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Pastor Keion (00:00:03):
Lemme introduce my father. I believe that we owe God a praise spirit of the living God fall fresh upon us. Eternal spirit is once again that we come soliciting your permission to preach, not to entertain, but to proclaim that you are the Christ. Use me and guide me. Order my steps in your word. Hide me behind your cross. Cover me in your blood that they may see none of me, but oh Lord, all of you. I’m yours. You’re mine. Use me as an instrument. I want to play the tune of your choice. Jesus name, we pray. If you love the Lord, say amen.

This is our last lesson on wisdom. I want you to go with me to the book of Daniel chapter one, verse number eight, right, Daniel chapter one, verse number eight, I’m only going to read one verse. The Bible says in Daniel chapter one, verse eight, that Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile. That means that he wouldn’t pollute, he wouldn’t desecrate himself. He would not defile himself with a portion of the king’s meat, nor with the wine which he drank. Therefore, he requested of the prince of the eunuchs that he might not defile himself. I want you to know that basically what Daniel is doing is he starving, but he refuses to be fed by the wrong person.

The Bible says if you study the history of the exile of the Chaldeans, the Babylonians, Nebu, kr, and the Jewish people, this is where the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and ab Bendigo and Daniel come to fruition and I’ll touch on it, but basically they’re exiles, so sort of as not whenever there is a political upheaval for whatever purposes, an exile of someone who has to move from their country in order to survive, and Daniel and his people have been forced out of where they live and he hasn’t eaten. He’s being treated like a slave. His stomach is growling, he’s thirsty and somebody offers him some food and he says, I’d rather die from starvation than to eat from an ungenuine table.

And the sermon topic is not going to make you shout. I would venture to say that some of you all will probably tune me out because what I’m getting ready to talk about today is not a miracle. Something you’re going to have to do for yourself. I know typically when I tell you what God is going to do for you, you run around, but when I tell you what you got to do for God, you go to sleep on me. Tell your neighbor, you should have slept last night. This is not, nobody here has got less sleep than my wife. And I was texting our production team at 3 45 this morning about what we were going to do today. So I’ve been revving up for this message literally all night.

I slept three hours and this one is on you. Touch your neighbor, say, this one is on you, this on you. I want to talk to people who know that you are just one decision away from God healing the whole thing. This is the year of wealth and wisdom. The Lord told me to talk today on this simple subject, Daniel’s decision. If you can learn how to make your decisions with the criteria that Daniel used, you will go from starvation to surplus. God will bless you. How many of you believe it? Touch two people on your way down to your seat and tell them you got to make better decisions.

Now y’all still, y’all got my back or y’all, y’all done got y’all finished or y’all done? Which one y’all going to here? Well, let’s go. How many of y’all have ever heard of the Daniel fast? Oh, that’s when you want to be fine, right? That’s when got a Vegas trip coming up. You going to Puerto Rico and you got to fast. And it’s a lot of people that know about the Daniel fast and don’t even know the Daniel story, but I will tell you that most of us know Daniel because of the lion’s den, but by the time he got to the lion’s den, the story was all the way over.

You can’t judge him by the fact that he laid down on the lion and was in the lion’s den and the lion’s didn’t bother him. You got to see all of the decisions that Daniel made before so that by the time he was in the den of Lions, he already had a decision making policy and he was able to survive in the den because of his decisions. 605 years before Christ, the Babylonians had come in and a king named Ne had caused an exile amongst the Jewish people and in the land of Judah and carried, watch this, the Bible says that he took away some of the youngest and the brightest people among them. Just hear me out because anytime the devil bothers you, he’s actually letting you know that he considers you the best and the brightest.

Sir, nothing about the devil suggests that he wants anything weak. So his veracity towards you is actually a compliment that I believe that your God’s best. And so the way to get back at God is to mess with his best. Don’t look at attack as a revelation that you’re worthless. The attack from the devil actually should show you your worth and let you know that the only reason why he wants you is because God does. Did you hear what I just said? The only reason he wants you is because God does. God’s got this plan and the devil’s like, Nope, I’m not letting that come to fruition, and since I can’t be God, I’m going to frustrate his plan.

