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Pastor Keion Henderson is the lead pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Houston, Texas Lighthouse is an organization that serves the body of Christ through our 5 pillars. We always ANTICIPATE a move of God in every experience, so we constantly set a great ATMOSPHERE, and we ACCEPT everyone through love. We believe the best way to impact people is by being AUTHENTIC to who we are and by taking ACTION to move everyone towards greater.

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Pastor Keion (00:00:03):
Lemme introduce you to my father. I believe that we owe God a praise, Paul, fresh up on us. Eternal spirit is once again that we come asking for your permission to preach, not to entertain, but to proclaim that you are Jesus Christ. Use us and guide us. Order our steps in your word. Hide us behind the cross. Cover us in your blood that they may see none of us, but all of you we’re yours. Cover us. Speak through us. In Jesus’ name we pray somebody give a shout of amen. In this place today we are still in the month of passion and I wanted to do my best to exegete the text of the theme. So we’re going to go to Psalms 42. Let’s go to Psalms 42. And the first part of the a part of it, it’s really an introduction. The Bible says to the chief musician, masculine for the sons of Rah that’s telling us who the psalm is written to. David wrote this psalm, but he wrote it to the sons of Rah. That’s going to be important, but here’s the part that you know as the dear pants for streams of water, sow my soul, thirst, sow my soul. Craves PTI desires after the, oh God, listen, my soul thirsted for God, for the living God, when shall I come and appear before God? My tears listen to this have become my meat.

He’s cried so much that he ate us tears for food. Wow. And while they continually say unto me, where is your God? Because some people think that because you having a bad time, your God isn’t good. Touch your neighbor. Say, don’t sleep on God. Don’t sleep on him. Don’t sleep on him. Don’t sleep on you. David said, when I remember these things, I pour out my soul in me. For I had gone with the multitude and I went with them to the house of God with the voice of joy and praise with the multitude that kept holy day. Why aren’t thou cast down? Oh my soul and why art thou disquieted in me? Hope thou, when God, for I shall yet praise him for the help of his countenance. I want to use for a subject today. I’m desperate for a change.

Who is this word for? I’m just, I’ve been walking this line and if something don’t happen, I’m going to deviate. I’m going to turn left. I’m going to turn right. I’m desperate for a change in God. You’re going to have to show up because if you don’t show up, I’m going to show out and I know what’s going to happen. If I show out, I’m going to bring the whole house down and it’s in me to do it, but God, I want to do what you called me to do so I’m desperate. Who is this word for?

I’m desperate for a change. Before you sit down, I want to make sure you connect your faith. You need to be near somebody who has the right frequency. So I come up against every demon that snuck in church today. I bind you back to the pit of hell where you belong. I come up against every warlock, every wicked spirit and high place. Every witch and soothsayer come up against wolves and sheep’s clothing. I need this atmosphere to be pure because deliverance is in the room. In fact, I want you to do this for five seconds before you sit down. And I know some of y’all are tired of standing up, but that’s just what we do. I want you to just speak in your heavenly language for five to 10 seconds. I need you to send demons in the pigs. Open up your mouth online. I need you, I need you. We can’t hear your voice, but we can see your words. You are a part of this service you have already given. You are about to give, you will give. You are in this service. We are lighthouse nation. Whether you’re in Africa, whether you are here in Texas, whether you’re in New York, we are here because we are on assignment from the Lord.

Hallelujah. In Jesus’ name. Somebody shout, amen. Amen. You may be seated in the presence of the Lord. I’m desperate for a change. You can Google this. There is a neurologist, his name is Oliver Sacks, and he tells a story about one of his clients. He calls him Joey because the client is famous and he doesn’t want to divulge the client’s identity. So for the sakes and purposes of this conversation, everybody say, Joey, I don’t know why I picked that name, but it just, maybe it’s because Chris and I ate at Joy uptown and that’s probably why I picked it, but we’re going to call this guy Joy and he said that Joy was paralyzed.

Then he starts telling the story about how Joy walked into the office and how every time Joy got upset, he stood up and paced back and forward. I asked myself, how can a man who walked into the office and paced back and forward be paralyzed? I asked myself the question of the article before I read long enough to get the answer. By the time I got to the middle of the conversation, the article and after he said, the man can walk, the man can talk. The man has all of the faculties and activities of his limbs. Joy had a family. He had a job. Joy was a famous man. He had resources, but he said the man couldn’t move. And I thought, how can a man have a job and a man walk in the office and the man pace and do all that kind of stuff and he can’t move? And then he answered the question. He says, the man remains stuck forever thinking it’s still 1945.

He says, he is not paralyzed physically. He just can’t move mentally. And I thought this message would be for those of you all who are struggling to move on and joy’s mind is still 1945. I’m not sure if you know Harry Truman was president in 1945. Many of you don’t even know what he looks like. There is no reference to 1945 in your mind other than the fact that the Great Depression had just been over for about a decade and the Earth and the America was just rebounding from one of its most tumultuous financial crises in the history of the world. Blacks were not equal to whites. Prohibition was still a part of the conversation, and yet here we are in 2023, several presidents, SD congressional leaders, several elder statesmen, technological advances, and yet he still see Henry Ford’s model T because he’s stuck in a prism of time. He can’t move on. He’s right where he was to him. The war had just ended.

