I’m Due!

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This message is for every person who has become discouraged in the process of waiting and has grown frustrated because it seems like God has forgotten about you. If you're ready to quit, this message is exactly what you need to keep going!

We're all on a journey with God and it will require a ton of faith and most importantly patience. We have to have faith to trust God in the "process" which is the most frustrating due to the lack of details. We have to have patience to endure how God chooses to groom us for our destiny while we’re on this journey.

Pastor Henderson explained how the Chinese Bamboo tree is one of the strongest and sustainable materials in the world. The journey of the Chinese Bamboo tree is truly unique because it takes at least 5 years of consistent watering before it breaks ground, and then it will grow 3-5 inches each day!

The Chinese Bamboo tree is the perfect example of why we must not become discouraged during the process even when we are unable to see what God is doing. The process requires us to keep going even when we haven't seen any growth no matter how long it may take.

Know that all of your experiences on your journey both good and bad, are all a part of God's plan to make you stronger for the next season just like the Chinese Bamboo tree. #survivethegroundtime

You may be feeling like your good efforts have gone to waste but Paul urges that we not become weary in well doing. Doing well aka not responding to destruction requires preparation to combat the tactics the devil will use.

1.Understand that the devil uses fatigue as a weapon to keep you from receiving the help that you need to unlock your breakthrough. #Staywoke

2. Life will throw various objects and obstacles your way and you must dodge them and keep doing the job. #dodgethespear

There is something BIG growing on the inside of you so avoid comparing yourself to others and their time frames. Your season of manifestation is coming and you're closer than you think. You must be patient and know that God has not forgotten about you, so keep on going!

Remember, just because you haven't seen it, doesn't mean God isn't working. Be Not Weary In Well Doing!


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