How Did I Get Here?

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Pastor Keion Henderson is the lead pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Houston, Texas Lighthouse is an organization that serves the body of Christ through our 5 pillars. We always ANTICIPATE a move of God in every experience, so we constantly set a great ATMOSPHERE, and we ACCEPT everyone through love. We believe the best way to impact people is by being AUTHENTIC to who we are and by taking ACTION to move everyone towards greater.

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Pastor Keion (00:00:08):
I believe that we owe God a praise today. I want to use one verse to stir your faith. Just one verse to stir your faith. How many of y’all need your faith stirred today? One verse that’s going to stir your faith and what I’m getting ready to tell you, this is good for you. This is good for your children, this is good for your children’s children. So we’re going to send this blessing backwards. Bible says in Deuteronomy chapter eight, verse 18, he says, but thou shalt remember the Lord thy God for it is he that giveth the power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant, which he swear unto thy fathers as it is this day for it is he who gives us the idea, the wisdom to create wealth. I almost called this sermon a million dollar idea because God is about to wake you up in the middle of the night. Let rephrase that. Some of y’all woke, you woke now, but you ain’t woke God about to wake you up while you woke. And some idea to change the trajectory of your life is going to hit you. This is happening to me right now. I got something I’m working on every time I look. See, when you focus on something, you’ll start to see it’s already all around you.

You are ignoring the signs because you haven’t zeroed in on your vision. I promise you, the moment you zero in on your vision, everything is going to start to speak to you. I promise you this is the truth. Every clue you need, you know how you’ve been struggling to name the business. Once you figure out what it’s going to be, all of a sudden the name is going to pop up because God’s going to give you the ideas to create wealth. And when you get there, it’s going to be stupid, crazy like you’re going to have so much, you’re not going to really know what to do. This is going to be the first time in your life. You have so much money, you’ve been scared, you’re going to have so much peace. You’re going to be afraid. See, this is what the devil’s going to trick. Your life is going to go so good that you’re going to be tiptoeing around trying to figure out when it’s going to fall apart. And I came even tell you it’s not. This is what God told me to tell you. After we finish this message, you’re going to be so blessed. You’re going to ask yourself the question, which is why I named this sermon. How did I get here?

How did I get here? I want you all to somebody just prophesy your purse and say, how did we get here? Just speak to it. Speak to your wallet, speak to your pocket, speak to your heart, speak to your mind. How did I get this peaceful? How did I get this happy? How did I get this tranquil? How did I get here? I was just depressed six weeks ago.

Speaker 2 (00:03:41):

Pastor Keion (00:03:42):
Did I get here? You may be seated in the presence of the Lord. So the book of Deuteronomy is written by Moses and Deuteronomy is according to some theologians, his farewell speech before he dies. Some refer to Moses as the escape artist. If you look at his life, he’s always getting out of something. He was born to a mother who couldn’t nurse him because Pharaoh wanted him dead. She puts him in the water. Pharaoh’s daughter gets him out of the water and raises him in the house. Escape artists, escape artists. He’s always getting out of trouble. And he writes Deuteronomy as his farewell speech and God gives him the brush. And Deuteronomy is what he paints. And as we look at this, one theologian says that this text, this chapter should actually be called, it’s called Deuteronomy, but one author said it should be called as I really am. And he goes on to say this book. He says, the reason why we should call this book as I really am is because when Moses paints the picture of Israel on the tapestry of Deuteronomy, he does it with all of the pimples and all of the freckles and all of the crow’s free and all of the impurities because you cannot give an actual portrait and leave out the blemishes.

And he goes on to say, the reason why Deuteronomy wouldn’t work in 2023 is because most people never post pictures of how they really look. Come on, y’all talk to me. When my wife and I were on the way to Africa, there was a lady sitting in front of me when I tell you she took at least 37 selfies of herself and I thought to myself, I said, now it’s you. It ain’t going to change. I don’t care. I mean, come on. How many of y’all ever seen they go,

Speaker 2 (00:06:10):
Come on.

Pastor Keion (00:06:19):
I like, why does it take you so long to find your angle? You’ve been with you all day long. You should know your angle. She’s snapping and snapping and then the picture she took, she put it in an app to retouch it because most of us don’t want images of ourselves out there that haven’t been retouched, which is why God allowed Moses to write the story about Israel because the photographer, his job is to capture you in the best image. But as he presents this to God, he says, for the first time I can’t cover

Speaker 2 (00:07:01):

Pastor Keion (00:07:02):
The blemishes. Because when you get where you’re going, I need you to remember where you came from. Come on,

Speaker 2 (00:07:11):
Come on Pastor.

Pastor Keion (00:07:14):
And how many people in here are always trying to erase the parts of your past that you don’t want anybody to remember? You sanitize and bleach where you are without letting anybody know where you came from, but the most important thing about you is not where you ended up. It’s where you came from. How many of y’all, if you look over your life, you ought to be shocked that you made it this far?

