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Pastor Keion Henderson is the lead pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Houston, Texas Lighthouse is an organization that serves the body of Christ through our 5 pillars. We always ANTICIPATE a move of God in every experience, so we constantly set a great ATMOSPHERE, and we ACCEPT everyone through love. We believe the best way to impact people is by being AUTHENTIC to who we are and by taking ACTION to move everyone towards greater.

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Pastor Keion (00:00:03):
Lemme introduce you to my father. I believe that we owe God a praise. Let you know that this isn’t just about money. I want you to understand today that wealth is a position you take where you assume this position and no matter if the circumstances change, I don’t lose my position. I was the pastor of the church when we had five people. I’m the pastor of this church, now we have 20,000. My position didn’t change even though things got bigger. I am still here because I’m trying to get you to take a stance and that you don’t think it isn’t God when it’s small and you don’t think it is God because it’s

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Pastor Keion (00:01:05):
I want you to be where God wants you to be. And I want you to live through every cycle and season of the circumstance so that when it does get to the place where you’ve been dreaming, you’ll be appreciative of the journey. Today I’m talking to sons, daughters, visionaries and dreamers and women. If you’re a visionary, raise your hand, put your hand down if you’re a dreamer. I’m talking to you online. I want to see your hands in the chat. How many of y’all have been having visions and dreams lately? It don’t even make sense. Okay? I’m getting ready to help you to put context to this so you can figure out what God is trying to say to you. And I’m only going to read two verses. It’s in Acts chapter two verse 17 and 18. Acts chapter two, verse 17 and 18. Who is that about to 17. I want to give you this and I want you to put it in your spirit and I’m going to give you some context behind this and then we’re going to go home, but the Bible says, and it shall come to pass in the last days.

Now this isn’t Luke talking. Who’s talking? Come on, talk to me. Who said it said the Lord. I will pour out my flesh upon my spirit upon all flesh. And your sons and your daughters shall prophesy and your young men shall see visions and your old men shall dream dreams. Let’s go to the next verse On my servants and on my handmaidens, I will pour out in those days of my spirit and they shall speak things into existence. How many of you all were raised by parents who were in the church and how many of you all will be honest that when you look at how our parents went to church and how things went when they were going, something has changed. My mother used to declare stuff by faith and three years wouldn’t have been a problem because in those days they would expect, how many of y’all know we live in kind of a microwave generation? We put God on blast. If he don’t answer on TikTok, then we move on. God says, we got to go back. He says, I am God and I change not so we’re not going to. God is not technology. He don’t upgrade.

So people say stuff like, well, the world is different. The world might be different, but God is the same. He’s the same yesterday, today and forevermore. So God gave me this subject. He says, tell the people online and tell the people at the lighthouse Church that I am reviving my old strategy. And that’s what I want to talk about reviving the strategy. Somebody say, God’s about to revive the strategy. You may be seated in the presence of the Lord. You’all ready for a word. So at the time that Jesus was in, and this is according to our text in Israel, the Roman government was the presiding power in a land they did not own. Does that make sense? So the Romans invaded Israel under the power of Caesar, usurp the authority, and now the people who are the descendants of the land are now subject to a foreign power. Let me see if it would be like me coming into your house and saying, get me something to eat or me coming into your house, going into your room, laying down on your bed. Yeah. You see how bad that sound. This is what is happening in the text, people taking over stuff that they don’t know that just because they got it, it doesn’t mean it’s theirs.

Are you with me so far? So the Roman government comes in and they take over at the time of Jesus and they’re in this foreign land and typically just like the young man said over there, when somebody comes in and tries to take over something that you own that you haven’t given them the rights to, what is your natural reaction? It depends on what kind of person you are. If you are diplomatic, you’ll probably say, let’s talk this thing out. If you are not diplomatic and you’re hood, you’re going to be like, when I count to three, it’s going to be me and you and mostly me. So there is confrontation between the people of Israel and the people of the Roman government because they’re in a place that they should not be. And in typical fashion, and you can see this on all of the news outlets, you can see this happening in the world today. Typically, if the government starts a fight with the people, typically the government wins typically almost because there are several instances where when people come together, we can usurp any negative vitriolic system that has come to vex certain of God’s people. You can go back to the days of Nelson Mandela in South Africa, in the moments apartheid and God raised up a leader, but he didn’t do it without 30 years of imprisonment. Somebody say it takes time. It took time for Martin Luther King to weave his way through segregationism and counters and tables and buses and all of the things that he had to deal with. But the people came together because when people come together, there is no enemy

That can keep a united people from achieving their dreams, aspirations, and visions. Do I have anybody with me today? So if you keep that in your mind and you think about it, Matthew 24 says that in the last day we would see and hear, the Bible says you would hear and see wars come on Bible readers and what?

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Pastor Keion (00:08:29):
Rumors of wars. Well, it seems like we’re there everywhere you look on the news,

There’s a war and a rumor of a war. Like I heard somebody say this yesterday as a result of what’s going on the conflict in the Middle East, they said, we might very well be on our way to World War iii. See you got a war and then there’s a rumor of another war. So we’re right there in these times. And here’s the thing that Matthew said that I hope I can get this in your spirit and all day I’m just going to be trying to get things in your spirit so that it could get into your practice so that it can get into your life. Matthew says there are going to be wars and rumors of wars, but here’s what he says to the church. He says, my advice to you is to see that you are not alarmed because these things must happen. Now I just want to talk to you about that because I know you don’t always like pain, but these things must happen. I know you don’t always like to have to argue with somebody that you’ve been in relationship with all of your life, but these things must happen. I know that you thought you guys were going to be friends for the rest of your life and it didn’t work out or you thought that relationship was going to last to worship the rest of your life. And I know you had, but these things

Must happen. I know you thought you were going to retire at that job and they were going to give you a gold watch, but lemme tell you, they don’t give watches anymore. You lost that job. And here you are 50 years old trying to figure out what’s the next stage of your life going to be like? And you thought that by 55 that your life would be set and you would be five to seven years away from retirement. And here you are raising somebody else’s kids trying to figure out how to start over. And I’m here to tell you these things must happen. You didn’t think at 57 you’d be wiping snot from somebody’s nose. You thought you were done with that. You didn’t think at 50 years old that you would still be looking on the internet googling different jobs. You didn’t think that your 401k would become a 1 0 1 K. You had no idea that after 20 years of marriage you’d be looking to date again. You thought that was your forever boo.

