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Pastor Keion Henderson is the lead pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Houston, Texas Lighthouse is an organization that serves the body of Christ through our 5 pillars. We always ANTICIPATE a move of God in every experience, so we constantly set a great ATMOSPHERE, and we ACCEPT everyone through love. We believe the best way to impact people is by being AUTHENTIC to who we are and by taking ACTION to move everyone towards greater.

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Speaker 1 (00:00:21):
I’m going to let you guys go to your seats, but he can let you go to your seats. I want him to come in to a charged atmosphere. Can everybody stand up all over the room? Even if you’re in overflow? Even if you’re at your crib, get up off the couch, press pause on the treadmill, make some noise. For my big brother, the one and only world preacher, pastor Keon Henderson, let’s go.

Pastor Keion (00:00:48):
Come on. If you love Jesus, holler at your boy. Make some noise in here. Listen, before you sit down, I just need you to go crazy. Yeah, you don’t even know why just because. But that dude right there, right there, that guy, one of the world’s greatest people, I mean absolutely one of the world’s greatest people. Every time he has come to our church and either preached our sung, he bought me a pair of shoes. So instead of me buying drawers, I’m just going to invite him more. I feel like I get an exclusive play every time he come. Can y’all praise God for your pastor, your leader? Come on for Travis Green. He is absolutely incredible. And listen, standing next to him, listen, she was standing up here with that mic and I was standing down there and I was just looking at her. I’m like, that girl got some

Speaker 1 (00:02:05):

Pastor Keion (00:02:08):
Ooh. And I’ve been hearing the appreciate lately. She done turned that anointing up. Have y’all noticed there’s something going on? She been studying a different book or something like that. Can y’all praise God for Doctor Lady Jackie

Speaker 1 (00:02:22):
Green? Come on and praise God for her.

Pastor Keion (00:02:26):
And while you still hollering, I got my boo with me. Y’all praise God for my girlfriend, my wife. When I tell you and I wrote this book, lemme tell you why this is important. I wrote this book, the first chapter in this book is called Death, divorce and Daddy Issues. Wow. And I’ve been through all three. I’ve been through all three. I thought that when I got a divorce as a pastor, I thought my life was over. Because you know how church folk can be, they be out there on their third husband, but you can’t get nobody new. You know how they judge the preacher? And so I was like, man, I got to deal with these church folk. They going to judge me, but I kept striking the ground and I found that girl right there and I am telling you the Bible. I now know what the Bible means when it says he who finds a wife.

And let me tell you something to you, fellas. Just because you found a female don’t mean you found a wife. There is a difference. And the Bible says he who finds a wife, ladies, let me tell you something. The Bible says He who finds a wife, which means you don’t become a wife when you get married, if he finds a wife, that means you are one when he found you touch every woman you can touch and say, I’m a wife. I ain’t got no husband, but I’m a wife. Wife, me, wife me. Don’t date me, wife, me, I’m a wife. I ain’t got time for games.

Car. I’m driving, I bought it. Clothes I’m wearing, I bought it. Who got a birthday today? Anybody got a birthday today? Come here. Well, you raise your hand. You ain’t got to be telling the truth, but I want you to come up here. Here’s a book for you. I want to plant this book into your life because it is a book called The Shift. I wrote this book on the day the pandemic Hit America. Well, I should say it was released that day. I had a 3000 in-person venue scheduled. They had the stanchions up, they had all the books stacked up and then the city shut us down.

The entire time I had this book on the shelves, there were no stores open and yet we were still able to make Amazon’s bestseller list all the best exclusively online. So I prophesy to you as I lay this book in your hand, God’s going to bless you unconventionally and that things don’t have to be in order for you to get to where God wants you to be. I promise you he’ll do it. Come on, y’all give her hand. You know what I’m glad to hear? I sold into this building. My seed is in this ground and I’m standing in my harvest. Can y’all look at what the Lord has done? And God is not through with you. South Carolina ain’t seen nothing

Speaker 3 (00:05:41):

Pastor Keion (00:05:43):
What if I told you that this is the smallest you will ever be? I promise you that. Now I don’t say stuff just if you’re saying it because I fear God. I’m not the prophet that’s go around saying this is the smallest that this church will ever be and isn’t your final location. This may end up being the youth church. This may be the youth church, but this anointing can’t be contained and this kind of energy, see, you all are young enough to run 30 years before you get tired and the kingdom of heaven is going to have people at the helm of it that were like Jesus. Because all of you, according to society, you’re the rejected stones. You’re the generation that’s lazy, the generation that don’t know nothing. But let me tell you, God’s going to take the rejected stone and he’s going to make you the chief cornerstone if you believe it. I want you to make the devil mad and I want you to clap like his head is in between your hands and give God the glory in this place today. Come on, you can do it. Hallelujah.

Alright, we getting ready to preach? I don’t have to feel bad about you standing because y’all got on Jordans anyway, so you good? You’re good, you’re good. So let’s look at two kings chapter 13 verse 14. Two kings chapter 13 verse 14. Let’s just find out anybody got a real Bible in here? Anybody got a real, all the real bibles go up. I remember preaching. All I had was a Bible and some tight notes and we got absent, all that kind of stuff. But I want to share something. I got to read this one out of the King James version of the Bible. I just like the way it sound. I like the way it sound. And we’re talking about the death of Elijah, the prophet.