Speaker 2 (00:07:49):

Pastor Keion (00:07:49):
On. I mean, how many of y’all can think of at least two times where you almost went crazy three times where you almost killed somebody four times where you almost killed yourself? The beauty of your life is that you never gave up, that you never quit. And the truth is you have seen people

Speaker 2 (00:08:11):

Pastor Keion (00:08:13):
Under the same pressure that you carry. How many of y’all ever been through some hard stuff? I just want to know if I’m in the right place. Hard stuff. I don’t care if you’re 18 or 88, you’ve been through some hard things, but one of, and write this down, if you don’t hear anything else, I say one of the first steps towards maturity is accepting reality. I’m going to say it again because that’s the best I got today. One of the first steps towards maturity is accepting reality. If you accept where you are, you don’t deserve to go where you want to go. If I’m not good with money, I got to accept that

So then God can bless me with something to take care of. If I’m not good with patience, I’ve got to accept that If I’m not good at tranquility, I’ve got to accept that some people recharge in noise, some people recharge in stillness. Everybody’s different no matter what it is. And I’m not saying either is right or wrong, but I have to accept where I am. I have to accept who I am. I have to accept the way my mind works. I have to accept all of the trauma that brings me to the place that I’m at. So the first step towards maturity is not forgetting where I’ve been, it’s accepting where I am

And believing in the reality of where I am now. There are three essential elements that were crucial to Israel’s success and conquest of the promised land, which I believe ladies and gentlemen are the same three things that God is requiring from us today. Now, this is so important that it’s going to sound simple. It’s so important that many of you all are going to miss it because it doesn’t rhyme. It doesn’t have a whole lot of sexiness to it. It don’t have a lot of flare and you’re going to miss it because we are tuned to be excited about one hitter, quitters and those quotes that rhyme that everybody can use. But I’m telling you, what I am getting ready to give you are the three things that God asks from Israel. They’re the same three things that he’s asking from you and I today. And these three things will set you up to have the most successful Christian experience you could ever have. What I’m about to tell you will change your life. It is a lesson that is worth sitting your children down in a chair and saying, listen to mommy, listen to daddy. These are the three things that will change your life. It’s worth putting as a screensaver on your phone. It’s worth writing and marker on your mirror. It’s worth putting on a notepad.

It’s worth reciting every day, and I’m afraid that when I give it to you, you’ll be like is simple, but it is what God told Israel and it is what he told me to tell you today. He says, if you want to have a successful life, here are the three things you need to do. Read the word, remember the word and respond to the word I told you. They weren’t going to say nothing. I told you. That’s it. That’s it. Read the word, remember it, respond to it. There is nobody in the scripture that ever failed that heard the word, remembered the word and responded to it because the one thing that God cannot ignore is what he said. If God says give 10% and he’ll pour out a blessing on you, you don’t have room enough to receive. He can’t ignore that because he said it. God is actually obligated to obey himself. He cannot ask you to obey him and him disobey himself. So if God said it, you can count on it.

I’m going to prove it to you. I’m going to prove it to you throughout this message. These are the three most important things that you can ever teach anybody in your life. It is not about you. Eat right, eat healthy, exercise. All of that is important. But before you get to taking care of the physical body, you’ve got to take care of the spiritual body. And let me tell you, reading the word, remembering the word and responding to the word are the most three important elements in the entire universe. Are you here with me today? I’m going to prove it to you. The Bible says that God told Abraham to take his only son Isaac to a mountain. What would’ve happened if Abraham had heard the word and remembered the word and not responded to it? He would’ve never taken Isaac up the mountain.

Do you remember when the Bible says that God says to Samuel, go to Jesse’s house because I have taken my anointing from Saul and now I want to anoint another king. What if Samuel would’ve said, God, I’m not anointing today. I’m not going to. We would not have David. If we don’t have David, we don’t have Jesus. Come on church, come on church, come on church. You remember Ananias? The Bible says that God says to him, he says, get up and go to Judas house on straight street and ask him for a man named Saul. In fact, let’s go back a little further. You remember there was a little boy named Samuel who was born to a woman named Hannah and they were in the house of Eli who was the priest over the house, and the Bible says that God says Samuel and Samuel ignores him.

He goes back to Eli and says, Eli, did you call me? Eli said, I hadn’t opened my mouth. He went back and laid back down another voice said Samuel. Samuel got back up and said, Eli, did you call me Eli? I said, boy, I told you I’m asleep. How can I call you? And I’m asleep. He goes back to bed. The Bible says again, Samuel, he gets back up and goes to Eli. Eli says, if you come in here and ask me one more question, I’m going to knock you out. Samuel goes down and lays down, and then the Bible says The last time Samuel, Samuel gets up and says, God was that you? And God says, finally, because you are going to respond to somebody’s word, you just better make sure it’s God’s. You’re going to have to obey somebody even if it is yourself, there are somebody’s words that you’re going to hear. There are somebody’s words that you’re going to listen to, even if it’s yourself. And God says, I need you to pay attention to my word. He says, I don’t care what you hear on YouTube. I don’t care what you see on TikTok. The only success that will come to your life will be a result of remembering and responding to my word.

