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In today’s fast-paced and often challenging world, it’s common for us to find ourselves facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles. In such moments, we may feel overwhelmed by the sheer size of the problems before us. But what if I told you that it’s not the size of the challenge that defines us, but rather our willingness to confront it with unwavering determination and faith? In a compelling sermon titled “Introduced by a Fight,” Pastor Keion Henderson delves into this very concept, drawing inspiration from the timeless story of David and Goliath and other biblical figures. Let’s explore the key takeaways from this impactful sermon.

The sermon opens by addressing the familiar biblical story of David and Goliath. We are reminded that the Israelites were not intimidated by the size of their enemy’s army, but rather by the colossal figure of Goliath. This serves as a powerful metaphor for our own lives, where we often become paralyzed by the magnitude of the challenges we face. Pastor Henderson encourages us to reflect on our own experiences of feeling overwhelmed by the size of our problems, whether it’s pursuing a dream, overcoming personal obstacles, or striving for success.

Throughout the sermon, Pastor Keion Henderson draws parallels with other biblical figures who hesitated or cried due to feeling inadequate in the face of their respective challenges. Moses, despite being chosen by God, worried about his stuttering. Gideon considered himself the weakest in his clan, and Jeremiah wept because of the sheer number of prophets and false teachers. These examples demonstrate that even the most significant figures in the Bible faced moments of self-doubt and fear.

The central message of “Introduced by a Fight” is a call to action. Pastor Henderson encourages us to confront our fears, doubts, and insecurities head-on. He emphasizes that our potential isn’t limited by the size of the challenges we face but rather by our determination to overcome them. Instead of being discouraged by the enormity of our tasks, we should be motivated to embrace them with faith and confidence.

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Pastor Keion (00:00:03):
Lemme introduce you to my father. I believe that we owe God a praise. I mean, I feel like you love him, just not more than anything. I know you love him because you still standing. You still got your hands ripped, but I don’t know if you love him more than anything. Something in me. Hold it. The rain something in me vanishes the pain. And listen, when the Holy Spirit is really your comforter and your God, you really can truly say, no weapon formed against me. We’ll be able to prosper. It’s kind of like my wife and I was watching a football game yesterday. It’s kind of like Deon Sanders knew that his enemy was bigger than him, but because he had the Lord on his side, the outcome was already solidified. Can I tell you it don’t matter who was in the championship last year, when it’s your season and it’s your time, I want everybody in here who knows that it is your season and it is your time.

Even when they doubt you, you got to show the devil right now. I don’t care what you think about me, what is it about me that makes you think that I care how you feel about me. If you believe that God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him, I’m going to give you 13 seconds to shatter this atmosphere and allow the devil to know that you should have killed us when you had the chance. Now that I’m in the house of the Lord, I’m going to give him glory. Slap three people and say I’m glad to be in the service one more time. He didn’t have to let me live. He didn’t have to let me live, but I’m glad to be in the service.

Oh, y’all ain’t here. I said, I’m glad to be in the service. I said, I’m glad to be in the service. I said, I’m glad to be in the service. I said, I’m really, really glad. Stop your neighbor. Say, I’m glad. I’m glad. I’m glad. I’m glad. I don’t want to sit next to nobody who ain’t glad. Good God of life. Y’all going to have to forgive us on line. Something about to listen. Listen, y’all going to play with me. I am giving you 30 seconds and I want you to put 10,000 demons to flight. I don’t care if you got a clap. I don’t care if you stump. I don’t care if you dance. I’m going to give you 30 seconds to make hell nervous. 1, 2, 3, go in here. I said, I feel something moving in here. I feel the angel trouble in the water. I feel a miracle in the room. I said, I feel a miracle in the room.

So I am going to give you advanced notice that I don’t have a sermon today. I got a word. There’s a difference and there is a difference. There is a difference. There is a difference. If I had a sermon, I gave you three points. You take those practical tips, you write it down and I don’t have a, I got the Lord gave me this word and it bothered me all week when I got ready to pick my clothes out, I asked my wife, I said, how you dressing? She said, I’m dressing up. I said, I’m dressing up too because I mean business.

And when I walked in the room, in the office in the back, our chief of ministry, Bishop Cion Roberts, he stood in his door next to Pastor Hammond. By the way, happy anniversary to Pastor Hammond, his wife, Marcia, 29 years today, 29 years. His first word he said to me when I walked in the room, he said, oh, you mean business. I came to do business with God today and when you do business with God, you got to address the part. I came to do business. I’m leaving with an investment today. I’m leaving with an impartation. I’m leaving with an expectation. Who’s with me? I ain’t playing with the devil no more. I ain’t got time. I’m getting old. I ain’t got time to play with ’em. I’m about to get everything I got with my name on it and I’m getting it now. I ain’t waiting until the soon and late in the buy and bye. I’m going to get it while I can enjoy it.

I mean business today and I’m about to shake this atmosphere, so if you feel impatient and you need this sermon to be over in 30 minutes, I’m telling you right now, it ain’t going to be is at least going to be 50. That’s on the short end. I ain’t going to keep you too much longer than that, but it’s going to be about that because I got something I got to say and I need an army. Touch your neighbor and say mount up. Who’s with me? I’m going higher. Who is with me Now I’m going to give you two scriptures that I want you to read when you get home. I don’t have time to unload it right now. This is another way we can partner. When I read three and four verses of a chapter, I want you to go home and read the whole chapter. I’m only reading a few because I don’t want to spend 40 minutes reading a text. I’m trying to give you the most important part. But if I read verse 20 through 26, I want you to go read one through the end. I can’t give it all to you right now. So you’re going to have to study to show your self approved that you might be able to write to divide the word of truth.

Somebody say, do business. Do business. Alright, I’m not even going to read First Samuel. Y’all can bring it up if you want to. First Samuel 17, this is about the battle between David and Goliath, okay? And I think around verse 20, is it verse 20 that y’all have? Verse 20 and David got up early in the morning and left the sheet with a keeper and he took and went as Jesse commanded him. Can I just fast forward? Do y’all trust me? Can I just tell you what happened? What happened was his three older brothers were already out there fighting and his dad said, this is how you know you being disrespected. His daddy didn’t take advantage of who he was. He reduced him to another task. He said, go take your brother some bread. How you going? I ain’t no chef, I’m a warrior, but his daddy didn’t know him. See, people can be close to you and not know you just because they’re close and they can. Everybody who’s kin to you ain’t kin to you. They could be close, but they don’t know your full potential. Tell everybody about you. You don’t know what I really, really can do. I don’t even know what I really can do yet.

