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Pastor Keion Henderson is the lead pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Houston, Texas Lighthouse is an organization that serves the body of Christ through our 5 pillars. We always ANTICIPATE a move of God in every experience, so we constantly set a great ATMOSPHERE, and we ACCEPT everyone through love. We believe the best way to impact people is by being AUTHENTIC to who we are and by taking ACTION to move everyone towards greater.

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Pastor Keion (00:01):
Oh, I’m talking to somebody here today. Oh, now it’s time to go in. This year the only thing I want you to fight is something worth fighting for. We have substituted actual love for manipulation and if you don’t respond to my manipulation, then you don’t care about me. I refuse to be manipulated because what I know about manipulation is when I do say I’m sorry, then you’re going to move the needle and I’m going to have to do something else because you won’t be satisfied with the apology because you’ll settle for manipulation and our ego keeps us from having peace. Lemme give you a definition for ego edging God out the disciples. You don’t care if we drown. Why would I save you to kill you? Why would I call you off your job to come work with me not to treat you right? You got something in this that’s making this relationship not work.

You don’t have any faith. And when you take responsibility that it is your lack of faith that has made this storm so tumultuous and not my lack of ability, you’ll get peace. Stop letting you manipulate you and making you think that because God isn’t moving by what moves you, he won’t move. Can I say that again? Stop letting you manipulate you and making you think that because God is in moving the way you want him to move, that he won’t move, he’ll move when it’s time. Master you don’t care that we’re drowning. This is what I love about God. He did not respond to the complainers. He went right to the storm and said, these dudes tripping, it’s over. Peace be still. And what does the Bible say?

The wind died down and the waves were come. Y’all got about another minute. Listen to this. Go. Go back and read your Bible. He rebuked the wind and said to the waves, you missed it. Lemme say it again. He rebuked the wind, but he said to the waves, they say third time’s a charm. He went off on the wind. He just gave instructions to the waves. The reason why he rebuked the wind is because if the wind wasn’t acting crazy, the waves wouldn’t have been without the wind. The waves would’ve been good. So he rebuked the wind for making the waves do what it does. Listen, here’s the problem that many of us have in our life. We rebuke the wrong thing.

Hey man. Boy, you is preaching and they tripping. Y’all out there looking at me like I ain’t saying nothing. I know I’m killing it. I done wore you out till you ain’t got no enemies. You just touch with him and say, he wearing me out. I ain’t come here for all this. I came to shout. You going to shout at the end, but we’re going to talk right now. He rebuked the wind. He spoke to the waves because the waves were not the culprit, the wind was the culprit. Now the Bible says we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and spirits of weakness in high places. The reason why we don’t have any peace, because all of our fight is with the flesh and blood and we do no warring in the spirit. Listen to me. You can whoop your child with a belt, but it ain’t going to touch the demon in them. You going to get you some oil and slap their forehead and rebuke ’em in the name of Jesus and put some crico on their doorknob and put some blood on the doorpost. But our problem is we do all of our fighting in the flesh and we do no warring in the spirit.

You rebuking the child when you need to be rebuking the devil. You are speaking to the wrong thing. We don’t even bother the devil. We scared of them, but the devil got your child acting like that. That’s why you say where they learn this from. Don’t nobody in here do it, but they do it in hell. I didn’t raise my child like that. Well then if they’re doing something you didn’t raise them to do, you got to know that it came from something other than you talking about this house is dark. No, it’s demonic. There’s a spirit in this house. Yes, there actually is. And until you get in the Holy Spirit and start rebuking spirits, the wind and the waves will never stop When you get home, I want you to get in your house and listen to me and stop talking about Jesus. Do something in my house because the work of Jesus is done. You ain’t going to get no peace until you employ the Holy Ghost. And there are a lot of people in here. They got Jesus, but they ain’t got the Holy Spirit.

It’s the Holy Spirit that makes you want to do right. It’s the Holy Spirit that makes you sorry. Even if you don’t feel like you were wrong. It’s the Holy Spirit that keeps you from holding the grudge. If you hold on to something for two years, you ain’t got the Holy Spirit. When thought I was talking about peace, you just thought money was just going to fall out of the sky and everything was just going to be well, peace has to be made. He don’t not love them because he’s sleep. Somebody don’t hate you because they walked past you at church and didn’t speak. They didn’t see you or either they saw you and they saw that frown on your face and thought, let me not say none to them. They look like they don’t want to be spoke to. They ain’t always running from you.

Oh, y’all don’t want to talk in here today. They looking at me. They must be talking about me. No, maybe they looking at you because they finna say, what’s your number? What’s your size? Girl you don’t know. And they say, you talking about God, give me a husband, and then he look at you and you talking about you just messed up. Who going to come and talk to you? Now if you, oh, looking at me folk, you ask God to make you somebody’s wife. I want the kind of life. Then I wake up in the morning. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I know how I’m going to respond. If you don’t speak to me today, I promise you, the next time you see me, I’m going to hug you. See, some of y’all said she ain’t speaking to me. I ain’t speaking to her.

I don’t care. I ain’t always know her. I ain’t noodle when I was young. I don’t noodle now, so I don’t even need her in my life. She don’t even shut up. Just listen. You don’t speak to me. Now the next time I see you, ask anybody who knows me, I’m going to make you speak. How you doing? You doing all right? Oh, come here brother, because I got peace. Here’s what the Bible says. You listening, make peace with all men, not with the ones you like, not with the ones that like you, but make peace with all men, which means you probably need to start with the people you can’t stand because it’s going to take a while. Pastor, I’m dealing with this because in our generation this is a stronghold.

We are one of the most liberated and wealthiest generations the world has ever seen. We’re also some of the nastiest and meanest people on the planet. The way we do people online, it is atrocious. It is ridiculous. The guy that won the dunk contest yesterday, McLeod, you wake up this morning and you see a post where somebody says they checked every tweet that he put out to disqualify him because apparently only black people supposed to win the dunk contest, and then they came out and said he passed the test. Why are we so mean? The man won, but we’re miserable and we want everybody miserable with us and we’re miserable because we can’t manipulate people to take the position in our life. We make them half. I don’t want anybody around me that doesn’t have peace. You don’t have to have money, just have peace. I don’t need your connections. I need your peace.

Lord, I banished the spirit of entitlement in this room. If you deserve everything I have, then I deserve everything you have. And if you’re not giving me everything you have, why do you need everything I have? There’s a spirit of entitlement. It keeps you from having peace because when you are entitled, you think that everybody should reward your work. When you feel like working peace, watch this. Jesus said, peace I give you. It’s your job to give people peace. Not always expect to receive it. Do you hear me? Do you hear me? I’m challenging your spirit.

You should feel uncomfortable inside. See, for those of us who grew up in real church, we had real pastors. Most people in this generation, they don’t want pastors. They want a rah rah man to get ’em hyped up, to get hyped for six days only to be depressed by Friday evening and have to come back and use church like a drug to get high, another six days. I want you to have so much peace that if the pandemic comes back and we got to shut down for three years, you can survive. Lord, help me in this place.