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Pastor Keion Henderson is the lead pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Houston, Texas Lighthouse is an organization that serves the body of Christ through our 5 pillars. We always ANTICIPATE a move of God in every experience, so we constantly set a great ATMOSPHERE, and we ACCEPT everyone through love. We believe the best way to impact people is by being AUTHENTIC to who we are and by taking ACTION to move everyone towards greater.

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Pastor Keion (00:00:00):
I’m here to give God some praise, acceptance. We’ll find it here in this atmosphere, anticipation. So welcome to the Lighthouse. Lighthouse. Let me introduce you to my father, lighthouse. Lighthouse. His name is Jesus the Christ. Lemme introduce you to my Father. I believe that we owe God a praise

Speaker 2 (00:00:40):
And he’s greatly to be praised. If you’re sitting next to somebody who looks like they carry the glory, I want you to look at him and say, neighbor, over the next few moments, I want you to know that I’m connecting your faith with my faith. And every demon in your house and in my house is going to have to bow to our collective anointing. Now, if you believe that, if you believe that, you better put the devil on notice. Not my son, not my daughter, not my mama, not my father, not my wife, not my husband. If you believe it, come on, give him 30 seconds of glory. 30 seconds of glory, 30 seconds of glory.

He’s more than enough. He’s more than enough. Hallelujah. Would you all give this music team a hand? Just amazing, just amazing musicians and those performing sign language services and there’s just so many people that are just doing jobs all over this building to make it all work. And so if you are a participant of anything that has taken place in this house by any staff member, volunteer, can we just give all of them a hand from the parking lot? God bless you all. God bless you all. It’s amazing that you all would sing what you sing because literally, normally I put my sermon in Telegram for them to do all they need to do on Thursday. I preached Sunday, Thursday, Friday and then today. And so since I preached Friday, my whole mind was off. You know how sometimes you on a day that you ain’t, it ain’t the day you on. So I really know what it was. And they texted me this morning at seven said, can you give us a sermon title so I know they didn’t have the sermon title. I forgot to give it to ’em. And everything that you all were singing was in line with what God put in my spirit.

And what we’re going to talk about today, I think is a lost art in the church because we are always thanking Jesus for everything. But when is the last time you thanked the Holy Ghost? We always say, thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. And if Jesus could speak back to us, he would say, what are you thanking me for? My job is done. I died. I got up. I was resurrected. Easter is over, but the Bible says he left a help me. See, the day of Pentecost is coming and we are still at Calvary. And what the spirit of the Lord is not where Jesus is, where the spirit of the Lord is. There is liberty. And so by the time I finish with you today, I’m going to have you announcing to the devil, I’m so free that I ain’t got to worry about none of your attacks. I don’t have to worry about none of your sicknesses. I don’t have to worry about any of your disease because who the Son sets free is free indeed. I need every free person watching me online and in this building right now to shout. I’m free.

I’m free. Praise the Lord, I’m free. Grab somebody by the hand, say no longer, no more soul is just a blessing. Come on, praise Lord. Hallelujah. Hall, say one more time, I’m free. No, no, glory, glory, glory. See, some folks ain’t used to glory. They’re used to clocking in and clocking out. I came to church, I went home. But what’s the sense of coming if you’re going to leave the same way you came, I didn’t drive 30 minutes to come over and play with y’all. I can’t get a miracle if you sit next to anybody who needs anything shot. I came to get a miracle.

Acts chapter 13, acts chapter 13, acts 13, 14. But when they departed from Perga, they came to Antioch of Presidio and went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day. Here it is, this is so important. And the Bible says, and they sat down and after the reading of the law and the prophets, the rulers of the synagogues sent unto them saying, ye men and brethren, if ye have any word of exhortation for the people, speak now of forever hold your peace. Everybody say on. Then Paul stood up and beckoned with his hand and said, men of Israel, and ye that fear God, can I have your attention? Give audience the God of this. People of Israel chose our fathers and exalted the people when they dwelled as strangers in the land of Egypt and with a high arm brought heed them out of it that the children of Israel were in 400 years of slavery, 40 years of wilderness.

And this ain’t Moses talking. This is Luke talking about what happened in historicity. And now you have Luke who’s the writer of Acts, not Paul, documenting the steps of Paul’s second missionary journey as he’s heading to spread the gospel throughout the world. And he says, of what God did for Israel. See, because remember Paul came and when Jesus came, it was no longer for just a Jew. Now the Bible says he comes from the Gentile. And so now Paul is a representation that the promises of Israel now rest on those of us who are from multiplicity of places all around the world. And so now we have the blessing of Abraham on our life. Are you listening to me? And so now as we look in the text, God says through the writer with a high arm, he brought them out. Do me a favor, look at your neighbor and say, neighbor, neighbor, I don’t know what you’re in, but God told me to tell you. He’ll bring you out. That’s what I’m going to talk about today. He’ll bring you out. If you believe it makes some noise in this place, he’ll bring you out.

You may be seated in the presence of the Lord. Now I want to tell y’all off top out the gate, if you ain’t been through nothing, then you can leave because I ain’t here to talk to you. So lemme give it to benediction. Lord, thank you today for church. Bless those who came who had a desire to come. Bless ’em. In Jesus’ name. Amen. Alright, y’all can go home because the only people that I’m talking to over the next few moments are the people who’ve been through hell and high water. Only people who I’m talking to over the next few minutes are the people who’ve been so mad that you tow up your own house and you know got to be mad to punch a hole in your wall, slam your car door, slam your house door. I want to talk to people who’ve been through something and those of us who subscribe to the scriptures have affectionately come to the book of Acts, pastor Hammond. And we’ve always, I know I have referred to this book as the acts of the apostles.

It’s just a thing. If you’ve ever been through any theological training, if you’ve ever been through any exegetical exercise, if you’ve studied topical preaching, narrative preaching, expositional preaching, whatever type of preaching style you have, all of us, myself included, to the highest ranking officials in our religion, everybody’s referred to this book as the acts of the apostles. And I’m not here to disagree with anybody. I would say on the contrary that even though this book, pastor Torrance, that has been referred to as the acts of the Apostles, I know I’m mess with somebody’s theology here, but I really believe in my whole heart that this should not just be called the acts of the apostles. I really believe that the Book of Acts is the Fifth Gospel. Matthew Mark, Luke, John Acts, and this is the gospel of the Holy Ghost.

Now I understand why we call it the acts of the apostles. Y’all got time for a biblical lesson real quick. I understand why we call it the acts of the apostles because there are some apostles who are mentioned save the fact that the Bible says in Acts that we see the acts of Peter and we see the acts of Paul. Now those are two apostles. What’s an apostle just for the sake of our conversation, just a disciple, somebody who walked with God, somebody who was there and walked with God. So for the purposes of our conversation, there are the acts of Peter. There are the acts of Paul because remember Paul who is this missionary journeyman, remember Peter was the one who preached on the day of Pentecost. And so we do have the acts of those two apostles. John is mentioned about three times.

