Hospitality Team

When you imagine going to a beloved friends or family members, how are you treated? At The Lighthouse Church is shouldn't be any difference.

Our Hospitality team extends hospitality to visiting friends, VIP guests, and ensures all who attend our special events are well taken care of. This is all done on behalf of our Senior Pastor and the Hospitality team acts as an extension of him to those who visit us.

Beyond special events our Hospitality team serves other volunteers with food and fun to ensure all who volunteer their sacred time and skills do so in an enjoyable and warm way.

If you would like to volunteer your time on our Hospitality Team, click the button on this page and let us know.

Walk With God

To extend hospitality on behalf of the Senior Pastor to our visiting friends and VIP guests and offer food service for special events. Hospitality also serves our volunteers through fellowshipping with food and fun for the enhancement of serving.

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