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Pastor Keion Henderson is the lead pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Houston, Texas. Lighthouse is an organization that serves the body of Christ through our 5 pillars. We always ANTICIPATE a move of God in every experience, so we constantly set a great ATMOSPHERE, and we ACCEPT everyone through love. We believe the best way to impact people is by being AUTHENTIC to who we are and by taking ACTION to move everyone towards greater.

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Pastor Keion (00:24):
Hey everybody, welcome to another episode of Take Action. I am Pastor Keion Henderson. I am privileged to give leadership to the Lighthouse Church here in Houston, Texas with all four of our locations, lighthouse North. That’s where I am, lighthouse Southeast, that’s Bishop Cion Roberts Lighthouse West, pastor Hammond and Lighthouse South, pastor Rama to all of our Lighthouse Nation participants, family members day ones, just coming on to the team. We thank you all around the world for your continuous support of this ministry as we continue to push the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. As I always start off and I will until the foreseeable future, I want to start off with our miracle report so everybody get excited right now. Make your own drum roll because this thing is going crazy. We literally stood up and just believed God that he was going to handle debt in the year 2024 and we believed it so much that we backtracked to October.

Wouldn’t you believe it? That from October, 2023 to January, 2024, and by the time many of you see this, it’ll either be the last day of January or be going into the first day of February of 2024. We have a grand total. Are you ready for this? A grand total of debt cancellation in less than four months, $52,539,130. And to add to that, God has released another $505,443 worth of debt just since we met 48 hours ago. Literally, God is just wiping out a half a million dollars every two days. I don’t know about you, but I want to be in that number, so if you want anybody, yourself included or you know anybody who needs to tap into what we’re doing right now at this moment, my team is poised and they’re putting up the QR code for you to be able to submit your miracle report so that we can add you to our grand total and tally so we can let the world know that God is still alive and that he did come that we may have life and that we may have life more abundantly.

So please ma’am, please sir, submit your debt cancellation stories to our miracle report. Again, the QR code is on the screen or will be coming there too so that you can submit it. Our team is going to calculate it, add your name and who knows, watch us on Sunday mornings at 10:00 AM because I may read your name and I may read your testimony so that the world will know that God has been good to you and you’ll be able to shout right where you are if you’re not in the building with us. This is the last lesson in the month of winning here at the Lighthouse Church and I’ve got a word for you and I’ve got about four scriptures that I want you to get ready to read. The first one is going to be in Proverbs 15 and one. The second is Proverbs 25 and 15.

The third one is John seven, verse 20 through 24, and the last one is Ephesians chapter four verse 29. So I’m going to read those scriptures again so that you can have them preempted. Proverbs 15 and one, Proverbs 25 and 15, John seven, verse 20 through 24, and Ephesians four and 29, the name of today’s talk or our conversation, I’m just going to call it Fatal reaction. Fatal reaction. Now let me ask you, how many of y’all have ever seen the movie Fatal Attraction so that I don’t get nobody in trouble, I’m not going to go through what the movie is all about, but it’s basically about a guy who meets a girl and they have a good time and he finds out that that one reaction caused an attraction that later proves to be fatal.

Now, this message isn’t about the movie, this message isn’t about the movie. If it was about the movie, I’d call it fatal Attraction. Today I’m going to talk about fatal reactions and lemme tell you what I’m going to do In my intro. I’m going to make a declaration so that you’ll understand me more intimately and know something about me that you may not know I have some of the worst allergies in the world. When I say bad, I mean bad. Ask my mother. If you ask her to say, what is Keon allergic to? She’ll say the earth, I’m allergic to dust, I’m allergic to seafood, I’m allergic to shellfish and know that that’s not the same allergy. I have a slight allergy to bananas. I can just go down the list of all the things I’m allergic to. When I was younger, I used to have to walk around with an EpiPen in my pocket and had to use it once. And for anybody who’s never had an allergic reaction, to put a needle into the muscle of your legs is one of the most painful things in the world, especially when you have to do it yourself. I’ve had to have so many allergy shots over my life, and when I say many, I got a allergy shot every Monday for seven years. So you add that up, I’ve had thousands of shots. I’m so unafraid of needles that if you give me a needle right now, I can give myself a shot anywhere on my body without flinching.