So this whole time they’ve been out there fighting Goliath and ain’t nobody stepped up to do nothing and now he steps up to do something. Now they got something to say and that’s another thing about people. Ain’t nobody done nothing the whole time and the moment you come up with a solution, now they want to talk about the solution. Now you got an opinion about something you didn’t have an action plan for. Shut up and watch me win. Touch your neighbor, say Shut up. Watch me win. All right, go to Second Samuel chapter 17 because in the first text, his brothers didn’t believe in them In the second text, now he’s about to have another fight and now he’s about to fight with his son. It’s always family man. This is how the devil disarms you because if you don’t get your family unit tight, he’s going to sneak right in.

He’s going to sneak right in and he’s going to use your family to bring and to vex certain touching him and say, get your family together. Get your family. So Israel and Absalon, who’s his third son, they camped out in the land of Gilead. Next verse, and he came to pass when David was come and I’m going to skip you all these names. All you got to know about these names and I’m going to say ’em about Macke and all these people, but all you got to know is that these people gave David supplies when he needed them most and the supplies came from people he would’ve never expected them to come from.

Are you listening to me? Nobody on that list should have brought him any wheat or any flour or any corn or any bees, but God will use your enemy to feed you. Go to the next verse. I don’t even know what I’m preaching yet. And butter and honey and sheep and sheep for David and for the people that were with him. So not only if you with me, you going to eat too. See some of y’all not eating because you ain’t with the people who eating. The problem with our society is we always trying to, I can just do bad off. I can just make it by myself. Yet you can do it alone. You ain’t going to eat alone like you could eat with a group, touch your name and say, eat with me, eat with me, it with me and didn’t come when they was full.

It came when they were hungry and weary and thirsty in the wilderness. This is what I want to talk about. The subject you may not even shout about it, the message that’s going to help you the rest of your life. Some of you all are trying to figure out how you’re going to walk into your destiny and in your season and get where God wants you to get. And the one thing that’s going to get you there is the one thing that we’re always trying to evade. David is known today because of what he defeated. I want to talk today about picked by a fight. I want you to understand that it is what you defeat. It is what you defeat that will bring you into your next level. God is going to introduce you to the next level by what you are willing to fight. Everybody say introduced by a fight. Say it again, introduced by a fight. Say it one more time. Introduced by a fight spirit of the living God fall fresh up upon us today. Speak as only you can shake us like a rag. Whatever is high, bring down whatever’s down, bring up. But we shall never be the same. In Jesus’ name we pray, somebody say amen. Touch somebody on your way down. Say the fight picked me. The fight picked me. I didn’t pick the fight.

How many of y’all heard about the story of David and Goliath? Raise your hand so I can know if you need me, I can do it in 30 seconds. Anybody need me to give some background information on David and Goliath? So what happens is is there is a group of people called the Israelites. They are in a perpetual battle with a group of people called the Philistines. And by the way, I love the honesty because some people will leave church not knowing the story, pretending they already know it. So these two groups of people are fighting and most people know about the story of David and Goliath, but they don’t know that the story of David and Goliath has history that prompts this moment. This is not a one-off. This is somewhere some theologians say about four or five times you see in scripture where the Philistines and the Israelites keep fighting because see, when you have an enemy that don’t like you and you don’t like them, it ain’t going to be over until one of y’all die.

Either you’re going to kill the cancer or the cancer’s going to kill you. Either you’re going to kill the depression or the depression is going to kill you. Either you’re going to deal with the anxiety or the anxiety is going to deal with you. It ain’t going to be over until one of y’all have been destroyed or you with me today the armies of Israel was under the leadership of a man named Saul at the moment. You got to listen to me today, please don’t have a moment lapse. It was under a man by the name of Saul. Now the Philistines, on the other hand had a big army, some say up to 40,000 soldiers. Not only did they have 40,000 soldiers, they had 6,000 horsemen and then they had another unit kind of like their F B I or their C I A services with another 3000 special units, soldiers that were able to do operatives that no one knew about.

So they had this huge, huge army. Not only did they have 40,000, as if that wasn’t enough, then they present a dude that’s nine feet that has impenetrable armor on. So now they have a big army and they got a big dude in the army and it’s amazing if you go back and I want you to read the text when you get home, as I have suggested that you do, I want you to read the text for yourself that when you get home and you’ll read it, you will find out that the Israelites in our text never said anything about the size of the army. They only made a comment about the size of the giant. Here they are with 40,000 people they really should be worried about and their whole army is ignoring the 40,000 focusing on the one that’s bigger than everybody else because the truth is they’re not intimidated by the size of the army. They’re actually intimidated by the size of the individual.

Oh, you better hear me today. We hear no complaints about 40,000. Go back and read the text. 40,000 soldiers, 6,000 horsemen, 3000 in the unit. You hear none of that. All you hear is about one man, one giant man with six fingers on each hand and six toes, 24 total. He was so big he needed extra fingers and toes. Huge nine foot giants stalking them. The Bible says for 40 days, morning and evening, not only stalking them but stalking their God, not only talking about their God, talking about their capabilities and they took it for 40 days and 40 nights and they coward and they hid and they didn’t say anything. They had no expression because they were already defeated by the size of it. They couldn’t see themselves winning because they were intimidated by the size of it. And I want to know, am I talking to anybody online and anybody in this room who is listening to me who would be willing to admit that sometimes you have been stagnant in your life simply because of the size of the thing you were facing?

Talk to me when you looked at how big the task was and how small you thought you were, you decided to do nothing because you couldn’t see yourself overcoming the enormity of the thing that you were facing. Anybody in the room and online again identify yourself, been stagnant, depressed, frustrated, all because of the size of it. When you looked at the business God gave you and you decided to go started and you saw how much paperwork it took to get it done, you bagged off because of the size of it. When you saw what it took to get it done and you looked at your resources, you thought, oh my God, you get discouraged in the middle of it all because of the size of it. Somebody else did it and you’re more talented than they are and you got more connections and more wisdom, but you didn’t do it and the difference between you and them is not your level of intelligence, it’s that they were not intimidated by the size of it.

