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Pastor Keion Henderson is the lead pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Houston, Texas. Lighthouse is an organization that serves the body of Christ through our 5 pillars. We always ANTICIPATE a move of God in every experience, so we constantly set a great ATMOSPHERE, and we ACCEPT everyone through love. We believe the best way to impact people is by being AUTHENTIC to who we are and by taking ACTION to move everyone towards greater.

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Autogenerated Transcript

Pastor Keion (00:00:09):
I believe that we owe God a praise and the name of the sermon that I just changed it to is He’s coming for you. He’s coming for you. And I don’t know about you, but anybody excited about the fact that God is, when you said it, it hit my soul. It hit my soul. It hit my soul. When she said it, it hit my spirit to tell the people that everybody else, when your mother and father have forsaken you, he is still. That’s what the entire book of Revelation is about, that if he had gone to prepare a place for us, he will come again. That where he

Pastor Keion (00:01:08):
Come on, talk to me church. There we will be also Book of Revelation, chapter 20 verse one. And yes, I’m going to read 10 verses and yes, you ready to sit down and yes, you’ve been standing over an hour and yes, we still standing and I love you anyway if you can’t stand for Jesus. And I saw an angel come down from heaven having the keys of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand and he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the devil and Satan and bound him a thousand years and cast him into the bottomless pit and shut him up and set a seal upon him that he should deceive the nations no more till the thousand years should be fulfilled and after that, he must be loosed a little season. Lemme tell y’all something right now, you ain’t had a fight with the devil yet. What we are dealing with is demons and principalities. Satan is still locked up in the bottomless pit of hell. You haven’t, everybody said the devil hasn’t even met you yet. You have been dealing with his representatives and I saw thrones and they set upon them and judgment was given unto them and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witnesses of Jesus for the word of God, which had not worshiped the beast

Neither his image, neither had received his mark up upon their foreheads or in their hands and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years, but the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished. This was the first resurrection. Blessed and holy is he that have part in the first resurrection on such the second death, half no power, but they shall be preached of God and of Christ and shall reign with him a thousand years. And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison and shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the Earth, God and may God to gather them together to battle the number of whom is as the sand of the sea. So many demons you can’t count on y’all quiet because y’all scared. This ain’t no horror movie. You already got the victory. I’m reading a script, but let me tell you what happens. You win. Look at verse nine, and they went up on the breath of the earth and compassed the camp of the saints about in beloved city and fire came down from God out of heaven and everything that was coming up against God’s people, he devoured them

And the person, the devil, the spirit that them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet are and shall be tormented day and night forever

Pastor Keion (00:05:10):
You may be seated in the presence of the Lord. How many of y’all scared this, that book that don’t nobody read, they just go all the way up to revelation and go to sleep, but I came to set the captive free today. Whatever you have planned in the next 45 minutes, I need you to cancel it. I need all of your attention because I’m going to give you so much information. If you try to multitask, you’re going to miss this

Speaker 3 (00:05:44):

Pastor Keion (00:05:46):
Do I have your attention? We have now opened our bibles to one of the most controversial sections of scripture in seminaries all around the world. At this very moment there are debates about the perspectives that should be adopted as it relates to the explanation and the most accurate depictions of the book of Revelation, which is one of the most difficult portions of the Bible. Notice I keep calling it the book of Revelation and I am not calling it the book of Revelations because there is no s. When John was on the aisle of Patmos, he did not see revelations. He saw a revelation. John said things like, I saw a number that no man could count. He said stuff like I saw 144,000. And some have picked that up to mean that there will only be 144,000 in heaven. This is where the faith of the Jehovah’s Witness come from. I have come today to give you coal for your Holy Ghost fire so that you are not around here believing a myth and a legend, but you know our God, he still lives. What makes Revelation 20 so difficult to interpret? Are you still with me?

Is that even the people, those of us who agree on the resurrection, still disagree on the revelation. We believe that Jesus got up on the Thursday morning. We believe that he got up with all power, but there is some concern and some calculated risk and some misinformation and some misunderstanding about how God will come back for the church. The Bible says that when he comes back, the sky will crack like glass and those of us who are alive will be caught up. Watch this. The Bible says in the blinking of an eye, this is how fast the rapture will take place. Everybody blink, it’s over. You will live 70, 80, 90 years and all of a sudden when Jesus starts to come back and he won’t touch the earth, the dead in Christ will rise and those of us who alive will be caught up in the twin thing of an eye. Well, what does that mean, pastor? There are some people whose bodies have been thrown into the sea and eaten by sharks. That’s fine because when God comes back he’s going to say, shark give up the body. What about those in the ground? They will have disintegrated and the worms would’ve eaten the body and the bird would’ve eaten the worm and the hawk would’ve eaten the bird and the eagle would’ve eaten the hawk and the hawk would’ve died over a sea and eaten by a shark. God says, that ain’t a problem for me. Shark, give up the eagle. Eagle, give up the hawk. Hawk, give up the bird. Bird, get up the worm worm, give up the skin