And we do see John, the son of Zedi who’s a famous fisherman, we see him in the text, but the only thing we found out about him is that an evil king named Herod killed him. And those are the complete portraits of the acts of the apostles. But what we actually see is what the Holy Spirit did for the apostles. Are y’all listening to me? And so there is this desire, this nomenclature, this heirloom of ideology and thought that has been passed down from generation to generation to subscribe to this as the acts of the apostles. But it is not lost on me that I see the Holy Spirit making his Mark Page after page that the Holy Spirit is speaking to us page after page, which is why if you look up the Greek word for Holy Spirit, Paratas Paraclete, the word Paraclete simply means to come alongside, come alongside.

Lemme give you some examples. If I were to have a paragraph and I wanted to paraphrase the paragraph, then I would take the words of the paragraph and put my words alongside it, which makes it a paraphrase. You see, see, if you were sick, I would call the ambulance and there is somebody who would get out of the back of it to put you with them called a paramedic. If you were to jump out of an airplane on your way down to the ground of the only way you could survive is with you, you would need a parachute because the word para means to come alongside. And so the Holy Spirit is the para cleet, are y’all listening to me? He comes alongside, he’s God with us, he’s God with us. And so we continuously, and I know it is because of our cultural phenomenon that we continue to give Jesus the credit for everything we get in a car accident.

Thank you Jesus. When our children, good, good grace, thank you Jesus. When our relationships get on the right track, thank you Jesus. And Jesus is at the right hand of the Father saying, why are you thanking me? My work is finished. I went to a place to prepare for you that where I am there ye may be also, but I’m no longer in the earth realm. You are ignoring the third person of the Trinitarian complex. His name is the Holy Spirit. So maybe just for the first time this year, can you do me a favor right now and say thank you. Holy Ghost thanking Jesus for your deliverance is like thanking me for paying your bills. And how ironic would it be and how disappointing would it be for you to thank somebody who’s not responsible for what you’re enjoying or I’m going to shake you up today.

I’m going to shake you up today because we live in this neo cultural world where everybody gives Jesus the credit for everything. And you better understand me. I believe in my redeemer. I believe he died on the cross. I believe he got up on the third day morning. But I also believe John chapter 16, it says it was better for you that I leave so that your helper could come. You better understand the words that are coming out of my mouth that Jesus was not responsible for you walking away from that car accident when you were texting and driving. Jesus is not responsible for the person not kicking your door down at night. Jesus is not responsible for the burglar that didn’t walk in your house when you left the garage door open, it was the Holy Ghost. Touch your neighbor, say the Holy Ghost.

Look at somebody else and say the Holy Ghost. That’s why the song says something in me hold if the rain something in me banishes the pain. She said, sister Campbell said in the early 19 hundreds, she says, I don’t know what it is. I don’t mean to be disrespectful to an elder, but I want to tell you I know what that something is. It’s called the Holy Somebody say the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost. Say it again. The Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost. And so we got a problem, we got a problem, we got a problem, we got a problem because we don’t consult the Holy Ghost anymore. We don’t consult the Holy Ghost anymore. And can I just be frank? He ain’t even in most of our churches. We got a lot of performing, but we ain’t got no Holy Ghost because if you had Holy Ghost, you had real power. If the Holy Ghost was in here, the sick would be healed. If the Holy Ghost was in here, the lame would walk again. If the Holy Ghost was in here, cancer would have to bow down Performance. Don’t take care a lupus, that’s the Holy Ghost.

Somebody shout the Holy Ghost. And this is precisely why it is so difficult for us to get to the place where we acknowledge the Holy Ghost because the first thing the Holy Ghost does is convicts you. And so we skip over the Holy Ghost because we want to find that Santa Claus, Jesus is a light in the darkness and makes us feel good when we don’t feel good. And the evil I would do, I do not for that which I do because it is present on every hand. I’m perplexed but not distraught and I got a king Jesus and he makes me. He know my heart and yeah, I did cuss you out, but Jesus knows that I’m saying, but the Holy Ghost say shut your mouth, hold your tongue, treat people right that don’t treat you right. That’s why we skip over the Holy Ghost. He makes us have to look in the mirror.

Holy Ghost say love them that despitefully use you. Holy Ghost said if they give you a stone, you give them bread. The Holy Ghost say if they give you a snake, you pray for ’em. And so we skip over Jesus because we are looking for forgiveness when we should be looking for conviction. And so now we just do whatever we want to do whenever we want to do it. And we follow up by saying, the Lord knows my heart. Do you understand how dangerous it is for you to be connected to God without Jesus and the Holy Ghost? The Bible lets us know that Jesus is our intercessor, which means he intercedes because God knew no sin. So he had to send his son who knew no sin to become sin that we might be the righteousness of God. In other words, if it were not for Jesus and the Holy Ghost, it would be the fact that you would be consumed.

But Melba said it when she was praying Lamentations 3 22 come here. It is because of his mercies that we are not consumed. Skip to the end part, but crate is thy faithfulness. And how often do I get that his mercies are new every morning. Here you are talking about thank you Lord. And because he knows no sin, let me tell you what happened the last time. There was no Jesus in the earth and man sent, he flooded the world because he cannot stand sin. So he sent Jesus in the form of flesh. Why? Because flesh is the only thing that can redeem flesh. So Jesus who is spirit, could not redeem us because Genesis says seed begets after its own kind, which means if seed begets after its own kind, then Spirit cannot redeem flesh. So he became flesh and was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquities.

The Chas, the chastisement of our peace was placed upon him and by his stripes, his wounds, we are healed. In other words, he died so you didn’t have to, he bled. So you didn’t have to and then sends the Holy Ghost as a reminder that if it had not been for him, you wouldn’t be here. I just need about 30 people in here who ain’t too stuck up, who ain’t too arrogant to just admit what the old church taught us. If it had not been for the Lord, I ain’t got time to play with y’all. I said if it had not been for the Lord on my side, I know you thought it was your degree, but lemme tell you somebody that got a degree like you and they unemployed right now. I know you think it’s because you fine, but somebody fine at home right now drinking wine, can’t figure out why they miserable. It ain’t because of what you look like. It ain’t because of who you are. It is because of his mercies. Slap three people to say thank God for his mercies.

And so you lemme tell you Quentin, why we struggling because we won’t consult the Holy Ghost. We go get sage, got to get these spirits out of here. Sage ain’t going to do nothing. Only thing sage going to do is have your house smelling like a black and mild. That’s all it’s going to do. And you’re still evil as hell. It ain’t doing nothing. It ain’t doing nothing. Tell your neighbor you tripping. We won’t consult the Holy Ghost. We go to our zodiac signs. What do cancer do? Yeah, I don’t care how you were born, lemme tell you why consulting your zodiac sign is not a good strategy because even though you were born that sign, you were born a Leo, you were born a cancer. The problem with that is is that the Bible says in John that you must be born again. And the reason why you can’t get to your purpose is because you keep consulting something that should not be.