I’ve got terrible allergies and one of the things that I was able to do to get cured from them, there is a sublime treatment that you can put a drop underneath your tongue for another seven years. And I went through that seven year treatment and my allergies went from extremely bad to bad and work. If I go outside, I’m going to sneeze right now. What is an allergy? What is an allergy? An allergy is a reaction to something you’re sensitive to. An allergic reaction is basically a sensitivity to a substance, whether it’s your skin, your eyes, your nose, or whatever it is, and you have a reaction to it. So whenever you have a reaction to an allergen, it doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with the substance. It actually means that you are sensitive in an area. Just walk with me because every time I talk about seafood and tell people I’m allergic to it, this is what everybody does to me.

Oh, as if I’m missing something, I don’t know what I’m missing because the only time I’ve ever had it, it sent me into such a shock that I’m afraid of it. I don’t even want it in my presence. My throat closed up, face started to swell up. Lips begin to get tight. It was a horrible experience all over some shrimp, and I realized that I’m sensitive to it now. You could possibly be eating shrimp right now. It’s doing nothing to you. So there’s nothing wrong with the shrimp. The problem is is that I am sensitive in an area and then the Lord gave me an epiphany. He said, I want you to spend the next few moments talking to people who are blaming the thing, but in actuality, they have to start admitting that it’s because of their sensitivities that they’re bothered in this area because there are other people who go through the same thing and don’t have the same reaction and this entire talk, I want to talk about whether you should be responsive or reactive. This, trust me, ask any coach, ask any player development person. What makes a champion is a person who has the ability to respond because whenever you react, you, you’re already behind.

I want to get you in your life from the reactive quadrant to the responsive quadrant. One of the reasons we go through tests and trials in our lives is because God is really trying to improve our quality of faith. How many of you’all can admit in the chat just by raising your virtual hand that sometimes you struggle in the area of faith, that you struggle in the area of faith, that sometimes your faith gets weaker depending on how difficult the circumstance and situation is? See, often we find ourselves wishing that we were stronger. We find ourselves speaking in tongues. We find ourselves on the phone with somebody because you know who to call, who’s going to encourage you. We do all of these things to get assurance from other people, but I can assure you that a person who is strong, a person who is vibrant, a person who is undefeatable, and I know that may not be a word, a person who isn’t easily offended, a person who can go through difficulties and still keep their courage at a high level, A person who doesn’t allow what everybody is saying to dissuade them or to sway them into doing things that are not, how should I say, native to their character.

It’s a person who simply knows how to respond instead of react. Do you know that by definition when a person is responsible, it just simply means that they have the ability to respond?

See, in order to have firm faith, you have to exercise it just like you do a muscle. If you touch somebody’s muscle and it’s soft, it just means they haven’t been using it. And if your faith is a muscle, my question is have you been using it? And if you haven’t been using it, then it actually lets me know that you are a person who actually operates in the reactive quadrant and not the responsive quadrant. What did the children, the three boys, the Hebrew boys do when they were in the fiery furnace? So here is what Nebu Kza says. He says, if you don’t bow to this golden image that I’ve set up, then I’m going to throw you into the fiery furnace. Watch this, I’m going to build something. Follow me, and if you don’t react to it, I’m going to throw you in fire.

What does Shadrach, Meshach and ab Bendigo do? They say, Hey, we’re not bowing. In other words, we refuse to react and if you throw us into the fire, we’re not going to worry about it. We’re not going to react. Why? Because our God is able to respond. If we don’t react, if you throw us in the fiery furnace, God is going to make sure that we walk out of this fiery furnace because we are not going to react. We’re going to respond. No one who does anything worthwhile for God has ever traveled the easy road. I just want to find if I can find anybody who’s watching me on the chat who had it easy, just raise your hand If you had it easy, I bet you won’t see a whole lot of hands going up because most of us don’t have it easy, and if you’re going to do anything great for God, you’re not going to have an easy road. I don’t know anybody who’s ever done anything great that hasn’t had to go through the valley of the shadow of death. Doing great things requires great character.

