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Pastor Keion Henderson is the lead pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Houston, Texas Lighthouse is an organization that serves the body of Christ through our 5 pillars. We always ANTICIPATE a move of God in every experience, so we constantly set a great ATMOSPHERE, and we ACCEPT everyone through love. We believe the best way to impact people is by being AUTHENTIC to who we are and by taking ACTION to move everyone towards greater.

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Pastor Keion (00:00:14):
We are in our series on peace and how many of you know peace? It ain’t hard to find but it’s easy to keep. Anything could come in your life and rock the boat and just throw your peace off. And I’m talking this month about peace because I wanted you to know that peace is not attained just because you blocked all of the toxic people in your phone and you’re not going to get peace because you keep going to Instagram talking about this the year where I’m taking all the negative people out of my line, that’s not peace. Peace is not the absence of noise, it’s the presence of order, which means I’m going to teach you this month how to have peace no matter what circumstance you’re in, if the toxic person is at the table with you, you’re going to have peace. If the evil person is in your family, you can still have peace and the peace that surpasses all understanding. Mark chapter four, verse 35, mark chapter four, verse 35.

If you got to say I got it and the same day when the evening was come, he said unto them, let us everybody say us us. Just tell ’em I ain’t going without you. Ain’t going without. Let us pass over je other side. You know what I’m saying to us? Because I don’t want you to have peace sitting next to somebody who don’t get theirs. Let us pass over to the other side. And when they had sent away the multitude, they took him even as he was in the ship and here is the substratum of the text, please hear me because if you don’t hear me, the devil’s going to take your mind and you’re going to go somewhere with it that I don’t want you to go. I want you to stay right here in the spirit. And he took with them. There were other what? Little ships. Everybody say Little ships, come on, say it again. Little ships and there arose a great storm of wind and the waves beat into the ships so that it was now full and he was in the hinder part of the ship asleep on a pillow and they awoke him and said unto him, master cares thou not that we perish.

And he arose and rebuked the wind and said unto the sea, peace be still. And the wind ceased and there was a great calm and he said unto them, why are ye so fearful? How is it that ye have no faith? And they feared him exceedingly and said one to another. What manner of man is this that even the wind and the seas opening? Go back to verse 36. And when they had sent him away the multitude, they took him even as he was in the ship and there were also with him other little ships.

You’d be surprised at how many people in the room are frustrated because their ship is little. You’re jealous of the big ship people and they are the ones that have no faith. Here you are looking at somebody’s big ship hoping that your ship is the same size as theirs and they got the master on board. They got the money, they got the connections, they got the job and they still don’t have any peace. Touch your neighbor. Say you better thank God for your little ship, your ship don’t come with the problems, the big ship come with your ship. Don’t come with the stress. The big ship come with you Don’t have to wonder how you going to take care of your ship.

Do me a favor. I need you to keep your mind right in the spirit. This is what God told me to talk about. I have five topics. I kept going back to this one because God told me to tell you size doesn’t matter. Touch three people on your way down your seat and say size doesn’t matter. You may be seated in the presence of the Lord. Stay holy church, let God arise and his enemies be scattered. Pray for my wife. She’s out of town today. Her son who’s in the G league made the all-star team praying for God to touch him. We hope this time next year, the year after, he’ll be in the N B A and so he’s going through his process. We thank God for so that’s what she is. People say she ain’t at church. What’s going on? She’s at the game.

Everything is all right. She’s at the game. Y’all know how church folk are. He got his ring on so it must not be over, over. Been there, done that bro. The fourth chapter of Mark ends. If I don’t say anything else other than this sentence, this is enough. Okay? So don’t wait long because I’m already preaching. The fourth chapter of mark ends in the same way that I prophesy. Your next situation will end with a miracle. Alright, see y’all later. I’m done. God bless you. So since you know that, why should I worry? Why should I fret? Look at all the ways he’s made. Every promise kept since you already know that. Just let your anxiety just because your next situation is in fact going to end with a miracle.

Do me a favor. If you like your neighbor, look at them. If you don’t look at the other one and say there will be glory, there will be glory after this. If they did not rejoice with you, you got the wrong neighbor, you got a hater. Look at somebody who wants you to get yours and know that God got enough to give them theirs and tell them this will end with a miracle period. Now Cleo, this storm was not an anomaly. The sea of Galilee was prone to storms. I don’t even know if this is a sermon. Can we just have a conversation? I don’t have no points.

The Sea of Galilee was prone to storms. So the fact that we read description says that there was a storm on the sea. We shouldn’t be excited as if it’s like a snowstorm in Houston. It was not Every once in a while this was not an anomaly. There were always storms on the sea of Galilee. So why did it make the news? It always happens. The sea of Galilee was prone to storms. Here’s the point. The sooner you realize that the life you’ve chosen that the anointing that you prayed for and the blessing that you worked for comes with it prone storms, the sooner you will find your peace, the sooner you figure out that people don’t stop arguing because they get married and they don’t start loving you because you say I do. The sooner you realize that you’re not going to make a hundred thousand dollars and not have stress on the job, the sooner you realize that you’re going to have 10 friends and two of them you won’t be able to trust eight of them, you won’t be able to trust nine of them, you won’t be able to trust.

The sooner you realize that storms come with your anointing, the quicker you can get at peace and stop worrying about what happens in the things that God has given you. Somebody shout storms, come with it. To whom much is given, much is required. And if you don’t want a lot of requirements, stop asking for a lot of blessings. If you don’t want anybody to try to take it from you, don’t go get it. Because if you go get it, somebody’s going to try to take it. What you got to do is stand still and let the Lord fight your battles.

David, if you get anointed, Saul’s going to try to kill you. Hebrew boys, if you don’t bow, they’re going to throw you in the fire. Daniel, if you don’t do what they, they’re going to throw you in the lion’s den. It comes with the territory and the sooner you realize that your life is prone to storms, the quicker you can be at peace no matter what circumstance you’re in. Are you listening to me Joe 14. One says, A man born of a woman is of a few days and those few days are crowded with trouble. If your mama had you, you’re going to have trouble. If your mama didn’t have you, you’re not going to have trouble.