And we will put on a new incorruptible flesh. That’s why you ought to be glad I’ve been redeemed. Somebody shout, I’ve been redeemed. Redeemed. Now there are basically, is this helping anybody so far? I need you to stay with me. There are four basic approaches to the interpretation of the book of Revelation. Number one, there is the idealist or the spiritual approach. Note takers, you get this. Number two, there is the historic or historicist approach. There is the futurist approach and then what I believe the pre terrorist approach, which is the theological approach. What is theology? Theo means God means the study of, so theology is the study of God, just like psychology is the study psychology, the study of the mind. Okay, so when we say theology, the study of God, I believe that in order to understand revelation, you cannot be futuristic only. You cannot be idealistic. You can’t just be historic. You’ve got to be theological. In other words, you got to let God speak to you about his own business

And that is called the Holy Spirit. Now for those of you all who don’t believe it, let me tell you that the Holy Spirit did not come into being when Jesus Christ went back to heaven and the Bible says the Spirit descended like a dove. God is eternal. He was always Father. He was always son and he was always Holy Spirit. Which is why the Bible says in the beginning that when God created the waters, the spirit hovered over the water. That was the Holy Spirit. He is a triune God. Yes, three in office, but one in purpose because he is one Lord, one faith, and one baptism. Yes, he is God who created the world. Yes, he is Jesus that redeemed our soul and yet he is the Holy Spirit that is the resident president, but he doesn’t stop being God. To be Jesus doesn’t stop being Jesus to be the Holy Spirit. He is God and can be all at the same time. No more than you have to stop being your husband’s wife to be your child’s mother or has to stop being your child’s mother to be an employee at your job. When you are, you are you. Wherever you go, you just function in different places.

So right now I’m your pastor, but it doesn’t make me stop being her husband and after I’m finished being her husband, it doesn’t make me not her son. It just depends on where I am, what function I have to operate in, but I’m still me. That’s why God didn’t have to stop being God when he was dying on the cross. He was still twirling the world on his finger and when he was the Holy Spirit in the form of the dove, he was still the creator of Yahweh God because he is God and beside him there is none other where most Gods are willing. None of them are able, Buddhist willing, but he ain’t able. Muhammad’s willing, but he ain’t able. I wish I had somebody slap your neighbor and say, my God is

Speaker 3 (00:13:19):

Pastor Keion (00:13:27):
Now y’all going to have to get my back because they’re going to be making up stuff online this week too. After they get ahold of this, there’s going to be a whole nother week worth their lives. So watch this. You’ve got to understand that when you study the word of God, that even though there are four perspectives to the book of Revelation, there are hundreds of interpretations on the four perspectives. This is what makes Christianity so hard to believe that you can flip the TV on or turn your iPad on and have somebody contradict contradicting somebody that you just heard. Because outside of our perspectives, we’ve got to understand that our perspectives should be led by the spirit, which is why I believe the pre terrorist or the theological approach is the most important because you should be informed about God, about him. This is like somebody being informed about you by somebody else. Touch on him and say, if you want to know something about me, ask me. I’ll tell you what you’re going to do about it. You want to know something about me? Ask me. Don’t ask somebody who don’t know me about me.

How you going to let somebody who never met me tell you about me? Y’all get the subliminals, we going to have a party. We are going to work it. Watch this. I have never made an error in my life believing God, watch this. I’ve had some pain believing them. I felt like quitting when I had to believe him. I felt weak when I had to listen to him. I felt inadequate when I had to do what he said, but in the end I won because we walked by faith. Come on church, touch somebody and say, I believe God. Now if I had real Christians in here, this place would be going crazy. I believe God, I know you, but I believe God. I don’t believe in money. I don’t believe in personalities. I believe

Speaker 3 (00:16:01):

Pastor Keion (00:16:02):
Slap somebody, say I believe God, believe God, I’m in pain, but I believe him. I’m confused sometime, but I believe them. I want to get even sometime, but I believe them. I want to get it off my chest sometime, but I believe him. And what do I believe bathe that weight.

Speaker 3 (00:16:19):

Pastor Keion (00:16:22):
Bath that weight on the Lord shall renew their strength. Somebody shout, I believe God. I don’t believe blogs. I believe God. I don’t believe Instagram. I believe God. I don’t believe TikTok, I believe God. Sit down. What y’all doing? I ain’t even started preaching yet. To the folks of the esteemed educational world that you live in, I understand that you understand multisyllabic expressions and different theories and Pythagorean theorems. I understand you’ll know all of that. But I do know that one thing you will teach in your school is that you will never understand a text without understanding its context. You don’t know what God is saying because you don’t study enough to go find out where he said it and to whom he was talking to. So anytime you read a text out of context, it’s a pretext. So when you see the book of Revelation, when you see the book of wherever it is, you got to find out who God was talking to. It’s like a whole theory has been made when the Bible says that a man or a woman should not teach a man. And the Bible talks about EU and how a woman ought to remain in silence.