Anybody ever been intimidated by the size of it? You saw the house that God had for you with your name on it but you were intimidated by the size of it. You know what he’s called you to do and you know what office he has called you to sit in, but you are intimidated by the size of it. You could do one thing that could change your marriage and you could have a great marriage, but there is something that you got to get over in order to allow love to come in instead of dealing with your trauma and your past. You stay mean and upset because you are afraid of the size of it. Y’all ain’t going to talk to me. I can already tell this ain’t for you, but sometimes you got to understand that it ain’t the size of the dog in the fight.

It’s the size of the fight in the dog. Moses almost missed his opportunity to emancipate Israel because when God gave him the marching orders, the first thing he started talking about is his stuttering and his talking inabilities. Why? Because he was insecure about the size of it. Lord, help me in this place today, Gideon. Gideon, I want you to be a mighty man of valor. God, I would, but I’m the weakest in my clan. In other words, God told him to do something but he didn’t do it because he was intimidated by the size of it. Jeremiah, I want you to go out there and I want you to prophesy. Jeremiah is somewhere weeping because there are so many prophets and so many false teachers. He’s crying because of the size of it. How many times have you cried about the size of the giants in the land?

How many times have you cried about how big the thing you have to face is? How many times have you quit because you thought it would be over in two months and here you are two years still fighting it because you the size, God help me in this church, but I just came to preach to about 200 people in here and another 10,000 online. God sent me to tell you don’t be scared by the size of it. Just touch through people say the size, don’t matter. The size don’t matter. Don’t back down because of the size. Don’t back down because of the enormity. Don’t back down because it’s going to cost more than you have in the bank. Don’t back down because your money don’t match. Your vision. Don’t back down. They that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. They will mount up with wings like eagles.

They will walk and be weary and walk and not paint. I don’t know who I’m prophesying today to, but God says I’m about to give big victories to small people. Oh, who am I speaking to? I got to find my church. I got to find my church. I got to find who I’m talking to. I don’t want to talk to everybody. I just want to talk to my clique today. I want to talk to my crew who’s in the room today that know that God called you to do something big but you ain’t got the money for it. You don’t have the connections for it. You don’t even know how to get a loan of that size. You don’t even know who to call first. You don’t even know where to go. You don’t even know if they offer that service, but you know that God put something down in you that you’re supposed to do something enormous and you thought that enormous things only happened to enormous people, but God says I’m about to give big things to small people.

God says, I’m going to bless that small check. I’m about to do more with somebody making $5 an hour than somebody who made $10,000 yesterday. Don’t you be worried about your minimum wage check. Don’t worry if you work at a fast food restaurant or you a janitor at the school or you a mechanic at a local place. I’m telling you right now that God’s going to put you in position to shock every mechanic that’s ever fixed on a car to put you in a position to own. Even though you’re working at it, God is going to put you in a position to do big things. Somebody say, I don’t care what the size of it is, I’m not going to be intimidated by the size of it. I’m not going to back down. It’s bigger than me. Some of us have backed down to inactivity because we were intimidated by the size of it.

Sitting in the house with the curtains down, tears coming down your eyes, you know got to do something but you can’t figure out how to do it. God says, all you got to do is trust me, I got the plan, but you are too intimidated by the size and matter of fact, God told me to tell you this and this is a free, he just gave it to me. It’s a rainbow of word of knowledge that he gave it to me right now, if you are afraid of big enemies, you can’t love God because he’s bigger than the enemy. So if you are afraid of big stuff, you can’t love God.

Conversely, the Philistines, they have the same issue. The Israelites are concerned about the size of Goliath. The Philistines are disrespectful about the size of David. They got the same issue. One person is intimidated by how big it is. Another one is disrespectful because of how small it is. Well I tell you, I ain’t got no sermon. I got a message here. You got this giant over here who’s controlling the whole matter because he’s big and you got this small boy over here who looks to be losing the fight because he’s small. They both got the same problem. You got one overconfident about being big and another one under confident about being small. David comes out there and big old Goliath starts laughing at him. Ah, I know you ain’t come out here to challenge me. Matter of fact, the Bible says not only did he laugh at the size of David, he laughed at the size of the stick that David had.

I said, what you going to do with that little stick? Not only did he laugh at David size, not only did he laugh at David’s stick, he also laughed at David’s savior because he was like, your God can’t help you in this circumstance, but he didn’t know that the bigger they are, I ain’t going nowhere. He didn’t know that our God is greater. He didn’t know that our God confines the wise with foolish things. He didn’t know that our God has made it sure that no weapon formed against any of his children shall be able to prosper. He had no idea that God was about to use this small insignificant boy to disrupt something. I need all of the people in here, thank you Bishop X who came into this season with disruptive thinking. I need all of the people who understand that God sent you into this season to disrupt stuff.

I don’t want to talk to comfortable people. I don’t want to talk to people who are okay with status quo. I’m looking for disruptor. Slap your neighbor. Say I’m a disruptor. I’m a disruptor. I’m on disrupt the industry and my whole business is in an office building right now. I’m going to disrupt the whole industry and my business doesn’t even have an L l C yet. I’m going to disrupt the whole business and I’m not even incorporating it. Who am I talking to? I’m operating under a D B A and I’m still here to disrupt something. Slap your neighbor. Say I’m about to disrupt something. I’m about to make millionaires scared. I’m about to make billionaires. Open the door and let me in. I’m here to disrupt something. I’m about to disrupt religion with my small church. I’m about to disrupt the industry. Somebody chat. I’m about to disrupt it. I need all of the disruptors to make some noise in the room.

Tell your neighbor you can do it at your current size. Tell ’em you can do it at your current size. You don’t have to be a mega church to take the city. You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company for them to pay attention to you today. I speak the Nasda in this room today. I speak that somebody’s going to ring the bell in New York. I don’t know who I’m talking to. Repeat after me. I’m not afraid of the size of it. Your biggest mistake, lemme tell you your biggest mistake. Devil is taking my size for granted. Oh God, I can stay right there. See, that’s what you feel like you losing right now, but somebody has taken your size for granted. They look at you. Oh, she can’t do nothing. He can’t do nothing. I can do whatever I want to do to ’em. They can’t beat me. Tell your neighbor, don’t you underestimate the size because I’m not coming in the power of myself.

