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Pastor Keion Henderson is the lead pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Houston, Texas Lighthouse is an organization that serves the body of Christ through our 5 pillars. We always ANTICIPATE a move of God in every experience, so we constantly set a great ATMOSPHERE, and we ACCEPT everyone through love. We believe the best way to impact people is by being AUTHENTIC to who we are and by taking ACTION to move everyone towards greater.

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Pastor Keion (00:00:24):
Joshua chapter six. I’m going to read this one. Thank you. And the new English translation of the Bible, Joshua six and one. Now Jericho was shut tightly because of the Israelites. No one was allowed to leave or enter. The Lord told Joshua, see, I am about to defeat Jericho for you along with its king and it’s warriors. Here’s what you have to do. Joshua have all of the warriors march around the city one time. Do this, everybody say for six days have seven priests carry seven rams horns in front of the ark on the seventh day march around the city seven times while the priest blow the horns. Last verse. And when you hear the signal from the rams horn, have some of the army have most of the army, have the whole army give a loud battle cry and then in only then the city wall will collapse and the warriors should charge straight ahead. Now I’m going to give you the title of this message. It will not make sense upfront. If you stay with me, it will be clear. Tell your neighbor whatever you do.

Don’t forget the fruit that that’s what I want to talk about tonight. I know it doesn’t make sense, but just tell your neighbor, don’t forget the fruit. You may be seated in the presence of the Lord, not everybody, but I would venture to say that most of you ate at least once or twice today, and I’d be willing to bet that 80% of you had your protein, but I would almost bet that most of you had no fruit. I’m not talking about fruit juice with natural flavors. Not many people in here today peeled in orange and let me say again, not many. So before y’all get going crazy, I did.

I said not many. I bet most of you didn’t have a pair. Oh, you have one. Congratulations. Congratulations. When I was growing up, my brother and I, my oldest memories are tied to him standing on this stage. I am in Indianapolis, Indiana in a rent style home where he drove a 1996 black Cadillac with Hawaiian breeze glaze plugins and he had one in every plug. You couldn’t go to his house if you had asthma. He’s an environmentalist. So everywhere he goes, he takes his scent and his sound. Everywhere he goes, he’s got a speaker, he’s going to play the music he wants, he’s going to bring the candle that he wants because everywhere he goes, he wants it to feel like where he left.

And my oldest memories are tied to him. I can see being in that home when he was the pastor of the Mount Garris Church in Indianapolis, Indiana, and I remember one of the first times I ever challenged him on anything and our first conversation was about the difference between a fruit and a vegetable and my definition at that time take into account I was a teenager, that a fruit was sweet and the vegetable wasn’t, and I don’t know what you’re laughing at because that is pretty substantial of a definition. If it is sweet, it’s a fruit. If it’s not, then it isn’t. And he looked at me and said, fool, that is not the definition of a fruit. I said, what an attitude. Well then what is the definition? He said, A fruit has seeds changed my whole perspective because then I realized that I was eating fruit and did not know it.

A cucumber is a fruit and olive is a fruit. God awful tomatoes. I don’t know why God created tomatoes. They have several things wrong with them, namely the slime there comes in the middle. Everybody say, don’t forget the fruit. Don’t forget the fruit. You also have to know that the difference between the fruit and vegetable is that the fruit is the flower of the plant. The vegetable is the root. Come on, sorry, just stay here. And so in error, I was neglecting to define my experience properly because I was not judicious enough to do the research to find out the difference between what I knew and what I was consuming.

Here I am talking about what I don’t like not knowing I like it, but I was mystifying in it. Are you listening? So if you say you don’t like fruit salad and you put cucumbers on it, you just lied because there was a difference between what is and what I know it is. Just stay with me. When I look at that definition and that initial conversation that we had in Indianapolis, Indiana, it reminds me of Matthew chapter nine, verse 38, when the Bible says that he is the Lord of the harvest. And this is why God uses language like reaping and sowing because in times past when it was time to give, they didn’t bring money. They brought what they grew and if you remember, it was the difference between fruit and vegetables and meat that was able to separate God’s affinity for two men, one named Cain and one named Abel. If you remember the Bible says that Cain brought God some fruit and Abel brought him the fatted calf and the Bible lets us know that Abel’s sacrifice was more acceptable to God. Well, I asked myself why was one different from the other? Why was one different from the other and it was just a small word that separated the two came brought some vegetables able Abel brought the offering. Let me say that again. Cain brought some offering.