Oh yeah, it’s going to get rough up in here. One Peter 2011, a woman artery man in silence. It’s a text out of context because when God said it, the women at the time at the Church of Corinth and the other churches, they were practicing prostitution outside of the church and they were coming in deceiving the men. So God says for a season, I need the women to be quiet so I can talk to the men. He did not mean for women in 2024 to be silenced in the church of God. And how do I know? Because when Jesus got out of the grave, Peter and John were asleep. It was a woman named Mary. And can I tell you, the first gospel message was preached by a woman because Jesus said, Mary, go tell my disciples and Peter that I’m alive. This I might not get this sermon done in 30 minutes because I’m still in the introduction. I’m so sorry. How many of y’all ever heard the scripture be not deceived? God is not mocked. Whatever man’s souls that shall also reeked. Did you know that? Don’t mean that if bad people do something to you,

That’s all right. Be not deceived karma. Shut up another one. My God shall supply ain’t got nothing to do with God meeting your needs except you get it in the right context. Because Paul, when he wrote that text was in jail and when he was in prison he was a tent maker. See, y’all don’t know Paul was an educated and a wealthy man. He had a business. So when he was in jail, his money dried up. So what happens is the church had Macedonia. He writes a letter to them and says, listen, my paraphrase, emphasis I’m in jail and I need some money on my books. The Roman noodles cost too much. I want some flaming hots. I need some money on my books. They said, Paul, we ain’t got no money. We have given it all to the church. How are we going to help you in prison? Paul looks at them and says, don’t worry about it. If you bless me, my God shall supply. Which means if you’ve never blessed a preacher, you can’t quote that scripture. This is why you need a pastor. Don’t let nobody fool you can’t just if God ain’t speaking to you, you can’t just open the Bible and know what to say. You need a rabbi,

You need a teacher. To some he gave bishops to some he gave preachers to some he gave apostles Why For the edification of the body of Christ. So before you can handle the text, you got to understand this context because remember when the Bible was written, it was written to a generation in the first century church. It wasn’t written to you, but it was written for you. See, that’s why you see stuff like sowing and reaping and grain and wheat. Some of y’all ain’t never put your hand in no dirt. You ain’t never don’t know what a sheath is separating the wheat from the tear. Look at Gideon in the wine press separating the wheat from the tear. Why was it an oxymoron for him to be in the wine press? Because when you separate wheat from a tear, you’re supposed to be on the mountain so that the wind can separate the wheat from the tear and it would make the wheat fall to the ground and the tear would float away. But Gideon is in a wine press where there’s no wind threshing wheat, and some of y’all still don’t know what I just said.

So the Bible was written to them, but it was written for

Speaker 3 (00:23:12):
Us, for us,

Pastor Keion (00:23:16):
And it was originally focused on the relevance of those. At the time, the first century believers were nearly all Jews because remember I told you I need your attention. A lot of information they were transferring over from Judaism to Christianity. Are you listening so far? What’s the transition? Christianity? Christians like Christ. So they were going from Judaism to being like Jesus. And then they said to them, watch this. He says, it is better for you that I go, can you imagine? They’re like, are you out of your mind? You mean to tell me that it’s better for me to go back around these crazy people than to be around somebody who can walk on water, turn fish and Lowe’s into a banquet? How is it better that I leave? He says, it’s better that I leave because until I leave, you’ll never become a Christian. See, the greatest thing you can do for your children is let them become, this is what he did for us as his children. He

Speaker 3 (00:24:26):

Pastor Keion (00:24:28):
Now he’s got safeguards to make sure we don’t fall, but he still allows us to be human

Speaker 3 (00:24:36):

Pastor Keion (00:24:42):
We are not human. Ours, we are human beings, which means we are always in the process of being, becoming and the two shall become. Are y’all still with me? So the first century believers, they kept the Sabbath, they obeyed the laws, they worshiped in the temple. And by the way, lemme tell you, at that time it wasn’t a church on every corner, it was a temple. So everybody went to the temple and what would happen is, is that the rabbi would turn his back to the crowd and he would have the law open and he would read it and everybody believed it. Lemme tell you something, and I believe this, I don’t know if you know this, but the reason why the Bible is the most sold book on the planet is because bible is business. They just interpret it and they sell it. There are a lot of Bibles that you have in your hand right now. They’re not accurate to the original text. It’s just a book that they can sell. Come on, talk to me

Speaker 3 (00:25:43):

Pastor Keion (00:25:43):
The reason why there was less confusion in those days is because the Rabbi had the only copy and he would interpret it and tell the people and they had to believe it. One of the worst things that happened to the world is everybody got a book and now they can sit at home and say, no, that ain’t what that means without a download from the Holy Ghost.

Oh God, bring my chart up. They don’t want to hear me bring my chart up. They fasted every Monday and Tuesday. They repented publicly. So what I want to let you know is that as you look at this and we talk about the second coming of Jesus, I want you to look at this. This is a prophecy chart that will show you how Jesus actually started in his coming back. We started out with the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We all got that. That’s called the church age. But you move to when he wrote the letters to the seven churches, that’s what starts out in the book of Revelations in chapter two and three, when he says to the church at Pergam, to the church at th, to the church at Ephesus, he writes, excuse me to the Church of Leia. He writes all of these letters to these different churches and then he moves on to the seven seals.

Then he moves from there to the seven trumpets. He moves from there to the counterfeit trinity, which is the three headed beasts of the dragon, the false prophet and the beast. Alright, then we go from there to the seven vows. Now I want to hurry up and get you to this place because this will trick me a year to teach you we get to this thousand year WR of Christ that was mentioned in our text. Most people think that when we die and Jesus comes back, we just go to heaven and everything is everything. There’s a lot that happens before that because then you got the great white throne judgment and then after that is the second coming of Christ and then after that is the new heaven and the New York because in the beginning when he comes back, he’s coming back for the church. The next time he’s coming back, he’s coming back with the church. Oh God, help me in this place today. So then there’s this thousand year period where Satan will be released on the earth to do whatever he wants to do.