And if I can’t be God, I’m just going to make sure that his people are so frustrated with their destiny that they will abandon it and give it up. And once they give it up, they’ll start making bad decisions. And when they make bad decisions, then God will be against them. It’s a whole trick. It’s a plot. Daniel 605 years before Christ became an exiled and it wasn’t just him. Remember the book of Daniel is comprised of really two main characters. You’ve got Daniel, but Daniel had three friends. Their names were Hananiah and Michel. You know them as Shadrach Micha and the Bendigo Daniel’s real name isn’t Daniel. Daniel’s original name given to him by his parents is beshear. But the first thing the enemy does before he dilutes your potential is he tries to change your identity.

See, you ever wonder why you got so many people saying stuff about you that ain’t true and it’s half true and it’s got some truth in it, but it ain’t got all the truth in it. And they always want to label you because when the devil’s trying to stop you, he starts at reputation. And here’s what I’ve never understood. You have people who won’t deal with people because of what they’ve done, but we deal with you out of all you’ve done. Touch your neighbor and say, I know for a fact I know for you ain’t no better than me. You might be dressed better than me but you ain’t nothing. Your lipstick might cost more, but you still ain’t nothing but dirty rags. Your car might be better than mine, but if I could dig up under the earth of your life, I’d find skeletons in your closet just like they are in mind. And I don’t care how many tongues you can speak, you still evil because see, this church, people are good at coming to church and act, Hey saints, I’m blessed and highly favored. The Lord is good all the time. Yes, the Lord is, but you are not.

If you can’t say man, say ours. He said, I want the children. I want the young men who have no blemishes. He said, I want the ones that are skillful in wisdom and knowledge and no science and technology and math. I want them and I want them to stand in the king’s palace. Watch this so that I can unteach them. Don’t miss this. He says, give me the intelligent ones because they’ve already proven they can learn. So you think being smart is a weapon. Sometimes it’s a liability. He grabs ’em and says, because you have learned so much, I want you so that I can unlearn you and reteach you so that you can use that intelligence in my plan. That’s why the devil wants you is because he knows you’re smart. He knows you’re bright, so he wants you to work for him the way you work for God. He wants to use you in his own plan. He says, give me the brightest, give me the most intelligent, give me the strongest and I want them with me. And the princes of the eunuchs gave David the name Be Shaar and to Hananiah Shadrach and to hel mha and to Azariah a Bendigo the Prince. Watch this. He just hoped that by changing their identity that he could change how they thought of themselves. He said, if I can change what they call you, maybe you’ll forget who you are.

I’m preaching and I ain’t even got started. If I can get you so nosy that you always have to hear what everybody’s saying about you, if I can just get you so nosy that you actually seek what they say, then I can change your identity because you’ll be depressed by the definitions of people you’ve never met instead of encouraged by the perspective of people who actually know you. You actually have to get to a place in your life where you’re not affected by the opinions of people who benefit off of your dysfunction. Are you listening to me? That would be like the person sitting next to you never met ’em and they looked at you and said, I heard you evil. And you can look at ’em and say, so do I care? No, because you don’t know me. And so how can you define that which you have never studied?

The real problem is you believe it and because you believe it, you often hear sounds that sounds like the voice that you have in your head that’s often more negative than the ones in your environment. And so when you hear something that sounds familiar, you gravitate towards it because the truth is, is you will fight anybody if they say something bad about you but you have not yet corrected yourself preaching, I dare you to correct you the next time you begins to talk bad about can I talk to you today? Don’t let what they call you make you change what you think about yourself. Somebody repeat after me. I’m a king’s kid. Somebody shout, I’m an heir of salvation. I’m an heir of salvation. I’m the lender and not the borrower. I’m the lender and not the borrower. I’m above never beneath. I’m above. I’m the handiwork of God.

And you got to say that stuff over and over and over and over until you believe it because many of you have years of trauma from teachers and family members and brothers and sisters and siblings where you have began to sing a negative song over your life. But I’ve come to tell you today that you’ve got to decide that you are who God says you are. And it does not matter what Nebu Kza says about you. God has chosen you for such a time as this. If I’m talking to anybody in here, shout at me in this place.

