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Pastor Keion Henderson is the lead pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Houston, Texas Lighthouse is an organization that serves the body of Christ through our 5 pillars. We always ANTICIPATE a move of God in every experience, so we constantly set a great ATMOSPHERE, and we ACCEPT everyone through love. We believe the best way to impact people is by being AUTHENTIC to who we are and by taking ACTION to move everyone towards greater.

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Pastor Keion (00:21):
Hello everybody. My name is Pastor Keon and welcome to another episode of Take Action. I love doing this. I love doing this because the feedback that we get from you shows us that the impact that we’re having on your lives, it’s worth the study time, the prayer time, and we’re actually on this journey together. And what I love most about it is that I’m not leading you from out front. I’m one among you trying to figure out how these exact truths are applicable to my own personal life, to my family’s life, to a father raising a daughter or a husband married to a wife or a leader in a church or an entrepreneur and a business owner. Say, I’m right where you are. And all of this is right where we are together. Just trying to do the best we can as heirs of Christ to be good stewards over what he has given us.

Maybe you are a regular and you watch me either live on Tuesday or somewhere during the week, but perhaps you haven’t evangelized and shared this message with somebody else. In the days that I grew up, evangelism was knocking on the door and leaving a track in somebody’s mailbox or somebody’s windshield. Right now it’s the click of a button. You can hit that share button and you can let somebody know that we’re getting ready to expound on the word of God. And sometimes this is the best response to the, I don’t know, question about your faith. Or maybe you are in a heated debate with somebody and you don’t have the answers. Maybe God is getting ready to use me to speak on a level that you need to speak to someone else and let me be your voice. So share this with somebody. If you got a copy and paste it, if you got to tweet it, tweeted if you will help us and share it on Instagram, Facebook, anywhere social media is.

If you’re subscribed to us, make sure you go to Keon Henderson tv and subscribe to us on our YouTube page because ultimately we’re building a community where we can get all of our answers and we can grow from our dilemmas. Today I want to take you to the book of Romans chapter eight, verse 14. I only want to cover one scripture, but it is a huge idea that I want to discuss. And here’s what the word of God says in Romans eight and 14. And I want you to open your Bible if you’re able to, if you’re in a safe space, if not just somebody, just know that our team is going to put it in a chat periodically what we’re talking about and where we’re talking about it. So give me a thumbs up in the chat if you are ready to go, and I’ll give you an opportunity to adjust and so that we can get there together.

I don’t want to leave anybody behind. I want to make sure that we’re growing together. Alright, are you ready? Romans chapter eight verse 14. Here’s what the word of God says. It says, for as many as are led by the spirit of God, they are the sons of God. Now, this is not a gender specific word, so this is for both sons and daughters for as many as are led, that’s how we know this isn’t gender specific. As many as are led by the spirit of God, they are the sons or the daughters of God. When I was small and we had a total of four siblings in the house, I was the only guy, three sisters, and we used to play this game and I want all of y’all to raise your virtual hand if you’ve ever played this game, are you ready? And this is the topic of today’s discussion.

Have you ever played a game called Follow the Leader and you better make sure you got a good leader. If you don’t have a good leader, you can have somebody to have you following them and doing something that will have you looking out of character. So I played Follow the leader with my sisters, and so two of the sisters are older than me, one is younger, and my older sister used to always be the leader. She used to always be the leader. And when we used to play this game, I’m going to be honest with you, and this is no revelation, no discovery. Even when I was six and she was 14, 15 years old, I wanted to be the leader. I didn’t want to follow her. I wanted to be the one that made the decisions. I wanted to be the one that was responsible for the game getting started, what direction we would want to go.