Nobody is excited about the only thing that works. If I told you to get up, slap your neighbor three times and it was a miracle going to fall out of the air. Y’all be shouting all over this place. Let me ask you what that miracle let it comes as a result of being obedient to the word of God. Watch this four times between Deuteronomy chapter eight and chapter 11, Moses says, remember the word another four times in the same four chapters. He says, don’t forget the word. Okay, so when I preach this sermon today, when you listen to a message, you only remember about five to 10%. If you go back and watch it again on YouTube, you will increase that to about 20%. If you actually listen and write notes, you’ll increase that to about 50% and if you listen to it over and over and over again, you can actually increase that to about 70%. That’s why David said thy word, have I hit in my heart that when stuff get hot, I can remember what you told me not to do. I’m paraphrasing, but reading the word, watch this. Reading the word helps you with your reactions.

It’s like if I give you a million dollars right now and the word says tithe and you read that over and over and over again, it’ll be like I give you the money and then you might have a struggle, but you’ll be like, man, a hundred thousand, man, you know what I can do with a hundred thousand? You could do anything you want to do with it, but the word tells you what you should do with it. And the only thing God is obligated to listen to and obey is his word. Y’all woke church, I got somebody say, obey the word. Say it again. Say obey the word. Now I’m getting ready to show you the four things that God does to test us to see if we are adhering to the word. Number one. Here it is, first point, God, test us. Everybody say, God, test us. How many of you ever been tested by God? Watch this. He says in Revelations two and 23, and all the churches shall know that I am he who searches the minds and the hearts. How many of you know God is searching right now searching your mind and your heart? Now before you get scared, he ain’t going to tell nobody

Speaker 2 (00:18:23):
Appreciate it

Pastor Keion (00:18:25):
And he already knows what he’s looking for. Let me read it to you, Jeremiah chapter 17, verse nine. He says, the heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. How many people go around talking about, I got a good heart. Find it in the Bible. The Bible says in Jeremiah that the heart is deceitful and beyond cured. So here’s the truth, there is no good people in this room. We’re all bad people who do good things sometimes. No, I got Bible. The Bible says there’s none good. No, not one. There is none good under the sun. Let me ask you anybody in here above the sun. So we are not good people. We are bad sin deprived people who do good things on occasion and some more often than others, but he says the heart is beyond cure. Listen, but he says, I have a plan for that now we’re getting ready to preach. He says, in order to expose what’s in the heart, me and the devil are going to have a tag team against you. I’m going to test you and the devil’s going to tempt you. Come on, come on, come on. See, I want y’all to understand for everybody who came to be entertained today, this is a Bible. Believe in church, we teach the Bible. I am not an artist. I don’t entertain. I preach the word of God. Okay? I can’t do what Johnny says. I can do all that, but we’re going to do that later, okay? Alright, so somebody say, test

Tempt the devil. Tempts but God test. James says that God will never tempt us because there is no evil in him. Come on, I need a Bible believe in church today. Now why is this important? Because whenever you are tempted, the word temptation means that I am giving you a set of circumstances with the intent of knowing you will fail. A test says I’m going to test you and give you the opportunity to make the right decision. So the devil tempts us with things that he knows we can’t resist. And anytime something comes up in your life that’s not good for you, that you struggle to get away from, that ain’t God that came from the devil because he wants you to fall on purpose so he can accuse God of your mistake. Now, for everybody here who’s a real G and ain’t fake in church today, you know that there’s something in your life that if it come up, I don’t care how many tongues you speak in, it is home. Come on now. Come on, I’ll let you boy. I mean every one of y’all got something, okay? Alright. Do me a favor. I can’t crack some of these soldiers in here. Look at your neighbor and say, ain’t no future in your front. I don’t know why you sitting up in here acting like you ain’t got something that if it came in here right now, you’ll forget everything that’s going on. If Calvin coming here right now,

And it ain’t always a person, sometimes it’s a substance and you know it’s a temptation and a substance because you always make excuses for it. God know my heart. He knows my heart.

Somebody say temptation, temptation. Most of us live on temptation island. The devil always tempting and tempting and God says, I’m never going to tempt you. I’m going to test you on the knowledge that you have and then I’m going to give you an opportunity to succeed. And if you don’t, I’m going to cover you by grace and then I’m going to give you the test again as if you haven’t taken it and I ain’t going to let nobody know what you did. I’m going to cover you in my secret place and then I’m going to test you again and I’ll continue to test you until you pass. Anybody glad he’s a might good teacher. God says, I’m going to test you but I’m never going to tempt you. Why? Because there is no evil in my heart. Remember in one Corinthians 13 when he was teaching us about love, remember he says in chapter 10 he says, there have no temptation

Which is coming to man and God will always provide a way off, which means a way of escape, which means that God, this is how good he is. Whenever the devil builds a temptation around you that he knows is going to trap you because God is the master engineer, he tells the devil, I will not okay your plans if you don’t put any exits in it. You miss what I just said. You miss what I just said. Can I say it again? Let me use Job for a moment. Jesus. God says to Satan, he says, have you considered my servant Joe? Which means that most of you all have been volunteered by God for the struggle you’re in. God looked at every one of y’all said, have you considered Alvin? Have you considered Calvin? Have you considered Ed? Have you considered Johnny? Have you considered Sarah? Have you considered he called you by name and then the devil said, oh, that’s a good idea. I would, but you done put a hedge of protection around him. Devil says, if you remove that hedge, I believe I can get to him. God says, all right, hedge remove, go do your thing. He says, oh, by the way, you can touch everything but on the person him.