The Bible says Now Elijah was sick. Everybody say he was sick and this sickness would eventually lead to his death. And Joe asked the king of Israel, came down unto him and wept over his face and said, oh Father, my father, the chariot of Israel and the horsemen thereof. And Elijah said unto him, take bow and arrows. And he took them and he said to the king of Israel, put your hand on the bow. And he put his hands up on it and Elijah put his hands up on the king’s hands and he said, open the window eastward. And he opened it and then Elijah shot the arrow and he said, the arrow of the Lord’s deliverance and the arrow of deliverance from Syria for thou shall smite the Syrians in affect until thou have consumed them. I want to skip down a couple verses just to contribute to the brevity of time.

The Bible says in verse 19, and the man of God was Roth with him and said, thou should have smitten five or six times. He only did it three times, but he should have done it more. Somebody said, you should have done it more, done it more. I was thinking about that family that’s moving here from South Dakota and Tyrone Googled it in the back. How many of y’all drove to church And be honest, I need you to be completely honest. You almost didn’t come when you thought about all that it would take for you to get here. Just raise your hand. That’s perfectly fine until you think about the fact that they drove 22 hours and 14 minutes and I know you can’t do that all at one time, which means they stopped somewhere, got some rooms, went to sleep, but they kept striking how many times they had to go to the gas station.

You know how many Doritos is in the backseat of that car right now, but they kept coming. They kept coming, they kept coming. Don’t you ever allow the distance to your destiny to deter you from getting there When God says you are supposed to be a place, if it takes you 22 hours, if it takes you 22 hours, you get there because God will do something for you at the right place, at the right time and in the right season that you cannot get where you currently are and that family, I praise God for you because God is getting ready to turn everything around in your life and everything you’ve been praying for has been connected to this ministry the entire time. He struck the ground three times. The prophet told him you should have done it five or six times and pastor told you earlier what this message is about. It’s for people who feel like your efforts are not producing fruit, but I promise you that weight on the Lord will renew their strength. That means you got to keep coming and you got to keep going. You may be seating the presence of the Lord. I want to talk today on this subject. I’m just simply going to call it, I’m on strike. I’m on strike. Everybody just touch your name and say I’m on strike. I’m on strike. I’m on strike.

So recently my wife and I, we went to Los Angeles and I took her there to go see her mother for the summer. We went and we stayed at a hotel and we got to the hotel, pastor Travis. We walk up to the counter and things are different in the hotel than they normally are. Went to this hotel on multiplicity of times. It’s very consistent. That’s why we go and when we walked in the piano, the guy with the afro and the white jacket, he wasn’t over there playing and the bar that’s normally stopped with attendance and people sitting around it ordering and eating food, they were not there either. We looked around, didn’t know what was going on, but we went up to the front desk and we checked in and immediately upon checking in they gave us a sheet of paper and said sorry for the inconvenience.

We don’t have a full staff $250 off per night and a $100 food and beverage per diem that you can use. But I’m sorry we don’t have room service because we don’t have nobody to bring it to you. You’re going to have to come down and get it. Oh, and when you come down and get it, you may have to wait a long time because we don’t have any waiters now. I’m like, let’s get out of here. I don’t want to stay. But they talked us into staying and they told us the reason why they were not at full capacity is because the workers were on strike and we realized that if we had switched hotels, things would’ve been the same everywhere we went because the entire hospitality industry in the city was on strike.

There was nowhere we could go where people in that industry would not tired. There was nowhere we could go. We couldn’t go anywhere where people in that industry, in the city we were in there was nowhere we could go to change our situation because a group of people got together and decided that they were not going to take the wages and the treatment and whatever else it was that they were dealing with. They came together and they decided as a union we’re not tanking anymore. We checked out, we went back home. My wife went back a month later to the same hotel she got back there and this time a man was playing the piano. This time the bar was open but they were still on strike because every once in a while people will start out with you but they won’t finish with you.

Some of the people who were in the strike, they didn’t have the courage to keep striking. They didn’t have the money to not get paid. They hadn’t set their life up ahead of time to handle a strike. So they had to go back to something they didn’t like or love early because they didn’t prepare their lives for the long haul, but they were still on strike. And my wife was frustrated because at six o’clock in the morning they were out chanting and shouting and screaming on bullhorns for 30 days and I don’t know, maybe if we were to go back right now, they will still be on strike because there are some things in your life that are worth you being violent for every single day until you get what God has for you.

I’m afraid we live in a time where if we get a job and we’re not the boss in 30 days we deem this ain’t the job got God got for us. I fear that we live in a day that if we join the praise team and we don’t have a solo in two weeks, this ain’t the church God wants us to go to. I feel like we live in a day and time that when you join the church you expect everybody to know your name the moment you get here, there are too many people for us to know your name right away. And by the way, instead of leaving church because people didn’t speak to you, how about you speak to somebody.

We live in a time but nobody wants to do what it takes over and over and over and over again. Anybody. I’m going to tell you the best movie ever made, ever made and I don’t care what you got to say about it, it’s the fine heartbeats. Now I dare you say something. I come out there and fight you right now. It’s the best movie ever made. Say something. Y’all remember when they were writing that song We haven’t finished yet. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you ain’t real. You ain’t real, you ain’t saved. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, your salvation might be up for question. They were writing a song called We haven’t finished yet and they kept balling it up and throwing it away and balling it up and throwing away and eventually they wrote a song out of the pieces.

They grab one sheet of paper out of the garbage can another sheet of paper off the top bunk bed, another sheet of paper because your life will be made out of your broken piece. Slap your neighbor and say, I just found out that he’s intentional never failing. All things are working together for my good. Touch your name and say pick up the pieces. You have to pick up the pieces. You got to pick up the pieces. God is writing the script of your life even though your life is in shambles, what your daddy didn’t do. That’s a chapter what your mama didn’t do. And let me tell you something, oftentimes you’re angry at your parents for what they didn’t do, but you need to reassess and realize it isn’t what they didn’t do. It’s what they didn’t have to offer.