It requires watch this passing strict, stringent, and stressful test, and it requires staying faithful through the trial. Now, how do I stay faithful through the trial by not being reactive? Reactive, alright, watch this. If I hit myself, if then I swing, I’m reactive. Now if I’m responding, which all great fighters do, they’re anticipating where the punch is coming from. How do you do that? By studying your opponent and by training and being in top shape. So as a Christian, who’s your enemy? The devil, he’s a roaring lion going to and fro seeking whom he may devour. So the next time you enter into some sort of trial into some sort of test, you’ve got to determine ahead of time that you’re going to believe that God is going to be faithful and bring the thing to pass. That’s called responsiveness, not reactiveness. I have learned to be content in whatever state I’m in.

That’s responsiveness, not reactiveness. I’ve got to get you to a place where you anticipate that tomorrow may not be good, but you’re going to wake up tomorrow with the joy of the Lord. If you are reactive, you’re going to wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow’s going to throw everything at you but the kitchen sink and you’re going to walk around despondent and depressed because tomorrow isn’t what you expected, but when you expect tomorrow to not deliver, when you expect that tomorrow, it could be a good day or bad day. When you expect tomorrow that you can have everything you want or you may need God to supply your needs. If you’ve anticipated that tomorrow can be up or down, that’s called responsiveness. And then you walk into tomorrow saying, I don’t know what you have to offer, but let me tell you what I have to offer. I have to offer you joy in spite of chaos because I’ve determined in my life that I’m going to be content no matter what state I am in. I don’t know if you know this, but reactions are fatal.

You have to be responsive. If you react to the person in traffic you don’t know, you probably just blew your horn at a murderer. If you give the middle finger to somebody in traffic, you don’t know who you just flipped off. If you argue with everybody in every restaurant, in every mall, in every city, in every state, you don’t know what kind of trouble you got to learn to respond. You’ve got to be responsible. You got to have the ability to respond, and sometimes the best response is no response at all. I think I heard the prophet Drake said, A wise man once said nothing at all. You’ve got to learn that not saying anything and not doing anything is also a response.

I know this is hard for some of you all because we’re so reactive. Somebody does something to us, we got to do something to them. Somebody says something to us, well, guess what? You got to say something to ’em and before you don’t even know you’re doing it. Before you knew you had gone off the ledge, you were already gone too far. Raise your virtual hand. If I’m talking to you before you know it, you’ve already cussed three people out and you waiting on the next person. I want you to be patient and learn to respond.

One thing I pray about on a daily basis is God help me to have the right response to my problem. God help me to have the response to my problem. And here’s what the Bible says. Proverbs 15 and one, a gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. Can I say it again? A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. Now I’m going to give you the, I’m not going to say the definition. I’m going to give you an interpretation of what I believe the difference between reacting and responding is, are you ready?

A reactive personality moves to immediate retaliation, which is led by emotions. Did I just read J mail? Did I just get in your business without your permission? I said A reactive personality moves to immediate retaliation led by emotions. A person who’s reactive reacts in anger when they feel insulted, they withdraw. When they feel left out, they react with gossip. When they feel mistreated, they react defensively. When they feel criticized, a reaction is it is so easy with a reaction because I’m going to say something to you and I hope this doesn’t hurt anybody’s feelings and I’m going to say it and I’m going to look around this room like you’re in here with me. A reaction, listen is the most basic behavior on the earth.

Man, I know that hurts and I don’t mean this to be mean. I promise you I’m not being facetious. I’m not angry. I love you so much that I want to tell you this. Please don’t get mad at me. Please don’t turn off the tv. Don’t log me off your iPad. Don’t take me off your phone. Don’t ignore me when I say this. Are y’all ready for this? Whenever you react, you so basic, man. I know that hurts, but when you are reactive, you are so basic. Reaction is the most basic behavior on earth. Basic people react without boundaries no matter what they don’t think about tomorrow. They’re hasty in their reaction and then it leads to regret.