And my sister and I, we butted heads so many times, but she ultimately won and she had a couple years on me and we’re best of friends now, but she was always the leader and she had the right at that age because she was the leader, she had the tenure. And so she told me and my sisters what to do all of the time, and I did everything I could to circumvent that authority. I didn’t want it. I didn’t want to have it. She would have to tell my mom when my mom worked third shift. So when my mom came back home, she would have to tell my mother, Keon didn’t do this and Keon didn’t do that. Now, at that time I said she wasn’t telling the truth, but I can tell you right now, she was absolutely telling the truth because I did not want to follow the leader.

And when I thought about that story, I want to let you know that when I look at Romans eight and 14, I always think of that story for as many as are led by the spirit of God. They are the sons of God. Now in the Greek, and you all know I like to use the original tense of the word so that we can understand exactly what God was saying in the Greek. The sentence structure is reserved so that it reads this way, write this down. For as many as by the Spirit are being led, they are the sons and daughters of God. I’m going to say that again. This is the Greek structure of the verse because when we read it in English, this is what we say, for as many as are led by the spirit of God, they are the sons of God.

In Greek it says, for as many as by the Spirit are being led. You see in English, it almost gives the idea for as many as are led, as if LED is a destination or nearly past tense, but almost current present tense. When you read it in the Greek, you find out it’s actually a process that we are being led by the spirit. So not led in the past tense. I’m not a son or daughter of God because I was led before. I’m not a son or a daughter of God because I have a season in my life where I was led. We have to constantly be being led by the spirit of God, which makes us sons and daughters. Everybody put in the chat, I’m a son, I’m a daughter, I’m a son or I’m a daughter of God. I know who my parents are, but I know who my parents’ parent is and it is not my grandfather, it is not my grandmother.

Those are her earthly parents. But in our spiritual lives, here’s the amazing thing, you have a different mother than I do in the natural. You have a different father than I do, but in the spirit we all have the same father, which means he wants the entirety of all of our experience and the joy of our life to be similar. I have come that you may have what life and have life what more abundantly. So the Bible says that we are heirs with Christ. What does that mean? Not heirs of Christ because Christ doesn’t have a kingdom to give us. It belongs to His Father. You see, you see Jesus Christ is the lamb slain before the foundation of the world, but his father, Yahweh, Jehovah, he is the king of kings. He is the Lord of Lord. So we’re heir with Christ, which means the same things that Father God wants for his son Jesus.

He also wants for his son Tim, and he wants the same for his son Alan. And he wants the same for his daughter Michelle. And he wants the same for his daughter, Sarah. Everything that he wanted for Jesus, he wants for you that ought to set you on fire because look at all of the things that God gave him. Yes, we do know about his struggle. We do know about his suffering. We do know about his cross and you’ve endured your own cross. But let’s also look at the fact that he has a kingdom and a throne that he sits on and that he is the alpha and the omega and that he is the peace in the time of trouble. Look at all of the things that Jesus represents and that God wants you to have the same thing that he had for him.

So after you get done being concerned about the suffering, I want you to also be excited about the fact that he got up, that Jesus never went down in anything that he did not get up from. And I am telling you right now that there is nothing in your life that you have experienced that God doesn’t have a recipe for you to get out of. In fact, I say to you right now, this is the year of your own personal resurrection that you shall live and not die and God is going to continue to let grace abound to your account. If you receive that, I need everybody to write amen in the chat. Just type amen in the chat. And every once in a while you made me see me looking down because I’m looking at your involvement to make sure that we are in this together.

Now let me take you a little deeper. The Greek word for LED is the word a goal. Well, a goal in English, but a goal in the Greek, which simply means no fireworks here, no groundbreaking revelation here. Just listen. It simply means to lead and say, pastor, I couldn’t figure that out on my own. Let’s just stay with me. It was often used though. Listen, this is about man, this is about to be so good that you cannot afford to be doing anything else unless if you’re driving, be safe. If you are in any place where you can stop, you need to stop. If you are at the beauty shop doing hair, you need to stop just for a second and hopefully take it off your earphones, your earbuds, take it off your beats so that the person in the chair can hear it so they’ll understand why you stopped.