Abel brought the offering that were some suggest that when he took up the offering, he fed his family, he fed himself and he took God what was left. Abel said to his family, I love y’all but I can’t give y’all what’s God’s. I’m going to give God what’s his and I’m going to trust God to do the rest. Y’all just touch somebody and say, don’t forget the fruit. Now, why am I saying that? Because the Bible says in the first chapter, as God is speaking to Joshua, he says, Joshua, Moses is dead fruit. Now it’s time you to get up and do what I need you to do while you’re mourning seed, Moses has planted you, Moses has poured into you, Moses has mentored you, and now that which started you is gone and I need you to start your journey. And I can imagine Joshua is crying and God literally says to him the same thing that he says to Samuel.

He says, listen. He says, why are you mourning? Why are you crying? I allowed you to see what I allowed you to see. I kept from you what I did not want you to see. I poured in you what I wanted you to be and I kept out of you what I didn’t want you to be because what I am about to do with you, nobody else can do. And you’re going to have to do it in the midst of the loss that makes you feel like you don’t want to do it, which means I didn’t just bury you. I really planted you.

Touch your name and say you got to get the definition right because many of you all are in the ground right now and you don’t understand that this was not burial, this was planting that it looks the same until it’s time for harvest season. And I am decreeing and declaring right now for every person in this room that is in has ever been or ever will be in a dark space, God says that he will eventually allow you to come up like pure gold, but it may take longer than you think. Did you know that bamboo can grow in the ground for five years and show no evidence that you have to water bamboo a certain amount of water certain time every day and if it doesn’t get what it needs, watch this. The process starts over.

So literally, if it takes five years for bamboo to grow, you can water it every day for four years and eight months. But if you don’t finish the job, the clock on the bamboo starts over and you have to water it in year four like you just planted it four days ago. And here is where most of us fail in our life is we fail to finish the job. We fail to understand that the tilling of the ground is for our growth. We don’t want to go through any hurt, we don’t want to go through any pain. We don’t want to go through any setbacks, but I’m talking to fruitful people today that what you are going through is the process that God is using to bring you to your full glory so that you can bloom and that you can flourish in your due season. But here is the problem with fruit. It can’t feed itself.

It is only for the consumption of others. And when you don’t look at yourself as fruit, you start thinking that your destiny is for you not realizing that the only reason why you are here, it’s to bless someone else. Moses is dead. Did you hear me? Moses is dead and it is time now for Joshua to step into the full purpose of his birth and that means stepping out of the shadow of Moses. The first thing that God gives Joshua is not a break but a message. The first thing that God gives Joshua is not a break. The stuff doesn’t stop. He doesn’t give him a season where there is no hurt, no pain. He says all of that’s happening. The first thing he gives Joshua is a message, not a castle, but a message. Not money, but a message. Not a boo come here but a message, not a title but a message.

Moses is dead and Joshua, you have to be ready. But it wasn’t a message of isolation. It was a continuation of the conversation that God had started with Joshua in chapter five. Watch this in Joshua chapter five, the Jordan River had dried up. Then the men were sore because they had just been circumcised. Then the males left Egypt and died in the wilderness and the manner has now stopped. Are you still with me? And Joshua looked up and saw a man standing with the sword in his hand and Joshua said, are you for us or are you against us? The man said, neither I work for God. Joshua fell to his face and worship and the man said, take your sandals off because the place where you are standing is holy ground. I know you’re not with me yet because I’m about to show you something. Now we can consider the power of the text of chapter five because chapter five is the seed.

Now we’re in chapter six verse two, and now we’re in the fruit because he says, Joshua, the reason why I’m about to give you the city is because you did not fall apart when you were losing Moses. What most of you don’t understand is that you are being tempted in your seed season to see if God can trust you in a fruitful season. But if you fall apart over here, you can’t expect God to trust you that you’ll hold it together over here. I’m trying to get you to understand that if you are ever going to show God that you are worthy of what’s next, you better handle your now better.

Just give your neighbor high five and say, I’m guilty. I’m guilty. I’m guilty because when people get on my nerve, I cuss ’em out. I’m guilty. I’m guilty. When people say something to me, I got to get even. I’m guilty. I’m guilty. I will clap back on Instagram in a minute. You can’t fail seed time and expect to have fruit season. Moses showed that he was worthy and lost, which is why God could trust him with gain. And my question for you is how do you act when you’re in the ground? I know you want the city, but how do you act? I know you want to gain the city, but what do you do when you losing your mind?

