Forced To Fight 

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Pastor Keion Henderson is the lead pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Houston, Texas. Lighthouse is an organization that serves the body of Christ through our 5 pillars. We always ANTICIPATE a move of God in every experience, so we constantly set a great ATMOSPHERE, and we ACCEPT everyone through love. We believe the best way to impact people is by being AUTHENTIC to who we are and by taking ACTION to move everyone towards greater.

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Pastor Keion (00:00:03):
Lawyer group. Kim and Kim. That’s what it’s going be. Kim and Kim Associates. Today I want to talk on this subject and this is not the subject. You’re going to know it when I tell you I didn’t want to do this, I didn’t try this, but because they tried me, I was forced to fight. How many of y’all don’t bother nobody but if they, I was forced

Speaker 3 (00:00:49):
Spirit of the living God

Pastor Keion (00:00:53):
Fall fresh upon me. Eternal spirit is once again that I come asking for your permission to preach bread of heaven.

Speaker 3 (00:01:02):
Feed us

Pastor Keion (00:01:04):
Until we want no

Speaker 3 (00:01:05):

Pastor Keion (00:01:07):
In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen. You may be seated in the President of the Lord. Touch somebody on your way down to your seat. I was forced in this fight. I was forced. So once again, Moses and Israel are confronted with more trouble. I don’t even have an introduction. I’m just going to start preaching. I had one. I’m just going to skip it because it’s like when you read the Bible, no sooner is one trial over for them. Another one begins. How many of your life has ever taken on that cyclical cycle where it’s just one thing, one win followed by a loss, one loss followed by win. And so you don’t know how to feel because as soon as you get yourself up, something brings you down. As soon as you think you found a friend, somebody shows you they are not a friend. As soon as you think you found your career, you find out it was just a stop between the rock and the hard place between history and destiny, between good times and bad times between up and down, somewhere between God is good and I’m about to jump off a bridge

Somewhere between I love my home but I don’t want to go there somewhere between. I’m glad that they my children, but if I can go back 20 years,

I’m not sure I would have chosen the same path. Not that I don’t love them, but I just hate what’s happening to me. No pain will make you want to and alter every decision that you made in your entire life and especially when it’s cyclical and one thing after the other, after the other after. Especially when you’re looking at other people who don’t have the gifts, the talents or the relationships with God that you have and you look at them and their life seem like it’s going well and here you are tithing and praying and singing and attending worship service like Lord, what in the world is going on here? I thought that when I joined this organization, you called a church that my life would be better, but let me tell you, it always gets worse before it gets better. And the reason why is because we walk by faith and not by sighting. God knows that if he gave you a membership number and you got benefits from day one, then you would not be in the club because you love the club owner. You would be in for the French benefits. So sometimes he allows you to join the army without giving you a helmet to see if you’ll trust him to cover your head.

It is interesting online and in this room, how many fighters are in this place? You don’t get it. You don’t get it. See, church is where we give our presentation, but you are sitting next to somebody

Speaker 3 (00:04:15):

Pastor Keion (00:04:15):
Literally is walking through hell and high water at this very moment. And the reason why we don’t see it is because lipstick can cover it up. Suits can dress it down. We can come in church and our chest can be up because we feel good about what we wear. But if you take off the Cape Superman, you become Clark Kent and your vision begins to wane and you cannot see clearly. You don’t know who a friend is and you cannot leap a building in a single bound and you cannot be more powerful than a locomotive. You are lucky to be powerful enough to get through the day and that’s the real reality of all of us who talk tough and act tough. The real reality is we feel so vulnerable that we pretend to be strong because we really don’t want anybody to know how weak we really are. And so we bring gravitas and gravity when the truth is on the inside, we feel weakness

And we feel inadequacy and we feel insecurity. The truth is this is where Israel is. Can you imagine how they have no confidence? They have spent the last 400 years being told that they don’t have names, that they don’t have a home, that they’re going to be slaves for the rest of their life. They have been beaten. They have been told that they have to build houses out of straw and stone. They don’t have a food supply system other than that which has been supplied to them by the slave owner, which means that the food only came when they performed. Anybody tired of being in relationships where you’re only given a substance because you performed

That you only respect me because I performed for you that you only honor me because I built something for you. But if I’m not building, I’m not respected. If I’m not giving, I’m not respected. If I’m not doing what you want me to do, then I’m not respected. This is where they are. They feel insecure. They don’t have names. They have been changed from people like Azariah Michel and be shaar to give names like Shadrach, Micha and the Bendigo. And if nobody told you their names were Michel Hananiah and be shaar, you wouldn’t even know it. You know why? Because some of you all are living through life being called by things you are not. But because you’ve been called that so long, you answer to it. It’s a cold world and if you are not careful, it will run you over. But the trials in our life are not as important as the way we respond to them.

See, the children of Israel have had varied natures and responses happen to them, but their response has always been the same. They’ve been in Egypt, they’ve been to the Red Sea. They’ve had moments where there was no water. They had moments where they had no food, they had all of these things happen to them, so this is not the same thing one time they get to a body of water, they can’t get through it. They need food, they can’t get it, they need water, they can’t get it. But here’s the problem. Even though their issues were multifaceted, their responses were always the same. They complained and here was the problem with most people is that no matter what happens to you, your response is always the same. For some people, anger is always the solution. For some people shutting down is always the solution. And let me tell you, the problem with only having one punch is your easy to beat. See, the mark of a great fighter is that no matter what the punch is, he can deliver whether it’s an upper cup, whether it’s a slip or whether it’s a jab. See, the problem with most of us, all we have is a power punch.

It’s a haymaker. All you do every time somebody fights you is you cuss ’em out. Come on, talk to me. Don’t you get quiet. You got one hit you a one hit wonder. And the problem is if you ever get up a close of a devil who can take that one punch you in for a treat, you’re going to have to have different responses to the stimuli that happens in your life. They had one thing they always murmured. The Bible says they complained. They complained, they complained, they complained, they complained. And after they finished complaining, they complained. Anybody know what it’s like to be surrounded by complainers? That it just ain’t nothing good enough. It’s too hot in here. Turn it down. It’s too cold in here. Oh, ain’t nobody nice in here. Oh, why are you being so nice? That’s too much. Just can’t be satisfied is like a woman saying, I want a nice guy and then we should get a nice guy. He too nice. What do you want? I want him nice, but not too nice. I want a nice, not nice, nice, you know? No, nobody knows what that means.