So you settle for who you are because of what season you were born in, when the whole exercise of life is to be born. So you got crystals and energy lights, I’m all up in your Kool-Aid and I know what flavor it is. Red, we got all this stuff that you ordered off Amazon and how did anything that came to your house in the box have redemptive power? I bet you that sage can’t get out the box without you, but I bet you Jesus got out of the great, oh, I wish I had somebody in here that understood what real power was.

Somebody shout the Holy Ghost, I said Shout Holy Ghost. If you can’t see how powerful our God is, you can’t even go on TikTok without them using gospel songs because I know who my redeemer is. The amazing thing about all religions is that even though all religions don’t subscribe to the fact that Jesus is Lord, one thing they all agree on is that he existed. Oh, the Muslims will tell you that he was a prophet. The Buddhist will tell you that he lived and yet we discount a God that every other major religion subscribes to the fact that at least he existed.

And so then you have agnostics and atheists that say he’s not real or that there was no southv power associated with his reality. But here’s my problem. My problem is, is that if Jesus and the Holy Spirit are not real, then that means that all of us are going wherever we’re going. My question is what if he is? See, I’d rather have God and not need him than to need him and not have ’em. Tell your neighbor you can go ahead on and light your sage and put your crystals in the bag and consult your zodiac sign. But I’m going to call on the Holy Ghost. Oh, I need somebody in this place today that got a real relationship with God. Because when you accept Jesus, you are baptized by the water. But there is a second baptism. The scripture says that after we are baptized by the water, we must be baptized by the fire.

So Bible says he’s our Paraclete. I never remember when my pastor would preach and I had the old school pastor, y’all know the one that used to do this and made that note. Y’all remember that? How many of y’all went to church? Remember that? And we’d be like, he needs some tea. But lemme tell you, when church got hyped he would say, I feel my help coming. Now lemme tell you something. If you ever went to a church where a preacher wore a robe and said, I feel my help coming, you was about to hear he died one Friday. Y’all remember that? Oh, y’all don’t remember that. Let’s have an exercise. Look at your neighbor and say he died but one Friday but early Sunday morning he got out of the grave with all power. Y’all remember that?

Lemme say this, I might talk about the Holy Spirit until I just get tired. I mean every Sunday you come here, I might be talking about the Holy Ghost because the church, it’s losing its power source because we don’t want to be convicted about anything. We just want that Jesus that says you can do whatever you want to do. Be whoever you’re, you can keep that old funky attitude and then come and say, but the Lord know my heart and you better be careful. You say that He does does know your heart so we stay mean and saved grudgeful and saved you mad about high school at 50 and you saved, you still talking about somebody who pulled your hair when you were seven and 90.

No, the Bible says that he throws those things into the sea of forgiveness because one of the arts of being an actually saved person is that you can move on. But if you don’t have the Holy Ghost, you got the water baptism, but you don’t have the fire baptism because you have listen, you have to receive the Holy Ghost. You accept Jesus so I can accept Jesus and still have not received the indwelling presence of the Holy Ghost. Can I go deeper? So why, my better question is when did the will of God reveal itself to Paul? How many of you all are still waiting on God to reveal something to you?

You better raise your, make me come out there and fight y’all. I fight every one of you by myself. I said, how many of you’all are still like God, you need to show me. Thank you ma’am. Some kind of sign. And if he don’t show you a sign soon somebody going to be in trouble. The Bible says that he revealed himself to Paul. Watch this as he ministered to him. Oh no, no, no. You better hear me listen, hear me hear me. Because this is something we don’t talk about in church. We come to church to be ministered to, but you don’t know you also have a responsibility to minister to God. Oh God.

Okay, now jj, the word minister means to serve. So watch this. The Bible says first of all, that revealed himself as they were fasting and praying. Now lemme tell you what we don’t do no more. We have pray and we show enough don’t fast like we used to. Now how many of y’all remember back in the real days when fasting actually meant that you didn’t have any? Come on, come on. Anybody really fasted? Listen to me. Young people, y’all probably don’t know nothing about this. We don’t do it anymore. From sunup to sundown, the only thing you could do was drink water and pray and read the Bible. These days I’m fasting from TikTok ain’t no fast. That’s called being frustrated.

I ain’t going to be on Instagram. That’s my fast. That’s called insecurity. And if we do fast from food, we don’t eat breakfast, which you don’t eat anyway, talking about Lord, just count this one for a fast if you don’t mind. This is my fast, this one right here. But you don’t eat breakfast, you never break the fast breakfast anyway. And the reason why you fast is because you are in a position where you’re trying to be fulfilled. Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God. In other words, you are exchanging sustenance for revelation because you can never hear from God when you’re full of yourself.

And so fasting says, I’m emptying myself so that you can feel me. So as they were fasting and praying, praying and ministering to God, all of a sudden they started to get a revelation. You cannot get full of the Holy Spirit when you are full of yourself. How many of you all have ever sneezed when you breathe in dust? Raise your hand. I’m serious if you ever breathe, okay. You know why? Because the Bible says in Genesis that we were created from the dust of the ground. So the reason why God made us allergic to dust is because we are dust. And so when you breathe dust in, you’re actually breathing yourself in. And so God makes you sneeze because he has built in every human being a reaction to get rid of yourself if you get full of it.

So you breathe in dust because God said, get you out of you. See, does it make sense? And so now they are fasting and praying and God revealed himself to them. Most people cannot find out the purpose that God has for them. It’s because we believe that God should tell us our purpose first and then we go after the purpose. God says, I don’t have to prove anything to you. What did he tell Abraham? He said, Abraham, go leave your relatives and leave your homeland and go Listen. Go to a place that I will show you. Not I will tell you, I will show you. That literally meant that Abraham didn’t know where he was going, but he was just walking.

He walking and waiting. Hear God, just keep walking. How many of’em feel like this right now? God is you going to tell any day now Jesus, any day now Here, here. And then the devil will put something there that makes you comfortable and then you’ll say, oh, this is a sign from the Lord. Lord said, no, I ain’t spoke yet. Keep going. I’ll let you get in that relationship. But it was just an oasis. It wasn’t a permanent stop. I’ll let you have it because you wanted it real bad, but it wasn’t my will. Keep going.

Oh, you don’t know. That’s how the children of Israel ended up 40 years just wandering. Oh, we’re going to settle here. In fact, if you go back and read the Bible, the children of Israel were not in a wilderness. They were in five wildernesses because they thought they had made it to the Promised land multiple times and they just kept walking here. God, yeah, because the water’s here. I didn’t say nothing. I can bring water out of a rock, keep walking, keep going. Oh right here, God, because I can afford this rent right here. I didn’t say get something you can afford. I said, get something. I promise you keep walking.

Oh, this job got benefits. I didn’t make you the work for nobody. You a, c e o and an entrepreneur. Keep going and watch me pay your bills when you don’t have a paycheck, God says you go and then I’ll show. Stop manipulating me to give you a sign before you give me faith. I ain’t giving you nothing. I done died on the cross. I done got up on the Thursday morning. I don’t have to give you nothing else right now. You going to have to do this by faith because the just shall live by faith and without faith it is impossible to please God.

