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Pastor Keion Henderson is the lead pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Houston, Texas Lighthouse is an organization that serves the body of Christ through our 5 pillars. We always ANTICIPATE a move of God in every experience, so we constantly set a great ATMOSPHERE, and we ACCEPT everyone through love. We believe the best way to impact people is by being AUTHENTIC to who we are and by taking ACTION to move everyone towards greater.

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Pastor Sieon (00:00:00):
Your mouth is open, can you lift your hands? Come on, keep your mouth open and lift your hands. God is trying to come in this room right now. I’m glad you’re here, but I need God to be here. I’m glad to be standing next to you, but I need God to be here. How many know you can’t leave here the same way you can. You need God to do something before you leave here today. I didn’t just come because of all the hype. I came because I need God to touch me. I need his power. I need his anointing. I need to leave here change. Come on, open your mouth.

That’s it. Come on. Some of y’all still looking at me. Just open your mouth with your tongue. You’re going to create an environment for mirror with your mouth. You’re in environment for God. I grab your neighbor’s hand, slip your hand in your neighbor’s hand. I want you to squeeze it gently and as you squeeze that hand, I want your squeeze to represent the fact that God is with you as you squeeze that hand gently, I want your neighbor to feel that and know that God is saying, I’m here because you’re holding the hand of somebody that’s going through something that they’re not going to talk to you about. They’re not going to tell you all of their business. Some of it they can’t even unpack themselves. Some of it, they would need therapy to really explain what they’re going through, but they’re dealing with something heavy. Come on, keep that in mind as you hold that hand, you’re holding the hand of somebody who cries when nobody else is around. You’re holding the hand of somebody who is there for everybody else but don’t know who’s there for them. But then I also want you to know that you’re holding the hand of a survivor. You’re holding the hand of somebody who even though they’ve been through a lot, they’ve been through a lot, you’re holding the hand of somebody that has been through trials and tribulations, but their testimony is, I made it through.

Now I want you to loose that hand and I want you to give God praise for a room full of survival. I know why Our first reaction to praise is claps because David said, I will bless the Lord at all times and he said, no matter how I praise him, his praise is always going to be somebody. Open your mouth and give them a shout. Father, we ask you to come in this room now. Oh, that you would ring the heavens tear. Open the heavens and touch us right now. Father, in this old ballroom at the double tree, we need you to cut face into a sanctuary. Somebody open your mouth and tell them, thank you, father, we give you glory this morning. We ask that your angels will begin to flap their wings and as the angel their wings that the glory of the Lord would send your glory. Send your glory Lord,

Somebody say send your glory as you get your Bibles in your hand. There are three things that I need to say. Remain standing please. As you get your Bibles, there are three things that I need to say to this awesome campus. Can we give God praise for expansion? And to those of you, can I hear from those of you who actually made this campus your home last second Sunday? Where y’all at? Awesome. Listen, there are three reasons why this is about to be a tremendous outpouring of the favor of God. Number one is because this is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes. This is not Pastor Keon or myself. This is God doing this and because God is doing it, he’s going to bless it. Here’s the second reason. The second reason is because it’s Pastor Ian’s vision. But more than that, I need you to understand we are standing in the fulfillment of his prophecy.

That what God spoke over his life, we’re standing here as a fulfillment of that and God is a keeper of his word. Somebody say he keeps his word. Here’s the last reason it’s going to work because of you. We’re about to break some records. Somebody say this is going to be a record breaking year. If you believe that you can put a praise right there and help me honor the set man of this house, pastor Keon, come on, open your mouth and make some noise for him for a great vision like this, it takes a great man and y’all not making enough noise for me. I said, open your mouth.

Jeremiah said, God told him to tell them, I will give you pastors according to my own heart and God has given the lighthouse Church one of the greatest vessels that this world has ever known and this is not what I’m preaching this morning and I need to hurry up and get to it, but I need you to understand that the reason why God is blessing him is because of all the hell that he’s had to go through. His destiny has to match the helm. I was telling minister Brandon, I know it’s got to be big whatever God’s about to do because it’s got to match all that I had to go through to get here.

Tell somebody whatever God’s about to do has got to be big. It’s got to be big because it’s got to match. It’s got to match what I had to go through to get here. God ain’t going to let trials and tribulations outdo him. Whatever he’s about to do for me got to match. So we honor you and your wife, the lady of the house. Come on, give God praise. Let’s get our Bibles in our hand. Let’s go to Luke chapter 15. Luke chapter 15. Y’all praying for me. Lemme tell you why I need your prayers. I sent that water back. Now I need it.

I need your prayers because by nature my personality, I am an over packer. So when I go on a three day trip, I got 13 outfits and in my mind I’m going to wear one in the morning. Then when we go to lunch, I’m going to put on a new outfit and then you got to have an outfit for dinner. Right? End of the day, I end up in the same jogging suit I had on when I woke up at dinner with my Nike track suit on. But I’m an over packer by nature is what I do and I preach the same way. So I need your prayers. I need this to come out the way God gave it to me. And 99% of the time what I give you, I’m always leaving something out because I overpacked. But we’re going to pray that God would give you exactly what it is and we want to hit our target on this morning. How many believe there’s a word from the Lord?

Luke chapter 15 verse 11, and he said A certain man had two sons. Somebody say two sons and the younger of them said to his father, father, give me the portion of goods that falleth to me. He divided unto them his living. And not many days after that, after the younger son gathered all together and took his journey to a far country and there wasted his substance with riotous living and when he had spent all their arose of mighty famine in the land, it’s amazing to me that the famine started right when his money ran out, when he had spent everything. Then the famine started. He began to be in want and he went and joined him himself to a citizen of that country. It means he made himself a slave. He checked himself into prison and he sent him into his fields to feed swine and he would faint have filled his belly with the husk that the swine did eat, but nobody would give him any.