Joshua handled his seed season so well that God said, I can trust you with the harvest. He lost Moses. He fell to his face. He thought he was hallucinating. He thought he was losing his mind. He had to attend a funeral and then God says, Moses is dead. I’m about to give you the city. He says, watch this. I’m about to give you the city. I’m about to give you the city I’m about to give you its kings and I am about to give you its army. I’m not just going to give you the geography, I’m going to give you the inhabitants.

Joshua says, God, it don’t look like it because when I look at what I have, where am I going to put what you’re going to give me? And God is saying, here’s the problem. You are trying to fit what I’m giving you in what you have. I’m not giving you a bigger building. I’m giving you the city. I don’t know who I’m talking to in here today. Snap your neighbor, say you thinking too small. You thinking God going to give you a house, he giving you an apartment complex and stop trying to fit what God is about to give you in what you already have. I’m going to say that again because some of y’all ain’t woke up yet. Sermon is almost over. Stop trying to fit what God is about to give you in what you already have.

I hate to tell you, you’ve already outgrown it. Who is that word for it right there? I hate to tell you that what you dreamed about is already too small. I hate to tell you that that house you’re getting ready to go by, that’s the one that God wants you to own for rental property, but that’s not the one you’re going to live in. Slap three people and say it’s too small. It’s too small, it’s too small. God says, he says Joshua, he said, Joshua, you don’t even know who I am and I don’t blame you because I’ve been working with Moses the whole time. We got to establish our relationship. I’m about to give you the city.

Now you can transpose that into however, wherever you work, you are trying to get a promotion. I’m trying to put you in position to be the one that gives the promotions, but how are you acting as an employee? Because if you late as an employee, you’re going to be late as the supervisee. See, some of y’all don’t act right at seed time. I know you don’t want to hear this word, but see some of y’all don’t act right when you’re at the ground level. Some of y’all don’t act right when you just get the job. You got to be faithful over a few things and then God will make you ruler.

Yes, the men are dead, Joshua, but if I’m God with no manner, then I’m God when the manna is falling. I was God when you were sick just like I was God when you were healed, we got to stop saying it’s just God. When we’re fruit, you got to understand that you a God when it’s seed. Oh my God, I’m trying to get y’all to understand this. You got to praise him whether the times are good, whether the times are bad, whether you are happy, whether you are sad, whether you have money in your pocket or you need to borrow money from somebody else, whether you have transportation, whether you are married, engaged, single dating seriously, whether you just got fired, whether you just got laid off, whether the hours just got cut or whether grace is abounding. I’ve learned to be content in whatever state.

Do I have any grateful people in the house today? I’m not just God when I’m turning water in the wine, I’m God when the Rh ran out. I’m God when I’m providing and I’m God when you are waiting, I’m God when you know what’s next, and I know you need to know I’m God When you are walking by faith, I’m God and beside me there’s no other. Watch this. Which city is he about to give him? Jericho. Guess what Jericho means? Moon, when does the moon come out when it’s dark? Lunar lunatic. Lunar lunacy, lunar. That’s where we get the word from because God says I can’t give you the city if you let the night drive you crazy.

He’s trusting you in the dirt, in the darkness to see if you can handle the light and if every time something happens to you, you go crazy, you are showing God that you can’t handle the city because the city has both night and day. And if God is going to give it to you, you got to have the stability when the sun is shining and you still got to have it when the moon is out. Is there anybody in here? That is what I’m talking about. You have to have the duality of what God is calling you to do Whatever you do. Don’t forget the fruit.

Joshua, I know it’s full of death over there. I know it’s a whole lot of pain over there. I know it ain’t sweet, but in the fruit are the seeds of your greatness because every fruit has the ability to reproduce itself. Now, Joshua, get your attitude together. Get your butt in counseling and deal with your trauma. Get over your baby daddy. Stop stalking your ex on Instagram. Stop talking about you don’t care but you got a secret account so you can, I said it. What you going to do about it? Stop coming to church and not getting involved because you got church hurt because I can’t figure out why the church is the only place that can hurt you that you can stop going. You got work hurt, but you’re going to be there tomorrow or you’re going to be there tomorrow.