Y’all here today after miles and miles of travel and days of thirst, God provides water out of a rock and just as the thirst subsides, they are faced and forced to fight. The Bible says in verse eight, I say forced to fight because the Bible says in verse eight that the Amalekites started the fight. Now you have to understand who the Amalekites are to understand how this works. The Amalekites, listen, they were a group of people who are the descendants of Esau. Now for those of you all who don’t read the Bible, let me give you this real quick synopsis. There was a set of twins that were born in the Old Testament. One name was Jacob the other, his name was Esau, and Esau was the oldest and had the birthright, but he was so trifling in his ways that his brother offered him a bowl of gumbo. I’m in the south so I’m trying to put it in some language you can understand. Offers him a bowl of lentil, a bowl of soup, and because he was hungry, he abdicated his birthright in order for a bowl of soup. So now we understand who they are fighting and this is why you have to be careful. You have to always be careful when you fight people who have no priorities

Because when people don’t put themselves first, they cannot put you first. So he abdicates his birthright. He abdicates forever. For right now, if he had lived in his birthright, he would have been full for the rest of his life, but because he was satisfied with right now, he gave up tomorrow for right now, and you have to be careful when you put your future on the line for somebody who ain’t thinking about theirs, this is the trick of the enemy to put you in a position where you have to force or you’re forced to fight somebody who has no tomorrow forced to act a fool with somebody that the only loser can be you because you’re the only one with the future. You are the only one with the destiny. You are the only one with who has something to lose. And so the devil keeps filling your life up with these people who have no future so that you will make a decision in the present. You cuss the person out, you’ll never work again. You go in that office and having an attitude, you won’t be able to get hired in the town again. You got to understand that don’t nobody care where you from. Nobody cares that you were born in the hood. Nobody cares that you came from a house and you a sister and you have five brothers and you know how to fight. There are some people that you shouldn’t fight even if you could win.

Y’all not listening to me today. I know this ain’t going to fit within our scope of conversation because some of us have a one method, a monotone reaction. You mess with me, I’m going to mess with you. But you got to understand the text is about fighting, but it’s about fighting the right enemy because everybody who is fighting you ain’t worth you fighting back. The devil will have you so busy fighting the Egyptians that you won’t have any strength for the Amalekites. You got to save your energy for the fight that matters. You can’t be on the internet responding to every comment. You can’t fight every teacher your child has. You can’t fight the kids that’s fighting your kids at the school. Just teach your kids to fight so they can win. As my brother said the other day, he says, most parents don’t understand the difference between enablement and empowerment. When you fight your kids’ battles, you enable them, which is why they keep coming to you. When you empower them, they come home and tell you, mama, let me tell you who I whooped today. You want to put your children, your family in the spirit in a position that you don’t have to have a prayer meeting at the house to dismiss the devil out of your house. You want a 12-year-old that comes and say, mama, I put oil on my doorpost and let me tell you something, I’m coming to anoint your room too. Somebody shout, empowerment.

Speaker 3 (00:13:49):
Empowerment. Well,

Pastor Keion (00:13:56):
They’re related to Esau and these people have no morals. The Bible says that they attacked them from the back. Why the back? Because in a war that’s where you put your weakest people. See, be very careful who you show your weaknesses to. Even more be careful who you give access to the doors you have unlocked because there are some people who will pretend to be a neighbor who will end up being a robber. You’ve got to be careful who you let see you when you’re vulnerable because everybody who tells you they have your back, you’ll look back and they’ll be way back stabbing you in the back stabs the Amalekites come up from the rear and they attack the vulnerable. They attack the weak and this is where it gets worse. They attacked them from the rear of the camp where the weak are and they knew. They knew they had just come out of Egypt and they knew that they were thirsty. They knew it and before you knew it, Israel was just swinging on people. Now there’s some people in here right now, you’ll be honest. Just talk to me. You ain’t mean to go off like that.

They just got you at a vulnerable moment. Come on, you was thirsty. Come on, talk to me somebody. I don’t know what adjective to put in there, but they came and I just want to put that out there because there are two types of people in the room. There are the people who shut down and they think they’re better than the reactors and then there are people who react, but then they’ll say, but at least I’m consistent. I know what I’m talking about. How many of y’all going to help me out in here today? There’s one group of people who they ready to fight no matter who it is and here’s their excuse for being that crazy. Well, at least I’m consistent. At least I hold grudges. At least you know where I’m coming from. Then you have another group of people they just shut down and then they think they’re better because they didn’t react. But you can be violently silent. My mama used to call it nice nasty. Anybody know somebody, they ain’t going off but they going off. Typically those are the gaslight so that they can sit back and let you blow up the house and you got to understand your temperament because the devil knows your temperament and he will put you in a fight where you’ll lose

If you’re not aware of who you are. Now I want to say this. Just look at your name and say, I might not fight how you fight. You might not fight how I fight, but we’re going to agree not to judge each other today. Is that all right? Can we agree on that? Because if you understood my enemy, you would know why I fought the way I fought. If you understood my upbringing, you understand that I tried not to do this, but all my life now kill him dead. You told so I beat him. Don’t come for me unless I sin for you. When you see me fighting, know that I was forced to fight. I don’t bother nobody. When you bother me though, I don’t know how to stop bother you. I I’m just going to be petty up in here for a moment. Anybody in here, I know you love Jesus and you got your Bible app on your phone, but anybody in here where you start fighting, you get petty, you start pounding out stuff. I mean you get real nasty, you bother. They aunties, they mamas, you want to take air out the tie up?