When he came to himself, he said, how many hired servants of my father’s have bred enough and to spare and I perish with hunger? I will arise and go to my father. Somebody say my father and I will say unto him, father, I have sinned against heaven and before thee and am no more worthy to be called thy son. Just stay with me. Make me as one of thy hired servant. And he arose and came to his father. But when he was yet a great way off, his father saw him and had compassion and ran and fell on his neck and kissed him. And the son said unto him, father, I have sinned against heaven and then thy cied, I’m no more worthy to be called thy son. Don’t miss this. But the father said to his servants, bring forth the best robe. Somebody say, I’m getting ready to get a robe, put it on him and put a ring on his hand.

Somebody say, I’m getting ready to get a ring and shoes on his feet. Somebody say, I’m getting my shoes back and bring here to the fatted calf. Don’t miss this. Kill it and let us eat and be merry. This my son was dead and is alive again. He was lost and his found and they began to praise God. They were married. Somebody say, we got to praise God in here this morning. Now his eldest son was in the field and as he came and drew not to the house, he heard music and dancing because everybody is not happy about what God’s about to do with your life. And he called one of servants and asked What’s going on in there? He said unto him, thy brother is come. Thy father had killed the fatty Cal because he had received him safe and sound and he was angry and would not go in therefore came his father out and dealt with him. So father scripture, I want to talk for just a few minutes. If you notice the son was gone, he came back home and the text suggests some things that had to happen when he got home. In my inaugural message with this particular people that God has called me to, I want to talk about house rules.

Somebody say there are rules to this house. My mother is present today and like most mothers, specifically the ones of us who have a little tent to our skin, I heard often if you’re going to live in my house, you could finish it. You must abide by my rules. Game of Thrones taught me something because until I really began to watch Game of Thrones, even though I read the Bible through and through, I really didn’t understand that a real house is not that roof that we put over our head. I mean it can be called that. It’s what we call it in our culture. But in the scripture, the house was your bloodline.

And so when you were born into a family, you were from the house of whatever your last name was. So it was not just where you resided, it was what stock you were from. So when you talk about the house, you’re talking about the fact that I belong to somebody, I belong to something. And so that’s why the scripture talks about us as being a part of the household of faith and understanding what our lineage is as spiritual Israel. Look here to me is a very interesting writer pastor because he’s the only gentile writer that you’ll find in the entire Bible. And because he’s a doctor, he keeps very good records. He’s a gentile, so his writing is approached from a different angle because many of us, when you study Romans, you find the pinnacle of Paul trying to really convince them and remind them that Jews are still accepted by God because at one time the Gentiles were not accepted.

Remember Jesus told the woman that wanted her daughter healed that I was not sent to you. I was sent to the lost sheep of Israel because it was not timed yet. But at some point Jesus receives all after the work of the cross and the Bible lets us know that these gentiles, if you study it, begin to get beside themselves. And they forgot that at one time, according to Romans 11, we were strangers to the commonwealth of Israel that we did not have access to the work. And so when you look at Luke’s writing, he is writing from the perspective of somebody that did not grow up with the history of Israel. So everything he has experienced with God has not been based upon religion. It has been based upon relationship and experience. So his writings are very interesting to me because he is a physician and he is very, very detailed in what he does.

Luke here now volume one, volume two would be the book of Acts. His first Valium is entitled by his name. The second Valium is entitled the Book of Acts. Somebody say the book of Acts. The reason why Luke is writing this is because a friend of his has been locked up in prison. The apostle Paul is in Rome in jail and he was there with him. He writes to a man by the name of Theophilus, but when you study it, it is believed that he is writing this because he is really trying to convince them to free the apostle Paul from prison. So he writes document in Luke, he records about the man who Paul is preaching about. He talks about Jesus in the book of Luke and then in the book of Acts he documents the man who was preaching. He writes mostly about Paul understand this, that because of his relationship and because he was a gentile, a lot of this was study on his behalf.

He had to go and interview him. So he interviewed them. So he goes to talk to the Virgin Mary and when he talks to Mary about her experience having Jesus look at how he records it, it’s amazing and at one point I’ll be able to preach it, but he blows my mind with how he records Mary’s story because he is a physician. So when he’s talking about this wonder of how this woman had this baby, he writes it and he’s very detailed in his writing. He’s talking and writing and trying to get them to understand and convince them of why it is that Paul is preaching and what he is preaching about and he’s trying to help Paul get free. So he is researching and he is doing all of this work and it shows in the beauty of his writings. This book is a very powerful book because it is a book that because he is trying to write a reference letter for Paul, he is gathering evidence to talk about Jesus.

He is gathering evidence to present so that they can understand the power behind what Paul is saying. I want to stop right here because what’s amazing to me is that that is really all my life is my life is just evidence. I am just God’s exhibit A that he is able to save lives. I’m talking to somebody in the room that you know that if it had not been for God saving you, you wouldn’t be where you are right now, that everything God has done in your life and everything he has let people watch you go through is because he is putting you on display so that somebody can see the power of God. Look at somebody in the room and tell ’em God is still saving lives. How do you know he’s still saving lives? Raise your hand and say, he saved me. Now I know you think you didn’t need that much saving, but if I be honest about the fact I was sinking deep in sin far from the peaceful shores, look at somebody say I needed to be saved.