Y’all don’t read no Bible. He says on the person himself, you can’t lay your hand. He says, yeah. He says, watch I make ’em curse. You

Speaker 2 (00:24:57):

Pastor Keion (00:24:58):
And if he curses you, you got to kill him. God says, all right, let’s go. Lost 10 kids, 10, all of his children died, all of his cattle. He was the richest man in the east. All of his money, his wife turned on him and said, you ought to curse your God and die. His friends walked out on him and Job stood in the midst of all of that temptation knowing that there was an escape, and he says, though, you slay me

Speaker 2 (00:25:38):

Pastor Keion (00:25:39):

Speaker 2 (00:25:41):

Pastor Keion (00:25:42):
Trust you? Can I get somebody to high five somebody and tell them though he slay me though I’m broke, though I’m sick, though I’m lonely though I’m single yank. How many of y’all got the count of praise that says no matter what, whatever my lock thou has taught me,

Speaker 2 (00:26:12):

Pastor Keion (00:26:13):
Is well. So God never tempts. Watch this. Don’t sit down, don’t sit down because those of y’all who standing up, y’all ain’t going to have no fakes in a minute it’s going to be a real standup. You know why God doesn’t tempt is because temptation and love cannot come from the same source. Look at me, look at your pastor. Record this because I know they’re going to put it out there and I’m going to say it again. Anybody who sets you up to fail and to expose you can’t love you. You heard what I said and before I take it back, anybody who exposes you, who did the dirt with you and then wants to expose you like you did it and they were absent, people who love you can test you, but anybody who sets you up to fail cannot love you. I got more Bible who need more Bible. Okay, what does the Bible says? Love, love covers a multitude of sin, which means if I love you, I’ll cover your nasty, naked, dirty, trifling butt. That’s why God says I love you and I’ll throw your sins into the sea of forgiveness because one of the marks of true love is amnesia.

You can’t love me. No, no, I will prove it to you in the Bible, the Bible says in one Corinthians chapter 10, verse 13, he says, love keeps no record. You can’t be up here tabulating me and you love me. So love is actually defined professional.

Speaker 2 (00:28:39):
Wow, that’s that’s good. Pastor.

Pastor Keion (00:28:43):
How many of y’all have been married 30, 40, 50 years? Raise your hand Jesus in deface. What is wrong with my mind? Baby Tammy here. They ain’t been married 30. How long y’all been married? 39 years. 40 years. 40 years. You don’t think they had to forgive? Ain’t nobody walking in a tulip skipping for 40 years. Let me just take this back. They don’t understand. 40 years, 40 days. Some of y’all be on Facebook on the first time about I’m in love by December 3rd. Human talking about God just changed my destiny and this is the season for me to get rid of all fake people. That mean they broke up. That’s what it mean. It mean that their relationship didn’t last and they’re going to put it on God and say they had a spiritual accountability. How do I know this? Because I’ve done this. Love covers and here’s what the Bible says, and love never fails. Here’s my favorite quote. Any love that fails to finish had a flaw from the first because love never fails. So if you can fall out of love, it means you never climbed in it. You can call it anything, lust, obsession, financial security. You can call it whatever you want, but it wasn’t love.

Speaker 2 (00:30:38):

Pastor Keion (00:30:41):
And that’s why we are in so much pain is because we’ll sell our hearts for things short of love. You sold your heart for a good feeling. You sold your heart so you didn’t have to pay for dinner by yourself no more. You sold your heart so you can keep up with somebody on the internet and say, I got somebody too. You sold your heart for a social media status, but we going to get there today. God says It’s okay. We going to paint this picture, we going to put the freckles on it. We going because, because before you can say, how did I get here and appreciate being here. You’re going to have to say, how did I get there? How did I ever get to the place where I stopped trusting when see, my mama raised me right? When did I start holding grudges like this?

Speaker 2 (00:32:06):

Pastor Keion (00:32:06):
Went to Sunday school, I was taught to turn the other cheek, but when did I get to the point where I just wanted to steal on people for no reason at all? When did I get to the point?

Speaker 2 (00:32:24):

Pastor Keion (00:32:25):
On now where I came to church and couldn’t feel God.

Speaker 2 (00:32:31):
That’s deep. Come on baby.

Pastor Keion (00:32:37):
And as flawed as I am, son, how did I get so judgmental? Why am I so angry and bitter?

Speaker 2 (00:32:52):
Yeah, got to own it.

