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Pastor Keion Henderson is the lead pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Houston, Texas. Lighthouse is an organization that serves the body of Christ through our 5 pillars. We always ANTICIPATE a move of God in every experience, so we constantly set a great ATMOSPHERE, and we ACCEPT everyone through love. We believe the best way to impact people is by being AUTHENTIC to who we are and by taking ACTION to move everyone towards greater.

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Pastor Keion (00:00:09):
I believe that we owe God a praise. Hallelujah. Jeremiah chapter one says in verse four, before I formed you, verse five, before I formed you in the belly, I knew you and before thou came is forth out of the womb, I sanctified you and ordained you as a prophet to the nations. I want to speak a word over you because some of you, all your thinking is too local. I did not call you to Houston. I called you to the world. I didn’t call you the third ward, fourth ward, fifth ward. I didn’t call you to New Orleans. I didn’t call you to Miami. I called you to the nations. You’re going to be the first person in your family to do things internationally, so you better start reading how they do things in Africa. You better start reading how they do things in the EU because it’s time for you to go beyond the borders of your level of comfort. Now it’s going to be hard. No, let me rephrase that. It’s going to be hard as hell and you’re going to feel like quitting and you’re going to feel like giving up and you’re going to feel insignificant and you’re going to feel like nobody hears you and you’re going to feel like you don’t get acknowledgement. So you need to just stop and just let the people who they know do it. But God said it’s you. Somebody just touch yourself and say, it’s me.

God says, GERD, up verse 17, GERD up your loins and arise and speak unto them. All that I have commanded thee be not dismayed in their face, lest I confound them before you. God says, let me tell you something. I’m getting ready to send you out there and if their face messes with you, I’m going to take my glory back. If their attitude towards you makes you panic, I’m going to pick somebody else. Somebody say, be bold in the Lord. Bold. Say it again. Say, be bold in the Lord. Be bold

Speaker 2 (00:02:23):

Pastor Keion (00:02:23):
The Lord. Verse 18, for behold, I have made thee this day a defensed city and an iron pillar and a brazen wall against the whole land, against the kings of Judah, against the princes thereof, against the priest thereof and against the people of the land. When you start fighting kings and priests, it is God’s way of letting you know you are one yourself. Kings only fight kings princess only fight. Princess Queens only fight queens. So if your level of enemy has arisen, it’s because your level of has. How many of y’all are fighting some big enemies? It’s because God calls you to do big things and here is the word of the Lord. Verse 19. Here’s my favorite part of it all. He says, and they shall fight against you. This ain’t going to be easy. You’re going to have to swing the kingdom of heaven self with violence and the violence take it by, but even though they’re going to fight you, they shall not prevail against thee. For I am with thee say of the Lord to deliver thee in this whole text, as God is telling Jeremiah what he’s going to do right in the middle, he does what you and I do. He says to God,

God, I don’t speak well and I am too young for the job. Now, I don’t know what your excuse is, but how many of y’all got at least two excuses you give God every time he tells you to do something? The name of the sermon is not Jay-Z’s album, but it is called Reasonable Doubts. I want to talk to you about reasonable doubts and how God is going to get you to the place where you no longer doubt yourself in him and that you finally become what God has called you to be. If you’re ready, say, I’m ready, I’m ready. Slap your neighbor on your way down to the seat and say, I’m ready for the fight. Have y’all noticed that today these psychological terms that were once used by psychologists and psychiatrists are now being used by everyday ordinary people? You never heard anybody talking about imposter syndrome in a regular conversation, but you do now. You can’t even get in an argument with anybody today without them calling you a narcissist. They just throw that word out just like it’s nothing. There is another term that people don’t even use as much. We call it insecurity, but there is a framework around the idea of this title. Listen to this. It’s called self distrust.

See, when you really boil it down, most of us don’t trust ourselves. Let me say what I mean. You love yourself, but you don’t really believe in

Speaker 2 (00:06:04):

Pastor Keion (00:06:08):
You don’t really believe in you. If your children came to you and said, daddy, mommy, invest $5,000 into my business, you would mortgage your house to do it, but you wouldn’t do it for yourself because we often believe in other people’s dreams more than we believe in our own. It’s the distrust and the gift that God has put inside of you. And before I’m finished today, I want you to learn that if you are in God, you can trust the abilities that he’s given you. If God gave you an idea, then he will also give you the provision to bring the vision to past. If you trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not to your own understanding in all your ways, acknowledge him. Come on, somebody, finish it for me and he shall direct your path. History teaches us of a man whose name is Jeremiah. He is called the weeping prophet. This actual caricature of him is a painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. This is Michelangelo’s depiction of how he believes that Jeremiah lived his life. Look at his shoulders, hunched over as if he’s tired of carrying the weight.