Now one thing I know is your mama had you. Even if you don’t know who she is, she still had you. So if a man take the man out, if a woman is born of a woman she is of a few days and her days, the quicker you get to the realization that every day is full of trouble, you’ll stop whining about the fact that you had trouble. What you should be doing is rejoicing more when the date doesn’t have trouble. But what most of us do is because we’re so accustomed to trouble, we brace for it and then when good things happen, we don’t rejoice because of it, because we are afraid to get happy. Because if we get happy then we, yeah, you know what I’m talking about. So instead of being happy, we stay in this constant state where we don’t get disappointed.

We don’t celebrate our victories because we don’t want to celebrate too soon. Well that’s called a celebration and not faith. I celebrate for things that have not happened because I have never seen the righteous forsaken. No is seed begging bread. So I thank God in advance because I believe him so much that if I think it, he will give me the desires of my heart. So waiting on the results before you give God the glory is not faith. It is a reaction to the circumstance. And by the way, without faith it is impossible to please God. So don’t wait until you become a millionaire. How about right now?

How about you don’t wait until the doctor says there’s no spot on the cat scan? How about right now? How about you don’t wait, hope my child graduates high school. I decree and declare she’s going to do it in the fifth grade. Jesus instructed those who would with him to pass over to the other side. Now watch this. Who told him to pass over to the other side? Jesus. So you mean to tell me that they got in the storm listening to God? They didn’t say to each other, Hey guys, let’s go to the other side and see what Jesus doing. Jesus said, y’all come on, let us go to the other side. They got in a storm listening to Jesus. Are you listening to me? So what if I told you that the thing in your life got God’s permission before it came while you sitting up here talking about God, get me out. God says, I’m the one that orchestrated this thing. No wonder it didn’t end when you wanted it to end. No wonder it didn’t stop as fast as you wanted it to stop because this was God’s design. Somebody say this is God’s design. The disciples got in trouble listening to God. It was divine instruction and then when you look through the scripture, you can find this. It was divine instruction that told Abraham to go up to the mountain to sacrifice his son.

Divine instruction, divine instruction. It was divine instruction that told the children of Israel to go to the Red Sea Divine instruction. It was divine instruction that told Paul to go all over Asia minor preaching the gospel at the risk of decapitation and imprisonment. He was sent in the direction of danger by the God who knew the danger was there before he arrived and yet God sent him in that direction anyway because we think it ain’t God when it’s rough. We think it ain’t God when it’s tough. We think it ain’t God when we feel like quitting. But the Bible says that if you cannot withstand chastisement, you are a bastard and not a son. So anytime you do not allow God to chastise you, you are actually saying I don’t belong to you. Every time I look around I see God taking his children through the valley of the shadow of death. But then he says, don’t worry about it because I got goodness and mercy back there just in case things get out of hand. I want you to come to the realization that you are where God sent you.

You are exactly where he sent you. Pastor, I’m depressed pastor, I’m frustrated, pastor, I feel like quitting. You don’t think God know all of that? Yeah, he knows all about our troubles and he will guide you until the day is done. All of that’s not important. There’s not a friend like the lowly Jesus touch your name and say No, not one. No not one. So what God, listen, God does not guarantee you will not have trouble. So when people join church, most people join church so that the pain will stop baby. It don’t stop. Just because you walk down the aisle and your stilettos don’t mean it’s going to stop just because you came down pimping down and just let the all girls see why you joining church. It don’t mean it’s going to stop dog, you still going to have trouble. You still going to have problems. I do want you to know that God never promised that the pain would end as quick as you wanted it to end. But he did promise many of the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord shall deliver them from them all.

Somebody shall deliver me, deliver me. He doesn’t guarantee that the righteous won’t be afflicted, but he does guarantee deliver him from them all. Now when I looked at many of the afflictions of the righteous and the Lord will deliver him or her from them all the word affliction is the Hebrew word rah, which is translated malignant. Oh, you better hear me. It means if anybody knows anything about cancer, this is a cancerous term. Now if you go and they find a lump on you, you don’t want them to say that’s malignant. You want them to say it’s benign, but you don’t want them to say it’s malignant because if it says it’s malignant, it means that there are cells in your bodies that have enzymes that will invade your normal cells for the sole purpose of breaking them down. You better hear me. Many are the afflictions, afflictions malignant the thing that enters the normal with an enzyme and breaks down the normal. So when the Bible says many are the afflictions of the righteous, it means listen to me. Many are the things that will try to invade your life just when it becomes normal.

Oh, y’all not getting this just when it becomes normal. Have you ever noticed that when you didn’t have anybody in your life, nobody was trying to holler. The moment you get interested in something here they come from the left. Just when your life was just about to get normal, here comes the malignant affliction because the devil doesn’t want you to have a normal life. He doesn’t want you at peace. He doesn’t want you confident. He doesn’t want you strong. So what he does is he always sends something to invade your normal and when something invade your normal, it is called abnormal and before you know it, you become comfortable with abnormal wondering why you feel normal. Wondering why you are so frustrated? Because many people in this room and those of you watching me online, you are so accustomed to things being abnormal that you’ve settled for abnormal as normal.

Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord will deliver them from ’em all. But if you stop there, you’ll never have peace. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but what does he say in the be part of the verse? Here’s the real power, but the Lord shall deliver them from what them all. Here’s what God told me to tell you. He’s about to snatch you out. Listen of the thing that’s trying to break you down, you missed it. That’s what the word deliver means in the text. It means that you were just about to get run over by the bus and he grabbed you. He waited on the bus just so long enough for you to have faith and the moment you got still, he snatched you out. See some of y’all trying to get out, all you got to do is just stand there and wait on the Lord.

