Tear Down This Wall


Pastor Keion has kicked off 2022 with a series called "The Whole Story". This series has all of the fixings we need to truly make 2022 the best year of our lives. In order for us to obtain wholeness, we have to tear down our walls. Walls are the things, situations, mindsets, etc. that are holding us back from reaching our destiny.

This sermon challenged us to first know and understand that we are unable to see our own blind spots or flaws because we struggle with adjusting to feedback from outside sources. Self-preservation has taught

us to build walls to prevent pain from coming in but not knowing that we've locked ourselves in that room with our pain.

Our walls won't fall until we become tired of our pain holding us hostage and we're tired of being bound. At that point we've partnered with God in the process of tearing down our wall. While God is working, we have to do our part. Meaning, we can't sit back and let someone else bring about our deliverance. We have to work while God is working.

After you've torn down your wall, you have to deal with patterns or unconscious tendencies that you’ve adopted because of your wall. It is important that you start with working on the heart and not your outside appearance. In Psalms 51 David provided the perfect example for us to follow. He acknowledged his wrong doings, how he reacted and sought forgiveness. He asked the Lord to heal his heart which allowed the Lord to tear down the walls he had in his heart and he became free.

Heavenly breakthroughs can only happen when we allow God access into those broken places that we've hidden for so long. He is standing at the door knocking, we just have to open the door and allow Him in. Release what's been holding on to you and let in what God has been holding for you. It will be the best decision you'll ever make.


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