Look at his eyes with disdain as if he is frustrated with what he sees. Look at his hand covering his mouth as if he has nothing left to say He is a prophet who is now under the weight of his assignment. Everybody’s always asking God, Lord, show me my purpose. But when you finally find your purpose, you meet it with your back straight, but you finish with it hunched over. If you ever find out what God has called you to do, it will be such a drain on your spirit that your eyes will go dim and you will say so much that you will get to the place where you have nothing left to say. Because purpose is so amazing that it both drains you and energizes. You see, when people are always tired, it’s because they’re doing something. They are not inside of their purpose because your purpose, it will bring you down, but sometimes it lifts you up when you find something you love to do. They say you never work another day in your life. Have you ever met anybody? They’re tired every day they wake up, they’re frustrated every day they wake up, they never have any energy. They’re always doing something, but they never have any energy. It’s because purpose is the only natural ingredient for energy.

Purpose says, give me everything you have and I’ll give you everything you need. I implore you to find your purpose, not a job but your purpose. Not a career but a purpose, not a payday but your purpose because without purpose you’ll have money and nothing to spend it on without purpose. You’ll have 15,000 square feet and you’ll ride around the block because you don’t want to go in the door with purpose. You’ll be driving a $300,000 car without purpose. You’ll drive a $300,000 car with nowhere to go without purpose. You’ll have a $15,000 mattress and can’t go to sleep, private plane, nowhere to go, 4,000 numbers in your phone and nobody to call. Some of you all right now are at that place right now. Anytime something good happens in your life, you don’t even know who to call because you don’t know if you’re going to call the person who’s going to interrupt your session by telling them what happened to them or if you tell ’em too much, they’re going to get jealous and sabotage it. You’re operating in silos without individuals who share a unified purpose and you find yourself being surrounded and still feeling alone.

If I’m talking to you, holler at your boy living life every week weekly. You’re living every W-E-E-K-W-E-A-K from week to week. Oh, I’m going to help somebody in this place today. His name is Jeremiah. He is a pk. He’s the son of a preacher, which means he grew up in the church. He has a father Ukiah who was a well-known priest. He was born in a village that was close enough to Jerusalem to see the wall and yet far enough from Jerusalem to see the desert. I want to know if I’m talking to anybody who’s at the place in life right now where you can see the future but you’re still dealing with past. You can see that it’s almost over, but it feels like it just got started. Who am I talking to? You got the money to take a vacation, but you don’t even feel like leaving the

Speaker 2 (00:12:10):

Pastor Keion (00:12:12):
You don’t know who to trust. You are right where he was in a place somewhere in between promise and pain. I’m going to minister today somewhere in between crying because you’re happy and crying because you’re sad somewhere between hugging somebody and saying, I love you, and somewhere between saying, don’t touch me because I don’t trust nobody. Somewhere in between belief and doubt, somewhere between happy and sad. You have a job that most people will kill for and yet you feel like leaving it but you don’t know what you would do next so you stay there to make the status quo. God has called you to start something but you don’t have the courage to leave what you have. You’re comfortable but you have a craving. Raise your hand if I’m talking to you, I ain’t going to waste my time. Everybody looking at you. Oh, you got it, so good. Do you know how hard it’s to be me? Just touch your neighbor and say, it’s hard to be me. It’s hard. Do you know what it takes to carry this load and don’t you judge me because have I left you in my life for 24 hours? You run for the hits

You’s somewhere between God is good and God, where are you? That’s where most of us are and I can’t lead a diaspora of people who act like just because every day is a new day of Thanksgiving that you get up praising God every morning. I don’t know how to lead people who don’t feel like cussing people out after they finish praising God. That’s what somebody else. I don’t know how to lead people who will pray for you if you meet ’em on the right day, but if you meet ’em on the wrong day, they will smack the taste out of your mouth, attend the funeral and cry. They don’t know what happened. That’s what I know and Jeremiah is a weeping prophet because he has the sins and the weight of Judah on his shoulder because purpose is heavy. Everybody’s talking reading books. Show me my purpose. Ted Talks show me my purpose. YouTube clips show me my purpose. Let me tell you something. If your shoulders are squared, you ain’t carrying purpose. This purpose is like a cross. It’s heavy and sometimes you need a Simon of Cyrene to come and help you lift the purpose because the purpose is always heavier than the strength that you have.