Because if you go back and check the Bible, there was a man named Phi who was dropped. He was handicapped by the time he had children. Sometimes your parents are not advocating their responsibility. They’re only responding to the dysfunction of the person that them before they became your mama. God writes your script out of the pieces. You remember when you got fired from that job. That’s a chapter you remember when you had the repossession? That’s a chapter. Remember when you had more outgoing than you had income? That’s a chapter. How many of y’all grew up broke? Lemme see your hand. I’m talking about broke. I’m talking about the kind of broke we were where a center bond was bred with butter in the middle. You put it in the oven, sprinkle some sugar on it and then put some cinnamon on it and that was called cinnamon.

Oh ain’t I knew y’all was rich in Columbia, South Carolina, but I grew up where we had a cast to iron skillet and we used to fry bologna and the way you knew it was done, it would puff up in the middle. Oh, oh, looked like somebody in that grew up on the rough side of the mountain. I’m talking about lemonade was lemon juice and sugar and now I know how to budget my money. I came from a mama who didn’t have any chapter. Chapter. If you are paying attention to life, it is teaching you lessons. The problem with most of us is we go through life as a teacher and not as a student.

Touch your neighbor. Say pay attention. Pay attention. Pay attention. Pay attention. You need to even be paying attention to who God strategically sat next to you today. Because while you acting stuck up and can’t speak to nobody, they might be the answer to the miracle you looking for. Look at your neighbor. Say, I ain’t trying to holler, but what’s your name? What you do for a living? I got something that God needs to do in my life and I can’t do it by myself. And I’m wondering have we been strategically put beside each other to get to the next level?

So just look at ’em and say, what’s your name? What’s your size? What you do, boo. I’m just trying to figure out now if you single, I am too and we can talk about that after service. But as for right now, when we got to that hotel, they didn’t give us those accommodations. They love us. We’ve been there before. They ain’t never gave us nothing. They gave us what they gave us because we were affected by the strike. Trying to figure out are you going to strike the ground so hard that people need accommodations for what’s about to happen?

Oh, I ain’t talking to nobody. I just need every row, every row to get a representative because everybody on your row ain’t going to get this. I need everybody on your row who’s ready to strike the ground. I need you to inform everybody in your section. This is a praising section. Just tell ’em this is a praising section. So if you’re going to sit there and look ashy and quiet, you can go sit on the floor. But as for me in my role, we going to praise the Lord. We going to strike the ground and let the devil know that we mad as hell too and we going to let the devil know we coming for our kids, our money, our marriage, our mental, our health. Him. Somebody shouted you, somebody shout, I’m coming for it. I’m coming for it. I didn’t drive all the way down two notch to act like a single party. I thought this was the club. I thought this was club two notch. I wanted to know is there anybody recognized that today is ladies night. I’m looking for about 500 women that recognize God is about to bring you out of something. I need every woman in here to shout in smack time.

The reason they went on strike is because the majority of the people decided we’re not settling for this. See, you can’t do this by yourself. Ma’am. One can chase a thousand, that’s the Bible. Two can put 10,000 the flight, which means that I can only do a thing by myself, but if I connect with his faith, I can deal with my demons, his demons, his sister’s demons, his mama’s demon, his cousin’s demons. Watch this and his future demons. You need to find somebody you can connect with and tell him, I’m going to be pulling on you all day. Tell him I’m going to be pulling on you all day. I got generational curses. I’m trying to break. I’m going to be pulling on you all day. I’ve been to therapy that didn’t work. I’ve been depressed. That didn’t work. I took medicine that didn’t work. I’m going to try something different this season. I’m going to strike the ground with somebody who ain’t jealous of me with somebody who ain’t mad with somebody who ain’t trying to get ahead of me.

Have you found the right neighbor yet? Have you found it? Because some of y’all neighbor, I’m looking at some of y’all neighbor, they like some of y’all neighbor ain’t ain’t trying to do nothing. I need you to. I’m telling you, we almost done. You need to find somebody and tell ’em I’m going to be pulling on you all day. I need something from God that I cannot get by myself. I got money coming but I don’t know how to manage it. I got money but I don’t know where the investment. So if I take your knowledge and my money, we can both blow up. Do I got somebody and you can’t do this cute.

You can’t strike. Did you all see pastor when he took that sledgehammer to strike that wall, you got to put your energy in the striking something he was playing around. He was wiggling his ass. But the truth is he knew how heavy the tool was so he had to do what he had to do to get it off the ground. And did you see how he was dressed? Because you can’t strike word about how you look that your feet hurt. But let me tell you something. If you want something, your mascara going to have to end up on the bottom of your chin. If you want something, your makeup going to have to end up on a towel if you want something. I’m just looking for the desperate people. I’m looking for the hungry people. Somebody shot. I’m going on Striker. I’m coming for what’s mine come hell or high water? I’m going to get it.