Pastor Keion (00:32:55):
When did I stop believing anybody there? Come on. I’m not accusing you of anything. I’m really saying I’m Peter. I’m in the boat with you. I’m not accusing you of anything. I’m just asking myself the question because the first step of maturity is accepting reality. When did I get to the point where my temper got this short? I wasn’t always like this and I can’t blame anybody. That’s what we all tell you. You made me get here. No, no. It’s like this. I can’t blame anybody. It’s like if I came down and made you angry right now and then I turned around and said I’m sorry and then try to make you happy, you would stay angry. So how can I be responsible for your sadness when you won’t allow me to be responsible for your gladness? Think it. Think about it. If I make you mad, then I should be able to make you happy. You have to accept that you came

Speaker 2 (00:34:04):
That way.

Pastor Keion (00:34:09):
Y’all now listening to me. I want you to think about this. If you got a smile on your face and I come and punch in your stomach and you go down and you hate me forever and say, I made you mad, then I should be able to come massage your shoulders and you ought to be able to smile and I’ll make you glad, but I can’t do that because you chose to be mad and you refuse to be glad because happiness is an inside job and you are responsible for how you feel in spite of the temptation and ain’t no sense of you judging nobody here because everybody here don’t have the same temptation. Am I right about that? Now you can sit a ton of cocaine right here on this altar. I ain’t looking at it. I don’t do it. That ain’t you can’t tempt me with something I don’t want. You can bring any, I ain’t going to start telling you what you can bring up here, but I’m just telling you, you can bring a whole lot of stuff up here that I’m going, my boy said, but if it’s Titos doc, we in there.

You bring some casamigos up here and oh, I don’t. Why did you make me say that? You can bring a whole lot of stuff up. It won’t bother me, but the devil knows how to get meat. The devil knows how to get you, which means that all of your temptations are tailor made for you specifically and nobody else can fit ’em. How does the devil know what to bring you? Because you keep saying it out loud. Remember, God is omniscient. He knows everything. The devil isn’t listen to me. Everything the devil knows about you, you taught him everything the devil knows about you. You taught him by what you said out loud by how you responded to the circumstance. That’s why the Bible says be still and know that I’m God because the devil doesn’t understand anything that isn’t spoken. Can I give you some advice? Y’all going to get mad if I give it to you. Give it to me. Who can I give it to you? Just raise your hand if you want the advice you want me to show you how to keep the devil out of your business. Shut up. I don’t mean to tell you to shut up, but shut up

One Peter four, eight and above all things have love among yourselves for love covers the sins of multitudes. When you love, look at what God did for

Speaker 2 (00:37:11):

Pastor Keion (00:37:14):
What would this be like if God flipped somebody in here, inside out and just start putting their life up here on this screen? I’m going to tell you right now if the Lord coming here right now and start putting my life on their screen, this is what I’m going to do. I’m going to drive to Nebraska from here because nobody wants God to expose and he doesn’t because he

Speaker 2 (00:37:46):

Pastor Keion (00:37:51):
Alright, here’s my prayer for you. Here’s my prayer for you. Alright, y’all ready? Ashley, Patrice, this is my prayer for you, Danielle. This is my prayer for you. Listen, Leslie, this is my prayer for you, Keisha. This is my prayer for you. Everybody hear me because I’m about to sell. The Lord told me this and I wrote it down and I put it in red in my notes. God says, my prayer is that God will remove from your life without consequence to you anyone who will intentionally cause you to fail.

Speaker 2 (00:38:25):

Pastor Keion (00:38:26):
Good God.

Speaker 2 (00:38:27):

Pastor Keion (00:38:31):
And the reason why you don’t know how many people plotting on you right now, I pray that God will remove in any way He decides anybody from your life that will try to contribute to your failure so you can stop worrying about who’s real and who isn’t and you can worry about your vision and your dream and your plan and the idea that he’s about to give you because it is hard. It is hard to work on a good idea around people you can’t trust. It’s like when you almost get there, then you got to learn, look around to see if you with people who this exhausting and it’s more exhausting when you give somebody all you have and they won’t give it back. Well, if you ain’t going to help me, can you at least not try to hurt me? If you don’t like me, can you just go on and move on? But why stick around and try to drag me down and try to hurt my vision. I’m doing this for my family, I’m doing this for my mama, I’m doing it for my wife, I’m doing it for my children. Leave us alone

And I’m speaking to that jealous person on your job. I’m going to tell you right now, y’all got some people at your job, they smiling and drinking Starbucks with you, but as soon as you walk out now lemme tell you I wouldn’t trust her because they just lying on you and talking about you. But what’s going to happen is they’re going to get fired and you’re going to look up and be sitting on the top floor with a corner office and wondering, how did I get here? I need somebody to praise God that you can see yourself in the future and start asking the question how? Touch three people and say, how did I get here? How did I get here? How did I get here? How did I get here? How did I get this blessed? How did I get this rich? How did I get this happy? How did I wake up one morning and didn’t have diabetes anymore? How did I wake up and my blood pressure was normal? How did I wake up and the knee pain was gone. They had the knee surgery scheduled. How did I wake up with no migraines? How did I wake up with no lupus? How did I wake up with no cancer? How did I wake up with no anxiety? How did I wake up with no stress? How did I wake up with money? I couldn’t count.