Whatever you’re doing by yourself is a hobby, it’s a job, but in order to have purpose, you have to have teamwork because when God shows you really what he really wants you to do, you’re going to have to trust people to do things that you can do yourself, but you’ll have to trust other people to help you with because purpose is heavier than anything you’ve ever carried.

Speaker 2 (00:15:25):

Pastor Keion (00:15:25):
Will make you contemplate suicide. Purpose will make you contemplate. Divorce purpose will make you stay in the bed four and five days. Purpose will make you attempt to take some drug to take you out of reality, and I know I’m talking to some people in here today because you are sober on Sunday, but you are intoxicated Monday through Saturday because you feel that if you can live every day drunk that you will just go to bed and wake up and everything will take care of yourself. But let me tell you something, purpose is staring you in the face and say, whenever you get ready, I’m right here, but I’m not going to deliver you from this situation because before you were formed in your mother’s womb, I’d already created you for this purpose and I will not let you do that purpose when I created you for this purpose and I don’t care how much you cry about wanting that you ain’t getting that until you master this. There is some deliverance you’re asking God for that he is holding back until you do what he’s called you to do and he worked in his purpose for 40 years.

See, we want everything so fast. We literally want to come to church and struggle. What’s the date? January what? 2020 first. Y’all really want God to have this thing worked out by 1215 literally straight up. Some of y’all like, God, I came to church Now what you going to do? God says, so you mean to tell me I had to wait on you for 30 years and you want me to do something in 30 minutes? That’s not healthy for the relationship. They that wait on the Lord, not the Lord that wait on them. You got to wait on me. I’m not waiting on you. I’m from eternity to eternity. I’m from the alpha and America. I got nothing but time. You don’t purpose everybody say purpose. Say it again. Say purpose. Purpose somewhere in between. Purpose and pain And see, Jeremiah was called to be a prophet and those of y’all who read the Bible know this. He was defenseless because there were three superpowers at the day of his tenure. He didn’t have everything that he needed to do his purpose, but he did it anyway. There was no iron dome in Israel at the time of his purpose just and a bunch of listen and not to mention that the people he was serving had a bunch of trauma from the slavery they had been through.

See, a lot of times when God calls you to be a leader of a person, you have to understand that you are not leading people who haven’t been through anything. Most times you are surrounded by people who are surrounded by trauma. I want you to hear what I just said. I want you to look to your left and your right. Look right now. Look left and right. I’m going to tell you something about that person you just looked at. They crazy. I’m right now they crazy. They’re cute, but they crazy. They got on some fly clothes, but they crazy. They got on Bach Rock five 40 right now, but they’re crazy. They got some nice shoes on right now, but they are crazy deranged and it’s because of the slavery they’ve been through. It’s because of the trauma they’ve experienced. Are y’all still here with me? Now you take all of that and God

Speaker 2 (00:19:15):

Pastor Keion (00:19:17):
That’s exactly who I want. I don’t want anybody with a sanitized history. Then there was nothing for me to clean up. Oh, how many people keep coming in the church, focused on everything else other than what they’re supposed to be focused on and then they leave and wonder why they didn’t feel the move of God? It’s because you did not put yourself in the seat of God so that he could speak to your heart so that you could hear what the spirit has to say. Because when you hear what the spirit has to say, sometimes he says, deal with somebody you don’t want to deal with. That’s your purpose. Build something you don’t have the money to build. That’s your purpose. Jeremiah psychologically going through whatever he’s going through, he’s the weeping prophet. His purpose has tears coming out of his eyes. His purpose has him down to his lowest common denominator, and the Bible says that before he was born, God had already

Speaker 2 (00:20:36):
Shaped him,

Pastor Keion (00:20:38):
Formed him, called him and appointed him. Oh my God, when I read that Pastor Hammond, it almost blew my mind because I said to myself, look at how much Jeremiah accomplished before he was born. Well, I know when I’m preaching preach Keon. Look at how much he has done. He has already been called before he was born, he was already called before he was formed. He was already called before he was formed, which means purpose precedes pregnancy. You don’t find out what you are doing after you were born. God has already decided what you were supposed to do before your mama met your daddy and your life’s work is to find out the reason you were born. Purpose proceeds pregnancy, which means your mama had to meet your daddy even if your daddy didn’t stay around to meet you. I’m ready to preach now. You ain’t got to say nothing to me. I feel my swag now, which means I know you think your heart got broke by somebody who promised you that they were going to be with you forever, but God needed the DNA from that fool to match with the DNA from you to produce somebody with purpose and your investment was 30 years worth of tears

