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If no one has told you yet, you possess a special gift from God that the world needs. Your past struggles and mistakes may make you feel inadequate, but they make you unique and won’t hinder God from blessing you. Pastor Keion preached a powerful sermon that challenged all women to first believe that God is about to do something significant in their lives. He used Esther’s life to show us how being a woman who is unafraid and attractive will transform you into an accelerated woman. Esther was responsible for delivering her people, and you will be next to deliver your family.

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Pastor Keion (00:00:00):
I am going to be talking to women today specifically and brothers, you get the eavesdrop, but I’m having a conversation with my daughters and my sisters today because I believe that you hear people talking about it’s your turn but you don’t know it. If you knew it, you wouldn’t be settling for what you’re settling for if you really knew it was your turn, you’d be preparing like your next, and here’s the thing, this is one of the first times in history where men actually know it’s your turn to see. Up until now, we didn’t as a race, as a gender, we didn’t believe, but it won’t be long before there’s a woman sitting in the oval office running the entire world, but you don’t believe it could be you. You believe she’s out there somewhere doing it, but tell your sister he can do it with you. He can do it with you. He can do with you. I want you to turn with me. I’m going to read two passages of scripture. We’re going to be in the book of Esther.

See, you even got your own book in the Bible and if you go and read this, I think there are about almost 5,000 words. I think it’s 4,930 some odd words in the book of Esther and the word or the name God isn’t mentioned once, but although his name is not in this book, his fingerprints are all up on the tapestry and I’m going to need your attention because this isn’t a story that you don’t know this on. Like Noah’s Ark, this ain’t Jonah in the belly of the fish. This story didn’t make our nursery rhymes, so I’m going to have to do some background so that you’ll understand why we are here speaking about this woman, Esther. So I’m going to read chapter two verse one and the few of the following. Then we’re going to go to chapter eight and I’m going to read two verses and then I’m going to explain everything in the middle so that you’ll understand that what God is getting ready to do with you woman, he has done it in history before and he is about to repeat himself.

Esther chapter two verse one says, when these things had been accomplished, and I’m reading in the new English translation and the rage of King Azer had diminished, he remembered Vashti and what she had done and what had been decided against her. Somebody said, Lord, remember me, Lord remember me. The king’s servants who attended him said, let a search be conducted in the king’s behalf. This is the most important word in the text. He did not say, let’s look for a beautiful woman. He did not say, let’s find a fine woman. He didn’t say light-skinned, dark-skinned can one word that is the substratum of the conversation. He says, let’s look for an attractive young woman. It’s just going to be cute and let the king appoint officers throughout all the provinces of the kingdom to gather all the attractive young women.

Go to verse four. Let the young woman whom the king finds most what attractive become queen in place of Vashti. This seemed like a good idea to the king, so he acted accordingly. Now, if I went back and I read chapter one in the King James version of the Bible, you’d find the difference because the Bible refers to Vashti as a beautiful woman, see why I need you to pay attention because you think beauty and attractiveness is the same and we got women trying to figure out how to be more beautiful and God ain’t looking for the most beautiful woman.

He’s looking for the most attractive woman. Snap your girlfriend and say, babe, I’m attractive, I’m attractive, I’m attractive. Don’t get it twisted. Go to verse. Well, let’s go to chapter eight. I’ll explain it. Chapter eight, go to verse one. And on the same day, king Asez gave the estate of Haman the adversary of the Jews to Queen Esther. Now wait a minute. In chapter two, she was a young virgin that they were trying to put in the Bible. The Bible says in the harem, this king had a group of women that he got to choose from and she auditioned to be in the harem.

By the time we get to chapter eight, her title has changed. She is no longer the attractive virgin. That’s one of the options of the king. She is now Queen Esther. Now Mordecai had come before the king for Esther had revealed how he was related to her. The king then removed his signe ring, very one he had taken from Haman and gave it to Mordecai and Esther designated Mordecai to be in charge of haman’s estate. I want to talk on this subject, the gender reveal. You may be seated in the presence of the Lord, the gender revealed parents, father’s, mothers.

One of the most exciting days in the lives of expecting parents if you care for such things is usually to find out what the gender of the baby is. When I was growing up, I was born in 81 and when I was growing up, you didn’t know what you was having until about the second trimester or the equivalent of the 20th week. And some parents at that time would say, I don’t care what I’m having as long as it’s healthy. And there are some people who still say that today, but if you watch anything on social media, they getting out of control with these gender reveals. I think the ones where you pop the balloon, that’s classy, the ones, but there was a man in Arizona who used fireworks to do a gender reveal and ended up starting a 47,000 acre wildfire.

Did you hear about in where they did a gender reveal at Applebee’s and ended up in a fight. It was at Applebee’s. You already knew how it’s going to end anyway, right? Have you been watching it? There’s just this race to find out who can be the most creative in the gender reveal, and I just read recently that there is new technology where you can find out the gender of the baby before the ninth week. The baby doesn’t have fingers, toes, and you can already tell whether it’s a boy or a girl. I literally think that one day women are going to get pregnant on Monday and know what they have in Monday afternoon the way this thing is going, you’ll know whether you’re having a boy or girl and not only can they reveal the gender earlier, now you can determine the sex.

There are arguments whether this is scientific advancement or is this humanity trying to act like God. I’m not a scientist, I don’t know what the position is on that. I do know that God is the creator of all life and no matter how we commutate cells and extract stem from different bodies, I do know that you’re still not a creator because you still have to start with the substance that God gave a creator creates with nothing. We may be innovative but we’re not creators. I think that it’s amazing when I studied this that when we were growing up they would do ultrasound and you just put the gel on and it’s cold and they just take the wand and you just hear a heartbeat and you just know you’re pregnant. Now your baby in there posing and you can see like a four D your 20 month old something, 20 week old, something like, what up dad? I’m on the way. It’s like you can have a conversation with him. Everything is changing. You can literally see what the baby looks like.

I think that all of that is amazing technologically, but I do think that while we are trying to be creative in the way we reveal our genders, I think that we should stop and recognize that nobody has been more creative at revealing gender, but God in life there is this race to reveal the gender, but on the contrary as it relates to history, the story that I’m about to explain to you today, and I need you to pay attention for a few moments so that I can get the story in your spirit. We’re talking today about a young woman named everybody say Esther. Now this is important because she was a Jewish woman, a young virgin, the Bible says in Persia at the time of the diaspora. Now what do I mean by diaspora? Well, because of King Nebu KR and his desire to enslave the Jewish people at that time the people spread abroad, dispersed and ended up in different places and Esther ended up in what is called the Persian diaspora.