Get over it. Get over it. You got too much to do to still be angry about something that happened 2, 5, 10 years ago. I’m trying to give you the city I’m trying to give you the company I’m trying to give you the family you’ve been praying about. I’m trying to give you the financial resources that you’ve been praying about, but I cannot give you big things when small. Got you. Joshua, do you want this or not? Do you want to go further than your mother or not? Do you want to be a success in spite of your father’s absence or not? Do you want to go forward in spite of your trauma or not? Or are you going to stay at the Jordan River or the wall of Jericho crying about what happened on the other side? Because if you last long enough before I finish this sermon, what you don’t know is eventually the walls are going up.

Donald Lawrence already told you they got to come down, slap three people and say they got to come down. Giants do fall and the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Stop. Somebody say, I’m not going to let this wall stop me. I’m not going to let this trauma stop me. I’m not going to let this depression stop me. I’m not going to let suicidal thoughts stop me. The city is mine. So Joshua, you’re going to let this little, this trauma stop you. You going to keep walking around here with your head down while somebody’s sitting next to you right now and they survived it.

Do I have any survivors in here? Just tell your neighbor and say, baby, don’t let this makeup fool you. I’ve been through hell and high water and I’m not here because everything is going well. I’m here because don’t mess with me. I can go in right there because see a lot of people looking at you and they think you got it all together. They think ain’t nothing happened, baby. I’ve been through everything you can think of. I’m talking to you. Are you going to let what happened keep you from getting what he’s about to give you?

Because if you don’t deal with your dysfunction before you get Jericho, you’re going to turn Jericho into the place you just left. So you can hate California and you can move to Miami. And here’s the problem. Everywhere you go, there you are and you going to get to Miami and you going to hate it too because you showed up. But I want somebody in here to say right now, devil, you got to release me. I need my mind back. I need my courage back. I need self security back because I got a city to take.

I’m trying to tell you how great you are. I’m trying to tell you how great you are and I’m trying to tell you that the things that you’ve been through is the devil’s way of making you think that you are not worthy and worth it. But he called you, he called you, he formed you. And all of the experiences that you have been through was God’s way of building you perfectly for the destiny that you’re about to walk into. The trauma you have been through has helped you build the muscles to carry what he’s about to put on your shoulders.

You could either be victorious or you can be a victim. And I promise you, victims don’t seize territory. Lord, everybody in here has lost somebody. Everybody in here has been through something. Everybody in here has been betrayed by somebody. Everybody in here has wondered how they’re going to make it from one day to the next day. The only difference between some of us and others is some of you thought were buried. Others knew we were planted. How many of y’all want it? How many of you want what God has for you? You do, you do. Alright, well lemme tell you what you’re going to have to do to get it, Joshua. In order to get the city, you can’t Netflix and chill, get off your butt and march around the city.

I’m going to challenge you today. Everything you want, I want you to walk up to it. I want you, if there’s a neighborhood you want to live in, I want you to walk in the neighborhood like you own it. Now don’t get hurt because some of us, some people ain’t playing, but if it’s a car you want touch it. If it’s territory you want walk on it. If it’s a job you want, study it. If it’s a position that you know God has put in your spirit, research it because you cannot own a city you’ve never been to.

Listen, march around the city for six days, we don’t like to do nothing alone. I’ve been to church two times in a row. I ain’t get a miracle that church stuff fake. How many of y’all know people, they wait until they just get into the worst circumstance and then they finally take your invitation to come to church. They come to the altar and cry and then nothing changes the next day. And then they’re like, it don’t work. And God says, why should I act right away? When it took you forever to get here, you made me wait 10 years and you want the miracle in 10 minutes, go to Jericho. Alright, okay, God, sure thing. We’re going to take the city, okay? And you say we’re going to war. Alright? Alright, so Donald, this is what he says. We are going to dig trenches around the city.

This is what we’re going to do. We’re going to dig trenches and then, alright everybody get the battering rams. Y’all get the battering rams, alright? And then y’all over here. This is Joshua talking to his army. Y’all go get the arrows and dip them in fire, excuse me in oil and we’re going to set ’em on fire so that when we shoot them we can burn them up and get the swords and the shields and god’s like, no, that’s how you used to fight and you ain’t never going to win your new battle with your old fighting experience because where you going? You just can’t cuss people out. That’s where you came from, not where you’re going. I know you can throw those hands but they don’t work. Where you going that work where you came from? So you can’t strike this rock. You got to speak to it says nope, nope. We’re not using none of that. No, we ain’t rolling our eyes, we ain’t rolling our neck, we ain’t throwing our punches. You got to have class over here. And he says, well God, what are we going to use to get the city? God said, trumpets.

