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Pastor Keion Henderson is the lead pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Houston, Texas Lighthouse is an organization that serves the body of Christ through our 5 pillars. We always ANTICIPATE a move of God in every experience, so we constantly set a great ATMOSPHERE, and we ACCEPT everyone through love. We believe the best way to impact people is by being AUTHENTIC to who we are and by taking ACTION to move everyone towards greater.

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Pastor Keion (00:25):
Now in order to complete this map, you’ve got to go east. One of the reasons I named the church, the Lighthouse Church, you need to know this cousin, is when I started this church, I was in personally a dark place. I was on the internet searching for a way to give myself hope, and I saw a picture of a man on a lighthouse in the middle of the ocean. The storms were all around him. The waves had almost capsized the lighthouse himself, and yet this man was standing with his hands in his pocket and I thought, can we create something in Houston that equips people to stand in the storm? A lighthouse is that thing that you go to when you’re in danger. The lighthouse is that place that you seek when you have nowhere else to go. I need you to help me to complete this job right here. East is where I need you to help me and the other men that God have given me to save this city from the darkness that this world presents. Are you with me, pastor K, I’m with you. Let’s spread the light.

Hey everybody, this is a day that the Lord has made and you know the rest. We shall rejoice and be glad in it. I’m Pastor Keon and this is another episode of Take Action. Thank you for making Tuesday with me, one of the destinations of your week, and I hope that we’re sharing relevant truths that will help you in your life. That’s all we are here to do is to help you in your life, help you in your walk with God, help you in your relationship with Jesus, and know that for those of us who are believers that heaven is waiting on us, I don’t want to just merely inspire you. It is my desire that we will transform you and that you will know that I’m along in that process and in the journey with you. Also, thank you for sharing your contributions and gifts with us as we continue to try to make a difference in and around the world and they’re putting up giving instructions right now on how you can partner with take action to help us in our endeavors to make life easier for people all around the world, whether we’re donating to scholarships or whether we’re donating to funeral expenses as we have to the expenses of so many different things.

Just know that you are a part of that and God is going to add grace to your account. We are entering into a season as I’ve been preaching for the last several months to the Os of you who all allow me into your homes, offices, automobiles, wherever you watch us, that this is the year of manifested promises that God is literally going to in this year. The clock is ticking because the lifetime of an opportunity only exists for a certain amount of time. That door doesn’t stay open forever. And so this is a year of uncommon favor and thank God that you are connected to it and with it and I pray that you are seeing the beneficiary responses and the beneficiary reactions and the benefits of being connected to the word of God through this particular ministry. I want to share with you today from Philippians chapter four, verse number 10, and you know this scripture, but hopefully we can find some new oil. The Bible says in Philippians four and 10, but I rejoice in the Lord greatly that now at the last you care or you care for me and I flourished again wherein when you care for me, at the time I was lacking opportunity and now that I speak in respect of want for I have learned here it is in whatsoever state. I’m in therewith to be content. Paul says, I know how to be a beast.

I know how to abound. That means I know how to have a lot. I know how to have a little and he says everywhere and in all things, I’m instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer. Then here’s the scripture that everybody knows, but I wanted to connect it to the context of it all. I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. So when you look at that, I can do all things that Christ through Christ that strengthens me. Paul is actually naming all of the things that you have to be able to do. So I have to be a base, I have to be a bound, I have to endure poverty, I have to be faithful in more than enough. I’ve got all of this in sickness and in health for rich or for poor.

And so what Paul is really saying, if you need a text or if you need a tagline is that he will supply, and that’s what we’ll call this. That’s what he’s really saying is that God will supply. I read this somewhere and I thought this would be good to share with you today, and it says that there are three days in the week that you should not worry. And this antidote says that you can worry any other day, but as long as you don’t worry three days in a row, then you can have a more abundant life. So the key is not to worry more than three days in a row about anything. What three days will you pick? Will you pick Sunday, Monday, Tuesday? Will you pick Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday? Will you pick Thursday, Friday, Saturday? What three days will you pick in the week where you won’t worry?