Oh, don’t make me come down there. I fight every one of y’all by myself. Don’t act like every time somebody bother you, you get a Lord. Touch my enemy. Say be with them in the name of Jesus. You’d be like, oh, you want to mess with me? I’ll put some lime in your water. I’ll make sure that you got hot sauce in your throat while you sleeping, stab you come to the funeral and cry. I don’t know what happened. I know I’m talking to you. I know I’m talking to you and yes, you got a corporate America job and yes, you got a title and an office and a window, but you still got 10% hood left inside of you that if somebody come up against you, you forget that you got a college degree. Somebody in the balcony ought to say something. I know y’all fight up there too. Don’t be sitting up there looking at me like you don’t fight like us down here. You fight. When you fight, you get petty. Just say stuff like that. Oh, oh, you fight somebody and you find out something. Anybody petty people just always saying something. You know what I’m saying? Oh, oh, so now you’re going to fight him. Now you going, why don’t you fight him? You tried to fight me.

You going to hit somebody, hit him while you’re sitting up here looking at me like you’re going to hit me. Anybody vacillate between being a Christian, amazing grace, say something else. Watch what happened. I mean just, who am I talking to? I’ll at your boy, listen, lemme tell y’all something. I don’t know who you are, but I know you will fight. She, she’s like this. She said, she said, I wish this spoon was sharp. I’ll stab somebody right now.

Speaker 3 (00:20:32):

Pastor Keion (00:20:32):
Going to eat my cone bread? Alright, Kim, let me get back focused.

Speaker 3 (00:20:42):

Pastor Keion (00:20:44):
Is all in this.

Speaker 3 (00:20:47):
Oh my God,

Pastor Keion (00:20:49):
I wish I could tell you that you find out how much God loves you in a fight, prove it to you. The way the children of Israel want to go to Israel, to the Canaan, to Canaan, the route that would’ve been direct would send them through a land called Palestine or Philistines. That’s where Goliath is from. The Philistines had a superior army. Had they fought the Philistines when they came out of Egypt, there would be no Jews. No, no, no. You don’t understand what I’m telling you. I’m talking about right now in the world. If they had come through where the Philistines were, there would be no Jews. They would have annihilated them from the earth. God sent them, although it was a longer route, he sent them through the Amalekites because although the Amalekites had an army, they were not strong enough to win, which means that God loves you so much that he will adjust your fight to the level you can fight on. Oh, you didn’t hear me? No, you missing what I’m saying? You don’t understand that God never allows you to face an army that you can’t beat. God will adjust the war to your weakness,

Which is why you can have the confidence that no matter what route you’re on, you’re going to win. Because if there is an army that can beat you, you’ll never fight them because no weapon formed against me will be able to prosper the enemy you are facing, you have the ability to beat because God will adjust the war to your weakness.

Speaker 3 (00:22:51):

Pastor Keion (00:22:54):
The Amalekites, they couldn’t annihilate him but they could teach him a lesson. You have to understand that this current battle you in, this is not the fight, this is the sparring partner. God says, I’m teaching you right now

Speaker 3 (00:23:13):

Pastor Keion (00:23:15):
How to dodge a jab. I’m teaching you right now how to slip a hook. I’m teaching you right now. This is not the fight of a lifetime. This is the one that’s getting you ready for the fight of a lifetime.

And I know you just came through the Red Sea and I know you just got over a divorce and you don’t feel like fighting and I know that you just got your heart broken and you don’t feel like it right now and I know that the economy is messing with your job and you don’t know what’s next and I know that you had two incomes in the house and now you only have one and I know that you’re dealing with insecurities and God says this is the fight that you are meant to fight so that when you get to the fight that you are meant to fight. You will learn from the fight that you will forced to fight. Here is my question. How many of y’all are in a fight right now? Yes sir. Here is my question, are you learning?

Speaker 3 (00:24:29):
Yes sir.

Pastor Keion (00:24:30):
Or are you whining?

Speaker 3 (00:24:35):
Come now

Pastor Keion (00:24:38):
Lord, why this got to be happening to me? I’ve been serving you until the day and I promised him that I, I’ve been tithing and I’ve been praying and I’ve been fighting and after all I stand and Jesus, you won’t even come to see about me. And Jesus says, you don’t understand that I’m helping you flex muscles you’re going to need for the future. You have to understand that complaining is a bad look.

Speaker 3 (00:25:18):
Thank you.

Pastor Keion (00:25:20):
Stop complaining so much. It is complaining that turns 13 days into 40 years. You ain’t the only one going through something. That’s

Speaker 3 (00:25:38):

Pastor Keion (00:25:41):
You don’t understand. I don’t have to because I ain’t got to go through it, but you don’t understand what I’m going through either. That’s the fight you have to fight but you don’t have to fight the fight that I

Speaker 3 (00:25:57):

Pastor Keion (00:25:57):
To fight. Stop complaining about

Speaker 3 (00:25:59):

Pastor Keion (00:26:00):
And just swing. Do what you got to do to make sure that this fight doesn’t follow you generation to generation. Because the only reason why the Amalekites are still alive is because every generation that God spoke to annihilate them, including Saul, didn’t annihilate them because most of us won’t kill anything that we see benefit in. So there was a benefit in the life and so you kept it, but you got to understand that out of amek comes the giants. David fights. So what happens is is when you don’t kill the thing in its infancy, it becomes a giant. Can I tell you something? Every big thing you fighting in your life is something you didn’t deal with when it was small. Nothing was ever born a giant. You have to have the courage to step on it and you are being forced to fight now because if you don’t fight now you will have a generational fight later and your children will be fighting an enemy that wasn’t theirs. See, this is trauma. This is what trauma is. Trauma is when a child has to fight a demon that was for the parent

And when the parent doesn’t kill it, especially those of us who grew up in the generation, what goes on in this house stays in the house and instead of having solutions, we got secrets. Oh, I will fight you. I don’t care. You ain’t got to say nothing. Somebody ought to talk to me in today. See, what we have to do is we got to sit our children at the table and let them know these are the demons that fight us. These are the demons that come after us. Your grandmama fought it, your granddaddy fought it, your mama’s fighting it, but in the name of Jesus, I’m going to fight this devil to make sure that you don’t have to fight it. Lord, it’s going to be hurt. It’s going to be hard to here today, but we’re going to get there. Somebody say we’re going to get there, get there. God told me to tell you that the first way you win a fight is you got to learn divine adjustments. You have to learn other ways to fight. Now by a show of hands, how many of y’all know you really fight one way and it is dirty? Yeah, just come on, you fight, you get mad, you cuss, you yell. You call people to get people in trouble and then what happened?