Oh my God, he’s going to be released on the earth to do whatever he wants to do. Are you listening to me so far? Am I going too fast or are you all getting this right? He’s coming back for us. Now I want to bring this up because this thousand year period, which is a period of peace and righteousness that will last for a millennial and then Satan will be released. But the Bible says if we look at our first verse, what does the Bible says? He came with, what chain did you see that in verse number one? Lemme read it again so I don’t want to lose you. The Bible says in verse number one of Revelation 20, I saw an angel coming from heaven having the keys of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand. Now, why does he have a chain in his hand? Listen to me. This is where we get the statement from. Have you ever heard this In church, Satan, we bind. You

Speaker 3 (00:28:58):

Pastor Keion (00:28:59):
In what?

Speaker 3 (00:29:00):

Pastor Keion (00:29:00):
Name, name of Jesus. How many of y’all ever heard of old saints say that? Satan, I bind you. So here’s what we got to understand about binding. Binding means that through prayer, through faith, we have the ability to restrict Satan’s movements against our success. But the problem is our interpretation of what bind means. We think bind means that the devil is stuck in a position. Why does God come with a chain? Because he restricts his movements, but he doesn’t stop his movements. Come on church. In other words, God has Satan on a leash, but the Bible still says he’s a roaring lion walking to and fro seeking whom he may devour. You got to be careful. You don’t get too close to the devil because if you get in changed length, you can still get bit. That’s why you have to separate yourself so far from satanic forces and so far from demonic spirits and so far from people who don’t know God. Because if you play with the devil, you going to get bit. Listen to me, and I’m telling you right now, I’m telling you right now, I’m in the spirit. There are demons in this room

That are going to leave some of your lives and the rest of you all better be prayed up because they’re going to be looking for somewhere to go. I would do you a disservice by only teaching you half the Bible.

I’m going to teach you the whole thing no matter what you think about it. Because not one jota tittle of this word is untrue and God is good from genesis to the Book of Revelation. And if you listen, if you see yourself in heavenly places and you become the righteousness of God by accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord is savior, this doesn’t scare you because when you accept Jesus Christ, none of this matters. None of this matters. When you accept Jesus Christ, all you know is one day you will close your eyes and wake up and you’ll be right at the right hand of the Father saying, Hosanna. Hosanna in the highest two Corinthians five and 10 says, for we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ so that each of us may receive what is due us for the things done while in the body where the good or bad then comes the tribulation. Then the Bible says, John said, now this is a revelation. This is John back after Jesus had just died, seeing everything that we one day will see. That’s why it’s called the reation. God showed John one of his disciples how he would come back in a vision and John documented it so that we would know how he was going to come.

Oh, I ain’t got no church today. I can tell now I’m about to bust a whole lot of bubbles right now. All right? I don’t mean to hurt nobody’s feelings, but all I got is the word of God. John said, I saw 144,000 and then a group of people said, yep, that’s how many people are going to be in heaven, 144,000. But any text out of context is a pretext, and here was the context. God was saying that I have 12,000 of each of the 12 tribes. Mathematicians, what’s 12 times? 12? 144. So he says, I’m going to take 12,000 from the tribe of Ruben, 12,000 from the tribe of Levi, 12,000 from the tribe of Benjamin, 12,000 from the tribe of Judah. I’m going to take 12,000 from each tribe because I’ve got them segmented for my responsibility of relegating the word of God in my stead through the tribulation period. But then John says, don’t get it twisted. It’s not just going to be 144,000 in heaven. John follows up and said, I saw a number that no man can count.

Speaker 3 (00:33:30):

Pastor Keion (00:33:30):
Wish I had a church that will slap your neighbor, say I’m in the number. There is not going to be 144,000 in heaven. There will be people in heaven that the only people that will be in heaven will be these people. I confess with my mouth the Lord Jesus, and I believe in my heart that God has raised his son from the dead and based on that doubt,

Speaker 3 (00:34:04):
Shout, be

Pastor Keion (00:34:12):
God. Don’t care your religion. He don’t care about your denomination. He don’t care if you are a Presbyterian catholic, apostolic, charismatic, baptist, koic. Do you believe the worst thing that religion did is make us think that you have to be in one to go to heaven and there are a lot of denominations. Think they all going to heaven and everybody else going to hell? And guess what’s going to happen when that great getting up? Morning come. No, no, no. Because the Bible says that everybody who says, Lord, Lord, oh, y’all not listening to me today. I need y’all to wake up. You ain’t getting to Bentley today, but you’re going to get saved. Come here somebody. Your house might not get paid off today, but you’re going to go to heaven when this old earthly tabernacle shall dissolve. God says, I’ve got another building for you not made by hand eternal in the heavens. I need a church that shouts about salvation like you do money. I need a church that doesn’t just shout when I say benley, but a church that shouts when I say blood, somebody give your neighbor high five and shout the blood, the blood, the blood

Speaker 4 (00:35:38):
That gives me strength from day to day and it will never lose.