You had no idea that the child that you raised, that was your pride and joy growing up. You never thought that in the twilight of your years you’d be having issues. You never thought that your son would go to prison. You never thought that your daughter wouldn’t come home. You never thought that your nephew would be living with you. You never thought that you and your sister would not be getting along. You never thought that you and your brother would no longer be having conversations. I’m talking to somebody, I’m going to throw mud on the wall until you hit somebody. You never thought that you’d be in a situation where you couldn’t talk to your child’s father. You never thought that you feel uncomfortable in your own church. You never thought that you’d be fired from that job and you never thought you’d be working for somebody who was less qualified than when they hired you. You never thought that you’d have a pink slip on your desk. You never thought they would come and get the car in the middle of the night. You never thought that you have to move out of that house and move into an apartment. You never

Thought that you have to take care of somebody who was disabled. You never thought that you’d be thinking about committing suicide. You never thought you would see a spot on your cat scan. You never thought that you feel a lump in your breast. You never thought that you would be short of breath trying to figure out what’s going on internally. You never thought you’d be taking five pills just to be able to survive the day. You never thought you’d be under the suppression and depression of a thousand generations. But I came to tell you these things must happen. Somebody say it must happen, must

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Pastor Keion (00:12:36):
And this isn’t just a warning to the earth. This is a warning in the spirit. Paul said, beware of seducing spirits. Listen and the doctrine of devils. Do I have any spiritual people in here today? He says, in this day and time you’re going to have to be on the lookout for seducing spirits and the doctrine of devils. Some of you all think you’re in a relationship that’s a seducing spirit. That’s why no matter how bad it hurts, you can’t ever get away because if it was a relationship, it could be over. But it’s a spiritual thing. Come on now. Come here, come here. And the what? Doctrine of devils. Now, what is the doctrine of devils? I’m glad you asked. The doctrine of devils is when the devil imitates God, come here Holy Spirit and has a way of making you think that he is as good as the real thing.

Can I say that again? What is the doctrine of devils? You need to teach your children this because this is sometimes the answer to the proclivity. The devil has snuck in and has made him or her or you believe that it is actually okay to partake in the activity because sometimes the devil can sound like God. That’s why the Bible says that we have to separate the wheat from the, I feel like preaching if y’all feel like helping me. Now here is the thing about wheat and tear in the beginning stages of wheat and tear. It looks exactly the same. You don’t know the difference between wheated and tear until it’s harvest time. And so the devil has a way of growing up right alongside God’s promises, making you think that it’s a promise when it’s really the doctrine of a devil. Where do we see this? How many of y’all ever read Genesis when the Bible says that God says to Adam and Eve you can have of every tree in the garden, he says, but of the tree in the middle of the garden what you cannot have and here comes the devil imitating God. If you touch the tree,

You shall not surely die and watch Eve fall for the imitation. That’s right. Well let me try it. But here is the problem with imitations. The problem with imitations is they look like the real thing. They feel like the real thing, but they don’t have the value of the real thing. Oh, come here, talk to me. So when you have a thing that is an imitation, everybody from the outside says, Hey, look at what you got. But the problem is, is the people who made it won’t recognize it. You miss what I just said. So how do you know you have an imitation in your life? It’s because it’s not backed by heaven

And just because people say, oh, they good for you or because you said to yourself, they good for me or because you said this is where I’m supposed to live or this is what I’m supposed to drive or this is what I’m supposed to have. Some of you all right now have imitation in your life and you’re praising God. It’s the real thing. But here’s the problem. You get no refunds from what was not originally created from the manufacturer. So when there is a problem, you have to get another product because it’s not backed by a warranty. And lemme tell you something, and I don’t mean to be messy, but I’m going to be messy for a minute. Anybody who’s ever experienced a real thing knows when yours is not. Oh, come here now. Don’t y’all get mad at me. I ain’t talking about nobody. I’m just talking about what I’m talking about. But have you ever had something real and then you seen somebody who said they don’t even make that it don’t come in that color. It don’t come in that size because anybody who has ever had the real thing knows that that is not the real thing. And I’m just trying to say this, anybody in here who’s ever had a real encounter with God,

Anybody here knows what the Holy Spirit is like For real? Anybody knows what the blessings of God look like For real? We can look and say That ain’t God. That ain’t God. That ain’t God. Watch this. Because everything God creates comes with a seed. Everything God creates comes with the ability to reproduce itself. Ask yourself, are there seeds in it? Oh, that was worth you driving over here for today. I know I’m in a relationship, but are there seeds in it? I know I’m in my career, but I don’t feel ful. Anybody feel stuck? Where do I go? Where do I grow? Are there

Speaker 3 (00:17:55):

Pastor Keion (00:17:55):
In it? I know, I know. I know everybody in here is going over some of y’all head and some of You’all are taking it personal. I know there are array of an emotions going on in this room today, but my question for you is are there seeds in it? I know you went off on ’em, but were there seeds in your conversation? Because if not, it’s going to return to you void. Touch three people and say beware of imitators.