I think I know what days you shouldn’t worry. I actually know which three days are best not to worry. So some of you will pick Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, some Thursday, Friday, Saturday, some Saturday, Sunday, Monday. But I’m going to tell you the three days that if you don’t worry, you can have a more fruitful, more gratifying and more productive life. Are you ready? Here are the three days yesterday, today, and tomorrow. If you don’t worry yesterday and you don’t worry today and you don’t worry tomorrow, then you’ll be able to have a life full of supply because worrying is kryptonite to hope. It makes you weak, worrying depresses your mood, worrying takes away your appetite, worrying, it makes you worry. And I know that the English teachers will correct me that you shouldn’t use a word to define the word, but worry makes you worry.

It just sucks the life out of you. And I know it isn’t easy to get to a place where you don’t worry, but that is the purpose of our lesson today, is to talk about the debilitating effects of worry and what we can do not to worry because all month we’re going to be dealing with God’s provision and by God’s provision I mean that God already has done already will do and already has what you and I need to bring about the order and will that he has for our life. And worrying won’t change that because God is already in the future. While we are in the present, our present is God’s past. Does that make sense? And so the word worry, the word worry, it is actually an English word which comes from an Anglo-Saxon word that means to strangle everybody type to strangle.

See, that’s what worry means. It means to strangle. So when we worry, we literally strangle all of our possibilities. When we worry, we literally strangle our breakthrough. When we worry, we literally strangle our happiness. When we worry, we literally strain our opportunities at having joy when we worry. And so a mind that worries doesn’t have the freedom to think. It doesn’t have the freedom to reason. I remember worrying so much that it worry will make you literally yawn and start to feel sleepy like worrying takes over the faculties of the body. So when the Bible says be careful or be anxious for nothing, it literally means watch this to be torn apart. So when he says don’t worry or don’t be anxious or you be careful for nothing, the reason why God is telling us not to worry through the writer is he says, worry literally tears you apart worry literally tears you apart. Did you know that if you took a hundred dollars bill and you tore it in half and you took it to the bank, they would have to issue you credit for that money because the money doesn’t lose its value because it’s torn. Did you know that you could find a dollar bill dirty and crumbled up? It’s worth the same as a crisp dollar.

Now if this is actually true, if you take in at least 51% of a bill, the bank has to recognize it if it’s an authentic bill. Now what am I saying? As long as you are ripped and broken and you know where all the pieces are, then you can still maintain the value. But the problem with worrying or being ripped apart is that there are too many opportunities for you to lose parts of yourself. And when you lose parts of yourself, you lose the self value, the self-worth, you lose all that God is going to use and intends to use to bring you to an expected end. You really have a vision, you really have a purpose. But sometimes life tears us so much that we can lose track and lose focus as to what that real purpose is. And so you start focusing on the tear more than you do the value.

Isn’t that true? Isn’t that true? Like a shirt, I remember one time I had a sweater, I didn’t know it that there was a rip underneath the arm and somebody at the church said, Hey pastor, your shirt is ripped. It wasn’t until that I was told that the shirt was ripped or torn that I began to lose interest in the shirt. The first thing I thought about is who am I going to send it to get it fixed or if I’m going to throw it away or if I’m going to give because I focused on the tear? Listen, that I didn’t even know was there until someone alerted me. It is something about terror and that’s why the devil uses worry and anxiety because we focus more on the tear, the small little tear as opposed to the focus on the entire thing. So here in the fourth chapter of Philippians, Paul says, I have no worries.

That’s really the so stratum of the book and here’s what the thing he’s saying. Number one, I have no worries chapter four for people, right? Number two, I have no worries about the circumstances that I’m in. And number three, and here’s a big one, I have no worry about material things. Why isn’t Paul worried about people circumstances and things? Is it because Paul is holier than you and I? Perhaps, but that’s not what I believe. Is it because Paul had a better relationship with God? Perhaps, but I’m sure that’s somebody who had somebody alive now that has a similar relationship with God that Paul had. So why did Paul or how was Paul able to live a worry-free life as relates to Philippians chapter four, A worry-free life as relates to people, circumstances and material things. It’s because Paul knew that even if the people left and the circumstances were extremely difficult and the material things were lacking, Paul knew was he would supply.

