dispensation. When Jesus walked the earth, I’m saying that in everything you look at, you’re going to find He is the answer to your why. Can you look at somebody and tell them He’s the answer to everything. The study of a thing in the English, English language, we call it logos, but we put OG at the end. Whatever you take the time to study, you’re going to find that not only is Jesus there, but he’s bigger than the science of the thing that you are struggling with. Look at somebody and tell ’em he’s bigger than it. He’s bigger than it. So if I’m having issues in my mind,

Because some of you in here, the devil’s been attacking your mind, can I talk to the people who it’s not really other folk? It’s the battle of your mind. I ain’t going to be honest in here. Sometimes it’s me. I feel Satan trying to whisper things. I feel the enemy trying to convince me of things and some of you have issues with people in your family and their mind, so here colitis says that for you, that study is called psychological psychology or psych logos, and he tells us that if you’re going to find me in the study of your mind, I want you to know that what you’re going to find is I will keep them in perfect peace whose mind

Is stayed on. Yes, instead of you putting Jesus on it, you are wrestling by yourself, but there is a psyche logos, there’s an answer to the problem in your mind. Some of you are having problems in your life, somebody who’s having problems in your life. Let me see your hands. Life has a way of throwing things at you. Who am I talking to? In fact, people are dying left and right. You don’t even know how long you are going to live and life has a way of flipping you upside down. Heida says that study is called bio logos. Look at somebody and say, but Jesus is the answer to that. He said, I came that you might have life and that you might have it more abundantly. Look at somebody and say in the name of Jesus, I’m healed. There’s no sickness in my body that Jesus did not die for.

There’s nothing that can happen in my life that Jesus did not already take care of even as it relates to the sun, the moon and the stars. Some of you are into this astrology. You think that the answer is picking up your horoscope. Oh, look at your neighbor. They got real if they put their head down because some of ’em dibbling and dabbling in it, but they don’t understand that Jesus, it’s the real astrologer. Y’all didn’t read Joshua chapter number 10, the Bible says for 24 hours Jesus held the sun in one hand and the moon in another hand and for a whole day he stopped the earth from spinning. I don’t know who I’m talking to, but who wouldn’t serve a God like this? I don’t need my horoscope. I serve a man who flung the stars in the sky. I serve the man who hung the sun just enough far enough from the earth so we wouldn’t burn up. I serve a man who put the moon in the sky. Somebody open up your mouth and shout. He is the answer.

Problem is we don’t take the time to seek him out before we freak out. Hebrew says Tyrone, he is a rewarder of them that diligently, which means you don’t open your mouth one time and pray and because it doesn’t go your way, you got to press in. Oh yes, I’m talking to somebody in the balcony. Somebody in the balcony touched somebody on their shoulder and tell ’em, you got to press in. You got to press in. You cannot quit because it doesn’t seem like he’s there because he was there all the, in the beginning John says was the logos and the logos was with God and the logos was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him. By and without him. It was not anything made that was made and him was life. Here it is and the life was the light. I feel like running around this church of men. Watch it. The light shineth in darkness but the darkness comprehended it not, and therein is the problem because the light is shining, but we’ve got confused darkness.

The light was shining in darkness but the darkness comprehended it not. The problem is not that Jesus is not there, the problem is that the devil is confusing your mind because he’s the author of confusion so that you cannot see what God has already done. I remember, I know this sounds real deep, so let me bring it down a notch just for a minute because when I was coming up, the old saints had more wisdom than I knew that they had. The old saints would say it this way, count your many blessings, name them one by one. Count your many blessings and see what the Lord has done. Sometime the devil will have you so focused on what you don’t like that’s going on in your life that he will make you forget to tell God thank you that I woke up and my house didn’t burn down.

Thank you that all my children are alive. Thank you that I actually woke up this morning because somebody went to sleep and woke up on the other side. Thank you that I may not have all the money I want, but I got a roof over. Thank you that even though the devil is attacking me, he has not destroyed me. Thank you that even though I make you mad and upset sometimes, God that you still love me. Thank you. The light shined in darkness, but the darkness comprehended it. Now, darkness was present while God was creating the earth.

When the express word of God came and was shining the light from men, the darkness couldn’t comprehend it. He was present during creation and then Jesus came to earth and spoke something called parables come close. Another way to say parables is dark riddles. Y’all please stay with me please. He said in Luke chapter eight, so that seeing they might not see and hearing, they might not understand. In other words, those that are in the dark while I’m shining, they’re going to stay in the dark. Do you see a pattern here that wherever darkness is light is always going to show up, that there cannot be darkness in your life. The devil cannot be attacking you and God not be somewhere ready to show up on your behalf. God’s creating darkness was there. God said, no, no, no. Let there be light.