He said go. Now, Abraham had to leave his house. Imagine right now because some of y’all done heard this from God but you didn’t listen to it. God says leave. Leave that job, leave that cycle. Get out of that friendship circle. But God, I’ve been knowing him since high school. I ain’t got no other friends and I’m lonely. God says you lonely because you won’t let me be your elder brother. Leave it behind and I’ll show you. Now lemme tell you why this is important because sooner or later we find out that Abraham has a son named Isaac and now Isaac has to tell, excuse me, Abraham has to tell his son, Isaac, now I need you to follow me without instructions. We got to go up the mountain and here to sacrifice and what is Isaac saying? Said, dad.

Yeah bro, we’ve been up this way before. I ain’t questioning authority. I know the consequences of talking crazy to a dude that’s 900 years old. But Dad, let me ask you a question. You said we were coming up here to sacrifice and I got a question for you, pops, where is the lamb? Watch what he tells your son. Son, don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about the Lord we’ll provide. Now the reason why Isaac follows Abraham without question is because he saw Abraham follow his father without question. And the reason why some of y’all kids are always asking you questions because they ain’t never seen you obey your daddy without a question. And so now here you are asking your children to do what you said and they never seen you do anything that authority told you to do. Come here somebody because anytime you are out of line with the thing above you, you’ll have trouble with the thing below you preach black man, preach. I think I will. Some of y’all are here talking about my children are disrespectful and your father’s like, oh, hello.

Where you think they got it from? If your children don’t see you obey authority, they will never obey your authority. One of the worst things we’ve ever introduced into our language as a culture is do as I say and not as I do that is causing you more trouble than you could ever realize because this generation do what you say, they’d rather get a whooping and you keep talking about I keep beating them and they won’t change. I know because the punishment is less pain than listening to something that don’t make sense. Why you think you’d have to take their PlayStations nine times this year already?

Vacuum business. Your children are so smart they found out how to play PlayStation without the console. Y’all so slow they be playing it on the iPad and they just said, mama thinks she done got away with. They’ll play with it on their phone. They’ll figure out a way. He says, I want you to leave. I want you to leave. I’m the authority. And so he says, we need the end dwelling. Holy Ghost, I’m staying right here because we need the Holy Ghost. We need ’em in our homes. We need ’em in our churches, we need ’em in our society. We need them in our government. All our country keeps talking about is God, God and government, God and government, but they’re not consulting. If the Holy Spirit was in the chamber, it would be a different conversation. If the Holy Spirit was in the Hall of Congress, we wouldn’t be cussing each other out and going back and forth. Yes, yes, the country is built on God but we’ve ignored the part of God. He’s left behind Democrats and Republicans can get along better if we would consult the Holy Ghost.

You see? And listen, the Holy Ghost is not something you got to be owed to get. And let me also tell you, just because people can dance don’t mean they got the Holy Ghost. That ain’t no Holy Ghost. That’s called good coordination that some people can do any kind of dance. Just because somebody can put their feet up and put that don’t mean they got the Holy Ghost. Just because they can speak in tongues doesn’t mean they got the Holy Ghost. Just because they can cry in church doesn’t mean they have the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is a fruit.

No, the Bible says he’s the fruit of the spirit, which means that when you have the Holy Ghost, there ought to be some proof in your ministry. What do sieges do grow if you have no growth, you have no ghost. I’m staying right here. I am saying right here because if we get the Holy Ghosts in our marriages, they’ll be better If we get the Holy Ghost in our finances, they’ll be better. If you go to work tomorrow full of the Holy Spirit, you’d be surprised how people who got on your nerve last week won’t even phase you this week because when you got the Holy Spirit, you got your own relationship and vibe and going on with him and lemme tell you something, the Holy Spirit, listen, I noticed the Bible says that he will hide things from you and the problem with our generation is we want to see everything. You not going to have no peace if everything’s revealed to you and you so happy that you can see everything, but there’s some things he keeps from you. Why? Because he’s handling it for you.

I don’t need to know everything. Only thing I need to know is my redeemer lives and the Holy Ghost is with me. Th rod and thy staff, they comfort me. Goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord For John the Baptist got the Holy Ghost when he was six months. Okay, listen, the quieter you are, the longer I’m going to preach. The Bible says that there was a woman named Mary who was pregnant with a boy named Jesus. There was a woman named Elizabeth who was pregnant with a boy named what John the Baptist and the Bible says one day they got in the same room and John the Baptist was six months old and the Bible says when Mary walked in with Jesus in her womb, the Bible says that John the Baptist at six months in the womb, not six months out the womb, six months in the womb when Jesus walked in the room, the Bible says that the Bible says he do me a favor.

Look at your neighbor and say, neighbor, I got something in me and you’ve got something in you. Now lemme tell you if you didn’t feel nothing leap you sitting next to the wrong person or no, you ought to be sitting next to somebody who you can grab hands right now and start praying in the Spirit. I want you to surveil your row and see if you can find your Elizabeth one can chase 1,002 can chase 10,000. Say, baby, I need you to praise God with me for the next 15 seconds because my child is on the borderline of good and bad. My relationship is a little rocky. My mind is playing tricks on me. Find you a praise partner and over the next 15 seconds give him glory.

See some of y’all still doing it by yourself. I said find you a partner. Tell ’em when I move, you move just like that. If I jump, you jump just like that. If I run, you run just like that. Come on, come on, come on, come on. Holy Ghost, come on. Holy Ghost, shake this house like a rag. Come on Holy Ghost, we come to upset the enemy for the weapons of our warfare are not caught on but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong hosts. Come on, somebody release it in this place. Come on, release it in this place.

Come on, somebody say the Holy Ghost moving down in my soul. The Holy Ghost Don’t sit down yet because I’m getting ready to tell you something. Don’t you sit down yet. I said Stand up. Yeah, you can sit down after I say this. Watch this. When they receive the Holy Ghost then God said, separate Barnabas and Paul for me because let me tell you something, when you get the Holy Ghost, people are going to walk away from you. I can prove it. There was a man that was with him, his name was John Mark and the Bible says that when they were walking with John Mark, John Mark was Barnabas’s cousin, the Godde that’s with Paul. And Barnabas said, Hey, let’s take John Mark with us. Paul said, I don’t want him with me. He said, Paul, why not? He said, because the last time on the first missionary journey, he quit on us. And I can’t climb with somebody who quit.

So every time I tell you to give your neighbor High five and they’re doing this talking about see you wish somebody who ain’t going to climb, they’re going to quit on you. I need you to make sure you next to somebody who going to shout until this service is over. Tell ’em baby, if you going to get tired, you can’t roll with me. I got demons I’m trying to slay. I got money I’m trying to make, I got moves. I’m trying to make anybody in the balcony hear the words coming out of my mouth. Anybody on line hear the words coming out of my mouth. In fact, if you at home go find somebody to connect with and shout. Are you my Barnabas?