What Paul knew is that God is constantly making sure that there are checks and balances in our life that he will never allow life to take more from us than God is able to perform and give to us. You see, job lost all of his cattle, but not without God making sure that he got double the cattle back, he lost his friends, not without God making sure that he had a new set of friends that was twice as large as the old set of friends. So you got to understand, you must come to the knowledge of knowing that he will supply. I need everybody to type in the chat he will supply. Because if you don’t know that and if you don’t believe that, you will go your whole life worrying and worrying. I heard an old man say this before, he said worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair.

It gives you something to do, it gives you something to move, but you still make no progress. Look at all of the movement in the rocking chair only to be in the same place after all of the movement, and that’s what worrying is. It is a stationary exercise that keeps you in the same place even after you have exerted enough force to create momentum. So you and I, we worry about things but Paul didn’t because he knew something that we don’t always keep in the forefront of our mind and that is everybody type it. He will supply. If you don’t get anything else out of this message today, just know he will supply even when it doesn’t feel like it, he will supply even when you can’t muster the courage to keep going, he will change things even when you want to give up and I have been there, he will supply. I just want everybody to say he will supply. Now, the reason why this is hard for us is because this requires us to have a culture of faith. But if you are honest with me, and I’ll be honest with you, we have a culture of scientific achievement. We have a culture of fact-based ideology, right? Every time we hear something we go to Google to see if it’s fact.

We hear less and less in these days in times about the providence of God. When is the last time you heard somebody talk about the preeminent providence of God that God prepares ahead of time for things you don’t even know you’re going to need? And I like that word providence. I love the word providence. It’s one of my favorite words. Providence comes from two Latin words, pro which means before and vid eo our video, which means to see when the Bible gives us the idea about the providence of God, it is simply saying that God is the only one who can see it. Whatever it is beforehand we’re assuming and sometimes our assumptions can be correct, but let me tell you something, you don’t really know what tomorrow holds.

You know tomorrow is whatever day it is tomorrow by the time you see this may be Tuesday, it may be Wednesday, it may be Thursday, you know what tomorrow is, but you don’t know what tomorrow holds. So the providence of God literally means that God arranges circumstances in advance. Do you get that concept that when you walk into something that you think is luck, that when you walk into something that you think is the result of your efforts, that when the job calls you or the student loans disappear, you think some of us think that it just no. It is the providence of God that an arranged set of circumstances what happened in your presence in advance of you even knowing you have a need. Your need does not cause God to react. Goodness gracious, this is very, very important.

God is not moved by your need. This is why some of you all are disappointed with him because you have a need in the first place. If you hear the words that are going to come out of my mouth right now, this should take care of all of your doubt. God is not moved by need. God had a solution even before you ever had a need. You simply walk into God’s solution. God is not responding to your need. Did you hear what I said? So for those of you all who have financial difficulties right now and all of a sudden you’re going to pray and you’re going to fast and you’re going hear this word and all of a sudden 3, 4, 5 months or later a breakthrough is going to come and you’re going to think, some of you will think it’s a result of the amount of tears you cried and the amount of tithes that you’ve given and all of that secures it.

But without faith it is impossible to please God. God according to your faith, already has a solution before you have a problem. I’m going to put it in terms where maybe it makes a little more sense by a show of your virtual hand. How many parents are watching me today? Right now you’re a parent. Raise your virtual hand. You’re a parent. Okay, first of all, let me say I pray that God will satisfy your children with health and long life. Now this is what a seasoned parent will do. A seasoned parent does not buy their five-year old clothes that fit exactly.

A seasoned parent doesn’t buy their 10 year old a 10, 12 or an eight 10. You don’t do that. Why? Because you know that they’re going to grow before the close have served their purpose. So what every seasoned parent does is if you’re financially and fiscally responsible, you go up a size. How many of y’all remember now we have more resources than our parents have, but back in the day, our parents bought our clothes so big that if you remember in the days where you used to fold the pants up and your mama wear iron ’em and star ’em, y’all remember the days of starch and when you would unfold them, it was like a tree trunk. You knew how many years you had them pants, but a seasoned parent goes up a size, listen, creating a solution before there’s a problem.