Darkness was present. He said in this logos was life and that life was the light for men because we serve a glow in the dark Savior. I want you to understand this darkness had an agenda, but as you move from Genesis one to Genesis three, you see the agenda discussed and God hands out prophetic punishments and he tells this serpent Lucifer, I’m going to put a strong hatred between you and the woman between thy seed and her seed, there’s going to be war. What makes you think as a believer you’re not waking up to a war every day between thy seed and her seed. He tells the serpent, the seed of the woman is going to crush your head and your seed is going to bruise his heel. I need you to understand that the seed is very important. Somebody say the seed, God did not waste words.

He said it was the seed that was going to crush the head of Satan. He said, the seed of the woman is going to crush your head. Somebody say it with me, the seed, the seed is going to crush the head. Say it again with me. Class the seed. The seed is going to crush the head. Is it all right if we move out of class and get to church because I want to go a little deeper, look at your neighbor in the eyeball and tell him we’re getting ready to go a little deeper. I want you to notice as we go 14 generations from Abraham to a man named David. As we move through the scripture, you see the story of David and Goliath, the Bible in First Samuel chapter number 17 calls this giant Goliath. He calls him Goliath of goth.

Somebody say Goliath of goth. I need you to understand he is of the descendants that are all giants and they are said to all be descendants of the book of Genesis. When the fallen angels had relation with the women and they produced these giants, and when these giants were produced come close, the name that they gave the giants was the seed of the serpents. Please stay with me. So David here now is fighting Goliath, but he’s fighting Goliath from gath and he’s fighting a giant that is of the descendants of those that we call the seed of the serpent. Somebody say the seed of the serpent. I need somebody to understand what’s going on in this story prophetically. So as David is fighting this giant, he is not just fighting any giant, his feet are in the prophecy of what Jesus was spoke about. Jesus in the book of Genesis, because God says that I am going to put enmity thee and the woman and there’s going to be a battle of seed. Somebody say a battle of seed. So while David is fighting this seed of the serpent that we call Goliath, he prophetically defeats him by throwing a stone out of his slingshot into the middle of his forehead. Y’all remember that? But something blew my mind, pastor Hammond, that even after Goliath was dead and it should have been over, David takes his sword, the sword of the giant and cuts his head off.

He was already dead but he cuts his head off, picks his head up and walks his head 18 miles to a place in Jerusalem and buries his head in a hill. Call calvary, Lord have mercy. Lord, I need you to understand David is walking in prophecy because the giant was already dead, but God prompted David that even though the giant is dead, the job is not yet finished. I need you to take the sword and cut the head off. Oh, can I take a moment before I finish preaching and prophesy that God is decapitating every giant in your life?

Grab somebody’s hand next to you for the first time doing my message and tell ’em God is decapitating the giants in my life. He’s cutting the head off everything that’s been trying to fight me because in your head is what you see. Tell somebody I’m getting ready to see something different. By the time I leave here, there’ll be no devil attacking my sight in my head is what I hear. Come on, look at somebody and tell ’em. Neighbor God is about to change what you hear, but lastly in your head is what you say. Look at somebody and tell ’em God is changing what I say. The devil’s been attacking what I see. He’s been attacking what I hear. He’s been attacking what I say, but I prophesy today that the head of every giant in your life has just been cut off. Somebody do your hand like this. I’m cutting it off at the head. I don’t want to just kill it. I need the head gone. I need to capitate it. Somebody open up your mouth and change what you say. Somebody shout, I’m healed. Somebody shout, I’m blessed. Somebody shout on favor. Somebody shout, I’m rich. Somebody shout unto God, this is my season of victory.

I said, somebody shout, this is my season of victory. So David has to bury his head in the same heel that Christ was crucified in. It’s argued historically that most of the giants that were from the descendants of the seed of Satan, their heads were buried in that hill because it’s representative of the fact that every spiritual attack on your life is in that hill. Somebody say there’s something about that hill in the Greek, it’s the word cranium in the Latin, it’s the word cal or calvary, but in the aromatic it’s the place called Golgotha. Remember Goliath was Goliath from Garth. Somebody say Goliath from Garth. If you put Goliath from Gath together, you get the name Gath because God wants you to understand that there is something about every giant in your life that if you would just bury it in the heel of ggo that you would walk away with victory.