He will snatch you out. Touch your neighbor, say he’ll snatch you out. I don’t know who I’m preaching to and here today, but God sent me to tell about a thousand of you all in the room and about 5,000 online that God’s getting ready to snatch you out. Matter of fact, tell your neighbor I’m about to disappear because God’s about to snatch me out. I might get snatched out of this room right now and get caught up in the Holy Spirit because God’s going to snatch me out. Don’t you fret? Don’t you worry. It won’t be many days. Hence God is going to snatch you out. High five, three people will say God’s going to snatch you out.

God is about to snatch you out of everything that tried to break you down. How many of y’all have had people, places and things you’re like they won’t be satisfied until you just give up, until you quit, until they break you down. Somebody shout, I will not quit because I know eventually God’s going to snatch me out of this thing. Some of y’all about to get snatched out of a bad relationship. Some about y’all got to snatch out of sickness. You’re about to get snatched out of poverty. God’s about to snatch you out. Tell somebody don’t get used to me in this place.

See some folks done gave up on you because they think you always going to be there. They don’t know that God is just building your faith little by little you keep coming Sunday after Sunday, you keep watching Sunday after Sunday and they done wrote you off. Baby they don’t know baby, I know I’m about to get out of this thing. I know God’s about to snatch me out. You can count me out if you want. You can talk about me as much as you please, but I promise you this is my year of manifested promises. I promise you that I will have peace. That’s a passive all understanding. Matter of fact, I want everybody in the room who’s going through hell right now to shout like you got peace. No, you didn’t hear me. I said every person in the room and online I’m talking about you going through one of the worst moments of your life right now. I want you to shout like you got peace. Now why did I tell you to do that? Because there’s one songwriter that says praise

Speaker 2 (00:23:29):

Pastor Keion (00:23:29):
Confuse the enemy. See, you got to act like it’s over because when you act like it’s over, he got to go find another host. I need all the people in the room who the son has set free. Free is free indeed. All of the free people shout, I’ve got the victory. Watch this. Can I start preaching now? Verse 36 says There were also with him other little ships. This is Matthew, mark, and Luke are a collection of scriptures called the synoptic gospels synoptic synonym similar. Matthew, mark and Luke cover the same stories. Yes, but they do not cover it because if you read Matthew and Luke, they cover this storm, but they do not tell us that there were other little ships with them.

We have to wait until Mark tells us a story to find out that Jesus was not out there by himself, that with him there were other little shifts. Now that doesn’t mean that there is a contradiction or an error in scripture because we know theologically that the scripture is inerrant. That means it has no flaws, no mess ups, no mistakes. This is just a different perspective of somebody else who saw this and up until this point, as far as all of us are concerned, until we get to Mark, there were no other little ships. I like that it took Mark to inform us that along with the big ship, are y’all following me? There were what other little ships Seldom if ever have you ever heard anybody preach a sermon about the little ships? It’s always about Jesus telling the storm to be still. It’s always about the disciples who don’t have any faith.

It’s always about Jesus who was asleep on the pillow. But are we just going to keep ignoring the little ships and isn’t that how it happens in your life? People ignore you because you ain’t as big as everybody else and they ignore you because they think you don’t have the money somebody else has and they ignore you because you don’t have the followers that somebody else has and they ignore you because you can’t give them what somebody else can give them. But I came to talk to the little shit people today that all of you all who have been overlooked in your life, God told me to tell you he’s about to put you in the spotlight. You and your little ship. I want to talk to the little ship people. Your house ain’t 10,000 square feet. Your car ain’t a Maybach. You got a hatchback in an apartment and God told me to tell you he’s about to do something with your little ship.

Y’all not talking to me. You don’t have a wardrobe budget. You got to just mix clothes together to make it look different. Oh, I ain’t got nobody in here today. How many people I’m talking about? Tell your neighbor I ain’t got no lot of clothes. I just know how to put another pair of pants with another shirt and another shirt with another pair of pants and switch those shoes with those shoes. I ain’t got a whole lot. I just got a little, but let me tell you something. When God gets done with me, he’s going to take my little ship.

We always focused on the big ships. You got to be careful walking past little people. Can I just stay right here? Y’all be careful. We always want everybody who already got it. We want everybody. This is my friend, they got this, they got that, but you sitting next to somebody right now that nobody knows and God is about to do something big, big with that little ship. Somebody said he going to do something big with me now watch this, watch this. The big boat was in the water and along with the big boat was what other, let me ask you a question. Did the wind say I’m only going to blow a certain miles per hour on the big ship, but when I see the little ship I’m going to calm down.

Did the wave say, oh, here are the big waves for the big boat but we’re going to send the ripples to the little boats. No, it rained. Don’t the just and the unjust. The wind was fierce for the big ship and it was fierce for the little ship. The waves were big for the big ship. Are you listening? And they were big for the little ship. I don’t think it is coincidental that if we back up from verse 35 and go over to verse 30, mark talks about a mustard seed. Bring it up. Verse 30 he says, and he said, whereunto, shall we liken the kingdom of God or with what is comparison? Shall we compare it? Next verse. Now watch this. It is like a grain of mustard seed, which when it is sown in the earth, is less than all of the seeds that be in the earth.

Next verse. But when it is sown, it grows and becometh greater than all of the herbs and shoot us out. Watch this and it says at the end of the earths that the birds are able to hide under the shade of the branches of the mustard tree. That started out as a, I want to talk to people who have little seeds and little ships. You don’t have a whole lot right now but you just feeling your soul that if you get an opportunity to really stretch your branches, you going to be as big as any tree. Matter of fact, just look at your neighbor and say, I’m going to be big too. I know you came in here with your Louis Vuitton and I came in here with my target, but just give me a minute because in a while I’m not going to have Louis Vuitton.