Speaker 3 (00:18:28):
Of imitators.

Pastor Keion (00:18:30):
You do know some people can act like they love you. You do know that, right? Some people can act like they like you and only for the benefit of caring you so they look real. That’s the thing about imitators is that most people get the imitation. It’s because they want to pretend to have and to be what they are not. And my wife and I was listening to a clip the other day. A man came on and said, here’s the thing I need to say to poor people. He says, poor people, you’re so busy trying to look rich, but you don’t see that the rich people are trying to look poor.

And I’m not saying you shouldn’t have nice stuff. I’m just saying you shouldn’t have nice stuff and still be trying to figure out how you’re going to pay your rent. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have nice stuff. I’m just saying you shouldn’t have nice stuff and your car loan is behind two months. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have nice stuff. I’m just saying you shouldn’t have your hair done and no dental insurance. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have nice stuff. I’m just saying get your teeth fixed before you get a Birkin bag. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have nice stuff, but make sure your child has a college fund before you go to. Don’t y’all make me cuss. I feel like it today. Don’t go to Dubai and you don’t have a retirement. There is no value in the old strategy. There is no value in looking like you have what you don’t have. There’s no value. You can’t cash, you cannot cash persona in the bank and as soon as you walk away from the people who congratulated you, they talk about you behind your back. Girl. Look at her. She knows she can’t afford that. I don’t even know why she came over here bragging about it. I could have told her that. Don’t even look right on. Anyway.

How many of y’all came to church today? I know I did. I flew all the way from Africa to Comet Angel Sense, you get in a hurry. I came a long way to get to church today. Matthew says there will be another war. Somebody say another war, another

Speaker 3 (00:21:00):

Pastor Keion (00:21:03):
Oh, here is the next war. This is how the devil is busy. He said, here’s the next war. People will be offended easily watch this and he says friendships will start to fall out. How many of y’all got people in your life? They started with you but it’s looking like they ain’t going to finish with you. Just the cake can’t bake yet, but there’s still some dough on the toothpick. I don’t know if I’m going to finish this thing. It’s like, it’s like we started out from the bottom, but I don’t even know if we’re going to get there. He says there will be a fence and friendships will start to fall apart. Just tell your neighbor, I’m losing some friends just tell, come on online. Look. Oh, oh, she lost three of them. But I want to talk about this is if it’s one thing I can’t stand about the world right now. Everybody’s offended. I’m a vegan. I can’t believe you eat meat. I’m offended. Well then shut up and don’t eat meat. Why you got to be offended? Because somebody else does. People been eating cows before 2023. Now all of a sudden

If you eat cows and you eat meat, you’re going to die. I know a lot of vegetarians that’s in the grave too. I’m just telling you, I know people who smoke cigarettes and don’t ever die. I know people who jog on treadmills and have heart attacks. The Lord is in charge of this thing. Now you ought to do your best and to make sure that you have a happy and prosperous life, but don’t think that your decisions are the things that keep you here to every man there was an appointed time. Now if you eat well, you’re going to meet your appointment with good biceps and if you lift weights, you’re going to be strong When your appointment comes, it is appointed to every man to die but everybody’s offended. See, this is the devil’s trick is to make sure that nobody can have strong opinions anymore. And if you have a strong opinion, you can lose your job. If you have a strong opinion, you get canceled. If you have a strong, strong convictions, then all of a sudden people counsel you. And this is how the devil has silenced the church, but the Bible says in the last day they will not want to hear

Speaker 3 (00:23:58):

Pastor Keion (00:23:59):
Doctrine. This is how you know we’re in the last days. Everybody’s offended and so what offense does is it makes people with convictions calibrate their conversation. So now nobody leaves church convicted because if you convict anybody then people go on YouTube and make a whole channel about 30 seconds of the sermon. You’d be surprised how many times we have to fight battles over somebody taking an hour long sermon, taking 30 seconds and saying, this is what I said and then people in the comments, I can’t believe these men are got they wolves and sheep clothing and are we going to talk about false prophets too? Now I’m trying to find my army. So here’s what God told me to say to you. Either we’re going to have a form of godliness denying the power thereof or we’re going to be a church, a city on a hill that cannot be hidden. Do I got any rowdy soldiers in here today? Either. We are going to tell people that the only way to the father is through Jesus Christ or we are going to keep talking about there are many pathways. I don’t know about you but there is. But one Lord, let me go on the record. One faith and one baptism.

Jesus said I am the way. He didn’t say we the way Jesus said, I am the way, the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father. Muhammad can’t get you there, bah, who are can’t get you there. Confucius can’t get you there. Lemme tell you something else. God never leaves a generation without a strategy without I touched three people and say, God showed me the strategy. Show me the strategy. God showed me the strategy. The Bible expresses that there was a group of sons named and this was one of Jacob’s sons who ends up having a tribe of sons. Not all boys, but a family known as the sons of Iscar. And the reason the sons of Iscar were important to the biblical times is because the Bible says that the sons of iscar understood the times. This is so good, you got to hear what I’m telling you. So in this day and time that we’re preaching about, they tried to make Jesus the king. The reason why they wanted to make Jesus the king is because the Romans were oppressing them and they thought if they made Jesus king that he would overthrow the people who were causing them pain. Be careful when people lift you up so you can solve their problems.