The reason you strike something is you’re trying to disturb something. That’s why I’m believing Quiet church, you can’t disturb nothing. Some people want to come to church and they want to real package pastor. They want to give us a song and all of this rowdiness and it’s not the way God wants it to be. And I’m going to tell you right now, you got to stop making all that noise. It don’t take all of that. How you going to tell me what it take? How you going to tell me what it take until you’ve been through what I’ve been through? Don’t tell me what it take to get what I’ve been through. Hell, high water, depression, divorce, anxiety, almost committed suicide. And thanks be to God that I’m here. I’m not going to be quiet now. I wasn’t quiet when I was struggling. I wasn’t quiet when I was in pain. I wasn’t quiet when I was stressed out. Let’s a redeem of the Lord. Shout in this place today. You know why I keep telling? See praise is a weapon and every time you shout, you strike. Okay, alright, lemme show you something. My biological father used to have a dog named King German Shepherd.

Speaker 4 (00:26:29):

Pastor Keion (00:26:30):
Black people, we just now getting used to dogs and that’s just because they’re getting little. Back in the day before the doodle and the Kudo and all that stuff when it was number, but pit bulls and Rockwell, y’all ain’t have no dog. You ain’t getting no dog until they got little. He had a German shepherd. I ain’t fool with him. Every time I came over there they had to put king up, that as king he liked to play and he was a little rough for my taste. And you know how when you don’t like dogs, they can just touch you. You feel like you got bit. Have you ever? They just wow.

And they put king behind the gate. Every time I came over this time I was messing with him doing like this and Kings said, that’s what king did. He bagged up and he ran into the door. Ain’t nobody scared of you. Do it again. King bagged up the door said. And that dog kept bagging up and running until that door, until it got wide enough for him to get through it. I’m talking to a king and a queen in this room. If the devil got it blocked, I want you to run into it until it open. I’ll dare you shout until it open. I’ll dare you. Jump until it open. Snap your neighbor, say open it, open it, open it, open it, open it, open it, open it, open it, open it, open it, open it.

Tell your neighbor when I move, you move just like that. If I jump, you jump just like that. If I run, you run just like that. If I shout you shout, keep striking it. Keep putting in your application until they hire you. Keep applying for the loan until somebody says, yes, pastor, when we got our church building, you’ve been there. Nobody will give a four year old church a loan. Y’all know about it. Okay? So we went to 10 banks. I don’t know how many y’all went to. Every one of ’em told ’em. Even the black bank told us no.

We thought for sure we going to the black bank. We black. They black. They said, Nope, you’re too black. You ain’t got no money. But I kept applying. I kept striking. I kept striking. So what I did is I went to the church where we at right now and I went in, it was a Hispanic pastor. There was Assemblies of God. We own 30 acres of land and when I went there now at the time, listen, you praising God, thank you Jesus. But our first offer was $796. I took $796 worth of faith to a $7 million building and I went in. I said, man, the Lord told me it’s on tape, it’s on tape. If it wasn’t on tape, I couldn’t say it. They videotaped it. I said, the Lord told me that this is our church.

He said, now I tell you what he’s right, but he didn’t tell you I’m the pastor. We’re supposed to merge so we’ll merge our churches. I’ll be the bishop and you can work under me. I said, he ain’t tell me that. He told me this was our church. He said, okay, well I’ll lease it to you. I’ll rent it to you. I said, for how much? He said, $12,000 a week. Now you can’t, right? And you can’t rent $12,000 a week when you ain’t made but $796. So he says, we can’t do it. So he told me, he says, what are your financials like? I told him how much money we had in the bank. He told me with $60,000. He said, man, you ain’t got enough money to turn the air conditioner on in this building. You can leave Now I’m from Gary, Indiana, so all of the thug came out of me.

I was like, so I start bagging up and I told him on the way out I said, I’ll be back. Oh yeah, brother, be back. I left. I came back three years to the date, came back three years later to the date. Pastor Rodriguez, how you doing sir? He said, are you back? You want to talk about renting? I said, no, you should have got me when you had me because last time you met me, I was a renter. I came back this time to buy it. I said, how much is the building for? He said, $8.9 million. I said, the Lord told me to pay 6.4. Now that was partly true.

The truth was it’s about this time I had already gone to the bank. I knew that the most I could get, Lord forgive me for my sins. I knew the most I could get was 4.4. I had 2 million so I put 2 million cash down on it, borrowed the other 6.4. He told me 8.9 I said, no. Came back 30 days later he said, 8.1. I said, did you have heard what I had said? I said, 6.4. He said, 7.9. I said, what part of 6.4 do you not understand? He said, 6.9. I said, you don’t have faith. I left.

30 days later he called me. He said, pastor, you still willing to make a deal at 6.4? I said, I don’t know. I don’t know. I’m feeling 5.6 s in this season. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. But even though I could have negotiated him down, I paid to price. The Lord told me to pay. Y’all better hear me. And as I was going to the center at the title company to close as I was on my way it was scheduled, they called me and told me that my mother was on the phone screaming and crying because my grandfather had just died. Now for some of y’all that might not mean, but my grandfather was my father. He raised me. So when he died, I almost died with him. I have to cancel the closing because I did not have the wherewithal to close that building. I recovered. 30 days later, went back to sign the papers and while I was signing, I look at my lawyer and his face changes. He doesn’t say anything to me. He waits until we get to the church building. He gives me the keys. I go in and I start running around the building. The Lord gave it to us and he’s at the back door. I said, man, you’ve been looking sad all day. What’s wrong? He said, your uncle died while we were closing on the building.