She’s a Jewish woman living in Persia. If you don’t understand that, some of you all are Nigerian, but you live in Texas, you are a descendant of, you are a Ghanaian, but you are here. Some of you all are from Tobo, but you are here. So we too are a part of the African diaspora. And so these people are spread all over the east at this time and this young woman ends up as a result of tyranny and slavery. Are you still following me? She ends up being dispersed from her home and she first appears on the biblical tapestry as a young version who was collected by a king who’s looking to replace the wife he just had now. Now let’s talk about why he’s looking for a new wife. The wife he has at the time is a woman named Vashti. Everybody say Vashti.

Now Vashti the Bible says was a beautiful woman, she was beautiful. When the Bible talks about Esther, the Bible says that she’s beautiful in her body but attractive as a person. So that means she was fine, okay? And I don’t know why y’all laughing because every man in here know that’s a criteria, but it doesn’t mean what we think it means because if you think that your physicality is going to get you to the next dimension, you’re going to end up where Vashti ended up. Vashti was sexy, she was beautiful, and the king threw a banquet for 180 days to show out how rich he was. And here’s what the Bible says. For 180 days he gave everybody as much food and wine as they wanted. Obviously he’s out of our tax bracket because I got a one day party for you and I’ve already decided before the party how much going to be free?

Come on y’all. Have anybody ever threw a party when they start giving you them drink coffee, you be like, Uhuh, don’t nobody need to get drink on me. They can get drink before they get here. I’m going to give him one drink, 180 days of celebrating his wealth. He then throws another seven day party after that, simultaneously his wife Vashti is having another party just for women and then he calls her and says, baby, you know what? I want you to come in front of all of my friends and I want you to show them how beautiful you are. And Vashti said, Nope, I ain’t coming. You don’t summons me. I go where I wants to go. You ain’t my daddy. Come on ladies, holler at your boy. Fill in the blank. I do what I want to do. I make my own money boo boo, so you can’t tell me what to do. And King Asara says, oh no, get rid of her because let me tell you something, women, you will never take a stand without taking a loss.

You better hear me. They’re not going to tell you this. See, when women are talking to women, you tell yourselves things that are not always true. Rosa Parks did not take that stand without taking a loss. So I’m telling every powerful woman in here, if you’re going to be a boss chick and you’re going to go against the grain, you have to understand that when you take that stand, you’re going to also have to take a loss. You are not going to get in the boardroom and every man just collapse and be excited because there is still some chauvinism that is in our society that is not accustomed to seeing women at the apex of society. And so you have to understand that whenever you take a stand you might have to take a loss. That’s why you got to be careful what you take a stand for. You need to make sure that the stand is worth the loss.

Va, I said, I ain’t coming. He says, okay. Then he went to his sages and said, what does the loss about a woman who don’t listen to her king And the law said this is what the sage said. The law said that she’s being disobedient and you got to get rid of her for two reasons. Number one, because she hasn’t pleased the king. Number two, everybody else wife is watching. Now I’m in the Bible, you can record this and put it on the internet all you want to trying to set me up, I ain’t ready for y’all today. The Bible says that she was going to cause a problem for the other wives and the other husband said, you got to check her because if you don’t check her, then all our wives going to think they can not do what we tell ’em to do and we kings and we can’t do that. So you got to get rid of her. And he says, you know what? I’m done with her. He gets rid of her and the Bible says he goes into a rage and he’s upset and he’s about to lose his mind. And so he tells his team of people, he says, listen, go out there and find me some other women, particularly another woman so that I can determine who’s going to replace her and where she refused to show up. Another woman didn’t.

Esther came to the same person that Vashti refused. Are y’all not listening to me? Because what you won’t do, and this goes both ways, this goes both ways, but it’s your day to day what you won’t do. Somebody else will somebody say this, this how I know y’all worldly. Somebody say what you won’t do for love. You tried everything. I’m not even, I just heard ’em over there singing. You tried everything. They won’t give up. No, I mean that was in my spirit too, but I just say it out loud, I ain’t going to lie to you, I almost said it, but I said, you got to stay focused today. They recording you so as Herrera divorces her and her stand cost her a throne, don’t you ever forget that you will never take a stand male or female without taking a loss. But there are so many things that have happened in the world because women took a stand. If it wasn’t for Rosa Parks, we’d still be sitting in the back of the buses, right? If it wasn’t for Rosalyn Franklin, we wouldn’t have cracked the DNA code. There are so many things that happen in the world today that women have done that men get the credit for that it is not even funny. I’m even told right now that they’ve made a breakthrough in Alzheimer’s and a woman is behind it. Come on, women give yourselves a hand.

There was a woman named Ada Loveless who they considered to be the first computer programmer, a mathematician, a woman who was brilliant more than her counterparts, but you don’t know about them because their gift was suppressed by people who were insecure because there is a cost in this world whether you like it or not, there is a cost for being a strong woman. You have not been rewarded throughout history for your strength. You have not been rewarded throughout history for your ingenuity. You have been rewarded in times past for your subservient behavior. And now as you change the game, you have to understand that taking that stand will temporarily cause you to take a loss. Y’all still with me because I’m still setting this thing up for you to get it. Now he searches for a new queen and the king’s servant. Here it is.

Here’s another important point under the direction of his chief eunuch named Haga. Haga goes out and finds all of these women and brings them to the king. And one of the young women that’s getting ready to join the harem is a young woman named Esther from which he chose to be his spouse and meanwhile in another part of the world that was a young man named Mordecai who is raising a young girl named Esther who is her cousin, but he is raising her as an orphaned daughter. Why? Because her father died while her mother was pregnant and her mother died while giving birth to her. Y’all got to listen to me in here today. So what has happened now is now the king is about to get a wife that has trauma.

Okay? I’m going to find my section B because I know this has taken a lot longer than it normally takes, but this ain’t that kind of message. I need you to be cerebral today and listen to me. You will be more biblically literate when you leave here if you get this story now. So her father died before she was born. Her mother died while giving birth to her. She is being raised by her cousin and now she’s about to be brought into a relationship where she has to accept her husband having several options and ain’t nothing she can do about it. She’s got trauma. Women, you think you got trauma? Try this. I know you’ve been through a divorce and that is traumatic and I know you have been molested as a child and that is traumatic and I know that some of you all have been raped and that’s traumatic and I know some of you all are working harder and getting less pay and that’s traumatic and add on to the fact that she has no parents and she is raised by a cousin who has no children.

Does that sound like trauma to you? And yet the Bible says in chapter two verse seven through 10 that when she shows up to re’s house, she is obedient, subservient, docile and has a positive attitude because she’s teaching us women that there is no trauma that gives you the right to be ugly. I am going to preach. I’m preaching. I’m preaching. I’m going to say the same thing on Father’s Day, so don’t worry about it, but y’all asked for this month so we going to give it to you. There is no trauma that gives you a license to be ugly because somebody was ugly to you. Now let’s talk about this because the beautiful woman got divorced but the attractive woman got the position because there is a difference between being beautiful and being attractive.