To him everything was the same. And he says, he said, joy was a kind soul. He said, but if you would spend two hours with joy and you would talk to him and leave the room and come back, he will greet you as if he never met you because his mind is stuck in a prism of time. And after countless years of study, he came to the conclusion that Joy’s memory was in a vacuum, that joy’s memory was stuck on autopilot and the reason he has no joy, listen to me. I’m already getting ready to help somebody. The reason why Joy is not happy and the reason why Joy has no joy is because he is psychologically confined to a meaningless moment.

He looks back and he sees nothing. He looks forward and he sees nothing. He is psychologically connected to a meaningless moment and that meaningless moment has given his life meaning. And I wondered how many people in the room that even while I’m talking about tomorrow, your mind is stuck in yesterday. I wonder how many people in this room have perpetual arguments in your home because even though it’s a new day, you’re still arguing about yesterday, I wonder how many of you all are struggling with your life because you went through a bad breakup and the bad breakup has you operating in the relationship you’re in as if it might break up.

Oh, come on, talk to me somebody that there are many of us in 2023 in our lives, but we are in 2013 in our minds. And so yet you have a 2013 alarm system in your 2023 experience. You have mines and landmines and barbed wire fences and I ain’t never going to take this and I ain’t going to never do this. And if they do this, you are already anticipating the end and you can’t even enjoy your noun. Oh, I know I’m in the right place today. Stuck in a cycle because your mind is connected to a meaningless moment and here’s what’s most difficult. You’ve had many great moments that can’t seem to invade your space. God has blessed you to wake up every day you woke up, God has blessed you to eat. Every day you ate, God has blessed you to smile. Every day you smile and yet your mind is still connected to the one instance where you perceive that your life was dismayed or destroyed. But I don’t know who this word is for and I’m talking to somebody online because nobody in the house is on my team yet I come to tell you that by the time I finish, I’m going to lose you from losing.

I guarantee you right now if you start talking to the person next to you, you give them one keyword, they’ll go, yeah, my children don’t do this and my ex did this and I’m this way because of that and I’m this way because of that. And yet God has given you so many good experiences to try to bring that negativity out of your life, but somehow you are holding on to the negativity as if it is serving you, but who the Son says, free touch three people and say, I want to be free. I want to be free. Not matter of fact, I want you to take it back old school, tell ’em I got to be free. I got to be free. I got to be free. If I don’t get free, my children won’t get free. If I don’t get free, my husband won’t be free. If I don’t get free, listen, I got a husband that’s coming, but if I don’t get free, then we’re going to be in a bound relationship. God is about to send me my Ruth, but if I don’t get free, then I will be a leader That can’t lead us towards freedom. I want to know if I can find a thousand people in this house and at least 10,000 of you all online who will type or shout. I’ve got to be free. Free.

I will not be depressed for 10 more years. I like that word. I will not have a good opportunity coming my way but sabotage it because I can’t get out of my own way and I’m not going to be at this altar praying for a spouse and yet I haven’t become one. I’m not going to keep coming to this altar asking God to bless me financially, but I don’t have a financial plan. I’m going to get free so that I can show my son and my daughter a more excellent way and I refuse to live in the basement when God has made reservations for me in the penthouse and it ain’t going to be easy. Pardon my French. You’re going to have to fight like hell to get it.

I was listening to Sirius XM and Kim, the singer. Kim is a good friend of my wife and I and I was listening to him on Sirius xm, you know, share my life, Kim, right? And so I was listening to Kim do his interview and I was texting him while he was doing the interview and they asked him what was the hardest part of his journey. He’s got a book that’s out called Share My Life that I think you should get. It’s a riveting book and it talks about all of the stuff that he had. We look at Kim on the stage right now singing, but he used to be on drugs and he was homeless and he lived in his car and he’s sharing his life and they said to him, they said, what is the most difficult part about success? And he says something that blew my mind. He says, the hardest part about this is managing my internal space.

I text him on the go because it almost blew my mind because here we are always trying to change people and we got remedies that if you would just do this, then you would get a better version of me when the primary job is your life would be better if you would just learn to control. Touch three people to say control your inner space. Why are you allowing people to park in your mind and not put money in the meter? Why are you allowing people to rent space in your head and they don’t pay rent? You are the landlord of your head and your first job is not to change everything outside of you. Your first job is to figure out how to manage to enter you, which is why your biggest inner me will be the inner me.

That voice that has you arguing with people you don’t have the courage to confront or don’t tell me. You argue with your spouse every day, but you don’t have the courage to tell ’em what’s on your mind. You argue with your boss every day, but you don’t have the courage to put it in writing. So you argue with yourself and the problem with arguing with yourself is yourself becomes the judge, the jury and the prosecuting attorney, and you’ll win every battle when the only person who gets to think it’s you. I came to set the captive free.