If you’re the person in the chair getting your hair done or getting your nails done, take your AirPods off so that way the person who’s doing the service can hear it. If you’re driving, take it off and put it on Bluetooth so that everybody can hear it. Because what I’m getting ready to say, everybody needs to hear this. Everybody you know your husband, your wife, your son, your daughter, your niece, your nephew, your grandchild, your great-grandchild, your spouse, your boo, your ex, your current, the person you considering, everybody you know, the waitress, the bank teller, the lawn care provider, the contractor. Everybody needs to hear what I’m about to say. The word led, remember for as many as are what? led. Led, what do you mean led? It was often used in its original tense to depict and describe the rope tied around an animal’s neck.

Good god. And once that rope is tied around that animal’s neck, the animal willfully followed. Whoever had the rope, you better hear what I’m telling you. You called it a leash. If your dog respects you and you put a collar and a leash on your dog and it follows you, that means you are its leader. But if I grab that same leash and it doesn’t follow me, dog is saying, you are not my leader. I desire to go in the direction. I desire to go in, and anybody who’s ever had an animal on the leash understands that they will stop, they will pull. If they get a scent that distracts him, they will go right after it. They will run in the middle of the street without looking up because we’re not always led by God as our leader. Sometimes we are led by other things.

Some of us, a distraction is our leash. Some of us, the pursuit of a relationship before we are ready is the leader. For some of us, money is the leader. Everybody has something in your life that you can be walking on the straight and arrow, but when you catch the sin of that thing, you veer off to the left and to the right. Holler at me. If I’m talking to you, I mean literally find that emoji with the gray head with the lines coming out of the mouth. Holler at me. If you are the kind of person that you can be doing good for three, four weeks, three, four months, even three or four years, but if the right distraction comes, you leave that straight and narrow path and you go to the thing that got your attention. For as many as are led, the rope tied around the animal’s neck is the depiction.

So what he is actually saying, this is what Paul is saying, this is why everybody needs to hear this by a show of virtual hand. How many of you do not have this picture of God in your head when you call him Lord and leader? No. What you have in your head is that God is in front of you and if he goes left, you go left. If he goes right, you go right. If he stops, you stop. But isn’t it true that we look at God being above us, us being in the world and God almost leading us around by allowing us to have boundaries where we have free will and we can make free choice and we can go as far left as we want and then say, God forgive me, or go as far right as we want and say, God, forgive me.

But how many of you have ever imagined being in a relationship with God and him literally having a leash around your neck, determining what direction you should go in and that you are willfully adjusting to the desires that he has for you? Now, I know some of you all to say me, but can we just have a real poll and say, yeah, I’ve never imagined me being on a leash. In fact, we can imagine the devil being on a leash when we talk about the story of job and how God wouldn’t let him get to him because of the hedge. But we cannot imagine us having a rope tied around our neck and being willful in our following of the Holy Spirit. But that is exactly what Paul means when he says, for as many as are led by the spirit of God, it means that you are following God so close that you don’t have more than a leash length between you and God’s next direction for your life.

Oh God. And this is why this is important because if the leash is too long, it’s worthless. The leash has to be short. If the leash is 40 feet long, the dog can still reach what it desires. If the leash is, let’s put it in human terms, two years worth of grace, it’s still long enough to be out of line before we get in line with God. So sometimes the leash of God has to be shortened. Why? Because it cannot be longer than your ability to obey. That’s why the Bible says to every man there is given a measure of grace. If you want to know why I’m talking about this, I need you to go back and watch last week’s lesson where Pastor Torrance and I sat down and talked about us being saved continually every day from the consequences of sin, but also being saved once and for all that the Christ from the damnation of sin, which means that when I sin in my body, I don’t go to hell for the sin that I commit in my body, but I can have hell on earth if I smoke a pack of cigarettes every single day, then one of those consequences is I could potentially have emphysema lung cancer.

