I’m All Of That


What's the recipe for becoming all of that? This message explored the importance of accepting change because your next dimension will require different forms of you.

Our struggle to change is the cause for the delay in God being able to release all that He has for us. In order for us to tap into our next dimension, we have to forfeit control and allow God to shake things.

Being "All of that" will require us to change forms just as God does. In order for God to accomplish his various missions on earth he had to change his form and become what was required for the task at hand. Changing forms is understanding that you will not be able to stay the same, or use your old way of thinking as you're ascending in your purpose.

Purpose is the reason why you were born and once you discover it, you will never have to worry about bills or money. Pursuing purpose will require you to continue to change forms just as God does because there is a higher calling that requires us all to be multi-dimensional beings.

Remember, you will only accomplish your highest potential in life by continuing to change forms without resistance just as Jesus did knowing that this is all part of God's plan for your life.


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