I’m going to have stock in it. You’re not hearing me. I want you to hear me. I want you to hear me. I’m talking to all of the people who’ve ever felt insecure, who’ve ever felt rejected, who’ve ever been in the back of the line and you felt that God didn’t have his eyes on you. If his eye is on the sparrow, then he’s watching over you. God told me to tell you that he’s about to do big things with your small ships and your small seeds and while all of the big ships people keep looking over you, you ought to look at the big ship people and say, we were in the same storm and I didn’t complain like you.

We had the same wind and why am I small? The wind didn’t knock you over and it didn’t knock me over. The water didn’t drown you and it didn’t drown me. I want to thank God for the little ship people that survived the same storm as the big ship people, the little ship little seeds and I can imagine that those waves were hitting those little boats just like they were hitting the big boats. I’m still looking for my little shit people. Who are you? I just want you to shout. I can handle this. I can handle this. Yeah, yeah, I can handle this. I can handle this. I can handle this. Many of the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord shall I can handle this. These are but light afflictions, I can handle this. I’m just looking for somebody say I can handle this.

I can handle, I want to give up but I can handle this. I feel like cursing you out, but I can handle this. I want to smack the taste out of somebody’s mouth, but I can handle this. I want to tell that boss where he can put the job, but I can handle this. I want to tell my family I’m leaving but I can handle this. I want to scream but I can handle this. Where are the people who have the faith that you can handle this? Somebody say, I can handle this, I can handle this. I can handle this. I can’t move on. I can handle this. I can handle this I can handle, I can handle three doctor’s appointment this month. I know it’s not going to feel right, but I know at the end of it is going to end in a miracle so I can handle this. I know what they told me last visit, but I feel like it’s going to be different the next time I go back. I can handle this.

Watch this. As far as I’m concerned, and I know the only complaint came from the big ship which had Jesus on it. The only ship came from the church. People with Jesus on it. I have not figured out yet why Christians complain so much and we got Jesus. You have people in the world who have no salvific connection. They believe everything is going to be all right. We on our boat with the master of the sea in the boat with us walking around to our, oh again, make it Jesus, take the wheel. I quit. If we ain’t some of the quickness people come on church. All you need is one storm. You’ll be done with church for five months. I’m just going to go online. I tried and it didn’t work. Make it make sense. Jesus, I done gave my life to the Lord and I got baptized and born again. I ain’t cussed in two weeks.

I ain’t had a sidecar in a month. Don’t make me name your drink while you’re sitting up there acting like you don’t got one. I know the whole list. I can look at you and call your drink out if I get in the spirit Hennessy. I know you see, only registered complaints came from the people who didn’t have a reason to complain. If we ain’t some of the complain inness people, I can’t stand complaining. We complain about everything. It’s too hot. Turn up the heat now. It’s too cold. I am hungry but I don’t want that.

What you want to eat anything you want to? All right, let’s go here. Anything but that what you want to watch. I don’t care. Oh, but please can we not watch that? Shut up church. Too loud. I can’t see those lights if you close to me. This is my seat. Move over. Only place we don’t want fool is the church. Can you believe how long I had to wait in line to get in church? You going to wait longer than that? I don’t care if you’re mad because I’m telling the truth now. Now boo boo, I don’t care.

I hope I get in the lottery. I hope I get picked. I hope I get picked. Let us have a lottery for church. I’ll let you. Boy, I know I’m right. That’s why you quiet church ain’t nothing but the fashion show. Okay, well you going to get dressed up when you go there next time complain. That’s why you don’t have no peace because you complaining about everything and you know what’s worse than complaining about your business, complaining about some business that ain’t yours. Touch on them and say stay out of other folk business. If you stay out of other folk business, you can have some peace. How you going to handle somebody else trouble and you can’t handle yours? Good. How you going to give somebody advice on they man and you don’t even know where yours at? You got problems or your own?

Matter of fact, tell everybody on the road, stay out of my business. You don’t know what I went through. You don’t know what God has done for me. You don’t know my struggle. You don’t know what I’ve been through. I might be messed up, but you don’t know who messed me up before I got here. Forgive me pastor, I’m just pastoring right now. This big old ship and we got Jesus and we still complaining. He finally got you a house and you still talking about the next one. You remember when you used to have a bus pass? You ought to be thanking God for that little raggedy car you got instead of complaining about it.

You ought to thank God for that apartment you got. You ought to be thanking God. There was a time you didn’t have any of what you have. Now be grateful. One of the life hacks for peace is gratitude. Everybody say be grateful. Be grateful. Be grateful with a little. Be faithful over a few things and then God will make you rule over much. You’ll never get much because you’re complaining about little. This church started with five people. We ain’t do no complaining. We took the five, turn it to 1 32, 1 32 to 800, 800 to 1500, 1500 to 15,000. Why would we complain? We knew it was going to end with a miracle.

We on the Lord and he will renew your strength. We’re so anxious to get a blessing we can’t handle. What if God gave you what you’ve been asking for before you get ready for it. God give me a wife but you don’t have chivalry. God give me a husband. But you don’t cook, you don’t clean. You don’t do that. But God give me somebody who going to expect me to do that, but I ain’t going to do that. But we going to be happy. You alive. I chose violence today. Somebody say I can handle this. I can handle this. Jesus was asleep on the pillow.

Now I’d rather have Jesus sleep on my boat than to have you only woke as long as I got Jesus. Come on, talk to me somebody. Now Jesus on the boat asleep on a what? On a pillow. Now church, this is not my pillow. This is not the down pillow that you got at your house. I know whenever we think about the Bible, we think about it in terms of where we are. So you saw Jesus sleep on this big white pillow with feathers in it. That’s not what they had back then, especially not on a ship. They had pillows that were wrapped in leather and the pillow that Jesus was laying on was not an actual pillow. It was the seat that the Pilate would sit on. So Jesus has now laid his head on something that the pilot had set on, which means that Jesus must be asleep in the pilot’s place, which means that Jesus was the pil.