If I drink myself to sleep every night, I could have cirrhosis of the liver. See, those are the consequences of sin. If we’re not responsible with our driving and we’re reckless, we can have car accidents that can break bones and see there are always consequences, but there is a difference between consequence and damnation. For the wages of sin is death. The gift of God is eternal life. So there is a sin that can damn me to hell, and that is the sin of non-belief. So when Jesus Christ dies on the cross, he dies for the sin of the world. And what is that sin? That is the sin of unbelief. So that way I have protection so that when I do believe now the sins plural that I commit, they are covered by the blood. They do not determine my eternal destiny, but they can alter my temporal destiny, my temporal destiny.

I could have been the CEO of the company, but I could never get my emotional IQ together. I could have been a husband, but I could never get my tone together. I could have been a wife, but I could never get my attitude together. You see how you can have consequences on earth for sin, but it does not alter my eternal destiny that is determined by my belief in Jesus or by being led by the Holy Spirit. So we should be willing to surrender because my question for you is has God ever led you wrong? I’m not asking you, were you comfortable the entire way? I’m asking you, has he ever led your own? Your parents didn’t always provide you comfort. Some of you all like me had to share a bed with a sibling. We literally had to share bath water growing up when my mother got ready to spank a child and she didn’t know who did it. She whooped all of us and let me tell you, that wasn’t comfortable. So a good parent is not the representation of comfort, which means that God doesn’t have to have you comfortable in order to be deemed good for the Bible says for those of us who cannot endure chastisement, we are bastards and not sons of God, that one of the ways you know are his is by the leash and the leading my God.

Now only 3% of y’all are going to get what I’m saying today. 97% of the people who watch this today will get off of this and say, that word wasn’t for me. And the 3% of you all who get it, I prophesied that you’re going to see green pastors. Why? Because where else is God going to lead you? You’ll have tables prepared for you in the presence of your enemies. Why? Because where else is our shepherd leading? You’ll have steel waters and 97% of the people will be complaining about the table, complaining about the waters, complaining about the pastures. And 3% of us will have the pastures, the waters and the table and they will try to figure out why. And we will be able to say, because he led us, because he led me here. I’m not here because I’m smart. I’m here because he led me here. I’m not here because I have all of the wisdom. I’m here because he led me here. Let me point something else out. The word LED also has another meaning in the Greek. It means it means a goal, right? It means that we establish that. But I want to share something else to you. A go a GO. Have you ever heard of the word a Goni?

Goni, A-G-O-N-Y. Ah, let’s put it together. Let’s put it together. I’m getting ready to help you. Ago is the root word for the Greek word agon, which is where we get our English word agony. So even in Greek, the word agon describes intense conflict such as a struggle and a wrestling match between two human wheels. I don’t know about y’all, but I don’t know much about this. WWEI grew up in the WWF. Anybody grew up in the WW F era when it was Andre the Giant? Come on, y’all Hulk Hogan, who did this ultimate warrior, Jake the snake, Ravens and Rick rude Coco beware. See, some of you young Thundercats don’t have no idea what I’m talking about. The undertaker stone cold, Steve Austin. These were the guys that grew up with me as I matriculated through youth. I watched them on television, I watched them age. I saw the belt change from ultimate war to Hulk Hogan. I saw Hulk Hogan, body slam Andre the Giant. Those were the days and they would lock up every match whenever the referee would start. Y’all remember this, they will lock up and they will struggle. This is the idea of what he means by lead that there is a struggle between the human will. Why? Because the Holy Spirit wants to lead us to truth, but the flesh wants revenge. Man, y’all should talk to me. I can’t hear you, but I need to hear you. Like all of y’all are silent right now. I know y’all. You sitting up there looking at me like this.

I need you to act like you’re in a sanctuary. I need to hear you. I can tell you silent and I know when you silent is because I’m stepping on your toes. But how many of y’all are interlock with the Holy Spirit? He’s struggling to get you to control your mouth and you feel better when you cuss people out.