It’s interesting here because as Luke begins to write, and I believe that King James kind of messed us up when he began to transliterate the Bible because he put the numbers on the chapters and the truth of the matter is Lucas such a beautiful writer. Sometimes we get stuck because we read one chapter and won’t read the next chapter or the chapter before it or the chapter after it. And some of these things are written so beautifully that you miss what’s really going on. So what Lucas really doing here is he’s talking to us in this month and this year of manifested promises. This is the month of provision. I can’t think of any better provision than the work that Jesus did on the cross. So Lucas writing and he’s trying to really explain to us about the power of redemption, about how God redeemed us, about what salvation is really all about.

You do understand that salvation is really just about saving something that was trash to somebody else, okay? Y’all don’t want to have no church. You heard the term one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I don’t want to offend nobody, so I’ll talk about myself. Salvation is really about the fact that I was really trash and God rode by me and say, I can use that. Y’all ain’t saying nothing and he decided to clean me up enough so that he can use me. Do I have anybody in here that knows that if it had not been for God saving you, now I don’t want you to get beside yourself. I was dirt, I was nothing and God decided to save me. Somebody say he saved me. It’s interesting here because the work of the cross is the backdrop of what Luke is writing really about.

It’s about redemption. It’s about telling us that he did not leave us where he found us and so when he is on the cross, there was a work of provision going on where he is trying to provide for us something that we cannot provide for ourselves. Even while he’s on the cross, he says, woman, behold thy son, son, behold thy mother, and you see the work of the cross all throughout the Old Testament when Abraham goes up the mountain to sacrifice his son, you see what God is about to do on Calvary’s cross and right when he gets ready to kill his own son, there is a ram that was coming up the other side of the mountain. Come on and it was proof that God is saying, I have provided me a sacrifice. I have provided you something that you need. Even when you don’t know you need it, just stay with me.

I’m slow walking in here. I need you to understand that God is trying to tell us through the writing of Luke that the work of the cross was a powerful work. The work of a cross was a provision work that even if we didn’t know we needed it, that God knew it. And so even in the Old Testament, it was concealing what he was going to reveal in the New Testament. So Luke begins to pick up the pen and the backdrop of the entire 15th chapter of Luke. He is painting on the backdrop of redemption. He is painting on the backdrop of the fact that God had to come get us. He opens up with some Negroes who are mad because he’s dealing with Republicans and sinners will come back to that, but then he starts telling them a parable. He says, he talks to them about God has a hundred sheep and one goes astray. He will leave the 99 to come get the one. Y’all going to help me preach.

Anybody glad God came and got you? No, I didn’t find him. He came and got me. Some of us was in the club, some of us was on drugs, some of us were in somebody else’s bed, but God came and got us. He talks about the lost coin. Somebody say the lost coin. The lost coin is interesting because it’s a silver coin and silver is the metal of redemption. Whenever you see silver, it represents the redemptive power of God because Jesus was sold by Judas for how many 30 pieces of not gold, silver. So he is trying to paint a picture. Luke is about this redemptive power of God and how God comes and gets us and will search to find us even when we are not ready ourselves to be found. Who am I talking to? Because the truth of the matter is redemption is so powerful because I was actually enjoying my sin.

Don’t want to have church for real. It’s okay. I know because I’m moving slow him teaching, but I was actually enjoying myself. I was having a good time when God decided that it’s time for me to clean my life up and get saved. Who am I talking to? Because at the end of the day I want you to understand that God is not biased concerning you and other people who would’ve thrown you away. God said, I can use you. I’m so glad God don’t take votes as it relates to who he uses. He don’t need no committee. He don’t need no counsel to determine who he’s going to use when he has marked you for greatness, he will use you When he has marked you for his glory, he will use you. Touch somebody next to you and tell ’em, girl, man, quit worrying about what people think about you. You’ve been marked by God.

We on our way. Somebody open your mouth and shout, I’ve been marked by God. Come on, shout it. I’ve been marked by God. Can I see the hands of marked people? Yeah, folk don’t like you. They can’t stand your guts because you’ve been marked by God. They hate your favor because you’ve been marked by God, but you can have a bucket and throw up all you want to because ain’t nothing you can do about what God has placed on my life. Come on and as an anointed as I am, I may not be an angel, but I do have a song that the angels cannot sing and that song is I’ve been redeemed by the, if I had more in my monitors, I’ll holler, look at somebody and tell ’em, neighbor, I have been redeemed by the blood of the land. Come on, tell ’em I ain’t perfect and you don’t know my story.

I got a past but I’m saved sanctified. And he gets past the first parable, gets past the second parable of the lost coin and gets into this parable about a certain man. That’s why I love Luke’s writing. A certain man calls him. A father said he had two sons because it’s a parable. You have to understand each character in the story that the Father is a representation of God and the son represents many of us, but there was a second son that also represents many of us as you help me unpack this. We’re going to figure out which son you are, but the Bible says that one of the sons, the younger one has asked for his portion or the father has divided the portion and the son took it and left he leaves and the Bible declares that while he is out, he is living riotously. Y’all know what it’s talking about, right? Yeah. You don’t have to be rich to know just let their tax checks hit.

I don’t know why we think every tax check our TV’s got to get bigger. Look at somebody and tell ’em, stop living Riotously, stop. He was blowing his money. He was in the club, he was at the bar. He was buying Gucci. He was doing everything he wanted to do until his money ran out. And the Bible says that what was running parallel with his money running out was a famine and the moment he spent his last dollar, all everything was dried up. The famine was running parallel with his money running out, which suggests to me man of God, that this was the Lord’s doing.