I got people in the balcony standing. I got people on line standing up in their living rooms right now because thy word that I’m giving you right now, this is unto salvation and unto life and it is going to be difficult to digest at first. But what if I told you that hitting inside of this cycle is a renewed strength that will have you waking up every day saying that this is the day that the Lord has made and I’m going to rejoice and be glad in it. I’m desperate for a change. I feel like preaching and I got to preach one more time today and listen, I am not going to worry about what I got to do next. I’m worried about what I got to do now. Somebody shot. I’m desperate for change.

I’m desperate for change. I don’t just want it. I got to have it. I don’t just want it, I need it. I don’t just desire it. I feel it coming. I’m desperate for change as the dear Pence for streams of water. If we’re honest and we’re often not in church, there’s a lot of joys in the room. Glad when they said unto you, let’s go to the house of the Lord. Your body’s in the house but your mind is in the gutter facts because you here, you here right now sitting in this sanctuary in that $75 seat with 500 to a thousand dollars worth of clothes on complaining as if you’re under a bridge naked in this air conditioned room that you ain’t paying for unless you’re tied a lot of people getting free air in here, touch your name and say, are you getting this air for free today?

That part, I mean I know your life is bad, but could be worse. You could be on dialysis and if you are on dialysis, you could be in a position where you couldn’t afford the service. You could be worried about a spot on your lung, a spot on your brain. You could be worried about a child shrunk out on drugs and guess what somebody is and yet they’re still right here next to you because it doesn’t matter what you go through, what matters is what you allow to go through you. If you go to right now, it might’ve changed because people write books every day. The last time I googled this, I typed in the word depression. 5,251 books came up, 5,300 books on depression. That means that we have 5,300 authors that were depressed that decide to write about it.

Think about that. 5,300 books on the subject. Depression. What if I told you there was a way out? What if I told you that your life didn’t have to be blah? I should have named this sermon blocking blah. How many of y’all know people that just blah, how you doing today? Oh, it is all right. How you feeling? I’m making it. How you doing today? Well, I ain’t going to complain. If I did, it wouldn’t do no good. How many people just walk around just blah, just ashy and dry all the time? Ain’t nothing good, ain’t nothing fun. Ain’t nothing great. You tell how’s the sun? The sun is good, but it’s too hot. The sun is good, but it’s too cold. It ain’t warm enough. It’s cold enough. Dang. Give me five pepperoni. Shut up.

How many of you’all just seen somebody when they start talking, your eyes start turning in the funnels and you just want to shut them up, blah, never happy, never pleased, just blah. And it ain’t that you didn’t have a great day. It’s that you’re stuck at a ingless moment. So even when it’s a great day, you’re anticipating the next day not to be great. And look at me. Look at me. You will always get what you anticipate. I just read an article literally from a woman who died from a disease she didn’t have because she thought she did.

You will think yourself into an early grave. You will think yourself into stress that is not a herniated disc. It’s stress. It’s not that you sleeping on your shoulder wrong, it’s that you sleep so tense. The reason why your rotator cuff is torn is because you fighting in your sleep and then you can’t say, I don’t know where I hurt myself in the bed. I’m telling you, you can get so stressed out and so old that you can be in the hospital for five days for sneezing. Anybody know what I’m talking about? You just be walking, but you kept how everything just break.

Don’t act like you ain’t never got a crook in your neck from just sneezing. You can get so stressed out. You got to brush yourself for sneezing. Alright, I survived that one. I’ll let your boy if I’m talking to you, Psalms 42 is what’s called a macule. The word macule means to give instruction to the wise or to direct wisely. The text says that the instruction is for the sons of Korah. This is important. This is important because the Bible tells us that there are at least four rahs in the Bible. Okay? Now this is why this is important because the first Korah was the son of Esau. The second korah was the grandson of Esau. The third was related to Moses because his father’s name was Hebron. We’re not talking about any three of those and if we were, this would change the name of the entire sermon, but it is this particular rah that we’re talking to that makes me tell you that there’s a way out of blah and there’s a way out of this desperation because this rah that we’re talking about is the one that instigated the insurrection against Aaron and Moses in the wilderness.

So while Aaron and Moses were in the wilderness leading a group of people, I’m about to shout because what I’m about to say is about to set somebody free. Listen, I don’t need you to wait until I give you this point to be on the edge of your seat. I need somebody by faith to know that I’m about to say something so cold that it’s about to shake up the way you see life. This korah that we’re talking about tried to lead an insurrection against Moses and Aaron when they were walking in the wilderness. And the Bible says that as they were trying to set up a group of people to say, Moses ain’t no good leader. We need to mount up and go against Moses. Moses got us out here in this wilderness, we’re about to die. Who with me? And the Bible says that he had 250 men to get alongside of his plan to get rid of Moses and Aaron, and somehow all of a sudden the Bible as they were walking the earth swallowed him up.