Oh, help me, holy Ghost, I’m coming in the name of the Lord. Who am I talking to in this place? I’m still looking for my church. I’m not coming with my bank account. My daddy owns the cattle on a thousand hills. I’m not coming with my bank account. I’m coming because the gold belongs to the person who’s backing me. How dare you look a neighbor in the face and say, neighbor, the reason why I’m confident, I’m confident is because heaven is backing my vision. I missed, I’m going to talk to somebody over here. I’m not intimidated because heaven is backing me. Who are the people who know that heaven is backing you? That he’s opening doors that no man can shut and shutting doors that no man can open? Somebody shout heaven is backing me. I’m going to get the loan because heaven is backing me.

When I get to the doctor’s office, they think they’re going to give me bad news, but I’m going to walk out of the hill because heaven is backing me. My mama’s going to live a long time because heaven is backing me. My father is going to be in good health because heaven is backing me. My marriage is going to survive because heaven is backing me. My children are going to do exploits because heaven is backing me. I need all of the people who understand that heaven is backing you to make some noise in this room today. Somebody shout, heaven is backing me. I can win even if I don’t fight because heaven is backing me. I don’t care how big the giant is. I’m going to win because heaven, somebody shout I can win with what I got looking for winners in this room.

Can I give you a word? You already big enough to win. You are already big enough to win. You are already big enough to succeed you. You’re already smart enough to get the opportunity done, but the problem is, is you’ve let people who think you small convince you that you are. Most of you don’t know who you are because you let the people who don’t believe in you define you for yourself. And so here you are created to do great things, but because somebody benefited off of you staying small, small, they got you to buy into the hype and now you think you are the size of their opinion. But I came to tell somebody in here today, it’s time for you to pack your bags because anybody who doesn’t understand that you big enough, you got to get away from it. I don’t know who that’s for. Oh, I don’t know who that’s for. Touch your day and say if they don’t know who I am, they about to find out in the next season. My stick might be small and I may have nothing but five smooth stones, but I swear I’m going to be head to giant. I swear I’m going to win. Who am I talking to?

You cannot stay in environments where people don’t know the true value of you. If you stay in environments where people don’t recognize the value of you, you will shrink your gift to the size of what they can stand and that’s what causes anxiety and depression and stress because you have had to shrink into a form where people can tolerate you. I refuse to be small because you think small. I’m not shrinking my vision because you can’t catch up. You either better roll with me or you going to get rolled over. I said, you better roll with me or you going to get who am I? I feel virtual in this place. I dare you. Matter of fact, tell everybody on your road you better praise with me. I’m going to shout until I irritate you. I didn’t come in church to sit next to something ashy try Christian. I came to take violence.

Don’t stay on the job where they don’t pay you enough. I want you to take they little checks so you can build your big business and I want you to learn everything about who you work for so you can go back and buy the company. That’s why you don’t go to a job and your dog and even if they don’t pay you enough, learn everything you can because one day God’s going to call you to be an answer to the problem. You had somebody shout, I’m not afraid of the size of it. I’m not afraid the size of it. He said, this is the question that everybody’s going to ask once you find at the precipice of your destiny and you better be ready for it because if you are not strong enough to handle this question, you’re going to back down and get upset. Rob, when he showed up, the first thing his brother said was, what you doing here?

See that’s enough to send some of y’all back home. You going to go home because because they didn’t clap when you walked through the door. I’m about to preach in here today. You going to go home because they wasn’t excited when you came. Oh, this must not be my environment because they wasn’t excited when I showed up. And most of you never defeat your giants because you are insecure about how you were received when you showed up. What you doing here? You ain’t no warrior. You don’t know how to fight. Have you checked my resume?

Just because you don’t know what I defeated don’t mean I didn’t defeat it. Ask the bear what I can do. Ask the lion what I can do and in a few days you about to ask this giant what I can do. See, this is what the enemy doesn’t understand. See, most people meet you where you are but they don’t know what you had to go through to get where you are. I just need you to look at your neighbor and say, baby, please don’t get it twisted. If I go off, I go off. I’m just in a season right now where I realize how much I got to lose. I’m in a season right now where I’m looking to the future, but if you push my button on the right day in the right way, I will cut your head off. Who am I talking to in here today?

Don’t let this smooth taste fool you. If I got to come out this shoot, it’s going to be trouble. Trouble. I promise you that. He said, what you doing here? You don’t do this. How? You know what I do? Just because you ain’t seen me do it, don’t mean I don’t do it. Snap your neighbor say I do this. That’s not my preacher’s stance. His father, don’t sit down because I’m about to blow your mind. Stay right where you at. No, don’t stand up now. Sit your butt down. You wasn’t standing up. His father sent him out that diamond not to fight but to bring his brothers some food.

He didn’t send him out there to help. He sent him out there to feed him. God says, don’t miss your destiny because you don’t like your first job. God says, I sent you this way because this is the only form they could accept you in. I sent you as a waiter, I know you are a warrior, but if I would’ve sent you as a warrior, they would’ve killed you before you could prove it. So I got to disguise your introduction. I got to disguise your introduction so that their guards can be down when you walk in the door, but don’t get it twisted. I’m about to use you. I need you to find three people and begin to encourage them. Don’t you lose your job because you don’t like the four.

I can’t send you in the way I intend to use you because insecure people can’t handle you at a full clip. So I got to send you in low and meek and weak, but by the time I finish with you, the whole thing going to belong to you. How dare you slap five people and say, I came to get it all. I came to do it all. I came to take it. See, I came in small but I’m leaving with the whole kingdom. I came in with a small church but I came for the city. I came in with a few dollars but I’m leaving with the bank. I came.

What you don’t know is that what you feel is trauma is actually God grooming you because eventually you’re going to be the answer to the problem. And by the way, you cannot answer a problem that you didn’t have. So I gave you the problem so you could become the solution that ain’t trauma, that’s grooming. God ain’t mad at you, he grooming you and he knows something you don’t know. He can’t send you in with full power. They wouldn’t accept you. Everybody like a charity case. So God says, I’m going to send you in where they have the answer to your problem. But if I send you in Joseph as a solution to the problem, you will find yourself in a pit before you can get started.

Stop being upset with God because he introduced you differently than you think you should. You can’t walk into the situation already being the king, so I’m sending you in another form because that’s the only form they can accept you in. At first Jesus, could you imagine if they insecure about you how you are now? Come on now. Y’all hear me in the balcony. I’m talking to y’all too. If they already can’t handle you and you know ain’t all that you’re supposed to be yet. What would happen if God introduced you to them after you found yourself?