Speaker 2 (22:28):
Is it making sense now

Pastor Keion (22:30):
You’re buying clothes that your child can grow into. See, that’s what the providence of God means. That means that God is saying, listen, you think this is all I have for you. I haven’t unfolded the width and the length of this blessing, yet I will only show you the portion that is necessary to keep you covered. God help me. I will only show you that what you need here it is your daily bread. I’m not going to give you the whole loaf. Now, what good would it be to give a loaf to somebody who has a daily mentality?

Remember Joseph, don’t you? Joseph’s brothers hated him, sold him as a slave. He was taken to Egypt where he interpreted Pharaoh’s dreams. He got promoted to vice president second in command according to the scripture. And 20 years later he says to his brothers, after having been placed over the food resources of Egypt and his brothers arrived to him starving as a result of a famine, 20 years later, the man they threw in the pit has to now go to a man who is shaven and bald. They don’t recognize him because he has had to adopt the customs of the Egyptians.

He looks at his brothers and says, y’all don’t know me, but I know you and what you meant for evil. God turned it around for my good. Look at the providence of God in the pit, in Potiphar’s house, in the prison all the way up to the palace because I want you to know that the providence of God is God is overruling something that the enemy has set up for you right now? You better hear me. And life is not a series of accidents. Are you ready? Life is not a season of accidents. Life is actually a season of appointments.

You have never accidentally been blessed. You have never been accidentally healed. You have never been accidentally made happy. You’ve never accidentally overcome by the blood of the lamb. Everything all good and perfect comes from the Lord above every good thing that has ever happened in your life was a divine appointment through God. I don’t care how arrogant you may be, I don’t care how much ego you have and I don’t care how much you think you are responsible for. There’s an old PS Sonic says, had it not been for the Lord on my side, I don’t know where I would be. There is nothing good that has happened in your life. That was not a divine appointment, not your husband, not your child, not your house, not your job, not your breakthrough. Every single good thing that has ever happened to you has come from the Lord because all good and perfect gifts come from the Lord. So if you got something good from somebody else, God used them to give it to you and he decided that beforehand, life is never about accidents. It is a season of appointments. Now you can say all good things are not happening for me right now. Well, let me ask you a question in the spirit the same way I would ask you in the natural, how many appointments have you been late for?

How many appointments did you not show up for because you didn’t have the energy to go are in the spirit? The attitude, the fortitude, the courage to show up to how many appointments Jonah have you veered off and went in the opposite direction. It is not God’s fault If he says go to Nineveh and you go to SIUs and you end up in the belly of a well and you say God isn’t good, no good was in the direction of his mouth and his word and his voice not in the direction of your choice. Philippians four, one writer says Philippians four is really primarily a thank you note from Paul Paul’s a pastor and Paul is thanking the church of Philippi where he writes this from some say the Church of Rome. There can be all kinds of dispensation about who he was writing to.

We know where he wrote it from a Philippian jail thanking the Macedonians for their generosity in giving for two years. Everybody say two years. Just say it in your spirit. Two years because I want you to hear how sometimes deliverance takes time. For two years the church of Philippi had lost touch with Paul because he was in jail and when they finally saw him again, they apologized to him according to the text for not giving him honor or what the scripture calls double honor. During those two years when he was in prison, if I can put it in our vernacular, they were trying to put money on Paul’s books. They was trying to make sure that Paul could go get some commissary. He was in prison and they were trying to flood gifts into him, but they could not. And Paul says to them, not a problem. This is big verse 10. He says, it really isn’t your fault because the reason why you couldn’t get the opportunity to me is because I was in a place where I could not receive the opportunity. This is big because one thing I’ve learned in my life that has caused me more stress than I care to admit is that I have been in contact with people trying to get them an opportunity when they were not in position to receive the opportunity.

You ever been in a position trying to give somebody your heart but they ain’t in a position to receive love? You ever been in a position where you try to extend kindness but they can’t receive kindness where you try to give grace but they’re in a position where they can’t receive grace? Here it is where you try to give wisdom but they’re not in a position to receive wisdom. Paul says It’s not your fault. He says, I was in a position where I could not receive your opportunity. Now listen to this, write this down. There is a difference between people who have concern and no opportunity and people who have opportunity but no concern.