Have I got a witness in here? Look at somebody and tell them, neighbor, I have felt the attack from some giants. Come on. The thing that’s been attacking me, I need y’all to say it. The thing that’s been attacking me, it has not been small, it’s been a giant, but on this morning I pressed my way to rank and roll. I pressed my way to this live stream because God had a word that the giant was getting ready to be decapitated and we’re getting ready to bury every attack in the hill called Calvary. Look at somebody and tell them neighbor David was walking in prophecy while he’s carrying the head of the giant, he’s walking in the prophecy of God because 28 generations after him, 14 more generations after David, when he buried Goliath’s head in the hill, there was a man named Jesus that had to be crucified in the same heel.

Tell somebody next to you, tell ’em, neighbor, there is a calvary in your life. I would argue that there’s a place that you have to die and the problem with most of us is that we’re too alive for God to do the work he wants to do. I know y’all ain’t going to like it, but my place of victory is the place that I die. I wish I had somebody that could say, not my will God, but thy will be done. Somebody shout, not my will God but thy will be done and you don’t want to endure your slaughtering season because you think that when God allows you to die that it means it’s over for you, but the devil is a liar. The problem that you have is you don’t realize that the devil that you are fighting was already defeated from prophecy. John chapter three, verse 14. As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the son of man be lifted.

John chapter eight, verse 28 then said, Jesus unto them, when ye have lifted up the son of man, then shall you know that I am he? And so they had to crucify Jesus. They flogged him and gave him 39 stripes. It was a cat of nine tails that ripped through his back and opened up his flesh and his wounds were open so much that it ripped through the muscle. It ripped through the tissue and went down to the bone. But the reason he didn’t quit was because prophecy was pushing him towards a hill. They smashed a crown of thorns on his head, made sure the thorns pierced through the skin. Blood was streaming down. His eyes couldn’t even see because his eyes were filled with blood, but he could not quit because prophecy was pushing him to a hill. They made him after his back was wide open, carry his own cross up the veer delarosa about 2000 feet, but the reason he didn’t quit was because there was a prophecy pushing him to a hill.

When they got him to the hill, mama, they laid him down, put spikes in the radius and the carpals because his hands couldn’t take the weight of crucifixion, but he did not quit as they put spikes in his ankles. He did not quit because there was a prophecy pushing him to a hill. They should have stopped there. They should have just let him lay there, but they messed around and lifted him up. Y’all ain’t saying nothing to me. They messed around with his back wide open. They messed around with blood on his face. They messed around with paralysis in his hands. They messed around with holes in his feet and lifted him up because they forgot what he said. He already told them and I, if I be lifted up, I will.

I’m going to draw all amen unto me. Y’all tell somebody, tell somebody next to you. It was prophecy that was pushing him. Oh Lord, but it was me that was pulling him. He knew he couldn’t quit. Prophecy was pushing, but cion was pulling. I need you. Jesus. He knew he couldn’t stop because all men were depending on them to lift him up and the prophecy said that the seed of the woman would crush the head of the seed of serpents and in this hill was the heads of all the giants in this hill was the head of Goliath from death and when they lifted him up the foot of the cross, I wish I had somebody that knows I’m healed because I wish I had somebody that knows I’m because the devil is already defeated. Do me a favor, grab your neighbor’s hand. Tell your neighbor, neighbor, stop crying, neighbor, stop feeling sorry.

Stop acting defeated because the fight is already fixed. The fight has already been won. Victory belongs to Jesus. Victory belongs to Jesus and he gave it to me out on an old rugged cross on a hill called Calgary. He defeated every four and because of the cross, I’m already healed. I need to hear the voice of some victorious people. I need to hear the voice of some people that know that the devil is already defeated. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness. Principalities for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. I prophesied whatever’s been holding you this morning, you got the power to cut the cord, pull it down, pull it down, depression, pull it down. The head of my enemies has been, I ain’t depressed. Change what you say, I’m not depressed. I’m blessed addiction. You got to go. I’m not addicted. I’m addicted to ministry. I’m addicted to God. Can’t get enough of him. Open your mouth in here.

Your mouth, your mouth and give God the glory. I said, give him the glory. I said, give him the glory. I said, give him the glory. I said, give him the glory. I said, give him the glory. Grab your neighbor’s hand, squeeze it. I said, grab your neighbor’s hand, and because the devil tried to remove Jesus because the devil tried to blind me from Jesus being with me, we’re about to give the devil a black eye. Grab your neighbor’s hand, pull on that neighbor. Rock ’em a little bit, shake ’em a little bit and tell them, neighbor, on the count of three, we’re going to do what the devil don’t want us to do. We’re going to call on that name, put on them a little bit and tell the neighbor on the count free, we are about to make the devil sick. We’re about to make the devil go back to hell.