I can see them saying how you hit somebody with a, I says, no, we’re not hitting people with trumpets, we’re blowing them. I can hear you say, pastor, I don’t play trumpet. I don’t know how to use a trumpet. That ain’t what he was saying. In order to understand what God is really saying to the New Testament church, you have to know what Isaiah 51 58 and one says Isaiah 58 and one says, use your voice like a trumpet. How were you going to win this battle? Not with a punch, not with a sword, not with an intellect, but with a praise. And he says that if you are going to win the city, I need you to lift up your voice and begin to praise me now for what I’m about to give you in advance. Only about three of y’all got it. He said, I’m not even about to give you a reason to worship.

I’m giving you a mandate to worship. You missed it because see, some of y’all waiting on me to tell you, oh, you’re going to get a man in three days or you’re going to get a Bentley. No, you about to get the city. We done already said that. He says, but I’m going to give it to the people who use their voice so it’s going to be yours. It’s going to be yours. You ain’t getting nothing, it’s going to be yours. You ain’t getting nothing either. It’s going to be yours. It’s going to be yours. Matter of fact, look at your neighbor and say, be quiet. I’m going to shout for your stuff. I’m going to shout for your stuff. I got stuff I need to get in my mama, my children, my nephews, I got it all. I’m looking for real worshipers in this room. Open up your mouth over the next 30 seconds and shout for no reason at all. Open up your mouth and give God glory. Watch this because pastor, you notice in kingdom whenever they blew a trumpet, it meant that the atmosphere was about to shift because when the regular people were in the room nothing happened. But when the king walked in, they would blow the trumpet to let everybody know the atmosphere was about to change. Every time you shout, you tell the devil, the king is here. Y’all not praying with me. Give your neighbor high five

Speaker 2 (00:39:19):
And shout neighbor, open up your mouth. The king is here.

Pastor Keion (00:39:26):
Open up your mouth.

Speaker 2 (00:39:33):
Lord, that ain’t good enough for me.

Pastor Keion (00:39:36):
I want you to shout until they hear you in la. Shout, shout, shout. This is for my family, this

Speaker 2 (00:39:55):
Is for my business, this is for my relationship. This is for my mental stability, this is for my body, this is for my husband, this is for my wife, this is for my son, this is for my daughter. Shout

Pastor Keion (00:40:15):
Say I got to give you some instructions and this is where we have our problem. Y’all still with me? He says seven priests were to blow on the ram’s horn while marching around Jericho once for six consecutive days and seven times on the seventh day and on the seventh trip around Jericho on the seventh day the priests were to make, watch this a long blast, a long blast. You can’t knock nothing down when you only be clapping for three seconds. No, we tell somebody, give God praise, give him glory. No, they have to give them a long blast. That means after they finish shouting, they had to inhale so they could shout again and then they have to breathe in again to shout again. I want to see if I can get some long blasters in here.

Alright, your daughter just got free. What about your son? Now your son just got free. What about your mother? Somebody open up your mouth and over the next 30 seconds I want you to shout until hell gets nervous. Shout until your body is healed. Let the redeemed, oh the Lord say so give your neighbor high five and shout neighbor, you don’t know all the hell I’ve been through. You don’t know her the amount of times I thought about taking my life, but I stand here today shouting until the walls come tumbling down Earth. Shout, shout, shout.

I can hear some of y’all saying what I’m shouting about my situation is the same, but the Bible says without faith it is impossible to please God. It didn’t say it was hard, it said it was impossible. So if you don’t shout by faith, you won’t please God and if you won’t please God, he won’t give you the city. And this one they had to do and exert physical energy, which means they have to command their bodies to do it. And then the Lord told me to tell you that before you can ever rule the city, you have to first rule yourself and if you can’t command yourself to worship, how you going to handle an army?

Joshua, I want to see what you are going to do with your situation before I give you the city for seven days they marched around the city. Now if I know my math correctly, if I take the six days that they marched and then I take the seventh day seven times, if I add six plus seven, that gives me 13. 13 for us is a very unlucky number. If you go to a hotel right now and it has more than 13 or 14 floors, the elevator will skip from 12 to 14 because they don’t even put 13 floors in buildings because our culture says it’s bad luck. That’s why everybody is scared lunar on Friday the but what if I told you that the devil has tricked you because it was exactly 13 years between Ishmael and Isaac and God says, I’m going to take what you define as negative and I’m going to make it a positive so that everything that you have been through would not be a problem, but be the glimpse of a promise that you are a survivor.