Y’all not listening to me. Literally, there are 2 million Israelites. He got 250 of them to decide that they were going to defect against Moses. And as they were walking, God opened up a hole in the earth to swallow the group of people. I don’t know who this word is for, but God told me to tell you. Fred knocked th ourself because of evil doers. Psalms 37, for they shall soon be cut down, slap your neighbor, say your enemies are scheduled to fall. Or you didn’t hear what I said, you didn’t hear what I said. Lemme talk to y’all over here. They didn’t hear what I said. I said, your enemies are scheduled. I don’t want a balcony. I’m coming for you. I need everybody in this room who has a devil that’s up against you and your last name. I need you to shout because God said your enemies are scheduled.

Don’t worry about your haters. The earth will swallow them. Don’t worry about your critics. The earth will swallow them. Don’t worry about your defectors. The earth will swallow them. God told me to tell you that your enemies have a scheduled date to all of a sudden just stumble and fall. The Lord is my light and my salvation. Whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life. Whom shall I be afraid when evil men come upon me to eat up my flesh name, somebody shout, my enemies are going to fall. And here’s what the scripture says. The enemies you see today, I prophesy to you today that the enemy that you have in your life right now will not follow you until 2024. God says, I’m oh, hey, God says it’s hova. Slap five people and say it’s over, it’s over, it’s over. It’s over. It’s over. It’s over.

All of a sudden the earth just swallow. Could you imagine just walking minding your business and a big sinkhole just opens up and it just so happens to be in the area? You are touch not my anointed. No, no, no, no, no. You better hear what I said. Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm. I don’t care what you think about Moses. I picked him. I don’t care what you think about Aaron, I chose him. Anybody here understands that God’s promise is a yay and amen, and if God chose you, they better keep their hands off of you. Listen to me. Oh, whoa, whoa. I speak to every demon in this room and every demon online. If you think you want to mess with me, you better cancel your plans.

Slap your neighbor, say demon, cancel your plans. Get my child off of your list. Get my family off of your list. Get my mind off every demon. Hear the words that are coming out of our mouth, Satan, the blood is against you. I cancel every attack of the enemy on your health, on your wealth, on your family, on your future, on your mind, on your body, on your spirit. As I found out that sometimes we call people me, don’t realize they’re under attack. It’s hard to fight when every devil assigned to your whole life comes up against you at the same time. How many of y’all fighting some devils right now?

Fred? Not thyself because of evil doers. In other words, don’t concern yourself. We’re what the devil is trying to do in your life. Even if it’s manifesting in the physiology, you understand it’s still a spiritual battle because there is a ministry inside of you that if it ever gets loose, everybody who looks to you is going to get loose too. So the devil keeps you bound. So you can’t free a generation, but I come up against it right now in the name of Jesus. I’m desperate for a chance. Who am I talking to? You better walk in your authority.

You better walk in where God made you. I don’t care how tall you are, how short you are, how poor you are, how rich you are. You’re anointed and appointed and wonderfully made, created for good works. So you better start walking in your authority instead of walking in your history. Because no matter who I was, it don’t matter. What matters is who I am and I am the righteousness of God. I am the righteousness of God. I am a joint heir with God. I am the head and not the tail. I am above and never beneath. It doesn’t matter what I was hold. I do a new thing. Somebody shot all things new, everything new.

Help me. Holy Ghost, who am I talking to so far? Now watch this. Don’t sit down yet. Stand up and then you can sit down. Because Bishop, if I just said that Korah and the 250 people were swallowed up in a hole, then how are we writing a song to them if they dead, how they living? Well, whenever you read the Bible, you have to understand whenever you see the word, it doesn’t mean always biological. Sometimes when you see the sons of Iscar, it doesn’t mean that every person that’s a son of iscar came through his lo. It means that they are a descendant of the glory. So this, when it says the sons of Korah, it is not talking about his biological sons. It’s talking about his descendants, which means that somewhere along the line, his family got the picture that y’all mess with Moses, but we ain’t.

Oh, help me Holy ghost. Somebody in the family got the picture and said, we done messed with Moses and it didn’t do good for y’all. So we going to take charge of the rest of the family because let me tell you, there was an entire dynasty of demons that were coming after you, but God has so much favor on your life that some of them are going to change their mind about an attack that they had planned for you. The future. And I speak in your life that there were doors that were going to be closed to you that in the next 30 days, God is going to pick the lock through your anointing and you’re going to walk through something that the devil had closed. If I’m speaking to somebody online or somebody in this room, I’m going to give you 18 seconds to give God glory because the change has already started.

And lemme say this to you, for some of you all who sometimes operate under the unction of the flesh, sometimes the devil can use you to do harm to somebody he has chosen. If I were you in this next season, I would disobey the devil. Oh, you better hear me. I’m talking about disobeying what that old rotten flesh keep telling you to do to make yourself feel better. You know that thing that says stay mad, stay mad so he get the picture. Are you going to be single? You going to end up getting something you ain’t want?

Don’t go to work. So they’ll see how value you. Are you going to end up unemployed? Are you listening to me? You can choose your actions, but you can’t choose my reaction. It ain’t for sure you going to get what you trying to get. You better deny your flesh so you can accept your future. Are you praying with me today? Now, why am I talking to you about this? Because at the time that David goes through one of the most passionate moments in his life, he writes this psalm to the songs of Rah, to the sons of Rah because this generation of Raz have decided to do something different than the previous generation. And now he dedicates. Listen to me now he dedicates a song to people who tried to disenfranchise his descendants. My question is, do you have the capacity to allow what happened in the past to be wiped away and treat people right in the future who are connected to your past hurt?