Because let me tell you something and I want you to forgive my language, but people make love all day but they never make life. How do you expect to explain people who are married who try to have children and can’t and people who met yesterday because God needed that man and that woman to meet to produce that daughter and that son and you don’t get to tell God about the trauma that it caused you because God said if you were trusting me like you should have, then what you went through wouldn’t have hurt like it did, but because you got in that mess without being in me, now you feel, oh God, my mama had to meet my daddy. Now he had a choice. He didn’t make the one that I would’ve wanted him to make, but his choice didn’t have nothing to do with God’s choice. He needed Cato and Gwen to produce Keon so that Keon could bring you together and tell you you better get up and find your purpose. Your baby ain’t no accident. What you did might’ve been an accident, but that baby was on purpose and on time and before you met Gerald,

Ain’t no sense of you being in a hurry because I ain’t going nowhere. Everybody shout these two words preceding purpose. Say it again Preceding purpose. Your purpose came before you are a fetus.

Speaker 2 (00:24:14):

Pastor Keion (00:24:19):
By the way, for those who object to my statement, go and read your Bible. There is something called the doctrine of election. The doctrine of election says that those who he for knew which means that God knew me before I was known. Watch this. It means God made a personal commitment to me before I was a person. See, we can’t get this because we live in the cosmos and the kairos, but you got to understand that God lives outside of time. He is from everlasting too. So you had a purpose before your mama met your daddy and the part of that purpose was for your mama to meet your daddy. Even if you never met your daddy, it was still a part of God’s plan. Oh, come on, talk to me now. I know what you’re saying. Well, God, marriage and one man, one father, yeah, before the fall but after Adam and Eve did what they did, all that got messed up. So before Adam and Eve, everybody mama was going to be married to everybody, daddy and everybody was going to have three children in the house with a white picket fence, but after they bit that fruit, it was free game.

Somebody say the doctrine of election, John 1516 says, you did not choose me. I chose you and anointed you to go out and bear fruit. I don’t know where in the world we got this. I chose God how you chose somebody who knew you before you were formed. You didn’t find God. God found you. I was lost. How you find somebody who’s everywhere at the same time, God ain’t never been found by nobody but he did find you. I know this ain’t for everybody, but just touch somebody. If you really say, tell him I know he found me. I can’t tell you what he found me doing, but I can tell you that he found me. It ain’t your business how he found me, but I just want you to look at me now. This is the best I’ve ever been. I could be a lot worse than I’m so glad that he found me. Oh, you ain’t shouting here. I’m so glad that he found me because as crazy as I am, you have no idea what I would be doing with my life had he not rescued me. Don’t you get food thinking you sitting next to somebody who good because they in church,

You sitting next to somebody just holding on, they got to pray every day they got to fast every minute, every minute they got to say, God, hold his tongue, hold my mule. Do something with this mind. I don’t know what I’m going to do. Lord, save me. You don’t understand. You sit next to people who pray while they sin. Oh, don’t make me, I fight every one of y’all. Don’t look at me like that. I said, you sitting next to somebody who pray when they know they, they on their way somewhere they shouldn’t be and they saying, God, let this car run out of gas before I get there. You had a purpose before you had a post, before you were formed, God didn’t say, Jeremiah, I know you. He said, I knew you. He didn’t say Jeremiah, I’m trying to get to know you. He said, boy, I knew you before you knew to be nude. Yes, in deface I knew you before you knew to be nude and before anybody knew to you was already known on. That’s why I need you to stop walking around this earth like you ain’t got no purpose.

You stop walking around here all defeated and ashy and looking sad. I need you to stop being dry walking around here like you just a nobody do You know you were picked and elected, you won an election. You were picked by God. You were picked out of millions and billions of trillions of people and he still saved you the way you are. You ought to be grateful that you are here.

