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Bishop Roberts (00:21):
Grace and peace, everybody. My name is Sieon Roberts. I want to welcome you to another episode of Take Action. Listen, I’m excited to be sitting here in place of the great pastor Keon Henderson, and today I’m excited to what I’m going to share with you. I’m excited about this lesson on today. Most of you know that pastor has been on Tuesdays talking about the Holy Spirit, but I also want to submit to you that we are in the year of manifested promises, right? And this month of July has been the month of manifested power. So I kind of want to merge the two of those today and I want to talk to you and I want to teach you from something that I think is going to be extremely powerful. So I want to merge the two. I want to talk in this lesson about the Holy Spirit briefly, but I want to also just talk about power since we are in the month of power.

And just for a few minutes tonight, wherever you are, I’m hoping that this blesses you. I want to talk about power thieves, power thieves, those that are influenced by the enemy to siphon the power that God has given you. And I think that there are many of you that are watching on tonight that feel as if you are powerless, even an attack on your energy. Webster, and we’re going to define it from the scripture tonight, but Webster’s dictionary defines power as the ability to do something. It’s very simple, your ability to do something. So when we think power from a general standpoint, it would be God’s given ability to do something. But we’re going to define several definitions and several words for power on tonight. And there are really just three things I want you to get from this lesson tonight. Number one, I want you to know that God wants to give you power, all right?

I want you to know that. Type it, write it down. God’s desire is to give you power. We’ll talk a little bit about it tonight. The second thing I want you to know is that once he gives it to you, you have to be careful with the power that is given unto you because you can get drunk with power. When you’ve got too much power, you can get drunk. I’m already into my lesson. If I was in church, I would let everybody know to say amen. Right now I’m already preaching. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. So you have to be careful with being hungry for power. God gives you power as he needs to. He gives you power according to how he expects you to serve. And we’ll talk a little bit about that in a minute. Alright? The third thing, so number one, God wants to give you power.

Number two, you got to be careful with the power that’s given to you because it can make you drunk. The third thing I want to make sure we get from tonight, and it’s where our title is taken from Satan, and those influenced by him want to steal the power that God gave you. All right, so power is a very interesting word. It’s a very interesting word because it’s defined in so many different ways and there are so many different Hebrew and Greek words for power. So we’ll talk about a few of ’em on tonight. I want to go to Psalm 62 real quick. Psalm 62, I want to read there Psalm 62, verse number 10 and 11, if you could turn there with me quickly, Psalm 62, verse 10 says, trust not in oppression. This is the King James Bible. Trust not in oppressions become not vain and robbery.

If riches increase, set not your heart upon them. Verse 11, God has spoken once, twice. Have I heard this? That power belongeth unto God. All right, power belongeth unto God. I want to first of all establish the fact so that when we get later on into this teaching that power belongeth to God, I want you to understand all power originates from God. So if Satan is powerful, the question has to be asked, where did he get the power from? Anybody who has power, where did they get it from? It all originates from God. But I want to suggest tonight that power has been fumbled. That power in the wrong hands has been given over to some of the wrong people, not by God, but by the people that he gave it to. And so Psalms lets us know that all power originates and it belongs to God.

It is his to do what he wants to do with it. And as we come into this month of power, I believe there’s going to be another level of manifested power in your life. And I want this message to serve as a warning to you who you give power to, who you allow to have power and how you handle the power that God has given to you, knowing that all power originates and it belongs to who he gives it to is up to him. So I want to talk a little bit about these different words, just a few different words for power. The text that we just read, that word for power is the word oz. In the Hebrew it means strength, it means force, it means security. So when he says God has spoken once, twice, have I heard this? That power belongs to God.