I’m giving you early. The key element to Daniel’s success, his success was in the fact that he purposed in his heart not to defile himself. If I can just get you to treat you better preach Keon. Ain’t I have to help my own self out today if I can just get you to stop hitting yourself in the head talking about stupid. You heard that? If I can get you to stop comparing your situation to somebody else’s and calling yourself a failure, come on sir. Yes. If I can get you to understand that although you made a mistake, you are not a mistake.

Am I talking to anybody in the balcony? Just because you haven’t arrived yet doesn’t mean you’re not going to arrive at all. Just because you don’t have a million dollars in the bank doesn’t mean that you’re any less than the person next to you. Since when did the goal become to be rich, to be worthy or to be slim, to be pretty or to be this or to be that You better stop defining yourself based on a static definition of what greatness is. Greatness comes in all size, forms, packages, education, statuses, cities. It doesn’t matter how you start, what matters is how you finish. Can somebody say, man in this place, y’all going to have to walk me today. There is something that I sure that most of y’all have heard of and you raise your hand. You’ve heard about the Daniel fast, and let me just tell you that that just meant that they didn’t eat certain stuff because God told ’em to.

In the Old Testament, you couldn’t eat meat unless the blood was drained out of it. They had like 796 laws. Everything had a law. You had to wash your hands and bag out of a room and you had to say this and you had to say that and you couldn’t eat at this time and you had to eat in this direction. They just had a law for everything. And here’s the reason why God tells them about this fast is because in the Old Testament, whenever they would have an animal sacrifice, they would sacrifice the meat to an idol God and then they would eat it. So now Nebu, kr, all of the people are following his attic and his transition. And so now whenever they sacrifice an animal, they sacrifice it and they asked a heath in God, which is not Yahweh to bless it. And then God says to Daniel, you better not eat that meat because I will never bless anything that was intended for somebody else. Come on y’all. He says, I’m a jealous God and I’ll have no other God. Can I tell somebody something here without you getting mad? You better stop asking your heathen gods for something and then asking your God to bless it.

Alright? Let me say it this way. The reason why most of us suffer is because when we want something, we consult ourself, but when we get out of something, we want God to help us and God says, I’m a jealous God. You asked you to get in it now asked you to get out of it. Anybody in here guilty of not praying before you signed on the dotted line for a situation and then when you found out it didn’t work, you said, it is not my mother, it’s not my father, but in me. Oh Lord, anybody ever said, God, if you get me out of it this time, I can’t stand no fake church. I said, anybody ever. You knew it was wrong when you were driving there, you was praying the whole way, Lord, please, Lord, just make my car turn around. He’s not going to make your car turn around. You have to decide in your heart. I’m not going to defile.

I can’t tell you how many times people have done crazy things and then blame God and say, God, why you let me do that? God? Like you should see the meme on God’s face when you say, God, why you let me do that? He like, SI, when have I ever been able to let you do anything? It’s called free will. Amen. I just want to see about 300 people. You knew it was wrong when you started thinking about it. You was praying while you was doing it. I’ll come out there. I got gym shoes on today.

You was praying while you were doing it. You prayed after you did it. You got your sage and you break the soul tie. Jesus, you got to be careful that when you’re in transition that you eat with people who have the same diet. Anybody ever been on a diet before and then you get around people who ain’t on one and hear you up here talking about you on the Daniel fast and they up here eating greens and yams and green and you sitting up here like Lord, yield not to temptation. And next thing you know it’s like, well, it ain’t going to hurt nothing if I just get because a little leaven, come here leaven. If the whole loaf, it takes a pinch of sin to create a lifetime of dysfunction.

Oh, don’t act like we the only ones in here that can’t trace our dysfunction back to a single day. And just because you refuse to speak about it don’t make you no better than us. Because what most people do is they sweep their trauma under the rug and act like they never did it, but it’s there, baby. We can see it. It’s written all over your face. Just remind your neighbor, you ain’t no better than me. Just tell them you ain’t. God says, listen to me. I refuse to bless anything that was used to honor anything else.

You better hear me come. God says, if I wasn’t in it in the beginning, it’s going to be hard for you to get me in it on the end. If that food was sacrificed day gone, don’t try to give it to me. I prepare my own table. God says, I don’t know if you heard, but I don’t eat. You can’t prepare something for somebody else and then put it in Tupperware and bring it to me. He says, I don’t give you leftovers. I give you daily bread. So why do I have to eat that which was designed for someone else, but you get it fresh off the press. God says, I don’t listen to me. Are y’all listening? I don’t have an appetite for leftover religion.