Three days later from there, his daughter, my oldest cousin, she died of a brain aneurysm all within 33 days. But I kept striking. I kept striking and now it’s time to have church. And so for people who take this kind of stuff for granted, it’s time to have church. I done spent all of the money on the building where they going to sit? Ain’t no seats but the ones he got, he wants to sell me 20 year old seats for $65 a piece. They were so dirty. You could see people’s heads. You know how you could see the brown people’s heads were in the seat. I said, you’re going to sell me 20 year old seats for 60. They’re $65 brand new. He thought he had me in a situation. He says, I said no. He said, okay. He takes the seats and put ’em in the storage. The storage flooded and dry rotted all the seats. We had our first service with everybody standing up and everybody gave $65. And I said, wherever you standing, I want you to buy a seat where you stand. And let me tell you right now, we’ve got 2,500 in that building, 1700 in the next building and a 200 seat overflow and four campuses and the building today, watch this. I paid 6.4 for it. Ask me what it’s worth now. 20 million.

You know why if you don’t stop striking, God won’t stop blessing. I need somebody in here right now to open up your mouth and begin to shout until God asks to it. Open up your mouth and shout. The Bible says the redeemed of the Lord ought to say so. Open up your mouth. Shout like you want it. Shout like it’s got your name on it. Shout like it belongs to you. Oh, and by the way, by the way, by the way, after I bought it, the building that he had that was flooded where he was going to go and have church that was flooded couldn’t go there. So guess what happened?

Guess what happened? Now I’m written it back to him. You don’t hear the words that are coming out of my mouth. God is going to make the lender the borrower. I prophesy that your enemy’s going to have to pay you rent. I prophesy. I don’t even know what I’m talking about right now. Who am I? I’m talking about Elijah at the time of the text. Elijah is a hundred yo, but the thing about it is it has been 50 years since the Bible has recorded anything that he’s done. This was a word for everybody. Now you ain’t going to shout on this one, but this one is more important than anything I just said.

We haven’t heard from him in 50 years and all of a sudden he pops up on the scene because let me tell you something, young people, especially for you, you have to have a season in your life where nobody knows what you’re doing. Y’all post everything. You post your waffles, you post your mimosas, you posting your location, you posting your address and your license plate number and you don’t even know. You just post everything and everything ain’t what it posts to be. You got to have some secrecy in your life. Stop meeting somebody and then showing the whole world who you dating two days later and then get mad because somebody calling you a name because you done posted five different people in the last month. If you keep your business, your business, oh, I knew you was going to get quiet because you’re trying to be a part of an algorithm and the only thing you’re doing is showing the devil where you’re headed.

It ain’t worth the likes, it ain’t worth the followers. There has to be a season where nobody knows what you up to do. You know why it took pastor until his mid thirties to open this church? It’s because God was developing him like all pictures in the dark. We don’t like darkness, but ask the seed. It’s not a grave, it’s planting. You got to have a season and you’re going to have to deal with this. You’re going to have a season where you ain’t. You not going to know what God is doing. Am I supposed to move or am I supposed to stay?

Do I buy a house or do I stay in this apartment? Do I stay on this job or do I give him the deuces and go get another one? I don’t like my boss, but God says, see if you could just strike the ground, you could be the boss. If you just, how committed are you to getting not what you want but what God has for you? Everybody in this room got a dream. Everybody in this room at one time or another, they started reading a book. They didn’t finish. Everybody in this room at one point in time called on God and prayed. But the difference between the ones who will get it and the ones who want are the ones who will.

Now you’re developing calluses. I don’t play as good as your pastor, but I do play the league guitar and I’m telling you right now, the only way you can play it effectively is when you lose the feeling in your fingers. I almost quit when I started because I could feel it, but I kept playing through the hurt. I kept playing, I kept practicing and sooner or later I found out that I couldn’t feel what I used to feel and now I can do what I used to could not do because when you live your life and your feelings, you are doomed to stay where you are.

You got to do it. Anyway, I stand on this stage, the son of a pastor and my mother and father had me and my sister while my father was still married to his wife, I was in the church sitting on the front row as a minister at the age of 14, watching my father claim all of his other children and looking over me as if I wasn’t in the room when I was 12 years old. I finally got the courage to go up to him and say, argue my father. And he told me yes. I said, when were you going to tell me? He said, eventually. I said, it hurts me every Sunday to sit in church and listen to you tell fathers what they should do with their sons and you’ve never paid child support for us. I’m 12 talking to him like this. You never came to a basketball game. My mama and I are catching a bus and you driving Cadillacs. And that man looked me in my face and said, if it hurts you too bad, you might need to go to another church.

And I came back the next Sunday and sat on the same row because watch this, even though he wasn’t a good father, he was an amazing pastor. See, sometimes you have to be taught by people who ain’t teaching so you can learn the lesson of what God wants you to do. And most of us miss our miracle because we can’t be taught by people who hurt us. And so I kept coming back so away with this depression. Y’all just, this generation’s killing me. You’re too hurt to do anything. You just can’t make it. Come on, talk to me somebody. It’s hard out here.

You got to strike but you got to fight. Pastor and I was just talking about this, my wife and I, we live on the 28th floor of the place we stay so I can see on top of all of the buildings in our area, I can see on top of them and everybody in here at some point in time wants to get to the top. But lemme tell you, I look at the top of buildings all day. Ain’t nothing up there but air conditioning units, wires and dirt, you going to mess around and get to the top and find out ain’t nothing up there. The blessing of life is the journey coming from the bottom to the top. Can I get anybody to praise God because you ain’t there yet. Anybody want to give him glory? You have not yet arrived. But there is something beautiful about going from the bottom to the top.