Paul said, I don’t want him with me. He proved to me last time that he ain’t about that life. He ain’t about that life. Last time we was together it got tough. This dude quit and we got 3,500 feet. We got to climb and I can’t climb with no quitter. You can look for people who got a lot of followers on social media. You can look for people who got a lot of money. You can look for people who got a lot of influence, but you better find somebody who got some fight. You need a friend that ain’t going to quit because other people stop liking you.

So lemme tell you the kind of friend I am. I’m the kind of friend that if you got a problem with my friend, then we going to stump you and then I’m going to find out what we stumped you about after we finished stumping you. I don’t need no explanation. We got a problem with him. Let’s get it on. Let’s get on. How many of y’all got that kind of friendship in you? That kind of, I don’t need to know why we don’t like you, why we don’t like him. Okay, weren’t we about to steal on them?

All right, so I don’t want nobody climbing with me that quick. Where’s your fight? Where is the thing in you that says neither death nor life nor things present ought to come. Now where are the people that says nothing will separate me from the love of God? I don’t care what the economy does, I don’t care who walks out on me. It ain’t going to keep me from coming to church when my mother and my father forsake me. Where is your fight be of good courage? I’ve never seen so many weak Christians in my life.

You cry about everything. You stop coming to church because somebody didn’t speak to you and you go to work every day. And I promise you they don’t like you there either. You shop in stores where they don’t want your dollars and you still go back. Yet when we get summoned in the presence of the Holy Spirit, all of a sudden I got church heard. I’ve never seen so much negativity about the church on social media my whole life. Everybody’s so pessimistic about the church and as if it’s the only messed up institution on the earth.

That’s why I’m good. Every time something happened, right? You could go on social media right now something happens, somebody do something stupid. They say, that’s why I’m go to church now. No, you don’t go to church because you don’t want to go to church. And you use that as an excuse to validate the decision you already made. Because the reason why I know that that’s not the reason why you don’t go to church no more is because you were not in church when it happened. You were already at home when you said it. Somebody shout the Holy Ghost. Holy Ghost, I know y’all mad at me but I don’t care.

And after they receive the Holy Ghost, lemme tell you something. This is why you need to make sure I keep telling you are you about the right person? If you ain’t, look around, look around, look at it. You got the right person by you. What I’m about to say to you right now, you might lose your mind. You might might, some of y’all don’t dance, but your feet might find something to do right up in here. But because they were by the right person, watch this. The Bible says that he told them lay hands on them and the Bible says when he laid hands on them, they were released.

Alright, find your best partner. Lay your hand on their shoulder and look ’em right in the eye and tell ’em God told me to tell you. You released, you got the wrong neighbor. Find another neighbor. Put your arm on that shoulder and tell ’em God told me to tell you. No matter what you’re going through as of today, you are released. Find somebody else because it’s about to go down in here today. Put your hand on that shoulder and shout neighbor, God told me to tell you in the next three days he’s about to release you. Everything the devil stole, he’s about to give it back to you. If you believe it, shout yes, it is the last day I’m going to be depressed. This is the last day I’m going to have anxiety. This is the last day I’m going to worry. This is the last day I’m going to be sick. Somebody shall released, released, released, released. Matter of fact, God says, not only are you going to be released, he’s releasing everything connected to you.

I swear to you, I just saw money being released. Some of y’all had some stuff that’s been held up. God says, I’m releasing it. And if you can’t find nobody to lay hands on you do me a favor. David said, I encourage myself and the Lord. If you can’t find nobody, lay your hands on yourself and say self. You released somebody shout who the Son says. Free is free indeed. You will not have any change holding you. God says, I’m getting ready to release your mental creativity. You about to have dreams in the middle of the night. I’m about to give you the plans for your next dimension. I’m about to show you secrets and all of that happens in the presence of the Holy Ghost.

Watch this. Y’all got time for something else because what I’m about to tell you right now, I need your attention. I need your attention. I don’t want listen, don’t let nothing block what I’m getting ready to tell you right now. Focus on me. Y’all listening. The Bible says that God sent Paul to Antioch. Now you got to read chapter 15 because this is what absolutely happened. John Mark didn’t go with him. John Mark went with Barnabas. Paul said, that’s all right because what Paul didn’t know is that the separation from Barnabas was the introduction of Silas.

And when you in prison, you need a certain counterpart because see, when you locked up, you can’t be around somebody who focused on themself because they’re going to be in prison. And the Bible says, and at midnight, here it is, Paul and Silas begin to praise and pray unto God and the bars flew open. Listen to me. I need your attention. The Bible says that Paul’s ministry started. We read it in the beginning at a place called Antioch. Everybody say Antioch. Antioch. Now listen, this is why this is important is because the Antioch, where his ministry started is not the Antioch God is sending him to.

There is a Manhattan, New York, but there’s also a Manhattan, Kansas. And if you don’t know which Manhattan you’re going to see, you can’t go to Manhattan, New York thinking you about to pay rent in Manhattan, Kansas. And when you bring your Manhattan Kansas mentality to your Manhattan New York opportunity, you’ll be underfunded and under joyed. And so God is not sending him to the Antioch of Syria. He’s sending him to the Antioch of Perga because where you are going is not the same as where you came from. They were 300 miles apart. And the problem with many of us today is we act the same everywhere we go.

Oh God, help me Jesus, you cannot keep making excuses for yourself to be yourself everywhere you go. You are not where you were and what God has given you is not what you left. So stop acting in your future the way you acted in your past. Who am I talking to? You can’t even talk. Same in this new thing. You can’t be ghetto over here. Oh no, come on. No. Where you going? You going to have to change some stuff up. Can I be a real pastor right now? If you going to get the job God has for you, you’re going to have to clean up your Instagram because they’re not hiring nobody who got on a miniskirt with a sidecar on the table and you talking about you want to run the company. This is a different Antioch. Preach Holy Ghost, preach. Holy Ghost, preach. It’s my Instagram. I should be able to do what you want to do. But you’re messing up God’s opportunity, being yourself.

Oh God, I know y’all going to get quiet. Lemme tell you what the old song said before I take it back. I add more to it where you are going, you have to clean up your Facebook and your persona because this Antioch ain’t looking for nobody with 12 inch long eyelashes. I said it, I said it. I said it, bro. This Antioch ain’t looking for nobody who bragging about how much money they got holding money to your ear. And let me tell you, they don’t call that money over here. I’m talking to you church. This is a different Antioch. You can’t cuss like you cussed.

You can’t dress at this Antioch like you dressed at the other Antioch. This Antioch asked for a different hairstyle. This Antioch asked for a different wardrobe. This Antioch is asking for a different conversation and you keep saying, well, if they don’t like me the way I am, then they just don’t like me. There has to be an adjustment. Do you need proof? I said, do you want proof? Well, I got proof because the Bible says that he went to the synagogue and what did I tell you He did. He well go back and do your history because whenever the rabbi taught in the synagogue he stood up. That’s good. So he understood that when he got in this new position, he had to take a new position.

