From Embarrassed to Empowerment


If you've ever done something embarrassing this message is for you. Pastor Keion is empowering us with the tools to obtain our wholeness. This sermon taught us how to stop walking under the threat of condemnation. We are saved with sinner problems, meaning just because you made a mistake it doesn't mean you are a mistake. Here's how you go from Embarrassed to Empowered.

Attendance Policy
We all need to have an Attendance Policy for our lives because every place that expects you to show doesn't deserve your presence. You don't have to show up at every place that you've been invited to. There are some places you need to be absent from to avoid negative or wanted interactions. Be like Jesus and choose purpose over popularity. He chose to spend his time in areas where his gift was necessary and his presence was appreciated. Remember you’ll always be unfulfilled when you go where you want to go and not where people want you to be.

Anger Policy
The woman who was being accused of adultery resisted the urge to respond in anger to her accusers because she had an Anger Policy in place. Every time you defend yourself you willingly give your accusers the permission to control you. We must make our anger so expensive that people can’t afford it and make your happiness so cheap that everyone one can get it. Remember to be angry and sin not.

Acknowledgment Policy
When you do something great with your life, you will be accused. Everyone who is talking about you is serving you. (Ecclesiastes 7:21). Your accusers are exposing you to your help so let them do their jobs. In purpose you have to be like Nehemiah and not allow the distractions to stop you from completing the task at hand. Don't lose your power by responding to criticism. All criticism means that you're close to your destiny. The closer you get to destiny the more the enemy wants you to be embarrassed.

Assurance Policy
Lastly, if you are not saying what God has said about you, you are not saying the right things about yourself. God hasn't changed his mind about you just because you've made a mistake. The blood Jesus shed for us covers every mistake that you will ever make. We are all Empowered because we have the blood on us and that is the Assurance Policy.


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