This was not just happenstance that God let his money run out and let the land dry up. Have you ever asked God, now why would you let me go out this far all because my question in the text was why would you let your son just leave your house with all of this? Why would you let him? And it reminds me of my prayers to God. God, you know how foolish I can be sometime. Why would you let me go that? Okay, I’m by myself. Y’all being funny out here. Why would you let me do this? Why? Why the Holy Ghost didn’t arrest me? Why didn’t I have a dream? Why? Why you didn’t send my mama with a prophecy? Why Bishop didn’t lay hands on me and prophesy? Why would you let me get this far out there?

Can I help somebody? I need you to understand that even in your mess, God’s hand is still on you because when he left the house, are y’all with me? You remember what the house is. It’s not where you reside. It’s the family. It’s the household of faith. When he left the house, God already had a plan in place to get him back to the house. I wish I had somebody. You need to understand as foolish as you can be, there is no place. God can’t reach you. There’s no mountain high enough. Don’t make me be Baptist this morning. There’s no valley low enough. There’s no river hard, too hard for him to cross. God can reach you anywhere.

Can I help somebody? I’m going to give you something for your social media feed. God is just as much in my messy season as he is in my blessing season. I know you don’t want to hear it because in church we have created this culture that tells people you feel and see God when he’s blessing you. But as somebody who has been in horrible pits, I can tell you that God was just as much with me when I was down. Lord have mercy. I’m just looking for a witness. I know y’all. All of y’all don’t know me that well, but can I just get about 50 witnesses that can say if it had not been for God in my messy season, I wouldn’t have made it to my blessing season. If God hadn’t have been with me when I was in the pit, I never would’ve made it to the palace. This so the first rule of the house is come back home.

Oh, I feel God in this place. I said the first rule of the house. Tell somebody come back home. You’ve never gone too far. Oh my God, I got to stop myself because something in my belly just wants me to holler. You’ve never gone too far for God to reach you. You’ve never gone too high for God to reach you. You are never too nasty and dirty for God to reach you. In fact, pastor Keon, I think he would agree. If you ain’t been through nothing, I can’t use you. Don’t send me no clean folk. Send me the folk that have been dragged through the mud. Send me the folk that have been to hell and back because them, the folk I know ain’t scared. Oh yeah, you almost died. I almost died too. You tried to commit suicide. Me too. You’ve been divorced. Me too.

Tell somebody come back home. Tell come back home. Come back home. The Bible says that while he was out, he joined himself to a citizen of that country. It means he checked himself in to be a slave. He found himself a slave. Preach. He was connected to something that he lost all of his power and he checked himself in. How many things have you decided to be a slave to? There’s a difference in somebody coming when Israel went into bondage, Babylon overtook them. God made sure of it. But there’s a difference in somebody coming and arresting you and you checking yourself in. What are the things in your life you didn’t have to be a slave to? You decided to and the red flags were there. God was screaming in your ear and there’s a meme that I love that says I saw the red flags but I thought it was a circus.

Yep. That just about explains all of us, right? We saw the red flag but we was having fun where the clowns at? He decided the Bible says to connect and join himself and that man sent him to the field to be his slave. The Bible says he got so low that he would have eaten what the pigs were going to eat, but nobody would even give him pig slop out. Now remember what I said because it still holds true. Remember I told you that this was the Lord’s doing. God will freeze you out. He will give you a cross experience. When Jesus said, my God, my God, why has thou forsaken me? God will purposely turn his back on you for a season.

He says, I want you so bad that if I got to let you go through hell to get you back home, I will do whatever it takes. I need you to know that we serve the kind of God that ain’t like people. He will show you his love by showing you hell. Y’all don’t want to have no real church. You going to see how much I want you back because of what I’m willing to let you go through. I wish I had time. I really don’t. I got to get out of here. But if I did, I talked to you about how God is not moved by your tears, he will leave you in it long enough for it to do the work. Watch it. And when the work is done, then he will give you a shout and a cry to bring you out.

Oh, you know when the season is over and the Bible says, wow, he is in famine. No, no food. He was living riotously one day. Now he’s starving and the scripture says he came to himself like he was having an outer body, experience spirits and realize don’t miss this. Serving in my father’s house is better than slaving in a stranger’s house. No, y’all missed it. Whenever y’all clap like that, that let me know you’re just ready for me to move on. Y’all missed it. He said serving because trials will break you down. So you leave arrogant and full of yourself not willing to serve, but you come back saying, Bishop, what you need me to do?

Oh yeah, servant will break you down. When he left, he was the man. Now he’s out and he’s thinking about serving. I need to talk to some people that know when you come back, God says, what are you ready to do? Look at somebody and say, come back home. Come back home. When he gets there, the Bible says, y’all with me. The Bible says He’s looking to just be a servant because they eat bread. At least they got something to eat. Let me go get three meals a day. I don’t have time. I would really correlate when he joined himself as a slave to the prison mentality. I don’t have time though because all he wanted at this point now was three hot meals. Alright? He goes back and to his surprise, the father has a response that he wasn’t expecting. The Bible says the Father saw him coming afar off, opened his arms, fell on his neck and kissed him and then he did something that was amazing to me.

He gave him three things that I believe God is about to give each and every person in this room and everybody watching online watch it. When he comes to his father and his father hugs him, the first thing he gives him is a robe. The robe is a representation of a mantle. A mantle is really a garment that says you have the authority and in biblical times it represents the authority to do supernatural things. So the prophet, when he was going to prophesy, he had a mantle that he wore. He had a certain garment that he wore. I know we are in modern church. We don’t wear a lot of the garments, but every uniform you understand uniforms. When you see an officer in uniform, you understand his authority. You realize if you see a fireman in a uniform, he’s got the authority to put out the fire, turn on the fire hydrant. You understand that mantles represent a certain level of authority and you need a mantle to do ministry. Remember when the prophet Elijah was talking to the prophet, Eli Elijah said, what do you want from me? Elijah said, I want a double portion of your anointing.