There is a fundamental difference between people who have concern for you, they don’t have opportunity and people who have opportunity, they don’t have the concern. This is why Paul says in one Timothy five and 17, I’m going to read it in three different versions of the Bible so that you can hear it. I’m going to read it first in the New American standard Bible, the Bible says in one Timothy five and 17, the elders who rule well are to be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who work hard at preaching and teaching. The amplified Bible says, let the elders who perform the duties of their office well be considered double worthy of honor and of adequate financial support, especially those who labor faithfully in preaching and teaching message. Bible give a bonus to the leaders who do a good job, especially the ones who work hard at preaching. They understood listen that it was important for their financial future to make sure that they share it with Paul in all good things. And Paul says in Philippians four 11, he says, and I’m not saying this and I’m not implying this, that I am in personal need for I have learned to be content in whatever state I’m in.

Paul is teaching that giving listen shouldn’t always be associated to need. This is huge. This is huge for those of y’all who want to have financial breakthrough and want to go to the next level. As we’re talking about God’s provision, we are in our month of first. This is huge. Why? Because our society has been taught to primarily move as a result of need. That person needs something. We’ll give our last to somebody who needs, but they secured the bag, they secured their future. Listen, by giving all they had to somebody who wasn’t even in need.

Paul said, not that I’m in need, I’m content, but they secured their future because they gave all they had listen to somebody who wasn’t in need. Some people will never give towards anything that looks successful. If I went and found a poor family and I say right now I want to help this family to have mattresses and beds, people all around the world would move and we should because the Bible refers to that as well. We should give gratuitous. We should give charity. The Bible says give to the poor, but the Bible never says sow into the poor. There is a difference between giving and sowing. When you give, you are not expecting it to grow. When I give, if I were to give my production team a basket of oranges, I wouldn’t expect anything in return. And if I give them a bag of orange seeds because fruit, we devour seeds, we plant, I hope you’re hearing me.

We must learn as a people that a part of God’s providence for us is sowing into good ground. I just recently sat with the person who makes all of money and after they finished teaching me, I wrote ’em a check, not because they needed it, but I wrote ’em a check that grace would’ve bound to my account. I partnered with that anointing and I partnered with that prosperity so that God could see that he could entrust me with what he trusted that person with. Are you listening to me? Paul said, I’m content. Paul said, listen, listen. I don’t hold nothing against you over the last two years. He says, I know how to be a beast, which means to live humbly. He said, I know how to live in abundance. Paul was a businessman. He made tents for a living. Paul said, I learned in any, in all circumstances, the secret to facing every situation. He says, whether I’m well fed or whether I’m hungry, whether I’m having all sufficiency and enough to spare or going without him being in want, you must know. And this is what Paul is showing us. You must know how to testify about the goodness of God even when you are being tested. Lemme just say it this way. You must know how to testify even when you’re being tested.

So Paul was like, I’m not complaining. My happiness does not depend on the circumstance that I’m in. My joy is not dependent on the price of my clothes or how many people like a picture on social media. My self-esteem isn’t rooted in how many congratulations I receive for doing the right thing. Here’s my question for you. How many of you know how to praise God on both sides of the pain? How many of you can praise God on both sides of the river who can give him glory in the green pastures and in the valley of the shadow of death?

Who can praise them at the prepared table and when they forget to call your name, as Paul said, having all sufficiency, I’ve learned to go without it. Here’s what I’m trying to get you to see. There are some things in life that you absolutely deserve, but you’re probably going to have to learn to go without it. Let me write that down for myself. That was so good. Let me get my notes out. I can’t play with y’all. Let me put this in my notes because see, y’all think that wasn’t good and you think I’m playing. I didn’t mean to say it but I’m putting my notes there. Some things that you will have to learn to go without if you don’t learn in life that there are some things you’re going to have to go without, then you will all ways be in need.