He’s trying to show you how to manage your money, but you like looking rich. Rather than be rich, you’d rather walk around with a purse that cost a lot of money with no money in the bag than to have a purse that gets nobody attention, but have a bank account that makes you look proficient and you’d rather be a brother with a truck that’s 217 inches long with rims that are 26 inches wide with speakers that are 15 inches in circumference to impress people rather than to have a stock portfolio that allows you to pay for your child’s education before they need to be educated. And so there’s this lock of wills between what I want and what God wants for me. It is the human will struggling against the divine will. It is God’s way versus our way, and it is his leading against our desire and his leadership is in a struggle with our flesh. Holler at me if I’m talking to you. I need real people on this. Take action that you can shout easy, you can cry easy, you can pray. But being led, that’s hard. And let me tell you, the lack

Of being led is the reason you have so much lack in your life. God wants to make you the vice president of the company, but he knows you’ll never submit to the President.

He wants to make you a wife, but he knows you’d rather be an assistant husband. He wants to make your husband, but he knows that your desire will be to dominate and be domineering rather than to be humble and take advice. He wants to give you the ability to break through and be the star athlete, but he knows arrogance is on the other side of the accomplishment. And so God has to hold the leash. Come on y’all. He has to hold the leash because he knows how much we can bear. And when we always quote that scripture that God will not put more on us than we can bear, we always look at it as negativity. But what if I come to tell you today that he also won’t put more greatness on you than you can bear and he won’t put more money on you than you can bear and he won’t put more influence on you than you can bear.

It’s both and it’s the lockup against the wheels. And God is saying, will you follow the leader or will you be like Keon and want to be the leader while you’re following the leader? Because remember how you follow in your spirit has more to do with what you do in your spirit than what you do in your feet because I followed my sister but I didn’t want to. And a lot of you all are behind people. You don’t want to be behind and you think that God is going to reward you because you’re behind them. No, your will has to align not your feet. We are not talking about feet, we’re not talking about seat. We are not talking about physical position. We’re talking about heart. Can you get your heart behind what you’re doing? Can you get your heart behind what God said? Do? Can you get your heart behind the destiny even though it’s difficult? Can you get your heart behind the clar and call even though it’s not clear where your heart is, that’s where your treasure is according to the scripture. So God is saying, I want to lead you. I want to lead you. I want to lead you.

I want you to be thank you Holy Spirit. I want you to be the same kind of child to me that you want your child to be to you. Now let me ask every parent online today, how many of you all require more obedience out of your child, towards you than you’ll allow God to require from you? Imagine if you told your child to go left and they went right. If you were raised in the school that I was raised in, there’s a shoe following that disruption. But then when we disobey God, what are we saying? God, you know my heart. I didn’t mean to give me one more chance. If you give me one more chance, God, I ain’t going to do it no more. Anybody ever prayed that prayer? Lord, if you just give me one more chance, I promise you this chance is going to be different.

And just for a moment, think of how many times child is tempted to rebel against a parent and consider the many times our flesh has rebelled against. Let’s see how many of y’all started off this year? Here it is. You started off this year, 11 days ago and said, I’m going to work out this year. It’s the 11th. How many of y’all Yeah, I can already hear you laughing. You started off this year. I’m going to start on the diet you did on the first and the second, but that flesh, the spirit is willing, but what? The flesh is weak. My wife got me to do a four day cleanse for four days. All I could drink was raw juice with turmeric, carrot, ginseng, all of this anti-inflammatory products, pure vegetable and fruit. That’s all. I could drink six juices a day for four days and if I could have anything other than juice, it’d have to be raw vegetables, raw nuts. Ladies and gentlemen, the first day I was ready to go, first day your boy was on a spiritual journey. I was about to be enlightened. I was about to walk in the clouds and see Jesus the second morning I wanted to bite a steak and swallow it whole. I lost all discipline in my mind. I started making all kinds of excuses. Well, what if I had this and what if I had that and we eventually made it, but it was a fight.