You can’t stand up at sitting down time and you can’t sit down at standing up time. If you don’t believe me, ask Moses. Moses will tell you, I struck the rock and I got water out of it. God told me to speak to it. But because I refuse to take a new position, I struck the rock the second time and then God didn’t let me in the promised land because he did not have the flexibility to be somebody different with a new opportunity. I’m going to say it again because my mic went down. The devil ain’t going to keep me from saying I come out there and whispered in all of y’all ear. If I got to where you are going requires a different position then where you came from a different wardrobe, a different conversation, a different language, a different body language, a different energy.

Who is this for? Touch two people and say this ain’t that Antioch. This ain’t the one. They are 300 miles apart and you don’t realize how far you are from where you started. Don’t let nobody including yourself, lock you into your last Antioch. Do the work. So when you get at Antioch, Antioch knows that you mean business. You see, I got on pants and a sweater. Now when I preached Thursday in New York for Reverend Al Sharpton, I had a suit on with a tie and it was navy blue because I knew business people were in the room. There were five billionaires in the room. I knew my assignment. I didn’t show up in the sweater talking about they just need to accept me for who I am. You better know where you going before you don’t get invited back.

I don’t mind your hair being red, but you can’t wear it to the White House like that. I’m your father. That’s why I’m talking to you like this. The Bible says you got many leaders but few fathers. I’m your father and this is how fathers talk to their children. And that is one of the things that our society is missing because especially the African-American home, 50% of the fathers are missing. So you don’t know what daddy language sounds like? It sounds like I’m fussing, but I’m setting order and I’m doing it because I love you. The Bible says those whom he loved, he also chastens love ain’t letting you have your way. Love is showing you the way I am, the way the truth and the life.

We are going to get a devil, a black eye today. Somebody upper cut that joke. I mean just still on him right now. Bam. This is a different Antioch. This is a different church. You can’t even come here and expect it to be the church you joined five years ago. That’s why people live. It ain’t the same as when I came because when you came it was half this size. How could I use the same set of rules on something that’s a lot larger? He used to hug everybody. It was only 12 of us and I would like to hug all of y’all, but by the time I get to the first three people, they’re going to tell me a story that’s 9,000 minutes long. I’ll never get to you. Have you ever seen anybody come to me? Pastor, I just got to tell you something. Well, I was born on the 3rd of September, a day a long way. Remember that was when my daddy died.

I swear. I don’t even know why that just came to my head. I am not right baby. I’m sorry. She going to get me later. She like, what are you up there doing? I don’t know why that came to my head. The ghost. That’s right mama. I got to let y’all go home. That’s one of my favorite people in the world. I’m going to tell you. He been with me since we began in this church. And lemme tell you something, he ain’t changed. He’s been doing the same thing since we started. His name is Sarge. Everybody say what up Sarge? What up Sarge? We was baptized. We baptized 568 people last week.

Come on, give God some praise for that. And we were baptizing. Sarge came over and told the man that was standing next to me, he said, you better not let him fall. And if he slipped, you better fall first. That’s my dog. That’s my dog. That’s my dog. Holy Ghost. Ghost. I would challenge you right now to search yourself inside to see how lighter you feel talking about it. Because the reason why you’re so heavy is you won’t use your help. It doesn’t have to be this all to thee. I surrender all. And when you hold onto it, you are carrying things you don’t have to carry.

This is Steve right here. If he wasn’t here, I would never tell this story because I wouldn’t have a witness. He’s right here. You can ask him. The day I received the Holy Ghost, we were in his living room and we began to pray. And I promise you, the curtains in the room started to move. But see, because I wasn’t used to it, I was scared. I said, Steve, did you see that? He said, it’s the Holy Ghost. We’re looking at the curtains because the Bible says that he’s a mighty rushing wind. And when the wind of the Holy Ghost enter the room, I say, oh no, this is too much.

And if he wasn’t standing there with me, I would never tell it because skeptics were haters are saying it wasn’t the wind, it was the air condition. Well, even if it was the air condition, I want to thank God for turning it on when we was praying we got to have him. Oh, I’m glad he died. No, please don’t misunderstand me. Don’t nobody miscon. Excuse my words. If it were not for the blood of Jesus, we would be consumed. I know who my redeemer is, but I also know we serve a triune God. Trinity Tri circle three. And he is not three gods. He is one Lord, one faith, one baptism. But he has three offices. So in creation, he’s God in redemption. He’s Jesus in the earth. He’s the Holy Spirit. Now you are not three people, but you are somebody’s mama. You are somebody’s employee. You are somebody’s sister. You don’t have to become somebody else to be in different offices. You just know how to operate at every time. You ain’t your sister’s mama, but you ain’t your child’s sister.

You see, and people get the most out of you when they know which side of you to talk to. That’s so you ain’t going to get the best out of me being a grown person talking to me like I’m a child. You got to talk to me as an adult and then you get the best of me. That’s the same way when it comes to God. You got to know how to talk to him and you got to know which part of him you’re talking to. He’s a person. Yes, he is. He a person. And you got to understand that. And maybe I need to just keep teaching this because this is not being taught in our churches, which is why we don’t have power.

When you get that kind of anointing in your life, you will lay your hands on your children and you will see a difference in them. Listen to me. The Holy Spirit can do what a belt can’t do. The Holy Spirit can do what A punishment cannot do. The Holy Spirit, listen. God, he’s a helper. I’m telling you sometimes, sometimes you just need to go in your child’s room instead of chastising them. Just get some oil and explain to them what this oil represents and put it on their forehead and put it on the doorknob. And see, we’re not spiritual leaders in our house. We’re spiritual dictators. We just keep shouting out rules, but we don’t put thewell another Holy Spirit in the atmosphere. When the Holy Spirit is in the atmosphere, everything feels lighter. When the Holy Spirit is in the atmosphere. Everybody don’t have an attitude and everybody ain’t frustrated when the Holy Spirit is in the atmosphere. It’s like walking into a room with your favorite song on. You know how your mood changes. And let tell you the Holy Spirit is a sound.

When Jesus was being baptized by John the Baptist, the Bible says that the Spirit descended like a dove and the voice came from heaven and said, this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased. Spirit comes down on a day of Pentecost. He changed positions. The Bible says, and the Spirit sat on the church. God had always been standing, but when he switched it from law to grace, he changed positions. Why Old Testament? New Testament? He’s the standing God and the speaking God in the Old Testament. Go to the New Testament. Every time you see him, he’s moving like the win, like a dove. Look how we change his position because he understands He’s in a New Testament. Lemme tell you something, you are in a new Testament of your life.

One testament has law, the other one has grace. The problem with legalism is you try to make the law applicable in the grace. And then the Bible says, I did not come to abolish the law. I came to fulfill the law. New Antioch. I ain’t even get to the part of sermon I wanted to get to. But I know I said what God wanted me to say. If you’re in this room and you believe what I’m saying about the Holy Spirit, if you’re watching online and you believe it, I just want you stand where you are. I just lemme tell you why some of you all have never heard this. There are some denominations that don’t teach you.