Because some of y’all couldn’t bless the sons of Rah because of who they were related to, but I’m not the person who hurt you even if I came from the same tribe. You miss what I just said because these sons of Raz came from the tribe of Levi. Moses was a Levite, which means that the people who came up against him came from the same tribe as him. It be your own people. David says, I want to be blessed so bad. I’m not going to live in the past. I’m desperate for a change. I don’t have time to be fighting battles from two generations ago. Why are you still trying to win your mama’s battle? She hated your daddy. You don’t have to see. Y’all don’t want to hear nothing. For real. Everybody wants you to come to church and be fake and give them a little Easter. Easter speech. I don’t do Easter. Easter speeches. I do sermons. I do words from God. I don’t have time to pacify you. You are not going to get the life you want still fighting in your grandma’s battle, hating your uncle because he did something to her. He didn’t do it to you.

David said, I can’t fight Moses’ battle. I’m going to write this song to the ones who got it right and because the sons of Rah were Levites, it means they were musicians. So what took place was David wrote the words and they put the music to it. I’m asking you, can you co-write a song with an enemy? Oh my god, Lord have mercy. Let me say it again For the people in the back who just so happen to have earmuffs on and they did not hear me, you co-write a song with somebody you don’t like.

I’m waiting on the answer. Not can you. She said and did some of y’all already. How many of y’all say and did? They don’t know I don’t like them. If they knew, they don’t know. I can’t stand them. I’m doing it right now. They don’t know. I don’t trust them. I’m doing it right now. I am sitting next to him. They don’t know. So he wrote it to the sons of Rah. Can I tell you something, David, although he had lost his throne at this moment, he was still king and he wrote this song to the sons of Rah. I’m going to leave you with two things to put in your notes. Number one, God says there is a king or a person in power that is about to prefer you over everybody else.

They’re going to have all kinds of connections and you ain’t going to be able to understand why they like you. They’re just going to like you because God somehow in the anals of time just connected to them. They just like the way you walk, the way you talk, the way you built, the way you smile and there’s going to be a whole lot of people that’s more qualified, but God going to assign them to you. They’re going to have money, they’re going to have resources, they’re going to have opportunity and they’re going to prefer you over everybody else.

It’s number one. Get ready for it. I prophesied. I’m telling you what I know. Number two, I make a recommendation to every demon in this room online and in your life. Abandon the plan you have for God’s people. Some of y’all had something that you have planned to get back at somebody. God told me to tell you, if you want your future, you better abandon the plan. I know they hurt you. I know they broke up with you. I know they made you give up your apartment and then they left you with the rent. I know all of that happened, but God says, abandon the plan. If you passed this test, I’m going to give you a testimony because when you messing with me, you messing with God. Tell your neighbor when you messing with me, you’re messing with God, with y’all doing. All right. So when David wrote this psalm author, he’s on the run from his son is trying to kill him, so he’s writing this psalm on the run, on the run. I should have named this on the run. Well, I got five sermon titles already. He’s writing it on the run. Anybody ever ran before? What happens when you run?

What happens when you’ve been running for a long time? This is how some people run as long as somebody looking, they running. When everybody looking at didn’t they see somebody looking? He on the run. He on the run. He just made it to Galveston running. Now he done made it to Louisiana. He’s still running. Yeah, because see, some of y’all don’t know how to run for a long time. He’s running, he’s running, he’s running. And what happens when you keep running as the dear? It is his activity that has given him the craving that he speaks about in the text and in to express it the best way he can express it in human formality. He has to use anthropomorphism and he says, as the dear, at that time, a deer would be like a dog. Everybody saw one. How many of y’all got a dog? How they act When they thirsty, they act like they about to die.

David’s on the run. His son is trying to kill him. So imagine he wrote this depressed, how would you feel if your child was trying to end your life after all you’ve done for him? Sometime it feel like they on. You’re trying to kill me, ain’t you? He’s discouraged. He’s fleshing blood. He’s despondent stealing with depression. Brought that boy in this world. I should have took him out, but he wrote Psalms 42. Anyway, the Lord told me to tell you, you are going to have to write this chapter depressed. Somebody said, what’d he say? I’m going to say it again. You’re going to have to write this portion of your life not feeling your best. Somebody got me. You going to have to overcome now with no strength, you going to have to do this

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Part of life

Pastor Keion (00:46:00):
Weaker than you’ve ever been before. You going to have to do this one without a friend in the world? Come on. So this is going to be the hardest chapter you’ve ever written in your life and if you going to

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Sit in your dark room with the shades drawn

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And keep your pen in your pocket

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Until you

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Feel like writing, you going to mess around and miss an entire chapter of your future because you couldn’t write when you were weak. You going to have to do this one in between jobs. You’re going to have to do this and the divorce ain’t final. I ain’t playing with y’all. See, I can’t for deliverance. Y’all sometime hear that scream. That’s somebody saying, Lord, you talking to me and I didn’t expect to come here to get talked to personally like that. You’re going to have to do this when you gave your whole life to somebody thinking it was going to last forever and you don’t have a plan. And so now they’re holding the money back and you don’t know how you’re going to eat or how you’re going to pay the bills and you’re going to have to trust that God’s going to make a way out of it.