Manipulation. Come on, talk to me. See, this is a problem with the church. We love shouting about everybody else sin. So if I sit up here and start naming some stuff you don’t do, you’d be up here at the altar. Yes, Lord, bless ’em. How come I shout out and then when I start talking about your stuff

Speaker 3 (00:29:11):

Pastor Keion (00:29:20):
You got some ways that ain’t semen right to God,

Speaker 3 (00:29:25):

Pastor Keion (00:29:27):
You got some stuff. What would happen if I had the ability to take everything in your head and put it on the screen? She said, don’t do it Reverend. You don’t even be that petty who said that. Don’t even do it. She, I’m not even doing it. Matter of fact, I’m leaving because sin isn’t just what we do. It also starts in our thought life. So some of y’all thinking you can get 25 to life just off of thought. I’m being messy. Let me move on. I’m sorry. Somebody say God is in this, God is in this. Somebody say God will adjust.

Speaker 3 (00:30:10):
God will

Pastor Keion (00:30:11):
Adjust the war according, according to your weakness. Which means sometimes when you see God changing the route, it’s him adjusting the war. You get it Lauren? So it’s like you had it planned this way and then you see God say you are like why you do that? You don’t know what he’s saving you from. You can’t handle that enemy yet. You ain’t on that level yet. So I’m going to send you over here to win one. You can win so you can get stronger. We going back because we coming forward all but you have to get there in a season when you are ready for it. Does this make sense? So I’ll use Kim for an example. Every time I hear him sing, I watch him on Instagram and he’s singing all over the world, y’all should get his book Share My Life. You should read that story where it took him literally 20 years to become an overnight success that he was singing and singing and singing and nobody was coming and nobody was showing up and nobody was buying albums. And now everybody looks at him like, ah, you sold, you went platinum here, you went back. But he could only go platinum

In a season where he was ready to be platinum. You see, God does you a disservice by allowing you to be platinum when you have a wood mentality. See, there’s no sense in God letting the world know you and you don’t like people. So sometimes it ain’t about the artistry, it’s about the skillset that will sustain you on the level. So you got to have all of these different fights and then when you show God you are ready to be attorney general, then God says you’ve been faithful over a few things. Y’all going to say man, or say ouch or say something. I need to know you’re here. Tell your neighbor don’t have an attitude.

Speaker 3 (00:32:11):
Don’t have an attitude.

Pastor Keion (00:32:17):
Y’all shouted last week, you’re going to learn this week teachers, I like a church that’s bilingual, like you want to praise God but you also want to learn because lemme tell you something, praising don’t break strongholds. If all we needed to do was praise, the devil wouldn’t be attacking your family. You got to have thy word hidden in your heart that you might not sin against him. You got to know something. You got to get off the milk and get to the meat of the gospel so that way when the devil tells you to turn stones into bread, you can say to him, man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God. Anybody excited about the word of God? God says, because listen to this, thank you Holy Spirit. He says, because I don’t know who this is for because you are amicable to divine adjustments. I’m about to make you eligible for divine acknowledgement.

God told me to tell you that the gift that you have inside of you is no longer going to be a secret because you’ve learned how to adjust and you are in a game with rigid people. God says, I’m about to pick the people who didn’t mind adjusting and I’m about to put your name out there. I’m about to put your company out there. I’m about to put your brand out there. I’m going to put you above people who’ve been in the game longer than you because you adjust it. I’m about to acknowledge you slap somebody. Say you about to know my name in about three months you going to know my name. You going to look on Instagram, I’m going to be all over it. You going to look on LinkedIn, I’m going to be all over it. You’re going to look in the towers and my name is going to be on the top of it because God’s about to acknowledge me. How do I know we are introduced to somebody we’ve never met? Come here Joshua. God says Joshua through Moses. Joshua, come here. Joshua is just walking around like the rest of them, but he’s adjusting and remember we call it the Joshua generation. The reason why Joshua’s group got into the promised land and Moses’ group was locked out adjustments.

God killed everybody above 21 and prevented them from going into the promised land. Why not? Because they were black, not because they were white, not because they were rich, not because they were poor but because they couldn’t adjust. The quickest way to be locked out of destiny is the lack of adjustment. Oh, you don’t believe me, you don’t believe me, I don’t believe. Okay, I’ll prove it to you. Joshua, come here. You regular just like the rest of them, but I’m about to call you from being regular to in charge. Moses says, I give you my army. Now lead ’em. Do you know that when you have the ability to adjust, God will put your name on the mind of somebody who has authority and you’ll go from being nobody to somebody. In the matter of a moment, you’ll go from robbing Peter to pay Paul to being a millionaire. You’ll go from being unemployed to being a manager. I don’t know who this is for, but you better get ready for divine acknowledgement. You better get ready for people to call you and offer jobs that you didn’t even apply for. Touch three people to say God’s about to acknowledge you. He’s about to acknowledge you.

I prophesy divine acknowledgement in this room. I prophesy that your name is going to go above the people who’ve been working in the company for six years, that God is about to give you the job with a GED and they can’t get it With a PhD, I speak to divine acknowledgement, touch somebody, say I’m about to blow up, I’m about to blow up. I’m about to blow up and I ain’t going to act funny. I’m not going to look down my nose at people. I’m still going to have a great heart and a great personality because I know the good Lord giveth and the good Lord take it away. Blessed it be the name. Tell your neighbor, let me introduce myself. I know what my mama named me, but let me tell you my new name. My new name is Victory. Victory.