I promise you, by the time I finish I’m speaking there is a healing. I’m talking about a physical body healing that’s coming over this house. See every, well, I won’t say everybody, young people, you don’t know nothing about this, but everybody in here that got some age on ’em, they got a pain. They just learn how not to talk about it. I’m telling you right now, and I know you 20 years old and you think you get up out of bed and you get to hopping, but people our age, we get a crook in our neck and we sneeze. Anybody ever had to go to a and you had to go to the hospital, your whole body, just old people. When you get our age, you got to brace to sneeze. I survived Jesus. I survived. I survived another sneeze. Jesus. That’s me communicating with our deaf minister. Y’all praise God for them over there. We love them. Love y’all. God teaches us. Now y’all got time.

I got a revelation. How many of y’all ever heard when the Bible talks about the manna falling from heaven, how many of y’all ever read that in the Bible where it says the children of Israel were in the wilderness and the water came out of the rocker, he turned bitter water sweet and manna came from the heavens. Who needs me to explain what manna is by the way? Cool, I’m here for that. So manna was bred that literally just fell out of the sky. They were in the wilderness, the desert. So there is no wheat to turn into bread. You see what I’m saying? Daughter? So there was nothing for them to do so God knew there was no water. He would let water just come out of a rock and manna would just fall out of the sky like this. Literally walking and here comes some wonder bread, right? Just bread just falling out of the sky. Here comes some begets just bread and it would just come out sky. But watch this, our father with y’all in heaven, hallow would be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day art.

So he never sent a loaf, he only sent a piece. Okay, lemme see if I can explain this. Mimi has a little dog named Jackson. Jackson came in my room, stole la soul out of my shoe and then ran in the living room and here I am chasing this little joke around my house. Don’t know how he got in anyway and I’m running around and then I say drop my thing, I get it back and I take it back and he come back in the room looking for something else to steal. You know why? Because dogs are animals of survival. Instinctively he takes his portion and he goes, because instinctively he knows that something else is going to try to take it from him. So the reason why God never gives us the loaf is because he knows that we’ll take the loaf and hide from him. So God gives us enough bread not to be hungry for a little bit so that way when you get hungry again, our father will char in heaven, hall will be thy name, thy Kenneth come by, we’ll be done on another day, give us our daily bread

Hungry again our father, which y’all in heaven hall be there. So he gives you enough bread so you have to keep coming back because most of us can’t be trusted with a lofa yet it isn’t that God doesn’t have enough bread is that you don’t have enough trust and so he would let the man fall from heaven. Now I read this for the first time I never knew and this is why the Bible, listen, the Bible is a living document. Every time you go to it you should learn something new sword. Sarge, the word I used to think, I’m embarrassed to say this, I used to think that manna was like bread with no yeast in it. I thought it was a type of bread. I didn’t realize, man, no. The word in the Hebrew means what is it?

Speaker 2 (00:46:26):
Yeah, that’s right.

Pastor Keion (00:46:29):
Which means that at first they were skeptical. What is it? Until they found out that it was for them and every day what is it would fall down. And then the Lord told me that there are so many blessings that are getting ready to fall on you. You are going to be like, what is a billion? Because it’s going to be something you’ve never seen before. He’s going to pour out so many blessings. You’re going to say, what is this? Where did it come from and why is it so much? See if you’ve never had it before, the first time you see it, you see

Speaker 2 (00:47:28):

Pastor Keion (00:47:29):
Is this? That means that God is about to bless you on a level you’ve never been. He will not give you any more of what you recognize. The next thing you get you’re going to say, what do you do when there are seven zeroes on the check? I know this ain’t for everybody. What are you going to do when you haven’t had an argument in your house for a year? What are you going to do when your children just finally get on track and you start to see them find themselves and come on, I’m talking to somebody. I’m trying to get in where I fit in. What are you going to do when you finally get the position that you’ve been praying for? What are you going to do when your business finally does open and you go from having a business to actually having customers and people start walking in the door and now you got to hire people to manage the surplus that God has sent you. What are you going to do? Because I’m telling you that God has done blessing you on the level of your understanding. You’re going to be like, what in the world

Is this? I got a peace that don’t make no sense. What is this that makes me y’all? Y’all too young I I said if I go there, y’all going to be lost. I already know something in me. I’ll just give ’em a little bit that hold it the rain. Don’t y’all forget this part about the church. There’s something in me that banishes the see back in the day before they had artificial intelligence and before they had ATM machines and well ATM is ATM machine. I’m sorry the last machine shouldn’t be on that. But what they did before we have all of the stuff we have is rely on God. Before there was YouTube, we had a Bible and you has a study to show yourself approved. God says, I’m just talking to you all online. I’m talking to you in this house. God told me, he says, I’m about to teach you, but this manner is not just for your stomach, it’s for your spirit. Y’all remember when Jesus came to the wilderness and the Bible says that Satan came to tempt him and he says, if you are who you say you are, I think this is in Luke chapter four. He says in Matthew chapter four, verse four, in both chapters he says, if you are who you say you are, he says, turn these stones