Beauty can be given to you by your mama. Oh, beauty can be passed down. Some of y’all have fine mamas. That’s why you fine. Some of y’all didn’t get a chance, but you should have seen your grandmama. She was a brick house. I say this all the time. I see pictures of my wife mama. I say, girl, you better be glad that I did not meet your mama before I met you because if I was young enough to meet your mama, you would’ve had some competition. Shawnee mama was fine. Woo Jesus. I hope you heard that, mama, I love you, but you didn’t get a chance to see that. But Vashti was beautiful but she was not attractive because beauty can be passed down. Beauty can be photoshopped.

Beauty is in the filter, getting your angles holler at your boy. Every woman here know your angle. All the women who know your angle holler at your boy. You know your angle’s. 45 degrees slightly tilted up, head to the side, lips puckered up. That’s the universal woman’s self pose. Put your lips in. Beauty is in the algorithm. Attractiveness is timeless. You can be beautiful at 35 but after father time finishes, but when you are attractive, any attractive women in here and attractiveness is not physical. It’s psychological. Attractiveness means that I have enough awareness of myself that I don’t have to be anybody else to be beautiful. I don’t have to be anybody else to be attractive. I’m fearfully and wonderfully made. So I’m attractive because God made me the way I am and if you stay you, you’ll attract what God has for you. Many of you are missing your blessing because when your blessing comes looking for you, you don’t look like you.

Come on, come on, come on ladies. Holler at you. This is what y’all say about each other anyway, don’t get mad at me because I’m saying it. You are not a social media influencer. You somebody, mama, you got children. You can’t leverage your whole future to be Q for 10 years. You want your children to be able to respect you after you get grown and Esther got the job because she was attractive and here’s what the Bible says. Y’all still listen or you mad as your neighbor, you mad or you big mad Esther, the Bible says she was able to get the job. Watch this because she pleased the eunuch.

I can tell y’all in here with Chris, you might have to help me in a minute. She pleased the eunuch, the chief eunuch of King Aras. The Bible says she’s got the job because she pleased the eunuch. What do I mean? She pleased the eunuch. He’s a eunuch. Do you know what a eunuch is? A eunuch is a man who’s been castrated, so that means that he had no male reproductive organs because the king had it cut off so he couldn’t mess with the women. Somebody said Christ, yes, you think you’re saying Christ, ask every man to hear what they feeling right now.

The king had it removed so he couldn’t make a move and she pleased the eunuch, which means Esther had the ability to please a man without sex. Don’t want to holler at your boy. I need some women in here say I got more to offer where all the women who say I got more to offer than my reproductive organs. I got a vision. I got a prayer life. I’m attractive when I pray for you. Heaven will open up when I lay hands on you. Sickness will leave your body. I’ll need all of the attractive women.

Do me a favor. Look at your girlfriend and say, I might not be as beautiful as you but baby I’m attractive. Oh, you didn’t hear what I said. I might not have what you have, but I’m attractive. I didn’t get this surgically. I didn’t get it paid for. I was born with it and I’m going to use what I got to get what I want. Didn’t hear me touch your girlfriend. Say you got to use what you got to get what you want. Club, stop seeking beauty and be attractive. You ain’t attractive because you got mink eyelashes and if y’all don’t, these things getting so long that we going to look up, it’s going to be 12,000 women in the sky because they’re blinking. Just levitating just I think I seen a woman eyelashes so long she had combed them in her hair.

I don’t know why I said that. Lord, help me. Oh, my mind ain’t right. Take that off the tape. It’s out there now, ain’t it? What you get from the Mac counter doesn’t make you attractive. Bobby Brown doesn’t make you attractive and I’m not talking about that when y’all know the length of your heels that’s attractive. No, I have the spirit of God in me. I can control my temper. I can love you when I don’t feel loved. I can worship no matter what state I’m in attractive. I’m going to feed you even if I’m mad at you because y’all will Starr brother, when y’all mad, just eat. I don’t care how you eat, just eat. But we got to pay them bills when we mad at you Mama, sure you can get me afterwards. I didn’t make this woman empower me money. Y’all are history month. I’m just preaching the word of God.

She was attractive. Where are the women in the room that say, God make me more attractive? Holler at me right now. Listen, all seriousness, your attractiveness is what makes you a queen, not your beauty. There is no shortage. I’m being serious now. There is no shortage of beautiful women in the world, so you’re actually trying to become what everybody already is. But if you become attractive, when you are attractive, you can gain weight and still be loved. No, you’re not listening to me. When you’re attractive, that man will be standing by you in the hospital praying that that is not a malignant tumor on your breast when you are attractive, talk to me somebody Now you can be beautiful and get Tyrone, but if you want, I’m sorry, I was thinking about Erica Badu. Well Sierra please, I’m sorry Sierra. I was talking about the one on the cell phone, but what is wrong with y’all?

They’ll be I think you’re bad car time. No, we trying to stay holy. You’re not. You can get Leroy if you’re beautiful, but if you’re going to get boas, you’re going to have to be attractive and I can hear all the women say, ain’t no good man out here, ain’t no good man in the world. If you are attractive, they will find you attract, attract iv. You will the law of attraction, you’ll draw it to you when you become it. Here is something for everybody listening to me online and everybody in the house, everything that finds you is telling you who you are, whether you believe it or not.

The Bible says in Genesis, seed begets after its own kind and the thing that finds you is telling you where you are presently. So if you keep finding stupid, if you keep finding lazy and arrogant and disrespectful, then this woman had trauma and yet she was still cooperative and yet she still had a still spirit because she understood that I cannot let what happened to me become me. You hear me? You cannot become what you went through and it all seems, I know I’ve been joking. I know you’ve been through hell. All I know that what you’ve been through in a year I probably couldn’t handle in a lifetime, but I also went through what I went through and she went through what she went through and every one of us in this room has a decision right to either be what God called us to be or be a victim of our circumstances.

And Esther said, I’m a queen and I ain’t going to let nothing mess up my spirit. She fights back the trauma and because of these characteristics, she pleases the eunuch. Did you hear that? Because she found out how to please a man in a way other than what was conventional at that time because God point number one, if you want to be used by God, he’s looking for attractive women, women who have the characteristics of him. And when you have what he has, you will begin to see that things that are godly will start to find you and she did it intentionally. Are you still with me? Touch your a sister and say Stay attractive baby. Stay attractive, stay attractive.