I know when he was on the cross had he reacted and he did talk about reacting, he said, if I react, I can call my daddy and he’ll give a legion of angels and 72,000 angels will come out of nowhere and I’ll just tear everybody up like an episode of angry birds. It’ll just, something will come out of the sky and just knock the whole thing down. He says, but I’m not going to react. I’m going to respond and here’s my response. I’m going to let you think you’re winning. I’m going to let you put this crown of thorns on my head. I’m going to let you beat me in my back. I’m going to let you make me carry my own cross. I’m going to, I’m going let you scandalize my name. I’m going to let you put a sign above my cross that says, I think I’m the king of the Jews.

I’m going to let you make me carry a 300 pound cross up the via delarosa, calvary’s heel, gha. I’m going to let you put spikes in my hands. I’m going to let you overlap my feet and drive a spike through my ankles. I’m going to let you take me off of that cross. I’m going to let you put a spear in my side. I’m going to let you pull the hair from my face. I’m going to let you put me in a tomb and then in three days I’m going to respond. And here is my response. All power in heaven and earth is in my hand because reactive people give their powers to the crucifies and responders take power away from those who criticize. Reactors are basic responders are powerful reactors, stay in tos, responders have resurrections. My question for you is are you a reactive person or a responsive person? And I can tell by your response whether you are reactive or responsive.

I want you to have the power to tread on serpent’s heads, but you can’t be reactive. You can’t panic, you can’t cuss everybody out that gets on your nerve. You can’t be on your wall responding to every about something that somebody said about you. You can’t fight with your sister about a family issue. Every time you see each other. You got to be responsive. I know this is hidden different, but I’m just telling you, when you are reactive, you are just type it again. Say, don’t be basic. Reaction is the most basic form of behavior.

A responder, lemme tell you what a responder does. A responder delays their interaction with the situation until they’re able to process what is good and pleasing. So when you are the next time you’re in a situation that provokes you to feel hurt and pride, and you’re in your feelings, come on, talk to me. I want you to refrain from being reactive. I want you to refrain from firing back right away. I want you to refrain. Have you ever been around somebody that no matter what said they have an immediate response, sometimes you have to wait so that you can respond with logic and not emotions.

Okay? I’m going to give you another scripture. I’m reading it from the amplified Bible, Proverbs 25 and 15 from the Amplified Bible. Listen to this, by long forbearance and calmness of spirit, a judge or ruler is persuaded and soft speech breaks down the most bone like resistance. It was my favorite interpretation of that scripture was in the amplified Bible when I was reading through this by long forbearance and calmness of spirit, a judge or ruler is persuaded and soft speech breaks down the most rigid resistance. What do you think the outcome would be if the next time life screams at you? You simply calm down and respond.

The next time your coworker tries to rile you up and start a departmental fight and you refuse to take part of it and you just calm down and respond. I promise you, I promise you, Jesus modeled this behavior. I promise you, you could do this with your children. How many reactive parents are listening to me? Come on, come on. Don’t get quiet on me. Come on. How many reactive parents, how many reactive managers are watching me? How many reactive supervisors, how many reactive husbands? How many reactive wives, how many reactive pastors, how many reactive CEOs, COOs, CFOs, how many reactive people who are led by their emotions quick to respond, slow to listen.

How many of you all are watching me today? How many of you feel challenged by what I’m saying because it is it my goal to get you to slow down so that you can make the turn? One occasion. I went to a racetrack. One of the best experiences of my life, they put us on a racetrack and you got to choose from any car they had on the lot. They were Ferraris. Lamborghinis. To be honest, and I don’t know how the fastest car on the track was a Nissan, can’t even think of which one it was first I picked a Lamborghini, but you have to wear a helmet. And because I’m tall, I was in a Lamborghini with my head tilted to the side because I couldn’t put my head all the way up to the top that was uncomfortable, got in the Ferrari, had a good time, got in that Nissan though I wish I knew the name of the Nissan. Somebody put in the chat. Y’all know that fast one, it’s like with some letters x, Z or something like that. It was a Nissan and I mean that thing was kicking, but you know what I had to do in the straightaway? I could floor it pedal to the metal, but anytime I was getting ready to make a turn, I had to slow down.