Touch your neighbor. Say, I’m going from the bottom to the top. Now if your neighbor didn’t talk to you, then that’s somebody you don’t need to talk to. When you get where you’re going, the person who didn’t just talk to you, the next time you get where you’re going, look at ’em and say, back then you didn’t want me. Now I’m hot. You all on me. If you ain’t going to holler at me with a bus pass, don’t holler at me when I get a Bentley. If you ain’t going to holler at me in this studio, don’t holler at me when I’m in a mansion.

So whatever I got, and the Lord has blessed me. I heard it. I struck the ground for I didn’t quit when I felt like giving up When I got a divorce and I was embarrassed, I still came to the podium and said what? Thus said the Lord and didn’t allow my personal business to bleed into my sermon. Nobody came to see me bleed on them. They came to get a word for their life. Can you lead while you bleed? Oh, I’m helping somebody. This ain’t even the same sermon I preached this morning, but I know the Lord is pulling this out of me because there’s some great people in this room who have great potential and God is going to do great things with you, but you can’t live out of your feelings and you can’t live out of your heart and you can’t live out of your past. You’re going to have to strike the ground and recognize that God has something bigger than your demons and your devils and your despair.

You ain’t been through nothing that other great people haven’t been through. Stop letting your tragedies make excuses for you. Stop allowing your tears to get you stuck. You got to cry and do it anyway. You got to be scared and do it anyway. You got to be broke and fight. You got to be insecure not liking the color of your skin, the size of your nose and do it anyway. Touch your and say you might not like it but God got somebody who like it just like this. You might not like it but God got somebody who like it just like this. You might not like my skin color, but God got somebody who like my skin color. You might not like my size, but God got somebody who liked my size. You ain’t got to go on no diner to get no husband. That’s somebody who like it just like you got it baby. You just got to have the courage to be yourself.

Everybody who got breath in your lungs shall fight. I said say it again. Fight. Fight. Don’t be scared. What you scared of. What you scared of the least that could happen is you don’t fail, but you’ve done that before. The least that could happen is it doesn’t work. But you’ve been through that before and every time you got through a hard time and said, I don’t know how I’m going to make it. God brought you through and you’re standing here today. I told You’all to sing the hill only because he made a way. You’ll move mountains. You’ll cause with his power. He’ll perform miracle. There ain’t nothing.

That’s why I’m standing here today only because he made a way slap your neighbor. Say he made a way. Not only did he make a way, but he made a way out of no way. I need 50 people to identify yourself. If you thought your life was over, if you thought it was over, but you finally have the energy to continue to strike the ground, I need you to open up your mouth and give God the glory. I can’t hear you forward city. I said, open up your mouth and give him the glory. I feel something about to happen now watch this. He told him, I need you to point your arrow where you read your Bible. He said, point your arrow in the east. We already did the work for you. The east is that way. I need everybody in here to aim your praise in that direction. There is some property that’s yours in that direction. There is something that God wants you to own, but it’s in that direction. Your next car, it’s in that direction. Your next business opportunity is in that direction. Open up your mouth. Grab a neighbor by the hand, shout neighbor. Open up your and give God the glory because there’s something coming from the east.

Oh, by the way, by the way, you know where Jesus was born and there was a start. What direction did it come from coming from the east? I don’t know who I’m talking to, but wherever you go in the next 30 days, I want you to look east and shout. It’s coming. It’s coming. It’s coming. It’s coming. Help me. Holy Ghost. I don’t care. Some of y’all going to go to the grocery store. I want you to take out your phone and find out what east is. I want you to shout on nine out pointing to the east. It’s coming. It’s coming. I want you to make everybody think you crazy everywhere you go, wherever you go. Find Easton. Shout. It’s coming. It’s coming.

I got to let y’all go. I got to let you go. I don’t know what to do next. I just got to let you go. I I got to let you go. East Africa. Oh Lord. Oh lord. We got the east standing right here. I’m telling you right now, wherever you go, I want you to find out where east is in your house. You better hear what up. Listen, this is what I’m telling you. Go home, find out where east is in your house. Take your student loan debt and point it east. Oh, oh, oh oh. Because I prophesied God’s about to erase student debt. If you believe it, give it a labor high five and shout, I got a word for you. Debt free. Debt free debt free debt free debt free debt. Free debt. Free debt. Free debt. Free debt free debt free debt free sha. Yeah, that’s find wherever the east corner of your house is. Every time you got something you can’t peak, just drop it in the east corner and say pay it in full.

I want you to point all of your efforts in the east. Watch this. The reason he told ’em to point it in the east is because that’s the direction where they had their last defeat. The last time they lost the war to the Syrians. It was in the east and the Bible says in one and two kings that the more bikes and the Syrians said, we ain’t got to worry about the Israelites because the last time we fought them, the only reason why they beat us is because they were in the mountains and God is the God of the hills. He said, but if they fight us in the valley, we will surely beat them. God says, oh yeah, so God allowed the next fight. Come here Goliath to be in the valley of Eli and they fought the next battle in the valley and they won there too because God won’t show enemies to know there. Wherever you show up, all you do is win. Tell your neighbor, I’m going to win whether I’m up, I’m going to win. Whether I’m down, I’m going to win broke. I’m going to win Rich, I’m going to win married. I’m going to win. If I’m single, there is nothing that is too hard for God.

You got to have the courage to go back and show up and fight where you used to lose. That means you might have to go back and be able to have a conversation with the person who broke your heart because you can’t move on until you win where you lost. You know the person that tried to destroy you, you’re going to have to go back in black. It was good that I was afflicted, that I might learn the statues of God. It’s all good. You got to go back where you were hurt and win again. You got to go back where you quit and win again. You got to go back where you feel you don’t fit.