He go back to verse number 10, don’t trust in oppression. Don’t be vain in robbery. If riches come to you, don’t set your heart upon them. Why? Because all power belongs to God anyway. You didn’t do this of yourself, right? So that word power, it means strength comes from God. I want to talk to those of you who feel as if you’re becoming powerless. Understanding that God through his power gives you strength. That word that he word means force, it means security. We’re looking for these different things, but God says, I have the power to give you these things. All power belongs to God. Any force that you’re going to be able to have to be able to accomplish something. When you think about force, you think about the energy needed to move something or to plow through something. When you think about strength, you think about the opposite of weakness or you think about something that you need to get through something or to lift something heavy, but security even God says, for those of you who are trust in riches, your security doesn’t come from your riches.

It doesn’t come from what you have. That power is of God because I can be secure and maybe you have more money than me, but because my trust is in God, my security is in God. Are y’all with me tonight? Here’s the next word for power. The next word for power is, and we’ll deal with these as we read different texts, is the word authority. It’s jurisdiction. So when you talk about exia power, it’s pretty much where and how can you operate in this power? Alright, then there is dunamis power. Dunamis is the ability to do miracles. It’s where we get our word dynamite from. It’s an explosion of manifested power, miracles that gives you the ability to do something that you would not normally be able to do. Then there is kratos power, which is demonstrative power. It’s the power that God wants to work through you.

Alright? Dunamis can be in the atmosphere. People can receive miracles without you ever laying hands on them. Exia has to do with your jurisdiction and where you can work power, but kratos is about the power that works through you, what God wants to do through you. And then the last one that I want to deal with tonight is eja. It is an active power. The apostle Paul uses this power, listen to this in order that he might describe superhuman ability. Listen to this from God or Satan. Now the immediate question, and I don’t know how you work, but when I’m studying and I come across certain things, I always have questions for God. My immediate question is how does this power describe superhuman ability from God or Satan or Satan? It’s not God that I questioned, it was Satan. And I have, this is loaded and I won’t be able to get through all of this tonight and maybe at another time I’ll be able to finish.

But as I was talking the last time, the third Sunday when I preached at the lighthouse, I talked about those giants and how they were mixed with the fallen seed of Satan. And there are many in the world today, and I know I’m going to be controversial that still believe that mix exists and they operate under superhuman power, but even Satan himself. So that inner jaya is a power that is really interesting to me. And we’ll talk a little bit as we hurry to a close. Let’s go to Luke chapter 10 real quick. Luke chapter 10 verse 19, very familiar passage of scripture. Luke chapter 10 verse 19. All right, very familiar passage and I think it holds the key to some things that we’ll begin to understand about power in just a minute here. He says, behold I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means harm you.

The first word he uses, I was asked the question, how do you know that you got power? What do you think causes people to not walk in their power? The first word of that verse explains it to us. It’s the word behold. It means to look. Many times it’s our examination of our own lives that keep us from walking in the power that we need because we have not taken the time to just look and see how powerful we really are and we’re walking in less than victory because our eyes are not open. Alright? You got to be able to see what it is that God has given you in order that you may be able to walk in the victory understanding that the devil is already a defeated foe. He gave us power and he says the issue is you’re not looking. The disciples came back earlier in that text and said, even the demons are subject to us.

And Jesus is basically saying, can’t you see? Open your eyes? I gave you this power understanding that the devil is already defeated, but you’ve got to open your eyes and see, here’s the thing that I think we need to understand. When you go back, understand this is a working chapter. God had 70 disciples, he sent them out two by two and in chapter nine you see Jesus working miracles. In chapter eight, you see Jesus going from city to city, working miracles. There’s a reason we use the word working miracles because you only need power to do what you’re going to do to serve. If you’re not going to be a servant, you don’t need power. And so God says, I want your eyes to be open to understand that I have given you all the power you need to work this work. I need you to get that tonight.