Speaker 3 (00:37:19):

Pastor Keion (00:37:20):
I’m Victory Henderson. I’m victory Smith. I’m victory. This, I’m victory. That why? Because all I do is win. Why? God is about to acknowledge me and let me put something on you right now for everybody in your family that looked down their noses at you because you made a mistake. God says, I’m about to use you to redeem the family. Oh, I wish I had somebody in here. Tell somebody I’m about to put my family on the map. I’m doing it for my last name. Hallelujah. To the lamb of God. I don’t know who this is for, but God hasn’t forgotten about you and I know you see everybody in front of you, but great is He that is in you then he that is in the world and it is not going to be many days hits. Well, they’re going to have to apologize for what they said about you Tell somebody I’m not a loser, I just lost. I’m not a failure, I just failed. But I’m going to go from being the tail to the head. I’m going from the last to the first. I’m going to go from beneath to above and I’m going to go from the borrower to the

Acknowledgement For those of you all who have always been last, get ready for God to flip the script. I just want to see the people who’ve ever been looked over. Come on. I want to see the people who’ve been looked over. You’ve been good for a long time. Nobody ever acknowledged it. You’ve been nice a long time. Nobody ever acknowledged it. You’ve had talent a long time, nobody’s ever acknowledged it. You’ve been doing art a long time, but nobody has ever acknowledged it. They’re going to see your name in museums. We are going to drive down 59 and see the name of your business from the freeway. Good God Almighty. I don’t know. I feel something about to happen in here. There’s a shift happen. All of the people that they know, they are getting ready. There’s going to time where there arises of peril that knows not Joseph. Tell somebody I’m about to be important. No, don’t say important. I’m about to be important. I want both ts three of ’em important tent. I want three Ts and lemme tell you, this is how you know God can use you. Watch his first function. The first thing that Joshua does is go and get other men who Moses can trust

You. See what you saw with Dwight, what you saw with me, what you saw with Ms. Kim is unlikely alliances coming together for a purpose. Can I tell you

Speaker 3 (00:40:24):

Pastor Keion (00:40:26):
Never elevate anybody in your life who doesn’t have an appreciation for teamwork. If they don’t like teams, they cannot serve your vision because where you’re going, you’re going to need more than you to get it done. If they don’t like teams, kick ’em off your team. Oh, I’m going to talk in here today because some of y’all got friends who want to keep you to themselves and the moment you meet somebody I don’t know about them, I don’t know about, it’s something about them and I just can’t put my finger on it. I know niceness, teamwork, kindness. You want them to be a mean girl or a mean guy like you. And so anytime you bring anybody in the group that doesn’t have the characteristics of the group, they want to keep ’em out of the group because they don’t want the group to change. Never. And I mean never elevate anybody who understand teamwork because even people who play individual sports still have a team. When Kim stands on the stage, it’s just him, but there’s a band, there’s a booking agent, there’s a talent agent, there’s all of that team you see, and you got to understand that it’s okay to be on the team and not be on the stage.

I need a team that understands that by helping me achieve my goal. If we are the right team, I’m going to turn around and make sure that you reach, touch three people and say, I’m on your side. I’m on your team, I’m on your side, I’m on your team. What have I got to do to help you do what you do baby, I got your back. Because when I win, you win. When I move, you move When I go up, you go up. When I scale, you scale. When I leverage, you leverage. We have to do away with this crap in the barrel mentality or we will always be in Egypt. Black people lift one another, lift each other. We kill our heroes and wonder why we have none, right? You don’t have to say nothing. I’m on my soapbox right now because when you look at the landscape of politics right now, and I don’t care what you think about Donald Trump, whatever you think about him, at least the people who going to vote for him are together. We can’t come together around nothing and that’s how you win when you come. Anything that comes together will always beat that which doesn’t.

That was the power of the church. Unity. That’s the power of the family. Unity come together, support one another, speak well about one another, and when we get in the house, we fight, but when we come out of the house, it’s us against them and who is them just so they don’t take this on the internet and make it wrong? Who is them? Anybody who’s against God? You live in the world right now. They’ll take 15 seconds and say, you said something and that’s an attack on unity. Come together. Black people stop being jealous of one another. Stop tearing each other down. You talking about racism? Don’t nobody have to be racist but us. Listen, we don’t like you if you’re too dark, if you’re too light, if your lips too big, your noses too wide, you think you better because your hair curly. That’s me. Your grandma met somebody in Louisiana a few weeks ago. That don’t mean nothing, that don’t make you better than me because my hair nappy and yours ain’t. We got to get our stuff together, keep telling us we got to open banks, we got to have credit unions. We got to be able to compete in the global economy and in the market instead of always having to wait on somebody to give us something, build it yourself

And then when you open it, be open How you got a business and you in Cancun every weekend, you don’t open a business. Oh lord Jesus, I done got an attitude. Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to do extraordinary things.

Speaker 3 (00:46:23):

Pastor Keion (00:46:26):
In fact, Andrew Carnegie said it this way. Teamwork is the field that allows common people to attain uncommon results. Can I tell you something? When you get acknowledged, can you please do me a favor? Acknowledge somebody else. Can you do that for your boy? I’m serious as a heart attack right now, when you get on, can you put somebody on? I can point to it. I don’t brag about it, but when we started this church, every entity that we started, I had somebody to start a business in that area and when we started this church, just like your Steve Jobs and everybody else, now I don’t have billions of dollars, but there are several people who are millionaires that started with me because I started their businesses with us and we’re now all doing well together and they’re operating in this room right now. The owner of the security company that watches this business, he was doing T-shirts when I met him. He was printing the T-shirts for this church. I saw that he had a gift, helped him to open up. See, I could have opened up the security company myself, teamwork. The person who did our transportation, he was working at a company driving me to the airport, making $25 an hour at the company, making $75, 30 minutes working with me. I looked at him, I said, let’s do the math.

If you can make 75 off 1,000,030 minutes, why would you go back and drop me off to make 25 an hour, start a business and he’s a millionaire? Team, work makes the dream. Why am I preaching teamwork? Because the fight that we about to fight, you’re going to have to make somebody got your six, your 3-year-old, your nine, your 12. You’re going to have to be surrounded by people who knows that their winning is attached to you. The worst thing that ever happened to our people is we started saying stuff like, I can do it by myself.

Speaker 3 (00:49:17):
Yeah, right?