Oh, y’all not listening to me. Can I tell you that no matter what storm you’re in, make sure that you always allow Jesus to have the pilot’s place. You know that statement? We say, Jesus, take the will for real like Jesus, take the will be in the pilot’s place because you don’t know enough about storms to navigate yourself through them. What should have been happening is they should have went to sleep with Jesus. They let Jesus have the Pilate’s place people of God. What I’m trying to get into your lexicon is that you must allow God to be in control if you’re ever going to have peace. This is a message for young people because you learn this when you get older, but when you in that grind trying to make it happen, you think you know what you’re doing. You think that you decisions are going to come to the expected end and all you’re doing is making the storm last longer than it was supposed to last.

The quicker you realize that God knows more about you than you know about yourself and that he knows how to get you out of storms quicker and faster than you know how to get yourself out of the storm. The moment you say all to thee I surrender, the more you say, godfather, I stretch my hands to thee. The more you say these are your children, God, you just made me a steward over them. The more you say that’s your husband, that’s your wife God, you just gave them to me. That’s your business. The money problems, those are yours. God, the situation is yours, God, the sickness is yours. God, the vision is just something that you gave. You are a steward over what? When you give it back to God.

But how many of y’all have that power struggle? You just got to inform God about how to handle you? Raise your hand if I’m talking to you. He’s too wise to make a mistake. It’s a power struggle God, but you don’t know what they did to me. Yes I do. I sent them, God, you don’t know how I was raised before you were formed in your mother’s womb. Are you listening to me? He was asleep on a pillar. The storm didn’t wake him up. What woke him up? The disciples did the complaints from the people in the boat woke him up more than thunder and lightning. Jesus is asleep on a pillow. His disciples come and they wake him up and this is what they say. Now watch this. The disciples said, Lord, do you care if we drown?

I imagine Jesus said, yeah, fools because if y’all drown, I’m going to drown too. Jesus, do you care if we drown? What has just happened is what most people in this room and online have gone through. Jesus is asleep. His disciples say, do you care if we drown Jesus? Jesus said, oh, you better watch me because what they have just done is misjudged his emotions based on his posture would’ve listening. They have misjudged how he feels based on how he looks. See some of y’all have been through that. Your spouse come to you, you don’t even care because you don’t get excited about stuff they get excited about.

Come on, talk to me. You didn’t even like the gift because you ain’t spin around in a circle like they would if you had given them a gift. So what ends up happening is you get judged by the reaction that they will give you and not realize that the reaction you gave is the one that’s appropriate for the circumstance. Because watch this, if he goes crazy like them, then they all going to drown. Oh, you’re not listening to me. So Jesus maintains his posture because the posture that he has is appropriate for the circumstance that they’re in because you and your storm can’t act the same.

If the storm is going crazy, that’s when you got to settle down. Jesus said, no, I’m sleep. There’s enough crazy going on. I’m sleep and you are misjudging how I feel based on the posture that you see me in. Now this is a clinical term. It’s called egocentric bias. Look it up. Egocentric bias is when people skew the recollection of the situation to overemphasize or underemphasize their role in the situation in exchange for a favorable outcome. So what? Jesus can’t be sleep because he’s tired. He got to be sleep because he don’t care about them. If you watch the text, Jesus has just left a crowd of people. He’s been healing and feeding all kind of people. He’s actually tired, but egocentric people will tell you, you’re asleep because you don’t care about me. Why is my nap got anything to do with you?

Oh, this is good. Y’all don’t want to say, man, do you know how many people on your row have an ego that everything in life that happens is happening to them? How many of y’all ever been in a car accident before? What you say when you call somebody, I got hit by a car. No you didn’t. Your car got hit. Come here. You don’t even hear me. You don’t hear me. Come here. You did not get hit by the car. Your car got hit by the car. But we are in love with making sure that everything that happens around us actually happens to us. Why? Because sympathy comes when it happens to me.

So what we have settled for is sympathy in exchange for peace because peace has to be made blessing all the peacemakers for God. Alright, let me put it this way. Y’all can’t say, man, just look at your name and say Ouch. My wife and I, we put together puzzles. I think together we’ve probably put about 40 or 50 puzzles together. I don’t know how I got wrapped up in this stuff. I used to be too cool for this stuff, but they break you down and you got to, you know what I’m saying? You got to do what you got to do. So we would put these puzzles together and Shawn and I, we would instead of we literally bought cardboard and glued the pieces together and put ’em in frames and all that kind of stuff. I mean it was legit and then we threw ’em all away.

But one day we had a puzzle of a black panther, not the black panther and actual black panther in the shape of a panther. 2000 pieces. We put that thing together, putting the pieces in place and we got to the point where we couldn’t find a piece and when we got to the end, still couldn’t find that piece. I said, MI, what you do with the piece? You hiding it? Meara said, I ain’t got nothing to do with that piece. Mimi, you took the piece. He said, I don’t hide that piece. I said, got to be the housekeeper. She was over here clean off the table and threw my piece away.

I could have stayed there, Ramon, I could have stayed right there arguing about who took my peace. I could have. I even said, you know what? I’m going to write a letter to them, puzzle people and tell them they owe me another puzzle because they sent me an compete puzzle. They left a peace out. I spent days arguing about who took my peace. Then I a decision. I took a piece of cardboard, put it under the puzzle, took a black marker and traced the piece out, took the cardboard from beneath it, took a black marker and cutted it in and I made a peace. Y’all ain’t talking to me today. You can keep going around here talking about who took your peace or you can spend the next 30 seconds making your peace. I’m going to give somebody in here to an opportunity to lift your voice and hear and say, devil, I’m about to make my own peace. I’m going to give you 30 seconds to forget about what attacks, what frustration and whatever thought has taken your peace and I want you to make your own right now in this place.