Pastor Keion (00:35:52):
Slap three people tell ’em I got the blood and because I have the blood, I am redeemed. See, lemme tell you something. They don’t preach like this no more. There’s some that still do in the earth, but when you start preaching like this, people think they’re at an old school church. No, you at a church that preaches the Bible and let me tell you something, don’t ever want your church to be so cutting edge that it cuts corners on the scripture. Stop building a religion that don’t challenge you and don’t push you and don’t make you want to be better. This ain’t no social club. This is the church of Jesus Christ. I don’t care if nothing about having no cool church, are you safe when you die? Where you going? Oh, and by the way, for everybody online and everybody in the room who don’t believe what I’m saying and you believe that when we die, it’s over. Then what do you have to lose in believe in something that ain’t true because let me tell you something, I’d rather have God and not need them than to need them and not have them.

Come on church. Come on church. Hey, if you sitting next to somebody and they look bored, tell ’em wake up. You were shouting last Sunday. Why you ain’t saying nothing today. Last Sunday you shouted so much he couldn’t even preach. Now today we’re talking about salvation and revelation. You looking ashy like you ain’t got no lotion. You better get yourself dipped in the oil of God because one day he is coming back. I bind every spirit of wickedness, every witch, every warlock, every eth, every line. Long tong devil, I come up against you in the name of Jesus. Go. Notice what I just said. Thank you Holy Ghost. Notice I just said I come up against every demon in the name of Jesus because the enemy has tricked us into talking to him. How many ever heard somebody say, Satan, I rebuke you. What you talking to him for? The only time the scripture gives us precedence to talk to the devil is when he manifests himself in a person. But when we are talking overall spirituality, we as God bind that joke in the name of Jesus, bind the spirit of depression bin the spirit of poverty bin,

I dare you, ask God to do it for you. Snap. Don’t ever say God, do it for me and I got a word for you. I got a word for you. He’s coming for you. God says, I would not have you ignorant concerning those who are asleep. What he really means is, is that if I go to prepare a place for you, I’m coming again to take you unto myself that there where I am, there he may be. God says, I’m not going to leave you in this stuff, but you got to believe me the word of God. It’s not just for blessings, it’s for reproving and rebuking and you can’t cut the movie off because it comes to a part that you don’t want to see. My wife hates gory, bloody stuff on tv. She doesn’t like it. Me on the other end, I’d be like, what they going to do next? Did his head just come off? Oh, that’s dope. I wonder how they did that. So this is what my wife does when she know a part of the movie is coming, she don’t want to see. She say, my baby say, is it over yet? Sometime I trigger ’em like, Nope.

Then sometime I’ll be like, yeah, it’s over. She taking and it’s just right after the time I say, yeah, it’s over there. Boom. Pray for me. I ain’t all the way there yet. You see in your haste to get out, we sometimes start talking to the devil. Devil, leave me alone. Worst thing you can do is talk to the enemy. Why? Because in order to talk to him, you got to come to his level. You should be so high that even if you talk, he can’t hear you. I mean that in the spirit, and I mean it in the physical. There are so many things that come on the internet. Somebody say, did you see it? I’m like, no. You know what? I don’t follow low people. Lemme tell you something. Oh, oh, I’m about to hurt your feelings and I don’t care because I’m your daddy. Let me tell you something. If I looked at your timeline and looked at what comes up on it, I probably will take my spiritual belt and whoop your butt for the fifth that you allow to come in your mind still trying to stay saved and holy. How are you going to follow negative and stay positive? How are you going follow the devil and stay godly? How are you going to follow evil and stay positive?

You’ll, your timeline tells me why you can’t get it right up here. You watch gossip, but you are saved by the gospel. You hear about everything. You know about everything. It’s because you’re messy, nosy, and you ain’t got nothing going on for yourself. Busy people don’t have time to know about what’s going on in everybody’s life. Busy people are too busy building a empire. Brick pop, brick set somebody and say, I’m building something. You can’t build your life with somebody else’s story.

Speaker 3 (00:43:04):

Pastor Keion (00:43:07):
I’m talking to builders. I ain’t talking about people. I’m not talking to people who going to leave here and be exactly the same after the sermon. I’m talking about people who drove 20 minutes to get a life changing experience. How many of y’all drove over 20 minutes to get here? How many of y’all drove over 30 minutes to get here? Look around, tell your neighbor, I didn’t drive 30 minutes to be sitting here next to you while you acting like you ain’t in church. I drove a half hour because I need God to do something. I don’t even know if I got enough gas money to get to work tomorrow, but I’m believing God. I bind Satan in the name of Jesus. The Bible says in Acts chapter four, when Peter and John were on trial for healing the lame man on the Sabbath. Y’all remember that? Yeah. He healed the lame man on the Sabbath and the Bible says, they asked Peter, in whose name did you heal this man? And the Bible says, under the influence of the Holy Ghost, Peter said, Jesus, until you recognize that no matter what you’ve accomplished, it was Jesus.