Why did God use a bow and arrow? He’s trying to show you? You don’t understand me. You think this means you lose him? He said, but your whole life I was pulling you back. God, I can’t take no more. Yes you can. God, if you don’t, yes, you can stay with it. They that weight on the Lord shall renew that strength. You can take it. God says, I’m pulling you back so I can push you forward. You missed it. That’s why you joined forward city all of your life. You’ve been touch with him. Say, all of my life I have to fight. God was pulling you back until you hooked up with forward city and God says, I’m about to shoot you into new dimensions. I’m about to shoot you into new levels. I’m about to shoot you into other places. Watch this. Nobody in your family has ever done what you’re about to do next.

God is breaking curses. Breast cancer is about to skip a generation. Thyroids fibroids right now, there’s at least five women here right now. Your fibroids are so bad you don’t even have energy when you wake up in the morning. Somebody has 16 of them. I don’t know who I’m talking to. 16 of them. You got 16 of them, 16 of ’em. They’re taking all of the blood out of your stream. God says, I’m going to draw ’em up. I’m going to up. I’m up, I’m up. Listen to me. He eventually dies. Not only is he dead, but he’s really dead because the Bible says that the only thing that is left are the bones of Elijah.

You know how long you got to be dead for all of the flesh to be gone? Can you smell it? The stench of death as soon as he died, the Moabites attack. See, you don’t understand how much your presence in your family’s life means protection. I’m going to tell you something. Your pastor should be dead. It’s some medical fact. Lemme say he did die. I always ask myself, how in the world does a baby live from falling that many stories to the ground? But when I met that praying mama, so God knew he would fall out of a window and he knew that prayer would revive him. So in Eternity’s past, he made sure that his mother was a prayer warrior to ensure that the gift didn’t die from the fall.

You will not die from this. And now the child who swallowed his tongue is now using his pen and his tongue to bless the world because duh, the devil was trying to get his voice before he got started. No weapon formed against you. Even if it’s a four story fall, maybe you need to fall before you can stand. The Bible says Elijah was dead and they were doing a funeral and the boy bites came to attack them and they were looking for a place to run because they were afraid and they were carrying the body as Paul bearers and when they seen the moabitess coming, they just threw ’em in the first grave they could find and it just so happened to be Elijah’s grave. The Bible says, as soon as the man’s body touched Elijah’s bones, he stood up in his grave. The reason why you can’t get that imagery is because the graves in Israel are not like ours.

The graves in Israel are above ground. They’re concrete blocks and tall enough for people to stand in. They don’t bury their dead beneath the ground. They bury them above the ground and he stood up in his grave all because he touched somebody, listen, who was dead but still had ministry. Some of y’all feel dead now and you’re still powerful. You feel dead inside and you still have enough anointing to make other dead things live. I need everybody to just touch your neighbor and say, neighbor, listen. Don’t touch ’em yet. Say when I touch you, touch. It is a sign from God. It’s a sign from God that everything in your life is about to be resurrected. Don’t touch ’em yet. Don’t touch ’em. Don’t touch because you might be next to somebody who ain’t ready for this anointing. If they haven’t been striking the ground in worship all day long, they don’t deserve it.

I want you to find somebody who’s been worshiping all day and I want you to take thy right hand and I want you to lay your right hand on somebody and say, well not touch you. I’m calling everything in your life to life. Your daughter will not be addicted to drugs. Your son will not be in a gang. No harm will come to your family. Lay your hand on them right now. Lay your hand on them. Lay your hand on them. I prophesy miracles in your life. I prophesy that sickness will disappear. I prophesy miracle signs in wonders. No weapon formed against you will prosper. Cancer will leave your family brain. Tumors will dry up. No heart attacks, no strokes. Hypertension coming down. Hallelujah. The name of Jesus Glory to the name of the Lord. Something’s about to be released in this room. Something’s about to be released in this room. Something’s about to be released in this room. I feel the Holy Ghost. I feel the Holy Ghost coming. Come on, keep praising them in the spirit. Open up your mouth. Shaak the Lord. The devil has your son on his hit list the daughter on his hit list, but God says, I’m reversing the curse, son. Behold I do a new thing. Come on forward city. Come on, forward city.

Hallelujah. Come on. Holy Ghost, have your way in this place. Come on. Holy Ghost, have your way in this place. The devil had a car accident playing for you after the service. God says, because you couldn’t stop striking. The accident has been canceled. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. The enemy was going to break into your house, but God is going to block it because you’ve been striking the ground. I need somebody over the next 30 seconds to open up your mouth and make hell nervous. Open up your mouth and give God the glory. I can’t do this one for you. This is for you. I’m going to live at your address. Your children are not my children. I don’t need the miracle you need. I don’t need the blessing you need, but you are one praise away.

God said. One more strike. Just one more strike. Just one more strike. Just one more strike. One more strike. One more praise. One more. Hallelujah. One more. Thank you. Jesus. Strike it. Strike it. Strike it. Strike it. Strike it. Strike it. Strike it. Strike it. Strike it. Strike it it. Strike it. We almost there. We almost there. The angel is troubling the water. The angel is troubling the water. There’s a miracle in the room. The angel is there. Somebody shout the ass. Give your neighbor high five and say, the miracle is in the room. The miracle. It’s in the east.

Somebody in the east, there’s a miracle. What’s your name on it? I know you tired. I know you ready to go, but God says you could have struck five or six times. You are only on your third strike in this game. Three strikes ain’t out. Strike out again. That’s your fourth strike. Your fifth one got to be better than your fourth one. Strike again. That’s your fifth strike. Six is the number of man. Strike again. Seven is a number of completion. Strike again. I got one more. Eight is the number of new beginnings on this eighth shout. I need you to shout like your life depended on it. Shout, shout, shout, shout. Shout. Chef. Chef.