Your spouse ain’t never going to give you everything you want and you can keep on searching the globe, finding somebody who got everything and you are continuously talking about you waiting on God to send you a bull ass because he ain’t even have it all. You going to be waiting on your Ruth, you go get a baby Ruth. They got one at Walmart, but you ain’t going to find any one person, any one job, any one car that has everything you want. I remember how many times I’ve traded a car in my life because it looked good on the outside, but the technology wasn’t right on the inside. And then when I got the technology on the inside, I didn’t like the horsepower. When I didn’t like the horsepower, didn’t like the color, da da, da da. Before you know it, you spend all of this money blaming the cars for the fact that you don’t have a sufficiency mindset. That I don’t have a sufficiency mindset, that we don’t have a sufficiency mindset that you are going to have to learn that in some situations in life. You just have to go without and be okay with it.

I can do all things now you got the text. Paul takes all of that, all of that base, a bound, not enough, no opportunity. People with concern, no opportunity, people with opportunity, no concern, prison bars, no food, daily bread, da da da. Brothers betray me, all of that. I can do all things through Christ that gives me strength. Somebody just type. I can do it. Sometimes it’s just as simple as saying I can do it. JB Phillips translation of this text says, I am ready for anything through the strength of the one who lives in me.

Wow. Let’s look at Philippians chapter two, verse 12. It just hit me to go through this. It just hit me to go through this just indulge me. Philippians chapter two verse 12 says, therefore my dear brothers, as you have always obeyed not only in my presence but now much more in my absence, continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling. For it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose. If you read that properly, then you would’ve come away with a conclusion that God cannot work through you until he first works in you. Now, I could shut it down right here because I cannot find the shortage of people asking me to pray to God that he can work through them, not recognizing that the work that precedes the working through is the working. I’m writing that down too. Y’all playing with me. I’m preaching to myself and going to make myself happy. If y’all ain’t going to take these notes, I’m going to take ’em. What did I just say? What did I just say? Oh, okay. And you will see that God cannot work through you until he first works in you. Alright? I had to do that because sometimes I think y’all don’t know what notes to take.

That was good. Several years back, I was driving up a local freeway here in Houston and there was a truck that drove in front of me and the truck’s tailgate was open and excuse me, when the tailgate opened on the turn, all of the things that were is in the back of the man’s truck fell out and one of the things that was in his truck fell out of the tailgate. I swerved to avoid it and ran into one of those orange, one of those orange kind of garbage can looking things that they have upside down and I ran into one of those and dented the bumper of my car and what was worse, it turned everything orange. Now I thought not going to be much, took it to the dealership and the man said after an assessment, $3,500 worth of damage, I said, what?

$3,500? I started laughing and smiling. Now, and I don’t say this to be facetious, it was obvious that the man who was working on the car probably couldn’t afford the car that he was working on because when he said to me he said $3,500 to fix a car, his words to me were I just get another car. Well, I knew then he had no idea of the value of what was in his possession because I could not go get another one of what I had. It wasn’t amazing, but it was worth more than 3,500 and I started smiling and the man said to me, he said, why are you smiling? He said, sir, you are about to be without a car for 14 days. That’s about how long I’m estimating it’s going to take to fix the car. Again. I’m assuming that the young man who was fixing on the car probably at that point in his life, he may be now was not in a position. He was extremely young, not in position to have the car that I had at the time, nor was he in a position to understand what was really taking place. Because what he doesn’t know is that I wasn’t about to give him $3,500.

What he doesn’t know is the reason why I was smiling at $3,500 worth of damage and being without my car for 14 days is because I have an insurance policy that supplies what are the supply. Number one, it supplies the resources it takes to fix the car, and number two, in my insurance policy, I get a rental car on the same level as the car that’s in the shop. So what actually happened is I was driving around in a newer model of the same car while the car that I had was being taken care of.

So the reason why I was able to smile, I call it insurance, but if we call it according to the text, it’s called Providence. I was already in a covenant contract that would supply all of my needs no matter what the damage. In fact, it only covered $3,500 because that’s all the damage I had had I totaled the car out, it would’ve covered the entire car because I was in a contractual agreement that no matter what I went through, it’s called full coverage. It would supply. And if you are in a real relationship with God, I want you to know that just like a full coverage insurance policy, he will supply.