Pastor Keion (00:49:20):
How many of y’all ever had that mentality? If you got to get it right, done right, you just got to do it yourself. The only problem is, is when you do it yourself, you can only do the thing you can do and what you need to do needs more than what you can do. God says, I need you to have a divine adjustment. I’m going to give you divine acknowledgement and here’s the other thing. I need divine agility. I need you to be ambidextrous. I need you to have several different languages. Moses says, pick me in the fight. The command is different this time because remember when they got to the Red Sea? He didn’t tell to fight. He told him to stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. See, look at the agility. I get to the sea stand still. I get to the Amalekites swing, adjustments, agility. I get to the rock. What does God say? Strike the rock and what water will come out? What does he tell ’em to do the next time he gets to the rock? Speak to him. See, you can’t be unilateral in your response to the war you’re having. You got to have the right fight for the thing you’re fighting

And if you are hardheaded, you won’t hear what God says about how to fight this war. Everybody said divine agility. Divine

Speaker 3 (00:50:38):

Pastor Keion (00:50:39):
There’s a lot of people lack the ability to have multiplicity responses to multilingual situations. You can’t be frustrated about everything. You can’t be ready to quit every time. You can’t be mad.

Speaker 3 (00:51:00):

Pastor Keion (00:51:07):
God says, give me some agility. Don’t just be a shooter or be a passer. Don’t just play offense, play defense. There’s nothing wrong with mastering colloquialisms and having hood expressions and slang and all that, but can you put together a collection of multi salivic expressions so that you can have a conversation with somebody who didn’t grow up on your block and when you go back to your block like, what up because my G, what up fam? You can do all of that over here, but then you got to go to your conference table and you got to be able to have a conversation. I’m going to say a lot of things up until here because you’re not going to be happy with it, but you can’t just expect everybody to accept you the way you are in every room you walk in, you need a red wig for the picnic and you need a bob for the conference room. I know y’all ain’t going to like this. I’m trying to show you how to be I agile. You got to be able to walk, listen, you got to be able to walk into the spot and everybody know that you come from a certain place and then you have to be able to walk in and walk differently and you have to be able to watch this in Rome. Do as the,

And you can’t be at the board table chewing gum and you can’t have a meeting with a grant writer and show up 25 minutes late. Your beautician don’t even play that. Your beautician asked you to be on time. Even if she late, she talking about you better be on time. You get there on time. She’s like, oh, I’m behind. Y’all doing good because I’m almost finished. I’m going to read this part. This may be the most important part of our conversation. God told Saul, are you listening to me?

Speaker 3 (00:53:59):
Yes sir. Yes sir.

Pastor Keion (00:54:01):
Everybody pay attention online. Y’all pay attention. Put them pancakes down. I ain’t finished. You already eating. I did not say your blessing. I’m going to pray over your food. Later. God told Saul to kill the Amalekites kites. That’s in first Samuel chapter 15. Saul disobeyed God and the Bible says he spared some of them. Samuel, who is the prophet? Are you still with me? Says in one Samuel chapter 15, verse 23, Saul, because you have rejected the word of God, he has rejected you from being king. Okay? This is the most important thing I’m going to say today. Saul did not lose the throne because he was evil. Saul did not lose the throne because he tried to kill David. Saul did not lose the throne because he was arrogant. Saul lost the throne because he couldn’t adjust. The quickest way to lose your position is to be one dimensional. God can’t use anybody who doesn’t have another way of handling things. Why’d I go to that church Mouse? Lemme get him. You see, I’m a church mouse and somebody’s like, ah, no, I’m kidding. They used to say, the church gets so quiet you can hear a mouse peeing on cotton.

The quickest way for you to lose the position that you’re about to get is to get there and only know how to do it One way. You going to have to learn to love those who hate you.

Speaker 3 (00:56:49):
To me,

Pastor Keion (00:56:51):
You’re going to have to learn it. You’re going to have to learn how to be around people who irritate you without showing it. You are going to have to learn how to be around people who you can talk about, but don’t say nothing about it until you get home because you’re going to have to learn how to be hungry and not have an attitude. You going to have to learn to be broke and stop acting poor. Otherwise you can’t be king otherwise you can’t be queen. Otherwise you can’t own it. You can only work for it because people who only act one way work for the people who can do it multiple ways. Did y’all hear what I just said?

Speaker 3 (00:58:23):

Pastor Keion (00:58:27):
Did you hear what I just said?

Speaker 3 (00:58:37):
Say it one more time.

Pastor Keion (00:58:38):
I’m going to say, okay. His mother Richardson almost threw me off when she said, she said, right now I’m looking at you in church. Some people think churches only good when they shout and slather you one dimensional Christian to think that God can only show up in noise. Do you think it was loud in the garden of Eden when only Adam and Eve were there? Not at all because he is also the God of silence and God is good

Speaker 3 (00:59:21):
All the time

Pastor Keion (00:59:22):
And all the time. I have just given you the most important statement in this entire message that Saul lost the kingdom because he was not agile. Don’t let the devil lock you into being one dimensional. Be hood and holy. Don’t lose it because some folk don’t need a piece of it. I suggest every Christian keep about 10% hood for the people who don’t pray so you can get with ’em. But other than that, and God says, tell the people I’m going to give them divine assurance. He says, after I give them divine assurance, last point, I’m going to give them divine associations. Don’t play yet. We’re going to get there, but you get there. How many of y’all ever heard the story of when Aaron and Irv was holding up Moses’ hands? I never read this properly. I even remember, do you all remember when I did the illustration, I had the pastors hold up my arms. I didn’t do this properly. Lemme see if I can get a couple of volunteers. Come here, a couple of guys come up here real quick. Come on up here, SAR, give me another one. Come on up here. I never read this. Stand right here. One to my left, one to my right. The Bible says that Aaron and Irv held up the hands

Of Moses, realize this now hold my arms up. I thought it was like this. Did you imagine this? But the problem is, is if his arms are tired, their arms are going to get tired. The Bible says that they put a stone under Moses and that’s how Hold my arms up now. See, you can only receive help when you are lower than the helpers.

Speaker 3 (01:01:40):
Oh wow. Oh my God.

Pastor Keion (01:01:48):
They won’t get tired helping me because I’m so low that they are helping me on their level of comfort. See, when you are arrogant and you need help, nobody can help you for long because it’s too hard for them to help you on a level where they have to stretch. But if you’ll just come down, God will send you the divine help that you need. The Bible says humble yourself. The lower you go, the more help God will send. You are too high. And God says, I can’t send help to my competition.