Now watch this. We up here talking about this like this is an episode of General Hospital and as the world turns, he’ll be your guiding light and if you ever find yourself in a general hospital, my grandfather used to watch all of those stories, but this is really a gender reveal because it started with a party and God is about to reveal the gender of the next deliverer of the Jewish peoples. This ain’t about a party, God is about to show them that to this point, a man has been responsible for deliverance. When he wanted to get the people of Israel out of Egypt, he sent Joseph when he wanted to get them out of the Babylonian exile and in other times he sent people like Ezekiel and he sent people and when he wanted to deliver them from Suse, he sent Nehemiah. But this time from the Persian diaspora, he’s about to send a woman to deliver them out of this process.

And the Bible says that when he gets into the relationship with Esther, Esther brings her surrogate father. What’s his name? Mordecai. And Esther brings Mordecai in the room and when they have a party, Esther wants to tell King Aris what her cousin who’s moved in their house has just seen because the Mordecai overheard that there were some people who were plotting to kill the king and now they don’t know whether the deliver is going to be a boy or a girl because it looks like it’s about to be a boy. It looks like it’s about to be Mordecai. It looks like there’s about to be another son, another man who gets all of the credit for doing the big thing and they didn’t know that there was a baby girl in the fetus of God’s plan in the womb of God’s plan. And she brings Mordecai on and she says to her husband now, she says, listen, if you want me, you got to take him because God is about to give you so much power that you’re going to be able to make room for your whole family.

Listen, I’m talking to women. You’re not just about to be able to get enough money to pay your bills. You are about to get enough money to pay for your children to go to college tuition free and you’re going to have the type of savings account that reflects the hours that you work. And I speak in this house equal pay for equal work. I speak that God is about to give you raises on the job and that God is about to give you ideas in the middle of the night. And when I say you’re the next millionaire, I’m not talking to that brother on your role. I’m talking to a sister in this house, I’m talking to you. You are the next CEO. You are the next Fortune 500 company owner. You are the person that God is about to use if you believe in online and in this place. If you believe that God can do something with you no matter what your gender is, make some noise in this place.

Watch this. Can I give you a key point? Mordecai comes into the room and he’s promoted three times and he goes from being a slave to the chief priest, listen to me all because he was loyal to the king. Write this down because this is a big sentence even though most won’t take it serious loyalty will speed up the process. If there is anything in this world that is lacking is loyalty, loyalty, loyalty. You can’t find nobody because loyalty means when you don’t agree, when you don’t understand, when you are confused, you trust me in the process long enough to walk with me until we both understand it, there isn’t a lot of loyalty in the world anymore.

But loyalty sped up the process and in quick fashion, Mordecai went from a slave to a priest, but that didn’t happen because he was good. It happened because he was connected to the right woman. Esther got him in that room and Esther talks to Mordecai and finds out what the plot is and she says, oh, I got to tell my boo because lemme tell you, a loyal woman ain’t going to let nobody how many loyal women here. If you heard that they said something about your man, he going to have to come peel you off anybody that you going to be fighting before he even know something happened.

The right woman will have a whole plot going behind the scene. You won’t even know it. They just wind up missing. You’ll be like, what happened to ’em? Your wife? Be like, any women like that in this room watching online, they don’t know what you’re capable of. If the Lord lets you loose, the Lord lets you just get away with anything you want to do for 24 hours with no repercussion, nine people will be missing and you, you’ll be at the funeral time. I don’t know what happened to Sarah, you did it. Never forget all of your promotions will be connected to the right relationship.

Sometimes listen, sometimes God delays promotion as a way of telling you that y’all relationship ain’t right. That’s why you can’t figure out, I got the credentials. I’ve been working here this many years. The person that got the job wasn’t as qualified as me. How did they get it? They found a way to make a relationship in an area where you were either unwilling or unknown. It says you have to learn that you don’t have to like people to have relationships. Now there has to be boundaries as to what their relationship entails. But if Mordecai and Haman had to be in relationship to live with one another, one of them would’ve left because here it is now I’m almost done. The Bible says that five times that it was revealed that Haman was an enemy of the Jews and yet they had to live together and Aris is watching the two people who don’t get along.

Now, I want to use this metaphorically for God because God is looking at Aris, he’s God in the text for this particular dispensation. He’s looking at Mordecai and Haman and he’s finding out who he’s going to give this ring to and he’s looking at both of them and Mordecai because he’s got the most sense and he does things the correct way. He gets the ring. This is important people of God because Haman couldn’t get over his problem with Mordecai, but Mordecai didn’t have a problem with Haman and Haman said, I’m about to kill you and all the Jews. Now before we reveal the gender, let’s reveal the race. Esther is a Jew. So when Haman said, I’m going to kill you and all of the Jews, he has just now threatened his employer’s wife and what does the Bible say? The Bible says that he gets a rope and wraps it around Haman’s neck and hangs him. Why? Because the person who could not manage relationships lost and Haman was hung by the neck and the Bible says that after he hung him, he took Haman’s house and gave it to, and now Mordecai is living in the house of the man who couldn’t stand him. I got a word.

You remember when the Bible said he’d give you houses you didn’t build and vineyards you didn’t plant. I’m telling you, if you can control your emotions, you are going to be living in the house of the person who tried to put you in the ground. I want you to slap everybody you can reach and tell ’em God’s about to give you haman’s house. God is going to make your enemies. Your foot to your boss is going to be working for you. The girl who’s lying on you, she’s going to need you to speak truth for her. I don’t know who this word is for, but God is about to give you Haman’s house.

Now Haman is dead and Mordecai sleeping in his bed. You hear me? Not because he just had good character but because he had the right relationship and Esther brought him into the house and now that he’s in the house, she finds out about the plot against his life and the plot to kill all of the Jews and she has favor with the eunuch and she wants to tell the king about what’s about to happen and she says, I’m going to go and tell the king myself, but here is the problem Justin. She cannot go to the king without being summoned.

So not only is she an attractive woman, but she’s an unafraid woman. The Bible says that this is what this woman says. Now I need all the bad women in here to get with me on this. She said, I’m going to tell him what I got to tell him. Period and did. And if he don’t want me to be there, watch what she says. She said, if I die, I just die, but I got to do what’s in my heart. Aren’t there any women in here that’ll look at another sister and say, baby, don’t you leave this earth without doing what God told you to do. You not here with me today. I want every woman in here who’s determined that you’re not going to leave this earth with any life in you, that you going to die doing what God called you to do. You ought to stand up on your feet and begin to make some noise in here because there is a shift that is about to come into this room for women who are both attractive and unafraid.