The turmeric was good for me. The carrot juice was good for me and if it’s one thing I don’t like, it’s a carrot. The ginseng, the ginger, all of that was good for me. The berries, they were good for me. But you know what? My flesh wanted some blackened chicken with some pasta and some seasoning and some chicken gumbo with some corn bread and some sweet tea and some ginger ale and a nice slice of warm butter cake with caramel and whipped cream after it. I know I’m making y’all hungry, but my flesh wanted greens and candy, yams and dressing and steak and lamb. That’s what my flesh wanted. And because my flesh wanted it, it was almost successful in getting me to override my commitment to a better healthy lifestyle. Why? Because the flesh wants what it wants, when it wants it. And how many of us have broken our spiritual diets to feed our flesh?

This is why whenever because our flesh is weak, that’s why the Lord needs to lead us and have the rope and the leash because when you want to go after something that’s not good for you, what happens? The leading of the Lord says not that direction. That’s what accepting the Holy Ghost does, and that’s what happens when we want to sin the leash, the subconscious, the spiritual aptitude, the awareness says not that direction. Does this make sense to you all? So when we are facing the very difficult consideration of how many times our flesh wants to rebel against God, it is difficult to surrender when we are led by the spirit of God, not impossible but more difficult. That’s why you want to be led by the Holy Spirit. Now let me finish up by telling you what it actually says. If we look at it as a child of God following the leader and what it really means, those who follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit, they are the sons of God.

Let me give you another idea. Following the leadership of the Holy Spirit is one of the privileges of being connected to God, although it may be agonizing to learn how to defer to him and to really let him be your leader. I need to say that again. This is the idea of what it means in the scripture following the leadership. Talking about the Holy Spirit is one of the privileges of being a son of God, although it may be agonizing to learn how to defer to him and really let him be your leader. If you want to live the abundant life, if you want to live happily, please don’t fall victim to watching social media and thinking that just because you have an affirmation that’s going to make you happy and just because you have post-it notes all over the house. Do you know how many people committed suicide with affirmations written in lipstick on their mirror?

Do you know how many people contemplated jumping off a bridge with an affirmation written on a notepad in a room? Do you know how many people wanted to swallow a bottle of pills with a journal on their nightstand full of notes from conferences? Because it will not stop. It will not stop just because we go to conferences and it will not stop just because we wrote on the sticky pad and it will not stop just because we wrote it in black marker on the mirror. It will subside when we allow the Holy Spirit to be our leader. The Holy Spirit will say, that ain’t the relationship for you. That ain’t in your journal. Your journal says six foot three, 212 pounds, $500,000 a year, no kids. And when you see that, you break the leash, your journal says, I don’t know the measurements. What is it? 34, 26, 34, 5 3 80,000 a year or just career oriented, subservient, whatever. See, that’s what you wrote and that’s what I wrote and that’s what we, you and I will go after. But what if the thing the Holy Spirit has for you is three inches taller or shorter or 15 pounds heavier or lighter,

But has 15 more IQ percentage points and you’re making a decision based on how somebody looks moving into a season of your life where you’re going to need to be with somebody for how they think? Yeah, that’s a curve ball right up the middle and it’s a strike that you are so surface that you pass up opportunity after opportunity person after person because y’all don’t look good in pictures as many as are led by the spirit of God. If you want to learn to live a spirit-filled life, there is no way around it. You are going to have to deal with your flesh. And let me tell you, the flesh wants control. It wants control. So you must defeat it by allowing your spirit to be led by the Holy Spirit. Let me pray for you right now.