Speaker 2 (00:39:02):

Pastor Sieon (00:39:03):
And when Elijah was on his way up, he said, if you see me when I go up, I’ll give it to you. You ask the hard thing, but if you see me when I go up, I’ll give it to you. That’s another message for another day. That’s leadership class. If you see me when I go up, I’ll give it to you. The Bible says he kept trying to leave Eisha but Eisha would not leave because he knew he needed to see him when he was elevated. The Bible says he is on his way up. Can you imagine elisha’s terror because he’s on his way up and it was not until he got in the sky that he took off his mantle and dropped it and gave him the mantle to do ministry. I need you to understand the reason why that the father who represents God gave the son a mantle is because he wanted him to know that as messy as you have been, you can still do ministry and I need you in this room that even though you have been out there and some of you feel too condemned to really do God’s work, I need you to know that in this room this morning, mantels are falling, that God is going to give you a robe and not only will you do ministry, you’re going to do it in a supernatural way.

You know what church you are a part of? This is the lighthouse. Ain’t nothing natural about this. All of this is God’s doing. Look at somebody and tell ’em, neighbor, I’m walking into a supernatural season of ministry. When I lay hands on the sick, they going to recover y’all. Problem is you think it only happens in the pulpit. If I go to the hospital, cancer got to be nervous. If I go to the hospital, all of these terminal illnesses better be nervous because of the mantle that is on my, somebody say, I’m getting my road back. Where did you quit? Ministry And then he gives him a ring because a ring was worn by dignitaries people that were worthy of respect and honor because he knew that when this man was hanging out with the pigs, he had lost his dignity. Oh, who am I talking to?

I know. Remember when I told you to hold hands? I told you that you’re standing next to somebody who is not going to tell you what they’ve been through because some of our stories are too embarrassing to really tell. If I told you how really foolish I’ve been, y’all don’t want to talk back to me. If I told you the stuff that I’ve done, you know how church is. Church people are judgmental. I can’t tell you my story because of the fact that you going to look down on me, but just know that I’m getting ready to get my dignity back because there’s nothing that I could have done that would make God disqualify me. Can y’all talk to me in here and y’all got to stop judging sins. Come on in here. No, you got to stop judging degrees of sin based upon what you do.

So because you don’t do that, you think it’s worse than this? Yeah. You got to stop judging sin and just know that all of us have been in some compromising situations that if the camera was following us all the time, we’d have some explaining to do, but God is going to give you a ring. He’s going to give you your dignity back. Tap somebody on the shoulder and tell ’em. It don’t matter what you’ve done. You don’t even got to tell me. Tell ’em. I don’t even want to know. Just know that this is your ring season. Yeah, some of y’all, when I said, I say Yeah God, send me my husband. This ain’t about your husband. Before you can marry somebody, you got to have a little dignity. Ain’t saying man, you ain’t looking for no wife. You need some dignity. First you got to have enough self-worth to stop sleeping with everybody else before God give you a wife.

Okay, I’m about to get in trouble. I’m sorry pastor, don’t judge me. We do better. We do better when we just love one another and let everybody get robes and rings. Look at somebody and tell ’em this is my ring season, this is my ring season, this is my ring season. I’m getting my dignity back. Whatever had me down there is now therefore no condemnation for them who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit. I said, there is now therefore no condemnation and I speak prophetically that the spirit of condemnation has to leave your life. There are a few of you in here that have been struggling with that spirit. If you shout right now, that spirit will leave your entire family.

Come on my way. Last thing he gave him was his shoes. Somebody said come back home. Last thing he gave him was his shoes. Right. Why? Because when you were a slave they took your shoes from you. So giving him his shoes back was the same as giving him his freedom back. Okay? That side didn’t get it. So I’m going to give y’all a chance. He gave him his shoes because he knew he had been a slave and coming back home, sometimes you can come home with a slave mentality. I remember my friend had a bird and it was in the cage and we would go over there and say, lemme show you something. He will open the cage and the bird will stay in the cage. What’s literally giving the bird the opportunity to fly around the house, but the bird gotten so used to the bars that it forgot that it was supposed to fly. I’m talking to somebody. Just because you are in church don’t mean you know that you are free.

But I had to fly from Gary, Indiana on an apostolic assignment to remind you that whom the sun sets for. I’m trying to get this corner right back over there. I’m going to say something that’s going to get that corner. Look at somebody and tell ’em whom the sun, no, no, no, no, no. Martin Luther King didn’t free me. Obama didn’t free me. Harry Krishna didn’t free me bail money didn’t free me the son free on a hill far away. Watch it. He said, we’re going to kill the fatted calf. God’s response First God’s response was to give him a robe, a ring and some shoes. Watch it hear me. Then he tells him what their response should be. He said, we’re going to kill the fatted calf. You are going to eat it and be married. Who is that helping me preach.

Told them that what their demeanor was going to be now that he was home. First of all, you’re not going to drink milk. We going to eat some meat. Paul says, the meat is the word of God, right? So what this is pastor is that now that you are back home, you need to understand what your response should be to the word. This is why I run from dead churches. Oh no, I wouldn’t even be at the lighthouse if y’all was a dead church. I can’t be in no church. That won’t praise them because it mean y’all ain’t came back home yet. Because when you come home, the response is while we’re eating, y’all rejoice.

While pastor is preaching, we shouting it ought to be some Sundays he don’t even get to finish because we louder than him because you don’t know what I’ve been through just thinking about all those nights with those pigs have I had to beg, borrow and steal and the fact that the Bible says no one would give him any means that he asked and was told No, y’all don’t want to have no church though seasons in your mind you remembering what you had to go through just to make it here. Oh, you better stop playing with people in church. You don’t know what they dragged themselves through. You don’t know how many times they had the gun out and put it back up. You don’t know how many times they emptied the pill bottle and then filled it back up.