I don’t how big your house is if it wasn’t for, I don’t care how many cars you got in the driveway, if it wasn’t for, I don’t care what kind of degree you got, if it wasn’t for, I don’t care what connections you got, if it wasn’t for Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus at that name, demons tremble. Not somebody say there’s something about the name of Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, just us. Y’all miss what I just said. Jesus came for just us. He died on the cross for just us. He’s coming back. How dare you call his name demons tremble. That’s that name. You don’t believe me. That was a man in the country of the goreans. The Bible says he had 6,000 demons inside of him. By the way, the 6,000 demons that were in him are part of the demons that were released. What is your name? The man didn’t respond. The demons did. The demons said we are. I heard somebody said we are legion for we are many. That means if he said his name was legion, a legion of a Roman army was 6,000 soldiers. So the man was saying, I’ve got 6,000 demons inside of me

Because demons will cram in small spaces. But when Jesus showed up, the Bible says that the demons came out of the man and watch this, your God is so powerful that demons respect them. They said, Jesus, please don’t send us back to the bottomless pit from which we came. Jesus said, okay, I got another solution. Go get in the pigs. And the Bible says that the pigs ran over the cliff. I speak in the name of Jesus that every demon in your house, I cast them over the cliff. Oh God, I cast every demon,

Speaker 4 (00:47:35):
Every devil, every into the

Pastor Keion (00:47:50):
Every demon of disease, every demon of a lack of self confidence, the demon of suicidal thoughts, the demon of drug addiction, the demon of imposter syndrome. He said, I have come that you may have life. I dare somebody say his name at the name of Jesus. Every knee must bow and every tongue will confess. Don’t miss the imagery. Every knee will bow, every tongue will confess at the name of Jesus, but some will do it before he came and some will do it after he comes. And determine on which side you confess determines the direction you go. The Bible says sit down. Why do y’all keep standing up and yelling at me? I’m going to talk to y’all because y’all lit over here. Y’all lit when you get home. Go back and read Revelation nine verse one. At that time the Bible says that the enemy had the key to the bottomless pit.

Speaker 3 (00:49:30):

Pastor Keion (00:49:31):
It is. Like I say, Arthur, Arthur is in charge of his house and his car and he says to me, Hey, I’m giving you the keys, but I’ll be back. Oh yeah, brother, be back. So I’ll be back. And now in Revelation 20, the same key that Satan had in chapter nine. God has in chapter 20 because you will go through a season where you will continue to face locked doors, but there will come a time when God is going to shift it and he’s going to take the keys from the works of the enemy and put the keys in your hand. I need about 500 hood folk and about 10,000 hood folk online who don’t mind looking at your neighbor and saying, I got the keys. Keys key. Tell somebody I got the keys. I got the keys,

Speaker 3 (00:50:43):

Pastor Keion (00:50:43):
Got the keys. I don’t know who this is for, but God says the keys are switching hands because the binding of Satan leads to the destruction of Satan. And let me tell you, he will be destroyed.

Speaker 3 (00:51:12):

Pastor Keion (00:51:15):
God says, I’m giving you the keys. I’m giving you the keys. Have you ever seen people who got keys? They walk with a different confidence. Have you ever seen one of the old school players with 92 keys on their hip? They probably got 10. They probably got four rings on this hand, two on this one. And you just hear him. Just watch this. Watch this right now. If I left this pulpit and I decided I wanted to go in room 1 0 7, if the door is locked, I can’t get in. You know why? Because I don’t have the key. Now I signed the mortgage on this building. No, with my bare hand. With my bare hand. Jackie, am I telling the truth with my bare hand? She was in the title company with me. I signed the mortgage on this church. When we got to closing, we were $60,000 short. They told us we were not going to be able to buy the church. I went into my bank account and transferred it over so we could get the church. Don’t clap because that’s all I had. It wasn’t no surplus. That was it. So I was scared. I ain’t going to tell you about no faith or nothing. I was scared to death. Jackie. The only reason why I did this, Jackie promised, she said, pastor, we going to pay you back. And she did.

She kept her word. Yes she did. And so we left out of that place and they gave us a key, but we’ve been here so long, we didn’t switch keys and switch locks and all that kind of stuff. I got a set of keys. They somewhere, reason why I don’t carry ’em is because every time I get here is already unlocked and if I get to a door that I can’t open, I got Steve or I got Ward or I got anyone. Tristan, I got all these guys because toss ’em up here. These right here are the keys. Okay? So I don’t have to have the keys. I just need to be close to the person I entrusted the keys to and I don’t know who I’m talking to, but God is tossing keys in your direction. Give your neighbor high

Speaker 4 (00:53:50):
Five and shout high. God,

Pastor Keion (00:53:59):
I got the keys. And if you don’t have throw ’em back. Oh, I forgot to tell you, when we first came here, it was a key to every door. Who said that? Help me preach my sermon. Girl. We brought in the locksmith and now instead of having a lot of keys, we got a master key.

