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Pastor Keion Henderson is the lead pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Houston, Texas. Lighthouse is an organization that serves the body of Christ through our 5 pillars. We always ANTICIPATE a move of God in every experience, so we constantly set a great ATMOSPHERE, and we ACCEPT everyone through love. We believe the best way to impact people is by being AUTHENTIC to who we are and by taking ACTION to move everyone towards greater.

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Bishop Roberts (00:25):
Grace, mercy and peace be unto you from God, our father and our Lord Jesus Christ. Welcome to another episode of Take Action. I am clearly not Pastor Keon Henderson. I am Bishop Cion Roberts Sr. I am the chief of ministries here at the Lighthouse Church and the campus pastor of the Southeast campus and I’m so honored to be here with you. Those of you who Pastor Henderson has the privilege to bring leadership to all over the city, all over the state, all over this country and all over the world, quite frankly, who called him your pastor. I’m just honored to be able to share this platform that God has blessed him with and you all are always so kind to me when I am on this platform. So I’m here to today just to have a amazingly awesome prophetic conversation with you in this season that we’re in.

Let me say this before we get into this word today. I believe this word is exactly what the enemy does not want you to hear. I think that God is about to speak so directly to your situation and your circumstance that if you will receive this supernatural word, you’re about to experience a miraculous season in your life. But I want to keep encouraging you all to believe in miracles because those of you who have been following pastor on take action, you know that we’ve been reporting miracles and pastor has prophesied that there’s going to be a hundred million dollars worth of debt that is going to be eradicated and you need to know that right now these testimonies are pouring in, that God is giving you all miracles. So this word that I’m about to give you today is going to resonate with you and this miracle report is already just in a couple of months over $46 million and by the end of this year we believe in God that we will get that $50 million mark.

We just need you to keep making sure that you report. It’s not just about debt eradication, it’s about refunds. People are receiving miracle money, people are receiving protection if you watch the service on Sunday, a lady sold her seed and the seed provided her protection. So I’m telling you that God is working miracles in this season and so I want to get into this word because we are in the year of wealth and wisdom and we’re in the month of wonders that God is giving miracles, signs and wonders and I want to give you a word today that not only will show you that God is a miracle worker, but also that miracle is connected to your wealth in the truest sense of the word. We’re in the holiday season and so the Lord has given me a word that I think just puts everything in a bow, let’s put it that way.

It just kind of ties everything together and it speaks right to where you are. It speaks to us in this season we’re in not just the holiday season but this season of miracle signs and wonders. Let’s go to the book of Luke chapter one really quickly. I won’t be long. We got another 20 minutes for me to talk to you, so I need you to just listen in real quick. I know you’re busy, you might be shopping, you might be Christmas shopping, putting your menu together for Christmas, whatever it is you’re doing, if you could just pause for a minute and receive this word, I believe you’re going to see it do wonder working things in your life. Alright, Luke chapter one, verse number 26. You’ll see this is a very familiar passage of scripture and it goes right along with where we are. I think this is what God is saying to us on today, verse 26 says, and in the sixth month, the angel Gabriel was sent from God unto a city of Galilee named Nazareth to a virgin espoused to a man named Joseph of the house of David and the virgin’s name was Mary.

And the angel came unto her and said, hell thou highly favored the Lord is with thee, blessed thou, thou among women. Somebody say the Lord is with me and I’m blessed among people. Type it. And when she saw him, she was troubled at his saying and cast her mind, cast in her mind, what manner of salutation is this? And the angel said unto her, fear not Mary, for thou has found favor with God, I need you to type. I found favor with God and behold thou shall conceive in thy womb and bring forth a son and thou shall call his name Jesus. He shall be great and he shall be called the son of the highest and the Lord shall give unto him the throne of his father David and he shall reign over the house of Jacob forever and of his kingdom. There shall be no end then said Mary unto the angel, this is key.

How shall this be? This is so mind blowing. This is so miraculous that the thought in her mind is how is this going to happen? How shall this be Seeing I know not a man, it doesn’t make scientific sense, it doesn’t even really make common sense. How is this going to be? And the angel answered and said unto her, the Holy ghost shall come upon thee and the power of the highest shall overshadow thee. Therefore also the holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the son of God. I want to take my thought really quickly in this next 19 to 20 minutes. We have together from verse 34, and I want to address this because I believe what’s about to happen for you in this season is going to have you asking the question that Mary asked and that is how can this be?

