American Sign Language Churches In Houston

At Lighthouse Church of Houston, we strive to build a community of acceptance and understanding. A vital part of our mission is to share the Gospel with all of God's children and our ASL Ministry helps serve all of His children looking for an American Sign Language Church in Houston, TX.

Our American Sign Language Ministry in Houston helps us communicate with and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with more of His children who are looking for guidance, compassion, and nourishment form the Good Word of God.

If you are looking for a church that provides American Sign Language Interpretation in Houston, we invite you to attend with us. Contact us today by clicking the button on this page.

American Sign Language Ministry

God gives us all unique talents and he gives us opportunities to serve His Children with those talents. Is your gift ASL? If so, we have service opportunities waiting for you. Put your unique talents in American Sign Language to use in our American Sign Language Ministry. 

Walk With God

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