I want to say this prayer and I want you to say it with me. It’s one that I say in my private tongue, not long, but it’s strong. It says, Lord, I want to learn how to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and I know that you sent him to be a leader and a guide for me in my life. So today I open my heart to him. I ask you to help me to learn, to recognize the Holy Spirit’s voice and to know what he is leading me to do with all of my heart. I that you help me become sensitive to him so that he can lead me in all the paths you have designed for my life. I pray this in Jesus’ name. Thank you so much for being with me on this version of take action. Share this to everybody You can subscribe to Keon Henderson tv and make sure you understand that for as many of us are led by the spirit of God, we, you and I, we get to call ourselves heirs, which means that we get the inheritance of Jesus Christ, the king of king, the Lord of Lords, and we get to be sons of God.

I never like to end without giving you an opportunity to seal your fate with faith to make sure that you don’t receive from God and that you don’t give to him. Right now, instructions are coming up on the screen. I want you to resist the urge to watch this and not be a partaker, and I want to share a scripture with you that I believe is imperative for all Christians to know. And as you’re getting your gifts ready to right now, our team is putting the instructions up so that you’ll know all of the ways that you can give. I want you to consider what one Peter says, excuse me, two Peter chapter one, verse four, as you’re getting your gift together right now, I’m going to read it in the new international version of the Bible. Though these, he has given us his very great and precious promises so that through them you may participate in the divine nature having escaped the corruption in the world caused by evil desires. I’m going to read it in the new King James version of the Bible by which have been given to us, listen to this exceedingly great. Anybody want an exceedingly great life

And precious promises that through these you may be partakers

Of the divine nature having escaped the corruption that this world has for you through lust, I’m believing God that you and I are going to be partakers of the precious promises of Jesus and that all faith and grace will abide and you and I will live a victorious life. Make sure you push that button, make sure you are a giver which will automatically qualify you to be a partaker. In Jesus’ name we pray, in Jesus’ name we give, and in Jesus’ name, we dissect and discern this word. Amen. God bless you, I love you and I’ll see you next week.

Hello everybody. My name is Pastor Keon Henderson and it took me 27 years to get to the place where I can explain this message. You see, up until now, I’ve done a pretty decent job at saying to you what God has said to me through the word of God. I felt in some ways unfulfilled that I was helping people to gain spiritual maturity, but I didn’t see many physical footprints in the earth that will remind somebody once I’m no longer here, that God has given me a ministry, not just for the church, but for the marketplace and out of that birth, what I am calling take action. And up until now, we’ve only known it as a teaching series, but it is actually much more. Let me explain. I founded this 5 0 1 C3 nonprofit organization that’s committed to protecting, strengthening, and uplifting the underserved, the disenfranchised.

And I want to be effective, not later, but now I am hearing what your heart is saying, and I kind of know what it takes to change a community, both in the private sector and in the church, nimble enough in our response, providing educational tools for finances, for mentoring, home ownership, entrepreneurialism. I want to help build leaders and investors in an ecosystem that will transform lives, people who are committed to breaking down barriers and inspecting and inspiring people to take action. Now, I want to help to convert some of our global ideas so that we can become partners in changing our communities wherever you live. Our work is specifically focused on expanding the power of influence to the disenfranchised, strengthening the underserved. Listen, I found the vision of the Lighthouse Church take action, and I found it as a way of being committed to the greater inclusion, turning away nobody, no one, and expanding opportunities for every person in a great atmosphere of acceptance.

Listen, authenticity, and moreover, through the spirit of love and anticipation, I believe that if we partner together, we can change the world. And we’re going to start right where we’re starting. We’re going to start here in Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas where our campuses are in Katy, in the Sugarland areas, Southwest Ale, Texas, downtown Pearland, everywhere we are, and for all of our Lighthouse 2.0 members around the world, we hear you too. We’re starting in Anguilla rebuilding a park that will help people and young people there to scale and to find their way and to find their fit. And we will not stop there. This is just the beginning. So I’m asking you to join me on a journey that starts today, but will finish when the Lord returns. I love you. May God bless you. Let’s take action now.