It wasn’t that they wanted him to be king, they just wanted him to be king over their situation. So God says no because you don’t want me for real. Number two, the reason why he refuses to be their king at the time is because everybody repeat after me. The timing is off. It’s just going to be key. He says it is not yet time for me to be king. Remember in John chapter two when they ran out of wine and Mary said, baby, they ran out of wine. Jesus says to his mama what they got to do with me? My hour has not yet come. What I’m trying to tell you in this room today is you have to resist the temptation of the enemy lifting you before it’s your time. So some of y’all have been wondering why my money hasn’t come yet. Why hasn’t my wealth come yet? Why hasn’t my husband come yet? Why hasn’t my wife come yet? Because up until today it wasn’t your but God sent me here to tell you today. Are y’all listening to me online? They don’t get it. God told me to whisper in your ear. Your time

Has come. Oh God.

Speaker 3 (00:28:37):

Pastor Keion (00:28:41):
I’m going to say that again. God told me to tell you that your time has come touch three people to say it’s my time baby, it’s my time, it’s my time, it’s my time, it’s my time, it’s my time. God told me to tell you it’s your time. Now wait a minute. There is still yet one thing you have to do Jesus. Boy, don’t make me get this bit off. If you don’t turn that water to wine woman, what that got to do with me woman had to be a black mama. Bring me the water pots. They bring Jesus the water pots, fill it with water. Jesus looks at it and it turns into my alright. Now this is going to help you because I’m trying to show you what you have to do. Are you listening to me?

Speaker 3 (00:29:45):

Pastor Keion (00:29:45):
Was the one thing that Mary said to

Speaker 3 (00:29:48):

Pastor Keion (00:29:49):
When they wanted the water turned into wine? What did she say? I love that I got a church. This church read the Bible. Can y’all tell Jesus is getting ready to do it? But Mary says I can’t make him do it, but whatever he says, you do it obviously then miracles come whenever you do. So God told me to tell you your time will come the moment you do. See, I knew y’all weren’t going to see. I knew you weren’t going to shout about that because you wanted your time to come while you sat down. You wanted your time to come while you were still hardheaded. You wanted your time to come without effort. God says whenever you do what I say do, I will turn your water to wine. I wanted to find out, ain’t nobody going to shout watch this. I want to see if I can get 500 obedient people. Yeah, I didn’t say excited people. I’m talking about people say, God, if it hurts me, I’m going to do whatever you say. If it causes me a loss, I’m going to do whatever you say. If I got to wait three years, I’m going to do whatever you say snap people and say do whatever He says.

Obedience is better than sacrifice and this is another strong opinion. I don’t want to pastor a church and I don’t want to lead the people online who need me to tell them you can do whatever you want to do and God is still going to do whatever you want to do. There is some obedience that’s necessary. Touch somebody say, I didn’t get here doing whatever I want to do. If I did whatever I want to do, somebody be dead. If I had did what I wanted to do, somebody be missing. If I did what I wanted to do, I’m here because I was obedient and what does obedience mean? I listened to God when I had other options. I listened to God when I felt like doing something else. Anybody ever had to swallow your pride to say, okay, Lord, if you say it, I’m going to try it. But lemme tell you something, I’ve been trying. It ain’t been working. God says your time is coming but I’m not just going to throw that out there so you can turn around three times and then expect a walk out in the parking lot and your time is coming. You can’t get your time if you’re going to leave and still be hardheaded,

You might not listen to this whole sermon, but there ought to be that convicts you that when you leave here you do something differently than you were not doing. When you walked in the room, touch with them and say, I’m just going to try one new thing away with this Christianity where we can come in and shout and leave out the same and expect God to perform a miracle. Bring me the water pots. By the way, the water pots were made of clay. The water pots were made of stone. Human beings in the earth are reflective in the scripture as clay, which means bring me you. Bring me you. Now the wine represents joy. The water represents the word. So if you bring me, you put in the word, I’ll take care of the joy. Y’all missing thy word. Have I hidden in my heart that I might not sin against thee? Anybody in the room know there’s a difference between happiness and joy? I’m happy because I’m here. I’m happy because I have this. I’m happy because I’ve had that. But joy says

If you don’t do anything else, I’m about to shout myself. I’m not looking for any happy Christians. Y’all happy Christians are waiting on God to do something. I need 2000 people to say if God don’t give me another thing, I’ll still run across this aisle. If God doesn’t do another thing, I’ll type online until I can’t type anymore. If God doesn’t do anything else for me, he’s already done enough. Slap three people and say he’s already done enough. He’s already done enough. He’s already done enough. He’s already fed me enough times. He’s already woken me up enough times. He’s already healed me enough times. He’s already blessed me enough times. He refuses the blessing because the timing is off and my question is, can you refuse a position when it is not your time to have it? I want to be a boss. I want to own my own company, but my sleeping habits is off. Let me stay over here. Oh, come on. If you can’t say man, say out. I want to be in a relationship but I’m still selfish. Let me stay. Can you refuse a position? You won’t because you’re not ready for it.

The opportunity of a lifetime has to be taken in the lifetime of the opportunity. You have to be ready for what God has ready for you. And whenever you look around and you try to figure out how do they have that and I don’t, it’s because they are ready. Get ready. Bishop Jake’s been trying to tell y’all for 45 years, get ready, get get ready, get ready. Anybody ever heard of a king called Alexander the great Alexander The great was the king. By the time he was 20 years old, by the time he was 30 every kingdom in front of him, he had already defeated. Imagine being a 20-year-old king and defeating every kingdom in 10 years. I want y’all to think about that. The United States was in Iraq for 20 years and didn’t defeat. Isis is still there in 10 years he defeated every kingdom in front of him. By the age of 33 he was dead. You don’t have time to be taken a decade for every battle when it is your time, you can do in months what somebody whose time it is not cannot do in years. That’s why you want to make sure that you are in the divine vein of God. This is how you know you are where God needs you to be. Things start to happen immediately.