This is what I want to talk about and I actually want to kind of tell you the how. I want to explain to you the how of what God is about to do in your life. I believe that this is about to be and the lighthouse has tagged this year, a year of wealth and wisdom and this month we are focused in on wonders and I believe and I speak over your life for those of you who have the faith and you’ve been seeing what God has been doing that this is going to be a time, a season of miracles, signs and wonders. Here’s the only hurdle you’re about to have in this season. Can you believe it? The only hurdle is going to be in your mind because if you let the enemy tell you that it’s not going to happen for you, then you’re going to find out that doubt is going to creep in and you’re going to think yourself out of this miraculous miracle season that God wants to give you.

Can I tell you that God is very willing to answer how he doesn’t mind answering your questions. We live in a time and we grew up in a time where some of the saints told us don’t question God, but I believe sometimes questioning God so that you can get a real answer is how you find God, how you search for him, not questioning him to question his authority or questioning him to examine God because who can search his understanding. But it is questions because we want to know, Lord, can you show us how this is going to be? We don’t know the inner workings of your hand but God, you’re going to give me a miracle and it’s going to be so mind blowing that it’s going to cause me to ask. How can this be? Can I tell you and I want to jump right into it. We already read the scripture, very familiar passage of scripture. The first way that this is going to happen and I need you to hear me is it’s going to happen through the power of prophecy. I want you to type that in your scream. God is about to bless you miraculously through the power of prophecy.

Did y’all type it? The power of prophecy? I believe you got to get it out there in the atmosphere because the devil hates God’s word and I need to tell you there is a word over your life that what’s about to happen in your life is going to be a fulfillment of a word that was spoken over your life, maybe even before you were born, but God is about to cause prophetic utterances to come to pass in your life. What are you saying? What does this have to do with the text? Well, before you can really understand Luke one, you got to understand Genesis three, Genesis three, God prophesies about the coming of Jesus when he’s talking to Eve and Adam and the serpent Lucifer who are all present and he begins to tell the serpent and the woman, he says, I’m going to put enmity devil between you and the woman between thy seed and between her seed.

Your seed is going to bruise his heel but her seed is going to crush your head. And so this prophecy about Jesus lets us know that what was coming was going to destroy the work of the enemy. Can I stop parenthetically, just pause parenthetically and tell you that what’s about to come in your life and this is me talking prophetically to you is going to destroy the works of the enemy and that’s why the devil does not want you to believe in miracles, signs and wonders. Yes, they still happen. This one is about to be a fulfillment of a prophecy in your life. Here’s what’s powerful about that because Jesus is prophesied about all the way back in Genesis chapter three. So the enemy knew he was coming through the hallways of time. As you come through the corridors of the Old Testament, you see him popping up at times really just giving us glimpses of him coming and finally when he gets here in our text, you see how he comes in a miraculous way.

But before we even talk about that, let’s fast forward a little bit and look at the power of when he came. Luke chapter four talks about what he came to do. Now hear me. I want you to understand about the power of what’s getting ready to happen in your life prophetically Luke four, after he comes out of the wilderness, he goes straight to the temple and what does he do? He picks up the book of the prophet. Somebody say there’s a power in prophecy. There’s power in what God speaks prophetically over your life. He begins to read from the scroll of Isaiah chapter 61. Now they didn’t have chapters, we have chapters. So he picks up the scroll, he finds the part in the prophecy of Isaiah where he talks about why he came. The spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor.

So he is reading a prophecy about himself. I’m telling you ladies and gentlemen, you’re about to live in a prophecy about you. You’re going to live in a moment that was prophesied about you. The Bible says when he reads it, he says, here’s what I came to do. He says, I came to preach or deliver the gospel to the poor. This was mind blowing to me because number one, the poor is those that are destitute of wealth. So he said, I came to answer the problem of poverty and give you wealth. I just told you this is the year of wealth and wisdom. But then he goes further and blows my mind even further and tells us what wealth really is. He says, what I came to do is I came to bind up the broken hearted so poor being poor is being broken hearted, right?

So me giving you wealth is me healing your broken heart. Stay with me. He said, I came to set at liberty those that are bound. In other words, I came to set the captives free. So being poor or destitute of wealth means that I’m bound. My wealth is when I get my freedom come. This is what this man who was prophesied about came to do. Then he says, I came to give sight to those that are blind. So being blind means that I’m poor or destitute of wealth, but my wealth is having my sight because real wealth includes money, but it’s not exclusive to money. So I need you to understand that if you got a lot of money but you got a broken heart, then you’re not wealthy. You might be rich but you’re not wealthy. If you got a lot of money but you’re blind, you’re not wealthy if you are bound but you got a lot of money, you’re not wealthy.