So sometimes he sends you as a waiter knowing that eventually you’ll be a warrior and are you too proud to do a good job at waiting? See, because some of y’all will miss it. I ain’t no waiter. I ain’t doing that. Okay, well then I’m going to give the kingdom to somebody else. This is the way I’m sending you in. God says, you see why I told you I couldn’t do this in 30 minutes? God says, listen to me, look at me. If you don’t hear nothing else, hear me. God says, before I put you on center stage, I’m going to develop you in the backyard.

Anybody will tell you that I didn’t come to Houston, the pastor of no grand design. I came here as a pastor whose church sat 125 people went to a church as an assistant pastor. I left a full-time pastor to be an assistant pastor and everybody in my hometown thought I was nuts. Why would you leave something that’s yours for something that ain’t? But see, here’s the thing with our problem with us and with us, I’m just cleaning off my wrist. We’d rather be 100% in control of nothing than to partake in something bigger than us. So our whole generation is suffering because we’d rather run something that’s failing, then be a part of something that’s living. I got my own business but you got four clients and two of them dead.

I can’t work for nobody. No. What you really mean is you can’t work with nobody. Help me. Holy Spirit. If I have said no, I ain’t partnering with no pastor. I ain’t giving up what I got, but I heard God speaking to me. I’m sending you as a waiter and if you are patient enough, be thou faithful over a few things. I will make you ruler over much. Who am I speaking to? Sometimes you got to go backwards to go forward and don’t you let your arrogance and your pride and your ego make you miss your assignment because you are insecure about how he sent you in. They that wait on the Lord help me.

They that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. They will mount up with wings like equals. Touch three people and say wait on them, wait on them, wait on them. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m still on the size of it. This might be a part two. I might have to finish this next time. Don’t be intimidated by the size of it. You are bigger than the thing you’re facing. Even if you can’t see it, if you just go ahead and dig down on the inside and find it. It’s what the Lord shared with me. He said, tell the people son that I will put an irritation in them.

God says, I will put an irritation in you and it is designed to produce pearls not paralyzation. So the next time you feel irritated you could either be paralyzed or you can produce. When that little grain of sand gets in the oyster, it starts to wrap a material around it and eventually you open it up and a priceless pearl comes out because the next time an irritation gets in your life, you could either stop and say, I ain’t doing nothing else. Or you can produce glory By a show of hands, how many of you have allowed the sand to paralyze you?

That little bitty speck gets in your plan and you stop. God says you got another option. Produce you’re a producer. The next time you get irritated, push something out, do something. You are too amazing to be still. By the way the enemy fighting you is proof that he knows more about you than you know about yourself. I’ve never seen a dog barking at a parked car. Look at a dog. They always chasing the car that’s moving. I wish I could interview the dog baby and say up Mr. Dog, when you catch the car, what you going to do with it?

Devil, if you do catch me, what you going to do with me? Because see, in this fight and in this process, in this race, I realized that the race is not given to the swift nor the strong, but the one who endured to the end. And the more I ran, the more I believed and the more I ran, the stronger I got. So devil, when you catch me, what you going to do? God says I’m about to send you. This is for somebody in heaven. God says, I’ve been preparing you size because I’m about to send you. How many of you believe that God’s about to send you?

Listen, before you clap too hard, Joseph, I’m going to send you but you might have to stop by the pit first and then after that you’re going to find yourself in Potiphar’s house accused of rape. And from there you’re going to be in prison. And I don’t want you to be discouraged because I had to send you in another form, but I couldn’t send you directly to the palace. First there were some things you had to learn in the pit and in Potiphar’s house there were some things you had to learn. See, God will put an irritation in. You see, Moses couldn’t handle people being misused. Why? Because as a stutterer he was always overlooked and marginalized. So God put that irritation in him and then when he looks out of the window and he sees an Egyptian being beaten, he comes down and kills a man and buries him in the backside of the desert. Why? Because God used that irritation to make him an amator. God will put an irritation in you. You either can be paralyzed.

Oh, you can do something with it. Somebody shout, I’m going to produce, I’m going to produce. Say it again. I’m going to produce. I’m produce. Isaiah said, I heard a voice of the Lord saying whom shall I send and who will go for us? And I said, here am I. Send me. How many of you know that God’s about to send you? I need every person who has a negative bank account, balance and credit cards overdrawn and student loans that are too big and family dynamics that you can’t seem to get over and you think all of that is a disqualified. You’ve been divorced, you got a freaky disposition, you’ll try anything and you think that God can’t use it. Yes, I’m talking to everybody in this house because some of y’all to act like you’re conservative but you will try anything. You got a porn website that you forgot to delete on your phone right now. I’m talking to somebody in here right now with all of your proclivities and your issues, a half open bottle of Hennessy at the crib, a couple of half smoke joints that you’re going to finish when you get done with church and God says, I’m still going to use you. Somebody shall send me.

I’m so tired of you church people. I don’t know what to do. If you had everything together, we wouldn’t be in here every week crying. God, I’m insecure, but I’ll go if you send me, I marked on the application that I’m a social drinker but I drink a little more often than socially, but I’ll still go if you send me, come on, talk to me social drinker. Yes, you can’t be a social drinker and you drink at home. I’m just telling you because ain’t nobody there. That’s called alcoholism, not socialism. I’m just telling you I just like to keep it real. There’s a difference.

Somebody say I ain’t perfect but heaven is backing me. I just want to know who I’m talking to. Remember I told you I didn’t have a sermon. I told you I had a word. I’m not perfect but heaven is backing me. I’m not a great leader, but heaven is backing me. I’m not a good parent, but heaven is backing me. I’m not a good spouse, but heaven is backing me. I wasn’t raised in the business world but heaven is backing me. I don’t know what I’m doing but heaven is backing me. That’s why David said you coming up against me with a sword. I come up against you in the name of the Lord.

They can’t fire you because you there because God sents you. They can’t get rid of you. You know why? Because God sent you. Watch this. Can I help you still? What was Goliath of trying to fight him with sword, spear javelin. David said, I don’t have sword experience. That’s not what I use. And you got to be careful when the enemy tries to get you to use what they use. See, you don’t know how to cuss like some of these people. Don’t you stay out of that because there’s some people they can put five words together and have you thinking about taking your life how you fight.