Can I tell you one more thing? What did they shout down? Walls. That was a prostitute. Whose house was on the wall? You remember Rahab? She hid de spies in her house. Her house was built on the wall. Okay, now I have to ask myself a question. Did they not shout and does the Bible say that the walls fell down? Well then the Bible says that Rahab’s house was built on the wall and Joshua told the two spies to go to Rahab’s house. If her house was on the wall and the walls came down, then how is there a house for them to go to? Okay, you’re not everything died in the city. The walls came down, her house was built on the wall, which means that God literally let the walls fall down and her house sat right on the ground still intact and she was a prostitute.

I don’t know why God spared the house of a prostitute other than the fact that she hid seeds because remember the two spies that she hid seeds went back and gave a report fruit and because of that act, God says, I don’t care how you make your money, I’m just going to make sure you make it out. All right? And the Bible says that Rahab and her family were brought out of Jericho and left without the camp of Israel. They were Gentiles so her family stayed on the edge of the camp, but the Bible says that she dwells in Israel even until now, even as a prostitute, they couldn’t keep her out of history.

I’m done. I’m done. Joshua told the people, y’all got to shout. He says, I’m releasing you. Stay standing. I’m done. He said, I’m releasing you to go get what I’ve always had for you. If I were you, I’d be frustrated because why would you settle for an apartment when he gave you the city? I’m just talking about me. I would be if you didn’t promise me anything then I’d just have to be happy with what I had. But if he promised me the city and the kings and the army and I figure I just won’t stop until I get what’s mine.

I want you to look around at everybody in your area, look around, look at your section. Lemme tell you what all of you have in common. You are conditioned to shout for the victory. I’m not realizing you shout from the victory. We know how to give him praise when we got it, but we don’t know how to do the marching until we get it. Joshua, I’m getting ready to do with you. Listen, what I couldn’t even do with the man you admired, many of you don’t know you’ve been called to go farther than the person you look up to.

There is not a parent in here in their right mind that doesn’t want their children to do better than them. I remember our father used to tell us if our churches didn’t outgrow his, we were failures. He said, because if I showed you how to do what I did and you can exceed what I did, you failed in life because you are supposed to do greater works. Over the last decade I’ve come here and I’ve seen this church incrementally get better and better and larger and larger, but the word of the Lord is the next year there will not be steps, there will be leaps, there will be leaps.

And the only thing you got to do is every time you come open up your mouth and shout until it shakes right now. I need everybody in this place today to begin to open up your mouth and speak to God. Say something good to him. Come on, open up your mouth. Come on. I can’t even hear you. That’s not the sound, that’s not, walls are not going to respond to that whisper. Your battle is too big for a whisper. I don’t need you to be worried about what anybody thinks about you. I don’t want you to worry about invading anybody’s personal space. I need you to act like Jericho has your name on the title as long as I’ll you everybody say and I will not be sighted and I’ll not be you. And as long as I, as long, yes, I’m breathing, I who worship you, open up your mouth. Come on and worship him in this place. Come on and worship him. Worship him in the beauty of holiness, worship him. If he’s been good to you, worship him. If you can trust him, worship him. If he can trust you, worship him. If he’s your God, worship him. If he’s your alpha, your omega, your beginning, your end, worship him.

Thank you Jesus. You’re the chief cornerstone. Thank you. I was talking to those of you who were here yesterday. This sisters the Lord put on my heart. If you all can bring up Psalms one 12 on the screen. Psalms one 12. Here’s what the Lord says as we get ready to give, I read the scripture in front of our church and we had everybody online and everybody in the house to submit debt that they had. We combined all of the debt. It was in the millions and we burned it. And when I tell you that within two or three weeks, millions of dollars of debt had supernaturally just evaporated in our church. People were getting, they were bringing receipts where their student loan was 160,000. And after we pray, they come back and say, I got a letter in the mail that said it’s been paid off.