Okay, the woman with the issue of blood, she went to every doctor she could for 12 years. The issue didn’t dry up, she went to the right doctor and what does the Bible say immediately? That’s how you know you are in the right place because time starts to speed up. I don’t know who this is for, but God is telling me that there’s anointing that’s about to rest on you. That what you could not do in years is about to happen in days you’ve been saving up for something for the last 10 years. God’s going to send one person that’s going to speed up the process. Somebody shall speed it up for me. God, I don’t know who this word is for but I know it’s for this house. Anybody want to just give God the glory ahead? You’re not going to wait until he answers the issue. I want you to praise God right now that the time has been sped up in your life. Repeat after me. It won’t take long. It won’t take long. Say it again. It won’t take long. It won’t take long. One more time. Say it won’t take long. It won’t take long. God says, I’m about to open a portal.

Thank you Holy Spirit. He said, tell the church we are under and open heaven and I’m going to say this again just like I did last week and I’m going to stand on it. God said in the next four months he’s about to take us from early reign. Some of y’all don’t remember. In the next four months, God says, I’m about to take you from early reign to laddering, which means what you are experiencing now. It’s just a sprinkle.

It hasn’t even started raining in your life yet. When it starts raining, you’re going to have to call people and say, come and help me with this blessing. I ain’t got room for it. You’re going to have to ask people to come over and help me lift this. I don’t have the strength for it. Anybody got a blessing coming so big you’re going to need somebody to help you pick up the nets because they’re going to be 153 different kinds of fish in the net. I want you to start to encourage yourself and shout, the blessing is coming, the timing is coming, the season is coming and it is my time

Speaker 3 (00:39:10):

Pastor Keion (00:39:16):
Right? All right. For the rest of you all who don’t feel that, God says, here’s the criteria. Number one, in this next season I’m only pouring this out on my sons and daughters. You ain’t going to be able to sneak in on this blessing. Oh, this ain’t one of them corporate ones where I say everybody in the house get ready for a blessing. No baby this one, it’s for sons and daughters and you can’t sign up for sonship after the benefits. No, no, no, no. You can’t be my son after I signed the will. You got to be, and by the way, the lamb’s book of life has already been sealed, so don’t try to. He says, in this season I’m pouring out this shift on sons and daughters. Just do me a favor, look at your name and say we related. One lady looked at her label and said, we ain’t got none of, we won’t even looking like Jesus. I don’t even know how we could be related. I’m picking sons and daughters symbolically in the Hebrew are weo the word son. Symbolically there is a word picture here of the fifth kingdom of Daniel and you can read this in Daniel chapter seven, the four kingdoms that preceded the kingdom of God was Babylon, Persia, Macedonia and Roman. Then God says, I’m about to institute another kingdom, not only for the kingdom’s sake before the king’s sake. He says, because when I show him what kind of king I am,

It’s going to make Alexander the great look like he was a boy. When I show him what kind of king I am, it’s going to make it seem as if Nebuchadnezzar never lived. By the time I come, they won’t know Herod. By the time I come, they will no longer be talking about Pharaoh because I’m about to be not only a king but the

Speaker 3 (00:41:26):

Pastor Keion (00:41:28):
Of kings. Are you listening to me? He says, they will forget that Caesar was a king by the time I came and here’s the word of the Lord. He says, while I’m talking to sons and daughters, he says, because some of you all are looking at people, they currently have the position, but what you don’t understand about them and you, they were placed there you will be picked. You missed it. You missed it. I hope y’all ain’t sleep yet. Go back and read one Samuel. There was a king named Saul. The people looked at the other nation, said, we want a king too. God says, okay, who you want? They said, we want him. He’s tall, he’s handsome. God says, okay, you can have him. I’ll place him but I won’t pick him. He says, my king is in the field. My pick ain’t even old enough yet. My pick is scooping up animal feces, but I picked them. See, this is why you got to be careful how you treat people who don’t smell right. This is why you got to be careful how you treat people who don’t look right. This is why you got to be careful about how you treat people who don’t look like they have it yet. Because God’s choice doesn’t always look like a choice when it’s the choice.

God says you are insecure about somebody who you think has something that you don’t have and you don’t understand. I placed them there until you became mature enough for me to pick you.

Do you hear the words that are coming out of my mouth? You are looking at a boss like how in the world am I ever going to get a promotion? And God is saying, do you not understand I placed them there? Until you get the scholarship, you need to go back and get the degree they’re going to ask for to complete the schooling that they’re going to require. And you don’t even know that all things are working together for your good, but if you’ll do whatever I said, even when you don’t understand what I’m saying, the opportunity is going to come and I’m going to displace them and pick you. Everybody in the room and everybody online who knows you have been picked for such a time as this. I need you to look like somebody who’s been picked, slap three people and say, I’ve been picked. I’ve been picked and I wasn’t picked because I was perfect. I wasn’t picked because I was rich. I was picked because I was available. God says, I’m going to pour out my spirit on sons and daughters and I will give them strength. Pastor Raymond, it blew my mind when I read this. This was a moment where if you had saw what I saw, you ran around the room like we did last. He said, I’m going to give you strength. I said, Lord, they’re already strong. He says, you’re looking at it in English. Look at it in the original language. The word strength in the original language means influence

And you ain’t got a shout, but I need you to hear me. God says, you are praying

Speaker 3 (00:44:56):

Pastor Keion (00:44:56):
Money and

Speaker 3 (00:44:59):

Pastor Keion (00:45:01):
And cars and clothes and I’m trying to give you

Speaker 3 (00:45:06):

Pastor Keion (00:45:13):
You miss me. When you have influence, you don’t need money. So we have one of the senior leadership members of South Carolina, which is one of the most prestigious schools in the world, arguably the best basketball team in a decade. They’re doing things, they’re pumping out basketball players over there like a factory. Now imagine I said to her, I got a child that needs to get into South Carolina or into college, but we missed the deadline by her power. She could say, oh, that’s the easy thing. I know the person who fills out the application and the person who says Yes, give me a number, I’ll take them to ’em because of our relationship. You don’t understand that influence is a scholarship and here you are asking God for more money. What you need is the kind of influence that makes you walk into the bank and they don’t have the same requirements for you.