I remember one time me and my wife was trying to get something done and it was something that was fighting us and I started praying and my wife is a fighter and I looked at her. She’ll tell you, I said, baby, this is how I fight my battles. I can’t let the enemy bring me down to using their weapons. I have no experience with their weapons, but if I fight you with what I got, oh God, help me. Jesus. I can’t fight you with vitriol. I can’t fight you with grudges because I can’t stay mad long enough. I can’t fight you with hatred because I can’t hate nobody. But if you let me get down on my knees, you might not wake up, touch your neighbor and say, this is how I fight my battles. I’m not going to be cussing you out on the internet, but if I call my daddy, you might catch cancer. This is how I fight my battle.

David says, I refuse to fight this fight on the level of my enemy. Stop coming off the wall to prove a point. If you argue with a fool, people from a distance can’t tell who is who. Stop coming down to Goliath’s level. Goliath If you so big, why are we fighting in the valley if you so big? Why we fighting so low? He couldn’t win because the battle was bigger than the size of the man in it. David, who was small in size and was sent to the battle said, I’ve got a solution. I’m going to go get five stones.

I never knew why David got five stones. Some theologian said, well, it was because he had no faith in God, so he had to get five stones. Then the Lord gave me a revelation. If you go read the Bible, the Bible says that Goliath had four other relatives. Goliath had four other giant cousins. So David, when he went to the brook in the valley of Eli and grabbed five stones, one was for Goliath and the other one’s for the other folk just in case they popped off. I need everybody in here who about that life say, I got a rock for you and your mama. If she wants some, I got a rock for you and your cousin. If they want to get it, I need somebody in here who say I’m going to destroy it all. I ain’t leaving nothing alive to come back and haunt me in the future. Do I have anybody in here who got a stone for every devil?

Your problem is when you come to subdue, you can’t stop with the thing that’s yelling at you. You got to kill what’s backing it. He had a pocket full of stones literally, and they were smooth stones because he understood aerodynamics before there was ever a scientist ahead of his time, a stone for Goliath and everybody who will want blood revenge against him because when you subdue something, you can’t just break it, you got to destroy it. So he said, Goliath, you and your cousins, y’all can all get it. Touch three people say all y’all can get it, everybody can get it. All y’all can get it.

All y’all can get it. And Goliath had already lost because he was angry. You always know who’s losing the fight by who’s upset. Goliath was angry. Can I give you something to write down? This ain’t in the Bible. This is just Henderson ology. Anger is a weak, is a weak person’s imitation of strength. I will. Anger is the weak person’s imitation of strength. Whenever you see somebody angry about something that is not even worthy of being that angry about, they’re pretending to be strong. You know why it’s quiet? Because at least 300 people just found out they weak.

Alright, I ain’t angry, I’m just ready. It’s the difference. The Bible says be angry and sin not. Don’t let the sun go down on your anger, your wrath. Synonymous terms, same thing. So in other words, anger is not a good fighting strategy. In fact, sociologically, psychologically and physiology will teach you that half of your brain shuts down when you get angry. This is why when you and your spouse are arguing and you get mad, you can’t remember what you should have said to ’em until after the fight is over. Come on, y’all holler at me. You be like, dang, I should.

I wasn’t mad. I could have thought about being angry. If you stay from being mad, you make sense when you talk. Have you ever been mad arguing and somebody says something to you and your answer was wrong but you was too angry to change it? That’s what I’m saying. The sky is purple. You always anger is a weak person’s imitation and strength. God says, I got eight minutes. I told you it was going to be 50. God says, here it is. I just want you to hear me. Y’all listening ain’t deep but profound. You ready? This is what the Lord told me to tell you. I see you.

Anybody ever felt invisible? Anybody ever felt incapable? God says, I see you. I’m looking right at you. When others are looking past you, I see you God, I ain’t perfect. I knew that when I sought you, God, I stutter. I knew that when I picked you, I see you, I see you, but I’ve intentionally hidden you so that my competition wouldn’t see you first. Oh, you missed that. When he gets down there, his brother starts talking about why you even show up for this fight. He says, I know your heart, David. You are conceited and arrogant and evil. This is iliac talking to David. If you go to Acts 1322, the Bible says that David was a man after God’s own heart. So I’m trying to figure out how God saw himself and saw evil. This is why you got to be careful who you let define you.

Oh man. Then why you come down here? You’re conceited. Don’t be discouraged when they see something else. Don’t be discouraged when they see something else. If you know what you did from the right place, then you just got to take whatever they got to say about it. You see, the devil will back you into a corner because eventually if you ever get to where you want to be, you’re going to have to make a decision that displeases somebody and they will never take responsibility for the displeasing behavior. They will always pretend as if their actions were stellar. But when you know what you know and what you’ve done for what God called you to do, you’re going to have to be okay with what they call you after you make your decision.

I’ve been called a lot, but everybody who called me something, I ain’t deserves whatever they call me because there are some people in your life that require you to be something that makes them uncomfortable. If your son is lazy and you make him do something and he says, I hate you, you don’t love me, that’s anger talking. I’m trying to make a man out of you because this world going to make one out of you and I’m trying to send you out in the world as prepared for it as I can. You may hate the process, but ain’t nothing wrong with the way I’m pushing you.

Talk to me, somebody in this place today, I’m done almost all right. Lemme give you this last point. You remember when I read Second Samuel and David was in this battle with his brother Absalon, his son Absalon. The Bible says that they were about to fight in a place called Gilead. Please stay with me. His first fight was overcoming what his daddy thought of him. His second fight is now overcoming how his brothers view him and now he’s got another fight against his own flesh and blood. His son don’t know his place, but daddy’s the king. Even if you think you’re better than him, and even though you might be smarter and you might understand technology and you may understand leadership better, heaven’s backing me.

So even though, son, I don’t understand what you understand, you don’t understand something that I know never go after something that ain’t yours. Are you listening to me? And the Bible says that David’s army was called the servants of David Absalons army was called Israel, which means that his army was bigger and more popular. Look at how they called it. This is Israel, David’s army, the servants of David. The Bible says that David had thousands of men, but the Bible says that Absalon lost 20,000 men and still had an army left. That’s how big his army was. 20,000 died and he still had an army left. Lemme tell you something, evil is good at recruitment and whenever you see somebody who’s bigger than you, don’t think they got there because they smarter than you. Evil has a great recruitment strategy.