Watch this. Watch what this unafraid woman gets because she can articulate herself. She doesn’t walk in a room talking about I’m supposed to be your wife and you got these people up here trying to tell me when I can come see you. By the way, he hasn’t asked her to have sex by this point in 30 days. No, it is not. It’s just not good at all. It’s just horrible. She said it ain’t, he hasn’t summoned her in 30 days. She’s risking her life walking in there talking to him and Kelle, watch what happens when she walks in talking about women who are attractive. She walked in after 30 days of not being with her husband and this is the first thing out of his mouth. Whatever you want, you can have it.

Ain’t that what y’all want to hear? Anyway, he gave her an unarticulated request because when you are attractive, you can get what you think about When you’re beautiful, you might to do some things strange for some change. I’m just saying if you’re beautiful, you might have to do, but when you are attractive, she walked in the room attractive and the Bible says, her husband says whatever you want you can have. How many women like those words? Whatever you want, baby. Whatever you want, you want a bit, you can have it. You want to fly private to Atlanta to get your hair done and come back the same day. You can have it.

You want me to send your dog with you? You can have it unarticulated request. Go to the Galleria, get what you want. Tell ’em to send me the bill. By the way, send your mama a credit card too. Look at y’all shouting. Boy, y’all going to have to work hard. Fellas need, we need another job. We gave her whatever she wanted because she was attractive. Is this making sense to y’all? Who mad at me right now? Okay. She’s like, she’d be all right. She walked in the room like she belonged. Listen, women, you better stop tiptoeing around here.

You don’t have a right. She walked in like she belonged and some of you all don’t get what God has for you is because you’re timid. If you’re going to be a boss on it, if you got a company on it, you are not a female CEO, you are ACEO. You are not a female lawyer, you are a lawyer, you’re not a female pilot. You are a pilot. Your gender doesn’t matter. It’s your anointing that destroys the yo. And when you stop talking about yourself as if when you accomplish something, it’s amazing and people will stop being surprised by your accomplishments because you want. Now it’s good when you going to get loans and you got to go and get grants and all of that is great, but what I’m talking about in your position, you ain’t a female, nothing. You are what you are.

I’m not a male pastor. I’m a pastor and if you are a woman, you’re not a female pastor. You are a pastor because whatever you are, you are no matter what your gender is and that’s how the world is designed to keep you a step behind because they always attach your gender to everything you do. She’s a female, fill in the blank, but you don’t never hear nobody say that’s a male, that’s a male doctor. Nobody’s shocked when a man’s a doctor. Great job. When a female becomes a doctor, oh my god, there’s a female doctor. Y’all ain’t smart.

When you go to your next interview, you walk in like the job is already yours. When you fill out the application, fill it out in faith knowing that God will make a way because God is looking for an unafraid woman, a woman who knows that if God established a thing in you that he will establish it until the day of Jesus Christ knowing that God anointed you to be queen, that God anointed you to run their business, that God anointed you to run their family unafraid. God is not giving you the spirit of fear but of power and a sound mind. Don’t you walk another day in this earth feeling like you don’t belong, teach your daughters that they belong.

Find out a statement that you can look in your daughter’s eye and tell her every time you see it. You’re beautiful. You’re wonderfully made. God created you for a purpose. I don’t care what it is, tell ’em every day because somebody somewhere is telling them what they are not. I think that’s what Mordecai told Esther and I think that that’s where she got her courage from. I think that Mordecai was a man of power, which is how he got the position and he taught her how to have the same kind of tenacity and she went to the king and she says, listen, you’re going to have to handle Haman because he’s trying to handle my people. And the Bible says that based on her word, he killed him, his best employee, he got rid of him and then the king wrote a proclamation and said, from now on anybody who’s talking about killing Jews, you’re going to have to answer to me and here’s what he did. He put a ring on it.

By putting a ring on the proclamation, it meant that it could not be reversed because God told me to tell you that he doesn’t care what the enemy does. He doesn’t care what society thinks. The next thing he does for you, nobody will be able to reverse it, but I got to tell you this, from the day he signed the proclamation to the day it was put into action, read your Bible. It was nine months and if there is anybody on earth who knows how to wait on something nine months. See, that’s why he couldn’t use the man because we would’ve been impatient like God has been weak nine months. Any woman here ever have to wait nine months.

This is how we know now Aaron, that God is about to reveal the gender of the next deliverer of his people. Can you help me help somebody? I want every sister in here to find another sister on your road. Just look at ’em in the face. Grab him by the hand and say, God said, God said that the next deliverer, that the next deliver and the next delivery and the next delivery. In your family. In your family. It’s a girl. It’s a girl. You missed it. You missed it. You missed it. You missed it. You missed it. You missed it. You missed it. Somebody shout, gender, reveal the next millionaire in your family. It’s a girl, the next person to defy the odds in your family. It’s a girl. I need all the women to find three women. Give ’em a high five and shout It’s a girl.

I can’t hear no women in here. I thought you would lose it a little more than that. Find your sister and say it’s a girl. It’s a girl. It’s a girl. The next inventor in your family, it’s a girl. The next person to open a business in your family. It’s a girl. Give your sister high five and shout girl. God told me to tell you that he’s about to use you to do what no man in your family could do. He’s about to use you to do something that even your husband cannot do. Now where are all of the unafraid attractive women in the room? I want you to lose your mind over the next 30 seconds and shout. It’s a girl.

I can’t feel this. I need you women. I need you because I feel the Holy ghost in the room. Grab your sister by the hand and shout girlfriend. God told me to tell you in your hand is the power to create wealth in your hand is the power to open doors that no man can shut and shut doors that no man can open if you are and attract him. Unafraid woman, shout here. For some of y’all, it’s been nine months, but God told me to tell you keep on pushing. You eventually going to give birth, but there comes a time in birth where the doctor says to you, don’t push anymore because now the baby is in position where it no longer needs your help from this position to that position. It’s between God and the baby. I want every woman in here to tell your sister one more time. You’ve been pushing all of your life, but God told me to tell you he’s about to give you sweat, blessings.

I need every woman who has to struggle for everything. You’ve got to get ready to walk into a season where God’s about to give it to you. Good measure rest down and running over. Have I got a woman in here that feels like giving them praise? I wish you could get down to verse 14 in chapter eight when he made to proclamation, the Bible says being hastened and pressed on by the king’s commandment. In other words, he said, this time when I bless you, you are not going to have to wait and here’s what the Lord told me. In the next season of your life, your blessing is going to move faster than your curse.