This is documented. I can verify it all because we read this text and the Lord gave it to me to give to the church and I’m going to give to you. The Bible says in Psalms one 12, it says, praise ye the Lord. Blessed it is the man that feareth the Lord that delighted greatly in his commandments. Listen, his seed shall be mighty up on the earth. The generation of the upright shall be blessed. Here’s my favorite part. Wealth and riches shall be in his house and his righteousness endured forever. We call it the Psalm one 12 offering and those people by the thousands brought $112 to the altar and from that day forward, we have countless testimonies where God has assigned wealth and riches to their house. You didn’t hear what I said. I didn’t say a raise on the job. I said wealth has been assigned to their house, which means their children are already wealthy.

I want every person in here as I’m believing pastor, we’re going to do two things tonight and those of you all who are watching online, we’re not only going to finish off the budget for March gladness, but the down payment for the center that we’re going to next March. It’s getting ready to happen right now and I’m going to be praying before you leave this place. I’m going to ask God by the faith and the power vested in me that wealth and riches be assigned to your address. When you get home tonight and you get out of that car, whether you walk through the front door or through the garage or the back door, I want you to walk into your house and before you cross over that threshold, say I’m wealthy.

How many of y’all will do that? Come on, don’t play with me. I don’t want to wait until you get in the house. I need you to let the house know wealth and riches have been assigned to you and we ain’t struggling to pay bills around here anymore. Wealth is assigned to this house. Now I need all of the people who are going to do it by faith to begin to release a sound of praise in here tonight. Somebody say wealth is assigned to my address. Say it again, is assigned to my address one more time. Wealth is assigned to my address if you believe it.

There is a financial shift happening right now. I’m telling you what I know. I’ve seen it before. I know what it feels like. I know the voice of God right now while I’m standing here talking to you. Something is happening in the spirit and there is a financial wealth transfer taking place right now. Some of y’all about to have money that have never had money before. You are about to be able to do things you’ve never been able to do. For God says your children won’t even have to go to get a loan to go to college. You are going to be able to pay it in full if you believe it.

Wealth is assigned to my house and favor will have no end. I said in favor will have no end. I don’t want you to walking around here timid, trying to figure out when is it going to be over. It’s not stopping. You don’t have to walk around on eggshells wondering when is it going to be over. The favor will never end from this day until you go to see Jesus. Wealth and riches are assigned to your house. Somebody say, I’ll never be broke another day in my life and say what we said yesterday. My bills will be paid by the fifth of every month if you believe it.

I don’t know when to shout. You’ll never have to pray to have your cell phone bill paid again. You’re never going to have to pray over a car note again. You’re not going to have to pay over rented mortgage. Somebody says, it’s a sign to my house. It’s a sign to my house. It’s a sign to my house. It’s a sign to my house. Matter of fact, touch somebody and say wealth. Wealth is a sign to you. Wealth is a sign to you. Wealth is assigned to you or don’t y’all do it. Wealth is assigned to you. Wealth is assigned to you. Tell you that you standing next to a millionaire wealth is assigned to you. See some of them shouting and you looking at in funny, but you don’t know that they needed that word right there because they almost let go. But the word of the Lord is that wealth is assigned to your house. I feel something about to happen in here. I feel something about the shake loose in here. Give your neighbor a high five and shout neighbor. I’m not shouting because I’m greedy. I’m shouting because I believe. Yes.

Speaker 3 (01:04:03):
Hey everybody. My name is Pastor Keon Henderson. I am the founder of an organization called Take Action Now. People are always direct messaging me and texting me and saying, pastor, what are you doing? How can I be a part of what you’re doing? And I know everybody doesn’t want to be a part of the local church, but what if I told you I had a way for you to partner with me so that we can affect change throughout the world? Hence, take action now. A 5 0 1 C three nonprofit organization committed to advancing individual agency and social progress by protecting, strengthening and uplifting the underserved and disenfranchised throughout the world. We’re doing humanitarian things, teaching entrepreneurism, teaching home ownership and institutional inequities, cultural deficits. We have our ear to the ground and we need your help to make a difference whether it is making a sizable donation to the estate of a young woman who lost her battle with cancer via the internet and we were able to make a difference there.

Or whether it is in a underserved community in the Caribbean islands where the children were playing amidst rocks and glass and we came in and broke ground recently on the park so that athletes and cheerleaders and young people in that community can have a safe place to stir up the gift inside of them. Whether it is paying the utility bills in cold climates for seniors, or just helping basketball players get the proper uniforms of football players. It’s just us making a difference through financial literacy and technological empowerment and mentoring services. This is what we do, and all I’m asking you to do is become a partner with me right now and I want you to go visit Take action Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today.