God says, you got to eat and be merry. I’m giving you a reason, a right and a responsibility to praise me. So point number two is there should always be noise in the house. If I’m ever around people who God is saved, it ought to be a noisy house. I don’t need kafi to get me going. I don’t need pastor to get me going. I don’t need the band to get me. I come in loud. I come in shouting. We bring the sacrifice of praise into the house of the Lord because I’m covered by the blood.

Every time I think about what God has done to me and for me, it makes me want to shout. I’m on my way. Understand. Can I free you fully today? Can I free you fully today? I know y’all ready for me to stop. I can’t stop without giving you this point. Watch it. Let me help you. The tension, Brandon in the text is not even the prodigal son. All of that we just talked about is not even the tension in the text because Jesus already died for everything we just talked about. The tension in the text really starts in the pretext. Verse number one opens with Jesus sitting in a house eating with tax collectors and sinners and the Pharisees and Sadducees church folk are mad because he’s fellowshiping with sinners.

So the whole reason Luke is writing this is to record what Jesus was trying to get across to them and that is that I need you to understand His problem ain’t even with the prodigal son because he knew he was going to die for him. The problem he had was with the son that stayed. The issue in church is not even the sinners. Y’all watching this online, y’all make it go viral. It ain’t the sin us, it’s the folk who sing in the praise team. It’s the ones who lead in church. It’s the judgmental folk that’s sticking they nose up at you every time they think they heard something about you. We think when we see when friends with you on social media, we think we know you and there are folk as I’ve been saying all morning, that if they really knew your story they would really have some information to talk about. Can I help somebody? But the church is the only place that you are criticized for being a survivor.

I’m going back to my hotel room. If I was in a plane and it crashed and I was the only survivor, I would be on national news, scratch that, I’d be on international news. But in church, when we find out what people have gone through, oh my God, we judge them. So here’s point number three. Make sure you’re not lost in the house because some of y’all never left but you were lost while you were here. You are worried about the wrong thing. Pastor already said it in our five A’s we accept everybody. So you might as well get over that. Whatever this thing you got with sticking your nose up, you better put it down before you drown. You better learn how to accept everybody because how do I have a right to judge you and the truth? Can I be honest? I’m really too busy.

I’m trying to figure out what do y’all be doing because how do y’all have time to worry about folk and I’m too scared of the scripture that says, judge, not lest you be judged with the saint, y’all don’t read that Bible with the same judge. In other words, if I’m interested in shining a light on you, when the light come on it just come on. Look at somebody and tell ’em I’m a survivor. I’m survivor. Do me a favor. Grab somebody by the hand and tell ’em, neighbor, neighbor, whatever you do in the next season of your life, don’t let you ever let anybody criticize you for surviving. Nope, that neighbor didn’t Praise God with you. Find somebody else and tell ’em, neighbor, whatever you do in the next season of your life, I’m not putting up with no criticism from somebody that didn’t save me.

Y’all ain’t doing it. Grab somebody else by the hand. Just one more person. Shake ’em a little bit and ask ’em. Say, neighbor, did you hear what I said? The next season of my life, I’m not going to let you down. Talk about what I survived because I made it through the stone and I made it through the rain and I’m here by the grace of God. Somebody open up your mouth and shout, I’m still here by the grace of God, open your mouth in here and tell somebody if you knew my story, you’d be praising God with me. Give him a shout.

I said, give him a shout. I said, give them a shout. Give them a shout. Put your hand on somebody’s shoulder and tell that neighbor. Tell the neighbor come back home. Come on, tell ’em. Say neighbor, come back home. Say neighbor, make sure you’re not lost in the house. Tell that neighbor you’ve been through too much to be lost in the house. You’ve been through too much pain to let somebody run you away. You’ve been through many tears, but I got good news for you weeping me endure for a night. So when you see me praising, tell somebody mind your business. When you see me giving God the glory, mind your business. When you see me run, mind your business. When you see me, dance me mind your business.

I’ve been through too much, been through too much to turn around. Now I’m back home. I got my robe, got my ring, got my shoe and I’m ready. I’m ready. I’m ready for the next season of my life. I’m to live like I never lived before. I got one more point. I got one more point because the Bible said that while they were praising that, the brother came in and said, what’s going on? The Bible says that he wanted to know why y’all praising over a sinner? Why y’all praising over a liar? Why y’all praising over a backslide? The Bible says that the father stepped outside and closed the door. In other words, he was telling the son last point, stay in the house. You ain’t got to deal with no haters. You ain’t got to deal with no liars. You don’t have to deal with no demons.

I’m going to do it for you because when you come back home, let the Lord fight your battles. Grab your neighbor’s hand and tell the neighbor. Tell a neighbor, I have a declaration. I got a declaration that’s getting ready to free both of us. Y’all ready? Tell that neighbor, he has rescued my life and I’m never going back. He rescued me. I can’t go back. He pulled me off the side of the road, broke, busted, disgusted, suicidal, mad, angry following this there brothers wasn’t there, sister wasn’t there. But here you here. The grace of God. By the grace of God, somebody shout, miss my ring season. I’m getting ready to win. Every time you turn around, another win, every time you turn around, another victory, how time you turn around, God is going to open another door. I wish y’all new prophecy with your heard every time you turn around you all here. Approved, approved, approved, approved. What about my credit approved? What about the money approved? Approved? Somebody shout a proof I got to go. But have you any rivers that you cannot cross, have you in mountains you cannot tell through God specializes and he’ll do.