Speaker 2 (00:29:32):

Pastor Keion (00:29:35):
You somebody, even when you feel like nobody, it’s just me. It ain’t no just me. It’s me in God. Outside of him, it’s just me. But when I got heaven back of me, it’s me. Who am I talking to? I want you to start walking like you chosen. I don’t know how chosen people walk, but I imagine it’s something like this. Tell by the way I walk. I ain’t from around here. You better walk like you chosen. You better talk like you chosen. You better show up to the job interview like you already got it. I want you to walk up in there saying, listen, I don’t know who you’re interviewing after me, but I can give them my sentiments on the way out the door. This is my job, this is my position, this is my opportunity. I’m here to claim it because I’m in my purpose. Who am I talking to in this room and online? Touch two people and say if it got my name on it, it’s mine. Which is why I have to get to this place because now that you know where you should be, let me tell you what most of us are. The devil has you tricked because

You are in the crux of an identity crisis. You don’t even know who you are. You know everybody’s business except for yours who dating who on Instagram and who just went to jail and you don’t even know what you doing tomorrow. You know who pregnant by who and who for especially if you’re from New Orleans, you know who for who. You around here making groceries and all the other stuff you do, but you don’t even know what you doing with your life, how you know who broke up and you don’t even know who you with. Come on, what you going to do? Sorry. Why are you in everybody else’s business and don’t know yours? Why you following everybody else’s timeline and you don’t even know your timetable? What you going to do dog? You looking at me like you’re going to do something? What are you going to do instead of being nosy? Be fruitful and you’re not lazy. You just use your energy for the wrong stuff and you don’t have none left for the right stuff. All of your business, none of mine. I don’t care what you do, I don’t care where you do it, but I got to focus on my purpose

And it’ll make you, it’ll make you.

Speaker 2 (00:33:05):

Pastor Keion (00:33:07):
What is

Speaker 2 (00:33:07):

Pastor Keion (00:33:11):
Well, I got to go through this and see and God gives gifts without repentance so he ain’t going to take it back. He made you. No creator has ever asked the creation for permission. I made you for this. Do it. You think I would’ve picked preaching? No. You think think this is what I wanted to do? You got to be crazy. You think I want to live my life being judged by people who worse than me

Speaker 2 (00:33:43):

Pastor Keion (00:33:45):
You think I want to walk around telling people, yeah, but you’re a preacher. I’m not, but ain’t you saved right? As if the Bible has a preacher bible, somebody show me my Bible that’s different from yours.

Speaker 2 (00:34:00):
Preach best.

Pastor Keion (00:34:02):
No, I wanted to hoop. That’s what I wanted to do. I wanted to hoop. That’s what I wanted to do in my life. I just wanted to play basketball. I wanted to play basketball because when you out there and it’s just you and your homeboys, you can get it done. You step out of there and see, basketball is the place where you can take out your frustrations for what happens, right? And that’s what I wanted to do with my life. But when I decided what I wanted to do, God said, because before you, I didn’t form you to hoop. I’ll let you use basketball so that you can draw the people who were going to help me build what I was going to do with your life. So in 2024, your high school coach can come and say, I feel blessed because God is already over here while you still living over there because purpose precedes pregnancy. You have a preceding purpose what God had for you to do, it was already decided before you were born and you do not get to change that trajectory because you’re uncomfortable

Speaker 2 (00:35:21):

Pastor Keion (00:35:23):
Just touching them and say, deal with it. Do you know that you get yourself in trouble with God when you deny his purpose? That’s why I, Saul found himself in trouble because God picked David and Saul said, I can’t agree with your choice. God says, okay, well I disagree with you. See, you are literally God’s choice, which means every time you hate yourself, you hate God’s decision. So if God made you and you don’t like you, then that means you’re saying, God, I don’t like what you made. Now you are at enmity with God because you disagree with what he decided. Oh, I’m going to talk to y’all today. That’s why I want you to walk with courage. Somebody say courage. Courage. And I don’t want you to let anybody make you fearful that they have anything to do with your start or finish. There will be people who will walk out of your life and they think that when they leave you will fail. But what they will soon find out is that the reason why you were failing is because they were there. I know what I just said and they’re going to walk out of your life and all of a sudden everything that you’ve been wondering, why is this not happening? Is because the people who you were depending on in your life to make it happen, were there too long and God says I’m about to release them so that I can show you and them that I’m in control of this whole thing.