See, I grew up Baptist. They taught us theology but they didn’t teach us the Holy Spirit. And I’m not faulting them. I’m not faulting ’em because no store sells everything. You go to certain places to get certain things and I thank God for my Baptist upbringing because I know the Bible. But what good is it to know the Bible and you don’t know the one who wrote it. You need to know the one who wrote it because he’s the author and the finisher of our faith, the Holy Spirit. Now remember I said he has to be received.

So here’s what I want you to do. This is an exercise. My mama used to go to a church of God in Christ. She was cogent. And lemme tell you something, I would go to my mom’s church when I would go back home and my mom’s whole demeanor changed when she left the Baptist church and joined the church of God in Christ whole different mother, just whole different relationship. Our conversations about the Holy Spirit and God changed. Now when I talk to my mom, you wouldn’t believe it. My mom is more spiritual than I am.

Every time I talk to my mom, she’s telling me what the Lord will do, what the Lord has done and what he can do. I mean every time, I mean if I say Mama, I can’t get this done. She said, the Lord will provide my mama’s a prayer warrior. Well, you don’t hear me I I’m not telling you. She’s a prayer warrior. I think thinking I’m telling you because she done prayed for me. When the last time you grabbed your child by the head and began to pray, she’ll text me a prayer. She’ll send me a prayer, she’ll pray for me.

Best thing my mama ever did was introduce me to the Lord and I want to introduce you to him over the next 60 seconds. I just want you to lift your hands. I just want you to keep saying sweet things to God. Come into my heart. I believe you. I receive you. Come on, say something. I don’t want to feed you the words. Come on. Whisper to him. Whisper to him, whisper to him. Come into my heart. I say I surrender. One more time. This alls singing together. Come on, let’s it together. Everybody out in the audience, everybody online, everybody say, I surrender. I Holy Spirit come into our hearts. Holy Spirit coming to our ministries, holy Spirit coming to our homes, holy Spirit invade our children, invade our language, invade our career paths invade our businesses.

It is in him that we live, move and have our being surround us daily. Give us daily bread. Give us the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. We believe you are the representation of God and the earth and we receive you this day. In Jesus’ name. We pray somebody erupting this place and giving glory. Come on, put a smile on your face for the joy of the Lord is my strength. Come on, somebody feel. Feel that energy, feel that glory. Feel it. Withholding nothing. Withholding nothing. Glory. Listen. By the works of the Holy Spirit, we’re about to do greater works.

We’re going to do greater works. I am godly proud to baptize 600 people in a day. Oh my. Do you understand what kind of damage that does to the Devil’s Kingdom? Those 600 are now disciples and they will go out two by two. See? So it wasn’t 600, it was 6,000. And stop letting people tell you that the church is dead. No, we were premature on that analysis. Jesus is alive. Yes he is. Somebody say he’s alive. We’re going to do greater works. There are things Kim, I don’t remember. We got a meeting. Is it next week? Is it Tuesday? This Tuesday. Everybody say Tuesday. I’m meeting with an architect to figure out how to enlarge this campus so we can get more people in this building. I’m not stopping. I’m not stopping. I know what the Lord told me.

I believe this week they’re going to start to connect this drainage on the other side because we’re building another parking lot and more seats because I don’t think it is a brag to keep talking about we’re turning people away. We got to make room in the house of God for everybody who wants to come. And if you’ve ever been turned away and if you’ve ever been inconvenienced, please accept my apologies. I wish I had the money to do it right now, it would’ve already been done. But God has to condition our hearts because wherever there is vision, there also has to be provision. And if I could pray these walls down and knock ’em down and enlarge this sanctuary, they’d have been down. But prayers don’t work when cast, the Bible says that money answers with all things come on church, don’t get quiet. Now it is going to cost money to knock these walls down.

It’s going to cost concrete is a million dollars a bucket in order to do the drain on this side of the church to get the connected to the detention pond. And how many of y’all know I’ve always been a transparent pastor. I’ve always told you it costs $600,000 just to get that water to run around the building. So when you think about bills at the church, you can’t consider what they cost at your house. See, your light bill at home is 400. The light bill here is 15,000. There’s a difference. What would you do if your light bill came and said $14,982 for this month? You’d be like, you know what Lord? I think I’m called to be homeless.

I think the will of my life is to live under bridge. Yes it is. Jesus. And use your light because you the light of the world, they’ll tell you, I’m just like my mother was when we grew up. I don’t let no lights stay on. How many of y’all grew up in that house? Turn them lights off. I see me the bill running. If you ain’t in the room, turn them lights off. My wife be like, would you just sit down? Turn them lights off lady. But we’re going to do it by the power of the Holy Ghost.

If the Lord stays the same and we get a chance to go and do Easter again, I’m thinking let’s go get the Toyota sin if it’s available and let’s just pack it out because I’m just tired of doing small things and I got a big God. Thank you. I love you man. That’s my height man. Take ’em wherever I go. We’re getting ready to give And lemme tell you something about your pastor. Look at me before you don’t get no money yet. Don’t get a check. Don’t move. Anybody will tell you anytime you see me doing a capital stewardship campaign, it’s because the tithes don’t meet the vision. If we are a hundred percent tithe tithing church, I would never ask for an extra dime. I promise you if we ever become a 100% tithing church, I will never raise an additional offering. I will never. Because lemme tell you, if we all give, we’ll have overflow. What’s happening right now is this church is being sustained because only 12 to 15% of us carry the load.

But when we all are honest in our giving, man, we’ll be moving and knocking stuff down and building buildings and I got vision for youth buildings. I think that we should have a building on this campus that looks like main event kids zip lining from Sunday school down to Bible class and just jumping in. I mean I a vision, but you got to have money to build it. And if you’re watching online in this room right now, lemme tell you something. When you give at this church, you don’t buy my suits. I buy my suits.

Did you hear me? I buy my suits. I got businesses outside of the church and anybody will tell you that I am not an overly compensated pastor. My salary ain’t even far from the top employee of the church because I know I would rather have the vision than the money because if I build God’s church, he will take care of me. And he has done it every day of my life. I am a debt-free man who owes no man nothing but to love him because I handle God’s business. Lemme tell you something, A woman in New York gave my wife and I a check for $500. I’m sure she meant to give that check to us, but she wrote Lighthouse on it. So I gave it to Jackie. I said, put it in the offering because I don’t want to guess what she meant. I don’t want none of God’s money in my pocket.

Did you hear what I said? And it is something that I could have done and none of you all would’ve known about it. But lemme tell you, I don’t live my life for what I live my life because I know what he knows. And so if that lady who I never met could trust me with her $500, I know somebody in here that I’ve been praying for can trust me. I want you to get to the point of your life or $500 don’t mean nothing to you. How many of y’all got that kind of faith? 5,000.

I’m taking my wife on a vacation for our first year anniversary. I said, baby, get the best first class they got, but I want you to be able to eat the biscuits and the chicken and all that kind of stuff. What they got? I’m living my life in overflow. I’ll never be broke another day in my life. Oh, you hear me? Oh, I can promise you that. Not because of my own will and work because the Lord is my shepherd and I shall not want. How many of y’all got that kind of faith? Stand to your feet. Get your ti and offering in your head. We about to blow. I don’t even know what it is. We about to blow our last given record out of the box. We’re just about to do it. There’s people in here right now. Listen to me right now. You don’t have 10% faith. Get 5% faith.