He’ll do he’ll power. Somebody shall come back home while you’re standing. Grab your neighbor’s hand while you’re standing, grab your neighbor’s hand and I want you to begin to open your mouth. The next noise that comes out of your mouth is not for you, is going to be so you not like that last brother, woman of God. I’m praying for your success, man of God. I’m praying that God bring you out of that and we’re going to celebrate you. You were dealing with lust. We celebrate your victory. You’re dealing with homosexuality. We celebrate your victory. You’re dealing with addiction. We celebrate your victory. Can I tell you that the devil is scared of the deliverance that’s about to take place in your life while you are holding that neighbor’s hand, while you are holding that neighbor’s hand, while you are holding it, there’s going to come a cry from your belly and you’re going to help your neighbor get delivered this morning. Are you hearing me? God is in this room and I speak by the authority of the Holy Ghost. That’s everything that is holding you is getting ready to let you go. Now I want y’all shall talk on your son.

When I count to three, I need everybody out of your belly letting out a shout. The cry is bringing deliverance. 1, 2, 3. Cry out. I’m sorry I missed it. I wanted to be there. Cry out. Cry out. Shut Soto, loose your hold on God’s people. Loose them and let ’em go. In the name of Jesus, what can wash away my nothing but the blood of Jesus? What can make me holy? Nothing but the blood of Jesus. All precious, all precious, all precious, all precious. That’s it. 10 more seconds, 10 more. Come on, go. Pressure. You depressed. Go. I wish I had time. We got to go. I feel like working this room, but I’m going to leave it alone. Everybody dealing with some kind of sickness. Open your mouth and shut. I said, if you’re dealing with a sickness, your healing is in your mouth. Open it up a shut. Be healed. Be healed. Be healed. Oh, shut up is here. Blood away my

Speaker 3 (01:05:23):
What? Can make me the blood. Jesus. Now everybody say precious. Here’s that flow singing nothing but no. At one point in our laundry room we had a canvas and it was just a picture that was sitting around. My wife wasn’t paying attention to it. I remember I just took a hammer. One nail hung it up in the laundry room and it said it house rules. True story. And it talks about be merry, be happy, feel comfortable. Open the refrigerator because rules are designed to make you feel comfortable in the environment as an outsider. So a lot of you feel like that’s the church and this is me, that’s them. But I’m not really a part. I’m not a minister. I don’t sing. I don’t lead ministry. But have you just heard the word?

All he was really saying is it’s no matter where you’ve been, you are welcome. You’re welcome. And when you read that text, read it when you get home, you remember he said he overpacked. He couldn’t tell you everything because the father literally left the house because the Bible says he saw his son a far off. He left the comfort of his home and went out a ways and met his son leaving the 99 to go after the one. Somebody say I’m the one, I’m the one he left everything behind to go get the one. He left the Jews behind to go get the Gentile. He left the perfect people behind to go get the people who don’t know where they fit. And I don’t know where you identify. He asked you which son are you? Are you the one that stayed or are you the one that left?

And what God is saying is that in my house there was room for both. There was room for the person who was baptized at six and the person who’s 36 and hasn’t been baptized yet. There’s room in my house for people who feel like they belong and for people who don’t feel like they belong, for people who know all of the hymns and people who don’t know a word to in the scripture, I’ve got room for you in the house and don’t feel insecure because you don’t know what the son who stayed knows because just because he knew the scripture didn’t know he meant that he knew the father.

Whoever you are in this room, whomever you identify with, this is the house and it has your name on the title and you can come and go as you please. In our place, we got a young daughter. And in order to get in the house, you have to get past the security. And one day they sent her in the house and they sent her through a door that didn’t lead into the house. And she told her mom, she said, they sent me up another door and my wife was out of town and she said, go find out why they didn’t send her through the right door. So I went downstairs, but I knew it had to be more to the story. I said, she lives here. Why didn’t you send her through the right door? She said, they haven’t given me access.

And I thought to myself, how many people are you upset with that don’t have the authority to show you through the right door? Never accept a no from somebody who doesn’t have the authority to give you a yes. Well, you don’t have the authority to give me a yes. I’m asking somebody else until I get to somebody who has the authority and we know that. Who has the over this house? One Lord, one faith, one baptism. If you have an appreciation for the word of God, can you put your hands together and bless God for the man of God? Come on, look at your neighbor and say He told you so. I tell you, you owe me an apology. He was up here doubting me and he didn’t let loose. He wanted to. He just going to keep building up. Before y’all know it, y’all going to be slaying in the Holy Spirit. You’re going to be on this carpet snotting and spitting up. Once he starts working this room, I prophesy. There will be deliverance of thousands of people that will come through this campus.

If you’re in this place today, if you’ve never accepted Christ, your Lord and Savior, if you’re watching online, they’re getting ready to put a link up on the screen we’re going to give. But I want to make sure because right now the most important thing is that if there is a soul in this room that feels like this is the place that God has connected you to one day we won’t be in this room. This is just a starting point. This is just a starting point. This is the hog pen. Don’t you get comfortable? This is the hog pimp. We are homeless people out here right now. We are in riotous living. We’re spending money on stuff that don’t belong to us. One day we will have a home. But if you’re in this place today and you feel like God is sending you to this church, I just want you to meet me at this altar real quick. Just come from wherever you are, wherever you are. If you feel like this is the day that you want to connect to this ministry, I want you to come real quick, real quick, real quick. Wherever you are, come on and praise God for ’em as they come real quick and come on. Come on, come on. Don’t be nervous. Come on, come on.