Put this in your pipe and smoke it. Nobody who isn’t on your birth certificate will have the opportunity to sign your death certificate if you are not there when I started. You will not see my end. God is the one somebody break up with you and they think I’m going to watch ’em fail. Alright? Don’t hold your breath because you’re going to die waiting on me to fail. Not because I’m good, not because of my rights and this, but I got heaven back in me. And if you act right, he’ll back both of us. If he got grace for me, he got grace for you. So let’s all can we all. I got to let y’all go home. I know some of y’all want some, y’all want some garlic bread in Texas? Toast. Alright, so we have a proceeding purpose, but here’s what makes this difficult. Bishop. God picked us because we had a proceeding purpose, but every one of us like Jeremiah are problematic picks. Come on, y’all. See, don’t act like God getting something when he chose you. Okay, let’s keep it real. What does God get when he gets you? Somebody who might quit sometimes somebody who might show up sometime somebody who going to complain about everything. Somebody who’s,

I want you to really think about this. What does God get when he gets you? The Bible says, at our best we are just filthy rags. What does God really get when he chose you? This is why you ought to praise him is because he picked nothing and anybody who thinks other than that is just arrogant. You are nothing more than dirt. The Bible says he created you from the dirt of the ground and the way your skin cells held together is by the spirit of God. So you are saliva and dirt. How many of y’all grew up back in the day? People don’t do it no more. How many of y’all remember back in the day when you used to take baths, we’d live in a bath list society right now, but how many of y’all remember what all you could do is take a bath? Now, how many of y’all remember that ring? Oh, come on now. Y’all be acting so funny. Lemme see how old you are and then you had to take some comet or some Ajax. Oh, oh, I knew y’all were my kind of people. I can’t deal with this PSO generation. It don’t do it like comet and Ajax used to

Speaker 2 (00:40:03):

Pastor Keion (00:40:07):
I’m talking about in a cardboard bottle and with an aluminum top and at the bottom because of the moisture. It had a little and you had to open it like biscuits to get the rest of it out and see Comet Ajax made sure that you clean because it left streets behind. You have to wipe over and over and over and over and over again. You know why that ring was around the tub? Because you dirt got in the bath water looking clear, got out looking like chicken broth because you are dirt. I don’t know what’s wrong with me today. It’s like, it’s like when you wear white and you got dirt around the color time. I ain’t even do nothing. How I get dirt? You dirt God, such a, it’s okay because I like to play in the dirt. That’s where I got Adam from. I make you from dirt but then I make you allergic to dust so that you don’t breathe in too much of yourself without having to get rid of it. Ask Jonah what happens when you don’t do what God say? You end up somewhere talking about, oh, in the belly of a well

Somewhere between destiny and digestion

Speaker 2 (00:42:19):

Pastor Keion (00:42:23):
Somewhere in between about to conquer the world are being conquered by your issues. What are you going to do? Lord, I can’t speak. Well, those are reasonable doubts. I don’t have the eloquence and I don’t have the experience reasonable doubts. Everybody in here has reasonable doubts. I get it. Nobody taught you how to do it. I get it. Nobody showed you how to manage money. I get it. You grew up in the hood, you didn’t have that kind of teaching. I get it, but once God starts to show you another way, it is your job from that point to stop talking about how you were raised. Come on man. I’m trying my best. See, you can’t keep going the rest of your lifetime about nobody loved me and didn’t nobody hug me and that’s how I was raised and my mama didn’t do this to me and my daddy wasn’t there for me. Okay, you are 62 at this stage in your life. You got to turn that trauma into an engine and you got to learn that. I went all things work together for the good of them that love the Lord. I want you to touch three people and I want you to see if they got the Holy Ghost and look at ’em and say it was good that you were afflicted,

Speaker 2 (00:43:55):

Pastor Keion (00:43:57):
See, you only told one person. I said three. It was good. It was good. It was good that I was afflicted. Why? That I might learn the statues of God. Nothing teaches you purpose more than pain. Yes sir. Your battle was not a coincidence, nor was it an accident. God made you struggle in the area that you struggled so you could gain the muscle in the area that you needed to gain it because where others are weak, you need to be strong and where others are strong, you have to be. But you went through the trauma you went through because that’s the muscle you need for destiny.

Speaker 2 (00:44:41):

Pastor Keion (00:44:42):
Is a

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It shows you how much you can handle without folding. Oh man, you’ve been through a lot and I know it. I know it. Divorce ain’t easy. Bankruptcy ain’t easy. Some of y’all weren’t even married but you were living like it and they broke your heart. They made you a promise and they didn’t keep it. I will and you can’t walk around here talking about a woe is me and I don’t trust nobody because why in the world would you not trust the future because of the past. You got a good man sitting beside you right now, but he paying for what somebody else did. If you were going to be mad at somebody, you should have stayed with ’em. The purpose of breaking up is so I don’t have to be mad at you no more. He’s strong in the Lord and the power of his might. You can do more than you’ve done. You can go further than you’ve gone, but you are stuck. I can’t speak, I don’t have the money, I don’t have the connections, excuses. One of the things my coach used to tell me every time we made a bad pass, I still can see this. I’m 42 right now. I can still see it When I was 16, if I made a bad pass, this is what coach Bobby Miles would do. Keon

Still see it right now. 23. I don’t know what all the extra was about, but kiss, keep it simple, stupid. I knew what he was saying. I knew the signal every time I did something dumb took a shot that I was say like doesn’t have a coach. So you have to be your own. Every time you see yourself doing something outside of your training and your purpose, I want you to look at yourself, get in the mirror and say, oh, they’re going to think you crazy, but do it anyway. Touch your neighbor and say keep it simple.