This one, this chapter, you’re going to have to write this one in the cave and not at a desk and you better be good. It doesn’t get to be a bad song because you’re in pain and anybody, I love music. Anybody love music? Listen, the best music, it’s written when the artist is in the most pain. You can’t tell me Lenny wasn’t suffering when he said, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. You can’t tell me Lenny was struggling. I love you. Anybody who say oh, oh, oh that many times is struggling. He ain’t got the words to say.

You can’t tell me Teddy P wasn’t struggling. You can’t tell me. Oh, Marvin must have had a lot of pain. Every song Marvin Gaye ever wrote got the Holy Ghost on it. I’m going to tell you that right now. You can’t tell me Marvin wasn’t in pain because pain produces the best sound and the reason why you can’t write a bestselling hit is because you run from the pain instead of running through it and every person who’s always trying to get away from the pain, you eliminate yourself from being able to write the best song that God has ever given you. I’m talking to you at home.

I had to do two things right there. I seen somebody in my peripheral. I had to make sure there was cameramen I was about to swing. Then once I found out it was camera people, then I went on and did my job. Woe was about to get knocked out on God. He was pop pop. It was going to be one hit, quitter, bam. I’m going to draw that right leg back. Y’all get his young man in hand. He had a baby this morning. He’s still here at church. Some of y’all would’ve been at home. He had a baby this and he still came to do his job because as the deer paints for streams of water, in other words, I got to get to the sanctuary even though my wife is at the hospital because there was something connected to this house. It needs me and I need it.

You good wo. All right. He wrote this chapter Depressed. God says Pain produces the best sound. You ever heard somebody in pain? Oh, have you ever heard somebody praying and they suffering? Oh, it sound different when you praying and you just need a little rent. Lord, if you could just bless my finances, but when your mama’s sick and the doctor done found something in your five-year-old, oh, help me. Holy Ghost. When you really get down in the anals of life, you got some real pain. If you can’t say a word, you just, God says, I’m trying to get a sound out of you and I can’t get it out of you regularly, so I’m going to have to create thirst.

Come here, let’s talk. I’m almost done because David was craving, he was craving God. He says, as the dear pest for streams of water, so my soul thirst for you. Oh God, he’s craving notice David didn’t say, I’m hungry for God. He said, I’m thirsty for him and my wife and I, we have certain shows that we can only watch when we’re together. Anybody got that going on in your house? She can watch some stuff on her own and it’s normally some kind of cooking and baking show. I’m not interested at all, but I’ll sometimes watch it with her and then I watch Martin over and over. So this is what she do when she come in the room and I’m watching Martin, she’ll be like, Hey, and I’m in there cracking up. I ain’t never seen it before. I’m looking at Jerome in the house. I’m looking at all of that. She goes out. But there’s certain shows that we watch together and naked and afraid is one of them.

We be talking like we’re going out there. I think I could survive there. The bugs is too bad over there, but I think I can handle that one over there naked and afraid. And what the show taught us is that some of them go the entire 21 days with no food, but you can’t go a day without water. So the reason why he says, I thirst for God and not hungry for God because the truth is everybody in church is trying to create a hunger for God, which is why you can go three weeks without him.

But God never said I’m a live in turn of green. He said, I’m living water. So he says, you have to thirst after me. I need you to understand that you have to want me so bad that you can’t go through the afternoon without a sip of my goodness. Oh, taste and see. He says, I need your craving for me as the deer pants for streams of water so my soul thirsts for you. Oh God. Another thing that I like to watch is National Geographic. Boy, when those lion are chasing those gelles, they be bam. They’d be hitting them corners. Boom. You ever seen them run? They can’t. They wow. Gone. And at the end of it all, when they get tired and can’t outrun ’em, they just jump in the water. Why do they jump in the water? Because by the time they stop running, number one, they’re thirsty, but number two, they understand that if they jump in water that has a current, yeah, it will anybody know he will carry you through.

I need about 500 people to high five. Somebody who look like they got the Holy Ghost to say he will carry you through. You got the role number to neighbor touch somebody else’s shout. He’ll, there’s an old song that, a poem that talks about walking in sand and looking back and only seeing one set of footprints in the sand because somewhere along the line he picked me up and carried me the rest of the way. Do I have anybody in the lighthouse church and anybody on line that’ll shout for 10 seconds because he will carry you through. Somebody shout, he’ll carry you. Somebody shout, he’ll carry you. Somebody shout, he’ll carry you. Somebody shout he’ll carry you. That’s what he said in Isaiah 46, I made you and I will carry you. God says, because I made you, I’m obligated to keep you safe and whenever you get tired of running from the devil, just jump in me. That’s why I ain’t committed suicide. That’s why I didn’t take the bottle of pills because he was, that’s why I didn’t jump off the bridge because he was, whenever the deer jumps in the stream, I keep getting all his revelations.