I need you to type it. I need you to write it down. I need you text that to somebody that I will have power number one according to what I can see because he said behold number two, according to where I’m willing to serve, if he knows I will do the work, he doesn’t mind giving me the power. What’s the power to do? It is the power exia the power to tread upon serpents and scorpions. Exia talks about your jurisdiction and it talks about your authority. That jurisdiction is very interesting to me because we’re talking about kingdom power. Everybody say kingdom power. Alright, so where’s the kingdom? According to the Bible, the kingdom of God is inside of us. So when you are a believer, wherever you go, you’ve got the power to exercise God given authority in that jurisdiction. Are you with me? You have kingdom of power, kingdom power, kingdom authority to be able to tread upon serpents and scorpions.

I just trying to encourage somebody tonight as I get ready to get to my last few points, that you are more powerful than you think you are. And the real trick of the enemy is to keep you blinded to the power that God has given you. We’re working our way because I wanted to really drive home these power thieves. In Acts chapter one, he tells them to go to Jerusalem and wait until the promise comes and he says, you’re going to be endowed with power. This power is dunamis power. I’m going to endow you with miraculous miracle working power. After that the Holy Spirit, and that’s what Pastor K’s been talking about has come upon you. But notice what happens in chapter number two. In chapter one, he tells them, you’re already in Jerusalem. Wait there because I’m going to send power to you. It’s going to be dunamis.

Miracle working power miracles are supposed to be in the church. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re supposed to see blinded eyes open. We’re supposed to see people who have the impossible going in their life and God does it and makes the impossible possible. We’re supposed to see that. But in chapter number two, beginning with verse number one, he says, when the day of Pentecost was fully come, that word fully suggests it had been coming. So what we’re seeing over the course of the Old Testament and the gospels is pockets of power, but Acts chapter two shows us the full reveal and the full outpouring of the power of God, the dude in his power that he expects us as believers to walk in. Where is your power when we are meeting? Where is the power of God? Who’s leaving with a miracle? Who’s leaving expecting? Where is the behold whose eyes are open enough to understand that I have victory over the devil and I’m going to get a miracle because God has given me the power to get a miracle.

I want to end with this because I want you to understand this revelation, revelation 13 the Bible talks about, and I want to just go there quickly, all right? Don’t miss this. If somebody’s listening, if you know somebody’s paying attention and listening to me, tell ’em, Hey, don’t walk away yet, this is about to get really good. This last five to seven minutes, revelation 13 verse number one, and I stood upon the sand of the sea and I saw beast rise up out of the sea having seven heads and 10 horns, and upon his horns, 10 crowns and upon his heads the name of blasphemy, all right, so first he saw a dragon, then verse two, and the beast, which I saw was like until leopard, a leopard and his feet was the feet of a bear and his mouth as the mouth of a lion and the dragon gave this beast his power.

Are y’all hearing me here? So the dragon had power, which remember all power belongs originates this dunes power, it all originates and belongs to God, and the dragon gave the power to the beast and his seat and great authority. He gave him power, he gave him his seat and he gave him authority. And I saw one of his heads as it was wounded to death and his deadly wound was healed and all the world wondered after this beast and they worship the dragon which gave power unto the beast and they worshiped the beast saying, who is like unto this beast who is able to make war with him? It’s a lot to unpack here. So let me unpack it quickly. First of all, you got to dragon that we understand to be Lucifer. Then we’ve got a beast that according to the text the Bible says his deadly wound was healed.

We understand that to be the spirit of the antichrist, right? He’s always trying to imitate Christ. The Bible says this beast was given power to the dragon, but then goes back and tells us how that power exchange was happening. The Bible says that they worshiped the dragon which gave power to the beast, they being the believers because as you go down, you begin to see how it was given unto him to make war with the saints worshiped. Now, I had a problem with this because I thought worship was too blatant of a word because what believer is going to just openly worship Satan or worship the antichrist? So I kept digging to find out what do you mean worship God? And I saw the word kiss and then I still had an issue because the word kiss was too blatant of a word because the word kiss suggests a show of affection.