The ego makes you look for your peace in other things in other people. Listen to me. Don’t nobody owe you nothing. Peace is an inside job and it is not something that people deliver to you because you’re frustrated with your current state of life. You got to make your own peace and you can’t wait on an apology to have it. You’d be surprised how many people in here right now will stay frustrated for years until somebody gives them the words that they need. That means you don’t love yourself. If you need me to make you happy, then you don’t love yourself enough. I love me enough to pick my own self up off the ground to make sure that you know that you could not beat me down. Is there anybody in here that’s going to be a peacemaker?

I ain’t finished with you yet. Sit down ego-centric bias of the disciples said that the only reason God actually was asleep is because he didn’t care about them. And here’s where a lot of us falter. We think people don’t care about us, not in the position we expect them to be in. You got kids in here right now think that parents don’t love them, they won’t give them what they want, but what the parent knows that you can’t handle what you want, so I’m going to keep it until you’re ready for it. Well, if you know that about your child, why don’t you know that about your father?

I guarantee you 90% of the people watching me and 90% of the people in this room, you feel like somebody doesn’t love you or they don’t care about you because they’re not in the position you need them in right now. I called you and you didn’t answer. So you can’t love me. I was at work and I know why he was calling me to borrow money so I didn’t answer the phone so I didn’t lose my job. So I have something to give you. You don’t love me because you wasn’t there when I needed you. Well, I wasn’t there when you needed me. You didn’t communicate that you needed me. You expected me to just know you needed me.

Not only do I need to know that you need me, I need to know how you need me because sometimes people are there for you the way they know how to be there, but if you don’t explain how you need them to be there, you will feel like they are not there. Even though they are right there. I am preaching. It’s called manipulation. We have substituted actual love for manipulation and if you don’t respond to my manipulation, then you don’t care about me. I refuse to be manipulated because what I know about manipulation is when I do say I’m sorry, then you’re going to move the needle and I’m going to have to do something else because you won’t be satisfied with the apology because you’ll settle for manipulation. How many of y’all ever been manipulated or manipulative? Say, watch this, watch this, watch this. Lemme show y’all something. Lemme show you something. How many of y’all ever been manipulated? Raise your hand. Look around, put your hand down. How many of y’all have been manipulative? See how half the room kept their hands down? We don’t like to admit that we’ve been on both sides.

You didn’t call me and say happy birthday, I forgot. You know how many people birthdays it is. It’s everybody birthday. You know how many members come up to me? Pastor, you didn’t even tell me Happy birthday. First of all, what’s your name? Okay, how was I supposed to know Daddy? It was your birthday. What? You get me the same thing. You got me ego centric and our ego keeps us from having peace. Lemme give you a definition for ego edging God out the disciples. You don’t care if we drown. Why would I save you to kill you?

Why would I call you off your job to come work with me not to treat you right? You got something in this that’s making this relationship not work. You don’t have any faith and when you take responsibility that it is your lack of faith that has made this storm so tumultuous and not my lack of ability, you’ll get peace. Are you listening to me? Stop letting you manipulate you and making you think that because God isn’t moving by what moves you, he won’t move. Can I say that again? Stop letting you manipulate you and making you think that because God is in moving the way you want him to move, that he won’t move, he’ll move when it’s time.

Master you don’t care that we’re drowning. This is what I love about God. He did not respond to the complainers. He went right to the storm and said, these dudes tripping, it’s over. Peace be still. And what does the Bible say? The wind died down and the waves will come. Y’all got about another minute. Listen to this. Go back and read your Bible. He rebuked the wind and said to the waves, you missed it. Lemme say it again. He rebuked the wind, but he said to the waves, he say third times’ a charm. He went off on the wind.

He just gave instructions to the waves. The reason why he rebuked the wind is because if the wind wasn’t acting crazy, the waves wouldn’t have been God without the wind. The waves would’ve been good. So he rebuked the wind for making the waves do what it does. Listen, here’s the problem that many of us have in our life. We rebuke the wrong thing. Hey man, boy you is preaching and they tripping. Y’all out there looking at me like I ain’t saying nothing. I know I’m killing it. I done wore you out till you ain’t got no energy. Just touch with him. Say He wearing me out, out. I ain’t come here for all this. I came to shout. You going to shout at the end, but we going to talk right now. He rebuked the wind. He spoke to the waves because the waves were not the culprit, the wind was the culprit.

Now the Bible says we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and spirits of weakness in high places. The reason why we don’t have any peace is because all of our fight is with the flesh and blood and we do no warring in the spirit. Listen to me. You can whoop your child with a belt but it ain’t going to touch the demon in them. You’re going to get you some oil and slap their forehead and rebuke ’em in the name of Jesus and put some Crisco on their doorknob and put some blood on the doorposts. But our problem is we do all of our fighting in the flesh and we do no warring in the spirit.

You rebuking the child when you need to be rebuking the devil. You are speaking to the wrong thing. We don’t even bother the devil. We scared of them, but the devil got your child acting like that. That’s why he say where they learned this from. Don’t nobody in here do it, but they do it in hell. I didn’t raise my child like that. Well then if they’re doing something you didn’t raise them to do, you got to know that it came from something other than you. God talking about this house is dark. No, it’s demonic.

There’s a spirit in this house. Yes, there actually is. And until you get in the Holy Spirit and start rebuking spirits, the wind and the waves will never stop When you get home, I want you to get in your house and listen to me and stop talking about Jesus. Do something in my house because the work of Jesus is done. You ain’t going to get no peace until you employ the Holy Ghost. And there are a lot of people in here. They got Jesus, but they ain’t got the Holy Spirit. It’s the Holy Spirit that makes you want to do right. It’s the Holy Spirit that makes you sorry. Even if you don’t feel like you were wrong. It’s the Holy Spirit that keeps you from holding the grudge. If you hold on to something for two years, you ain’t got the Holy Spirit.