I won’t be. Your afterthought is you, is or is you ain’t my baby. Are we going to be married or are we going to date and I’m tired of you asking me to be a husband, but you get to be free Now. Either we going to be in this thing together or we just going to date each other and if we going to date each other, don’t get mad if I bless you every once in a while, but if we going to be in this thing, I got you like four flats on the Cadillac. Anybody in here knows that if you give God all of yourself, God will give you all of him.

I’m trying to get you to stop treating God like a sugar daddy that you only nice to him when you need something you can’t afford. I’ll let your boy. I don’t care if you say man, say ouch. You know how it work. Whenever you need something from somebody who can get it all, you start being nice three days ahead of time. I got to a deal with Antoine. Hey Antoine, how you doing? I was just checking on you. Hey, I was just thinking about you. The Lord put you on my heart. What you doing Antoine?

Oh, nothing. I’m just sitting here doing nothing. Nothing. Ain’t nobody coming in about three hours. So just whatever. You can’t just call God when you want something. I don’t know about you, but I need him every hour. Come on man. Come on. I need them in the morning. I need ’em at night. I need ’em when I’m up. I need ’em when I’m down. I need ’em when I got money in my pocket. I need ’em when I’m starving. I need them when I’m happy. I need them when I’m sad. I’ve learned to be content in whatever state I’m in, whether I’m high or whether I’m low. I need them whether I’m in or whether I’m out. I need them. Whether I got a smile on my face or I’ve got a frown in my heart, I need him. I need him in the morning. I need him at the nighttime. I need him when I’m happy. I need him when I’m sad I need him. Anybody need God?

I need him. I said I need him. Somebody shout, I need you. God. I need God says, not only do I not want the meat in your belly from the king’s table, you can’t even drink his 1942. I had a name some that y’all know about. You cannot drink his apple crown. All of this stuff I heard about, by the way, I don’t know nothing about it. I’m just telling you right now. I drink water from the king’s table. There ain’t nothing. Everybody’s got this whole thing. You could have a whole argument with people in church about whether it is wrong to drink or not. God said that you can drink. You just can’t drink to get drunk. Shut up.

She said that part. You heard me? I got you. But look, I’m going to give you a scripture. Matter of fact, I want them to bring it up. Proverbs 20 and one, let’s just, let’s put this drunken Christian spirit to bed. Wine is a marker. Strong drink is raging. Watch this and whoever is deceived about it is unwise. He said the problem is not what it is but what it does to you. So if you don’t believe that wine is a sin, you will be sinning after a glass of it because it’s a rager, it’s a marker and anybody who thinks that they can partake in it and nothing will happen is unwise. So the real sin is not the alcohol. It’s the lack of wisdom that you use when you have it in you.

Now my question is, can anybody trace an unwise decision back to your last sip? Uhuh, don’t hold it back of your head. Now your neck ain’t itching talk. Don’t you do that? That’s why it’s called spirits. Come on now how many y’all when you get that oil in you? Come on, talk to me y’all. How many of y’all know you become a whole different person? Thank you son. Daniel said, I know what food from the wrong table does. I know what liquor does from the wrong table to me. So I will not defile myself even if I’m starving because I’d rather be wise and hungry than fool and foolish.

Did you hear what I just said? I’d rather be wise and starving Sir. Sir. Then full and foolish. So he says, even though I have an appetite for what you have, I don’t have a need for it. When is the last time you refused an offer you knew wasn’t good for you? You know how sometimes you can get in it, but you recognize when you are a few months in it, you’re like, I need to get out of this. This ain’t good for my spirit. It ain’t good for my heart, it ain’t good for my anointing. It ain’t good for my perspective. It ain’t good for my future. But here’s the truth, here’s the truth. God understands because the good I would do, I don’t do and that I don’t do, I do. Why? Because evil is always present. I’m perplexed on every side. I’m distressed yet not in despair. I got enough anointing to get out, but I got too much flesh to want get out. I want to go to my future, but my past has me in a chokehold. I want to go where God is calling me, but I’m stuck where the devil has settled me.