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Keep it simple.

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Lord, I can’t speak and I’m too young now. This is what I love about God. God says, okay son, I need you to speak to the nations. You’re telling me what your weakness is. Let’s solve issue. The Bible says God reaches out and touches his mouth because the thing about God is if you bring him your weakness, he will strengthen it. He touched him on the mouth and all of a sudden he says, let’s test it. He said, what do you

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Oh my God, anybody love the word of God? I love the word of God. Now, if this is boring you, I can’t help you. I ain’t got nothing else for you. This is all I got. He says, what do you see? He says, I see almond trees. Is that what you see? Yeah, I see almond branches. Okay, now how many of y’all remember the advent of Pearl Harbor and the tense relations between America and Japan? So if you go to dc anybody ever been to DC in the springtime and you see all of those pink trees, they’re called cherry blossoms. That was the gift. Japan gave America 2000 of those trees to continue the relationship. So if you ever go to DC in the springtime, it’s beautiful. You got pink trees everywhere because the cherry blossom is the first sign that the spring is near. In Jeremiah’s town of Anana, they didn’t have cherry blossoms, they had almond trees and in the Hebrew they had two words qua or which means either the waking or the walking. They would call, watch this, they would call the almond tree, the waking tree or the watching tree because they would watch it and whenever they would see almonds coming, they knew it was going from winter to spring.

So when God says, what do you see, Jeremiah? And he says, I see almond trees blossoming. What he’s actually saying is, God, I am excited because I see that the season,

Oh, y’all missed that. Sit up so I can hit you in the forehead. I don’t know who I’m talking to, but I want you to touch somebody who looked like they got the joy of the Lord and tell ’em the season’s about to change. The season is about to change the season. Or if they didn’t say nothing, find you another neighbor. Find somebody who’s been through too much to not be excited about the announcement from God that the season is about to shift. Your marriage is shifting, your money is shifting, your health is shifting. Somebody shout, shift,

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Shift, shift, shift.

Pastor Keion (00:50:15):
He says, I see the blossom and he got excited about it and here’s the problem with the church. Now everybody stop. Don’t nobody move because I know they about to act funny in a minute. Look around at all the people who’s standing right now, and this is the problem that we don’t get excited about signs. We only shout when we get miracles. God says, if you don’t start shouting when it’s blossoming, don’t expect for it to bloom. I need somebody in here that’s going to shout just because I said it’s going to be over. I feel glory in the room. High five, three people that say God’s about to give you miracles,

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And wonders. Somebody’s shout about the sign. God says, I’m not looking for you to give praise when you sign the contract. I’m looking for you to give me praise when you find out that there is a contract to be signed. Don’t praise me when you get in the house. Praise me. When you drive past it and somebody lives in it, oh, help me somebody. Don’t praise God when you get the card. Praise God when you see it on TikTok because it is no secret what God can do, what he’s done for others. Slap somebody and say he’ll do it for you. Tell somebody he’ll do it for you. Oh, lemme say it this way. Don’t wait until the battle is over

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Shall now.

Pastor Keion (00:52:26):
I can’t hear nobody, I can’t hear nobody. I can’t hear nobody. We believe endure for ignite. Somebody shout joy. God says he’s about to turn it. He’s about to shift the season. You’re going from the winter to the spring. You’re going from the last to the first. You’re going from glory to glory. Give you never high five to say shift

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To shift, shift.