True wealth is what Jesus came to deliver and the money goes along with all of it. In fact, I can give you favor because favor is better than money. Hear me? And so what Mary was carrying was not only a fulfillment of prophecy, but she was carrying the word of God. She was carrying what John chapter one says is the word made flesh and the one who according to his own mouth in Luke four, and according to what Isaiah prophesied about in Isaiah 61, he is the one now that is going to unlock wealth and banish poverty. I wish y’all would hear me. What’s about to happen in your life? What you’re carrying right now, the prophecy that is over your life. The reason the devil is fighting it so hard is because it is the thing that’s about to unlock your wealth. I just need y’all to give God praise right there. I need to pause and I need to see, as pastor K would say, I need to see clapping hands, emojis. I need to see fire emojis, whatever. I need to see one hundreds. I need to see the red exclamation points. I need to see all of it.

I need you to share this with somebody. I need you to tell them that right now we’re being given a word and there’s power in prophecy. The prophetic word over your life is about to produce the wealth you didn’t even know you needed. How can this thing be? It’s because of the power of prophecy. Mary wanted to know how can I give birth to something that is scientifically supposed to be impossible? It’s because Mary, what you’re about to carry is something prophetic. It’s bigger than you. It’s something that was prophesied about and God is using you to unlock wealth. What if I told you, would you believe me if I told you that what you’re carrying is not only just for you but it’s about to unlock generational wealth. It’s going to unlock the wealth, it’s going to crack the code to poverty in your family, and I just told you what real poverty was, that there’s going to be eradicated a season or generationally, a generation of broken heartedness, failed relationships, bound men and women in your family addictions that God is about to free those who have never seen spiritually, a generation of blind people, not physically blind but spiritually blind, that God is about to take the blinders off and you’re about to come into seasons of real wealth because when you can see, you can see to be creative enough to create wealth when you are free, you have the freedom to create wealth.

Are you with me? When your heart is whole and you’re not a bleeding heart over other things, you are healthy enough to go create wealth, which is what Jesus men in Deuteronomy eight when he says, I give you the power, the capacity to go and get wealth. Here’s the second reason and we’re done tonight. I know you got things to do. I hope I’m not boring you. I’m really just trying to bring you a word that is going to supernaturally unlock your future. What’s about to happen is so mind blowing that like Mary, you’re going to say, how can these things be? Here’s how it’s going to happen. You ready? The second one we already said is going to be through the power of prophecy. Number two is because God himself is about to fertilize your future. Hear me, that he is going to put in your future what it takes to grow.

Now, I need this last seven minutes to break this down. I just talked to you about Genesis chapter three. Remember what God says? He says, the enmity that I’m putting between thee and the woman is between your seeds, between thy seed and her seed. So the battle is over seed. The battle is over seed. Luke chapter eight, verse number 11, he says, the seed is the word of God. So Mary is asking in verse 34 of Luke chapter one, she wanted to know, I think is a very viable question. How can these things be when no one has sown any natural seed in me? Can I pause parenthetically just one more time and tell you what’s about to happen is going to be so mind blowing that all you will be able to say is that this is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes.

Now listen, I can’t express to you what’s going on inside of here. If this were a Sunday morning, this would be one of those moments where I would need the organ with me and I would be doing something to express to you what I feel on the inside I’m about to burst, right? That you’re going to be scratching your head because no man has done this and Mary is saying, how can this be when no man has come in contact with me to be able to sow seed in me? It’s because this is about to be the Lord’s doing and it’s going to be marvelous in verse 35, the angel, and if I had more time, we could really hermeneutically and homally break into this a little bit more, but I only got about five or six minutes. He says the Holy Ghost is going to do this.

Somebody say, God is fertilizing my future. Now hear me because we’re going just a little deeper for this last six minutes. There’s a man who is a rabbi, he’s a Jewish teacher. His name is David Paulson, and he talks about how he knew a gynecologist. Just stay with me and this gynecologist says, and you can research this, Google it. Go do your own research that he knew of at least this gynecologist, a man who deals with delivering babies he knew of at least six cases of virgin births. Y’all please stay with me, something that they call spontaneous birth. So I know that you’ve been taught the whole time that the real miracle was in the fact that she had not known a man and she had a baby, but she’s not the only one in history that’s had a baby without knowing a man. Just stay with me because I’m telling you, God’s about to fertilize your future.