What believer really wants to show something demonic that they know to be demonic affection. So I had to keep digging until I got all the way back to Elijah and I remember God told Elijah that I still have 7,500 who have not kissed Baal. That word worship, it means to kiss like a dog licking his master. But you got to dig to really find out because most of us are not blatantly worshiping nor showing affection to Satan. That word kiss in the Hebrew when God uses it for Elijah, it literally listen to me means just to touch. So what’s happening is we are taking things that are from Satan or of Satan or worldly things and just our touching and our connection with them is siphoning power out of our lives, and I need you to understand that the job of the enemy is to rob you and steal you, steal your power.

How did Satan get this power? We gave it to him. We’re giving power to the enemy by connecting to things that God never intended for us to connect to. I want you to be very careful in this season who it is, what it is that you connect to because the job of the enemy is to siphon your power. As Pastor Keon has been preaching and teaching to us, let the Holy Spirit lead you and guide you in this season. Who should I connect to? What should I be watching for behold? What should I be looking for? Why? As you read down further in Revelations chapter 13, that word power is dunamis. The Bible says there was a third beast and this beast came up out of the earth. The Bible says he had horns like a lamb, but he had a mouth like a serpent.

So he came giving the appearance of harmless, but when he spoke, he had a satanic agenda and the Bible says he fooled the world by reason of the miracles. He fooled people because he had the ability to work miracles too. He had some of that dunamis power. So we got to be careful that we are led by the spirit of God, that we are not giving over our power by connecting man of God, woman of God. You are powerful, but if you’re connecting to the wrong thing, you’re going to give and allow enemy to siphon your power. Don’t give up your power in this season, I believe God that in this next season we’re going to see an outpouring of the power of God like never before. I was talking to the saints when I got done preaching, telling them that the devil was already defeated.

And I read a scripture in Deuteronomy chapter number eight, verse number 18, where God says, I give to you the power to get wealth. Think about how many times God says I’m giving to you power. Psalms already told us that power belongs to him. He keeps saying, I’m giving it to you. You got the power to get wealth. And as I’m closing this out, I think this is the perfect time to challenge you. If you believe God has given you power, first of all, those of you, many of you are just waiting on wealth to find you. You got to get up and do something. The ability to get up and do something, ask God, what is it God that you want me to do? And I’m speaking into your life right now that as you get up and do it, as you are walking and flowing in the will of God, God’s giving you the power to go get the wealth that he has promised you.

When you really read the text, he says, I have to do it because I made a covenant with your fathers. Those of you watching me, you’re feeling sorry for yourself. Come close to the screen. I need you to stop feeling sorry for yourself and know that you’ve got power. Listen, I believe God has given me power and as I speak this I’m going to ask you to sow. Pastor’s been asking us, he asked us weeks ago to sow a $28 seed. I’m telling you that as you sow that seed tonight, that the power of my words coupled with the power of Pastor Kay’s words coupled with what God’s word says is going to release something amazing in your life. I want each and every one of you right now to get your hearts and minds ready to sow that the ways to give should be coming up on the screen now.

And I want you to not think too hard. Don’t let the devil get into your mind. I want you to trust and believe God. You’ve already seen it. Many of you have already seen what God can do in your life. Trust him. Believe him. He’s giving you the power to get wealth. And the devil I speak it over you now will not siphon that power from you. He will not steal that power from you. He will not make you doubt what God is doing in your life. Text your family, text your kids, talk to your kids. Tell them this is a family of power. God is giving us power. I want you to begin to give now. God bless you. I’m excited to see the manifestation of power play out in your life. And I’m praying now that as you’re sowing that $28 seed that you’re going to see a wealth transfer into your life from that $28 seed, you’re going to be able to trace it back to the knights that you saw Pastor Keon say, sow it. You saw Bishop Sea say sow it and you obey God. God bless you. Listen, I want you to continue to watch all things lighthouse. I want you to always like and share our broadcast. I want you to make sure you’re always tuned in on Tuesday nights for take action. Because as Pastor says, if you give the lighthouse one year of your life, we’ll change your life forever. Just tune in to us. We love you. God bless you.

Pastor Keion (24:01):
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