Man, I ain’t got no church in here today for everybody. I’m talking to 2000. Y’all go to sleep. I need six of y’all. I pray that God gives you the kind of influence that you can walk in the halls of Congress, that you can walk into universities and banks, that you can walk into your child’s school and get something done not because of who you are but because of the influence of the one who’s backing you. If there’s anybody here who understands that influence is more valuable than money, I want you to give God praise, influence, influence. I’m learning right now. Influence will save you more money than anything on earth When you have influence, people want to be a part of what you’re doing and when people see, the reason why you have to pay everybody is because you want them to be a part of what you’re doing. When you get influenced, people give their services to you because they want to be a part of, oh, this sermon is ahead of y’all time. Somebody shout, influence. And here’s the thing, there’s no taxes on influence. You don’t have to give the IRS 37% of your influence.

Influence is all yours but it takes everything. You have to keep it. You have to have the integrity of a son and a daughter and God says, I’m going to pour out my spirit on sons and daughters and I’m going to give them influence to walk into the world’s systems. And I am telling you that there was another level of wealth coming on this house. I’m not talking about rich, I’m talking about influential. I’m talking about you being able to pick up the phone and make a call and make something happen and nobody ever ask you about the price. How many of y’all receive it in Jesus name? Here’s the next thing. God says, listen, I’m raising up prophets. I’m raising up prophets in this last day. I’m about to amplify the voices of the ministry of the prophetic for people who will speak for me. I come up and I’m going to move on, but I come up against every bathroom prophet. I come up against every parking lot. Prophet you ever seen people in the parking lot talking, they wanted church to be over but they stayed in the parking lot two hours after it was over prophesying.

There was one prophet in this house and I rebuke every pew prophet. Yeah, I did unfold your arms. I’m talking to all of y’all. There are too many people in the church who think they speak for God when he only called one set man for this house. And I speak that over every house, over every place. If you can’t follow what God is saying according to the prophet in that house, leave the house but don’t destroy it. Why would you go to a church where you don’t believe what the preacher’s saying? Why would you drive 20 minutes to be skeptical for 60 minutes? Go somewhere where you believe, but the words that are coming out of my mouth are from the Oracles of heaven and that when I speak a thing in this house, God will make it so for sons and daughters, not spectators, not Judas, not pew prophets, sons and daughters. Here is the problem with the new strategy. We don’t respect authority anymore. Now I’m going to say it. Come on y’all. It used to be a time where you would never disrespect a preacher dis. There would be a time you never disrespected a woman of God. The disrespect for the men and women of God today is abhorrent.

The way we talk about preachers online and what y’all reposting, retweet, it’s ridiculous. If you don’t have nothing nice to say, don’t say nothing at all. Say it Keon because the only time y’all know how to shout is when I’m promising you something. Now I’m talking about real stuff and I’m talking about how to keep you, how to keep you together. This is what you need to hear because either we’re going to be a church that’s on the hill that cannot be hidden or we’re going to deny the power of God. And this is not a play thing. God is real. I said God is real and church ain’t only good when you’re crying. I’m trying to figure out why you think church is only good when you cry, when your boyfriend made you cry, you wasn’t worshiping. So tears don’t automatically come as a result of worship. I need a response that only worship can invoke. There should be a response that is only segregated and demarcated for God and that is the sound of a son and a daughter. And there’s an old song that says before I take it back, I’ll add more to it.

Somebody say, I’m a son of God, I’m a son. Every woman say I’m a daughter of God

Speaker 3 (00:52:45):
Of God.

Pastor Keion (00:52:46):
And the reason why you need a prophet. See, they don’t preach this in church no more. They don’t preach this in church no more. Lemme tell you why the Bible says this in Malachi four and five and six when you get home, the reason why you need a prophet over your life is because the Bible says that when God struck the ground with the curse, it was canceled on the life of everybody under a prophet. So for all of the people in the church right now who want to date God but not have a pastor, what you have to understand is that being in the church, not under a covering, keeps the curse on your life. You need a prophet to speak to the curse. That was 400 years of silence between the Old Testament and the New Testament. And when God started speaking, he broke his silence through the prophet Elijah. And if you are under this covering, I have the power to break the silence over your life. But you have to be a son and a daughter, which means you have to be submissive even when you don’t agree. This is why you can’t get your children to obey you because you don’t obey nobody.

Oh yeah, just I’m about to take my jacket off. Lemme tell you something. You ain’t never going to have the respect of the thing. You’re over until the thing over you gets your respect. So you can’t demand respect up and you don’t send it up. It is the order of life. Whenever you are being disrespected by the thing beneath you, then you need to check the order you’re in with the thing above you be not deceived. God is not mocked. Whatever man, soul. I might not play this one online. This for the house. This is what you call pastoring. Do me a favor for those of y’all who mad, just smile. So I don’t know it’s you because see, I’m a fighter. I get angry and I keep on going so that don’t mean nothing to me. Here’s the next thing. God says, here’s the next people I’m inviting. Listen, servants and handmaids, here’s the next thing nobody want to do in church. No more serve. They want to complain about the children’s ministry but won’t give one hour to it and got five kids in it. How you got five kids that don’t like kids? How you got five kids that refuse to volunteer five kids back there, you ought at least give one day out of your life. They eating up all the goldfish.