The only difference is that Mary go research. It is the only one of these spontaneous births that has given birth to a baby boy because when it happens inside of a woman with no man, the only thing she can produce is an X chromosome, right? Which means the baby has to come out of female because there’s no Y chromosome to fertilize her. If it’s a spontaneous birth, y’all please stay with me. I’m trying to say it as slow as I can. So let’s ask ourselves some questions. Did God create a fertilized egg then and put that in Mary, but that would mean that Mary was just the incubator and not really the mother with none of her genes. That’s not really a natural birth. If God creates a fertilized egg and puts it inside of her and she just incubates it. No. Did God change her X chromosomes into Y chromosomes which only men have, but that would make her or make Jesus clone and it would remove the essence of who God was and would mean he would have just too much of her humanity, but Jesus was 100% God and 100% man.

What God actually did is he created a seed and he fertilized her egg with his seed because everything is about seed. The battle was over seed. He told Eve that I will put enmity between thee and the woman told Satan that between thy seed and her seed, God had to put a seed in Mary. And so the miracle in all of this is that even though Mary is a woman, she didn’t know a man. This was not just another spontaneous birth because Jesus was not a girl. He ended up being a male child, which means God created what he wanted to create in Mary. There’s nobody else that could have put that Y chromosome in Mary besides God. Can I tell you that the miracle was not in the fact that she did not know a man. It was that God used the seed to create what he wanted to create in her life, that God defied science and he’s put into her what he wanted to put into her.

Hear me come close because our time is nearing an end. What God is about to do in your life is going to defy science. And let me tell you, everything starts with a seed. I need you to understand that it’s going to be God that’s about to fertilize your business, that in your mind you see yourself in the future and the trouble you’re having is you keep asking yourself, how can this be? My credit is not what I want it to be. How can this be? I don’t have the plan. I’m trying to dig myself out of too much. How can this be? I’ve got debt up to my eyeballs. I’ve got my children are depending on me, my family is depending on me. How can this be? I’m telling you, God himself is about to fertilize your future. I need you to speak this word to somebody.

Tell them that there’s power in that prophetic word that’s over your life. I need you to speak this word to somebody. I need you to type it on the screen. God is about to fertilize my future. He’s got seed that can defy science, that he can scientifically do what the doctors say cannot be done. He can scientifically do what lawyers say cannot be done. He can scientifically do what bill collectors and loan officers say cannot be done. I’m telling you, this is your season of wealth and wisdom and you’re carrying not just a blessing or a miracle, but you’re carrying the thing that’s going to unlock your wealth and wisdom because Jesus came what Mary was carrying. Jesus came what Mary was carrying the Son Jesus. He came to unlock your wealth and wisdom. I need to leave you with this before we give. Don’t let the details make you doubt.

Stop. Stop doubting because of the details. Let God handle the details. How can this be? Because God’s about to work a miracle in my life. Listen, everything in your life that is living starts with a seed. I need you to prepare your hearts and your minds. As Pastor always says, this is not about manipulation. I just read to you. I only know what the Bible says and I gave you the seed of the word of God. I want you to take a moment and I won’t tell you what that seed is, but I want you to take a moment and I want you to really think about and pray about and ask God based upon what I’m believing you to do, not even based upon what I think I have, but based upon what I’m believing for, based upon how I’m believing you to defy science. How big are you expecting God to make this next miracle? How much defiance is God about to have to do to work this miracle for you based upon that? That’s how I want you to sow tonight. I want you to sow according to what you’re believing God to do. I want you to do that right now. God bless you. I want you to continue to pray for Pastor Keon as we all are. I’m praying for you. We love you. This is your season to take action.

Pastor Keion (27:03):
Hey everybody. My name is Pastor Keion Henderson. I am the founder of an organization called Take Action now. Thank you. People are always direct messaging me and texting me and saying, pastor, what are you doing? How can I be a part of what you’re doing? And I know everybody doesn’t want to be a part of the local church, but what if I told you I had a way for you to partner with me so that we can affect change throughout the world? Hence, take action now. A 5 0 1 C3 nonprofit organization committed to advancing individual agency and social progress by protecting, strengthening and uplifting the underserved and disenfranchised throughout the world. We’re doing humanitarian things, teaching entrepreneurism, teaching home ownership and institutional inequities, cultural deficits. We have our ear to the ground and we need your help to make a difference whether it is making a sizable donation to the estate of a young woman who lost her battle with cancer via the internet and we were able to make a difference there.

Or whether it is in a underserved community in the Caribbean islands where the children were playing amidst rocks and glass and we came in and broke ground recently on a park so that athletes and cheerleaders and young people in that community can have a safe place to stir up the gift inside of them. Whether it is paying the utility bills in cold climates for seniors or just helping basketball players get the proper uniforms of football players. It’s just us making a difference through financial literacy and technological empowerment and mentoring services. This is what we do, and all I’m asking you to do is become a partner with me right now and I want you to go visit Take action Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today.