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He jumps in the stream,

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The dearest careful not to touch any branches on the sides and the banks of the river as he’s going in because enemies track scent. So he makes sure that he doesn’t touch anything where he enters so that the enemy doesn’t know where he was the last time. I want to talk to somebody who’s about to exit a negative season. God said, be careful what you touch on your way out. Oh God, touch your neighbor and say, be careful what you touch on your way out. If you done with the relationship, don’t touch him again. Oh, y’all don’t want to say nothing, but I came to preach to everybody in here. If you said you don’t stop touching it, problem is you keep saying you done and then you touch it and now the devil finds your d n a. Oh, there she is. There he is. You better be careful what you touch on your way out. I don’t want to let y’all go. I got three minutes. I’m going to take all my time. I waited on y’all. Y’all going to wait on me, get that on. Everything he say jumps in the

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Don’t touch nothing. On the way out, there’s going to be some hardheaded deers.

Speaker 3 (00:58:44):
I know deer is plural already,

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Speaker 3 (00:58:47):
Pardon my ebonic relapse.

Pastor Keion (00:58:49):
There’s some hardheaded

Speaker 3 (00:58:49):

Pastor Keion (00:58:55):
Just got to test them. How many of y’all are hardheaded

Speaker 3 (00:58:58):
Deers just

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I can eat the apple. I won’t surely die. God says, oh, you ain’t thirsty for me because I’m good. You won’t crave me because I’m good. Okay, I’ll create thirst. I won’t say the brand of the water, but there is a water that is created by a popular beverage company that has enough sodium in it so that every time you drink it, it creates thirst because you’re never quenching the thirst. You just keep consuming the thing that makes you thirsty. It’s like the Bible talks about the sloth. You ever seen a sloth how a sloth moves slow? And the Bible talks about not being like a sloth, but what most people don’t understand about a sloth is that a sloth is not slow. It just eats a plant that has a cannabis like effect inside of it. So the thing it eats makes it slow.

If the sloth didn’t consume that type of flour, it’d be able to move regularly. But it’s addicted to the thing that makes it look silly. And so now I’m addicted to the thing that got me looking done. God didn’t create me to move like this, but I’m connected and I’m addicted to the thing that got me looking stupid. So God said, okay, you won’t crave me naturally. I’ll create a thirst. I’ll put something in your life that will keep you bowing down at the cross. I got to go because see, some of y’all like the word, but some people just came to punch a clock and they ready to go home. I say this, anybody who’s ready to go, let me give you the benediction. May the Lord watch between you and them rise and waffle for another. Amen. You can go for the rest of y’all who want to get the rest of this word, I’m about to give it to you.

During World War ii when they were building the Panama C canal between North America and South America, the Panamanians who were working there, they did not want to do the work. They were contracted by the US Army to do the work and they did the work, watch this, but were always behind on the deadlines because they came from a poor society and they would only work hard enough to get their needs met. And once they had enough money to meet their needs, they stopped working. This is proven by history. So everything was always behind because they would only work once their needs were met. They didn’t understand the concept of being wealthy. There was no overtime I ate, I stopped working. They were only working three out of seven days. It put the deadline behind. Here’s what the Army commander did that was genius. He came back to America and got a stack of catalogs from a store called Sears and Roebuck.

Now, some of y’all too young to know, but Sears was the old school Walmart you used to go to. How many, just watch this y’all. How many young folks ain’t never been to a Sears? Raise your hand. Look at that. Look at that. Look at that. Ain’t, how many of y’all never even heard of Sears? Shame on you. They had a catalog and Sears had everything you could get socks, a refrigerator and get your oil change. Oh, my mama used to take us to Sears. We walk up and down Sears and if you went to a big Sears, it had several levels. Sears was Walmart and tar before Tar and Walmart was Tarjay and Walmart and he gave all of the workers catalogs and they started looking through it. Oh, you can get, I didn’t know they had an electric saver.

I didn’t know that I could go from an icebox to a refrigerator. So what the man does is he creates thirst. And now when they see the catalog and see that there are things available that they didn’t normally have, now they start working seven days a week to make the money to quench the thirst. I should have named this sermon, thirst trap. How many is that? I got several more. Don’t worry about that part. God says, I will make you thirsty. If you won’t get thirsty, I will dry something up in your life and I’ll create a thirst if you won’t crave me. And what a lot of you all are dealing with in your life is the result of not having a natural craving for the Holy Ghost. So God says, I will create thirst in your life and I will let things fall so far down to you. Get to the point where you realize if I don’t have God, I’m not going to make it manufactured thirst because you just won’t crave ’em naturally.

I don’t know about you, but I got to have God and I don’t just want ’em when I need something. I need them every hour. Mary said, my soul does magnify the Lord. Hallelujah. You got to want him and you can’t just want his stuff. Seek ye first the kingdom of God in its righteousness and then all things shall be added unto you. Most of us start with the things and we add God on, which is why you have stuff and no peace because everybody in church ain’t broke. Some of y’all got money in your savings account and you ain’t smiled this year.