See, some of y’all ain’t really thinking. You ain’t thinking because there’s some stuff your mama been through that the devil has been trying to pass down to you. There’s some stuff that your grandmamma went through, but the devil has been trying to pass it down to you. But I need somebody to say, I’m about to break this generational curse. I’m into depression in my family now. I’m into suicidal thoughts in my family now. I’m into insecurity in my family right now. I need every woman who’s going to pray that struggle off of your child to spend the next nine seconds shouting, somebody shout, I’m going to get there faster. Somebody shout, I’m going to get there faster. You’re going to get there faster than your mother. You’re going to heal faster than your sister. You’re going to make friends faster than your coworkers. It’s your time. It’s a girl know how to shout. Y’all don’t know what to shout about. You don’t know what I’m talking about. You didn’t see that wealth shift where they’re going to be more female millionaires in the next year than at any time in history and you don’t recognize that you’re one of them so you’re not shouting, but every woman who recognizes that I’m talking to you, I dare you to leap and shout. Don’t worry about what she doing. I want you to receive the glory for yourself.

Somebody shout this time, you’re not going to have to wait. You don’t have to wait. You don’t have to wait. You don’t have to wait. Some of y’all need to check your email. When you get in the car, you’re going to already have the promise. Check your text messages the message there, hallelujah. Hallelujah. Tell your girlfriend, I know you made mistakes but God ain’t at that. I know you’re embarrassed about some of your decisions. God ain’t worried about that because he gives gifts without repentance. So here’s the word of the Lord. He’s going to bless you just like you are.

I came all the way here to tell you today that it’s a girl and this whole time you’ve been taking your son to basketball practice thinking he going to get you out the hood and it’s that little girl that you can’t get along with that’s just like you by the way that God is going to take and infuse enough vision in to drag you out of your circumstance. Your deliverance ain’t coming through football practice, it’s coming through math. Don’t ignore that girl. She got more in her than you think, but you’re conditioned to think like they’ve conditioned you to think and you don’t recognize it’s a girl.

That little one that you keep arguing with because y’all got the same emotions, the one that irritates you. You can get along better with your sons because they know how to talk to women, especially the older they get, but you got a little daughter in the house, a little niece, a little granddaughter. You can’t figure out what’s wrong with her. Same thing they couldn’t figure out about you and God told me to tell you some of y’all been looking in the wrong direction for the delivery and the delivery. It’s a girl to the CEO who owns the company. You keep looking at that brother who’s been doing a good job and looking over that sister, but it’s a girl to the person who needs to build a building and only thing you’ve been doing is interviewing male contractors.

Lemme tell you, the Dream center didn’t get progress until it was a girl. This entire organization saved my position. The next person in line, the C. The COO, the chief operating officer of this church. Can I just tell you it’s a girl, the woman and the women who have these women and men singing. I just wanted you to know it’s a girl and she has a son, which means watch this. How many women in here have sons? Listen to me. This is important. When a woman raises a son alone, it is probably the most difficult task on earth because the only thing you can teach him is what you know about men come on and because of your experience, it isn’t always the best perspective and so then you raise him to be what you hope all men would be, which is sometimes the opposite of the man he should be.

That’s why coaches and mentors and pastors are so important. I want to tell you something, single women don’t ever try to be your son’s father. You will be better off being a hundred percent mama than you will ever be. 50% mama, 50% daddy, that’s your son by stewardship, but that’s God’s boy by ownership and he’s not going to let that boy go without. I’m a witness every stage of my life, God sent a male who was not my father to teach me what the next stages of manhood look like. It is the father’s good pleasure that we would enjoy the benefits of the kingdom. What does that mean? That means that we are in a kingdom. That means that we are there for one another and in the kingdom I have access to what you have access to and you have access to what I have access to, which means that my brother in the kingdom is your brother. My father in the kingdom is your father. My sister in the kingdom is your am I not my brother’s?

Somebody say I’m in the kingdom. I’m in the kingdom. Women, I don’t know how many more times you need to hear it, but if you haven’t found out that for the last two years that the word female has been Googled more than any word in the world, the word woman has been Googled more than any word in the world for the last two years as if we don’t know what it is already, it shows you that if the word woman is the most Googled word, then this is what they’re Googling. A woman who can, a woman who does, a woman who sells, a woman who owns, look at all those reiterations because people are looking for you, but you are not looking for yourself.

I need every woman in here who believes that this is your season. I just want you to raise your hand wherever you are. If you see a sister that don’t have a hand up, lift it up, lift it up. I don’t care if she’s 12 or 25 or 60 lifted up. Don’t you let your sister stay down in this moment? I don’t care if you got a three month old daughter in your lap, lift her up. You think babies don’t understand what’s going on? Ask Jesus and John what happened? They were jumping in the womb in each other’s presence before they were ever born.

I want you to stop allowing your gift to sit in the seat of negativity and stop settling for gossip as a language. Find you some powerful women who talk more about ideas than they do people find you a sister that won’t be jealous because it’s your season and then you be glad when it’s hers. Did you know what I hear in the earth more than anything? I hear women say this all the time. I can’t get along with women. We hear it everywhere. How many women have ever heard that? I don’t have no female friends. Women are messy. Y’all got to stop doing this to each other and you keep saying women are messy, but the men in your life, it puts you through more mess, but you don’t stop giving them a chance.

Give each other a shot. Tell that sister she’s beautiful even if her decor and dress choices are not ones that you would choose and stop frowning up at each other. It takes nothing from you to acknowledge somebody else’s accomplishments. Hug each other, love each other. Stop stabbing each other in the back. Give each other a safe place. I’m telling you something, if y’all get together, it’s over. It’s over. The game will be over. What are you going to be? Vashti or Esther? Are you going to think that because you’re beautiful, you deserve to be respected or will you be attractive and unafraid? Oh, and by the way, I didn’t give you the last, an accelerated woman that is going to happen faster for you than any woman with your last name, any woman in your family’s history. You will be quicker to your destiny than any woman you’ve ever met in your entire family. F and I’m talking to you.

I’m talking to you that you will do it unafraid and however hard it is. You get up and you fight and then have the ambidextrous mentality to know that the job you hold or the position you hold on your job is not the one you hold in your house. Am here. I know I got to do this because if God has given you a husband and you run a multi-billion dollar corporation, you don’t get to come home barking orders because you don’t want ’em barked at you. Same position in your home that you hold in the world.

See, this is where it gets convoluted because when I give you the truth, I’m running up against your historical and societal blueprint. Instagram ain’t God, Facebook ain’t Jesus. I know what they say, but I’m talking about what God says and the Bible says that the man and the woman submit one to another. I ain’t left the Bible since I started because I knew that this was dangerous ground women. I am your father in proxy and if no father has ever hugged you, please accept my hug and if your father wasn’t there to tell you that you were beautiful, please accept my sentiments on his behalf.

And if you don’t like what you see in the mirror because nobody hugs you when you were a little girl, please let me stand in proxy of the man who was missing to let you know you are attractive and that nothing is wrong with you and that you are not a failure because you had children out of wedlock and that you are not less of a woman because you didn’t do it right. You did it the best you could and what’s right. Anyway, I know what right is, but you can do right wrong. Do you hear me?