Speaker 3 (01:02:41):
My God,

Pastor Keion (01:02:43):
Where is your

Speaker 3 (01:02:44):

Pastor Keion (01:02:48):
Because just because your Lord doesn’t mean you’re not in charge. He came from heaven to a grave and he will steal God. So you got to be so secure in who you are that even if you’re sitting on a stone, you’ve been called touch somebody and say, I know who I am. Thank you. Am I helping anybody? I know y’all ready to go. No,

Speaker 3 (01:03:21):
We’re not.

Pastor Keion (01:03:22):
But if you need to go, may the Lord watch between me and thee while we’re absent one from another. In Jesus name. Amen. And I’m serious. If you need to go, you can go. I’m going to talk to my people who want to stay. I mean, I will not hold you hostage. I’m not going to call you out if you need to go ahead, but God told me to tell you He’s about to send you your errand and your earth. Somebody who’s going to help you hold up that thing, but nobody is going to serve the vision of somebody who doesn’t have the right spirit. You got to humble yourself. You don’t get a company and start acting new and talking to people crazy and start. You got to get that out of your mind. You are not a king. You are a servant and the lower you go, the higher God will lift you. Those who make themselves great will be made humble and those who make themselves humble will be made great. That is the word of God. Before church started today, I went and stood in the position of everybody in this church. I went out there to see what the ushers had to deal with. I went in the booth where the production team is. I looked at security. Why? Because before I tell them what to do, I got to know what they’re dealing with.

Most of you all think you can do somebody else’s job. Try it. Somebody building some stuff in your house right now, it don’t take that long so you ain’t never had to measure nothing. You ain’t never had to go do. Go try to do what a carpenter does and you’ll find out you can’t do it in two days. Walked in the production room, they turned the lights off. They said, pastor, we need a light in this room. See, I’ve heard them say it before, but I didn’t know what that meant. Now that I go in the room, I see it’s dark. How are you going to do something if you can’t see now I can make a divine. I ain’t send nobody. I went to see it for myself. The problem is that some of y’all will send people who won’t bring the right story back because they got an attitude with somebody that you need to help. And so they’re going to make that person suffer because they got access to you. Be careful with the people who got access to you. See, the people who have access to you will have you seeing things their way. You got to get in the trenches and go to the back door and find out what’s going on yourself. Because sometime the problem ain’t the back door. Sometime it’s the front row.

Kim, you got to go. Don’t Kim got another church to go to. I don’t want to hold you sister. You can go. You fine. They used to me just doing whatever I want to do. She said, we listening. All right, let’s go girl. Let’s get it. Let’s go. Everybody got your flag. You ain’t get one.

Speaker 3 (01:06:45):

Pastor Keion (01:06:46):
Y’all got some tissue. Give somebody some tissue. Oh, you got, she got a clex. Lemme show you something. Let’s bring up verse 14 so that they can see it. Thank you Holy Spirit. The Bible says in verse 14 that God told Moses, he says, and rehearse it in the ears of Joshua. Rehearse it. It’s like, come here, destiny. He said, rehearse it in the ear of Joshua. In other words, tell Joshua all of your secrets so that he actually can win. You see, have you ever dealt with people? They want to spoon feed you the game, so you have to keep coming back to them. He says, no port. This is what I am praying. I am praying that God sends you somebody who will take everything they have in them and put it in you. I don’t know who this is for, but God I prophesy and I ask you on behalf of my faithfulness, hook my sons and daughters up with people who will bring the game and put it all. It’s not three people say, put me on dog, put me on, put me on, put me on. Tell me what you know. Tell me what you don’t know. Tell me the pitfalls. Tell me how to get there because when I get there, we’re all going to get there.

I’m asking God to send you people who will whisper secrets in your ears. Says when you put money over here, I’m telling you, I know somebody who told me that’s it’s going to flip 30 times in the next 30 days, and so I want you to put a hundred thousand here so it can be 2 million here. Or I want you to put $5 over here and it’ll be 800 here. I’m asking God to send you somebody who will sit in your barber chair and start whispering to you what God wants you to do next. Somebody shout God, show me the secret. God, show me the secret. God, I’ve been on this level too long. I’ve been scraping too long. I’m ready for the next dimension. I am asking God to send you somebody who will literally download themselves into you. That’s what a mentor is. A mentor is somebody who gives you what they have and saves you 10 years on the process. I’m asking God to send us somebody who will save us 10 years on our journey. That thing going to flip so fast for you. They’re going to wonder who she sleep with to get there. I’ll tell you the Holy Ghost,

My Bible, that’s who I slept with. I slept with AirPods in my ears. I slept with a book on my chest. I slept with the Bible on the other pillow. I didn’t sleep with nobody. IB in the presence of God. Thank you Holy Ghost. Divine associations. God is getting ready to hook you over people who going to hook you up with people who are going to hook you up with people who are going to hook you up with people who will fly from Atlanta to Anguilla for a nine hour journey with 24 hours to go, only to have to go back and sing in Houston and go to Grand Perry in the morning and sing and come back to Houston to be with you. Divine associations.

Speaker 3 (01:10:44):
That’s it.

Pastor Keion (01:10:45):
Because there’s a difference between somebody who loves you and somebody who shows you they love you. And I ain’t talking about no manipulation. I don’t need nothing from you. You don’t need nothing from me. We just need to be there for each other. And if you down, I’ll lift you up. And if I’m down, pick me up. And that’s all to it. I don’t know what else to do. I’m stuck right here where I am. I’m stuck. I’m stuck. I won’t let you go, but I ain’t ready. I know you got to go, but you ain’t leaving. I still got more fire to throw at you. You’ve been inhaled too long. You’ve been going around the same mountain long enough and you think God going to deliver you with a 45 minute sermon. You’ve been through trauma for the last 40 years. You need God to get in and unearth some stuff so that you can walk into your destiny. Come by here. Good Lord. Come by here. Come by here. Good Lord. Come by here. Come by here. Good Lord. Come back here. Everybody hold up your banners. Why do I have you holding up your banners?