Into what did Jesus. Now Jesus had the power to do that. You know that right? But did he say, man should not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God and then he backs it up in John and says, just in case anybody tries to take the bread from you, don’t worry about it. I am the bread of life and anybody who eats of this bread shall never hunger. And anybody who drinks of this water shall never thirst. God says it is not important that you know what it is. What’s most important is that you find out who it is. He is your source, not your job. Has God ever blessed anybody in here when work slowed down? Now I’m just looking for some real honest people. You don’t make the money you used to make but you’re not hungry. You don’t make the money you used to make, but you’re not without clothes. You don’t make the money you used to make, but you still have a vehicle to drive and every time you worry about gas money, here come a blessing. You have to ask yourself,

How did I get here? I don’t have a degree, I don’t have, I don’t have a master’s. I don’t have a bachelor’s. I didn’t graduate high school.

Speaker 2 (00:52:57):
How did I

Pastor Keion (00:52:59):
Here I went to school. I think they put me through because I’m not sure I passed. How did I? Okay, lemme see if anybody be honest. Anybody here got a GED? Raise your hand. Look at all these blessed people in here. Amen. How many single mothers in here you had to raise all of them crumb snatches by yourself? How many of them still here? Still doing well, still loving God, still respectful. Not in jail because every time you turn around he keep blessing you and I just, my last question is, how many of y’all have ever said, I don’t know how I’m going to make it through this and you are on the other side of the thing. You said, I want to finish but I got to tell you the last thing that happened. This is so important. How many years were they in the wilderness? My brother, the Bible says, now this is crazy. They walked in the wilderness for 40 years and their clothes never wore out. How you wear shoes for 40 years? See, they didn’t come from pay less like our shoes. How many of y’all mama take you to pay less and get you some pro wings? Ain’t had no pro wings. Y’all in Texas were oil money. Y’all always had Nikes and Reebok.

None of y’all had no stadia. You don’t even know what I’m talking about. I remember one time my mama bought me some pro wings to play basketball in and she didn’t know that the bottom of ’em wasn’t rubber. They were plastic and I was playing basketball and I ran down the court and tried to stop and this what happened? I slid right out the door and went. I slid all the way home. I just was at the front door. She was like, how do you get here? I said, I tried to cross somebody over. We used to get our shoes at the grocery store with that string on ’em. You know how they come with that little bouncy string? Come on, y’all so rich, all of y’all shoes came in boxes. I can’t stand you taxes. Y’all always have money. Manu know I did not grow up like that. My mama had you take care of me.

Speaker 2 (00:55:43):
Believe that.

Pastor Keion (00:55:45):
I don’t believe it. 40 years walking in the same shoes. Now, I don’t know about you, but the foot takes a different turn in 40 years, don’t it? If the shoe don’t wear out the foot, do you mean tell me? 40 years. Ain’t nobody got no bunions and 40 years, ain’t nobody got no corns. We can’t switch shoes. They’re clothes didn’t wear out. I used to stop there and shout. I read it again this week and the Lord showed me something else. The Bible says that He says to them, and I will keep from you every disease, which means in 40 years, not only did their clothes not wear out, nobody needed a doctor. I speak in this house right now that your new wealth is going to be health and you are about to get off of the medication and God is about to give you 40 years of good health. If you believe that God is a rewarder, I want you to give him glory in this place today. Somebody shout, I rebuke sickness in my body.

Speaker 2 (00:57:13):

Pastor Keion (00:57:14):
God says, I’m not even going to let you get sick in between where you are and where you’re going. I don’t know who that’s for. Somebody shout. I’m healthy and that’s why I’m wealthy.

Speaker 2 (00:57:27):

Pastor Keion (00:57:28):
You can have a whole lot of money, but if you don’t have no health, I’m praying that God, God blesses you with health. I come up against migraines, come up against leukemia, come up against spinal disfigurations. I hear the spirit talking about childhood diabetes. I come up against protein in your child’s urine. I hear it in the spirit. I come up against all manner of diseases because as you are walking, you’re going to need to be healthy.

Speaker 2 (00:58:20):
Thank you.

Pastor Keion (00:58:22):
I’m asking God to literally pull pain out of your body right now to the person who has that pain in the lower left side of your back. It used to hurt when you were walking. Now it hurts when you sit. God is a master physician. I come up against knee pain and we are not just talking about stuff that you’re going to die from. I just want to be able to wake up and not hurt. Moses said, okay, he can do all of that, but here’s what I need from you. He says, if God blesses you too much, you’re going to get away from him and figure and forget who blessed you. So he says, this is what I’m going to implement into the strategy to make sure that you don’t forget the one who blessed you. Do you hear me in Florida? I’m talking to you New York. I’m talking to you. He says, this is what I need you to do. He says, after every meal, I need you to praise God. Every time you feel him being good, I need you to worship him. That’s verse 10. He says, after every meal, you’ve got to promise me that you won’t forget to praise him.

