Mountain Men - Men’s Group

In a world that tears down the role of men, brothers, and fathers, we built our Men's group to uplift, strengthen, and embolden men on their journey to becoming Godly men an disciples of Christ.

The world is dark and lonely and for many men wandering without a path can lead to terrible situations and tough consequences.

The Lighthouse Church Men's Ministry is designed to transform hearts and shift men toward discipleship and living a victorious life dedicated to service, love, honor, and respect for all of God's children.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Men's group to and helping God's children grow to see their potential, then we encourage you to let us know.

Click the button on this page and volunteer today.

Walk With God

Provides a gathering place for all men of the Church to fellowship, discover, heal, recover, liberate, rejuvenate, fortify, and inspire one another.

The Lighthouse Church Men's Ministry is a life-impacting ministry to men, by men and with men, focusing on the transformation of hearts, resulting in living the victorious lives of Godly men and becoming disciples for Christ.

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