Your kids done ate 12 packs of goldfish and you don’t want to volunteer one hour your son done kick 12 people on the way to the class and you don’t want to volunteer one hour just kicking people. Then you get back there and they talking about Deshawn done kicked somebody mama. No I didn’t. They kicked me first. Uhuh because I know Deshawn don’t kick nobody. Deshawn done been suspended from school five times for kicking people. He kicked people. He done kicked you. Lemme get y’all out of here. Oh lord, Jesse, thank you as long as you with me. I’m good, mama. All I need is five people. Five of us can take on this whole world. Come on, somebody do. I got five. I got you. I got one in every section. We’ll fight all of y’all. Watch this. He says, I’m about to pour my spirit on servant and handmaidens. What is a servant? Somebody who gives their time and might not get nothing back And here is the problem with today’s church. We start our service from what we’re going to get out of it. I remember, and I’m not asking us to go back, I just remember a time in church where everybody didn’t have to be paid for everything.

Now if somebody buy a piece of tissue, they bring a receipt for 62 cents. That ain’t even a tissue we will use. I’m telling the truth. Y’all ain’t got to say nothing. Everybody wants to be compensated for everything. You don’t get paid for service. Your service is given unto God. Present your body. It’s Romans. So everyone has a living sacrifice that you might be, which is your reasonable service. We ought to have a partner’s army. So many people volunteering their time that we got to take, have a waiting list. Nobody wants to serve anymore. I’m just going to go to church, get mines. I ain’t going to speak to nobody bothers nobodies. I’m going to get back in my car and go home. I ain’t got time for them. Fake folks, everywhere you go, you around. They fake at your job, they fake at your house, but you’re going back there. It’s fake folk everywhere. So I don’t know why we come to church. Everybody got to be real. I just expected in the church that they’d be real at the church. Where is the real vaccine for people who go to church? The people in the church are related to the people who you left. So that means the church is going to be full of everything you walked away from. This is not a perfect institution where you walk in and nobody has problems. And by the way, if you find a perfect church, can you leave it alone? Because when you join, you going to mess it up.

If you ever find a perfect church, don’t join. I came today. I got time. I got time. Put that smile on your face. I ain’t going nowhere where all my women at. So he says, I’m going to pour my spirit out on handmaidens. Oh Lord. Anybody want to take a stab at what a handmaiden is? A handmaiden is a servant that can only serve women. Say it this way. A handmaiden is only a servant that can serve a queen.

Speaker 3 (01:00:34):

Pastor Keion (01:00:36):
See, in times past when it was time to fight and get the spoilers of war, women were not invited because women were not a part to be a part of the army. But if the new strategy allows him to pour his spirit out on sons and daughters and handmaidens, it must mean that some of the women are going to rise to power and need servants. So God says, I’m going to pour out my spirit on handmaidens because in this next season, women are going to be so powerful that all of the wealth is not just going to go to the men. There’s getting to be a vast shift of wealth towards women and there are going to be women in the earth that have the same kind of power that men have enjoyed for centuries. You’re going to be the president of universities, you’re going to be the president of banks, you’re going to be millionaires. Come here. Where are my billionaire women at? God says, I’m about to raise up a standard for women and there’s going to be more power shifting in the hands of women. Now, as I look across this room, I need every woman in here to raise your hand.

I want you to know that by virtue of the fact that you were born a woman, that this is a prophecy for you to get your hands ready for God to pour out wealth that you won’t have to get married to get and wealth you won’t lose if you break up with who you’re with. I need every woman to slap another woman to say, this is my blessing. It ain’t connected to no man. It ain’t connected to no season. It ain’t connected to no child. This is mine because I’m an anointed woman of God. I need every business woman,

Speaker 4 (01:02:38):
Every entrepreneurial woman, every boss chick to lift up your voice and begin to God give God

Pastor Keion (01:02:45):
Praise. Y’all don’t believe it. Lemme see if I can get some women over here. You shouted louder than that at the concert. I need some woman who looked at your life and you didn’t know how you were going to get there. I just pronounce a blessing over your life right now. I need

Speaker 4 (01:03:02):
Every woman who feels the pouring on your life to begin to give God the glory that

Pastor Keion (01:03:09):
He’s about to pour his spirit out on you. I am talking to women who got the corner office talking to women who’s over the sorority. I’m talking to women who are the chapter leaders. I’m talking to women, top litigators in the state. I’m talking to women and for those of you all who’ve given up on your dreams, can you at least have enough faith for your daughter if you don’t believe he can do it? What you praise God because he going to do it with your seed? How many of y’all know, watch what begins to happen in this house and online with women. Y’all going to be over corporations. They’re going to assume as a man because of how good it’s going and then they’re going to find out, oh, she did that. Matter of fact, just touch three girls and say She did that. She did that. She did that. She did that. She did that. She did that. I’m speaking inventions into your spirit. I’m speaking million dollar ideas into your mind. I’m speaking visions and dreams. Listen to me, women listen to me. Listen to me. Listen to me in this next season,

I need you to rely more on your vision than your intuition. God’s going to show you something you can’t feel. He’s going to show you something you can’t sense. I’m not saying give it up because it serves you well, but you got to have a higher power that is not just on what you feel is what God showed

Speaker 3 (01:05:12):