Speaker 4 (00:54:28):

Pastor Keion (00:54:28):
Don’t know who I’m talking to, but God’s about to simplify the

Speaker 4 (00:54:32):

Pastor Keion (00:54:34):
One key is going to unlock

Speaker 4 (00:54:39):
Every door. Slap somebody’s shout, Jack

Pastor Keion (00:54:58):
Some three people to say the keys are switching hands, the keys. This is why the devil is fighting you. He didn’t fight you because in your ignorance, you did not know that you were supposed to go through that door. The devil is fighting the knowledge that you are receiving because he knows the more you know will do and the further you will go. So he wants your mind so bogged down in mediocrity that it is not lifted enough to learn and he is fighting you because if you get it, you will finally have access, access to higher education, access to governmental power, access to money and capital, access to being able to buy stock when they are wholesale and not retail. Y’all didn’t hear what I, I’m trying to put you on game. Y’all not even listening to me. I’m telling you, every Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 company, they have stock options that come out before you see it on Robinhood. By the time you see it online, it’s already marked up. Somebody brought the same stock at $2, the one that you bought at $50, and I’m speaking in your life now that God is going to put you at the IP level.

Oh my God. Which means that you’re going to have to have at least 400 to a million dollars in cash assets because that’s one of the prerequisites for being able to be a part of a stock option. Did I just tell a secret? Touch somebody say I ain’t playing small.

Speaker 3 (00:57:03):
I ain’t playing small.

Pastor Keion (00:57:06):
I got the keys. Money is shifting in my hands. Knowledge is filling up my head. I got visions. I’ve got courage that I’ve never had before. The keys are switching hands. See, this is why the enemies of God’s people are getting so bold. It’s not because they’re getting stronger, they’re getting weaker, and now they see people of God doing things that we’ve never done before. See Christians used to be, I’m going to be like Jesus and just a nobody trying to tell somebody, everybody about somebody who can save anybody. Say it with your chest. I’m the righteousness of God. I’m the lender, not the boy. Let the weak say I’m strong. Let the poor say I’m

Speaker 3 (00:58:10):

Pastor Keion (00:58:13):
Kingdom of heaven suffer violence and the violence take it by force so the devil knows this is why he fights a church like this. Because we are not in here just shouting about nothing. We’re finally tuning our mind. And how many of y’all can say it slowly? I feel myself changing. Oh, come on. Had I not changed? Oh, they would’ve been in trouble, trouble, trouble if I hadn’t have changed. They better be glad on your job that you’re changing. Suzanne, don’t know if you wasn’t changed. Some of y’all just want to go up in the office, just start kicking stuff up and say, I done told y’all to leave me alone. But you go in humbly Meek like, yes ma’am. Yes sir. And in the back of your mind say, you don’t even know you’re going to be working for me in about three months. I’m just here until God

Speaker 3 (00:59:19):
Shifts it.

Pastor Keion (00:59:21):
Alright, lemme get y’all out of here. Lemme get Y all out of here. But lemme say something else while I’m up here. When you get the keys, the devil still don’t know. He don’t own it. See, something can be yours and somebody else can still believe it’s theirs. How do I know? The Bible says that the devil tempted Jesus and he says, if you the son of God turn these stones in the bread, Jesus said, bro, my boy, man shall I live by bread alone, but by every word that precedes out of the mouth of God. He says, lemme get to the last temptation. He says, come up this cliff and I want you to view all of the kingdoms of the world. And he says, I want you to jump off the cliff lest you dash your foot against the stone. And if you jump off the cliff and survive, I’ll give you everything that you see. Jesus didn’t jump. You know why you can’t give me my girl, my girl? You can’t give me what’s already mine. Why? Because I cat. You better stop letting people offer you what’s yours already? You can’t make me happy when I meet you. I was happy when I met you.

I was paying my bills before I met you. I need every woman in here to give another woman high five and say, you see this shirt I got on, I bought it. Go in the parking lot and see the car I’m driving. I need every woman in here of you taking care of yourself until your king comes. Shout, I got the keys. I am going to say that too. Slap your sister and say that part period. You got to snatch it like hip in it, lean in it. Come on, lean with it. Rock it

Speaker 3 (01:02:16):

Pastor Keion (01:02:36):
And whatever I bind in heaven, combine it on the earth and whatever is loosed in heaven shall be loosed on the earth. Don’t you walk around here. There is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. John said, I know it’s hard and you’re struggling and it’s tough and it’s difficult and your family acting crazy and you’re confused and your job is unsure and you don’t know whether you’re going to get a pink slip or a raise and you’re looking at your son and you know gave him everything that God gave you, but you kind of want to see what they’re going to do with what you taught them. Some of y’all done raise your kids and you raising somebody else’s. You thought you was done with that part, but here you are trying to create another generation of responsible young adults and it was easy to raise a 10-year-old when you were 30, but raising a 15-year-old when you’re 60 and they mouth is smarter and slicker, then your generation would allow for and you’re trying to whether one or not, are you going to be guilty of parenting or homicide? She said guilty of parenting by way of homicide.

God says, don’t panic. John says, don’t panic because I saw in the vision that every one of your enemies were being consumed by fire in brimstone. So this is why this is what I was really going to preach about today was a sermon called the Final Victory because we’ve been so busy winning the game. That doesn’t matter that we’re losing the only one that counts because when you get to heaven, there is no section for red Bibles. No BBL section. I got to talk about y’all too. It’s got to be equal. I’m coming. No ILAs section. It’s not up there. It’s not up there. These eyelashes are getting out of control. Ladies, just bring it back. Bring it back. One to two inches will do. Y’all just look, be in the heavens, bring it back. We like them. Just bring it back. No, they dope. We like them. Y’all look different. We appreciate ’em. Just fellas. Ain’t no macho section. Ain’t no section for the dude that got his woman to shut up and listen. Ain’t no section for that. She said, did you hear what he said? You better listen and you’re coming back to church next week.