Let this be the last time you cry about what you’re thinking about right now. I want you to release that anxiety. I speak that you’re coming off of medicine. Some of y’all have been swallowing pills. I saw this commercial and it may, the Lord put it in my spirit that some of y’all are ordering those anxiety pills from that website called her, and you’re taking pills for anxiety and depression. You don’t have anxiety. You want anxiety because when you have anxiety, you get sympathy. Stop taking the medicine. You don’t need it. God said it’s going to mess up your liver stop taking the medicine that you don’t need it. It’s not prescribed by a doctor if you’re not on medicine prescribed by a doctor. I’m telling you right now what the Lord is showing me. Stop. It’s messing with your liver right now and I want you to increase water intake. I want you to increase your water intake and some of you all right now are dealing with thyroid issues. Your hair is falling out. In fact, this morning you cried at the sink because you saw more hair in the sink this morning than you saw last week.

It’s the medicine you’re taking and there was a pain in your lower left back, right above there was a pain on the left side. It is a dietary supplement that you keep taking that’s causing that pain in the lower left back taking the dietary supplement because the person you’re trying to impress won’t be happy if you lose 20 pounds. Bring her to me. I know I’m talking to her. I came to get deliverance today. I didn’t come to have church. I knew my assignment. My wife told me my assignment and she ain’t the only one that need to be up here. I’m just letting the Holy Spirit leave me right now.

I want somebody put oil in her hand. I want you to put your hand right here on the left side of her back, right here on her, back on her back, left side of her back. She’s been having pain in her back for about four or five months altering yourself to fit in. My wife will tell you when I saw her, I didn’t say, you got to change this for me. You got to do, if I can come to Jesus just as I am, then women, you got to learn that you should be able to go to who loves you just as you are and I am not saying you can’t do and I’m saying that in order to gain the affection of a man, be attractive, not beautiful.

Your spirit is more important than your body. Be kind to those who are not kind to you. How many women are feeling what I’m talking about right now? I’m trying not to call an altar call. I’m trying my best. I feel deliverance in this room. I know y’all got the communion set up, but the Bible didn’t say we had to do it. It said as often as we can do it, it’s already pre-wrapped. Put it up and we’ll take it another time. Yeah, that’s what I’m going to do. Take the we’ll do it next time. I want every woman in this room. We’re going to leave after this. We’re going to give, but I need every woman in this room. If what I said to you, resignated, I need you to come to this altar.

It is say it. It’s your time. Listen, I want you to do me a favor. Please don’t allow anything to vex your spirit right now. I know it’s hot. I know it’s crowded. I know your feet hurt. Listen, but what you’ve been going through, it’s worth this moment. I want you, I called hurting women to this altar. I want you to look around at how many people came and ask yourself this question. If we don’t learn to deal with the hurt, what can we expect from the next generation? Because if a mother drinks alcohol or takes drugs, then when she breastfeeds the baby, then whatever is in her goes into the baby. Can we agree on that? The same is true with your spirit.

In fact, the spirit is more contagious than the flesh. And if you have anger issues, imagine your anger issues in your son who has twice the strength you have. It goes from anger to rage and from rage. We have millions of men in prison for 25 years or more whose crime took 25 seconds or less because rage makes you act and then it’s too late. That’s why we teach our boys slow down, be more calculated. Think because when we have rage, we can throw our life away. You hear me ramiah? We can throw your life away in a second.

So I told them in a meeting yesterday, here’s my job. Here’s what I’m trying to do as a leader. I got to get better at it. I want to move us from the church. Just being a hospital where you come every week to get an intravenous shot just to be able to cope until the next hit. I want to move it from a hospital to a home and from a home to an army. We are soldiers. You are a soldier. That is not a male word. You are a soldier in the army of the Lord and you are created to fight and love and make it happen and submit. You see the duality of greatness. Be forceful when you need to be digress. When it calls for it, that’s attractive.

You’ve been asking God for a husband, Lord, I want to settle and be married. It ain’t in the makeup baby. It ain’t in the hair. It ain’t in the clothes. The level of person you are looking for is looking for attraction. Beauty got you everybody. You didn’t want beauty, got you exactly what you wanted and didn’t want. This is the season for attractiveness, psychological, timeless beauty. It ain’t got nothing to do with your age or stage. It’s listen, in your seventies you can be attractive. Have you ever seen a woman 70 in heels looking at her like, oh my God. And it is not just her beauty, it’s just how she carries herself, how she walks, how her body still functions. You ever saw that? That’s attractiveness and I want that for you.

I don’t want you so stressed out at 50, you look 80 and by the time you’re 30, I don’t want you to be so hurt that you don’t trust nobody. 30 is too young to decide that nobody be trusted. You hear me, sister God, right now in the name of Jesus, there are thousands of women at this altar and thousands more online whose faces are in the middle of their screens wishing they could squeeze themselves into this room and it all started because the lady of this house decided that we should celebrate women. But God, my goal after she celebrated them was to get them into the psychological space where they could celebrate themselves, that they could see what you created them to be. That they are not validated by their relationship status. They’re not validated by how many square feet the home is and they’re not validated by how many cars in the garage.

They’re validated by the anointing you put on their life, the purpose that you’ve given them and the tools that you’ve given them to bring that goal to an expected end. I pray that you will wipe away all of these tears. Some of these women cry themselves to sleep at night. Some of them are so lonely, God, some of them, oh God, except what’s beneath their privilege and some of them don’t even know where the next meal is coming from. They don’t know how they’re going to get to work tomorrow. They don’t have the gas money. They just have so many problems, but they don’t have anybody there to help them solve ’em and what’s more frustrating is that they’ve dedicated their lives to helping people with their problems and now that they need somebody, they have nowhere to turn, have your way in their life. Give them the courage to wipe their tears until you show up. Give them the courage to encourage themselves in the Lord. Give them the courage to look in the mirror and realize that what they’re looking at is a creative thing by God.

Don’t matter if it’s hated by men, and I speak that this is an army me of confident women who are getting ready to rise up and be what God called them to be and God, they’re not going to wait until this battle is over. They’re going to begin to shout right now that this is the season that they found out that the next deliver for their family is a girl. I need every girl in this room and every girl online to begin to spend the next 60 seconds thanking your God continuously that the season is about to shift to your life. Come on women, come on women, come on, come on, come on. Put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. Come on, give ’em glory. Come on. Give ’em thanks. Come on, give them honor. Come on women. Come on.

