Outreach Team

The Lighthouse Church makes every effort to be a warm and inviting place for all of God's children to attend and worship Him. As we succeed in growing our congregation, we look around the world and realize there are so many of our brothers and sisters who have yet to interact with disciples of Jesus Christ.

The Outreach Team moves out of the church to serve God's children where they are. Volunteering in our Outreach Team means giving back to and serving the needs of our Houston, TX community in times of crisis and times of need.

By volunteering on the Outreach Team you get to expend the loving embrace of the Savior while serving your fellow man in unique times of need.

To volunteer for the Outreach Team, click the button on this page.

Walk With God

The outreach group seeks to move outside the church walls to spread the Gospel message.

This group volunteers to meet the needs of the community while spreading the love of Christ in various forms depending on the need.

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