Get ’em together, sister. Ain’t no section for the dude who got the biggest water cash. Get your mind out of the gutter and come back to church. Jesus, right now, God, in the name of Jesus Lord, y’all see why we got to come to church. We still need the Lord to work on us. I love my church. Somebody shout, I love my church, Lord Jesus. That’s just a sign. This sermon that went on too long, it just mean it’s time to go home. That’s all it is. Signing off. Thank you for all of y’all who listen today, what you heard are not the comments. They do not depict the thoughts of the people who work here. There are solely the content of the studio audience. Thank you. In Jesus name. I was saying the biggest bank account ego. There is nothing in heaven that recognizes any of those attributes. It doesn’t matter. And you’re wasting your time on things that don’t move the needle. Can you win the victory between your soul and the eternal battle so that if you never get out of poverty, you still go to heaven because there is no sense

In living poor and dying poor because the only rich person on the earth is the one who has Jesus in their heart. You want to talk about poverty? No, not Jesus, which makes you poorer than anyone on earth because he is the true richest. He is true prosperity. The Bible says, don’t worry about it because John said, I saw in the end that all of the enemies of God’s people were being destroyed.

Speaker 3 (01:09:46):
Come on.

Pastor Keion (01:09:48):
And the Bible says that Satan will recruit mog and AOG and he will watch this. Thank you Holy Spirit. He will convince them

Speaker 3 (01:10:04):

Pastor Keion (01:10:05):
Help him fight against God’s people. Lemme tell you something. When you are really chosen by God, demons recruit for your destruction. They start recruiting from each other. This gentleman who I met yesterday, he said, man, and I sat here and talked to the men at this altar man, we had a good time yesterday, guys, good time Yesterday. We had an hour and 50 minute prayer meeting yesterday. We prayed for an hour and 50 minutes. It was incredible. It was incredible. The next time you hear us having a prayer meeting, you better show up. It was incredible. Then we had the men here for three hours and we had four or 500 men dwelling together in unity. No arguments, no fighting on the same page. In one accord, this gentleman says to me, he said, pastor, and this is our first time talking, he said, man, somebody sent me something negative about you yesterday. He said, but I ain’t believe it. I know you told me that you were standing right here. I was standing right here. He said it less than 24 hours ago because demons recruit,

Speaker 3 (01:11:22):
They do.

Pastor Keion (01:11:23):
But watch what God says. I want you to go home and read the entire chapter. The Bible says that because mog and agar allow Satan to influence them to fight against God’s people, he says he will too. Destroy them. Here is the word of God. Every person who allows themselves to be recruited by your enemies will also suffer the same destruction. You better be careful who you let recruit you because if they lose, you going to lose too. Stop letting people suck you in the stupidity. Stop being so thirsty that you would rather have bad people around you rather than be by yourself. I’d rather to be lonely than be surrounded by liars. Get yourself together and think more of yourself. I can tell what you think about you by who you let speak into you

Speaker 3 (01:12:45):
Or you right about it.

Pastor Keion (01:12:49):
Don’t let Satan recruit you because his fire and his brimstone will be yours. They used to sing a song in the old church. Where do you stand?

Speaker 3 (01:13:00):
Who’s on the

Pastor Keion (01:13:01):
Lord? Who’s on the Lord side? And then at the end they will say, I’m on

Speaker 3 (01:13:06):
The Lord

Pastor Keion (01:13:07):
The Lords. Do y’all hear me upstairs? I hope you hear me online because we live in the last and evil days. I’m not John. I don’t have the revelation, but I just don’t know how the world can last much longer in the shape his sin. We are checking revelation boxes. There will be wars and rumors of wars. There will come a day where they will have itchy ears and listen to any wind of doctrine. Children will be disobedient to their parents. Ask any teacher what it’s like being one these days. I have never in my life seen due to, I mean the disrespect that I see young people perpetrating on and they got the nerve to tape it and upload it. See, I grew up in a time where they had paddles in schools. It was called the Board of Education for the Sea to understanding. And I know we can’t do that stuff now, but you don’t understand that it was the devil’s plot to take discipline out of the world because the Bible says about discipline beat them and they will not die. The law says put ’em in timeout. And anybody you put in timeout will.

The worst thing the devil has done is making discipline in our children illegal. And I’m not talking about parents who take it overboard because you don’t take your anger out on your child and you don’t beat ’em because you’re mad at their daddy and you don’t treat one different because they with the one you with and treat another one different because they with the one you ain’t. With my job is to make sure that I make the world a better place by those He gives me influence with. And every day I come up here or every day, you watching me online, I’m coming for you and I’m bringing God with me. Do you feel like you learned more today than you knew before you got here? I don’t want you ignorant, by the way. That’s not a negative word. It just simply means not to know being ignorant and being stupid or whatever words you want. Those are two different things. I simply mean. I don’t want you to have knowledge in front of you and you not know. Knowledge is power.