See, this sermon won’t work because most of y’all want to act like you already have made the right decision and you are where God wants you to be. But is there anybody online and anybody in this house that can say, I haven’t always made Daniel’s decision. I saw the red light, but I ran it. I felt itchy, but I went anyway. Jesus, my mama told me, but I told her I was grown. Oh Lord Jesus, I bet you ain’t come out here for this you. So before you memorize Daniel’s fast list, can you remember his decision? It was not the fast that made him successful. It was the decision not to eat from the king’s table and being patient enough until the king of kings. We will fill in the gaps that the king left.

Watch this. Alright, for some of y’all who’s struggling with this, this is why this is important. The Bible said that when Daniel said, I’m not eating it, the Hebrew boy said, well, if you not, we’re not either. What if I told you that your anointing is so powerful that every decision you make will affect three other people? I want you to hear me. This is not just about you. There are at least three people whose lives will be forever changed. If you just make one correct decision, you don’t even know how much power you have. You don’t know how much admiration you have. You don’t know that people are looking at you saying, I want to be like her one day. I want to be like him. So God says, take that responsibility on your shoulder and make the right decision because there is at least three people who lives will forever be changed off of your decision. Isn’t that amazing that you are so powerful that whatever you pick will be picked by other people?

There are four. Listen, the Holy Spirit gave me this as I was studying this this morning and I didn’t even know how it was going to work, but God said, he said, tell the people that their decisions are so consequential. God says, write the scripture down one Peter two, nine. The Bible says that you are a chosen generation, a holy nation, a royal what? Priesthood in one translation that says, we are a peculiar people. Can I preach how I feel like preaching today? We are a peculiar. You know what peculiar means? It means strange. So God told me to tell you when I was studying this at one o’clock in the morning all the way until my eyes could not stay up anymore. He says, tell the people that the way they will know they’re making the right decision is people will start to think they’re strange.

When you start making decisions and people start thinking that you are weird, you’re actually making better decisions. Why? Because when Daniel refused to eat the king’s meat, only three people decided not to eat with him. The Bible says the rest of the multitude ain’t with him, which means that great decisions don’t have great crowd participation. When you make a great decision, it might be one or two of your friends. I say, I’ll do that with you. The rest of ’em going to say, I ain’t ain’t got the strength to do that. And God uses decisions to separate you from people who are not a part of your destiny.

Can I talk to y’all like I want to? When you make the right decisions, there will be people in your life who will not go in the direction that you are going, and that is God’s way of saying take that person’s name off the list because when you get in the fiery furnace, I’m only coming for the people who made the right decision before they got in. If you don’t make the right decision before the lions, then the lions will have you for breakfast. That’s why so many people have died in things you survived. Oh God. Oh God, I wish I had somebody here. Anybody in here can just testify. I saw some friends die from this storm, but I came out like pure gold. I need somebody to thank God that the devil didn’t have his way with you, that you survived.

Slap three people and say, I survived. I survived a breakup that I never thought I survived. I’ve been surviving lonely. I would never be able to do it. I thought my identity was connected to this person and God showed me that I was all that by myself. Anybody want to thank God? God always backs the correct decision even if it follows you making a bad one. I’ve never figured out how imperfect people judge imperfect people. I says, I’ve never figured out why you think your grace is sufficient, but somebody else got to go to hell for they stuff.

If God covered them, then I know he’s going to cover me because we’re all saved by grace. It ain’t about whether you eat apples or pears or strawberry juice or whatever else, cayenne water, whatever you’re drinking, people be doing some weird stuff on these diets I’m talking about. No, the Lord said oxygen and Gatorade. It’s just good for the soul, huh? What? That obviously, if you read the whole story and I don’t have time to teach it to you, the Bible says that they only ate vegetables and the rest of ’em has steak, but in the end, the people who had nothing to eat and vegetables looked better than the people who had steak and potatoes. Because let me tell you, when you eat from God’s table, I don’t got to have a full meal. All I need is a dose of God. I don’t have to have the money you have.