Tell the whole church I’m going on track. I’m going on strike. I’m not comfortable. I’m not satisfied. Hit it until it opens. Don’t you quit. Strike it again. Keep on. Strike. Strike. Strike. Strike. Strike now. Open up. You ain’t got no organ on your job. You don’t have no organ in your house. You don’t have an organ at the family reunion. You going to have to learn to do this one on your own. Strike. Strike. Next time the devil back your the corner and you’re not comfortable with the wages and you ain’t comfortable with the stages. Don’t strike.

Don’t strike until you come to terms with what you deserve and know that you got so much power that if you just touch it, it shall live again. You believe that. Lift your hands. It’s going to lift. We give you all the glory. Lift your hands. We worship you. Say it one more time. We give you all we give you. Lord. We worship you. You are worthy to come on and open your mouth and sing it like you. Man. We give you one more time. No music. Look your eyes and say, we give you. Just keep striking tired. Strike fatigue. Strike. I promise you the race is not given to the swift nor the strong, but the one that do it to the end. If you just keep striking, it won’t open.

Jesus took 39 of them. He was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquities. The chastisement of our peace was placed upon him and by his we we’re healed. Just keeps tracking it. Hammer it until it opens. Until you bleed. Eventually it’s going to turn around. It’s going to turn around. Touch your neighbor and tell ’em it’s going to turn around. Look at the other neighbors. Matter of fact, turn around and do it sooner or turn in. Boy. Yeah, turning around it. Don’t always be hug yourself, Lord will protect daddy, which it’s going to turn in your face.

It’s going to turn around. It’s one more time. You, God. God. Sooner or later, sooner or later, they’re going to turn, I promise you that you can beat the devil with what you got left. You didn’t need all of what you thought you were going to need to win anyway. Okay. He left you with 50 horsemen and 10 chariots. You got enough left to win. I promise you. If you don’t believe me, look at me. I am out of pure poverty. My mother made $6 an hour when she was making the most money she had ever made.

She raised four kids in the two bedroom. She didn’t have a car until I was in middle school and like pastor’s mother, once her relationship was over, she never remarried. She just raised us, kept us in church, taught us how to tithe, taught us how to respect our elders. Yes ma’am. No sir. Baptized at the age of six. I remember when she finally did get us a new house. It was so roach infested that we had to set off raid bombs in the house eight hours before we could move in it. We came in and saw roaches all over the ground, and it was the first time that I knew my mother really had a standard that I’d never seen. She said out loud, she says, all kids can’t live in this. We used to have to sleep with tissue on our ears and hats on our head to make sure that no bugs were crawling our ears from there to here. It’s only because I never stop striking. Can I leave you with this eye? Don’t feel no waste time. I’ve come too far from where I start, started from. Nobody told me the road would be easy, and I don’t believe he brought me to. Say it one more time. Welcome your pastor. Say, I don’t, I don’t, I don’t.

Speaker 1 (01:20:37):
I know I bought you a couple tennis shoes sneaker. I’m a sneaker head, so of course I got you a pair in the back, but as you were ministering, I felt an instruction from the Lord. And we, we want to bless your wife and yourself because we honor gifts. So of course there’s an honorarium, but I felt like the Lord said Travis. So where you want to go? And we give, we’re a generous church. We gave almost $800,000 away last year to churches, organizations, businesses. But I was there. I really felt this because man, the king struck three times and they say you should have struck five to six times and you’re on the stage and you said, you guys have four campuses. So I felt the Lord tell us to strike 5,000 per campus. So we’re also giving $20,000 to Lighthouse. I know y’all west, but we striking east in the direction

Pastor Keion (01:22:03):
Because it won’t be long before

Speaker 1 (01:22:05):
We have a campus on every corner of Columbia. I don’t need everybody. Give me 500 people and a 15 year old that’ll help me bless God for you. More campuses mean more leaders. I need you to lean on somebody and tell them I’m next. Can y’all help me bless God for the amazing gift, the prophetic impartation from Pastor Keon Henderson.

Pastor Keion (01:22:39):
Hey everybody. My name is Pastor Keon Henderson. I am the founder of an organization called Take Action. Now. People are always direct messaging me and texting me and saying, pastor, what are you doing? How can I be a part of what you’re doing? And I know everybody doesn’t want to be a part of the local church, but what if I told you I had a way for you to partner with me so that we can affect change throughout the world? Hence, take action now. A 5 0 1 C three nonprofit organization committed to advancing individual agency and social progress by protecting, strengthening and uplifting the underserved and disenfranchised throughout the world. We’re doing humanitarian things, teaching entrepreneurism, teaching home ownership and institutional inequities, cultural deficits. We have our ear to the ground and we need your help to make a difference, whether it is making a sizable donation to the estate of a young woman who lost her battle with cancer via the internet.

And we were able to make a difference there. Or whether it is in a underserved community in the Caribbean islands where the children were playing amidst rocks and glass and we came in and broke ground recently on the park so that athletes and cheerleaders and young people in that community can have a safe place to stir up the gift inside of them. Whether it is paying the utility bills in cold climates for seniors, or just helping basketball players get the proper uniforms of football players. It’s just us making a difference through financial literacy and technological empowerment and mentoring services. This is what we do, and all I’m asking you to do is become a partner with me right now, and I want you to go visit Take action now.org. Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today.