Oh, I’m going to preach. When y’all thought I was talking about peace, you just thought money was just going to fall out of the sky and everything was just going to be well. Peace has to be made. Thank you Lord. Who am I talking to? Lemme see your hands. Don’t just think I’m a no. See, you got to communicate to me. See how you do. I asked a question. Who am I talking to you? He don’t not love them because he’s sleep. Somebody don’t hate you because they walked past you at church and didn’t speak. They didn’t see you or either they saw you and they saw that frown on your face and thought, let me not say none to them. They look like they don’t want to be spoke to black folks. We do this all the time. Every time I sit at the table, white people get up and leave. How about sometimes they finish eating.

They ain’t always running from you. Oh, y’all don’t want to talk in here today. They looking at me. They must be talking about me. No, maybe they looking at you because they finna say, what’s your number? What’s your size? Girl you don’t know. And they say, you talking about God, give me a husband. And then he look at you and you talking about you just messed up. Who going to come and talk to you? Now if you, oh, looking at me folk, you ask God to make you somebody’s wife. Oh, y’all get on my nerve.

Come on, come on. Look at your wait everybody freeze. Look at your neighbor right now. Look at that mean. Look. Just look at him. Who going to say hi to that? Look at ’em. Look at ’em. Look at ’em. Now they’re smiling because you looking at ’em at first they’re like looking like Shana just, oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. Will he move on? Oh my goodness, I ain’t playing with y’all. Tell they fix your face. How you talking about you got joy and you don’t look like it? How you talking about you got peace and you got that look on your face?

I want the kind of life. Then I wake up in the morning. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I know how I’m going to respond. If you don’t speak to me today, I promise you, the next time you see me, I’m going to hug you. See, some of y’all said she ain’t speaking to me. I ain’t speaking to her. I don’t care. I ain’t always know her. I ain’t n when I was young. I don’t noodle so I don’t even need her in my life. She don’t even shut up. Just listen. You don’t speak to me. Now the next time I see you, ask anybody who knows me, I’m going to make you speak. How you doing? You doing all right? Oh, come here brother.

That’s what I’m going to do to you because I got peace. I got peace. Here’s what the Bible says. You listening, make peace with all men, not with the ones you like, not with the ones that like you, but make peace with all men, which means you probably need to start with the people you can’t stand because it’s going to take a while. Pastor, I’m dealing with this because in our generation this is a stronghold. We are one of the most liberated and wealthiest generations the world has ever seen. We’re also some of the nastiest and meanest people on the planet. The way we do people online, it is atrocious. It is ridiculous.

The guy that won the dunk contest yesterday, McLeod, you wake up this morning and you see a post where somebody says they checked every tweet that he put out to disqualify him because apparently only black people supposed to win the dunk contest. And then they came out and said he passed the test. Why are we so mean? The man won, but we’re miserable and we want everybody miserable with us and we’re miserable because we can’t manipulate people to take the position in our life. We make them half look at me because God sent me to you today.

That pain you feel in your left shoulder, that ain’t no muscle. Spasm is meanness. That ain’t no spasm. It’s a spirit and you don’t have any peace and you can’t get any sleep and you think everybody’s talking about you and you think can’t nobody stand you and you think nobody likes you and you’re asking God to take all of the toxic people in your life and you wonder why he hasn’t done it yet. Because he doesn’t want to eliminate you. Because if he takes all of the toxic people out of your life, you got to go to.

I ain’t preached like this in a long time. I feel good. I’ve been preaching long enough to know when the angel is trouble in the water and when deliverance is about to break through. And I also know when I feel the vibe of people saying, hurry up so I can get in the parking lot, I can give. You can leave now. If you want to go, you can go, but God sent me here to deliver the captive and those who wanted you stay and get it. Those of you all who are worried about a parking lot and papa do’s in a swamp thing, you can go, but for everybody who wants to have life and having more abundantly shall yes.

Why are you in a hurry to get back to the life? You came here asking God to change. Why you want to go back to a house you can’t stand. You’re in it all week talking about you hate it, and now you’re in a place of liberation, ready to go, and this is what the devil does. He manipulates you into believing that Egypt is better. We going to walk through this wilderness a few more steps. The promised land is on the other side. Somebody shout, I want Canaan. I want peace. I’m tired of crying. I’m tired of thinking about suicide. I’m tired of thinking about swallowing pills. I’m tired of cutting myself. I’m tired of looking in the mirror and not liking what I see. I want peace.

Shake your neighbor and say, wake up. You ain’t sleepy. They’re faking like you’re sleeping. You ain’t sleeping. Listen, if you going to have peace, what does the Bible say? We wrestle not against what? Flesh blood, but against what? Not against. Okay. Then that means that if we wrestle, not against flesh and blood, but we wrestle against principalities, but we’re always wrestling the flesh and the blood that you’ll never have peace until you learn what to confront. You will never have peace until you learn what? I can’t bend my shoe. Hold on. You’ll never have peace until you learn what to confront.

You’re fighting the wrong battle. You’re fighting. You’re fighting. I’m fighting the wrong battle right now, ain’t it? My baby got me some force fields. I’ll be all right. You don’t know what to confront. So since you don’t know what to confront, you fight everybody. You and your comments replying to everybody. You don’t know my lifestyle, my business. You don’t even know those people. Why would you dignify Every once in a while? You need to have time. I understand, but you don’t have to respond to everybody. Some people deserve it. Why are you responding to somebody who got two followers and no avatar?

You don’t know my life. They ain’t real. But you don’t have any peace, so you fight with everybody seeking it and you’ll never have it because you cannot confront everything that confronts you. Everybody doesn’t deserve your response. Y’all hit me up there. Stop fighting everybody and everything. Aren’t you exhausted? You got to be tired fighting that long against the same enemy. Come on man. Every boxing match has a certain amount of rounds and after the rounds are over, if you ain’t won, it’s a draw. Just stop fighting. You fighting what you think people think about you.

