Worship Arts Ministry

The Gospel of Jesus Christ can be conveyed through more than just word alone. The gifts of music, dane, and song can uplift and invite the Spirt of God when directed toward praising Him.

The Worship Arts Ministry allows God's children with unique musical and performance talents to celebrate Him in both traditional and contemporary ways.

With our traditional choir, contemporary praise team, and a mix of classical and modern instruments, our Worship Arts Ministries emboldens and enlivens our worship services to touch the very hearts of all who attend with us.

If you've been blessed with talents in the performance space we encourage and invite you to volunteer for the Worship Arts Ministry by clicking the button on this page.

Walk With God

The Lighthouse offers an amazing traditional choir experience, as well as a more contemporary praise team alternative.

The Lighthouse music ministry includes piano, organ, keyboard, guitar and other stringed instruments, drums, and much more.

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