God bless you, my sister. God bless you, my brother. God bless you. Oh, listen, I just thought about this and it’s really in line with what you said, pastor, as we leave, what if the world was ending today? Let’s just, you know how this is what I know about church people. We shop churches, we do sales. I’m just going to go and see if it get better and if it gets better than I’ll buy. But what if today was the last day? What if the sky cracked like glass? Those who were dead would come out of the ground and those of us who alive, this is in revelation, will be caught up. Y’all seen that old lady on Instagram? She says in Jesus, and when he come back, it’s going to be cricket in this. And then the screen go, the Bible says, in the twinkling of an eye, everybody blink.

That’s how fast the rapture is. So this idea that you’re going to be like, okay, Lord, forgive me if all my sins, you’re going to see him coming and you’re going to have 15 minutes to get it together and you’re going to be able to call people and forgive me for everything. No blink, it’s done. Which is why your business got to be done on the front end. You’re not going to have time there. So if was the last day that you would ever have an opportunity to connect in fellowship with a local body or give Jesus Christ your life, and you are not going to have next, second or fourth Sunday to make that decision, I want to know what you would do. So if I’m talking to you right now, the Bible says choose ye this day whom you will serve. If you’re in this room and you have enough courage to choose him this day, I want to give you 15 seconds to come and for every step you take, we going to clap until you get to this altar. Is there anybody else? Is there anybody else? God bless you. Come on, come on, come on. We’re doing the work of Jesus Christ. God bless you, my sister. Don’t be nervous. We all have to come. We all have to. Come on lighthouse. Make it a big deal. Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on. Give them glory.

Hallelujah. God bless my sister. Alright, listen, you are in the greatest moment of your life because what you’re doing is you’re showing God, God, I’m going to make you a priority in my life and God is going to so fill your heart that you will never again in your life fill. You have to make somebody a priority that makes you an option. It takes time for hurt to heal. It’s like an onion. It falls off a layer after layer after layer and before you know it, you come in here and your burdens are light and your yoke will be easy and you won’t even know how you got from the point where you felt like giving up to the point where you feel like going on and I’m speaking over your life. Because those of you who are at this altar right now, your testimony is going to be a story.

And I don’t even know why, but God told me there are two of you at this altar that should write a book. I don’t know who’s thinking about writing a book. You alright? So you ought to write that book, write it. You don’t need a publisher. Just write the story. Just write the story. One of your stories is going to turn into a film, but you got to write it. You got to write it. You got to write it. Everybody say, write the vision. Write the vision. Don’t just write the vision. Write the pain, write the frustration. Write the anger, write the disappointment. Get it out of you because God is going to begin a good work in you. And he who has began a good work in you shall establish it until the day of Jesus Christ. God, I pray right now for these new sons and daughters, we pray that you will take them from glory to glory, from trouble to triumph, for the spirit of heaviness and for the sickness that is in your body. It is healed in the name of Jesus. And you shall live. Put on my seed and not die. In Jesus’ name we pray. Come on, somebody shout. Amen. Which way do we want to sin ’em? Come down this center out. Come on and praise God for them as they go. God bless you. God bless you. God bless you.

Hallelujah. Hallelujah, hallelujah. Hallelujah. Please just follow me. Let’s give. Come on and praise God. It’s time to give. If you need an envelope, raise your hand real high. Our ushers will serve you. How many of y’all give online? Alright? We’re going to give those of you who are watching online, we want you to partake in this moment right now. We’re going to give, and God’s going to give it back to you. My wife and I were in Fort Lauderdale this weekend and the pastor was talking about, listen to this. Somebody stole $475,000 away from his ministry.

A contractor stole $475,000 away from his ministry. How many of y’all, because we are a bunch of gangsters in here, thugs, so you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to get with ’em, right? They can’t steal $475 from you and get away with it. $475,000. Oh $4, okay? Jesus. It’s a low threshold for a beat down, but 475,000. Listen to this. He could have been angry, he could have been despondent, he could have been discouraged. God sent him to a conference. And in that conference, while he was frustrated and despondent, the Lord told him to give.

And the Lord put, I believe the scripture was Deuteronomy one and 11 in the Spirit. He said, God, and if y’all can pull it up on the screen and then we’ll go back to the QR code and the instructions. But Deuteronomy one and 11, because I want you to see what’s getting ready to happen when you released this because the devil has stole some stuff from some of y’all. He stole some stuff from you, and I know you can’t read that, so I’m going to read it for you. The Lord God of your fathers make you a thousand times so many more as you are and bless you as he had promised. He’s saying risk. I’m going to take what you have and I’m going to multiply it and make you a thousand times greater.

And so after he read that scripture, somebody came to his church and sat in the church. He did not know the man. He did not have any relationship with the man. The man said to him, are y’all listening to me? This is a true story. The man said, what’s your bank account number now? See, only people who don’t have money don’t want to give out their account number. Can’t nobody do nothing with your account number? Can’t nobody do nothing? But see, we like to keep that stuff secret. That man said 5 6 7 2 gave him the whole account number. The man deposited not only the $475,000 that had been stolen, but an additional million for whatever he wanted to do.

He didn’t know the man. He didn’t request anything from the man. He didn’t start a GoFundMe. He was in his divine purpose, given a divine seed. And somebody told the man who he didn’t know what he needed. And I prophesy in your life that God is going to whisper your need to somebody who has the ability to satisfy it and they’re going to give it to you. You don’t believe it. God, give me all of their blessings for everybody in the room who don’t have the faith. Give it to me. I’ll praise you every time I get a gift for every person who didn’t want theirs. If you believe he can do that for you, stand on your feet. The man just said, what’s your account number? He gave him an account number. He wakes up in the morning with 1.475 million in the bank from a man that he does not know, listen and hasn’t seen since.