I don’t have to have the connections you have. I don’t have to have the Instagram followers you have. I don’t have to have the notoriety you have, but as long as I got Jesus, anybody here just touch three people and say, as long as I got Jesus, as long as I got a word, as long as I’ve got an anointing, as long as I’ve got an assignment, they are going to think you are strange telling you. Because when you are making a decision to change your life, any real people in here, I just can’t talk any real people in here. Because when you’re deciding to change your life, this is how your Insta story is going to look. Club, church, wine. Kurt Franklin, I can’t stand y’all. When your life is in transition, you going to have Donnie mcc, Kirkland Trap music. You going to have future and Fred Hammond, Ronald Isley, Drake Chameleon Cup. Moscato dii. I know your drink. I know what you drink, and for everybody who’s judging you, I want you to look at ’em and tell ’em. My pastor said, at least I’m in transition.

Oh, yes, yes. I did have a bikini on Sunday. Sunday and yes, I did wear a skirt to church, but at least I went. I’m in transition. Yes sir. Yes, I came to fight the devil in here because the devil will make you not pay attention to your progress. Accept somebody say at least I’m here. I’m here. Yes, I got a tattoo on my neck. I got one on my back and I got 12. You can’t see, but at least my heart is changed and it don’t make you no better than me because you ain’t got a tattoo. But you do have some filth in your heart that you can’t get rid of either.

Somebody shout, I’m changing my decisions and you don’t get to judge me because I still have old decisions on me. All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Just touch three people. Say I’m in transition, I’m in transition, I’m in transition. I will pray for you, but if you get on my nerve, I will cuss you smooth out. I am in transition. My mouth ain’t under control yet and I can throw these hands and let me tell you something. If I get my hands on you, I promise you, you going to know you’ve been in a fight. But I’m trying not to go there because I’m in transition.

I got a temper, but sometimes I can control it. Sometimes I pray and sometimes I fight, but I’m in transition. I am working on these decisions. I’m working on these decisions. I’m working on them, but they working on me too. I’m just trying my best man. I’m trying my best. I’m trying my best. It ain’t easy, but I’m doing the best I can. Please be patient with me. God is not too with me yet. I’m not what I used to be. I ain’t what? I know I look strange. I know I look strange. I know I look strange. I know that my decisions ain’t making sense. I know I look strange. I know you ain’t used to a Christian who like rap and Christian gospel music and I know you ain’t used to me turning gospel music into, but I’m in transition and this is my expression of God and forgive me if it don’t look like your expression of God. And the problem is as you think God look like you, but baby, I promise you, he don’t look like you. God don’t look like me. God look like God and neither one of us look like him. And so until then I’m going to work on these decisions.

I want everybody in here to just look at your neighbor and say in the words of the prophet Tupac, only God can judge me. I feel like preacher, you know what? Now you know why they think you strange is because people who are not accustomed to operating in wisdom, don’t know wisdom when they see it. So they think that what you’re doing is unwise, but it’s just unwise to them because they don’t know what wisdom looks like. You’d be surprised how many people are depending on you to find that wisdom. You don’t even know who you are. You are the Daniel in this story, and when you choose it, you’re going to see people in your family just start falling in line and it’s going to be people you thought that Lord couldn’t even reach. How many of y’all got people in your family?

I know they’re going to hell. What you want me to do about it? I just decisions. People are going to start falling in line with you. Attitudes are contagious. The question is, is yours worth catching? Matter of fact, there are people on your row right now that if you were to break out and worship right now, they would follow you. You see every row that has a spark on it, I’m looking at how it’s affecting the whole row. Some of y’all row, you ain’t even got an ember on it, so the whole row dead. I dare, I dare somebody on every row that say, I’m about to spark this thing because one can chase 1,002 can put 10,000 to flight. I want you to take responsibility for your section and shout until the walls fall.

I am still waiting. That’s about 80% of y’all. All right, 80%. Let’s do something over the next 15 seconds. There are some people in your section right now. This is what they saying it don’t take all that. I ain’t going to let nobody make me yell unless I feel I yell. That ain’t how I get my praise on. I’m going to give you 15 seconds to irritate the hell out of everybody in your section. I want you to shout, shout, shout. Hallelujah. Look at your neighbor, say, neighbor, please forgive me if I act a little strange, but praise is what I do for Lord. Give somebody else a high five and say, neighbor, praise is what I do. Praise is who I am. When praises go up, lessons calm down.