And let me tell you, anybody who’s ever driven a car at a height, rate of speed, you cannot stop at the turn. You actually stop before the turn and you accelerate in the turn. Or if you panic and you react in that turn, you are going to slide so far off of that track. You will be out of the race and your insurance will be paying for the car. You see that turn coming and when you go around that track enough, you start to recognize that you’ve got to slow down before the turn. And if you slow down before the turn, you are actually responding and not reacting. And then when you get to the turn, you accelerate. And this is how you outpace everybody in the race. You don’t respond when life turns on you. You start responding because you are anticipating a left and a right. And when you respond, it may look like you’re losing the race, but you’re only making the proper adjustment so you can accelerate when everybody is reacting and you will never be caught by another enemy in your life because you have moved to a responsive form of Christianity and not a reactive form of living. I want you to be responders. Everybody type in the chat. I’m a first responder. I’m a first responder. What does that mean? That means that I show up on every scene prepared to make a difference.

I show up on every scene of my life prepared to walk away with a fresh mentality, mindset, heart set, moral set. I’m probably boring. All of the reactors, all of the reactors don’t even see what purpose this message has. But for the 3% of you that I will encourage to become a responder, God says you’re going to have life and have life more abundantly. And Jesus modeled responsiveness in John chapter seven, verse 20. Let’s go to it. You don’t have to take my word for it. Let’s just go to John. I’m going to read it in the King James version of the Bible. Go to John chapter seven and let’s look at verse 20. Here’s what the Bible says. The people answered and said there’s a devil who’s about to try to kill you. Jesus answered and said unto them, I have done one work and you marvel at it.

Moses therefore gave unto you circumcision, not because it was of Moses, because it was of the fathers. That is a reference to Abraham and you on the Sabbath day circumcised of man. If a man on the Sabbath day received circumcision that the law of Moses should not be broken. You are angry at me because I made a man whole on the Sabbath, judge, not according to the appearance, but judge righteousness. Alright, I’m going to read it in the new English translation. I know the dials in the dust is confuse some of y’all, but what’s going on here is Jesus’ teaching in the temple and they charging Jesus up and they’re telling him about what’s happening in the temple courts like he doesn’t understand it and the Jewish leaders, they call themselves being astonished and how this man is having so much instruction. In other words, why he got so much to say and if anyone wants to do the will of God, he’ll do it by teaching and so on and so forth.

And then Jesus says to the crowd, he says, the crowd, I should say answers and says, you must be possessed by demons. Jesus, you must be crazy. Ain’t nobody trying to kill you. Ain’t nobody trying to kill you. And Jesus says, I performed one miracle and all of you all were ma. He says, however, because Moses gave you the practice of circumcision, not that it came from Moses, but from Abraham. You circumcised a male child on the Sabbath, but if a male child is circumcised on the Sabbath so that the law of Moses is not broken, why are you angry with me? Because I made a man completely well on the Sabbath, do not judge according to external appearances but judge with proper judgment. Jesus says, just because y’all upset, I’m not going to let you get me upset and just because you all are acting to the law, I’m going to be responsible to my calling and here you are reacting to the law and you’re leaving a man sick just because we went to church today and I healed him on the Sabbath and I’m not reacting to your law, I’m responding to the one who sent me.

If y’all don’t like it, you’re going to have to figure it out because I’m still not going to respond. Excuse me, I’m not going to react to your reaction. I’m going to respond. Everybody say respond and this is what Christ shows us, that when you are a responder you can maintain rationality and respect even when you’re being disrespected.

I know this is, well, this is not exciting for people who struggle with this, but he’s basically saying if you respond with the spirit, you’re going to bear fruit. If you have a soft answer for people who have hard words, you’re going to see the fruit. I’m telling you that your reactions are fatal and they’re locking doors on you that no man can open my final scripture if you haven’t decided to believe that this was a word for all of us today, Ephesians 4 29. Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouth, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs that it may benefit those who listen.

Lemme say that again. I know you tuned me out. I’m taking my time and I’m done. He said, don’t let me paraphrase this. Don’t let what’s going on in your life make dumb stuff come out of your mouth when you are going through the most difficult times, the only thing that should be coming out of your mouth is that which is helpful could be used to build up others. In other words, just because you’re going through something doesn’t mean you get to do what you want to do. Those of us who are responders, it actually means that when we’re going through what we say should still benefit others.

