Conference Volunteers

The Helping Hands Ministry provides volunteer support in several areas including: special events, mailroom activities, communion preparation, auditorium set-up for worship services, assistance to handicapped members and guests.

Your worth is undeniable in God's eyes. He has invested in you on a real personal level. That investment shows itself in your talents not matter how big nor how small. Everyone has a part to play in spreading the His Gospel and we are excited to help you shine a light on the gifts God had given you.

If you are local to the Houston, TX area and would like to donate your time and energy to assisting our ministry, we invite you to contact us by hitting the button on this page.

Walk With God

The mission of the Special Events Ministry is to be the essential and creative instruments, used by God, to transform the ordinary to extraordinary and we will serve Christ through the planning, promoting and execution of The Lighthouse Church events.

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