How many of y’all still feel weak in your spirit? Just be honest. I want you to find somebody who looks strong and I want you to look at me. If you feel weak, find somebody who looks stronger. Just tell ’em I’m dependent on you. I’m depending on you. What are you depending on me for? To pull me through? I want you to grab somebody and I want you to pull on them and say, God told me to tell you that over the next 10 minutes I’m assigned to you. You will not laugh. You will not quit. You will not bow shouting I, oh, come by here. Good Lord. Come by here. Good Lord. Come by here. Good Lord.

Do me a favor. Tell your neighbor. Say neighbor. Neighbor, I know you’re not perfect. I know you’re not perfect, but keep trying until you get it right. Did they receive it? Find somebody else. Tell ’em. Neighbor, keep working until you get it right. I know we ain’t supposed to be praising like this, but I’m not bowing to culture. Who the son has set free is free indeed. Now I need somebody to act undignified. Let redeemed of the Lord say so. Somebody shout, I’m redeemed. Somebody shout, I’m redeemed. I’ve been wrought with the price. Grab your neighbor by the hand and say, neighbor, when I move, you move just like that. Oh, I feel the glory. Oh, I feel the glory. I said, I feel the glory. Find you. A praise partner shall neighbor us. When I jump,

Speaker 2 (00:53:27):
You jump just like that. Oh, I feel somebody about to get a breakthrough. Find your neighbor, grab a by other hand and shout neighbor if I run. You run just like that. Just like dad. Just like dad. Just like dad, just like dad. Just like dad. Just like that. Oh, good job. Yeah, yeah. Only God can do it. Only God can do it. Somebody shall devil. You can keep it. You can have the whole world, but just give me Jesus

Pastor Keion (00:56:42):
Just working on my decisions. Truth is I might slip up still. I think you got your temp under control. I’m not telling you that I might not go off next week. I’m working on it. See, here it is. We don’t got the same problem, so it’s easy for you to judge me by how long it’s taken me to get over my problem. But baby, it’s taking you some time too. See, if you don’t make the right decisions about what you’re going to eat, then you’re not using wisdom. Because the truth is this whole world of sin came as a result of a bite.

Come on sir. If Adam and Eve had Daniel’s decision, then women, there would be no pain during childbirth, right? We would not be at enmity with the enemy. Cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, all of this is a result of one bite eating the wrong. And listen, the inside of the apple is called the flesh. Jesus. If Adam and Eve had Daniel’s decision, we’d be in paradise. Hallelujah. Now we got to die I and be resurrected and wait on him to come back. All because somebody said I could eat anything I want to eat. Oh, and by the way, apples are on the Daniel fast menu, which means it’s not about the menu, it’s about the decision.

I don’t know who you are, rest of the sermon. I’ll do it at another time, but I don’t know about you, but anybody need God to help you with your decisions. Look at me. I’m so tired of causing me pain. Let him worship. I’m not going to stop that speaking in this heaven language. You don’t need to be observant. You need to be worshiping God too. Worship is not out of order because you’re not doing it on the same level. I’m so tired of being bound. I had no idea that he would bless me hungry, come yes God.

I never knew that being alone was the thing he was using to make me good enough to be with someone I never knew loss was the avenue towards gain. My God, I did not know that losing friends was God making room for my real ones to come. The parts of my story that I tell you, I really tell you because it’s probably the only part of the story you can handle, but I’ve been through hell and high watch. I’ve been through pain that would numb your sensibilities, and I have been betrayed so bad. It made me decide that I would never trust another human being on the earth. Come on, sir. But I knew that that was not the right decision.

I remember growing up and my mother, she worked at a fast food restaurant as you all know, but she hired me. She hired my sisters Keanu’s. In the other room, she hired my other sister, Ebony. So my mom was managing several franchises and she had her children working in these franchises. See, at the time, I thought mama was working at Taco Bell, but when God raised her up from being an employee to a manager, this sermon came to mind because we didn’t know that when she went up, the three of us were going to. So the woman who lived in a 700 square foot apartment with four children now has four children, literally all owning their own homes and their own businesses, and she never did any of that. She never had her own business. I remember when my mother went back to school, see, she didn’t know when she went back to school and started getting a degree that she was teaching the three of us. Don’t you quit. So what did the three of us do? We finished, my God, you don’t know who will be affected by your decisions. Mothers fathers. Be careful what you choose. Somebody’s watching. Somebody’s watching. If you’re in this place today.