This is so hard because this ain’t what we were taught on the playgrounds. This isn’t what we were taught in our social circles. This isn’t what we were taught. But I am trying to reprogram your mind and tell you the reason why you can’t rest. It’s because you’re responsive. Reactive. Reactive. The reason why you can’t sleep is because you’re reactive. The reason why you have no peace is because you’re reactive. The reason why sometimes you think about suicide is because you’re reactive. The reason why you’re argumentative is because you’re reactive. The reason why you’re unhappy is because you’re reactive. The reason why you have no joy is because you’re reactive. The reason why you hate your marriage is because you’re reactive. The reason why you hate your job is because you’re reactive. The reason why your children get on your nerve is because you’re reactive. The reason why you get stressed out in traffic is because you’re reactive. The reason why you get stressed out in long lines at the grocery store and at the mall, it’s because you are reactive, because somebody else is in that same line. Listening to an audible book, learning to be responsible, you could enjoy this very moment, a hundred x if you would just respond to it as opposed to react to it.

The next time your parent, your boss, somebody says something to you you disagree with, take some time before you react so that it can turn into a response. Lemme tell you what my basketball coach used to tell me and we’re finished. He said, Keon, when you respond, and I want you to look at this as if this was a rapping that will say on a piece of gum, he said, when you hear some unsettling news, when you hear something that is going to prompt you to be angry, he said, take out a piece of gum, put it in your mouth, and before you respond, take the sheet of paper that the gum came in and fold it into as many pieces as you can before you respond.

And when you can no longer augment it, you have given yourself enough time to have a response and not a reaction. God, in the name of Jesus, turn us into responders. We bind and rebuke in the name of Jesus, the spirit of reaction. Our reactions have proved to be fatal, but you said that we would have a life and have it more abundantly. So like you on the cross and like you in the grave and like you on Sunday morning, we are going to respond. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen. This is your last tool so that you can actually be telling the truth. When you say, all I do is win, I want you to be responsible and not reactive. I hope this word helps you. I hope it helps you for for the 3% that I was talking to. I pray that this word is a lamp to your feet and a light to your path.

We’re getting ready to give right now and we’re we’re sowing into our first fruits coming up on the first Sunday in March. I want everybody to get ready for first fruits. First Sunday in March, we’re giving one of two gifts. We’re either going to sow the year 2020 $4 or we’re going to sow $224 for those who can’t sow on that level. Those are the only two gifts because I believe that if you believe God, he’s going to make sure that by the 1st of March you will be able to partake in the first fruit, which will allow you to be able to trust God that the rest of your harvest for the rest of the year is going to be covered by the first fruit. So we’re going to take part in the first fruit also this coming Saturday. This coming Saturday, and I’m going to give you the date.

It is February the third. The women of our church are going to have a herse event, and right now they’re getting ready to put up a QR code because there’s already a thousand women registered. But I believe there’s only 100 VIP seats. And for what I understand, and I hope I’m looking at my team, am I right? So 80% of VIP is already sold out. So they’ve got about 20, 30 more VIP seats. So I need you to make sure that you go and click on that QR code so that you can get registered. The VIP section is going to have a bunch of gifts and a lot of things that the general mission won’t have, general admission won’t have. So you’ll be able to enjoy that at a higher level. So make sure that you click the QR code to celebrate with these phenomenal 1000 women, the Herse event.

I need all the women to type in the chat. I’m her. I’m her. So this is going to be for you as we give today. As we give today, I’m going to pray that the seed that you’re getting ready to sow is going to multiply a hundred fold. How many of y’all could stand for your seed to multiply 100 times? I mean, that’s going to be amazing. That means that every dollar is going to turn into a hundred, every hundred to a thousand, every thousand to 10,000, every 10,000 to a hundred thousand, and yes, every a hundred thousand to a million, I speak kingdom millionaires in this atmosphere and that God is going to raise you up in your finances and I believe it. I’m getting ready to pray. You got your gift in your hand. Are you ready to give? Are you ready? Alright. God, right now in the name of Jesus, multiply these seeds as many as the stars in the sky and as many as the sand on the seashore. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen. I pray that your gifts are blessed. I pray that you are blessed. I’ll see you next week on another episode of Take Action.

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