And just because two or three people that do it don’t mean all of us think the same thing. I’ve never understood how you could be at the table with 50 people who love you, focused on the one who doesn’t. You got all people who like you and you spend your time in an insane asylum somewhere in a corner needing counseling behind one person who don’t like you. The easiest person to not care about is the one that don’t care about you. And you got to pay somebody $125 an hour to get over somebody who ain’t thinking about you.

Lemme tell you who I cannot care about quick. Somebody who don’t care about me. Now, if I love you and you love me, let’s fight. Let’s ride it out. You stop caring about me. Watch how I wake up Now I know it ain’t right, but the Lord working on me because I’m going to tell you right now, you stop liking me. I don’t care. You like me, I like you all the way to the end. You say, I don’t need you. Guess what? I immediately find out that I didn’t need you either. Work on me. Jesus.

Lemme get y’all out of here. The disciples said, you don’t care about us. What did Jesus say to them? Why are you skirt? Why are you afraid? Ask your neighbor the same question. What are you scared of? Second question. He says, do you have no faith? Now can I be honest? I’m not bothered by the first question because everybody here had been scared before. Have you ever been scared? I’ve been scared. I mean, I’m talking about terrified. So I’m not bothered by the first question. I understand it Contextually, they were on the boat, they thought they was going to drown. They didn’t have no life jackets.

It’s over. It is over because the sea got to live 13 miles long day in the middle of the sea. And I’m doubting if any of them disciples could swim seven miles because some of us in here think we can swim. You couldn’t swim from one end of this church to the other. Talking about you can swim, you can float for a little bit. You’d be working hard dog pedaling. But right around here, you’re going to drown from there right around here. That’s why some of y’all stay close to the edge of the pool. Look at me, Jimmy, Mr. Beatty. I went to Cape Town, South Africa. I was on a boat going to Robin Island. Robin Island is the place where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 of his 27 years.

I literally stood in Nelson Mandela’s cell. I could stretch out and touch all four walls in every direction. He stayed in there for 18 years. I couldn’t lay down and stretch my leg out. But the most horrific part of the trip was the boat that took me to the island. When I got on that boat, it’s God’s honest truth. The waves start kicking up so bad that I literally could touch the water from the boat as it turned to the side, people were vomiting everywhere. There were not enough life jackets on board for all of us.

I had already made up in my mind since I didn’t have a jacket. It is my fault I didn’t have a jacket because when we were getting on, they were saying, who need a jacket? No, I don’t need no jacket. I don’t need no jacket. I’m good because I’m good. I got it. I should have got the jacket. So now I’m looking for somebody with a jacket because that’s who I’m going to hold on to if this thing go bad. The boat turned sideways and I touched the water. I understand why they were scared. Water is a frightening thing, but I don’t understand why they had no faith.

Not with Jesus on board. I can understand being scared, but I could not understand why they had no faith. And I often asked myself, why is it that the people of God have no faith? And then the Lord gave me an epiphany. He said, tell the people that faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God. And the reason why the people don’t move in faith is because they spend no time in the word. For some of you all, the only time you read the scripture is when it comes up on the screen. You got to get in the word.

You got to open up that Bible and find, you can google anything. When you feel depressed, you Google depression, it’ll give you a hundred scriptures. Stop texting people talking about give me three scriptures for depression. You don’t want help. You Google directions. Why you can’t Google scriptures? Come on, y’all talk to me. I’m done. You Google who won what Grammy. You Google you everything you want to find out, you Google. But all of a sudden, when it comes to the word of God, you need a preacher to send you a scripture. Generation Z, baby boomers, millennials, generation X. I am pleading to you that if you don’t find your inner peace, we’re going to raise a generation of peace less children.

That’s why the school system is so bad because these kids are coming from homes where there’s no peace. They cus to teach out because all they hear is cussing at home. Can y’all hear me? I swear to you, I’m serious. They talk to these teachers like they’re their equals. They don’t respect anybody. When I grew up, every adult was a surina. Ma’am. We got in trouble for calling grown people by their first name. We couldn’t go to sleep in church had we fallen asleep in church. Mama had a rat tooth comb in her purse. Let me had been with my mama in the day where the child who was acting up named came on the screen and my mama seen the parents of Keon Henderson come to the back Right now y’all wouldn’t have seen me at church for 12 years.

And when you have peace less children, are y’all listening to me, Stan, we can go home. When you have peace children who have to take over the world, they become peace police officers. They become peace school teachers. They become peace. Less principles. I was looking at an Instagram post the other day and the man said, you have the N B A and you have the N F L. And I’m going to get the numbers wrong but just I apologize. But here’s the point. He says 300 of them have been to jail, 200 of them are in tax evasion. 100 of them have been accused of sexual harassment. I got the numbers wrong, but they went down the list and named all of these things. And then they said, do you believe it’s the N F L or the N B A? And his response was neither It is the United States Congress because just because you go high doesn’t mean you have peace. And just because you go high doesn’t mean you are mentally healthy. Sick people get to the top two.

Just you got a position don’t mean you got peace. And what’s more dangerous is you have the position and you have no peace. And now we have judges. We are imprisoned black men for smoking. The same weeded they smoke, but theirs is for glaucoma. I would that above all you would prosper even as your soul prosperous. And I’m fighting like I’m fighting because you losing a war you shouldn’t be losing. You may not have money, but you ought to have joy. You may not have a mansion on the hill, but you ought to be kind.

I don’t know what kind of preacher you used to have, but I actually care about you. I actually want you to do well. I actually don’t care if you don’t shout and hang from the chandeliers, but if you can tell me I was about to kill myself until I met you, and then I heard the word that came out of your mouth and I decided that I had something to live for. That is why I came here today. I don’t care nothing about your outfit, I don’t care nothing about your makeup. I don’t care nothing about how much money you got in your pocket. I don’t care what car you drove up in here. I don’t care how you came. I just want to know how you’re going to leave.