Come on women. Break that chain. Come on, y’all playing with it. I’m talking about deliveries. You’ve got to give them glory. This is not a convenient exercise. This is going to take everything you have come and open up your I hear, I hear, come on hug, I hear, I hear, come hear, hear, hear you. I hear the, there’s an somebody make you leave here in peace. You break that cycle. You do whatever you have to do to make sure that this pain doesn’t make its way until the next month. Whatever you got to do. If that means packing your lunch so you can afford a therapist, if that means finding a friend that you trust that you can talk to, watch this. If it means you get in the room and scream until you lose your voice.

If it means you go in the bathroom and stay in the shower for an hour and talk to yourself, whatever you do, don’t take this issue into the next season because I’m telling you the next deliver. It’s a girl. If you believing, make some noise in this place. Listen, this given time, return to your seats for getting ready to give. Can you and our ushers are coming down the outdoors of you who are watching online. They’re getting ready to put the instructions up on the screen to show you exactly how you can participate in this divine opportunity to reap and to sow. How many of y’all believe in reaping and sowing? Hallelujah. Some of y’all are still doing your first fruits. God bless you for that. If you’re watching online, this is a season of first fruit for us. We’ve been giving a week, a month or a year of income and if none of those fit we’ve been doing the year 2023 are for those who need to come in under that, it was $223 and the testimonies that have been coming out of giving the first fruit. If you’ve been blessed since the first fruit, make some noise in this place today. I’ve been hearing about it and it has been amazing and God isn’t done. He isn’t done. Somebody shout again. It’s a girl. It’s a girl. If you got daughters, I want you to hug ’em a little tighter today. Pray for ’em a little longer today because it’s a girl. It’s a girl. Hallelujah.

Put a smile on your face because it’s about to change. It’s about to change. Put a smile on your face. Every woman in here, just smile right now. Just smile. Did you know the scientists say that you should smile intentionally? It lowers stress levels. That’s why the Bible lessons us know you can encourage yourself and the Lord. You just learn to be content no matter what state you’re in one, let’s stand on our feet free. I speak deliverance in your life right now. The name of Jesus, you shall be free and when Zion traves and when you cry out, God is near to the broken hearted. Yes, he’s everybody got your gift. Hold it up in the air. If you got your cell phone, those of you online, I want you to participate. If you’re in a safe place to lift your phone, if no safe place to repeat after me. As I move towards greater, I will accept all divine ideas, thoughts, and concepts that will connect me to my destiny. I believe that what Jesus Christ has done for me is bigger than what anyone has can and will do to me and because of his full gift, I will lend to many nations and will borrow from none. If you believe that, put a praise on it.

I got that from you pastor. If you’re in this place today and you’ve never accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and you don’t go to church anywhere and you feel that God sent you here today to be a part of this fellowship, something was said today in the message that resonated with your heart. You see these people who have a sign that says, become a member. Well, what does that mean? It just means that you are part of a body of Christ that believes in second chances and the grace of God, and we accept that Jesus with all of our heart and soul, and if you’re here today, will you accept my invitation to come? Some are already coming, but if you’re in this place today, God bless you, my sister. Come on, make some noise for them as they come. God bless you. Thank you. Thank you. There’s another one.

Speaker 2 (01:41:55):
Come on church. Come on church. Make it a big

Pastor Keion (01:41:56):
Deal. You know the drill, the drill. Come on. There’s another one. They’re coming from the top. They’re coming from the back. God is blessing this church. God bless you, my sister. God bless you. You’re coming from my left and coming from the right. God bless you. It’s still coming. God bless you, sister. There’s two more. There’s two more. Bless all girls. Has everyone had a chance to come that wants to come? Thank you.

Speaker 3 (01:45:17):
Anybody free.

Pastor Keion (01:45:38):
Listen. We’re going home. Hold your neighbor’s hand in God of the universe, the God who rules and super rules our world. The God who created this terrestrial ball called it Earth and placed to us humans in it and told us to tend it. Until you return, God, I pray in the name of Jesus that you will give us joy for the journey that you will wipe all tears away and that you will give us sunshine even on cloudy days. Allow us to leave this place and get home and find everything in order and we decree and declare that no weapon formed against us will be able to prosper and thank you that you let us know that the next delivery and the next deliverer, it’s a girl in the name of Jesus we pray. Somebody say, man, hug your sister. Hug your brother. Tell him I love you. Ain’t nothing you can do about it.

Speaker 4 (01:46:49):
What’s up Lighthouse Nation? Listen, what an amazing word from our pastor. Listen ladies, I want you to put it in the chat right now. I am attractive. I have joy. Put it in the chat right now because that’s something that can last forever. That is the word of God straight from his throne, that you are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of Jesus Christ. So use your strength, use what you have and allow the Holy Spirit to permeate everything that you are and let God be glorified. Listen, we have another amazing woman here to talk to you guys. If we could have Ms. Tamela Austin. Yes. How are you, Ms. Tamela? Doing great.

Speaker 5 (01:47:31):
You are in lighthouse.

Speaker 4 (01:47:32):
Tell the people what you do and who you are. Okay,

Speaker 5 (01:47:35):
Well, I am the CEO and founder of Jive Juice Company that started right here at the Lighthouse Church. Thanks Pastor Kay. We are the first African-American female juice owned company to be sold in Whole Foods and HEB, and I’m also the director of entrepreneurship at Houston Community College. I have a passion for women to help them excel and accelerate and grow their businesses. That

Speaker 4 (01:47:58):
Is beautiful. So you a educator also, listen, tell the people what was your biggest challenge in doing all of that? What

Speaker 5 (01:48:08):
You just said.

Speaker 4 (01:48:09):
Tell ’em what your biggest challenge is. Say it in the mic girl so they can hear you.

Speaker 5 (01:48:12):
I think the biggest challenge that we face as women is getting access to the capital funding that we need, but just in case you don’t, there are ways out there in which you can get it done. I stand here today to attest that I have funded my business through grants and pitch competitions, which have relied me to raise over a hundred thousand dollars.

Speaker 4 (01:48:34):
Did y’all hear that? Over a hundred thousand dollars. There is resources out there that you guys can grab. What would you say is the first step that someone needs to take in order to get their journey started?

Speaker 5 (01:48:46):
Get in the network. Have the right people. Build relationships that is key to your success.

Speaker 4 (01:48:53):
Listen ladies, we talked about relationship at the start of our service and she just said another key word, relationships. Again, listen, it is important that you have access, that you have relationship, and that you all do it by the leading of the Holy Spirit. Ms. Tamela, tell the people, tell people how they can get access. Just give them one resource. Right now.

Speaker 5 (01:49:16):
I say HCC, our entrepreneurship program that I run, it’s free.

Speaker 4 (01:49:22):
It’s free. It’s free. Free. 99. Guys, check it out. She’s not lying. She’s a lip.