Your car start up every time you push the button, but you ain’t got no joy. And yet somebody caught a Uber here and they would said, I’m glad when they said unto me, let us go to the house of the Lord. Because you have to crave God more than you crave his benefits. It’s amazing how many people come to church and do this after about hour and a half, but you hope the concert lasts four hours. I ain’t pay all that money to get out an hour and a half. They go off the stage. You shout for ’em to come back to sing a song that you already heard before. You ain’t heard this sermon before you saving up to go to Vegas.

I ain’t say that you said that. I ain’t say his name, but that’s who I was talking about. But I ain’t say it, but that’s who I was talking about. You putting your flight money together, your hotel room together, your outfit, money together, your backup outfit, money together, your backup, backup outfit money together, them drinks at that concert going to be $75 a cup and going to be watered down. But you still going to be up talking about your hair hairdo, money, your outfit money dog, your sunglasses that you’re going to wear in the dark. Why are you wearing, why are y’all wearing sunglasses in the dark?

Yeah. Cause sunglasses not night goggles and you do all of that and they not starting on time and the seat’s going to be close. They’re going to be standing on your shoes the whole time. Somebody in front of you going to spill their drink and it’s going to splash on your ankle. I’m bringing back memories, ain’t you Like, ooh. Then your friend, she going to get drunk and you’re going to have to carry her to the cab all the way back to the room and then you’re going to post it. Had a good time going back next year for sure.

That’s one thing I love about this church. Some of y’all walked from a truck stop in 125 degrees when we didn’t have concrete. We was walking through the mud in your heels, some of y’all parking along this road catching shuttles over knowing that it ain’t going to be a seat left in the house. But you said, because if I got to be uncomfortable, I’m getting in the house because there is a miracle that God has with my name on it and I speak that because of your sacrifice, God is about to let it rain on you. I wish I had somebody in this place. Oh, I feel the glory of the Lord. Stand on your feet and give five people a high five and tell ’em God’s about to make it rain in your life.

God’s about to make it rain in your life. Everything you touch, God’s going to give it to you. Everywhere your foot shall tread, God is going to give it to you. Somebody shout, I’m a lender. Somebody shout, I’m an owner. Somebody shout, I’m blessed. Somebody shout ’em. Highly favored. Now if you believe in next some noise, I can’t hear nobody. I said, I can’t hear nobody. I said, I can’t hear nobody. Give your neighbor high five and shout neighbor, God’s about to bless you in the city and in the field. Watch this. I told myself I wasn’t going to do that, but I brought the mic just in case. Listen to this. God says, this is how I’m going to create the thirst.

I’m going to use three things. Who’s listening? I’m going to use crushing complaints and critics. This is how I’m going to create the testimony. I’m going to crush you. Then I’m going to make people complain about you. Then I’m going to let some people criticize you and you got two options in this crushing either get better or get bitter, get discouraged or get determined. But here’s the conclusion. After the craving and the creation, here’s the conclusion you got to read Second Samuel 18 to get this Absalon, the one that was chasing him at this time. His son. Come on, come on. The chief of his army. The Bible says he pierced his heart with three darts and he was subsequently killed by 10 of Jo’s armor bearers. So suddenly the hunter became the hunted and the man who he was trying to kill is now on his way back to his throne. And the man that tried to kill him is in attune.

Watch this. Why do you think David was able to survive? You reap. So remember when he had a chance to kill a king? You remember when Saul was asleep? The Bible says he took a knife and cut a part of his robe off and retreated and said, Saul, I could have killed you. But the Bible says, touch not my anointing and do my prophet no harm. Now he is reaping what he sought. Absalon is dead and he’s still the king. I speak to every person in this place today. If you are desperate for change, you’re going to have to have a passion for God that doesn’t disappear because it’s difficult.

Church can’t be a manipulation tool that you use to get ’em to respond to you. That’s right as the deer pants for streams of water. Lord, I don’t just want to drink you and have you and me. I’m going to jump in you because it is in you that I live, I move and I have my being thy word. Have I hidden in my heart that I might not sin against you if you are desperate for him? I want you to remember the last time for those of y’all who said you had a pet, a dog in particular, whenever it’s panting for water, you’ve never seen a dog that panted silently, you can always hear the pant.

Okay, say it again. You’ve never seen the dog and not heard the pant. Lemme say it again. You’ve never seen anything panting for water and not heard a corresponding sound. You can’t pant silently. You can always hear it. I wanted to see if I can invoke some panting in this room. I want to know is there anybody in this place and I’m not asking you to make the sound of a dog. How do we pet? Lord, I love you. I give you glory. You are alpha and Omega. You are the beginning and the end. You’re the Farris of 10 thousands. You’re the beginning and the end. You are job’s warhorse. You are the will in the middle of a will. You are the rose of Sharon. You are the great I am. You are Jehovah Rafa, Jehovah Snu, Jehovah Niecy. Somebody begin to open up your mouth and pan for him right now. Like the dear panic for what? I can’t hear you. Lighthouse. I need to hear you online. I need you to open up your mouth until hell gets nervous. Come on and give him glory.