Pastor Keion (00:53:17):
You cannot wait until God delivers you to say he’s a deliverer. You have to shout now. That’s how Jehosaphat got to the battleground and all of the enemies were already dead because of your praise. God before the battle, the enemy will die before it’s time to fight. Jerry Jeremiah was excited about a glimpse of hope. See, this is real gratitude. See, it’s manipulation when you only thank me after you get it. Gratitude comes before the action, not after. You are more likely to get something from somebody you appreciate than you are to only appreciate them after you get the gift. This is what most parents do when it comes time to give their children stuff. Sometimes you don’t give it to ’em because you don’t appreciate nothing. No way. How many of you ever said that to your, you don’t even appreciate what I’ve done. You got to learn to praise God for and every once in a while God will play peekaboo. Now you see it. Now you don’t. You can’t wait until you got a million dollars in your bank account to give them glory. I got Bible. I got Bible. Be thou faithful

Over a few things. You got to thank God for that little raggedy child you got. They’re going to be a doctor one day, but right now they’re knucklehead. They going to the league, but right now they lazy. That marriage is going to work out, but right now it’s rocky, but every day ain’t bad unless you make it. I don’t care how mad you are at somebody every day ain’t bad. Every day is only bad when you refuse to let a good day affect you. You mad that long. You decided to be mad that long because you have had enough to be grateful for between the last argument and the next one. People ask me all the time, do you and First Lady fight like everybody else? But we ain’t going to stay mad. I don’t play it. We ain’t mad. We don’t sleep in no separate bed. Is you crazy? Ask her if she thinks she’s getting up and going another bed. I’ll take the cuff off the bed and drag it. Where’s at and lay right next to her. You’re going to lay next to me mad. Oh, yes you are, and you’re going to kiss me goodnight.

And if you face the wall, that means I’m the big spoon today. Oh, that’s our bed. Not my bed, not your bed. So you got to bring it together in this life you’ll have trials and tribulations, but don’t worry, I’ve overcome the world. It’s hard out here, but you tougher than out here. Touch and never say I’m tougher than this.

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I’m ministering to you right now. The sermon is over. He says, Jeremiah, I’m going to make you a fortified city. If I have time, I’d preach it, a fortified city, an iron pillar and a brazen wall. I can just real quickly, everybody say iron. Do you want to know why the Bible says iron sharpens iron? Because at that time that was the hardest material they had. So he says, I’m going to make you an iron pillar. Iron at that time couldn’t be bent, so he says, I’m going to make sure that your destiny doesn’t bend you out of shape. I’m going to make you an iron pillar fortified city. I’m going to put a defense around you that you don’t have to maintain. I’ll make it impenetrable. I’ll make you a bronze, brazen, bronze, brazen wall. This is important because if you look at the tabernacle inside of it, all of the implements that were furnished by Solomon, everything inside of the Ark of the Covenant and everything inside of the tabernacle of Moses was gold. The table of incense was gold. The golden lampstand was gold. The table of show bread was gold and the golden lampstand was hammered out of one piece of gold. Why couldn’t it be many parts? Because it’s one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one piece of gold,

But everything outside of the tabernacle was made of bronze and the bronze was received from Egypt when they came out of slavery. This is important. Did you hear what he, not a bronze. A bronze wall. Do you know how much bronze it takes to make a wall? The bronze that they use for the outside of the tabernacle came from Egypt. I get the revelation when God says, I’m going to make you a bronze wall. He says, I’m going to build something around you with your enemy’s materials. Listen to me. That’s why you need to say it was good that I was afflicted. That’s why you need to thank God for every person who didn’t like you, for every person who tried to destroy you, that’s more bronze coming to your wall. God says, I’m going to use what the enemy meant for evil, for good, and your enemy is going to finance your defense. I want you to think about this. You can Google it when you get home. The biggest cost expenditure on the budget of this country is defense, and we spend more on defense than any nation in the world, which means that the biggest part of your budget, your enemy is going to have to finance.

Here’s what God told me. You’re getting ready to walk into a season where you no longer have to defend yourself. There is a difference between being defended and being defensive, and I want you to take this word out of your vocabulary to my defense, to my defense. See, the reason why you’re offended is you’re always defensive. You got a wall around you. They can’t do nothing to you. You made out of iron. They can’t bend you and God is going to use your enemies to finance the wall that he’s going to surround you by. Thank God you were in Egypt. You didn’t know what you were gaining when you were there. You did not know what being raised in a single parent home was actually doing for your character. All is. You went and you seen your friends and their daddy was at everything and you were looking around and yours wasn’t. All it did is make sure that you’re there for yours. Don’t waste your pain. Use it for something. Be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might. I promise you, no weapon formed against you, we will be able to prosper. I promise you that. Don’t matter where you come from,

You don’t need to look like anybody else. You don’t have to live where anybody else lives. You don’t have to have what? Anybody else, just be yourself. I promise you. There’s enough room in the world for you.