Because it was now time for them to fight. Quinn, do you have one for me? Somebody give me one real quick. Sorry. Thank you. Thank you, bro. That’s him. He’ll always go without to make sure that I have. That’s my brother Shannon. Listen, Joshua said hold up the banner. This is crazy. I was going to preach this last week and my wife and Marquita and them had to say, I didn’t even know, I didn’t never sing this until I walked into the church. See, the Bible says that Moses told Joshua, hold up the banner. Why? Because the banner shows you what side you’re on. Y’all remember Francis Scott Key? He wrote the Star Spangled. That’s why every military person has a flag on their shoulder or on their chest. Why? It’s because the banner shows the difference between the enemy and the friend. And I want you to look around that. Everybody who has one of these, this doesn’t say, oh Lord, y’all didn’t even tell me you tried to. It was like he turned it. Notice this doesn’t say the lighthouse of humble on mine and the lighthouse of Houston on yours, and notice that my letters are capitalized and yours are not lowercase. Everything on the banner is exactly the same,

And every time we lift the banner, we are showing the devil we might not be perfect, but we together. And the scripture says that when they lifted the banner that the praisers commit, Jehosaphat went before the war and they lifted their banners and started to praise God. And the Bible says that when they lifted that banner and they began to praise God in the days of Jehovah Jehosaphat, when they got to the place where it was time to fight, the enemy had already died. Because when the enemy see 20,000 people coming under the same banner, they’ll commit suicide. You’re not here with me. God told me to tell you that everything that has come up against us will be dead before you have to fight it. Oh, I wish I had somebody who will sin aer somebody sin aer sin aer sin aer sin Aer. Somebody sent appraiser. Somebody sent a praise. I said, somebody sent appraiser. Give your neighbor a high five and shout neighbor, we are on the battlefield for the Lord. And I promise him that I would serve him until I die. I’m on the battlefield for the Lord, give your neighbor a high five and shout neighbor, this fight is for your son. This fight is for your daughter. And if you are too tired, go on and put your arms down. I’ll wave it on your behalf. Are y’all praying with me here? Do y’all feel it?

I’ve got an announcement. Where do you stand? Who’s on the Lord’s side? Can I find somebody? Who a shouter? I’m on. I’m on. I’m on. I’m on the Lord’s side. Are y’all praying with me? Now put those hands together and begin to clap because the Bible says that when we clap, we summons angels. Can I get somebody who begin to clap until the devil gets mad? Who begin to clap until tumors dry up? Who begin to clap until ovarian cancer is gone? Who begin to clap until there’s no more breast cancer, no more lupus, no more hypertension. No more diabetes. I come up against back pain. I come up against cyst. I come up against thyroid. I come up against the devil. And devil, you should have left me alone. But I have been forced to fight. These are my kids. This is my wife. This is my peace. This is my joy. This is my happiness. I feel something about the shift. I said I feel something about the shift. I said, I feel something about the shift. I feel something about the say, neighbor, you’re going to have to give me some room. I just had a flashback. When I think of the goodness of Jesus and

He stands for me, my soul. Yeah,

Speaker 4 (01:18:08):

Pastor Keion (01:18:10):

Speaker 4 (01:18:12):
Yeah. I feel glory in this section.

Pastor Keion (01:18:27):
I swear. I feel glory in this section. I feel God about the trouble, the water. I feel the angel about the trouble, the water. Come on, keep your banners up. You ain’t tired yet. You got too much to do. Watch this. Put your banner down. Who doesn’t have one? Everybody who has one. Give it to somebody who don’t. Now the person you gave it to, look at ’em in the eye and say, neighbor, God told me to ask you a question. Now that you have one, what you going to do with it?

Speaker 4 (01:19:22):

Pastor Keion (01:19:31):
Tell them I got your back. I’m going to use your better for your family. I’m going to use your better for your miracle. I’m It won’t now. It won’t now won’t long now. Yes. There is nothing we cannot do together. There is not an enemy. We cannot defeat creature together. Stay by yourself all you want. You will not grief the harvest that God has for you. Adaptability, adjustment. You see, instead of making everything have to adjust to you, sometimes you have to adjust to it.

Speaker 4 (01:23:21):
You see?

Pastor Keion (01:23:23):
And not saying that you won’t have any problems. I have ’em. And I’m not saying you won’t have. Thank you, holy Spirit. I’m not saying you won’t relapse because you’re going to mess up again. This is not about perfection. This is about progress. Don’t get well. Yeah, get disappointed in yourself when you don’t reach the mark, but don’t give up on yourself when you don’t. Sometimes you’re going to react out of anger and frustration. You’re not going to be proud of yourself. But lemme tell you something, eventually you’re going to feel yourself with so much good energy and positivity that you’ll notice that the occurrences, it just gets longer and longer. It used to be every other day, and now it’s every other week, and now it’s every other month. And you’re going to keep working on it. And before you know it, it’ll be every other year. And before you know it, you will have such a transition in your mentality that you will not want to be who you were. You see, sir, I’ve been preaching all of my life. I wish I was better than I am. I do. I just wish I just

Sometimes could control the anger that will come in my mind or the frustration that I will have with the task. Sometimes I wish I had a little more patience and I’m getting there. I’m getting there. And the only reason why I’m putting myself out there is because you have to understand somebody who studies the word of God. Somebody who’s been preaching since 14, somebody who’s been pastoring since 21. I’m taking all the excuses away. This is not about no super saint stuff, no manual where you just read these pages and all of a sudden you get what nobody else has. We all got to take this thing, step back. We got to have small steps. Listen, he told us yesterday we got to have small steps for big goals, but doing it this way has never worked. This and a little this,

Speaker 4 (01:26:17):
You can defeat anything.

Pastor Keion (01:26:27):
If you are here today and you don’t have a this, a church, a family,

Speaker 4 (01:26:38):

Pastor Keion (01:26:40):
Any connections, this QR code, it says to become a member. But what it really means, let me translate it. It means you become a part of this. I got 46 seconds. Every person who knows for sure that God sent you here to do one or two things, either to unite with this fellowship or to give your life to Christ.