Pastor Keion (01:05:15):
Women, how many of y’all have been dreaming lately, seeing visions, and I’m not talking about, let me rephrase it. I’m not talking about a dream where you can wake up and say, I was in California drinking a ma tie, and not that I’m talking about glimpses. Boom. Like you saw something that just like you were just daydreaming, staring off and boom, God showed you something and you got to just come here. Holy Spirit, what I need you to do is some of y’all have been getting these visions in the night, but you’ve been trying to remember them in your sleep. God says, wake up and write it down because I’m going to close the portal to see if you were faithful enough to wake up. I don’t know who you are, ma’am, in the black, but God says there are dreams and visions coming your way in the business realm. I don’t know what you do, don’t know who you are, but there are visions and dreams. I need you to wake up and get that pink notebook that you have and start to write in it. Is it pink? Okay. I want you to grab that one and I want you to start to write in it because there are visions and dreams that are coming your way. You are supposed to have millions of dollars at your disposal.

Thank you, holy Spirit. She fine. I’m going to give you this illustration. Come here Pastor Raymond. Thank you Allall for dealing with me today. Lemme tell you something. Look at me. Look at me. Children. I ain’t mad at you. I’m mad at the devil. I’m mad at your bully and I come from a house. Don’t come to my house. If you didn’t swing back, you may have lost,

Speaker 3 (01:07:11):

Pastor Keion (01:07:12):
Don’t come in my house talking about you didn’t fight back. Now, maybe this was too hard for some of y’all, but for some of y’all, I got to talk to you like this, to get you to a place where you are not paralyzed by your fear. I got your back. I ain’t mad at you. I’m just upset that you don’t know who you

Speaker 3 (01:07:38):

Pastor Keion (01:07:40):
Bible says, come here Pastor. We wrestle. Not the Lord gave me a revelation. He said, wrestling is the only sport where you never lose contact with your opposition. See, in basketball, you create separation In football, you create separation. In wrestling, the purpose is it says you’re going to have to wrestle with it, and sometimes it’s going to feel like you’re losing. Then sometimes it’ll feel like you’re winning. Then sometimes it will just back you down until you have nothing left. But then here comes the spirit. I can do all things through Christ. Slap somebody and say, get it up off of you. Get off of your face. Get off of your back. Get off of your knees. Get out of your feelings. Get out of your insecurity and fight

Speaker 2 (01:09:30):

Pastor Keion (01:09:37):
Fight back. Fight back. Cry and fight. Lose faith, but don’t stop fighting. Question God, don’t stop fighting. You can win if you don’t quit. But if you quit, I guarantee you you’ll lose.

Speaker 2 (01:10:32):
Fight back.

Pastor Keion (01:10:37):
What am I telling you? Because right now my message is fighting with some of your old mindsets. You got to fight back. I know what I’m talking about. You just got to believe. When I grew up, I was told that I may have a high school teammate here, Antoine Bullard, are you in the room? I was told he might be here. He’s not here. When I was in high school, there was a family and I was going to ask him to verify. There was a family called the Maldonado’s. Maldonado’s had six generations of wrestlers. Their family, if you go into our gym right now in our high school, their name’s in the rafters. They beat everybody up. Here’s the crazy part. They were like five, three, a hundred and fifteen pounds beating up everybody. I asked him one day, I said, Mardo. I said, man, how in the world y’all be beating up everybody? Not dismissing the fact that they were good wrestlers, but he said, before every match we put oil on our body. He said, the reason why we put oil on our body is because when you have oil, you’re difficult to grip. He said, sometimes I felt like I was just about to lose, but I had that oil advantage

And I’d be able to slip out of the enemy’s grip and counter and win the fight. See, well, some of you all don’t know yet is you are too anointed to lose a fight. You have too much oil on your life to give up. Now, I want you to encourage yourself and just say, I’m anointed. I’m anointed. I’m anointed. Can you say it to yourself? I’m anointed. I have too much favor to lose this fight. You can knock me down, but you will not knock me out. I will come back out of this fire like pure gold. Let me finish this. At the end of every battle, I didn’t even get to the part where I could tell you where the Bible says that when the enemy came in like a flood, the Lord raised up a standard and that word standard is not our words. Standards like we raised up our standards. It’s a flag like our pledge of allegiance to the flag, and every warrior fights under the auspices of that flag. He says, whenever the flag went up, everybody came together and fought together. Our flag, our banner, the bloodstained banner is Jesus Christ,

And at the end of every battle, they will plan a celebration because God says, I don’t want you to win and not let everybody know you won. You can’t be a silent victor when you win. The old song says, you got to go and tell it on the mountain. I wonder what sound you would make if you woke up and really realized that you had already won.

Speaker 2 (01:14:51):

Pastor Keion (01:14:53):
Shall live

Speaker 2 (01:14:56):
And not die.

Pastor Keion (01:15:01):
Your time is here. All that crying you’ve been doing, it was for today. How many of you all almost, you’ve almost given up more times than you can count? Don’t give up on God. Don’t give up on God. I want you to stand so that I can pray the victory in your life. I am 100% sure that God is about to revive the strategy in your life and that you are too anointed to be defeated for every son and daughter, for every vision and visionary, for every dream and dreamer, for every handmaiden and servant, whichever one of those you are. I decree and declare

Speaker 2 (01:16:11):

Pastor Keion (01:16:13):
After this war is over, you will come home with spoils from the victory. Your days of lack are coming to an end. Your days of pension, pennies are coming to an end. God says, I’m about to bring an influence over you that you can speak in atmospheres and the rooms have to adjust to you. If you are in the army that I’m talking about, let me hear your war cry.