Rejection Made Me


The Whole story series is challenging us weekly to view our trials and tribulations from a new and fresh perspective. When we shift our perspective on what happened to us, we then see how God orchestrated the events to work out for our good. We’ve all been rejected at some point in our lives and at the time we didn’t understand that it was a set up for something great. This message is the perfect reminder that if you can’t seem to get it right, it’s okay because God is attracted to your imperfect, flawed and broken self. On the wheel the Potter (God) decides to give the clay (us) another chance to get it right. If you're in need of another chance this message is for you.

God is the God of details, and he makes no mistakes. Every detail about you from your outward appearance to your personality was a strategic decision by God. He made you to achieve a specific purpose on earth so it's important that you embrace and love every part of who you are. #BeYou

As clay our job is to contain what God has placed inside of us and then pour into somebody else. You’ll be blessed when you find a way to be a blessing to someone else and when you find a way to multiply what's inside of you.

If you are not doing what God has created you to do, you are a failure. Being rich doesn't make you successful in God's eyes. You don't get thrown away because you don't meet the society and people's expectations but you get thrown away when you don't meet his expectations.

Remember God is not looking for us to be perfect. God said that he will allow dysfunction but he will not allow no function. No matter what you've been through, get up and do something! Everybody has struggles but don't allow those struggles to stop you from pursuing your destiny. It's a sin to be good but you were made to be great.

Lastly, please know that rejection is making you and you must accept that it is a part of the process that God has strategically crafted for your life. Be not weary in doing well, you will reap a harvest if you don't get off the wheel.


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