The problem becomes when you get in the same incident and accident and you only have liability. That’s I believe in God, but I don’t have faith. See my relationship with God, free from worry for the most part, copious amounts of trust, lots of worship, lots of belief because I know he will supply. I know he has me covered. I know that there is no injury he cannot fix. I know that there is no accident he cannot recover me from I know that there is no depression. He cannot pull me out of. I know that there is no mindset that he cannot recover me from. I know that there is no injury. He cannot heal me from I know that there is no bill that he cannot pay. I know that there is no enemy that he cannot overcome. My God shall supply all of my needs. Everybody shout He shall supply, he shall supply, he shall supply, he shall supply. He has supply. He will. He’s the same yesterday. Today forevermore. I don’t have a need that God doesn’t have a solution from and I am not going to luck up on a solution. I have an appointment with Destiny.

I have an appointment with healing. I have an appointment with breakthrough. I have an appointment with overcoming. I have an appointment with more than enough. It’s not just going to happen. I have an appointment. God has already set in motion that everything is going to work out for my good. How many of y’all believe that supply means to feel to the top? See, when I open up the windows of heaven and pour out on you a blessing, you won’t have room enough to receive supply, but my God know about yours, but my God shall supply. Listen, I got to share this with you because when we read this text, we read it wrong and it is a very subtle mistake. What do we say Philippians four 19, my God shall supply all of my needs according to no, it’s not what it says. Go back and look at it because I need to introduce you to the supplier. My God shall supply all your need singular according to his richest and glory by Christ Jesus.

God has the ability and desire to feel every empty place if you’ll just trust him. If you’ll just believe him. Notice God didn’t say, I’ll supply your greeds. He said, I’ll supply your needs need. I’ll supply your need. I will finish with this quote Hudson. Taylor said, when God’s work is done in God’s way for God’s glory, it will not lack God’s supply. One of my favorite quotes, when God’s work is done in God’s way for God’s glory, it will not lack God’s supply. I came to tell you today, tonight this evening, whatever time you’ll see this message, he will supply God thank you that you are the supplier. We pray God, that you would not allow us to go in seasons of want, that you will supply our need according to your riches and glory. Somebody online doesn’t have the faith, it’s someone else, but it’s okay.

You’ll meet us at the point of our activated faith. Whether it’s the size of a mustard seed or whether it’s the size of a boulder, it’s all the same to you because you don’t need much faith to be activated. Touch us today as only you know how supply our needs. Show us that you author God of Providence. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen. Listen, we’re going to give before we go. As I mentioned earlier on, you can give. They’re putting the instructions up right now. Gify is our primary way that we give and also you can give on our app, the Lighthouse Church. It’s in the market and it is also in the App Store. And you can also give at our website, LA Houston Church. And I pray that God, through this seed will supply all of your needs. God bless you. I love you. I’ll see you next time.

Hey everybody. My name is Pastor Keon Henderson. I am the founder of an organization called Take Action. Now. People are always direct messaging me and texting me and saying, pastor, what are you doing? How can I be a part of what you’re doing? And I know everybody doesn’t want to be a part of the local church, but what if I told you I had a way for you to partner with me so that we can affect change throughout the world? Hence, take action now. A 5 0 1 C three nonprofit organization committed to advancing individual agency and social progress by protecting, strengthening and uplifting the underserved and disenfranchised throughout the world. We’re doing humanitarian things, teaching entrepreneurism, teaching home ownership and institutional inequities, cultural deficits. We have our ear to the ground and we need your help to make a difference whether it is making a sizable donation to the estate of a young woman who lost her battle with cancer via the internet and we were able to make a difference there.

Or whether it is in a underserved community in the Caribbean islands where the children were playing amidst rocks and glass and we came in and broke ground recently on a park so that athletes and cheerleaders and young people in that community can have a safe place to stir up the gift inside of them. Whether it is paying the utility bills in cold climates for seniors, or just helping basketball players get the proper uniforms of football players. It’s just us making a difference through financial literacy and technological empowerment and mentoring services. This is what we do, and all I’m asking you to do is become a partner with me right now and I want you to go visit Take action