And then he says in Deuteronomy chapter 11, verse 14, he says, when you praise him, he says, God is going to first in the autumn, send you what he calls early reign, just sprinkles of blessings. It is a $10,000 check to help you get through and then it might dry up for a while. It’s an influx of business for a few months and then it may stop just early rain. He says, but by the time the spring gets here, I’m going to take you into a season that I call ladder rain and ladder rain is when it comes from up high, so much that you’re walking knee deep in it down low. What are you going to do when you’re drowning in blessings? No more droplets, no more moths and rust. No more aches and pains and for us. How do our clothes not wear out? Got enough money to go get some more. I speak that God’s going to bless your shopping ministry. Hey, won’t you do it? That’s that shopping ministry rock. Won’t you do it? Don’t let nobody think you that. God doesn’t want you to be blessed. I mean it’s a farce. It’s a fallacy. Why would God want his children looking broke

You? Make him look bad. Touch your name and say, I look fly.

Speaker 2 (01:02:50):

Pastor Keion (01:02:51):
Look good trying to hold it back. I’m trying to keep it together. Touch my, I’m about to give you a practical revelation. Nobody tells you in the church God is about to bless you because he wants you to have what you want. The Bible says, I will give you the desires of your heart. Stop letting people make you think that you sent him because you got more than two pair of shoes. I pray God bless your shoe ministry. Somebody say more Jays, more hills, Lord, more red bottoms in Jesus’ name. More Valentino, more Fendi. More, more, more, more, more. God’s going to bless your purse ministry. Somebody shout, I’m about to get the bag.

Speaker 2 (01:03:57):

Pastor Keion (01:03:58):
The, and then another one and then another one and then another one. No, because God wants everything ain’t spiritual. He wants you to have stuff so you will know where the stuff came from. He doesn’t want you to worship the stuff. He gives you the stuff so you can go back to the source and worship him. Fellas, God’s going to bless your watch ministry. I’m going to talk y’all language now. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Come on. All that purses and all that. Fellows, like when it’s going to be our turn. God’s about to bless your portfolio ministry. You’ll never get a car repossessed because you won’t have no payments. I pray that every man is going to be able to send all of their children to college on your dime. If they don’t get a scholarship, throw a couple belts in there too. God give a couple belts and yeah, just a couple. I mean we don’t need a whole lot. You know what I mean? Just about 10, 15, 20, 30, something like that. Bless my savings account, bless my retirement, bless my investment, let my house appreciate and value and God says, okay, now that I have you excited, I’m giving you none of that,

But I will give you an idea so you can do it for yourself. You get it? Okay? He’s going to give you an idea to go get all of that yourself. Let me tell you something. Do you hear me? This is not the season for you to be lazy. I need you to go and get in somebody’s gym and work out so you can get your second wind. I need you to do some mental exercises so you won’t be frustrated. I know some of y’all like Rev, can we do this other than a treadmill? Yes, you can at least be psychologically healthy too. Whatever. What I’m trying to tell you is I need you to do because he’s going to give you the idea. God never gives us chairs. He gives us trees. See, God blessed me with furniture. Okay, here’s a tree. Make some furniture out. Okay? You ask God for a tree, God will give you an acorn. Are you going to have faith? Because if you wait, that acorn becomes an oak tree and you can carve anything out of it you want. He gives you the materials. You have to bring the substance.

I need every person who wants to own your own business to stand up. Every person who has an idea to stand up. Every person who you know God can use you to do different things. A talent, a gift. I need you to stand up about, to ask God to bless the thing he gave you. I don’t need to be anybody else to get what I’m about to get. All I know is I’m going to look up and say how in the world how did I get to Canaan? I was just in the wilderness. How did I get to the place where I have no debt? How did I,

Speaker 2 (01:07:50):
I get, where am I?

Pastor Keion (01:07:55):
When is it going to end? When is it going all fall apart? When am I going to self-Sabotage. When are you going to let somebody come and steal it? I won’t enjoy it because I’ll be too afraid. I’m going to lose it.

Speaker 2 (01:08:14):

Speaker 3 (01:08:22):
It will never end. Lift your ass. Just what he said he would do. He’s going to fulfill. Don’t give up. What he your voice?

Speaker 2 (01:10:00):

Speaker 3 (01:10:03):
One more time. What he said he’s going to fulfill. Don’t you give up on

Speaker 2 (01:10:26):
He won. He won.

Speaker 3 (01:10:30):

Pastor Keion (01:12:15):

Speaker 3 (01:12:17):
Don’t give up on God because he won’t give up on you. Just

Pastor Keion (01:12:24):
Minister to somebody said,

Speaker 3 (01:12:26):
Don’t give up.

Pastor Keion (01:12:28):
Sing it in yo key because

Speaker 3 (01:12:29):
He won’t give up on you. Don’t give up long God. He won’t give up on you. Everybody

Pastor Keion (01:12:42):
Saying he’s able. Come on and hug somebody. Come on and hug somebody. Tell him he’s able. He’s, he’s, he’s, he’s, he’s from the rising of the sun to the going down of the same. He’s able, he’s able, he’s,

Speaker 3 (01:13:01):
He’s, he’s, he’s,

Pastor Keion (01:13:09):