Every assignment is about to be canceled. Every demon got to go back to where it came. Keep holding that hand. Keep pulling that neighbor and tell the neighbor, on the count of three, your children are coming out of generational curses. On the count of three, your husband, your wife is coming out. On the count of three, your body is going to be healed. On the count of three, your womb is going to be open. On the count of three, your business is going up. When I count to three, you holler Jesus. When I count to three, you yell Jesus. 1, 2, 3.

The name of Jesus is a strong tower, the righteous one in and they are saved. Tell somebody I almost quit. I almost gave up, but I came to the lighthouse and found out the devil is all ready, defeated. The devil is all ready, defeated you, say it all. Ready, defeated, all ready, defeated, all. Oh, ready. No, no, no. Epi sickness wasn’t. Let here the salvation of my family. Some of y’all got family members that are in chains of the devil. God said, tell them, text them, FaceTime them. I hear God, we get ready to move. Get your phone real quick and just FaceTime somebody that needs to hear this. FaceTime him quick. When you get ’em on the phone, lift your phone up, hurry up and get it. Hurry up and get it. Get your loved one on the phone. When you get ’em on the phone, lift your phone up and tell them, Bishop said, the devil is already defeated. Come on, get them bones, get them get We got 30 seconds. I’m getting out of here.

Get it in the air. Whoever you are lying and in the church, God told me to tell you that the devil, y’all said the devil is already defeated. Somebody give him a shout. I said, shout like this week you believe something got to shift. Something shifted in what I see, something shifted in what I hear, something shifting in what I say, speak it out of your mouth. Raises and bonuses, pills paid off, witty inventions, creative ideas. The devil just unblocked everything that was holding. Daniel said, Lord, I’ve been praying. The angel said, I released your blessing, but the Prince of Persia tied it up, but Michael had to wrestle it out of his hands. I believe if you praise him, God’s going to send angels to wrestle your miracle out of the devil’s hands, but y’all being too cute, you better praise him if you praise him. The Ark angel, the warring angels are wrestling.

I prophesy generational blessings. Every time the devil shows his head this week, you better tell him, aunt devil, no, no, no, no, no. You’ve been defeated before the foundation of the world. David, cut the head off of your seed. Jesus crushed the head on Calvary. I’m fighting a foe that’s already been defeated. I don’t care why you’re standing all over this place. I don’t care if he knows he’s defeated or not. I’m fighting a defeated foe. The issue is the devil just keeps you in the dark so you can’t see that God is with you. I got proof. You ready? Luke chapter 10.

Jesus says verse 19, because the disciples come back and they’re excited. They got all this power. This is the month of power, right? Even demons are subject to us. Listen to what Jesus said. Behold the word behold just means, look, the problem is not in your power, it’s in your eyes. Just look. Look how much power you got single mother. Look, look what you’ve already survived, man of God. Look what you’ve already survived. Why do you think you wouldn’t win? You wouldn’t make it this far if you didn’t have a power that was supernatural. Behold, I give unto you power to tread upon serpents and scorpions before we leave here. There’s another power that God wants to release into your life.

How many believe that the devil is already defeated? We got all walks of life in this room, but one thing the Lord spoke to me is that no matter how much money you have, the devil’s always trying to keep you from reaching the next place. So if you’re a millionaire, the devil’s going to try to stop you from becoming a multimillionaire. Whatever level you’re at, the devil’s trying to block you from getting to the next place, but Deuteronomy eight and 18, do y’all have that scripture for me? I want to read it. This is the month of power Deuteronomy eight and 18.

Do we have that? Deuteronomy eight and 18, I want to read it. There it is, but thou shall remember the Lord thy God. This is the month of power. Somebody say, I got power for it is he that giveth feed the power to get wealth and he may establish his covenant, which he swear unto thy fathers as it is this thing. In other words, I gave you the power because I got to keep this promise that I made to your forefathers. The problem is you want me to do it and I gave you the power to do it, and so this week, this is a week that the theme is I can’t walk like I’m defeated no more. I got to realize I have power and this power that I have is to defeat an enemy that has already been defeated Anyway, I’m just walking in this victory.

God’s going to give you the power. We’re in this seventh month and the number 10. The reason why we pay tithes is because God is, oh my God, making sure we’re responsible people. It’s the number of responsibility and testimony when you are a tither, when you pay your 10%, it shows God, God really don’t need your money. He can make one person come in here and fund this whole vision. I promise you, he keeps you giving because he needs you to be responsible. He wants to give you a testimony and so I want to move by tens up to the seventh month and I want everybody that believes that God, this season, this whole month is going to be a month of power. He’s giving you the power to get wealth. I want everybody that can and everybody that will to get a $70 seed in your hand right now.