You remember in Acts when Paul and Silas were praying, but the sossay and the witch woman, her line was longer than the line of Paul and Silas because evil people have crowds too. Come on, David is like, this is my kingdom. If you want to fight, we got to fight. I don’t want to hurt my boy, but if you want some, are y’all listening to me? And this is how God is. The Bible says that the battle started in a place called Gilead and it just so happens that a majority of David’s army was raised and born and brought up in Gilead, and the Bible says that Gilead was a place with a lot of hills and valleys and a lot of forest. So it was like being in the mountains with forest everywhere. You can’t climb. You can’t see if you’re new to the environment, but when you come from the gutter, you understand something about the gutter. That folk who trying to act like they from the gutter don’t know about the gutter who I’m talking to in here today.

It is one thing to watch fighting on YouTube. It’s another thing to been in some, come on, talk to me somebody and the word Gilead in the Hebrew, Lord, help me Jesus. Gal means healed Ed in the Hebrew means testimony, which means that Gilead actually means the heel of testimony. So what God was saying to David by allowing the fight to take place in Gilead is no matter how big the army is, I promise you that after it’s over, you’re going to have a testimony. I don’t know who I’m talking to and this sermon has come to its conclusion, but the word of the Lord is, is he’s going give you a listen. He’s going to give you a testimony at the site of your next battle. I’m talking to somebody in here today. Look at your neighbor and say, God is getting ready to turn your heels into healing. Healing. I’m going to give you a testimony from the place you were predicted to be defeated. I’m going to give you a testimony in the same area where the enemy had counted you out. Who am I talking to? I’m done. The place where you’re going to fight your next battle. God says, if you trust me, I guarantee you that you will have a testimony from the place where you currently are bleeding.

I want everybody in this room, I want you to think about either where your battle is taking place or where you know your next battle is coming from. Think about it right now. I want you to get it right real down in your soul. Are you listening? You got it in your soul. Can you feel that? Now, I want you to imagine that the victory is yours in that same place. I want you to imagine that the enemies you see today, you shall see no more. I can’t hear nobody. No. The redeemed of the Lord ought to say. So I want you to act testimony. You need to praise God right now like you’ve already won the victory. Don’t try to make me shout it. No, no, no, no, no, no. You got to do it right now. I want the redeemed of the Lord not to clap, so not to rock. So the redeemed of the Lord got to say. So open up your mouth and give God the victory.

Watch this. Y’all remember those three men I talked about earlier? When David and his men were hungry and thirsty, God sent three men to support and give supplies to David in his battle. Get ready for people to feed you while you fighting. God says, I’m about to send people to support you. And one of the men was the caretaker from Mephibosheth, which was one of David’s relatives. Remember when his nurse dropped him and his legs broke? One of the men who brought him supplies was the caretaker for Mephibosheth. And when he found out that David was kind to Mephibosheth’s family, the reason why the man brought him the supplies is because he remembered what David did in the past. God says, I’m about to make somebody nice to you because of a kindness that you already forgot about. Listen to me. Some of y’all did something for somebody so long ago and you forgot about it.

God says, I’m about to get you paid back right now for that in this season, right when you needed it the most. I’m about to send you double for your trouble. Give everybody you can reach a high five and say, God’s about to send you support and supplies. I’m looking for somebody to tell somebody else. Say, support and supplies. You got the wrong neighbor. Look at somebody else and say, support and supplies. God’s about to feed you. He’s about to give you double for your trouble If you believe it, open up your mouth. I can’t hear nobody in the lighthouse. I can’t hear nobody online. I said, open up your mouth because God said the fight picks you, but I’m about to introduce you to your destiny. If you believe it’s your season, if you believe it’s your time, if you believe you are face-to-face with destiny, I need you to open up your mouth and begin to give God the glory.

Give your neighbor high five shall neighbor. When church started, I a little discouraged when church started. I was afraid of my giant, but now I got a different testimony. What a wonderful change has been wr. I said, I wasn’t going to do this in my life since Jesus came into my heart. Give your neighbor high five and shout neighbor. Here’s the end of the story. The Bible says that after David hit Goliath in the head, he took a sword and cut his head off. Good God Almighty. I’m about to set somebody free. He didn’t start with a sword, but he ended with one, took a sword, cut his head off, picked it up and showed all the people. This is what happens when you mess with me. Here’s the word of the Lord. God told me to tell you after this next battle, you are about to get ahead.

Anybody fell behind? God says you are about to get ahead. Give your neighbor high five and shout neighbor. This is the year that I get ahead. If you believe it. If you believe it, shout. Yeah, shout. Yeah. God’s about to give you the head of every giant. God says, I’m about to get you ahead. The last shall be first and the first shall be last. You are about to get ahead this year. You’ll never be behind again. I wish you believed that you’d be acting crazy in here. I said, you’ll never be behind again. You about to be ahead of everybody in your family that got the degree. God’s about to put you in front of everybody who didn’t have children out of welock. He’s about to put you ahead of everybody in your family that thought you were the last God’s about to give you slap somebody, say, I’m about to get ahead. I’m about to get ahead. I’m about to get ahead. Yes, I was divorced, but I’m about to get ahead. Yes, I filed bankruptcy, but I’m about to get ahead. Yes, I lost it, but I’m about to get ahead.

Watch this. Did you tell him that you’re about to get ahead? I want you to know that some of the people you talk to, they really don’t like you or they acting like it, but they going to get home and talk about what you was wearing and how you was looking to all they little funky friends when they get home, but tell ’em again. Look at ’em because you don’t know it. You’ll tell ’em about to get ahead and here’s the bad news for you. You going to have to support me. Shout of your hair. Shout of your hair.

Your neighbor going to have to support you. God’s going to use that neighbor. God’s going to use that enemy. God’s going to use that hater. God’s going to use that liar. God’s going to use that person to bring you supplies and support. That’s why you don’t need to be they enemy because God makes our enemies. You better be my friend. Tell him you better be my friend. In this next season of your life, you will not be introduced because of how good you look. I know, I know, I know. I know. Everybody think they got to look good. I’m just telling you right now, it’s going to be inconsequential in the next season because where you’re going, the question won’t be what’s your facial regimen?

What moisturizer do you use? Who did your hair? How much money you got? This is what they want to know. What have you defeated? What can you tell me about yourself that used to be an issue that you’ve defeated? What character defect have you overcome? What insecurity have you put in this place? You will be introduced to the next level by what you fight and the only people who can fight long enough to win are those who have passion. If you don’t have a passion for something, you won’t fight long enough for it. For 14 years, I’ve walked through those doors or whatever doors we had in spite of whatever my circumstance was because I had to fight something and every Sunday here too, I have fought back for 14 years and maybe there’s an e ab in the house saying, what you doing here Because you missed the first 14 years.