You might not be at 10% right now, but don’t leave here holding anything. You just sung it withholding nothing. You can have it all. You can’t say God. You can have my praise, my worship and not my money. Because where your treasure is there, your heart is also When I came to this church and started this church, lemme tell you, I was flat broke. Our first offering as a church was $792. I think about 10 of that was mine. Now my tithes, listen to me. My tithes are greater than the salary the church pays me.

Do you hear me? I pay the church. The church don’t pay me. I’m saying it out loud. You ain’t got to say nothing. What I give an offering is larger than what the church gives me because I pay Lighthouse. Lighthouse don’t pay me c f o right there she’ll tell you. So you sitting up here looking at me? Is it Cap? It’s true. I’m speaking prophetically in your life. Some of y’all about to be making a hundred thousand a month. I’m going to find my crew. We going home. I’m finding my crew. Listen, I speak a $5,000 per day anointing on your life a day, a day. And let me tell you when you get it, do not go to the mall because this ain’t that Antioch.

This time you’re going to be rich, not look rich. You’re going to pay your cars off cash. You’re going to have the deeded to your house and your safe. Not at somebody’s bank. Somebody say, Lord, I’m about to burn my mortgage. I feel it in this place. You better get it while it’s on me. It might not be on me next week. It’s on me right now. And for everybody who don’t believe me, keep your offering, God don’t need it. That’s how serious I am about it. If you don’t believe what I’m saying, keep it because you’re going to be mad at me. You don’t get the results, you expect it. If you don’t believe me, keep it.

But for everybody who understands what I’m saying and believes the anointing that I’m flowing in right now, that God is about to give you a financial miracle. I want you to get your gift in your hand right now and don’t be cheap with God. Don’t play him right now. This is about to be a big breakthrough because God is about to. You listen 1000 times, 1000 times and the only thing that’s going to keep you from getting what you want is if you take what you got, you multiply by a thousand. The only regret you’re going to have later is that you didn’t start out with more.

As I move towards greater, as I move towards greater, I will accept all divine ideas, all thoughts and concepts that will connect me to my destiny. I believe that what Jesus Christ has done for me is bigger than what anyone has can and will do to me. And because of its full gift, I will lend to many nations but will borrow from none. If you believe that, shout with the voice of triumph in this place. Pass your gift to my right, your left. Look at the obedience of the people of God. Not leaving yet. Somebody just prays God right now. Look at the obedience. Look at the obedience.

There was a time when we got here, half of the church will be gone, but we’ll becoming disciples because we know you’re learning the wisdom of not leaving before the benediction. You don’t ever want to be in a hurry to get to a trapped a devil asset for you without the blessing over your life. Can you say amen? You may want to hurry up and get to a restaurant before it gets packed. God will make it so they’ll sit you and forget somebody was in front of you. Yes he will. How many of y’all going to eat good today?

I got an eating anointing on me right now. Ain’t nothing like being hungry on Sunday. Woo. Monday. Hunger ain’t the same as Sunday. Feed me until I want no more. I can’t wait to hear your testimonies because today we going to break records and curses. All right, everybody had a chance to give. Who’s still waiting on them to come where you are? We got a couple in the back. Y’all good in the balcony? Lemme hear y’all up there. Y’all good? That’s all that noise has been coming from. I love y’all up there. If you’re in this place today and you have never accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, giving him your heart is better than giving him anything else. I got saved at six years old. And lemme tell you, I knew what I was doing. Mama said, son, do you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?

I said, yes. She said, do you believe in your heart? I said, yes. Then I had to go to church and the pastor asked me the same thing. And then I got baptized at six years old. How do I know this? Because my mom has a picture of me being baptized and I was crying when I was getting baptized. I was one of the kids they had to force under the water. Y’all ever seen one of them? They had to trick me and force me under that and hold me down. I went kicking and screaming, but I wouldn’t change nothing about it.

I’ve been preaching since I was 14 years old. Can you imagine being in high school, being called Preacher Church? Boy, when I graduated from the sixth grade, I wore orange suit. See you laugh and go. I had swag even at 11. Lemme tell you something, I had an orange suit on the same orange from Dumb and Dumber. You remember when Lloyd Christmas had the orange sweater? I had that same suit on when I graduated the sixth grade. I used to have my sisters and them in. I had a church when I was five and one of my sisters was my nurse. One of them was a choir member and the other one was my member. And my sister Danielle was my nurse. So anytime I would preach, she would take a bath towel and put it on my shoulders. Because you remember the old preacher had a cape. Y’all remember that cape? So she would put a burgundy towel over my shoulder, but I idolized James Brown. So anytime I felt like I got the Holy Ghost, I would throw it off me and start screaming again.

I’ve been doing it since I was six years old, started my first church when I was 21 while I was in college. I’ve been running for Jesus. And I ain’t tired yet and I’m not tired yet. And I pray every day. Lord, give me strength. Satisfy me with long life because the devil wants to wipe me out because I’m trying to kill him too. But as long as I got the prayers of the righteous, it’ll avail of much. And if you’re in this place today and you won’t accept that God who arrested my attention at six and that hasn’t let me go

Speaker 3 (01:40:38):

Speaker 2 (01:40:39):
And hasn’t failed me on any day of my life, and you want that Jesus in your life and you want to be a part of a ministry that can help you to reach the upper echelons of your dreams and visions, wherever you are from the back row to the front, come down this aisle and become a part of our community in our lighthouse nation today. Come on to praise God for them. Is there somebody else? I feel the Holy Spirit. There’s a flood of souls that are about to come from the north, the south, the east and the west. God bless you, my sister. Come on lighthouse. Make it a big deal. Make it a big deal. God bless you. They’re coming. They’re coming. They’re coming. God bless you. Thank you so much. God bless you, ma’am. God bless you.

There’s another. There’s another. God bless you. Thank you. Hallelujah. Thank you. There’s a family. God bless you. Thank you, thank you. They’re still coming. As long as they coming. You clapping. As long as they come and you clapping, God bless you, brother. God bless you. I did everybody who wanted to come have a chance to come. We all good? So everybody blink. That’s how fast the rapture happens. So you’re not going to be able to be like, okay, here God is coming. Okay, Lord, forgive me of all my sins and take me. The sky’s going to crack like glass. And those who are in the grave, they’re going to come up. And those of us who are alive, the Bible says, we’ll be caught up in the twinkling of an eye blink again. Boom. That’s it. That’s going to be it. And no man knows the day nor the hour when the son of man shall come. Which is why you got to have your house in order before the hurricane comes. So if you’re just skeptical, remember I’d rather have God and not need ’em than a need them and not have them. I’m going to give you 20 seconds and we’re done. We’re finished. Choose you this day who you will serve.