You didn’t see when I was in the field fighting sheep, bears and lions and you didn’t see the first church that I rented was in the daycare center that didn’t even clean up after itself and you didn’t see me packing up dirty diapers Saturday night to make sure that the saints had a good experience on Sunday morning and you didn’t see me When we got enough money, $5,000 to get out of there and go and rent a 112 year old building from a church called Wings of Deliverance where the roof would leak every day and the pipes were bursted in the basement and we had church with eight feet of water in the basement one Sunday. There was so much water in the basement, God’s honest truth that the water started coming out of the basement and into the first floor and you didn’t see me putting water hoses in the basement, pumping the water out, trying to get ready for the next Sunday, and you didn’t see me when we raised and saved $40,000 to go buy our own church and the mortgage was $936 a month. We had 10 parking spots, really? Nine because one of ’em was mine and that sign that you saw for old school Sunday, we didn’t pull that out of the thin blue sky. That’s a replica of the sign that was in front of the church and we had to save up nine months to buy it.

You were not there when Ms. Sooni Mayhill had to make food for me because I couldn’t afford to get my own food, so she fed me and my first desk was a television tray with no heat in the building. In the wintertime when I would preach, I could see the condensation coming from my mouth. In the summertime we had two window unit air conditioned units, but they didn’t work half the time. I can’t believe that we were in a position where we couldn’t even buy a new air conditioning unit, but I had to go in as a waiter and can I tell you something? This didn’t make me That did. That’s why when Covid came around, you never looked online and didn’t have a sermon for me. I was in this room preaching by myself because I was used to preaching to myself. That’s why I shake hands with people. I don’t isolate myself. I hug you. If you want to hug me, if you don’t want to speak to me, I ain’t got to speak to you. Whatever you want to do, I can do it. I come from that.

Speaker 2 (01:23:35):
I can’t

Pastor Keion (01:23:36):
Figure out how a person can be elevated to a place where they forget where they came from. I can’t understand it. It can happen. Please pardon me.

Speaker 2 (01:23:43):
It can happen,

Pastor Keion (01:23:45):
But you got to fight like hell to make sure it don’t. Everybody got a giant to fight. Everybody got something that you got to subdue and cut the head off of. Don’t you walk in this church thinking you better than somebody else because you done got your little life together and you done put some Saran wrap on your past and Velcro it to the back of the car. It’s still in there. Talk to me somebody, you’re no better than nobody else. Listen, but no one is better than you.

Speaker 2 (01:24:37):
Keep your

Pastor Keion (01:24:37):
Head up. Don’t be defined by people who don’t know what God is doing in your life and for God’s sake, don’t let the giant’s definition of you make you think that you are what they said You are. Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might and weeping may endure for a night, but I promise you, if you don’t give up, joy will come in the morning if you believe it. Can you just release a sound of glory in this room? Come on, let’s sing it. Come on, lift your hands in here. Let’s give God about 45 seconds of worship.

Before you leave, I want to give you one other way to fight your battles. We call it salvation. Now, this is the best way to fight the devil off of you. This is when God looks beyond your fault, sees your knees, accepts you as his own. Jesus becomes your elder brother and heaven backs you. The Holy Spirit becomes your comforter and your guide, and then there is no weapon, truly no weapon, spiritual or physical that’s formed against you that will ever be able to prosper. If you’re in this place today, you’ve never accepted Jesus Christ as savior.

You’ve never acknowledged that God is your Lord or perhaps you’ve done all of that, but you say, I’ve accepted him. I believe him and I’ve confessed him, but I want to be surrounded by other believers because let me tell you something. Part of the problem with your life is you are surrounded by people who are not going where you’re going. That’s why you’re depressed during the week and you can’t find a source of strength because you’re the only person in your circle that’s different. You got to come from among them. Somebody say, come out from among them. You got to get around some people who pray when they get angry. You got to get around some people who fast when they struggling. You got to get around some people who run to the Lord for safety and we love to be in your crew. We love to be in your family.

If you’re in this room today and you believe that God has sent you to be a part of this ministry, I want you to come up here so that we can give you a great big round of applause and welcome you into this family. If you don’t want to come up here, you can walk right out of that door, but at least let us acknowledge the fact that God is about to bring a change in your life. Is there anybody here today? Is there anybody? We don’t care who you are, where you come from, what you’ve done, what you’ve done, who you’ve been with. None of it matters. God loves you just the way you are. Come on lighthouse. Make it a big deal as they come. God bless you, my sister. God bless you. Come on. God bless you my brother. Come on lighthouse. Make it a big deal. Make it a big deal. Thank you so much. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the balcony online. We’re talking to you two. They’ll put something up on the screen so you can accept and be a part of our lighthouse nation. You can come as you are, but you do not have to leave like you can’t. We got young men coming. Somebody ought to praise God in this place. Hallelujah. It may God bless you. My God bless you, my brother.

Everybody love Jesus. Let me check what it sound like when you love them. I can deal with that. They’re still coming. Come on and praise God. Y’all remember in the old school church when people would join right here, they would say there’s still room at the cross. God bless you. They’re still coming. Thank you so much. Hallelujah. Somebody repeat after me. God ain’t dead. God dead. They want you to believe it, but he is not. God bless you brother. Hallelujah. Thank you, Jesus. Y’all don’t know why we come to church. We do all of that to get here, so you can’t be tired right now. This is where you got to. The Bible says when one comes heaven rejoices, hallelujah. Has everyone had a chance to come that wants to come.

When you leave here today, I want you to eat real good. Anybody hungry? Let me see your hands. If you hungry, I mean, I want you to eat real good, get you some wings and some chicken and greens. I want you to get some. I want your green beans to have potatoes in them. You know they ain’t good unless you maybe a little ham hawk in there. Yes, sir. Get you some cornbread, not real cornbread, Jiffy, because real cornbread can be a little hit and Miss Jiffy, don’t fail. Hey, Lord, have mercy. I pray that when you get home and those of you all who already are, that you will find everything in order, that the joy of the Lord will be your strength, and that he will push back the curtain of darkness and you will walk into the marvelous light over the next 13 months. Your money will swell, your businesses will grow, and God is going to use your life as a standard. In Jesus’ name, we pray. How many of y’all want to say amen? One more time? Hug your neighbor on the way out. Say, I love you. Ain’t nothing you can do about it.